Session 13 – 6/3/72

It is well that all who are here now. Peace to you all. It has been given that the moment of forces do reside in the thirteenth session of these. What do we find here as the discourse of souls is innocence. It is to your upbringing that you all strive to overcome your temptations to the desires of the flesh. Do-we have been visited new entities tonight and we here send greetings to you. It is well that you do come with a heart of faith and trust in the highest of self. We must make known proof-positive that we are only the link of this entity that we speak from, a higher self and his universal consciousness. It has been quite comfortable to come in tonight and we must say the position taken is remarkably at ease that the vocal centers must be rejuvenated with blood and that our force in which we can come through is of much greater, vital and stronger. It is advisable that the channeling of head position faces north and south, equally. It is well that those here present remain in a time of quietness. As the forces do rise from the cloud and cleans out all negative qualities. We now prepare to surround the field of those here. As we do prepare to go on we must ask that the vibration of the group has been undertaken to be remarkably great in many avenues. We now at this point ask that the window communication be severed. [window is shut] Also if door to adjacent room is open, to close such. [door is closed] It would be advisable to check door outside. It seems to be open. Is this quite containably locked? We ask those here now to remain quiet. It is certainly locked now, huh? Now we shall continue with what must be said. We are now in the era of the Kali, the age of the Kali is upon us. It is a moment of change upon the world. It is the age of change and disruption. We here ask those gathered that prayer must be encountered with firmly, and that prayer is for the Middle East. It is the eruption of Turkey to come and earthquakes in South America to follow. It is the devastating plane crashes and eruptions and aero-craft technology to come. It is also what would be called undercurrent changes in oceanographical technology and distruct-eruption of underworld. Also much great triumph is done and chaos, too, to balance it out. It is wise as a group that we remain in prayer for a moment. Now, as we think of the thoughts to take place upon the world, we ask you again to listen to the month of August; that what was predicted is still coming and it is strong and inevitable. It is also the vision time of, in which much will take place. The time of the blackening is turned aside and postponed of many areas of geological catastrophes in which there are many cellular elliptical changes of solar energetic nature in their galaxies of SPONTON ATMUS… [language of the galaxy spoken here]… is this as what we say, language of the… [language of the galaxy spoken here]… it is difficult to express. But it is of termination and upheaval of forces seen in this world, planet called Earth. We are to express our gratification of much here, but we again are preparing the termination and upheaval of many areas. And we ask that the group here listen to it carefully that you must have faith in what you do take upon yourselves. In the great challenges of tomorrow we will tell and explain when the changes are to take and moving from this said area as a group, to prevent destruction of soul and body and mind. It is wise that those here present again take into consideration their own development and soul growth. It is lacking on many here that they would rather enjoy the main area of life and of the physical pleasures of life. It is of solemnest that we do say: yes, if you would like to be part of us as a group, all those present here, one must abide in faith and in love to cherish others and alike. For as there are chaotic needs or vibrations in the outer existence, it must not be here. And jealousy and partiality must be uprooted. And wandering of thought and finding of strangeness and of the methodical age of understanding the spiritual laws must be developed together. We now ask that there be set aside a time to undertake again of the Search For God in the books given to you as a group. And this must be undertaken as a group. Wednesday night preferably is harmonious as astrologically to all signs here. We are for the moment finished with explaining for what has to be done. Again if you have things to do, be about it. In my Father’s house there are many mansions. Do not sit down and wait for the doors to open to you. Do not rest assured in the security of the worldly. But rest assured in the peace that is within yourselves. We can only give you that peace. As far as this entity that we are speaking through and from, it is what would be called the termination of his job in the worldly aspect. He will be leaving soon to encounter other avenues and higher missions. It must not be a tedious job, but a job that is in contact with people, for he has great strength to give out the power of intuition of healing and also the power of direction at level. It is also advisable to listen carefully when he speaks of kindness and love from his heart. A pure soul essence does not know the meaning of what love is not, for love is given to all. He has shared it with all of you and knows no bounds or limitations; only thyself has put up the limitations. Eruptions for him will take place. Therefore, it behooves all here to stick and guide with this entity that he will progress for the benefit of all. Now we are ready for questions. We do ask, being for the large amount of people, of souls as would be stated, here present, that the questions be one at a time individualized from the souls themselves. Question.

