Session 333. 12/16/80

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: As we have been (————-) we are nearing and watching the conditions of your course of being faced with and also movements of different erratic levels of progress that is happening. We can only say that these conditions or circumstances are under a ——- control and feeling. What and where that we are working with are items that are striving for us to handle. There are certain projects and, and force fields again that we have undertaken and are working with in our manner and form. As far as progress and movement of other (—–), this too is under control. We have vast movements of course in a Europe section and we have great changes of course in the southern part of America and great uneasiness near Georgia and Alabama. There is this force that will glide into Mexico, California and the force of a greater nature of change in these areas.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

IS: The 24 days that have started is it good for us?

Forces: Well we do have some hope that the 24 days have some positive affects ah we had no direct intentions of course that this would happen so fast. We saw it coming but try to help the initial shock of it ah by stating we will be opening up this force for you hoping the force of the 24 days would not be too strong but there are those again qualities and conditions in the 24 days that we are trying and striving to get at and this is the period of the 24 day cycle.

IS: 24 days you open?

Forces: We lets say by law are working in the earth in the more direct fashion because of a loophole ah which has taken place during the 24 day period.

IS: Would these 24 days have been terrible things happening?

Forces: No. Well no it does not infer this quality the 24 days that we speak about is where we are coming in to work on certain things more directly than normal.

DN: TV and MIM have been waiting for a formula for hair problems is the standard garlic, vinegar 1 to 5 ratio the best maybe alternation one night a week with castor oil pack on head?

Forces: This is your beginning steps that can be done if done properly it would help.

DN: Could you suggest a method?

Forces: As what you have said would be the beginning steps this is done in about a two to three week basis then the next step would be the castor oil packs which would be the next two weeks step after that point something’s bound to give.

DN: Castor oil packs would be once a week, once every other night?

Forces: Once every three days.

DN: Thank you very much.

JU: During the period we’ll be going through for like the next year or so until certain gates will be closed—?

Forces: You are now moving out of this period relatively more so then you would believe.

JU: The gates are opening?

Forces: The gates of this past cycle is beginning to close down to move on out of it which has an experience of more intensified quality but yet in reality there’s more of a projection from it.

JU: Does that mean less can be received now and —?

Forces: In one respect less could be received but of what we are talking about and then in another respect more is being received.

IS: For the whole group the cycle is closing with these personal persecutions?

Forces: This is true. This has its foundation of moving from it yes.

IS: That’s what you are referring to?

Forces: Yes.

JU: For this period what would be best for me to concentrate on?

Forces: In what respect.

JU: What would be best for my development?

Forces: What we had given you to concentrate on before of that of one step at a time and that of the quality of looking around you to perceive what needs to be done this could be ah that foundation or building point to move from point A to more creative and expressive fields of other ah levels of B, C and D more intense the one step at a time theory would help the best.

JU: Thank you.

IS: Persecution for the group we are moving out?

Forces: You are passed over it in many respects.

IS: Three quarters?

Forces: More or less.

IS: That’s what you meant it’s more intense?

Forces: Yes it has the appearance of being intense at the end.

IS: Thank you.

DD: Can you explain you start off with your dimension being the 8th and you want to come in to this dimension of the 3rd as you pass down through dimensions do you go through different gates. How do you start off with what we call a ship whatever it is in your dimension and how do you (—) up with it and go down through the dimensions?

Forces: Going down is more of a side stepping and going through the locks of the system and more or less moving through these locks to get into this particular dimension.

IS: Have I just seen it in my head?

Forces: Yes.

ES: Last night you told me to think about the advantages or the adventures of my commitment could you explain that?

Forces: Well let us leave it to you thinking what you’re supposed to be thinking. If you don’t know what to be thinking then we cannot really put anything there to think about.

ES: Thank you.

JE: There’s been a lot of discussion about the Beatles and John Lennon and the things that happened during this time period. Why were the Beatles such powerful and innervating people?

Forces: In short what we are saying to you ES is to think about moving to see the jungle of Tarzan.

ES: That dream that I had?

Forces: More or less.
ES: And to fight the jungle?

Forces: Well what does the jungle represent.

ES: Mixed up desires and things that aren’t necessary.

Forces: There you go. So just put the unnecessary things behind you and focus on most necessary things.

ES: Thank you very much.

JE: The Beatles affected–

Forces: Excuse us.

JE: so many people at one time who were they like in past incarnations or anybody we know from the Bible or past history and how did they receive such power to do the things that they did?

