Session 211 1/13/79

FORCES: (Beginning missed):few minor changes about to happen. We have been watching and observing and listening to the vastness of the change of force around, and it will continue to become a strong force in all respects. (Zykon the dog wanting in)
FORCES: It is all right to let him in. We are now ready for your questions.
DD: In the first six chapters of Genesis, do I understand the fourteen higher letters unite with the twenty-eight lower letters?
FORCES: This is a correct calculation.
DD: Is it the same as described in the psalm?
DD: With the first six chapters, do I understand the tarot cards: one card for the first chapter, two for the next, and on down the line?
FORCES: Correct.
DD: Where would the last card be?
FORCES: In the invisible center.
DD: In the world?
FORCES: Correct.
DD: The first six chapters condense all the other books in the Bible?
FORCES: It could be
. DD: (?)
FORCES: Correct.
DD: The ark at the end of Chapter six, is it a rectangle?
FORCES: It could be.
DD: The first six chapters, are they the stations of the cross?
FORCES: You would find it.
DD: To make it into a service, you would read each psalm given for each tribe?
FORCES: By putting it into its right perspective.
DD: How would that be done?
FORCES: By not getting too involved with the words.
DD: Thank you.
GL: Could more be given about what it was like in and around the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve were there?
FORCES: Who do you think Adam and Eve was?
GL: Adam as one man was Amelius and a group consciousness.
FORCES: Anyone else? Anybody else?
IS: Was the entity also part of Adam?
FORCES: Adam and Eve did not come from this world. All you know that, right, they were planted here. They were from a distant galaxy and took on forms of the earth as time grew on. Adam and Eve was a consciousness of peace before they desecrated the laws that was with them thousands of years ago. These laws can still be in use and working if only time could only stand the strength of man’s demands.
BR: Could a prayer be given for the children to say before they go to bed?
FORCES: Lord, the day is done. All things I have done and performed good and bad. Help me to be sincere with my belief that as I grow up, I become aware of thy presence within and guide me through the night and in thy care, make me a good child for thee.
RU: Can any more be given to me for this year?
FORCES: Before we answer any of your questions, you must recite.
(RU recites but forgets the end.)
FORCES: If you can remember the rest anytime during the session, go ahead and say it. As long as you perform your work with the spirit and not analyzing the things.
BH: The story of the Levite in one of the last chapters of the book of Judges where he lodges in the land of the Benjaminites and some Sons of Belial come during the night and ask him to come outside, and he sends his concubine out instead, and they kill her, and then about 25,000 Benjaminites are killed by the rest of the Israelites. Was he wrong to send out his concubine? Why did the Benjaminites defend the Sons of Belial?
FORCES: This is part of falling into some of the concepts of worldly patterns and traps. These conditions can exist that a spiritual path once designated could become into a physical path. All these tests are up to those centers within our minds that we perform what is right to be open for that.
BH: Thank you.
RK: The story of Pinocchio
FORCES: This was a story that was put together by a team of metaphysical teachers. A lot of your fairy tales was that we put those who saw the spiritual laws. We could not give it to people by logical minds so that we make it into a storybook.
RK: Thank you.
JE: The flourishing civilization in South America that went underground when the Spanish came, where did they go?
FORCES: They went into a civilization that was built underground.
JE: Who built it underground?
FORCES: Those who were visitors to the earth.
JE: What type of civilization did they have?
FORCES: Very developed.
JE: Does it still exist today?
IS: How did they survive all those years? Is it the same ones?
FORCES: They have continued and also teleportation.
JE: From where are these people from?
FORCES: From beyond the star of Orion.
JE: Where are they now?
FORCES: Can be located beneath the earth.
JE: Thank you.
NN: I ask forgiveness for not knocking before I came in.
FORCES: We knew you were coming.
NN: Thank you very much for letting me come in.
IS: Thank you for today for being able to get all the things done.
FORCES: Wasn’t that interesting workmanship?
IS: So it will continue to work out well for us there?
FORCES: Will have continued to be better.
IS: What are the changes in the weather?
FORCES: Fluctuation changes coming about caused by some disharmony in the Midwest.
IS: Snow again?
FORCES: Not if we can help it. There are some fluctuations coming that were done by an evil force in the Midwest.
IS: Is it connected with the Mennonites that were here?
FORCES: We are not going to put the blame on them 100%. There is a certain desecration that had happened in this section for the next four days.
IS: A carrier?
FORCES: Partially.
IS: And the other part?
FORCES: Factors of thinking.
IS: In this group?
FORCES: The particular members are moving forward. It is not on their behalf the weather factors.
IS: Thank you. Is there something wrong with that building in Lovingston as a restaurant and time and again it fails?
FORCES: Owner’s attitude that makes it succeed or fail.
IS: Has it ever been successful?
FORCES: Not really. They have had bosses there that lasted awhile, but it is their own development.