I: Just to understand…

_Forces_: It would be wise again to start with the soul that meets adjacent close to this vehicle. Adjacent means attached or closement or parallel to. If you would like to have a dictionary written up for you all, that, too, can be done. It is done, please, question. Is this not a hesitancy that we see as the group? We have time limits and we ask…

D: I have…

_Forces_: … for questions…

D: … no questions.

_Forces_: … quickly. Then we say to you that when the time comes for you to change, you have no questions. Ah, not so. We see questions like unto the sand on the beach. Your questions are many. But yet we say to you, thank you. Question.

G: I’d just like to know about selfishness, what it is and why, why. I don’t understand it. Where does it come from?

_Forces_: In the beginning selfishness was from the individualized soul that was created from the Godhead. It traveled through many eons of space and time in which it has possibilities of enhancing into its true self in which it was its true self. Selfishness was not known in the kingdom of the kingdoms in which the King of Kings did reside in. Selfishness was not discovered as a feeling or an emotion or an excursion until the downright onslaught of the angelonical host. It is called the angelonical host of destruction and also it is advisable to say selfishness is the turning away from the Godhead. It is what would be called gratification and glorification, same, and as fault. Selfishness is a simplified and is very simply put as one who refuses to listen to the truth within. In the beginning the truth was with him all as they did travel. But as one was riding up higher and higher in the astral plane, they saw the development into the physical level as the material plane known as the galaxies that you have here set in what is called the Milky Way. It is one of many galaxies that reside and sprinkled around into the pattern and the work of the clay of the cloth. It is what would be said again were these souls traveling through eons of time, but there is no time, again repeat it, no time, but measurement of man on earth we speak of time. As they did travel they saw the development and as what would be called the law of evolution. Evolution was being in progress on this planet called earth in this galaxy of ANTPONT EF. It is called from this that the souls did take away many upheavals into it and did enter into the vibratorial expressions, for solely gratifications of selfishness. Selfishness is the attunement of only desires for desires’ self-achievement and gratification of not listening to… the silence. Selfishness again has not been known until these souls did travel and did come into this existence and did take upon the vibratorial forces and gratifications within it. You all have a long way to go before you realize that true Godhead within yourselves. The only way it will and can manifest is by ONE: Love, TWO: Faith. By these are the cornerstones of the universe and galaxies. We ask that you love of giving of self and through faith of not wondering of what you look like, as far as ego is concerned, that you all will progress to your true Godhead. And the truth that is within yourselves will be manifested. Selfishness is the desire not to do what you can do. At this moment we ask that those who are uncomfortable relax. Does that answer your question?

G: Yeah.

_Forces_: Yes, yeah, yeah, yeah. Does that answer your question?

G: Yes.

_Forces_: Are you being selfish to us by saying yes? Meditate on it, please. Question. Next, please.

R: Is there more than daily meditation through which I can achieve the faith, the cornerstone of faith?

_Forces_: Would you please repeat this question?

R: Is there more, other than daily meditation…

_Forces_: If one has appropriately entered into daily meditation, then that will be enough. Does that answer your question?

R: Well, it answers another I had, too.

_Forces_: Question. We must circle in a circle, please. Next one sitting adjacent.

I: I just want to reassure, is this the higher self, what we call the higher self…

_Forces_: It is what is known as the higher conscious mind-soul development as in touch what would be said, the consciousness of all consciousness.

I: But then… how come we have sometimes as you refer to as “we” in plural?

_Forces_: You have many what would be said antennas into this existence. Understand? Out of these antennas we guide and we direct. The true ability of what you are now, here in this room is only an illusion. You are not Eva. You are not Eva, but the king of what is known as the worldly existence. So, how can you say you are this when you are greater? Does this make a mode of understanding for thee? Does this alleviate certain burdens within you?

