Session 14/15 – 6/30/72

Greetings to all here now. It is the fourteenth session to be undertaken in reality, the fifteenth one on your plane. We have been watching your progress and we must say that the group is advancing, but not in the manner prescribed. We here feel that the group should now endeavor as a foundation to undertake in a physical sense what is the Search For God book that you do have in your possessions. We advise you to now continue in understanding these chapters and relating them to your life. There are some circumstances that must be controlled. The idea of being untrue to your higher self in the group and also playing to say the best thing in a shrewd and diplomatic way. We shun such work and again must make it clear to all that you are not here for a picnic. Then if you are truthful to yourselves and the things you must undertake, continue with progress; but, if you all continue to discuss the things that are not too much involved in hurting you and to say kind words to your brothers or sisters to prevent their disruption and disharmony with you, what advantages do you have? Then you must be truthful, not to others in the group, but to yourself and to what you have to say. There is one who is absent and we prepared that this way because what we are to say now is thus: the soul entity that is the undertaking of great advantages and must be understood that we at times watch and see how this individual soul works. C, entity of this soul, now we address you. ONE: that you must become more in a foundation of standing on what you are. It is good to have goodness and kindness around you as we at times utilize the voice of one who is called E in deciding the characteristics of behavior in which we find it easy to infiltrate thought forms along this channel of pattern. But to relate and go back, this entity we speak of who is absent must take on the stride of correcting his own selfishness and also of tyranny of being the one who wants this attention and lacks the security. We again can give him the security that he needs, only he must stop ruling others and start walking on the waters by himself. We address the wife again to the force that it is good to be meek, but you have done too much of your meekness, and it is repugnant. I must say these things because this is on the agenda and what we here have discussed in the Council. And what I must present to this group as the opening force and bodyhead of such session. Now, before I take leave, I again must reiterate the progress of the group and that is that you all must get together with yourselves and with others and expect miracles, in general, miracles will be had. Now we shall turn over.

[Audible voice change]

Greetings to all here present now. It had come to our attention, that the things that are happening, [inaudible]. As we had the Old Man say with the force that he has, that you all must now gather together for the purpose and long, long task of preparing for the upheavals in this generation to come. We have to say another word: That the laws of your conscience be the truth; that the laws of your mind be the way that you live. Be at peace all here who sit and watch the waters of life fall upon thy head; for there is nothing to fear. Fear not for lo I am with you even to the consummation of the world. My words shall not pass away, but I tell you heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away. Greetings to all, peace to all, happiness and joy, for the sunrise is to come. As we have promised to all. We here on this side have been watching the progress of the world. We have given you some details of last week: the decline of the market, which did, as was said to be predicted, fall down rapidly than ever before. We also said the uncoverment of bribes, and chaotic disruption in the governmental heads. Now, also we must say that we see turmoils in the Middle East coming soon. Also we see a bloody, bloody, what would be said, frame-up. It is a frame-up to the people of in Israel that they should suffer what would be coming soon. Lebanon is in the area of causing trouble; and the militaristic groups in Lebanon, the guerillas, as we say, will be wiped out by us. We are sending now twenty-four thousand [24,000] spaceships into this area for an internal annihilation of many, many facets to these indignant people. We are now stationing into every sector of the world. Into the Soviet Union we have infiltrated and are now in such a position to blow them off the face of the earth or to freeze them so no action whatsoever could be taken. As you have seen, we have infiltrated into the Communist countries of what is known as the satellistic countries in which these countries shall be our footstone into the higher air. We have also been working with the Chinese people in their cultural understanding of their own ideas and ideals; and we also have been settling throughout the Gobi desert, and throughout the Siberian desert, and throughout all the deserts in the world, for in this wasteland we find it quite possible to operate. We also shall be paying a visit to Mount Moses, in which there will be another miracle of sorts to come in what would be called May-June of this year. We have here now given you the progress of the world situation as seen from above. The amount of rainfall has been caused by us circulating the wind movement into such a position, causing what you have named this to be. So we give it the hurricane’s name, and Agnes was nicknamed, but we here have been trying to get in contact with everyone so that we might show you the powers that you all will have when you need to process forward. Everyone here will be given a distinguished medal and power in which they might operate for us so that we might bring this peace and this golden age into existence in a faster reality. But those who will not succeed we cannot give. Then we shall go on. We have witnessed this group, and again, find a lot of elements in it that must be uprooted, and this, too, will be done in the future. We warn all us you in text, that if your desires are only purely physical, then it is a curse. But if you are on a spiritual level, that is to undertake the force within you, then we shall bless and give what you need for your development. There are also some who refuse to budge and also staying in the mud and daydreaming and fantasizing with self. We advise these souls to move fast or else the group shall leave them behind. We here will give you again descriptions of our satellite. It is as vast as eighteen football stadiums. We have the capacity to put into it seventeen [17] of your larger cities in the United States in five different rooms; and not to the point of exploding the ship. We have also, in such a way, traveled at many speeds of sound and light combined, transmitting us to communicate with this galaxy. It is also of great importance that this ship is coated with a silicone-type substance, known to you earthlings, that has a purpose of shining as it revolves around the gyro as you might know as said such. It seems to disappear in itself. Therefore we are now hovering above this very spot, beaming down what must be done. But, very few will spot and know us, for your normal barbaric x-ray and what would be called radar system is obsolete and very childish. For we are in the middle of the beams and the beams are not touching us. Now we also give you more information. This here is called the ASPOT NUS Galaxy or mission, ASPOT NUS Mission, under the direction of AT MUN. We have given you this name before, and we have told you AT MUN is a powerful name vibrational force to be used when certain things are desired. But it seems that the group always have a habit of forgetting the most important things that we give to the group. We also are prepared to beam down the idea of photographing the aura so that it will advance and bring in physical, monetarial substance to prepare and propel the group. We also are prepared to beam down many other intuitive ideas for everyone in this group. We have what would be called this written song of what is said now to be put into a song level that all might hear the spirit of your God. God is the one God. Do not mistake this God Force, for we, too, bow down to Him. There is a God and we, too, bow down to his almighty name and are subservient to His will. Now, we have given you enough understating of what is here. As we do travel, we do go through many color spectrums of light, distorting and making up different light waves for different places. Last session we gave you a description of our home and also our own galaxy. And we hope you all enjoy it. And also remember, your life is eternal and has no business feeling bad when one is committed to the grave, for his astral form is one with us again. We are now ready for your questions, hoping this to be a pleasant afternoon and, what would be said, evening. Question.

