Session 17- 7/9/72

Greetings to all here present now. We have been watching your progression and we find it in great detail displeasing to some and exceedingly great to others. It is of great importance again that we stress here tonight the fact of faith. If those who come here with only the skeptical mind, then we will terminate all processes to come. There are great turmoil’s that have been afflicted upon you all and we know that it is of no easy value to take such strains and forces when one is not used to them. We understand this from your point of view. There are those here who would rather not listen to what we have to say, because it seems to change their pattern and structure of living, and also means the changing of their own securities. We can only say that we feel sorry for these souls who seem to cling onto what they have already. For what they have now is absolutely nothing, and yeah, let them cling to it, for it will bring them into nothingness. How much children must you go on clinging to the tangibles things when not giving us a chance to work with you.

[Audible voice change]

It is wise that those here now come into harmony, and the forces of said such. It is also wise that one seems… Greetings to all here now. To you we give our peace and unto all that has to be. We would advise, that one who is in control of a record to fix, or else this group will go into a type of frenzy and will not bother listening. Thank you. It seems so hard to have said that as my opening remark to all of you, but we here are tired. We have been patrolling up and down and on our side, it does get tiring. We wish very soon to show all of you the signs to come; but at this moment, the signs are of an abundant level, that you still will not comprehend. If you do not comprehend the earthly signs that we show you, how are you to comprehend the heavenly signs that we would like to show you? You will have to answer this yourselves. We have here now the presence of great souls, of souls that might be able to communicate with all here, but to what degree, if we allow them, all the higher ones, who will be the power of their authority, to come in here now? It is fruitless for them, the ones who are great, to come here now and speak to you as a group, for where you have the ears to listen to what those who would come to say to you. The one who spoke, and also united himself and forces as a project group, as the one of the new group project, is of the highest soul that we are in authority here in this galaxy, in like I say this, that the one who speaks and the one who took upon himself the care of your group is the one who is of great authority, and the one with great power over many ships in the sky; for we are just one, and he is like unto your President of the United States, visiting into the homelands of the common people. Again, we will not put authority into a higher bracket, but his authority is placed to him by the God, the God who we all worship, therefore we must be obedient to Him, for it is the direct voice of our Council and God that speaks through him. I, tonight, am in great sorrow and pain to see the tremendous amount of conflicts that I am witnessing here in this group. We have been again watching diligently upon the reactions and the testing of the group. There are some here who would get upset by the word ‘test’. I am sick of tests and testing. I do not want to be tested. I have only to tell you this: That you are free to leave and not to stay here. You are free to go and get out from the umbrella that we now surround you with. It is of no great importance that you leave; but you will also, as you leave, take upon another test, and another test. Man as you know him is always confronted by tests, and he will never leave the earth without a test. Unto the one named Jesus, he was given a test from the day he was born to the day he died on the cross. Therefore think ye not as less or as any greater than this man, for you too must have your test. I can only tell you, that the glories and the powers that you can have when you have given yourself to God is tremendous, it is abundant, it is overflowing, it is hot, it is understanding; and the glories that you will see when you transit here upon this side—it is worth your weight in gold to adhere to the laws of God. There are some here now that are contemplating to leave one another. I tell you that many are called and few are chosen, and this here is the old parable that has been used so many times but it is true. There are some who will feel that they are being drawn into and this is not right for their own development. We speak to those now, too. ONE: Get into some type of understanding of self, and TWO: To understand your deep motivations of why you are stating such. This group is only for the benefit of the group, for the jobs, and the works, and the conditions to follow in the future. If this group fails to get itself together in some type of agreement at least, we cannot operate, nor can we function. There is also some here who seemed it very difficult to see authority at the hand. To see the one put down in those who are given authority. Oh, it is of great strength to understand with wisdom, what it is to utilize this authority that comes from this God. We utilize it and we practice what we utilize. We put it forth into working conditions; therefore, be not dismayed, be not upset, be not unhappy, and most of all, be not forgetful of your rightful place, where each stand with God. I can speak with you all this evening, tonight, on many levels. I wish only to heal your hearts, and that I will try to do tonight. The one who is named what would be termed L—it would be said for her, that we are watching closely actions and reactions; and for the one who is named CO—we are watching your actions, and also reactions, and we have the development of those, and we have those who are on trial and who are on the outskirts of being separated, or separated from at least this group meeting, and I give forth the names, at this moment, revealing only their first names for that is all that is needed for them to understand that they have limited amounts of time to start walking and stop talking, to start and start doing. We here are getting tired of those who have become lazy, those who have become indignant and those who have become insecure in themselves. We also would advise who is named CH—we advise you, at this moment, to leave and to travel along the coast, and also to travel to the West once more, and this you should do immediately, for your own development. You refuse to grow here at the moment; and we ask you to travel and as you are traveling, we will reveal to you many things. That will be all that we have to say for you. We say to the one who is named D. We too, at times, are getting very upset with you, but we give you at least four weeks. After the fourth week or the first cycle is over, you shall know, and we shall reveal to you at the next session what your outcome will be. We only ask of you to admit to your failures, and to stop the egotistical ways of your talking, and your arrogance, and most of all your arrogance in retaliation. It is sickening and childlike and we have become very upset, but we will try to help you in many avenues and many facets. We will not leave or reject you; you will only reject yourself, and your own action. Than we have those of the group, as stated the group, we have already came through for the one named Pat, and we have given you at least two weeks. After the two-week period, we shall reveal to you what you will be doing. And if you are not in progression, and out of what you are in now, but only into a higher thing that will come, we will have the opportunities available to you. If you fail to step into it, and fill your rightful shoes with this responsibility, we will cast aside immediately. We have another one, who is named J, who has refused, at times, to even to rid himself into the attitudes and understandings of the group. Therefore we give you one period of one cycle, or one month, and at the next session, we shall reveal to you what will, or should be done by your actions alone. We will be watching. And we have the one named R, or R, that would be known as a good terminology for the vibratory force around him. Have great understanding and great deliverance for the ones, but also remember, to act not in rash moments, but to contemplate, and to understand the silence of God’s voice within you, and he will guide you. And we ask, most of all, for his other half, the one who is name C, to become more in tune with herself, and also with what is being done, and not only that, but the test for her is understanding, and also speaking of here mind and her thoughts. We too here, can be nice and kind; but, if we have been nice and kind throughout the galaxies, you would not be here today, you would not even be in existence. Therefore, in your niceness, or in your kindness, it gets a little redundant, and we ask you to look into this manner, as we have spoken to you before on this. For the one named RO—we ask him at this moment, and he shall receive a great heat in the back of his neck, for the healing and the enlightenment as the gift that we have promised him. We are now ready for you questions. As a group, the questions that have been questioned, be thoughts of have been thoughts, but remember the greater answer to the question lie within; we are only here to help and guide, but that too becomes stagnated, when you refuse to walk and move. Question.