I: Yes…

_Forces_: Now we ask you, please, that you have bared much, but yet we are blessing you. Yes, we ask one thing. There is a higher force over this all and there are times when this higher force did come. Do you understand that?

I: Yes.

_Forces_: Then leave it at peace in that.

I: I…

_Forces_: Yes?

I: Something else. What…

_Forces_: You are a swan that swims on the lake but forgets its feet on the land.

I: What is it that I’ve been going through this past week?

_Forces_: You forgot your feet. Does that make sense with you?

I: Yes. How do I bring my feet back?

_Forces_: The answer is very simple. Go back to the land again. Land represents the foundation of faith, does it not?

I: Yes.

_Forces_: Mixed with the water of spirit. All we are saying here now is that through your spiritual development we have quite a few things to tell you that ONE: It is wise to know the spiritual laws, but it is foolish to have it and not have faith. Then, it proves nothing to know of the spiritual if you do not have faith and love. So, drop the spirit and find your faith. Does this make sense?

I: Yes.

_Forces_: Question.

DA: I was…

_Forces_: It is wise that the soul that is about to ask the question reside into the garlic area and also what would be know as onions. And it is well you might not have many friends, but it is well for the system.

DA: Thank you. I was asked previously if someone told me to make a hundred and eighty degree change in my life, my current plans, et cetera, if I would do it. Does it seem that this would be indicated for me in order to improve my soul growth?

_Forces_: As the soul does develop into this existence, one must change one hundred and eighty degrees from what it is now. If you were to change one hundred and eighty degrees, you could rise yourself and resurrect from the earth. Does this make sense to thee?

DA: Yes.

_Forces_: Then you see that your question means that one must get away from the material and the physical and the mental and the spiritual combined all of these together that is turning away and going to faith and love to your Godhead… as we say everyone here has what we do now, but it is through prayer, prayer. I ask thee to pray more and I also ask you, I command you as a flickering flame does do this, that you must meditate more. Does that make understandably sense to thee?

DA: Yes.

_Forces_: Also, you are saying you must change one hundred and eighty degrees. Would you like to stay the way you are now? How the heck are you ever going to get to the higher? Does that make sense?

DA: Yes.

_Forces_: Now I give you one more question. This time a question you haven’t prepared. Question.

DA: No question.

_Forces_: As we have here the record of the same as soul is indicated here as the traveling of. We must ask your permission, please, to enter into this. Permission, please… answer.

DA: Yes.

_Forces_: What is your full name?


_Forces_: What is your full name?


_Forces_: Thank you. Date of birth?

DA: December 17th, 1945.

_Forces_: RMK. RMK. Get me the another, please. Another one, please.

DA: Another person?

_Forces_: No, not you, please. We’re steering this ship. Then I guess that one there, yes, right, put it down there. Next book, please, yes, thank you. As it was said here, we have the existence of the soul RMK, born at time said. It is of the time period of what is known as the AB-STAK-AT or also as the Atlantean influence of the soul development. A very old soul born in ten thousand B.C.; ten thousand one, B.C. It is of the development in this stage that the soul was very elliptical and electrical impulsed and minded of the spiritual forces of music. And also of the talents and handcrafts of pottery. It is developed into this age if he can get into step in the art-craft and the articrafts of pottery, it will develop remarkably. It had a great evaluation of the same, turn the page, please; evaluation of the same in which the greatest of the development was of the physical nature and of the people who they met was of great importance. It was also what would be known as the leadership in the industrial area of changing music into color. The great scheme in which this time can be done again in which music can be brought into focus and doing what would be said as constructing thought forms around barriers to break down the emotional fields of such souls. It also has sojourned into the planet of what would be called AT-MOTH-ER. And from this point it traveled back into the galaxies and went into the undertakings of Egypt in which it lost considerably. It is called the Egyptian era. And it was of AHUN… AHUND… AHUNALAD ABAT… AHUN LAHUN TOMAT. And out of this existence it was located what would be known as one hundred, B.C. or that would be one hundred two. And what would be development taking advantage of souls under jurisdiction, what would be known as we give here now that this soul will not take advantage of souls lying around and in area of same. Thank you. For the moment we complete that. It is well. It is not well that we continue that moment, but to review what has happened. Very few times that we should contact this Akishic Record. Very few have and very few do touch it. And it is like finding a needle in the desert. It is of great importance to this soul that it learns to love itself and not to destroy itself in commanding others and also demanding perfection in self; and most of all in others. But be ye perfect in love as the Father in heaven in your pituitary gland is perfect. Does this make sense to you?