CH: Why is it that when I go into places where a lot of people have been that my mind gets all muddled up and I feel kind of, you know, like the vibrations come in and touch me or something and confuse me?

_Forces_: In what point of reference are you referring to, my friend?

CH: Well when I walk into a restaurant where a lot of people have been, like last night, and it’s like I feel the vibrations touching me you know like…

_Forces_: Then you must immediately produce the word and surround you with the spirit and you will not be inflicted upon by such a sensitive aura as you do have. Question.

C: What are the cases when we want to help somebody and we interfere with their own karma?

_Forces_: Repeat the question, my friend.

C: In what cases do we interfere with somebody else’s karma, wanted to help?

_Forces_: The cases in which we do get involved our ego and emotions. Does this answer the question?

C: Having a big desire to help, is that’s emotional?

_Forces_: To have a desire to be of a channel is one thing. To have a desire to help for the sake of knowing you are there to be of service and also to get the credit is another thing. All you have to do is just be and not worry the measurement of how much you are being. We also again advise you to speak with dignity and perseverance and with strength that you do have, and you must not become this meek little mouse, or else you will be a very disadvantage to your own soul growth. Does that…

C: this thing I cannot quite see in myself. I’m trying to, very hard, but I can’t.

_Forces_: Why should you try to recognize something that is not there, but was put there by your husband?

C: Again, I’m not aware of it.

_Forces_: Review your past seven years, and you shall see your answers. We shall help you and we shall commune with you and give you the revelation that you do know and do so desire. Is that understood?

C: Yes.

_Forces_: Question.

E: Our friends, EV and S, and their program that they’re trying to build, with the government…

_Forces_: Speak again. This physical body has many, many faults.

E: Our friends, EV and S, they started trying to move on with the program, the government program…

_Forces_: We understand their course of action. And we also understand the tremendous amount of pressure they are facing. We ask you to relay to them that we have beamed down a ship to them to guide them and also we ask that it is from S that it must emulate the Christ Spirit from him, that he must prepare the men in a spiritual way so that the doors will open for us to enter. How else can we enter, if these men are not ready for such enlightenment? It must come from example. Is that understood?

E: Yes, very well. Will this group have a part in… ?

_Forces_: This group is already making its destiny and if it proceeds as on target, we should say this group will have a very much of destiny will all young forces up and down the Eastern coast which will bring a lot of wealth to the nation.

E: So it is different that their program.

_Forces_: Speak again.

E: So it’s different that their program down in Virginia Beach?

_Forces_: The problem is not different, the problem is the same.

E: the program.

D: The program.

B: The program.

_Forces_: The problem with the program is the same.

E: Okay, thank you. Can I ask about our friends in England, HG and SG?

_Forces_: It is wise, We have just shown to the group that there are certain things we know already. And in order for us to bring them out, we must remain quiet. So, certain times we do things to test the group. You have succeeded as a group, for in your laughter, you all knew the answer, and yet you all know that what we were saying was like a feeble old man. But do not count us too feeble, for we know exactly what is happening. Question.

E: About my friends in England, HG and SG?

_Forces_: They are a good friend.

E: Will she have children?

_Forces_: We are at this moment, we are at this moment preparing a vehicle into which we are beaming down.

E: Thank you.

_Forces_: Question.

R: Is there something I could do to aid my meditation such as music or a certain light…

_Forces_: Why don’t you try standing on your head?

R: Okay.

_Forces_: What would you like us to tell you to aid your meditations?

R: I don’t know.

_Forces_: Then why… there are certain questions that we must answer for ourselves, ladies and gentlemen.

R: Thank you.

_Forces_: I’m not finished with you yet. Thank you. As far as meditation, my friend, it would behoove you to meditate. Is that understood?

R: Yes.

_Forces_: Now in your forces of meditation you will be given the direction and the way and the means to bring a more in harmony with your physical and your mental and most of all your spiritual undertakings. So, therefore, if you meditated and was consistent, you already would have possessed your answer. Are we not right in presuming this?

R: Yes.

_Forces_: Do you feel that we are picking on you.

R: No.

_Forces_: Thank you. Chicken! Question.

B: Is there a way that I could, how could I use…

_Forces_: It would be in such a degree to get your own security of loving yourself and also applying everything you are and giving it out without asking for anything in return. And this will answer your question. Now may we have your question?

B: Even though you’ve already answered it?

_Forces_: You will have another question.

B: Yes, our friend…

_Forces_: It would be advisable to progress with the undertaking of their thoughts and seeing if they would be of great value for your own knowledge in revealing to them certain things. Yes, they will have many questions. But yet the time to reveal it to them is not at hand. Question.