Q: Where should I travel?

_Forces_: This will have to up to your own intuition, and how you feel. Again, we cannot tell you where to go, or how to go; all we are telling you, is that you must move.

Q: Should I return?

_Forces_: This will have to be up to you. What would you want to return to, an egg, a shell?

Q: No.

_Forces_: Than that would have to be up to you. Question.

Q: Is M sick, and how can he be helped, better?

_Forces_: M is sick, and his sickness is the plaque of evil, and the helping of it, it is capitulation to the will of God, and also, also forgiveness of you, and you in him. It is lack of love that you have for one another, to many degrees, that need to be cultivated.

Q: What else can I do, with my work with Mr. B?

_Forces_: You are now going through a test—a test of the cleansing of your self. You have much to do, and also, when truth is given to you, in many the levels, you must react to it with the grace and hope that you are benefiting others around you. At this moment we say, that you cannot do anything in your work with the one you have named Mr. B, because it is not in your hands to have involvement, and also understanding of why things are the way they are, at this moment. It will blossom in exactly three weeks from now, and at that moment you will more clarifications on the facts. If we have to answer your question, your involvement will have to do will prayer. You must pray for him and yourself, and your own ideals.

Q: Thank you.

Q: To my understanding, I have entered to law of grace. Is that correct?

_Forces_: As you have received it.

Q: Well, what else can you tell me now—what should I do now?

_Forces_: If you had a horse, I would get upon it and start running to the next town. What else would you want us to tell you now? You have reached a certain segment in your development, that now you have been benefited and glorified to a great deal. But also, at this very moment, we cannot reveal to you what you must do now, for this must come from the inner dealing of your depths of your own foundations. You have been blessed, and blessed well, and we have been very pleased with your development; and the gifts should come upon you like a shower, and the shower shall not cease one moment or one day. For it shall last for seven days.

