Session -18/19 8/25/72

Greetings to all here present now. It is wise that those here gathered for information come together as directed before in peace and harmony in which we have been directing you to do in many interesting ways. We now ask one thing and that it is not too difficult for those here to do, and that is to come to a realization that you are all sons of God and that the close watch of your actions must be taken. Now we find the atmosphere difficult to continue. We ask one to draw the curtains that the vibrations from outside might not be as difficult as they are. It will be comfortable for all of you soon, for we decide to send the wind in directions that will give the most benefited conditions. It is again, greetings to all here that is quite sufficient in that the vibrations from outside must be in some dictated order of control. Now that we have seen this group that have come here before and we have been in close observation. We have been traveling at great speeds to keep our appointed bargain of meeting you all here tonight. We arrived at approximately eleven forty-nine-close to twelve this afternoon-causing tremendous atmospheric conditions that you could see us coming if the haze was not present. So therefore, we had to blanket the whole city and area residents around or else visible observation of our fleets would be noticed. And the vibratorial eruptions that caused the sounds that we do use. It has been known by some that this is a strange phenomena, thing that happen: but we cannot help these things, for we are at times subjugated to the laws around you. It is of this importance, again, that we stress to the group to come into a relationship of talkativeness; that is, to talk what is on your minds and souls. To be completely honest to those here present, and honest in the fashion that if you try to fool the one you are speaking to, it will only register at this meeting here now. We have at the last meeting, have noted that this meeting would come into the judgment of what we had given before, that is, the one that we have given the month or the cycle of which is known as the old D. I state that now, for we have noticed a new presence of one here that we extend our welcome. Your road is not going to be an easy one and therefore you might not know what you have gotten into, but we know before what must be done. As far as what I have been saying, the one called D, your completion of trying to stay with this group, we seek that a great disturbance in health did come upon you, and that is the changing of your vibratorial system and cellular structure make-up that you will be honest and truthful to yourself. It is wise that we are keeping track of you because you have tendencies of getting out of hand. Therefore, we say that your success in the first half of your test has been accomplished, but now, we are giving you the second part and that is to motivate your thoughts and no longer to become stifled in your selfishness, but to insert your thoughts and mind that you might benefit not only this group, but those now that you might come into contact with. To that one that we have sent away, his name, C, we have observed and now he is watching, I would presume, his own thoughts and writing a letter in regards to these thoughts. It is of great purpose that he begins to move from where he is at and we give him a month to stay there, but after that, he must move on, for we have other good things in store for him. For that one named P, we gave you a period of two weeks to get something in order. You did accomplish part of your mission, but now we send you out again to get a job that will produce some sort of income and some sort of responsibility. We are watching you closely and presume to give you directions, but we must ask you to stop this daydreaming and continue on with you mission. For the one that is named K, we have been watching your stubbornness and we find it quite amusing that when all things go well that the barriers are willingly to come down. You have not been honest with us, or the group, and therefore the benefits and fruits that might have come tonight must be withheld for the next session. We ask you kindly to get on and move and to be honest and commit yourselves to your feelings that you do have inside. We give you at least a period of two weeks to do this. After that, if you refuse/fail to join in, then we have no alternative but to extricate and endite you on the charges of insincerity and move you forcibly out of this area. We have the one called R, the other half, and we state that your selfishness is still as grotesque as it might be. We state that your opportunity and job is quite selfishly motivated for security. Therefore we have stopped all rivers going into the jewelry business in this upper state region and therefore we and we alone have stagnated your progress in this area for the sake of you being honest and truthful to the group. And that is our conviction upon both of you. We do hope that you understand what we have done, only that you must come closer to this group.