DA: Yes.

_Forces_: Question.

L: Is music a field that I’m supposed to be into at this time of my life, and if so, what should I be doing with it? What should I do with it?

_Forces_: As we have the question put in front of us, it is not the music that counts, my friend. It is what you do with the ones that are around you. Regardless of what you will go into, it is the love that should come from you like a fountain and flow outwardly to reach the stars of light. It is the understanding of the ones you love close to you that cause disharmony within you. If you seek to have music as the course and foundation of what you will do, this is only ten per cent of what you are worth. By giving and serving and loving those close to you and what is most important, by forgiving. We have turned your life upside down that you might understand that there is not a complete one road to heaven, which you might think a one road should be. But there is a one avenue to heaven in which all roads do unite. And that is Divine Love. We ask you now, to go over yourself, your progress, your enlightenment, your undertakings, your discouragements, your failures, your help, your corrections, your happiness, your sorrows, your selfishness, your fears, your desires, your hatreds, your cunning ways, your happy ways, your loving ways, your patriotic ways of your self. To understand them that ONE: if you can undertake a mission to bring happiness to others, regardless the price, then you will find the right road of peace. Two: that if you love the one close to you, the woman that you have taken, and understand it and treasure it. And give to all those around you, you will have succeeded in your mission here. Does this make sense?

L: Yes, it makes sense.

_Forces_: Does this alleviate certain problems for you?

L: Yes.

_Forces_: Then we ask you, from this point on, to stand up and believe and to speak and to commit yourself in the things that are well for society’s namesake. For you have the power to bring love and peace and happiness to others. But when it creeps in, your selfishness, you’re feeling sorry for self, you destroy, you condemn, you tear apart what we have tried to build. Does this make sense to you?

L: Yes.

_Forces_: Then we give you the peace. You must trust, and have faith, and nothing is confounded, nothing. God is not mocked. Question.

M: It seems to me, that a chapter has been closed in my life, my spiritual life, or is going to close soon. And a new method is about to start to happen. I know that I will be told in time what to do, but, I’d still like to know.

_Forces_: We here now come forth to tell you what to do. ONE: a new chapter in your life has and will be written. TWO: to get rid of the selfishness that involves you, the distrust of people, and also the cockiness of thinking of great things that you can do. We ask you to do one thing. ONE: to be unselfish, that is a great thing for us to ask you. But if you can do it then we ask you to do a second thing. Can you do it? Yes or no, please.

M: I hope I can.

_Forces_: Then we ask you, as your mission, to do this simple thing. This soul entity has gone through not much as developing in the spiritual, yet greatly in the spirit. As would be said, we will not time events to you. We will say yes or no to you. You have a lot to do. And you will not do it by sitting down. The thing, that has happened to you, the sacrificial blood of what is done is the cleansing of the will, as have been seen by others. Then yet this is as a willingness… [end of Side A]… to think you know it all, for you know nothing. But when you think you know nothing, then my friend, you are worthy to be said you know everything. Does this make sense?

M: Yes.

_Forces_: What will be your undertakings now?

M: Selfishness.

_Forces_: And what will you strive to do about it?

M: Try and be closer to people.

_Forces_: And closest to who? The one who sits next to you. Does this make sense?

M: Yes.

_Forces_: The one who sits next will you please say, “I will love him.”

M: I will love him.

_Forces_: You, you speak soon, but you speak right. For you, your words should be, “I will love her.” Who do you speak to?