Q: Is there anything we can do to keep the twins feet straight, without making them wear the brace?

_Forces_: This could be developed with them as far as walking with them in many degrees and many levels. Also, different types of shoes have been developed that have inert developments into which you will find characteristics and straighten out the bones and nervous system. Basically massaging of the neck and lower spinal areas can help develop into this area of both these feet and also development into four or five weeks from now. It would be wise to give him or them an alcohol rub down in the spinal area, and also around the lungs and around the spine itself leading from the neck. This too, will help develop the leg muscles, as you would term leg muscles. Also, if this too is applied, I would advise you to have calcium and also an abundance of carrots and raw vegetables to be eaten by the children. Also, the amount of radiance of the sun would be good for them. And also the amount of which would be good sand, to have them get involved with some particles of sand, basically, near or located on beaches.

Q: Why do I always have trouble relating to people on the physical sense? Is there anything I can do?

_Forces_: There is no trouble here that we can actually show you—it is only an illusion. Therefore, you do love at a higher sense; it’s just at times those around you who refuse to see that love developing in you and around you itself. Also, the curtailing of this love, or the developing in the physical level. You have great degrees and great powers in and on the physical level, and it would be developed in greater amounts of strength. We have been looking into this factor for you for a long time, and your chemical and also your analogical understanding of this physical relationship should be improved in your dream world this week for the period of seven weeks to come. And we shall help you understand more vividly why you should have, also why you should not have, on this taking and thoughts on physical levels. All things will become clear to you in a matter of weeks and days.

Q: Is there a time, other than our 6:30 and 11:30 meditations that would be a good time for me to meditate?

_Forces_: It would be good for the group to meditate, as convenient for the group as a whole. Therefore, six thirty is idealistically great, and eleven thirty is good too. It is of a pattern that is very good. But also, if it caused disharmony within the group, I would have to check out, why it is causing such disharmony and such unpleasant vibrations. It could be the meaning of the splitting up of the group within the group, and this too could be a bad omen.

Q: Is there a time that would be good for my own personal meditation?

_Forces_: Three o’clock in the morning.

Q: And, um, is there affirmation that would help me?

_Forces_: My soul, mind, my body, unto thee my God, I commence my spirit.

Q: Thank you.

Q: I would like to ask you some guidance, as to what I might me doing wrong, and what I might do to correct it?

_Forces_: Would you also like me to count the number of stars in the galaxies for you? Or would you like me to count the amount of grains of sands in the Siberian desert? Or would you like me to tell you have many particles or molecules are in the ocean bed? Or would you like me to tell you how many planets and asteroids there are in the universe? Or would you like me to tell you how many cells and hairs on your body you have numbered? Or would you like me to tell you how many places you have lived or how many places you have died? Or would you like me to tell you how many fishes have been caught up in a net, at a given time, hour, and place. You question is in abundance, and my answer to you is, oh God help you. Here is your answer: It lies in one stupid and yet very valuable word, your own individual selfishness. This is where your problem comes from, gratification of your lower forces, seeking to be of great importance in front of man, and forgetting all about God himself. I would advise you now, to get into some type of meditation and harmony, also into what would be called, deeming necessary, projects that would develop the characteristics of others, and not yourself. And as you develop into this area, more information shall be given to you, as how to handle and develop into your problems and out into your understanding. Does this understand your problems, for your situation?

Q: Yes, thank you.

Q: How can I give up my Will further, and be able to serve the good?

_Forces_: You are trying your best. If you continue on just prayer, and asking for the understanding in the spirit before you speak, you have been developing and it shall be good for you.

Q: Thank you.

Q: We were told in the session in Virginia Beach, that we would be given the location of a house in New York City; can we receive this information at this time?