Forces: Let us say they had the power of a life and process this life time to communicate messages they represent a great strength in themselves and of course a message to mankind of inner development and inner struggle from those qualities that keep men from moving forward. It is a unique experience to have a group of people who are able to be strong and yet able to be human in their expression of their positions. There are those strengths and comments of strength that always move through the earth and who they would be would be different qualities throughout life and history some of course were the backbone of Socrates others were the backbone of Hippadis and of course others were those qualities that met with Jesus and a great Messiah in himself and also with the message of Moses.

IS: Who is the most important spiritually among the Beatles?

Forces: Harrison.

IS:” Thank you.

BH: The centers with the positive and negative qualities we left off with the Solar Plexus?

Forces: Let us say no not for the sake of this time but for the quality of a explanation and limited amount of giving these explanations and ah ——your expressing a certain thought over these moments.

BH: Thank you.

NN: What group of psalms would be good for me to read till the end of the month?

Forces: 80 and 81 and 82.

NN: Thank you.

BR: Was there an angelic force that guided the Beatles?

Forces: There was a force that guided them in their steps and still do.

IS: I feel that now they’re going to get together again?

Forces: This is quiet possible and bridge the many differences they had ah this is a great strength that’s coming to them to bring together a ah an expression and message.

IS: Will there be a replacement?

Forces: Trying to find one will not be easy.

IS: Thank you.

GL: Could it be given at this time a pictograph symbology of a picture that would represent the evolution of each of the 7 centers or 10 centers that we’ll be going through in the next millennium?

Forces: Well this is quiet possible in doing but it would take a while to explain each and every one, we start off with the lowest the ah gonad section which would be a russet red and orange flame ah burning along with a more of a ball coming the flame above it ah this is circled with vines and also the expressions of the sword and more or less the darts and ah feelings of Saturn wrapped around with that of the Constellation of Leo.

LK: How to overcome the logical mind and listen to the spirit and tell when your thoughts are the logical mind or not?

Forces: Well the logical mind comes from the wanderings of the mind and the thinking’s in the mind. The spiritual reaction comes more by inspiration and love and by turning to the love and inspiration in this proper matter the spiritual progress of inspiration comes forth and it is this same love that gives you the answers to your questions how do you know one from the other one comes most natural and easy and flows with a positive energy and one comes quiet difficult and ah struggles, one versus the other, ones a flow and the other is a struggle.

LK: If you make a decision automatically without thinking that would be a spiritual decision or if you struggle with possibilities it’s a logical decision?

Forces: Yes and no. Yes in a greater sense ah but trying to come to a decision by the spirit means just seeking after some answers and some revelations within the Silence and by doing so ah the answer has its form and perspective immediately in front of you.

LK: Thank you.

IS: In Hosea 13 speaking of Ephraim is this the prophecy of Jesus that death it shall be conquered and why is it related to Ephraim?

Forces: It speaks about the quality of death being conquered and Ephraim is that quality in the tribe itself that represents the Key to Death.

IS: Ephraim has the Key to death?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Because the whole Book of Hosea is speaking about Ephraim.

Forces: Yes.

IS: Who is he talking about is he really talking about the tribe of Ephraim and if so today which part would it be.

Forces: Well let us say he speaks about the tribe but the part is more of a spirit nature and the factors that involved the quality of the Empire Ephraim.

IS: It does not mean he refers to a Messiah that will overcome death, will come from the tribe of Ephraim?

Forces: More or less the messenger from the Ephraim center or period or cycle that also can manifest in the country of Ephraim.

IS: Did it?

Forces: Yes.

IS: So there was some one who conquered death from the tribe of Ephraim?

Forces: Yes and is about to come.

IS: And is about to come.

IS: Thank you very much.

JU: How can I stop my cold?

Forces: Well this is month and purpose of colds and cycles of flus and all sorts of things and you’ve really just got to move ahead of it mentally and it won’t catch up with you ah moving ahead of it is the outwitting the cold its more of a I got you caught versus I missed you ah colds have a habit of running after you and if you recognize the cold then it has more of a chance of lingering then if you just keep moving and running from it then it wears itself out and disappears.

JU: Thank you.

Forces: As we would try to state to you earlier we will help you as much as we can there are those obstacles ahead that we will try to work with we have several things planned again we cannot refer to them or explain them to you again we put that position in a different perspective try to be as positive as you can through this cycle knowing the tension and the pressures it puts upon you but we are working out some guides or conditions or skills that we can’t readily say at the moment. We will speak to you again tomorrow and will stay with you through a period of time as we have.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.