Session 534 8/7/1988

FORCES: Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area, and we notice that the heat is unbearable, and it is a heat of spiritual, a spiritual heat of changes, because the month of August is the month of re-evaluation, and to prepare. We see that the heat is very strong in the United States, and that these layers of energy is that destructive to those are just idle moving through light. The heat is (aquir?) generates spiritual thought, or should generate those thoughts. We see the Soviet Union going through many changes and altering its own economic systems along with its political encounters with third world powers. We see that Burma might be moving forward and that a new change to come in India-Pakistan relations. We see that the English mob has the tendency of ruling and a great deal of strength will be coming from that part of England which will regroup and reorganize itself. We also see that Beethoven’s music will be playing very strongly throughout the force of England and many different positive affects will come from it. We see in the United States many changes too, but this is a regrouping from those who need to those who do not. We find that there are many who are going on the roads to take care of the homeless, and those who are on the roads have taken care of those who need assistance. This is a very interesting project that comes up. We have also letters that chips would be more popular. The dime itself would be evaluated to be the coin that could be non-existent. And we also see that 7-Up and what would be considered Coca Cola will try to merge together with a new flavor. Strange as it might seem, why are we reporting this? We see many terrestrial beings trying to make contact in a very positive way to those living in the country areas and see that there is a new increase in spiritual, also awareness, especially that form of reincarnation. That those must become aware of their other lives and other soul incarnations, and this becoming aware of that lifetime trying to figure out things they need to work on this lifetime. We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you for coming in and how are we as a group and individuals doing with that heat. Are we doing what we are supposed to do?

FORCES: The heat itself is unbearable to some degrees, but when it is a strong fever of heat, it should enkindle a certain amount of spirited forethought. It is a heat that is taxing to the physical body, but the spiritual energy is relatively good.

IS: Thank you very much. That’s for this group, right?


IS: Thank you very much…and this time in Massanutten we were able to use more than ever before, was my understanding about it correct?

FORCES: The ability to be open and aware and the ability to apply, and the perception of sharing.
IS: Now, all the people that are going to be coming for Rosh Ha Shona, is there something special that this Rosh Ha Shona has to –

FORCES: it is the starting of a new cycle. And as the entity had said, it is the starting of the next 10 year spiritual cycle.

IS: With all the people that are coming. Are there any who are givers? Or is it just?

FORCES: You will have givers for sure. You are also being watched by very wealthy individuals who will try to apply some of their wealth into this group.

IS: Thank you, but it is more so also the manpower, right?

FORCES: Repeat.

IS: That it’s also more the manpower, the, with some of the ideas that we have.

FORCES: Oh yes.

IS: Just another question about the person who has been sending me, sending us the donation, the money. Can that person afford it?

FORCES: Well, let us say, yes.

IS:I mean well and above and afford it, because I feel like it is somebody that is sending from his pennies or whatever.

FORCES: Well, let us say yes.

IS: He can afford it?


IS: He or she, is it a he or a she.

FORCES: It’s a he-she

IS: Thank you. Is there anything for that guy Joe, that keeps calling the entity. What is it? Who is he? Where is it going? I mean

FORCES: Well with the conversation and talks, the entity is hoping he could change and push forward to God. He is at the bottom of his barrel and even going lower. The entity is trying to pull him up by his shoestrings.

IS: Is he somebody that is worth all that? Not to say that

FORCES: He’s a very influential person where he lives. Other than that, we can’t buy a meal with that.

IS: I am just saying because not that people aren’t worth it, or whatever, but we’ve been more involved really with, well I don’t know, do we have a category we are more involved with, with the other people like…are the people that we are more involved in are they people that are closer to be able to make it. Are they beginners? Are they, just, or are they real seekers.

FORCES: Well let us point it this way. They are on the middle of the ladder for some, large percentage of them are seekers.

IS: So seekers means they have potential…that they are pretty good.


IS: Thank you very much.

BN: Concerning what you said, earlier about former lifetimes. What is the main thing that I should be working on in this lifetime…focusing on…avoiding?

