Session 16-7/11/72

Greetings to all here present now. We have been summoned for a particular reason, and we will be of some help only if the fears of those who are collected here now come into harmony. It is of such a dramatic force that those who have waited all their lives for the truth and for God, as they say, to show them a sign, but we say that there are many signs in this world that you know. We here have come to spend this evening with all in the hope that a new light and/or star will be born into your hearts. For the future is of great strength and hope into what you must do. It will only be accomplished when again, what we said earlier, that you all come into harmony with each other. There are those here tonight present, that because of their selfishness and desirability to express only in the physical environment as lustful desires, it is not coherent to your development. Yet, there are many channels to be utilized, and if we only understand what love is then they are capable of expressing it. If you only express the love for gratification of lower desires, then it deems necessary for you all to leave and go about your business. We here will not stay too long to determine what or what should not be in your lives, for this must come on a individual basis. There are those times when depressions and lack of security enter into a part and parcel of how you are experiencing. It is this moment that the qualities of your souls are being tested, and we here have been watching to see what reaction you will be taken in these situations. We ask only that those here now will come together once and for all, and let in disruption of ego and self-preservation of the security of what this so called earth can offer you. There are some here who have used, and used deliberately, their forces in which to get their development out of shape, and what would be termed selfishly to desire comfort, and these souls are not to be relished in their development for they will come to a destructive end, and we here feel compassion for them, but what can we do but watch them in their own muck. There are also some here who will develop greatly for helping and cherishing new ideas, and carrying them out within the group. This group as has assembled here tonight their forces have changed completely, and they will not remain the same.

[Audible voice change]