_Forces_: We will have to investigate at the moment, please wait one minute. A moment…um hum. It would be of great harmony and also if you would have all gotten into your minds together into the understanding of what you are doing as far as your ideal. At this moment, this group is on the verge of an explosion. It is of a very gastric nature…one moment. It has to do with those of the group of the second, and also with your…[audible voice change] It is wise that the house that you do need here now will be given to you only when the group, as the group, comes into a harmony. It is of great dissatisfaction that the group as is seen now, is on the verge of what was said before as an explosion. This explosion deals with personal tangabilities, and contact of ego. It should come to a head by the day of Wednesday and of such degrees it will follow for a period of roughly one month. The house that you do ask for, with only come when the group settlefies, or solidifies, their own thoughts and ideas into what their purposes are and why they are gathered together. If you would like, we will give you the locality of where you should start looking for this house that we have planned for you. It is located in the burrow of Queens near Forrest, or what would be called Roosevelt—near that section of the worlds fair or around said section that would be of great in-harmonity and also of great vibratorial factors of the group to get it all together in those areas. We are projecting the thoughtforms right at this moment and it will be very shortly when you will find only by gathering together in to a prayerful connotation of getting your ideals together. It would be of great important, again, the real estate agency could be sought into this area what would be said ninety-eighth street and Roosevelt Avenue; and in that vicinity you shall find that real estate place that will be able to help you find this house we speak of. And if it is of great understanding, it should be near or to that locality that we are viewing at this moment. Is this understood?

Q: Yes, thank you.

_Forces_: It is again we warn you, as a group, that you are about to explode, and if you do not get yourselves together in loving one another, then it will happen. But we seek now only to save the group and to guide it into better and greater things. Therefore, if it was not of great importance, I would have not come through.

Q: How can I overcome my selfishness?

_Forces_: By giving to those around you at this moment. Your selfishness has been a long deterrent of your development in your past, and now in your present. I can only say in this moment, and all the councils together now gathered, that your selfishness is of a great importance, that either will destroy you or create great lasting bridges for the ones that you deem necessary and the ones that will become your friends. Your selfishness, how can you overcome it, that is the age old question that has sought man for many, many eons.

Q: Can you give me any advise?

_Forces_: For many, many eons of years, therefore, it is not a very, very, what would be called, young question. I would only say to you now, that those here will have to help you, to communicate with you, and to bring forth this soul that we do seek. Advise you ask for, and that is to go on out, and not to seek the clothes you wear or the new styles that you must wear, but also to go out to help your fellow man in his development. That would be excellent advise and also we advise you to pray more and to be more in a sort of meditation at the hour of eleven, or eleven thirty; and prayer should be good for you during the twelve noon period.

Q: Is that 11:30 at night or in the morning?

_Forces_: Who is now referring? It is not wise that we speak to you, but the one that spoke before ye, that is the one who we address this whole thing to. Speak.

Q: Is there an hour in which meditation would be good for me?

_Forces_: I am not speaking to you, yet. We are still not finished with the one before you. I ask that one before you to speak.

Q: How can I…

_Forces_: Thank you for opening up. It is like a clam that has coughed. Go ahead please, we are listening.

Q: How can I become closer with the group?

_Forces_: By serving them also, and developing your own talents and offering new ideas, and also to get rid of this egotistical thing, you are not as great as you think you are. And therefore, you have built yourself up to such fantastic degrees, that you will only associate with those that will benefit you, and you will not try to help those who you will not receive any benefits from and that is your area of trying to get closer to this group, to begin to help those who you least want to help, and I would say to the group, when he comes around, do no become paranoid to say, ‘well here he comes, and he least expects to help me’. Question.

Q: Can you give me some advice?

_Forces_: For thee, the advice is—to pray, and to pray diligently that God will hear your voice. Advice is to work and to work hard. For a man is worthy of his hire and at this moment you are not worth you hire, not even in a sawmill. Therefore, I would advise you to start developing, and creating, and also benefiting the group and contribution to the group. Is this understood?

Q: Yes.

_Forces_: That is what you must do. Question.

Q: Is there is special time for me to meditate by myself?

_Forces_: It would be good at least to get into it and whatever time you find it, then we shall rejoice and be happy that you found that special time. Is this understood?

Q: Yes.

_Forces_: And try not to bring in your guitar when you are meditating. You can not get to heaven with you guitar alone, or place one thing into that, and you will understand what we are referring to. Question.

Q: Is there, uh, what is thought?

_Forces_: You had enough questions my friend. Thought, why don’t you go out the window to find it? Thought is a form of electrical vibratorial energies that come from the cellular structure of the mind or of the brain wave forces that transcend all understandings and also remain into and of contact with all forces they do meet. Thought has the power to create and also has the power to destroy. Thought is the image of God, also. Thought is the creation and also the understanding of the beginning and if you understand thought, then you will have no need whatsoever to be here on this earth. Question, and not from you please.

Q: I have no questions.

_Forces_: Repeat please.

Q: What could help me overcome this ego?