FORCES: Being that of a force in itself there are certain things that you perceive that others do not, and waiting for that perception might take a long time, but that would help you nonetheless in your concepts that you have…

BN: How do I enhance that? Or develop that?

FORCES: Ah…you could have plants of thoughts and words and enhance the child or children, and bringing the energy back into force.

BN: Can I ask more about this letter?

FORCES: We haven’t stopped you.

BN: Thank you

FORCES: We haven’t stopped you!

BN: Oh, uh, I, oh, I guess.

FORCES: Now we can stop you.

BN: Okay.

FORCES: We are only joking.

BN: I guess I uh, am asking, a little more specifics, a little more details, but I can study what you’ve said.

FORCES: About what?

BN: Uh…things to understand how to increase that perception of things that I should know about, of things that I should develop.

FORCES: These things that you should know about comes through prayer, and the things you need to develop is just the meditation force… that directs and guides you.

JW: I have two questions with the electricity.

FORCES: Repeat.

JW: I said I have 2 questions with the electricity if you could help me to find the answers. Uh, the first is with the television set, is there a problem with the line, the grounding of those lines?

FORCES: More so you have a pulsation of energy that is coming too close to the line. The line might be too close to another line in this avenue.

JW: And that’s with the 220 that runs next to it.

FORCES: We would suspect that.

JW: Thank you very much. And with the thought that I have with running the 220 the European way for the teapot…is that going to work with those two 110’s together?

FORCES: We would wonder about that too, ourselves.

JW: Thank you very much

FORCES: You need to check that into your manual book, and talk it over with an electrician, and then come back and talk to us and we will tell you what you should do.

JE: What type of terrestrial beings were you speaking about contacting the people out in the country?
FORCES: You mean friendly or unfriendly?

JE: No, like who they are and where they are from…

FORCES: Let us say they are in from the other side of the sun, about 2 to 3 light years away, as fast as you can times that by 150 light years, and they come from a certain force of constructive energy in this solar system.

JE: What are they seeking?

FORCES: They are most interested in people who are striving to attain the force of light, and changing their bodies into something that would be focused for a spirit reason.

IS: All these terrestrials that is now so popular about them picking up people…it’s been going on from ages…but who are they?

FORCES: Well let us say there are some mixture. Some who are doing biogenics in the earth and some are sincerely straight out of the Bible.

IS: Straight out of the Bible?


IS: The Bible…

FORCES: Well the chariots and the lions and the eagles. IS: Ooohh…so that never was you? FORCES: Well let us say that we did not do that. IS: But they did it with your permission? FORCES: Well, they’re in chicklet.
IS: But Elijah was he one of them, or one of you or just an earthling?

FORCES: Well, let us say that he was no earthling.
IS: He wasn’t an earthling?

FORCES: No. No one carries 55 (denahcras?) for nothing. IS: 55 what? FORCES: 55 (denachtas?) for nothing.
IS: Is that, I’m not…

FORCES: Oh it’s the magical dice he had.
IS: Oooohh…and was he one of them, then, or one of you.

FORCES: Well, let us say that he was a child that we had to watch. IS: Okay, so, so, how to ask the question?
JE: All these beings that come in and do experiments on us, they all have to have permission to get through to do whatever they do, is that correct?

FORCES: Well, some are renegades, and don’t get any real permission from anyone, but we watch.

IS: Those that are experimenting. Are they, then…
FORCES: In fact you have a whole group that is starting here, in your own county that is (beuceiving?) to try to communicate with them.

IS: Who? Where?
FORCES: Someone knows, somewhere…you’ll find them.

IS: But the ones that are experimenting are they bad? Are they the other side?
FORCES: They are not bad, but they are not the best things to knock around with. IS: But yet, they are permitted because? FORCES: Because of the freedom of God knows.
IS: So actually in saying like attracts like meaning then
FORCES: For every candy bar there is a wrapper.
IS: Because this is the place where man has fallen?
IS: That’s why (?).
JE: Thank you

IS: And with the –

FORCES: Who is saying than you over there?

IS: And, uh, why can’t I form the question?

FORCES: Because other people need a turn.