Greetings to all here present now. We have to say thank you. It is of great importance that each one of you come to forgiven yourselves for the deeds that you are carrying, and do hate yourselves for. When you have a dislike for yourselves then how are you able to love others? One must be able, to come to the realization that he is the son of God, and this love must come forth in order to do the work of God. We have the group, and we ask the person in charge, to put forth the request in order of their desires as of a group, for we have not had these souls before, and they are not in progress or in what we would call the schedule of happenings. We here from this expedition, send greetings to you who are new. We offer you our peace, and only the alliance of the Christ to continue in your development and in your stages that in the course of what is known as the earth span of life that you being put here might development in the image of the spirit of Christ. The earth people have been more like barbaric animals in their structure. We have here many-a-times interjected among your people true souls that you call Christ spirits. The definition of Christ spirits are those who are in tune with their higher-selves and those who operate in such given manners, so that the development of those to come who readily take upon themselves such a cloak of honor and dignity, and grace. This is the first time that I address you all as the group, and those who have heard us before, you have never heard me speak to you. Therefore, it is among the airs that who speaks to us tonight? It is the commander of this mission; that I come personally to speak what must be said. There are those who have spoken to you and guided you before. We have those present who were present at various and sundry missions, and what was know as the session. This session is known as the sixteenth [16th] session, but now shall be termed as the development reading for physical, mental, and spiritual combinations. This is my task, and this will be my mission. When a group comes together in this specific area, to ask and seek their questions. As I have stated before that we have interjected among the earth people spirit entities, who are the Christ, operating in the earth level. Such as you know as Adam in degrees, but this group who has come here tonight, comes from a re-incarnation in the Mayas, M-A-Y-A-S, civilization in which it was that you become as souls from us into the earth then you also came as Samurian, the forefathers as known as the Hebrew people, in which Abraham took the legend into the land of promise of this mission of interjecting you souls into this earth for development. The year is 2000 B.C. and we ask you to investigate for the group’s purpose of development. You are all in a way pure souls that are in rights and heirs to your development, but some of you have turned aside from your development and cast away the Christ spirit from within you. It is of great importance that we reiterate again that you be mindful of what your missions are, and where you go. The painting that has been done is my face, and it was done in a trance so that for this sake, this mission tonight, I will speak to you and that you will get a visible picture of what I look like. Therefore, it behooves you to understand that many things are done on the earthly level without realization of what they mean. This is our program and we can only operate through your Free Will. We cannot do anything without your Free Will-no one thing. That we are subjugated to the law of God who is powerful over all galaxies. He is the rightful rule, the God of gods. Know ye all that there is a God and we are subjected and obedient to His Will. So also do we declare to you this night be ye also perfect, as the higher omnipotent present Godhead father of all, King of kings, is perfect. Then comes the development of Moses that we again interjected into the earth plane to deliver the people of Sumerian of Hebrew stock. That is why the Hebrew people have in their blood as saying they are the chosen ones, for it has come instinctively in their souls that they already know the answer. Now with Moses ascending at the end and Joshua taking forms being leader in military forces in which the physical body of what you know as Moses did ascend into our space vehicle. Know ye also that when Moses stood upon the ruminants of Mount Mosan, or Zion, he stood on an earthling floor, metal floor, which is to say on our vehicle. The radiance from his face was the vibration of our vehicle and our vibrations bringing up his aura to the vibrations of consciousness, which turned his hair silver and bringing it down to the elements of the people. Do not think that this generation is so advanced. We are watching from a-far with amazement at the chaos that has taken over the earth. Then, we interjected what was know as Gandhi, what was known as Buddha–as a prince he became enlightened by the silence for only by the silence can you attune to our vibratorial levels in which we at turns interject and guide you. Only you will have to remain silent to hear the voice. Then we interjected the man what was bringing you back now into Abrahams time, Mechisidek or Mechesdek, he is of one leader like unto myself becoming what was know as Jesus; so also will I have to come into the earth plane to take upon me in this era the Christdom to lead all of you into the holy and peaceful age to come. Your purpose here gathered tonight is that you join in an all out effort to become different from all other groups, that in your hopes, that in you desires, that in your aspirations you are all brothers and sisters into the future of comes; that if it wasn’t make possible, if it wasn’t done deemed now, if it wasn’t at the moment of the coming you would not have been gathered as you have gathered before, now you have all gathered again. Your purpose is to bring the enlightenment of this peaceful and enlightenment of hope to your generation, and the only way you can do this is by living each day, each action as giving up to God and he sees and will reward you openly. We are only here to guide you, to help you. Be not fooled, your true over-self can help you more than we can, if you will only touch and tap into it; but, for the moment we will guide you to that point in time in which you shall be of great importance to your true soul. We have talked much and we will talk much to come. Beware of the earthquakes and the tremors to come, and also, of the great heat waves to come of great understanding and great evaluation of wavelengths. Also spotting our ships again in the sky will be seen as usual. This might all sound so strange to your ears. I don’t blame you one bit for rejecting what might be said here tonight, but we speak to you in truth and we relay to you in truth, therefore, we will not hide anything from you, and this is the reason why some of you have been chosen here tonight to hear what is said, and this tape that you are using tonight will only be heard at given times. Again, certain souls are not ready for this moment to hear, and therefore it behooves you not to reveal as much as you would like. Now we would like to have the one who is the spokesman for the group to come forth with why you are here and what questions are on your mind.

Q: I’m not exactly sure why we are here. We would like to know something about how we can work together to develop ourselves and others, and how we came together, and if we should remain together. I guess we want to know a lot, and what we can do for the ones who weren’t, who couldn’t come tonight?

_Forces_: Greetings to all here now present. We have been listening and with great enthusiasm. It is of great pleasure that I greet you all here now, and we ask you for your questions.

Q: We have come here to ask I think many questions. Questions revolving around ourselves as a group. I…

_Forces_: It would behoove the group, as a group, to get in tune some type of working condition as talking and relating to one another as from their point of views and hiding nothing. There is much to be developed only if this group, as souls represented here now, will come together in opening up. You have all been so close in past years but you have seldom opened up to each one and another. Therefore, it is time to develop in this area-to open up and to speak your mind and your hearts. Question.

Q: Should each of us ask questions or do you want one person…

_Forces_: It would be good for each one to ask his own questions. We have no preference upon who will be or who will not be. Question.

Q: Was the personality changed now?

_Forces_: Correct.

Q: Why?

_Forces_: Why? That is not for me to answer, for I am only subjugated to the laws of what He tells me. Do you tell you boss why he hires you? If I asked Him why He hired me, I might be out of a job.

Q: I would like to know, maybe it is question of a career or what I should do. I don’t know what direction to go or what I should do with myself. I’m very confused.