B: Could you repeat the name again? I didn’t understand what you said before.

_Forces_: What name would you like us to say?

B: The term that you have before, you said we should use it to call for assistance.

_Forces_: AT MUN.

B: Thank you.

_Forces_: Question. As you shall see, there is turbulence in the stratosphere, that is our doing, for we are vibrating at tremendous speeds breaking up the light waves around, which is causing a direct current of electricity to flash down upon the earth appearing to be an electrical storm. Be not fooled, for we reveal to you what it is, its true nature. Question.

RO: Will there be a depression after the next presidential election? And if so…

_Forces_: If you want one, we can give you that, too.

RO: Well I’m not asking for one, no. I was just wondering.

_Forces_: When we ask a question as this, we seem to attract the answer. If I say yes there will be a depression, then there is no way in which you all can prevent it. So if I say no, then you all will relax and think everything will be easy. We are not stupid. It is you who is stupid. So, now we ask you, my friend, to give us a very, very interesting question that does not take brains.

RO: That doesn’t take brains?

_Forces_: I don’t know how you operate because there are some creatures who function without brains that do a much more superior job that man. Please, go on with your questions. Do not become dizzy by what we are saying.

RO: The only other question that I had…

_Forces_: There will be a slight era of depression coming by the next president that will be uplifted by a current new age of thoughts and undertakings that will change the United States businessman and his theories on material wealth. Is that understood?

RO: Yes.

_Forces_: Now, let’s have the other question.

RO: My other question was about meditation, so I believe that’s been answered for me.

_Forces_: Question. Are we hearing confessions now? It would seem so.

L: I want to know if I should continue my job.

_Forces_: You shall continue your job for at least three months.

L: I shall or I should?

_Forces_: This would be up to you now. If we said should, we have no right. If we say shall, that is your decision. But if we say nothing, then what good is saying anything in the first place? The question is-will you be happy with this job that you are doing, and are you giving it to God. If your answer is yes, then you shall be there for a while only to prepare the people you are meeting to bring their levels up higher. We would like to ask you one question. Did today at work or tomorrow or the day before did you bring up their level of consciousness by seeing something that is not real or something that is good or on the supernatural level or on the metaphysical level? Did you help anyone? Begin to help. Question.

D: Is there any way I could… what is it that causes a strained relationship between by boss, in the office I work, the main boss I have, AK? I have some attitude toward him I can’t understand.

_Forces_: You have a pug attitude, no?

D: A what?

_Forces_: A pugness.

D: I don’t know what you mean by pug.

_Forces_: You think you are better that he.

D: Yes.

_Forces_: Then there is your problem. You are a big snob. Go ahead, please.

D: What is… he has an attitude toward me, you know, I don’t understand the man. I think he has great potential, though.

_Forces_: So do you.

D: I think he’s a great man.

_Forces_: So are you. You are only reflecting yourself upon him; he is your mirror, he is your thermostat. It would be advisable for you to start moving, and stop looking at others, but seeing what you are and what you do, also personal appearance you have lacked greatly, and also this flightiness of flying to one segment, to another is not of good bringing because you can drive people crazy by going to one group and then going to another group, and going to another. What are you searching for; what are you hunting for? It is already within you, but you refuse to take that step of claiming it. Is that understood?

D: I don’t know what you mean by going from one group to the other group.

_Forces_: You fly, you fly to see those who can give enjoyment for the moment and comfort and appeasement with your physical nature. Is that understood?

D: You mean relationships with individuals? Or groups?

_Forces_: As you see it. You must now stop running, and start getting involved in the commitment. Take on your responsibility.

D: How can I take that on more, I mean concrete…

_Forces_: By giving out more, by giving from your heart, by serving, by having patience, by not trying to prove how much you know in your mental attitudes, or in your brightness, for you are not bright when you do these acts. Question.

D: I wonder if there is anything I should study, if I should go to school. I have been thinking about going back to college. I have been wondering what one thing, trying to pick something to study.

_Forces_: We would have you deal with people, also in the welfare section, also in civil service; why not look into a job of that caliber? Get into the ideas and courses that you need to undertake such a job.

CH: Should I be looking for another job?

_Forces_: Do you think you need to, or are you running away?

CH: No, it’s not finished yet.

_Forces_: Then I would stay there and work out my karma.

E: You said to us last time that your, this place, your home, has no sun. What kind of light?

_Forces_: The light from the great one. The light from the atmosphere generating by the great One. We live off of that light. It is food, it is nourishment. It is our true existence.

E: Yet, you also said that some people, that died of the cause of drugs come there as raving maniacs, and for millions of years are in that condition, until they are able to be helped. Does it mean that everybody that passes over from this planet or another planet gets to this place that you call your home?

_Forces_: They have no way of touching that place. They cannot be there because they are not worthy to be there. They are put into their own dimensional vibrations, and that is the place that they are in. They are in what would be termed as darkness.

E: When Moses, in the Bible, it said that Moses covered his face from the people. I believe it is Exodus, chapter 34 or 35. What does it mean because we had a discussion about it, and I don’t think that I got the right understanding about it. What really happened, what does it mean?

_Forces_: One must cover his face and go within to see the true relationship with the sun, the true relationship with this Godhead within, also when did he cover his face?