IS: Okay, thank you.

FORCES: You know there are times that we stop you from talking.

IS: Yeah.
FORCES: We don’t allow questions to be formed, because we don’t want to answer them. Some news conference.

IS: Thank you.

DL: The entity Lisa seems to be having a great deal of trouble, now uh, is there anything that we can do, I can do, ah.

FORCES: She can do.

DL: What direction should we point her in? …Or should I point her in.

FORCES: What kind of trouble is she having?.., she needs her pipes changed?

DL: Maybe, uh, I’m not really sure.

FORCES: Her plumbing wired?

DL: Maybe

FORCES: Her lights need to be fixed?

DL: That’s a possibility, yea…uh…she seems uh…to have lost any sort of…not get up and go, but any sort of energy…

FORCES: How have you noticed that a lot of people have lost their spiritual purpose.

DL: Yeah.

FORCES: This is dangerous at this moment for people to lose their projection, because a lot of people will lose their motivation to move to the spirit, and will be sucked into a web that is unbelievable.

DL: Is it re…uh…could it be from one of either the…uh… emotional numbers that her husband is playing with her, or the influence of her sister-in-law’s…are either of those directly responsible?

FORCES: It has a certain effect on her. But remember, even if that does exist, we could use them as an excuse to do what we want.

DL: Yeah…would there be anything other than prayer and meditation which I have already said she must do, to be able to, you know, come above it.

FORCES: Isn’t it funny how people when we tell must meditate, that they still don’t do it.

DL: Yeah, and they really think, like, well I need something else, I need something else. Thank you.

NN: Thank you for your help in playing the violin, and for allowing me to do it.


NN: The big stock market crash, I mean like the big one still to come, is that gonna be by the end of the year, of this year.

FORCES: It is slated to come, hoping that maybe with a great deal of positive change of attitudes, we might be able to prevent it.
NN:Thank you

TV: Thank you, uh..

FORCES: You’re welcome

TV: Is there a sound when one is in peace, at peace with oneself, one’s higher self, and everything around them.

FORCES: Yes, it’s the OHM

JH: Can I ask DD’s question?


JH: DD wants to know which center in the body represents a crystal ball?

FORCES: The solar plexus.

JH: And the second one. He wants to know can any more be given on Paracelsus?

FORCES: Paracelsus has left a great deal of information in his past experience to the evolution that we all know as medical research and development. All research and development typify the spiritual laws can unlock and unfold all the laws that have been hidden from man. There is nothing that can’t be unlocked if man goes through it with prayer and meditation, and certain amount of love. All the laws can be revealed and open to you.

IS: Is that why the entity has such an affinity for all these people who are trying to become doctors.

FORCES: He’s trying to incorporate spiritual values within them and get them into a prayer mode so new laws and spiritual laws that have been forgotten might be brought back into being.

IS: From his life as Paracelsus?

IS: Thank you
JH: Thank you…could you tell us, is there any physical descendant of Jesus on the earth at this time?

FORCES: What do you mean?

JH: Has uh… Did he have children? Or that had children and the generation has continued until today?

FORCES: You’re not getting us to answer that! No, we cannot answer that. We don’t want to be blown away by Jerry Falwell.
JH: Have you used the movie that has come out, The Last Temptation?

FORCES: Oh, we don’t do things like that. What do you think? Of course, we had a lot to do with that. As far as Jesus having children, well, the whole world is his children. You are his child.

JH: Can I ask another question?

FORCES: Well being that you are who you are, yes.

JH: The article I read today in Nature on bubonic plague and how it eventually mutated out. Is that how AIDS will eventually die out?

FORCES: The bubonic plague was fortunate to die out because of a gene that actually killed itself. In this, it became subservient to it’s own destruction. It died out.., it went throughout all of Italy, for Italy got wiped out and it went into parts of Europe and went throughout all of Europe and traveled almost up to Turkey. Of course anyone who lives in Turkey is a turkey. Now.., only kidding, we don’t want them to get that experience.., but also it went as far as certain parts of England, and little coastlines of Ireland, but Scotland was saved, and they will partially do the same thing again, and of course, if ..if you can get those with AIDS to meditate and pray, this is the opportunity. And, the more you get those souls who have fallen from their own service and service lights, to meditation, and pray, and anoint them. The entity, of course, has this responsibility to take on for himself, but if you can do this and the more that are getting involved with this, then it will stop.