IS: The building does carry something?
FORCES: There is a force there, but it could be greater if the ideal was there.
IS: But there is such a thing as a bad force in a house?
FORCES: Correct.
IS: Like in the house we looked at in Upstate New York?
FORCES: Correct.
IS: At the time I thought in my mind Tom could exorcise that house.
FORCES: There is a force that lingers in the house for a period of time.
IS: For instance, the house where the entity’s parents lived by the airport where some catastrophes happened to each owner. Was there an evil force there?
IS: When I feel it in a house, it’s better not to touch it?
FORCES: Yes and no. If you are strong enough, you could work with it.
IS: Could we have worked with the one in Upstate New York?
IS: What was it?
FORCES: It was not for you to be.
IS: Could we work with the force at the Lovingston building?
FORCES: You could, but not at this moment.
IS: If anybody takes it away and works it through, it will never go away?
FORCES: Partially yes, partially no.
IS: Is it on the property, the lot around the building or in the building itself?
FORCES: It was the building and the lot.
IS: Is there any specific incident that started it off?
FORCES: In an out and out physical incident.
IS: You read from here and there about these people that have poltergeists in their houses. Is that what they are? Poltergeists?
FORCES: These are creatures that seem to be ghosts or spirits, but they are just there to have a laugh; sometimes their laugh can be very expensive.
IS: Are these elementals?
IS: Not ghosts?
FORCES: Spirits of wandering.
IS: Somebody had to let them in.
FORCES: Of course.
IS: If people who have them move from one house to another, do they go with them or stay in the house they move from?
FORCES: Repeat.
IS: A family that has experienced this phenomenon in their house and moves away. What would happen? Does the spirit follow them into their new environment, does it stay in the house, or does it go away?
FORCES: Question.
IS: Did DL make a little more commitment?
FORCES: A little in certain aspects of thinking. As those thoughts move on, there is more development.
IS: Is his absence from all these sessions because he is tired?
FORCES: More or less the strain, but nonetheless, we have to move on.
IS: With the children interchange between BR and RK, is that all right?
FORCES: This will work out.
IS: It can be continued?
FORCES: Correct.
IS: What book should I tell HI to look up for the information to understand what has been given to her in the previous sessions? About the Tarot and ninth on the tree of life?
FORCES: There is a certain strength needed to be done. You could find the story of the cards and take it from there.
IS: The book I was holding today, the Book of Tokens?
FORCES: There is that possibility.
IS: That is what you mean by the Tarot Cards; they come as described in this book, correct?
(?): There are those people (aliens?).
IS: A certain percentage correct? Good and bad numbers?
FORCES: You could find it as such.
IS: Physical beings you can see with the physical eyes?
FORCES: Correct, also on an astral level.
IS: Why are they so tiny?
FORCES: To preserve the strength, and to store strength and height comes from the direct contact of the sun.
IS: That is why they can live so long. They don’t have the sun, but the preservation is that it –
FORCES: That is true.
IS: The face that appeared to HI is that one of the Forces?
FORCES: More or less.
IS: Who are the visitors you speak about beyond the Orion galaxy? What is their function here?
FORCES: To develop certain qualities not found elsewhere.
IS: So they are not here by choice?
FORCES: Some are, some aren’t.
IS: Those people who went underground, do they communicate with the people who live in the core of the earth?
FORCES: At the beginning they were, but now it is not functioning.
IS: They have their own civilization?
FORCES: In a certain way.
IS: They are in a different layer underground?
FORCES: Correct.
IS: The visitors who still come, who are they?
FORCES: teachers.
IS: Those that do not come by choice, what are they?
FORCES: Wanderers trying to find the truth.
IS: They fell by mistake into this earth?
FORCES: Correct.
IS: Why did they go underground?
FORCES: Because of the intensity of the sun.
IS: So they cannot take the sun either?
FORCES: Because of the design of the heat.
IS: Are they short people?

Forces: In a way.

IS: Are they the ones that have been appearing at night sometimes in spaceships picking up people?

FORCES: Sometimes. We would only say to you to keep on moving that we might help and prepare for other things for the development of the house. While the entity is in the house, he should have covering the Yamaka on his head at all times. In fact, all males while in the house should have a developing process of getting to understand they are building a spiritual home. There covering on their heads is not yet ready, but soon certain things are going to light. The even days are those days of acquiring, and the odd days are those days of giving. This is part of a new cycle of some regulations that can help out. They are not new. They are factors. The three days after a new moon is beneficial for developing those things in the house. The three days after a full moon are those in which activity could be done. We will speak to you more again soon. Being with you and guiding with you the course of events. Be as spiritual positive and things shall manifest in a most beneficial way. Greetings to all here present now.

GROUP: Our Father who art in heaven…