_Forces_: we have you in such a condition. Your confusion deals with gratification of your physical forces. Therefore you have all the forces and energies being dispelled into every avenue but the right one. We ask you ONE: to get interested in plants, to get interested in Botany, to get interested in florists and flowers and the blooming of said such. We ask you also to get interested in cloth and clothes and also the color combinations of said such. It would be wise for you to go into an industrial store which deals with clothes. Also, we have also around you wood, nails and iron so you would also be well and good with furniture, and also the development and taste of serving those of the newest styles, and developing new ideas for new projects and new ways of expressing the new art of furniture. Does this answer your question?

Q: I think so.

_Forces_: Then, you are welcome. Question.

Q: I would like to ask is there something specific that we could do to encourage all of us to speak out and speak our minds to bring the harmony that was spoken of?

_Forces_: The only way, my dear, that you should do this, is by you taking the first step. Is that not enough?

Q: Yes.

_Forces_: Then, the one who sits in back of you will take the next step, and the one who sits beside of that will take the third, and it will be as a dynamo theory–one falling upon the other for help, add the other falling upon the other for growth and development. You have great potential as a group, also great destructive abilities as a group. We only ask you to listen to one another and to set aside a moment in time in which you will all discuss these feelings, be it here now or be in at your place. Maybe it would be wise to set a group that the entity that we use here as the vehicle might guide and channel for that moment to bring up the abilities, so that you may take on and proceed on your own. Is that understood?

Q: Yes, thank you.

_Forces_: You, are welcome. Question.

Q: I would like to know a little about my last life.

_Forces_: It would be wise, my friend, to ask certain questions about this one, but in answer to your question, you have had a life what would be known as controlling, as destructive energies and forces around you to destroy the things you create. In that lifetime a silversmith maker, in which was said to you earlier by the vehicle which we are now using in which he does not speak when he speaks, but it is us who filters through his voice. At times he knows and not knows. At that time you were involved in selling your stuff as known as stuff as merchandise to the royalties, and when the time of the Constitution or what would be called fight for independence, you were left without a market for all your royalties and all your aristocrat nobilities were scared and ran home to England. Therefore, leaving you will the peasants as you have said them to be peasants, and also deal with the common folks who were too busy fighting the war. You did not want any part of the war, for you were quite content with England, because you had great abundance of money from that country selling your items to them, but as the war progressed you saw that you had to make and disperse with making that and you went into making bullets, as would be commonly known bullets, in which you had such a keen eye in which to make money. Now you come in this lifetime to find out what you should do and what you should not do, and we are watching for we are not going to give you that other opportunity to be selfish, and become selfish in your motivations for security. One time you had all this time we will not promise you much on the physical but we will and shall promise you much on the spiritual only if you for one time give of yourself. Does this answer part of your question?

Q: Yes. Thank you.

_Forces_: You are welcome. But also remember, you should also have this emotion to love and to express your great soul that is within you. You are good soul, or else we would not say such. You have great developments within you and inherent reaction to great developments to your wife. The reason why that we have not chosen her to be here was said earlier, but also she was one of your great counterparts in which you had make money from. Now in this lifetime she develops that characteristic to still make money and take advantage and this is where your cross or your karma comes in to change her ideas and her ideal in such a way that now it would be given out for others. Is this understood?

Q: I think so.

_Forces_: This is good. You will review this in your mind and come to a greater realization, as the group will discuss with you later. Question.

Q: Do you have suggestions for me for particular fields of study or career?

_Forces_: At this moment you are like a little child running into a candy store and saying to the owner, “Stick um up”. We will not give you, at this moment, a suggestion. We refuse to be held up. In due time, we shall infiltrate in your dream level and also in the next meeting we shall reveal certain qualities that you might undertake, but this moment you are going through a test and, therefore, we will not reveal what would be the breaking of the test. Is this understood?

Q: Yes, thank you.

_Forces_: You are welcome. Question.

Q: Do…

_Forces_: I would say for the one who speaks now to get into quite a bit of meditation or self-discipline of thoughts. It would be wise that this channel has great advantagements in bringing this group into some type of co-existent. If this is a thermometer, you shall look upon this channel and see how you are rating on the scale. When this entity becomes selfish, the group is selfish. When this entity becomes kind, the group is kind. You understand?

Q: Yes.

_Forces_: This does not mean that you shall be kind and say, “Look, group, you are kind, or you shall be mean and say look group, you are mean, but this is to be used wisely to help the group. Now, can we have your question please?