IS: What do you mean, the entity has this responsibility?

FORCES: Well the responsibility of sharing the information that is being given through us, and, also to go ahead and in his way to get the meditation and services ready for these individuals have work for them.

IS: You mean the entity Tom?

FORCES: There is no other entity we speak, but the entity.

IS: And what would it entail on a physical level?

FORCES: Well, do not worry about that… is where we take off.

IS: Thank you.

BH: Would the 6 centers above the body relate to the seven centers in the body? Could you tell us anything about that?

FORCES: Three of them do. The other three relate to the spiritual body.

BH: Thank you very much.

ML: The author of the books The Red Prophet, and the Seventh Son, Orson Scott Card, how much of it is his own personal astral travel. How has it affected him now?

FORCES: They are good books to read. We highly recommend them.

ML: Is he in…is he become…is he on the spiritual path, some way, or eh?

FORCES: Well, the last time we saw him, he was jogging down the road.

ML: Thank you

FORCES: Do not get us wrong. We are not saying that he is God, nor the divine Buddha, but he’s okay.
IS: Aren’t really all science fiction writers, people that could have made it, but lingering?

FORCES: Well, they are like the lingering, the lingering laundry.

IS: So they are talking about it, but they are not doing it?

FORCES: Yes, it is so sad.

IS: Thank you.

JU: In asking for an affirmation, a while back, you gave me uh, Psalm 101, which I use, but should I be using that also as an affirmation or is there another one that you can give me.

FORCES: Psalm 1…uh…1…uh…21 and 22 is your next Psalm to go to.

IS: With HA, shall I keep the way it is now? Or shall I uh, invite her for Rosh Shona…

FORCES: Well the entity already told you what to do…the one we speak through this guy down here.

IS: Yeah…but I want to make sure, it’s not just me feeling sorry for her or what.
FORCES: No, the entity wouldn’t feel sorry for her either. He said what you should do.

IS: And should I call up or..?

FORCES: Or what?

IS: Or have Esther call up? Or have the entity make the move, or…
FORCES: Well… it’s sad that they do not call. They are only spiting their nose to fight their face. Why don’t you just write a letter. Forget about calling.

IS: I can forget about the whole thing.

FORCES: No…just write an invitation card, keep it social You are invited for dinner if you want to read this.

IS: I am just saying it because, as far as I think, Helena made contacts, tried to make contacts…

FORCES: Well we know that.

IS: But I just wouldn’t respond any…I mean I got away from the phone, when AC said let me mommy on…you know… so…

FORCES: In a letter form.

IS: Letter form?

FORCES: Simple invitation…you are invited to a whoopie contest.

IS: Now there are obviously going to be more than 10 people at the dinner table…extra…so… is there anything that you can tell me about, or…?

FORCES: Well, what would you like us to tell you about?
IS:I don’t know… how many people do you think is gonna be here, and how to seat… I don’t know.

FORCES: Well, you could always double deck the table.
IS: Um…okay…A. and B. should we make any contact with them?

FORCES: You could invite them if you want.

IS: How are they doing?
FORCES: A. and B. they are fine.

IS: They are?

FORCES: Yeah, you know, raunching and grouching, they are doing fine.

IS: So they are happy with their lives.

FORCES: Well I don’t think anybody could say that at the moment, but no, the spirit is still trying to focus through them, and still have the desire to follow the spirit. Here they have a feeling.

IS: Is there a way by which one can enhance their memory at this stage.

FORCES: Coffee kind of stimulates it. Oh, about three packs of cigarettes a day.

IS:One of the two is gone. The coffee.

FORCES: Cigarettes next.

IS: Is that what clogs memory.
FORCES: Well, it’s a clogged memory, but sure clogs a lot of other stuff.

IS: But is there a way in which to enhance memory?