_Forces_: To be honest with your answers and to get rid of your boyishness attitude of preserving of what is ego or face. You are becoming sick and also very jealous of those around you, and we shall slap you fast in the face when you show such signs. You are very disterned and very ugly when this comes about you. You are very easy to become jealous of those who are higher that you. And also, you are also, very easy of those, and also jealous, of those lower than you—you are a paradox. You are jealous of anything that moves, breaths, eats, and talks. Therefore, I would advise you to be in prayer constantly again, that you might develop in many forms and many ways, for you can contribute greatly to this group.

Q: Is there any specific field of opportunity that in which it would be more advisable to concentrate on?

_Forces_: In what would be called creating with the plants or designing with plants, and interior decoration of plants and forces of earth.

Q: Is there any circumstance in which I could think of the acting field, again?

_Forces_: It would be not to well to go into that field. You might have a chance for the moment for a while, but also many things will be developed into you. You have a period of at least two years to go into the acting field if you so desire, starting from this moment on. But we only asking the creativity of your hands and the powers that are emanating from your hands to create from plants and stones and rocks.

Q: Thank you. How can I be less governed by what’s material and physical? I mean…

_Forces_: I would give you an example of how difficult your question would be to answer. There was a centurion who came up to the master who was named Jesus. And he said, “Master, I have kept your commandments. I have abided and I have kept and give ties to the temple. I have fasted on holy days and holidays and I have given everything I could to the will of God. Now, what much more must I do to enter into your kingdom?�? And Jesus replied to him, “Are you truly speaking that you have kept the commandments of God?�? And the man said, “Yes, sire, I have.�? “And you have given everything you possibly could?�? “Yes, sire, I have.�? “Then I tell you, go sell everything you have, and give it unto the poor and come follow me. Understand this, that is not only on the physical level I speak, but go sell everything you are worth, and give it to that poor inflicted spirit within you and then come and let the Christ within you, come out. You are then, indeed, worthy to have the Christ spirit to come out.�? And the question is: How can I be deterred by the physical elements around me and be affected by them? This is what would be said: Everyone here is affected by the physical elements and if we feel at this moment that we should not be affected by the physical elements, we are kidding ourselves. It is putting the physical elements in the right pattern and the right thoughtforms. If we think we are going to be pleased and happy with other people for other physical relationships or other ideas or other physical or material things, we are kidding ourselves. Therefore, it would be advisable for you to be happy with what you have already, and to look deeper into that happiness, and not to see what you might want more on the physical gratification of your ego, and I repeat that: for your ego. As a woman, you are a women of soul entity. But, if you become so desperate to have your ego glorified in such a malicious manner, we have taken steps again to cut this down. And also, to answer your question is to put the material things that are surrounding you, in proper perspective, and understand that the souls that do love and surround you are more worthy than the physical, than the material things that will not know of your presence when you leave. Is this understood?

Q: Not exactly, I am trying to understand.

_Forces_: What might you think it might mean?

Q: It means that I put a very large value on all the things physically around me—possessions, and all the physical things.

_Forces_: And putting them into the right perspective? And than putting the right value on the things that are counted, and the things are worthy of this great value that you do have, to guide them and put them in their right avenue and line where they belong. Question.

Q: Am I allowed to change my present job?

_Forces_: Most indeed. Question.

Q: Is there anything I should relate to the entity T?

_Forces_: No. We are not relating in terms now. He will be receiving tremendous amount of dreams that will be taken literally and also prophetically for the guidance of a lot of developments. When he has such dreams, try to understand what they might mean.

Q: The last dream that he told me, is it the future?

_Forces_: It has already taken place. Question.

Q: Is there a particular chapter or verse in the Bible that might help me?

_Forces_: My dear, you have been very wise and we are very pleased with your question. And upon thee I will give you great abundance and great fruits and you shall become, what would be know, as one of the ones who would lead the sheeps from the darkness. But we ask you with this kindness, to bring it up into the reality of things that do really surround you. You are no use to us if you keep your heart and your heart alone and try not to get it into the service of God. And also, remember, that even Jesus himself was tempted and he had to admit to the powers of Satan. He could not say to Satan, “Be thou good and do not tempt me�?—but had to cast him down. And the angels did come and ministered on to him, I say, to read: Chapter…of proverbs, third chapter, forth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth verse. Question.

Q: I have no questions, thank you.