Q: I want to know if you ever pick up on Sol Namolos and I want to know if he is getting the right kind of responses that he needs.

_Forces_: At this moment of development it would be called the re-evaluation and also the harassment of many forces around him. The entities that are surrounding him at this moment, some are friends and some are enemies; also he was enemies to his friends and friends to his enemies. What he deserves is what he is rightfully getting, but remember, it’s your move and your action, it’s your thoughts and your desires that make him what he is. It is in a way your insecurity that make him insecure. For, we have a very sneaky trick, just as you are the barometer to the group, so is your son a barometer to you. Is this understood?

Q: [Inaudible]

_Forces_: Say again, please.

Q: No.

_Forces_: When he becomes out of sort and out of harmony, and becomes selfish, look within self and see it lies there first. Question.

Q: Thank you.

_Forces_: You are welcome.

Q: This is the first time that I am here.

_Forces_: What else is new.

Q: And I am very curious about…

_Forces_: And we are curious about you, but not as curious as we should be. What is your question?

Q: I think that most important thing right now would be-I’ve kinda gotten into a rut.

_Forces_: A what?

Q: A rut.

_Forces_: What is that terminology? Is it a snake?

Q: No, Uh…

_Forces_: We understand, please keep on.

Q: I would like to uh…

_Forces_: you would like to go dizzy; go ahead, please.

Q: I would like to know what I should be doing to get out of this rut.

_Forces_: There you go, using that word again. The rut that you say you are in is selfishness, period. Thank you, question.

Q: Thank you. Uh, I would like to know if…

_Forces_: I would like to revert back to the soul that has been speaking. Question to you first, please.

Q: Me?

_Forces_: Yes, you.

Q: I don’t understand?

_Forces_: It is in your selfishness and your desires to be comfortable that you find yourself in the rut. Is this understood?

Q: I’m not exactly sure.

_Forces_: Your desires to have fun, to forget, to enjoy. Is this understood?

Q: Yes.

_Forces_: How much more do you want us to go? We can if you want us to. We will have fun revealing so much.

Q: Well, I would like to know exactly what I should be doing.

_Forces_: I would say to you, seek not gratification from other souls; seek not to be looked upon as beautiful. Seek not to use others for personal need, but seek to serve those who cannot serve themselves. Seek those who need council-listen to them. Seek that moment of opportunity in which it would be better for you not to be in that bar, but to be and listening to those who need help. You forget one thing, my friend, that if order for you to enjoy your life, the karmetic deed that you must meet, is that those around you who are suffering, and you must help them, bring their lives up. Then, and only then, will you be happy. Is that understood?

Q: That will take some time to think about.

_Forces_: It has taken some time for you to be where you are, therefore it will take some time for you to think about it to be where you shall be. It is good that you receive it. Thank you for your ears. Question. You have great abilities, but you must utilize them, and cultivate them, and music shall be given to you only when you help and serve others, that is our promise to you. Question.

Q: That was my question.

_Forces_: Question-that was for you please. Question, go ahead.

Q: That was my question.

_Forces_: There is one more too on you, or shall we call you checkmate? We would ask you to speak more in your viewpoints to the group if it is to survive.

Q: No questions.

_Forces_: That is known. Question.

Q: What else could I do in my work with Mr. A.?

_Forces_: Prayer is most indeed, needed. Silence is most indeed needed, for one week.

Q: Thank you.

_Forces_: You are welcome. Question.

Q: What should I do in a project that I am now working on with a friend? Is it a wise choice? It concerns a hotel and a nightclub.

_Forces_: Very unsettled choice, and also getting deeper into forgetting your true nature. This particular pattern is not for you this time. Is that understood?

Q: Yes.

_Forces_: You would be saving yourself a lot of problems if you do not enter into this field.

Q: What about the person with whom I’m working on it?

_Forces_: You will develop within yourself and carry not and tarry not about him. And only pray for yourself and him alike. Remember, this is where your problem lies; for you to be in such a position as you are in now. Is that understood?

Q: Yes, thank you.

_Forces_: Sever relationship with this man. Is that understood?

Q: Why?

_Forces_: Disharmony in the body. In future reference, I point this to you. Not as of now. Do you understand that?

Q: I’m not sure.

_Forces_: In future reference I see a destruction and disruption of mental forces around you, if you continue. Is this understood?

Q: Yes.