M: I will love her.

_Forces_: And for her, would she speak the words that you have said?

C: I will love him.

_Forces_: Then the new chapter begins, from this moment on. You have each other, no one else. You have each other in your love, in your ideals, in your giving, in your taking. At this moment, you are one, tonight. This moment you are all anewed tonight. You are now anewed. Yet look how long it took you both. Now we will help and give you many fruits. We will also give you change of jobs and also great abundance two-fold. You are blessed in heaven if you keep abide with your love together. Do you both understand this?

M: Yes.

_Forces_: [Language of the Galaxies spoken here]… Question.

C: What would be a good field for me to be able to serve… serve best?

_Forces_: As given first, serve first for thy husband. Then the field will be given. Does this make sense?

C: Yes.

_Forces_: Then you should be overjoyed. Question.

C: And others? The need to serve… the need…

_Forces_: Repeat the question, please.

C: Of the others around, my sisters and brothers, I need help. Just through my abilities could I help them? What are those?

_Forces_: Your ability to forgive and the ability not to gossip and the ability to guide in your paths. Does this make sense?

C: Yes.

_Forces_: Then if you do this, then you have done more than enough. Do not do the great things. But as we have given you, do the simple things. Question.

I: Can I ask a question?

_Forces_: Does the sun say to the flowers, “Can I shine on thee?” It just does it.

I: Oh.

_Forces_: Relax, people. You are not in a prison.

I: In August…

_Forces_: August? What is that? A name of an empire?

I: In the month of… in the month of…

_Forces_: It is understood. Please, go on.

I: What must we do? There’s a thing that we have to get out of here or…

_Forces_: If you take it on the physical, yes. If you take it on the mental, yes. If you take it on the spiritual… Now do you understand what we have said to you as a group? Do you understand, group?

I: I don’t think so.

_Forces_: Others?

Group: No.

_Forces_: No?

I: What is going to happen in August that…

_Forces_: Shall we wait and see?

I: No.

_Forces_: No? On the report card principle, does the teacher give the pupil the report card before the term is ended? What will happen is up to you all. Do you understand that? It will be good if you all chip in and guide each other or help each other. It will all be bad and devastating on every level if you will not contribute. We have waited and we have waited and we have waited. Now we say, it is time for the term to be over. And the report card is coming. We have the marks. But they’re not complete, yet. For the finals are coming. And now you must study together in peace and in love. And at least the question is, as a teacher, I am not to give you the question because if I give you the question, you will have the answer. Am I right?

I: Maybe.

_Forces_: What do you mean, maybe?

I: Maybe I’d have the answer, maybe not. I don’t know.

_Forces_: Then it is wise that this. I will not give you the question because you maybe might have the answer.

I: Well, I guess I misunderstood because I was thinking…

_Forces_: Maybe you won’t…

I: … that we’re going to have to leave New York.

_Forces_: Cooperation on every level. Please. Yes. Maybe. The question. Can you all love each other and give up the material things for each other? You have at least eight weeks to give me, us, you, them, they your answer. Question.

R: I didn’t understand what you were saying about on Wednesday nights. Would you say it again, please?

_Forces_: Excuse me, please. As what would be said here, as a group you have all joined together. And as a group you all need to combine your prayers together. And as a group you all need to find out together. And as a group you all need to grow together or else you do not grow. We do say at this moment that it is as a group you come together in prayer, in study that you might find the answer to you question at the end. Do you understand?

R: Yes, thank you.

_Forces_: Then as we say, be of good cheer, little children, for the good man takes care of his sheep and the flock will not go astray. Have ye faith? Keep it. Have ye doubt? That is up to you. But I tell you, if those who have doubt, at this moment, that as would be said, the problem lies within self. If you believe and have faith and have love, then you are accepted tonight. Does this ring true for those here? I hope so, for their sake. Question.

I: Is there a specific job after this job for the entity Tom? Or must he… or is it something on his own that he has to do?