_Forces_: You are blessed, and you shall be directed and guided to your development. Your questions shall be answered in abundance. Question.

Q: Is there any project that you suggest for me?

_Forces_: As we have given you in the beginning, or also in the other sessions, of what areas would be of great development in the other session. This is where you should develop.

Q: Thank you.

_Forces_: There will be an entity coming to the group, a stranger, during the course of the month who is new and with new ideas; to upheaval, it will drive upheaval unto the group if you do listen unto these new ideas—a warning to the group. Question.

_Forces_: Can I ask a question for R?

Q: What is stopping you?

Q: Is there anything you would have R do at this time?

_Forces_: We would like him to watch to children.

Q: Should I…If possible, could you give health information concerning R’s parents and suggested treatment?

_Forces_: He should pray for them and treatment, they are weaving their karmetic deeds that they have sowed for so many years. It would be not wisable or wise for us to interfere with their soul development. But, if they would do unto this, raw vegetables once too, and also fruits of all numbers, and also restriction of coffee and of smoking, if they do indulge in that area, this would be of great development for them. But I tell you, they will be far from listening at times to what we have to say, but his prayers will help them greatly, and that we give RO, as you say, what he should do for his parents. It is better than the medicines a doctor in this century can offer to anyone. Question.

Q: Is there something that I should be doing, as spokesman, to help the group that I don’t already know?

_Forces_: I would keep notes and also, I would also, listen more closely to the ones around you, and also give advise from the depth of your heart, that you might help and direct them. You are being prepared, and you are doing a very wonderful job with it.

Q: Did I interpret the tarot reading, given by E to me, correctly?

_Forces_: Her reading was given to you correctly. Your interpretations fluctuates at times, but in general, it was correct.

Q: Thank you.

Q: Before, you mentioned development of talent; I was unaware of any talents.

_Forces_: You are a tree baring no fruits; therefore we should burn you up. Would you like that?

Q: No.

_Forces_: Than please, do not put sentence upon yourself. You only have scared feelings and selfishness; your talents are only an inch away, and its like a desert that is abundant with water—all you need to do is tap it. We told you already how to do that, and that is to be given up your selfishness and to go out and help those who need your help. Question.

Q: Will I receive any guidance, any knowledge of my past lives?

_Forces_: You have enough to work with this one my son; let along to look upon the other lives you have bleed. Handle this one, that would be enough to work with; and stop looking into the past, for the past is the past for you. Now I tell you, look for now, this moment. Stop excusing yourself from committing what you must do. We tell you this in discretion, and also in an edict, but there will be great destructions coming your way if you do not, if you do not give yourself up to that higher thing, that higher force that is within you.

Q: Will this journey provide me with faith and security in myself that I need?

_Forces_: I would not look into a journey to provide you with security and faith—I would look into God for that. Question.

Q: Is there some area of the city developed enough for me to move into?

_Forces_: A sewer.

Q: Besides that.

_Forces_: Are you worthy enough to move into anything? We tell you this also for your development, how long are you going to sit still? Do you need a comfortable place to rest your head? It would be liable for you to move into the area of your choice, we will not make it easy for you, for you have not made it easy for others around you.

Q: What is there more I could do for other people, give more of myself?

_Forces_: Also, you bind into the degree of hospitals or into the degree of aged people that would be very admirable and very worthwhile for your development.

Q: What about the project in Virginia Beach and the Navy Base?

_Forces_: That has been working on, we have been instrumental, that is our project, we have long done told you that we were hovering over their primitive instillation, we were helping as well as what was thought, we were the ones who were involved in helping their thoughtforms in a correct manner, and we shall also work on them and plaque them that might be developing into the spiritual access of the kingdom. We do not have much time to save this continent, this land mass, created earth forms, that is why we are pushing so hard to prevent this annihilation and the third world war; and you think, ‘well now, what does this group have to do with the third world war, how are we going to prevent it?’ I tell you, if you continue to think this way, we will have that third world war because of your fault.

Q: Should I get a job using my skill to help the group and if so, where should I start looking?

_Forces_: In the mid-section of Manhattan between the forties and the fifties you shall find great developments in that area. Basically, you would might find in the development and the areas along the sections and also sub-sections into the area where this new house is being created for you. But, I would look into many other fields of development, to open new prospective of new ideas that you have never touched before.

Q: Can you give me an example please?