_Forces_: We are only warning you before you turn around the bend to see what you are confronted with. You can heed our warnings or you shall go on to meet what you shall meet, but if you relinquish all claims to what you are doing, and give yourself up to your God then your life shall be new and changed. We shall help you, we shall guide you, and one day, we shall speak through you.

Q: Can I ask one more question?

_Forces_: You have the floor.

Q: I’d like to know about a previous life.

_Forces_: At this moment we will not give you that too, for you too are going through a test.

Q: The painting that we have so many interpretations for it…

_Forces_: That is, what would be called, the prophecy; that is, what would be called, why you as a group have come together, to prevent the chaotic disruption and destruction of two-thirds [2/3] of your population. I repeat: this is to prevent the two-thirds [2/3] destruction of your population in blood. This group has the power to prevent it. Turn the painting upside down and you release into the world the moment you turn it upside down the destructive powers. Leave it the way it is and everything shall be calmness and peacefulness. Pain shall be on your faces, and written on them shall be wisdom and the seal of God. But, turn it upside down and you shall be destroyed in your own destructions. Understood?

Q: Yes. Anything…

_Forces_: No. Question.

Q: What else can I do about it?

_Forces_: Pray.

Q: Is there something…

_Forces_: Be quiet please. He comes… question.

Q: Is there something other than working with the business that I should be doing right now, on the material level?

_Forces_: We should say that it is good for you not to be in the U.N. for nobody would hear you.

Q: Is there something other than working with the business that we just started that I should be doing on the material plane?

_Forces_: I would ask one question: who had a thought? There was a thought that was penetrated into this body. I ask the one who had it to reveal it, so we will handle it and work with it.

Q: What kind of a thought?

_Forces_: I cannot answer. At times it seemed to have been negative for it created a negative energy field that jerked all the energy forces that we were using here. Please answer the question. Was anyone here thinking something very deep, and sad maybe?

Q: It might have been me.

_Forces_: What was it please?

Q: I was confused over what you had said and trying to figure out what I should do based on the advise you gave me.

_Forces_: I would say to you meditate and pray on it and to remain quiet on the fifth [5th] hour or would say the tenth [10th] hour you shall know your answer. Ten [10] hours from now. Thank you, question.

Q: Is there something I should be doing besides working with the business on the material level, the new business?

_Forces_: It would be wise for you to get into touch with the one named Eva, that you might develop on levels, other than physical or mental, but on the spiritual level. Is this understood?

Q: Yes, thank you.

_Forces_: You are welcome.

Q: The entity K asked me to ask this and I would like to ask also if we should encourage or… about the entity D. What we should do in regard to his questions as a result of his friend being at our house Friday night.

_Forces_: Let it be. We shall take care of it. Do not worry. Let it be. Question.

Q: I would like to know if I should continue work in the field of jewelry.

_Forces_: [tape recording blank]… that you are so much afraid to accept. Is that understood?

Q: Are you talking about the cross inside of the star?

_Forces_: Do you figure that is a responsibility?

Q: I’d like to do a good job on it.

_Forces_: You are as we have termed before, a good soul. Therefore, we will give you the strength you need. We will not say it deals with that ring along, but it deals with other things too in your life. Is that understood?

Q: Yes, thank you.

_Forces_: Your welcome. Question.

Q: Does the group tonight have a particular relationship to the group that meets on Wednesday night?

_Forces_: It will if given a chance. It can if you want it to, and it shall when it happens. You shall all know it. You shall all receive the gift given unto you all. To be brothers and sisters together in harmony almost the first time it has happened since the time. Question.

Q: What should I do career wise?

_Forces_: We have given you an answer tonight that is above all other answers. If you work on your selfishness, everything shall follow. Please, listen to what we have already said to you tonight, and we shall open up the doors to you as far as your career. Is that understood?

Q: Yes, thank you.

_Forces_: Be happy then and not sad that you did not get your answer. Question.

Q: Why do I seem to have a lot of trouble meditating.

_Forces_: If you want to you will, you have no trouble, just do it and it will be done right, and will be done in accordance with what will have to be done in your development. Just let it happen please. It will take many, many, many years for one even to enter into the right meditation, but every single time you go into mediation, you are going higher and higher, therefore be not impatient generation that represents the children of today be different, be ye different. Have patience, have faith, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Question. Does that answer your question?