E: When he came out…

_Forces_: When he was coming down to meet the people. Then it is also of this caliber. Our ships have such electrical, magnetic fields around them, that it causes the aura of the soul or person to vibrate at least into the other spheres, and when anyone of this world sees them, they could go totally crazy or blind, or on their own mental level, become so insecure and frightened and that they would be de-evolved instead of evolving.

E: That means that if we go out, and one of us will be able to see your ship…

_Forces_: Then you are capable of seeing and knowing. If you could see a ship.

E: I’m sorry…

_Forces_: Sometimes we show the ships to many, but it is not the ship that Moses saw.

E: I see, this ship it is possible for somebody here to see.

_Forces_: Correct. As you see the lights in the heavens now, breaking through, you are seeing fragments of the ship.

E: So actually, only the evolved people from all of the universe everywhere come to that place where you call home.

_Forces_: This would be termed correct.

E: Thank you very much.

R: Is my…

_Forces_: We would advise the one who just spoke that there should not be a depression of thoughts for this would be of the undertaking of their own particular field of endeavor. We also say involve to say that the soul should get involved in the metaphysical world, and also with the A.R.E. again. We reiterate that factor quite clearly. So, soon you should get involved with groups, and start speaking soon. If not then we shall prepare other forces to work through you. Question.

E: Are you talking to whom?

_Forces_: To you. Question.

E: Can I question what you have said? I didn’t understand…

_Forces_: All we are saying is to start moving. Start using what you have by giving it out. Question.

R: Is my roommate, J, moving out of the particular rut that he was in?

_Forces_: He is excelling, but not as rapidly as possible, but he is moving. It would be possible for this entity that we speak through to meet with you and him one night to discuss, and we shall beam through the proper frequency and wave length to hit his mind, seen by no one but us.

R: Thank you very much.

_Forces_: We are funny people. Sneaky, too.


R: Is there something we could be doing besides merely advertising to help our new business to function and grow?

_Forces_: By bringing in harmony with the business itself. That is more than enough, my friend. Understood?

R: Yes.

_Forces_: Do this and we will promise you great rewards to come. You know there is disharmony in your factor group.

R: Yes.

_Forces_: And you know that this peace that you have tried to say in the meeting before is not true and must be obliviated into truth or else we shall take all of you and put you on your heads. We are also funny people. Is that understood?

R: Not exactly, but I think I can…

_Forces_: That is very nice of you. Question.

B: (Mumbles something)

_Forces_: Here we go, hemming and hawing…

B: I don’t understand when I… I understand the concept of giving selfishly and I’ve prayed and I’ve meditated about it and I don’t know what else to do. I feel very confused.

_Forces_: All you have to do is let go and just give not for the physical sense, but for the spiritual sense. Try it one day to speak and not to get patted on the shoulder. My dear, you are so, so reacting to the pat on the shoulder of your enemy or your friends, that all you friends are… what? It is true. All the bitterness could be turned into kindness within you by someone just saying a kind statement about you. Is that fair to your own growth? Are you being truthful to yourself?

B: I guess not.

_Forces_: That is very nice of you.

C: I am reading now Alice Bailey’s…

_Forces_: That’s nice.

C: … books and getting a lot of inspiration and knowledge about spiritual origins, and significance of our earthly existence, and to the point I feel it could be helpful to many others. I want to just, to check I…

_Forces_: Then we shall say to you, we are planning, but yet you should go and review more and then share with the group in a report of what you have found. Is that understood?

C: I didn’t quite understand…

_Forces_: You shall write up a report of your own understanding of what you are reading and share it with the group.

C: Yes, this I understood, but you said you are planning…

_Forces_: We are planning this for you to be planning it too.

C: Thank you.

_Forces_: We are planning you to take upon this book that you have planned to give to us. Is the chicken before the egg or the egg before the chicken? Question.

C: Also…

_Forces_: Yes, please.

C: I have been trying to look for a job…

_Forces_: That’s nice. You do need something to do.

C: I’ve been hindered every time I…

_Forces_: Hindered? Hindered?

C: Sicknesses, to the point that I…

_Forces_: This has been brought about by your own sub-conscious level. You have nothing to fear, but fear itself, my friend. Is this understood?

C: It makes sense although I… I was wondering about my fear in that.

_Forces_: Fear of meeting people.

C: Sorry, but I don’t quite… I’m not aware of the thing.

_Forces_: You shall understand as you review in your mind all these things. Question.

RO: How can one distinguish between his ego and Higher Self?

_Forces_: When he is prompted by divine love to speak and not to worry about what he is saying, but the heat that comes in the back of the neck that forces the tongue to move and great surge from the dwelling of the solar plexus in moving up that actually shakes the body off his feet. Is that understood?

RO: Not exactly.

_Forces_: When one is summoned to move with this divine love, that he gives from such a great extent that… [end of side A]

… a great task to you to try to bring up this love within you and bring it out in certain undertakings that you will have to do in your life.

RO: What undertaking are those?

_Forces_: Oh! Oh! Oh! Try not to test us. As what would be said, you are trying to catch us by giving certain things away and without us knowing about it. If we tell you certain things, that you must meet, then you will only have your eyes on the things that you’re going to meet. And therefore it wouldn’t be wise for us to point out when you’re going to meet them.

RO: That’s not what I meant.

_Forces_: Then speak again and we’ll show you what you meant.

RO: Okay. You said that there were certain undertakings…

_Forces_: It would be wise that whoever is near the area of two-three inches to move. Thank you. Speak now, please. Speak, please.

RO: You said that I would come against several undertakings… Oh, I don’t know.

_Forces_: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, you are messing up our minds here.

RO: Yeah, mine’s pretty confused, too.