_Forces_: Florist. Chemicals. Paper. Wood. Will that be enough for the moment?

Q: Yes, thank you.

_Forces_: Look and create on these developments and these areas, and keep your mind open to what we have just said to you, and you should see what we are talking about come out. Question.

Q: The last time, at the session in Virginia Beach, I was doing or working with the children and does that mean that this what I will be working with?

_Forces_: Not with the normal children, but my dear, retarded children.

Q: Should I find a job?

_Forces_: We have already told you that. Continue your question please.

Q: Should I find a job outside of the business?

_Forces_: This here, has been taken, granted that you would find one outside of it. Question.

Q: Should I seek any further education?

_Forces_: If you want to excuse taking upon this, that you can seek other educational fields and systems.

Q: I’m sorry; I meant in the field of children, should I seek further education?

_Forces_: You would have enough to give unto them plenty. You education shall be by listening to them.

Q: Thank you.

Q: Can I have some more hints about how I can start in those things I haven’t been thinking about, like the plants?

_Forces_: I would also develop it into a librarial force in which to recreate and look upon those decorations that have been put into book form, by this I would also develop this talent by visiting clothes and material that you might design in thoughtforms and also create and draw such feelings as you see them, and let one step at a time guide you and direct you.

Q: Without any school?

_Forces_: Meditation is a school enough. We ask you to do this on one area and we shall take care of other areas for you. For this will be a test within you.

Q: Thank you.

_Forces_: You have all depended upon school as the authoritive form. And those who have gone to school, well that person is of an authoritive nature. And we say you schools are so primitive that it would make one here look so sick like six years old. Therefore, you put the wrong evaluation upon the authoritive forms, for the authoritive forms lie within you, and not upon a school. Do you have that through your mind, my dear friend?

Q: Thank you.

_Forces_: You are welcome.

Q: Could you tell me the basis of this jealousy?

_Forces_: Hatred, fears, wanting, gratification, desires, possessions, that’s enough.

Q: I don’t understand?

_Forces_: I would not have expected you to.

Q: Can I be clear about it?

_Forces_: Only in you meditation shall you truly understand what we have said here tonight. Question.

Q: [Inaudible]…would it be good if I find a job with him?

_Forces_: For a period of three months, but after that, that would drain on your physical energies.

Q: Would I be able to take care of some of the fears that I have?

_Forces_: You are handling them nicely.

Q: Can I also ask my next question?

_Forces_: Yes, please.

Q: Was Jesus alone, celibate all his life?

_Forces_: It would appear by the records that we have here, the answer would be no, he was not alone, celibate all his life; but your termination of what celibacy is has been distorted greatly, and therefore we will remain silent on this question. But also, he has not remained celibate, but his love was the divine love, and it would be beyond your comprehension to understand what type of love this means to you, as a living force, and if I said no, you would go out and say that he was, well, then, if I said yes, you would go and do that, so therefore if I say nothing at this moment, you will be exactly where you belong. But, I did not say nothing.

Q: Thank you. Another question: well, I always thought that the people the Jesus freaks are a good face for these people, until I saw the policeman on the way to Virginia Beach from New York…

_Forces_: Just have we told you, it’s from one extreme to the other, and one is a murderer, a killer, an adulterer, they immediately turn to the opposite scales of the level to become Christ spirits, as they call themselves, has become the holy fanatics of the holy wars that cause more annihilations. It would be wise to go the middle path, to have little of this and little of that, and not much of much; but to have too much of this and too much of that, I tell you, you better run so fast that your two legs cannot even carry you.

Q: But, it seemed, all of a sudden, it seemed like they are a real threat.

_Forces_: There is no threat; they are only a plan. You can bring turmoil and disruption in such a group overnight. This group can do a lot of things, and we have destined a lot of things for it to do. It could spread up and down the eastern coast, and also, the financial and the physical and the mental and the spiritual will be abundant, but also, this would be up to the group, and that is where we have to remain at the moment, if we can not get yourselves together, we cannot send you out to get others together. Each one will be given a space vehicle to guide them and to be in communion with this vehicle, that they would have information. But, this would come on later in the fall sessions of your sessions for new information and new guidelines. This would be the new guide force and the new book and the new story that will be given to you, and new answers to come. But at this moment, this is all we can possibly give you at that moment which you are in. We are not at this moment circulation and also impenerating also the fields of every major country in the world to get the set and the frequency ready and we are about to cause what would be called a heat wave again but not in the form that you see. It would be in explosions of thoughtforms and also riots of many other types of nature. Also, I would watch for train derailments, this too has been not caused by us, but by the area in which it happens. And also a very vast murder scale that has been brought about by the negativity of the people who refuse to see justice. Also, the pollution of the waters and a great attack upon the waters. Question.