_Forces_: A job would be given to this entity that we speak through. It is of great discern that we do not speak now for there are bugs in the air.

I: There are what?

_Forces_: Bugs. Taps. As it is restrictive, we ask the turning off of it now, please… [the Tape is stopped and then started]… Question.

I: Can I still ask it?

_Forces_: Turn off the tape, please… [the Tape is stopped and then started]…

M: Can I ask a question?

_Forces_: Go ahead. Yes, please.

M: You were saying about new jobs for C and myself. Do you mean worldly or spiritual jobs?

_Forces_: Physically, mentally, spiritually. We here speak on three levels. Take it as such. Question.

C: May I…

_Forces_: Oh, my God, it seems like a theatre of people ready to throw everything but the kitchen sink if they had it. Question. Patience and cooperation, please. Remember, if you all speak together, you all sound out what you are. You understand? A bunch of driving idiots. Now, question.

R: I would like to ask if the additional job that I have undertaken lately, is that detrimental or helpful.

_Forces_: Detrimental.

R: Could you tell me…

_Forces_: We ask you now to change your job position in which you, too, are in personal contact with people, but not on the sensual level. Now you have done it. You have done what you can do. But how far up can you go from down? Please, do you understand this? I know it might go against what you think might be done right, but yet you have done well and you have done well nicely. But there are better things for you to do. So why stay? Yes, you can stay there for three months, but after that period, we shall give you another job. Does this make sense?

R: Yes, but should I cease the individual physical job that I have in addition to that?

_Forces_: It can be carried on for three months if you like.

R: That one, too?

_Forces_: Do you understand?

R: I think I…

_Forces_: I… please, go on.

R: I’m sorry.

_Forces_: Please.

R: I… it seems you’re speaking more of just one of… of more than just the job that I was asking about, saying that it’s… that it’s something that you will be giving me in three months. Did I misunderstand you?

_Forces_: No.

R: Thank you.

_Forces_: You’re welcome.

I: I wanted…

_Forces_: Even before we go on, please. The one I speak of, to… a minute, please… don’t speak her full name. State, “I”. You, yes, you.

I: I?

_Forces_: Yeah, there you go, honey.

I: Yeah?

_Forces_: Now don’t, don’t… all right. You have what would be termed as a undertaking of bringing those in the material plane into the higher attunement. We will give and guide you as a group. And only as a group in love can we guide you. Does this strike home to you all?

Group: Yes, thank you.

_Forces_: Okay, question.

D: Do you have any… any connection with helping Lobsang Rampa develop his…

_Forces_: Listen…

D: … aura machine?

_Forces_: … if you want to worry about the boat that just went into the dock in England, O.K. But how about your connection here with these people now? How about the simple things, my great learned one? Hum?

D: I haven’t.

_Forces_: You can wipe off the egg on your face. Listen, you’ll never know as you speak and ask your questions when ego pops up. Okay? Understand?

D: Yes.

_Forces_: Um-hum. Yes you have a great important job to do, but yet, Lobsang Rampa, he is doing what he has to do. Your job is not in writing. Do you understand that with him?

D: Yes.

_Forces_: Is this where you thought it might be?

D: I guess I had thought of it.

_Forces_: You thought maybe after he died that you would write?

D: No, no not particularly…

_Forces_: Do you think now though that this was part of your question? Hum?

D: No, that wasn’t.

_Forces_: What was it, please?

D: Any connection with developing the aura machine?

_Forces_: No, that is not what you saw. That is not what we saw. Is that strange, my friend? It is the writing and also of many other undertakings. The machine, too, was there, but it was a deep question. Do you agree on that?

D: Consciously, I didn’t…

_Forces_: Do you agree…

D: Yes.

_Forces_: … on any level that it was a deep question?

D: Yes, it was… [inaudible]…

_Forces_: Say again, please. Please, say again.

D: The question?

_Forces_: No. What are we speaking here about apples, bananas, peaches? Yes, the question.

D: The machine for developing auras…

_Forces_: Would you remember the session before? The session that was given in which this was said that we will give you the design and pattern for such?