_Forces_: That’s nice. We are not alone.

RO: Is there any specific thing that I should be doing or could be doing to help speed up my spiritual growth?

_Forces_: That was not your question before, my friend.

RO: That’s right.

_Forces_: I asked you to repeat. Your question was before, “What am I going to be confronted with?”

RO: I understand that I can’t know that, but I have to just confront it when I…

_Forces_: But do you understand that why you asked the question was motivated by how much information you can receive to prevent meeting it?

RO: Not necessarily to prevent meeting it.

_Forces_: What would you like to do with it? Jump over it?

RO: No, possibly meet it.

_Forces_: Meet it? Then you would not have…

RO: There are things that I have to meet.

_Forces_: … to ask what you will meet.

RO: Yeah, that’s right.

_Forces_: We are going to straighten out your mind once and for all, if it has to destroy ours.

RO: That would be appreciated.

_Forces_: [Language of the galaxy spoken here] We now ask you to move forward and place your right hand underneath the forces given out now. We ask you to get into a comfortable position instead of looking like that… [30 sec. Passes]… It is finished. Return back. You have blown a fuse. It is [Old Man speaks] of a chaotic nature that you and I should go and drink a little bit. It is great value in your wines today. We do say that what was done is quite disturbing up here. Even the Old Man wants to drink.

E: Shall I get some wine?

_Forces_: It is not for you to get. It is for him to get. And if he wants wine, we have ample enough for his thought forms to create on such a situation as this. We ask the entity that we have had in contact; do you understand what has happened to you?

RO: No, I don’t.

_Forces_: Do you know what it is to come even near to the vibrational forces as present now?

RO: Consciously, I don’t think so.

_Forces_: Then you shall see it subconsciously. Maybe we can relate it by sticking a wet finger into a socket. But you came willingly and by your faith, it saved you. Do you understand?

RO: Yes.

_Forces_: Do you understand how many people touched the holy of holies and was killed instantly?

RO: Only from what I’ve read.

_Forces_: That is quite sufficient for your understanding. Now we shall go on with the group. Question.

L: I don’t have a question.

_Forces_: That is good. Someday we will have many questions but for thee we ask you only to have your mind open and to understand how great the Lord God is and merciful he is. Question.

B: The entity, P, that we asked about before, is there progress being make or is there something else we might do to add our…

_Forces_: It is being made.

B: Thank you. Also, the entity, JM, who we asked about before…

_Forces_: Difficulties at times.

B: Is there something I might do that would be…

_Forces_: It would be good for you to watch your remarks.

B: Thank you.

E: What happened… what happened here last week… last week at the Search For God group, could you give us some enlightenment on it?

_Forces_: There was what was said earlier-people not being as soul entities, being true to themselves. And each one putting on a big front so that the greater truth would not reside. We have been watching and at times it is not well for everyone to start fighting with everyone else. Also the great confusion of separating each other into classes or systems. What is it that we all experience that say one thing that everyone has experienced? But no experience is greater that the other. Question.

E: you say I must go back to the A.R.E… .

_Forces_: We are also preparing you for work.

E: Which you will let me…

_Forces_: you bet your boobie.

E: But at the Bible class, at the Bible class, I…

_Forces_: Ye have been disdained from the Bible class this week…

E: But why?

_Forces_: … for the sake of disharmony and disfactor in the group that would have harmed you tremendously.

E: I see. Now also I tried to introduce that factor of the outside, so to speak, outside ship coming to Moses, that was introduced as per…

_Forces_: Do you want to introduce the law of evolution to three-year-olds in the grade of kindergarten? There are certain things we have to do very quietly so that these poor souls could say, “Ah ha, I have done it. I see it. It was always in me,” which was true, but such is the work of us, that we must work very silent in the backgrounds to make the light shine through.

E: So what’s the use of me being in those Bible classes?

_Forces_: What’s the use of you being here at all, then? The use is that you are propelling the light within them to come forward and by your deeds and by your actions you are magnifying the light within you, and showing it in them.

E: Thank you.

_Forces_: You are welcome. Question.

CH: What is the cause of the fear of sex that I have?

_Forces_: This fear will be obliviated. There is no fear, no longer. Is this understood?

CH: Yes.

_Forces_: The fear has come from a past life. One moment, please. I told you to move that one away from the bunch of… please move it, not you, please, down here, I’m talking to these up here. That has been the bulbs of ionized YECH HAB, what would be called tubes lying all over the steps. It is not related to you, group. Don’t get neurotic. Please say your full name, please.


_Forces_: I cannot hear you. By such voice, you are just enough to put yourself in a coffin.


_Forces_: CEK. Would you please, mind getting that for me, please? You got me wrong book. Please, CHE… E is it?

CH: E. [spells middle name].

_Forces_: E. Don’t get fancy. K.

CH: Thank you.

_Forces_: CEK: born what date, please.

CH: January [says day].

_Forces_: January [says day]…

CH: [says year].