Q: Yes. You told me to meditate on what I was thinking about and I would know the answer at the tenth [10th] hour. Maybe you could add something to that and tell me what I might do. Something I should be doing in the immediate future. Either to help this group or to help myself.

_Forces_: Come down off your pedestal, and get your hands dirty, and to open up. Is that understood? Question.

Q: Should ______ and M go back to work?

_Forces_: This is being worked on, immediately.

Q: Should… should I go down to Virginia Beach to look for a house?

_Forces_: This will be under your free will and direction of it. We will be helping you and guiding you to work. It would be wise if you do, but it is also up to you, you do not have to do it if you do not want to, but if you do, you will have our grace and our blessings with you and also a score of ten thousand [10,000] angels to follow you as termed angels.

[the following answer was given to Ricky without him verbally asking the question]

_Forces_: We reiterate to the group, that when the time of crisis comes and the earth land movements starts happening, we will guide and direct you to where you will move to for your protection and for the development of your mission. Question.

Q: Thank you.

_Forces_: Your welcome.

Q: The question why I asked before about the change of the personality, because it seemed to me that the other personality has come with a purpose, for the group, with this kind of help for a group that is other than the search for God group, and then in the middle it was cut off. I’m just wondering. If you cannot give us and answer…

_Forces_: What are you saying?

Q: I don’t understand why it was cut off in the middle.

_Forces_: What was cut off?

Q: From the first entity.

_Forces_: The Old Man?

Q: No, no.

_Forces_: Nothing was cut off. It was finished at that moment.

Q: Oh, my mistake.

_Forces_: You are forgiven.

Q: Is there an affirmation that I might use for my own help in my meditation?

_Forces_: Lord God use me and do with what you will. Use the other affirmation we gave you earlier.

Q: Also, I would like to know if there is any reason or anything that I could understand as to why I constantly want to eat all the time.

_Forces_: Gratification of your gonads.

Q: Is there anything that I could do to deal with that?

_Forces_: Stand on your head. Question.

Q: Previously, I was told that my meditations were very inconsistent, are they becoming more consistent?

_Forces_: You said it, we didn’t.

_Forces_: Yes, that means yes for you who want us to hit you on the head.

Q: I was told that I might have known my son Christopher in another life, could you please tell me something about that?

_Forces_: The reason that you might have known him is because he was the one who wanted to get rid of you out of the city, in the revolution. Is that understood?

Q: Yes, thank you.

_Forces_: You understand your problems.

Q: Yes, I wanted to know why I can be halfway or almost all the way into something, like this and still not be sure. My faith in God is there, but its not all the way there, my desire to give is there, but…

_Forces_: Can we ask you one question?

Q: What?

_Forces_: Have you been meditating and praying?

Q: I have.

_Forces_: Then you shall know your answer in less than seven hours. Is that understood?

Q: Yes, thank you.

_Forces_: Question.

Q: In any of my past lives, have I had any relationship with any of the people in this group, in particular, S?

_Forces_: Besides S, yes. Question.

Q: Could I have that explained a little bit more?

_Forces_: No. We will explain it to you in future reference. At this moment you have a lot to work with. Understood?

Q: Yes, thank you.

_Forces_: You are welcome, question. We are losing contact for the moment. Ask important questions to come first. You have five minutes.

Q: Is there a night that we should all get together as a group with the entity with which you speak?

_Forces_: It would be decided by the group, of the group, for the group. Question.

Q: Concerning the entity P with the questions as to why he was not included, is there any advice that you could give us?

_Forces_: As what was said earlier, he was not ready for that development in his development. Does that answer your question?

Q: Somewhat, I just have trouble dealing with his hostilities sometimes.

_Forces_: That is why he is not here. Question.

Q: I think we are finished.

_Forces_: That is a smart remark that we have said long ago about the earth people. Question. We only ask that of the group that you all come into harmony. It is wise that what was said here tonight is of great value. We here have been quite responsible for bringing you together in such a night. It would be wise, again, that you all have your moments of prayer and meditation of silence and hear your own thoughts and to be guided by what is your purpose. We shall be looking forward in seeing all soon and express our excitement in your development and great programs to come in the near future. Also, traveling shall be dictated to those who need to go and develop for other areas of training. We are through for the moment and as the Master did say when the apostles…