D: I didn’t hear it as being specifically for that.

_Forces_: Then maybe attunement of listening is a wise virtue.

D: Yes.

_Forces_: How fast can you run?

D: How fast can I run?

_Forces_: You would like to, now.

D: Yes.

_Forces_: Now do you understand the undertones of your question?

D: Not fully, but I’ll…

_Forces_: It is wise that you don’t understand fully, for if you did, such a question was not needed. Do you understand that? No.

D: Yes. Yes.

_Forces_: Yes. No. It is good. You will develop. And you will develop with the group and not with Lobsang Rampa, please.

D: Yes.

_Forces_: Thank you.

D: Can I ask about the…

_Forces_: No, no, not…

D: … job?

_Forces_: What, please?

D: The job I have?

_Forces_: Yes, yes, please. What?

D: The job.

_Forces_: What job?

D: The job I have at Merrill Lynch…

_Forces_: Yes, what do you want? The building? You want to be a super? We’ll make you a super.

D: No, I don’t want to be. I want to be terminating that job maybe.

_Forces_: You want to terminate it? Okay. We’ll fix it up for you.

D: No, I didn’t… I didn’t say that. I said…

_Forces_: What did you say?

D: Would it be wise…

_Forces_: What wise? For if you had wisdom, you wouldn’t be asking any more questions.

D: What do you say about them?

I: That’s a nice answer.

_Forces_: I would say to you this moment, ONE: that you should take a great evaluation of self; TWO: that you should go and meditate more often; THREE: that you should take and get rid of your desires to be a great, great control of people, and to get those that you would fight to use for your own benefit, for that is what we would like to say. Question.

M: Just to check, we were settled to meet on Wednesday, do we meet on Wednesday and Saturday, or just on Wednesday?

_Forces_: Wednesday is appropriate to meet. Saturday we will not meet again till the next two, three, or four to five weeks. So we will say we will meet before the first part of June or July, please.

I: What?

M: First part of June?

D: Right now we’re in the first part…

_Forces_: It is so easy to confuse this group, isn’t it? Yes, we have said, right, then we shall meet the first part of June-July.

I: I see.

_Forces_: Does this make sense…

I: Yes, yes, as a session. Wednesday is just for Search for God group. Am I correct?

_Forces_: This is correct. As a group we have to listen. And if we have sessions, we will not listen. Do you understand?

Group: Yes.

_Forces_: David, do you know what it is to laugh?

D: To laugh?

_Forces_: That is right.

D: Yes.

_Forces_: How come you are not laughing?

I: I just wanted to know…

_Forces_: All right. Question.

I: This coming Wednesday…

_Forces_: It is advisable that certain things… up here we do make mistakes, too. And we condone your apologies. This coming Wednesday this woman would be saying, “We have to what would seem three levels, physically, mentally, and spiritually, go somewhere.” Am I correct in speaking it?

I: Right.

_Forces_: Then you win ten points.

I: I give them back and keep them for a different occasion when I need them.

_Forces_: Then it would be said Wednesday again would be the meeting time. It is up to you all to decide when. Please, no more questions like this.

DA: I have a question concerning… concerning the endocrine glands.

_Forces_: The who… what glands? Sounds like you’re catching flies.

D: endocrine glands.

DA: The endocrine glands.

_Forces_: Endocrine. Okay, there you go, we got rid of one of your glands.

DA: I’m confused because…

_Forces_: That is nothing new to us.

DA: Nor to me.

_Forces_: I bet that that is something new to you.

DA: Is… what role does the spleen and the liver play in developing the spiritual powers through… for instance the kundalini system is supposed to be from the gonads, the Leidig [?] center, the solar plexus, heart-thymus…

_Forces_: Then you’re asking how does the liver and the spleen connect to it?

DA: Yes.