FORCES: Meditation does that.

IS: Thank you


BN: All this stuff about cholesterol now…what is the proper approach?

FORCES: Oh, the proper approach is to follow that which is in for another 10 years and then follow off the next stage.

BN: So at least it’s not harmful what I am telling all these people.

FORCES: Let’s just face it, you’re in!

BN: Thank you.
IS: Yeah, what is…is this become a nationwide mania the – here’s not a show, movie, book, or even talk conversation, ah even sitting at Dunkin Doughnuts, you hear every single table talking about how much weight they have gained or lost. What is…
FORCES: People are not –

(Knock at the door)
FORCES: Well that is your guest. You will let them come in.

IS: Hold, hold!

BN: It’s HI I think FORCES: Yes they can come in.

IS: Shall we let them in?


FORCES: Go ahead.

IS: What I mean is…is there something in the air itself now from Chernobyl, that is actually doing things to the body that are also causing a side effect of the weight thing…because I am seeing young people, very young people talking about it.

FORCES: Chernobyl’s effect and the ozone effect have detrimental qualities to everyone, in fact, sun bathing itself, without the proper protection of a spiritual nature…. it is not only sun bathing, but it’s spiritual focus of protection, that one needs to put around them. It has changed those future encounters, and also the children to be born will be changed as the entity has said.

IS: So it did change some chromosomes in the body that actually –

FORCES: It has altered a great pattern throughout the universe and the earth, and it will continue to alter different earth cycles and developments have been altered.

IS: So a certain natural ingredient that we had in the body that would be stabilizing –

FORCES: Well on a spiritual level, you have a new energy of what would be considered satanic force coming in, which has been not on the earth for a long time, but for reasons of this great greed and wanting to accumulate wealth and power, this satanic force has materialized in the heat of the day and made people more longing for a cool day, when in reality these qualities of turning away from the law of light into the law of darkness has created a devastating effect on all of us.

IS: Thank you.
JW: What would be the proper way to understanding the completion of a thought so that you know you’ve gone to the final decision to make sure what you are thinking or what you’re doing is gonna be the best way to go?

FORCES: There are many times when you have a thought that is affected by your own prejudism. The best way to do is through prayer and meditation and then you share it, and by sharing it you can get the feed on that you will have a perspective, and then guided with inside yourself, then again share, and then work on the thought and the answer.

JW: So hesitation then is really kind of like a warning for me that I haven’t gone all the way.


JW: Thank you.

JE: The beings that you are talking about that come into our solar system…do they…are they aware of you…and how do they contact you about coming in and out…or how does that work?

FORCES: Let us say that we are aware of them. They have no need to be aware of us.

JE: So you just allow them to go through unaltered as they go through whatever they do…you are just aware of what they do?
FORCES: We focus them…yes…watch it and focus.

JE: Thank you.

FORCES: If everybody was allowed to get into this place of cesspool activity, you would all have to jump ship.

NN: How many times does it take, like, saying the Rosary say for a spiritual quality or something, assuming that applying the right actions or whatever on my part, but how many times saying the Rosary for a particular quality does it take to move one little pinch?

FORCES: If you say the Rosary for one month, once a day, then you have moved for that particular quality, and moved it to the next level.

FORCES: At this point, we would only emphasize the fact, that during the heats of these days emphasize the fact that circling around the light of your positiveness and accumulating the spiritual understanding of life. There are many changes to come, many alternate changes to happen. The manifestations of these changes are in many different levels, but remember that the spirits of tomorrow will begin to materialize in present forms and in altered forms. Strive for that of a positive nature, positive expression and endeavoring always in this positive field to look and see all things that are on and under that what would be said the alter of God. We see these changes coming about, the changes of the earth and changes of the political and also financial situations of America. And with these changes, should also become the awareness that having all things on a material level, you can also be very unhappy, and also very dead to the spirit force around and the activity of this force around you. Many in America are suicide, spiritual suicide and they have no contentment though they feel something is missing. it is only in the dedication to the spirit, does this center get renewed. Greetings to all here present now. GROUP: Our Father who art in heavens…