_Forces_: [says year]. Okay, please. It would appear that this would be done. In the beginning it was such a force of prospective in which this entity’s soul was projected into the land of now called Atlantis in the year nine hundred, what would be know as 9-0-0-0. Nine thousand, B. C. in which the name was called CATHENIN. CATHENIN was the name of this entity male or species in which it ruled cattle and oxen and sheep of said area of development was known in this condition as what you would know it to be. But their condition on the physical level was completely, one hundred and eighty degrees different. This form in which this entity did take was to control and migrate such flocks and forces from one area to another for the preservation and for the life forces of land in harmony with nature. We also find a dissatisfaction of involving too much of the sensual level, and not applying love aspect. Also the love aspect, not applying on the sensual level. Also we have it moving forward in which the entity did save much souls in this time. Moving on, the fear of this woman in the ante-court, ATHENIN. ATHENIN was the name of this soul that crucified in a way your thoughts and feelings and make you what would be known as fearful of your very life. It would be known as your mother, also aspecting today in this present lifetime. It is of a great nature that you should show mercy and of also love, for you are of just guilty in this particular era as you are now guilty. There is no fear now whatsoever. All you must do is walk and stand up and speak and be strong and commit your self to the beliefs that you failed to commit in this period present time. You have lived to be one hundred and eighty-two [182] in that time period. We are through at the moment of discussing this particular era, for we must not go on describing the other chaotic encounters that you have encountered. Does this answer your question?

CH: Yes, very much so.

_Forces_: question.

D: Is it well that I study metaphysical writings like Plato and…

_Forces_: It would be well. But how much do you want to study and not give of your true self? If you cannot give of your true self, in love and in harmony, then you cannot give nothing or learn nothing on this earth. Is that understood?

D: Yes.

_Forces_: Hmm. Question.

E: Why do I have developed, or my fear of meditation? Not in the group, only when I’m by myself.

_Forces_: This is the fear of your faith to be put into the hands of the higher. Also your imagination builds up great spooks that at times do exist and at times don’t even exist at all. But we tell you from this point on, we are surrounding you by a shield or dome that will protect you from such forces. Is this understood?

E: Yes.

_Forces_: You are welcome. Question.

E: Is there anything you could tell us…

_Forces_: There is nothing. Finish your question, please.

E: Since we are entering into the beginning of the book, of Search For God book number one, on meditation, is there anything…

_Forces_: There is nothing that I could tell you. You must as we said before, go within your own souls and hearts to find out what is proper and what is best for your functions. Is this correct?

E: Yes.

_Forces_: Question. We would add that you must be truthful to one another, especially in meditation. Question.

RO: At what age, or when is it advisable to introduce a child to spiritual teachings?

_Forces_: Allow the child to introduce you to it. Question.

R: What are some specific, or what is a specific thing or specific things that I should be working on…

_Forces_: You sound like a dictionary that broke apart.

R: What’s something I can work on right now?

_Forces_: Oh, wonderful! What would you like to work on? Pizza?

R: Something tough.

_Forces_: Hmm. Salami.

R: No, I, I want… I don’t know.

_Forces_: We are saying this. Patience and lack of what would be called condemnation of others. Your impatience, your impatience for them to listen to what you have to say and what you and how you think. Just because you move fifty miles an hour, doesn’t mean that everyone else has to move twenty miles to your fifty miles an hour. I tell you, stop forcing people around you to move with your vibrational pull. But bring yourself down to pick them up. You are going nowhere fast if you think you are better than others around you. Does that answer your question?

R: Yes.

_Forces_: Does the group of your group understand this of him?

B: Yes, and no.

_Forces_: Then you have seen yourselves and you have not seen yourselves in him. As far as in discussing problems, you will find this. As far as telling and trying to communicate to get certain things done, you will find this. Question.

B: I didn’t understand what you just said.

_Forces_: I only showed you what areas you will find it in this entity, that he prescribes such characteristics. Question.

L: Um…

_Forces_: You must reiterate to the entity speaking from before that the greatest difficulty or the greatest thing or the hardest thing he would work on is your patience. Is that understood by you?

R: Yes.

_Forces_: Thank you. Question.

L: Um… I want to…

_Forces_: Are we talking…

L: is it necessary in my… in my attempt at being totally honest with myself and other people in order that the God or the higher self can come through or to get it down to honesty more even when it hurts other people… should I be at all times just…

_Forces_: When you find that you are hurting other people, it is your fears, it is your pains, it is your sorrows and your hates and dislikes that you are coming down on another entity. You should never find to hurt another entity, but you should find to love the entity and give that entity the light that is within you, that is capable of being within you. Many a times there are those souls around you that you cannot stand. The reason why is because they represent qualities within you that you cannot stand. Therefore, when you are speaking to one or another, and trying to be honest, all you have to do is ask God to speak to you and from you and have love to the one you are speaking to. And if it need be, try to picture the eyes of Jesus, the Christ, in front of you while you are speaking as though you are speaking to him. Is that understood?

L: Sort of.

_Forces_: Why ‘sort of’, please? Is it difficult to have kindness in your heart for others? Do you think you are better than others?

L: Sometimes.

_Forces_: Do you know, my friend, that in your stupidity you have made many mistakes?

L: Yes.

_Forces_: And that’s because you were trying to be better than others around you. That is where your problem comes in and that is where you fall all the time, striving to be the better person, striving to do the better thing. All you have to do is love and have understanding and kindness to anyone you speak to, and therefore, you are the better person for that, instead of trying to believe you are the better person. Be the better person, by thinking and by living it and by showing it… in metal, and the physical, and the spiritual. Question.

B: Is my confusion about s… um… my… about sex… uh… uh… I don’t really understand… I thought about a lot about it last week. I thought that I just was out of it completely, and last week was just really confusing. I don’t understand whether it’s harmful or right or wrong or… I don’t understand…

_Forces_: It is wrong if you are in it only to experience on the sensual level. It is dead wrong for that purpose alone. If you have a partner, your soul mate, or the one you plan to live with for the rest of your life, or if it’s one you love deeply, and I mean deeply, and you have a union to express your thoughts and feelings, but if you do it again, only for the gratifying of your lower four centers, again, it will be harmful to you. But if you give of yourself for yourself to be of the Christ consciousness and for the spirit of that is within you, then it will be a blessing and a growth and a growing to your future.