Q: When I was talking last night, was I right in saying what I said?

_Forces_: Sure.

Q: Is there any advise that you can offer us about the business that we have?

_Forces_: I would develop it, and if you cannot develop it, I would destroy it. And the only way you will develop it, is when you get together. We have problems that business to flourish, but it will not flourish if you continue to be separate.

Q: Thank you.

Q: Several times, I’ve come across the name Ann, through T. Is it possible to know who Ann was or is?

_Forces_: Ann was the vibratorial name or the force in which you wife now is, in the land of America, in the area across Massachusetts. That is why we were sending that to her, so she could hear. And also have something of a higher nature, which she did have, to come closer to what we are doing here at the moment. We are not stupid.

Q: Was my son J around at that time?

_Forces_: He was much around; as I told you before what it was.

Q: I thought you told me about my other son, C?

_Forces_: I tell you, the other son was also one who was against this what was your father.

Q: Thank you.

_Forces_: That is why this other son you can go and receive many answers as it is developing. The other son that you speak of is against you because of your own selfishness. And you are meeting up with him again. Is this understood?

Q: Yes.

_Forces_: But be not despondent of the case, for neither one, nor anyone else, is better than the other.

Q: Is this silence within myself dangerous, or the will of God?

_Forces_: Why would you want to be silent? In what form do you speak of silence?

Q: In words.

_Forces_: In meditation, it is towards the will of God. In communicating with the souls around you, it is quite dangerous.

Q: Is it wise to keep the octagon in the house?

_Forces_: It is the best thing that has happened to the group for a long time.

Q: Thank you.

_Forces_: You are welcome.

Q: Is there anything else I should now, for myself?

_Forces_: Pray for the group, and for yourself, that you may grow by their knowledge and by your knowledge together. We are now going to change certain vibratory again, forces, and circulatory systems. This is two entities here this evening. [Audible voice change] I’m cold. L, would you please step near and do not touch the hand, but hover it over?

Q: Should I close the blind?

_Forces_: It is not necessary. May we ask the one, R, to step forward and touch the hand of the hand? This moment, we’re joining you together, to sign the law and dismitant. God has joined together as was said, no man put us under. We offer you our peace and our blessing unto this, and we also offer you our love, and abundant nature and giving in each one of you. We also ask you to love one another as the one in the heavens has loved you. There is no way that we could show you this, tonight we have taken the [inaudible] and also the environment capitulations, to produce such an understanding between both of you. Let not this happen one more time, but yet let it happen one more time, for it would be of great value for both of you to join together one more time, for we have you in the heavens, and we only ask you now, to go and serve your God. And to both of you today, and we turn back to where you have come. It would seem that we have finished here tonight with a great undertaking that has been accomplished. This is the second of such a ceremony as you have seen. Which is why we have sent the Higher Forces. We are the [inaudible] blessings and peace upon all of those who come together in harmony and peace. It is not finished. We are now a moment to [inaudible], to depart. We have all soon come back when the time is needed. This meeting of the next session with be at the end of the month of August. It will be the month of turmoils and eruptions, and also the month of foundations and constructions, and at the asset month you shall see a [inaudible] given to all here. We only ask now, that those here who are here will go off together in their lives in peace, and in their great desire to reach their God. And we not this eruption, this distraction of said [inaudible], but yet to inspire to a higher level, a higher aim and a higher gift for all to come, as our God is within all of you, and his will has come here tonight. And we ask you only to have eight years to hear his words. Do not turn away from him, you have turned away so much, we are [inaudible] that you do not turn away again. The trees do bloom, and the flowers do sway in the end, and the flowers do have their fragrance, so does the [inaudible] into the soul. And this goes into thee for eternal blessings, and if the swans of the oceans shall sing there songs, [inaudible] will come together and the one who will judge and instill in those of all natures, the lord of our kingdom, God of all galaxies, and we claim this continent and into the heaven. As the apostles at the one who was named Jesus, how we tell you who was named Jesus, standing on the mound [inaudible]. I tell you pray to such: our father, who art in heaven…