_Forces_: Then you should ask me how does the foot, how does the hand, how does the eye, how does the ear, how does the nose, how does the mouth, how does the stomach… did you say stomach, huh?… yes… the intestines, how does the… how does the… Oh, my God… how does the heart, how does… oh, you said heart in the endocrine glands… Am I right? No? Huh? Yes. Now, how does the lungs, how does the ribs, how does the blood, how does the hand… I mentioned the hand before, right… now to go on… how does the large intestine… now how does that?… Oh, now that goes into the endocrine. Ah, yes. How does the lymphatic system, how does the… oh, yes… you have trouble with our sinuses… how does that help? What a type of question you do ask us is very wise but stupid.

DA: I apologize.

_Forces_: No need to. That’s quite considerable on your part, but we expect such questions at times. Now, your spleen. We will give you an understanding of that particular area if you would like. But it plays an important part, in fact, a whole part is played. We ask you… does someone have to sneeze? [Someone sneezes.] Okay. We ask you this. Is this important for all? That if your body is in harmony, then your whole physical forces will be in harmony. If the physical body is not in harmony, then the mental force is out of harmony. If the mental force is out of harmony, then it’s not in conjunction with the spiritual harmony. If the spiritual harmony is not in harmony with the mental force, then the physical body will be out of harmony causing the mental to be out of harmony, causing the spiritual to be out of harmony, back down to the physical to manifest the mental to manifest the spirit. Do you understand? Everything is a chain reaction. So therefore the spleen, it is the restoring and the rejuvenation and the destruction and the giving of the white blood cells. Do you understand this?

DA: Yes.

_Forces_: It is something new that we have given to you now. For the white blood cells is counted in the bone marrow, but the bone marrow is also called of the red blood cells in fashion of. And also is taking up as red blood cells in the liver being made up. But the spleen can also make up the what is know as the white blood cells. All right, do you understand this facet? Please.

DA: Yes.

_Forces_: Then therefore you have, if that is out of harmony, you have the truth in which self is out of harmony to destroy the principles that are not of the ideal. Do you understand that? Understand?

DA: No.

_Forces_: The ideal. If one is to go against the ideal, then one is to go against self, no?

DA: Yes.

_Forces_: Then if one is to go against self, one must correct self, no?

DA: Yes.

_Forces_: But, if one is to know if it is going against self, one must be aware, no?

DA: Yes.

_Forces_: Then it is a manifestation of the spleen to understand the awareness of going against self, no?

DA: Yes.

_Forces_: Then you have the answer to the function and the factor in which the spleen might play in the physical conjunction of the mental. But the mental must be in conjunction of the spiritual, which follows right back to the physical. Do you understand?

DA: Yes.

_Forces_: Then what is your question?

DA: I have no question.

_Forces_: Your question was in the beginning. Yet nothing is ever stupid. We are just here having a good time. Nothing is ever stupid. Please. You might say D’s questions are stupid. But nothing is ever stupid. No, we go on. Your first question was what does the part of the spleen play in the role of the glands, if any, no?

DA: Yes.

_Forces_: Then you have your answer. As a answer of representation of the after-effects of disharmony in the body going against the ideal. Do you understand that?

DA: Yes.

_Forces_: Then we are finished for the moment. Is there any more questions?

I: Nothing for right now.

_Forces_: We ask all here present now to come together in the unison of prayer. We now do leave and as what we said by all for this moment. It has been a great blessing tonight that we here do reside for the moment. But it is of vital importance that you come together in harmony. And not in chaotic disruption and we have showed you what that does and what a smile can do to your physical and emotional self. We now ask that you as a group find laughter as the best medicine of development. And as a lesson in the way of living that when you meet those on the street, to smile at them and not worry about what they might think of you. As a group we do now say greetings and blessings to all and hoping to see and hear and listen in the prayers and meditations that you all must enter into. Meditation for this entity we speak of must in some way be of three A. M. in the morning by self alone here. As the master did say when the apostles did ask, “Master, how do we pray?”… before we go we must interject into this, as a group understand Chapter of John, the fifth, and Chapter of Sixth to the Eighth, ninth, and Tenth verse… “How do we pray?” And the Master said, “You pray as such: Our Father…

Group: … who art in the heavens…