B: Thank you.

_Forces_: Question.

C: Is there anything in my past lives that knowing could help me in this life?

_Forces_: We only say that in one life you used a lot of people and controlled them mentally by the power of the Church. This would be roughly in the time of the councils six hundred [600] A.D. Understood? That would be your difficulty in people who are now in authority and for you to be of service to them.

C: For me to be?

_Forces_: To be under their foot. Question.

B: Should I lose some weight?

_Forces_: Why not ask me when you should go to the bathroom? What is this, my friends? What type of questions are you giving me? I do get mad, you know. I get mad because of laziness. We have come here to answer your vital questions. And now I feel with this question it’s become a bridge party. It is not a good question. It’s a question without thought of the spiritual idea. It is again a maybe, what would be termed, a selfish question. We ask only for questions that would develop you and others around you. Not of how you look or what you wear. Because what you are is an illusion and therefore, why worry about how fat you are? But I would worry about how you hate, how you like and how you dislike. How you love. How you discriminate. How you are sly. How you are kind. How you are helpful. This is all the qualities that will manifest in your physical body. It is not of your cells that are heavy, sometimes cells need to grow for the spiritual understanding to be absorbed in the body. Sometimes cells grow because of rebellion… against what one has to do. I tell you, what is your case?

B: I withdraw the question and apologize to the group for asking it.

_Forces_: No need to. It is done; and it is good. It shows to the group our lack of thoughts at times. And sometimes when ego and sometimes when the Christ spirit comes in. As you can see, we are judged constantly. Just as Jesus said to Peter, “Satan, get behind me.” And one moment he gave him the keys to the Kingdom. The next moment he cursed him for having Satan within him. It is very simple and very, very easy to become persuaded by, and become insignificantly involved into our true nature. Therefore, we should constantly be aware of the prayers and the force around us to keep us ever so guided on the very narrow road to heaven. Is this understood by the group?

R: Yes.

_Forces_: One voice. One group.

Group: Yes, yes.

_Forces_: Yes, yes.

E: One voice, one group. That’s pretty good. No?

_Forces_: It is excellent. Speak your mind. Speak your mind.

E: I have a few things on my mind.

_Forces_: Then we say ask and not speak you line. In your case your cells are expanding for spiritual progression and undertaking. Do not rebel against us because you are getting heavy.

E: Thank you for telling me.

_Forces_: You are most welcome. Now remove your sword from our side.

E: Can I tell… can I write my friend in England?

_Forces_: You have already been given the answer.

E: I see, okay.

_Forces_: You already will send it.

E: Okay. Also, A.R.E., should I be there everyday?

_Forces_: No. That would be ridiculous. You would go crazy on us. Question.

E: I see. So whenever, you’ll tell me already, I’ll know?

_Forces_: You bet your boobie. Question to the group.

E: Why…

_Forces_: Enough questions from you, thank you. Questions from the group.

R: Is there something physically wrong with my right ear that should have medical attention?

_Forces_: I would look into the left. There is what you would call a laying down on your bed, which is at times from one to another. You have been extremely into one area to another. We would advise also certain types of low music. Do you, can we ask this question: like loud music?

R: Not right… not recently.

_Forces_: Not recently?

R: No. About six months ago, yes.

_Forces_: Thank you. Now do you see the nature of your ear trouble? Just because you have just stopped it six months ago doesn’t mean your ear has stopped trembling from it. Be kind to it because it has endured so much. Now don’t worry about your ear from now it is what you have to do. Your ear’s only getting itself back into some sort of vibrations instead of being like a rubber band stretched to the ultimate. It is coming back to normal. So go around with balls in your ears. It is worth better than twenty thousand jarring noises in your ear.

R: Would you say that for instance, music that “The Moody Blues”…

_Forces_: They are being used.

R: It’s very loud music.

_Forces_: They are not loud. We listen to them and we do not turn up the volume.

R: Thank you. Are there other performing groups in the rock music field that are being used? Or I should say, are “The Moody Blues” being used for spiritual upliftment? Their music?

_Forces_: If they worked for the down lifting, then we would be in a bad predicament.

R: Are there any other groups that we could benefit from listening to in the rock field?

_Forces_: I… do you want the rock field, my friend? Remember, if you have, if you have conquered, if you had conquered the classical field, you would understand that you would be masters to this rock field. Do you understand?

R: I understand that, yes.

E: So “The Moody Blues” is not an uplifting? Is that what you…

R: Yes it is.

_Forces_: “The Moody Blues”… oh, my God I got a block. “The Moody Blues” is an uplifting factor. Also we have what would be known as the “Beegees”, no?

R: Yes.

_Forces_: This is a name of uplifting. Then there is another name. Folksongs or soft, classical folksongs, or country music of types. Not your hick-type country music, but music that is of some nature. This would be good, too. Also, you would have… the times that would be coming is now “Sly and The Family”… what?

R&Others: Stone.

_Forces_: Oh, yes, heavy. It would be necessary for them to get on certain other areas, but they are progressing, too, and we will be using them in the future. That is for the moment. The Beatles have separated as predicted. And also will be coming out with new ideas and we, too, are using them. Also we have pain… Question. Question.

E: The song… you gave us before a song. Is that for this group to find the melody to?

_Forces_: You have it as said. Question.

D: Could you give some classical music that would be very good?

_Forces_: Speak?

D: Some classical music that would be very, very, very good for…

_Forces_: Name some classical music, it is very, very good. Thank you. Question.

D: No, some that would be good the same…

_Forces_: Question.

B: You spoke last week…

_Forces_: Remember. Your music is what you put on and that is for the moment very, very good. Question. Beethoven and Mozart in the symphonies of melodies with string instruments are very instrumental in your attunement to your aura-centical centers.

E: Do you have to go?

_Forces_: Very soon. This group has lasted very long. I’ve never seen so many questions in all my life. And that’s a billion years. Question.

L: Can I smoke a cigarette?

_Forces_: No, thank you. Question.

CH: The woman, SY, is there anything that I could…

_Forces_: The reason why we asked you to refrain from smoking is because it penetrates the atmosphere and distorts the vibratorial level in which we are using this atmosphere to work through. Could that be understood, please?

L: Yes.

_Forces_: Thank you. Question.

CH: The woman SY, is there anything that I could… you could give me to help her?

_Forces_: She is being helped by your kindness and her kindness alike. But also have faith and it will be done according to thy will. Question.

B: Would it be helpful for me, or anyone, to know why all of a sudden I was able to stop smoking?

_Forces_: I cannot hear all that mumbling noises.

B: [question repeated]

_Forces_: You should thank your free will and your perseverance, and your fortitude. That is enough for glorification. Question.

E: The card… go ahead, go ahead.

C: Is there anything more I can do to help the entity MB?

_Forces_: Prayer and perseverance and love. And listening even though you just don’t want to listen any more. Is that understood?

C: But I want to listen.

_Forces_: You will see as we have said.

C: Is there any hope for more peace for this entity?

_Forces_: Of course. Question.

E: Am I any good in card-readings?

_Forces_: Excellent. Question.

E: So the reading was given to CR and to SY, or to SY, I’m sorry… was it correct?

_Forces_: Accurate. Question.

D: My supervisor at work… has it… discussing with him, is that good?

_Forces_: It would be good for both of you. Question.

E: Where did you take us last time, that we are progressing?

_Forces_: And are you not still progressing?

E: But why are you taking us?

_Forces_: For there are certain things that we cannot do here that you are doing for us. Question.

D: Why is it that I cannot communicate with women?

_Forces_: You can communicate with women. It’s just that you have not been honest and truthful to yourself. Therefore, the doors will not open up until you are truthful. Do you understand?

D: Not completely. No, I don’t.

_Forces_: You are what would be called: very, very sly. You do one thing and you say another. Is this understood?

D: I’ll have to think about it.

_Forces_: Thank you.

D: thank you.

_Forces_: Question.

C: Is there any… anything good in our vacation? M’s and mine?

_Forces_: We are helping him. It is excellent. Question. We would also like for one, this entity, that we are using, it would be good as a channel of forces that to review it and also give light in certain areas to help. Could this be possible for you to do?

C: Are you speaking about the novel? For me to…

_Forces_: It would be benefit for all, for the novel in itself.

C: To review it in the group?

_Forces_: No. To the entity we are using now.

D: For T to review it.

_Forces_: Question.

E: Anything else for the entity T?

_Forces_: Nothing else. Question.

R: Are the writings of Frater Achad [?] good for one to read?

_Forces_: Fifty per cent. Question.

D: Is the Seth material valid?

_Forces_: The who material?

D: The Seth material.

_Forces_: Seventy to forty per cent valid. Seventy per cent yes. Forty per cent no. forty per cent yes. Seventy per cent no. Certain areas are correct, other areas are infractions. Question.

B: When you asked… when you spoke last time about having an additional meeting perhaps on Monday night of the groups, do you think it should be, or should it be periodically, or should we discuss it this week, an additional time in advance…

_Forces_: This would be cooperation within the group. We have no right to decide on this question. Question. Question.

E: When’s our next meeting?

_Forces_: As a session?

E: Yes.

_Forces_: A month. In the first of August. Or the first Friday evening of August. Understood?

E: Yes, thank you.

_Forces_: We shall watch and watch you as you progress. If we feel that there should be an emergency session, we shall notify you. Understood?

E: Yes.

_Forces_: We ask you now all to understand that you have great things to advance on to. You have great undertakings. And this month, the month of July, is called the month of the foundation or the month of explosion. We have to explode the dirt and the gray and the clay to dig down deep to put our foundations within all of you. We ask you all to be faithful to one another and also to yourselves. And also to love one another and to have respect for one and another. And when you feel, that you hate or dislike or have a feeling against one another, we ask you to tonight, say it. Say it tonight so we as here now can work with you and the group. So, now we are to leave. And we leave with kind words and hope and joy for all of you. We will watch you all privately and also publicly. So watch the trains you take. It would be great for your advancement to keep fervently in prayer. I do say that the group is exceedingly moving rapidly and we shall soon bring in other objects from the sky that will bring even more proof of what we are doing and give you more faith in what you will accomplish. We leave you the peace and the hope and the love that you all might need to take upon. Let it be like unto an oasis in the desert. We ask that the tape will not be reviewed tonight, but will be brought again on the night of the meeting to be reviewed then. Is this understood?

R: Yes.

_Forces_: We ask only to verbally review tonight and that will be enough. And then on the meeting that you all as a group review it in the silence and also in the sound. That will be all for now. Peace I leave with you. My peace I give unto you. Not the peace that the world gives, but the peace that the heavenly Father gives to you.

Group: Our Father, who art in heaven…