[Audible voice change]

Greetings to all here present now. It is with a great admiration that those who have come tonight, come with a heart that has seen great advances. If, my brothers and sisters, you have become aware of what you have done in this month of tests, you would have great joy in your hearts. There is an improvement upon everyone here tonight. You have gone through many a-test, and most admirably succeeded and passed with the flying colors of love. We ask to speak to you all tonight, to understand what love might be. There are many colors to this love that you speak on. There is the love of selfishness that we tend, that we tend to say to one and another that, ‘I love you’. But their love is blind, blind in the eyes would see. The love cannot give physically, nor can it give you mentally. But it can give you a spiritual satisfaction that will uplift your very life; you’re very meaning of existence, here on this earth. I, in a way, am new to you all tonight. It might be strange that you wonder this, but then again, I have only been permitted to speak tonight by your help. I have waited a long time. And it has come. There are others who have spoke to you and in their speaking, they have guided you in many avenues and many existence. We here who hover above and watch you all down in your own particular problems, it is difficult at times again to understand what love might be. So then we have the physical love, the love, the desirability to only gratify the lower regions of your body. This is not your purpose here on the earth, and it is not your end. We have tried so hard to make this a most lasting effect upon your lives, that you are the sons of God: and your mission does not remain here to stay, but to gather and to move on. There is an accomplishment here tonight, but if you, as a group, do not know what this love is that binds you all, then you are all lost in the sea of darkness. We hope that the one to understand this, will understand it with that-man is only part and parcel of all those here present tonight. If one of you fails, we all have failed. [Banging noise of outside worker] It is strange how you people pick the oddest times to work. We have a bunch of chipmunks that would do a better rattling and squeaking of wood than this man does. But we must wait until he finishes with his obnoxious rattling, for it has a tendency of disturbing the group. Now we shall go on. There is that force that stops us, that stops us from going to where we must go; and that force is selfishness. It is a work that has been used over and over again, and yet if you only understood the life of the one that is called Jesus, you would understand that what is selfishness is an illusion. You all must lay down your life in this existence before you can move into this higher sphere in which we dwell. Now as I pick up momentum, I will continue. We have been traveling great distances and most concerned is this earth, for it has tendencies to burn itself up with its own negativities and jealousies. We have for many millions and millenniums watched this earth develop and when the time came to populate and sparcelate the areas given, we so did. But with the understanding of our God that we too must bow down in supplication too. Know ye all that there is a God. And he reigns higher than the highest one. And his light is the light that gives out to all that might have the eyes to see it. And as the room lights up, it is within that reminence of light that the maker does reside. You all must understand what it is to love in the eyes, in the heart, in the depths of pain. It is easy to love for the physical again. But to love in silence, to love only to be near, to love to only to hear, to love to only to help, to love to only to be, to love. Let this be your song. Let this be your song and let it cry out to those; let it cry out by your own light. Listen, sons of God, listen ye men of earth, the time has come for the axe and bow to be laid down, and for the cross of light to be carried. Great tribulations, great floods have already taken their course, and the great darkness of that hour is about to approach. And we desperately try to contact those who are willing to listen to the prince of hope. Listen, ye men of God, listen to ye souls, for the darkness of the hours and the suns of the light of the stars are about to go out before your very eyes. And yet the earth shall change and the lions and monsters from beneath shall roam once more. And the great beam of energy shall be discovered. And within this shall come great happiness, for we speak unto you all, the coming of peace. A thousand years we give ye, a thousand years we take ye away. But tonight, tonight we ask you all to understand what we have been trying so desperately to give you. To give you the hope, to give you that knowledge. We have given you the gifts; we have waited. We have waited for you all to pray together. And what broke your bounds? What broke your chains? What broke your destiny? But the unit of prayer that you have come together. We have always had that house in store for you. But if all measured, it could have been given to you the first day. But the lack and the selfishness and most of all, your skepticism of whether we speak to you. I tell you, that we speak to you with great hope, but you must believe in us; for we can do nothing without your faith. That house was there all to see, but selfishness did hide it, from all. And now the selfishness within the group-we speak to the group as a new-born child raising upon its feet to grasp once more the eyes of God. Father, hear our prayers. Do not forsake our souls. For many years you have all been wandering in the wilderness. And the eyes of God have turned against you. And now we speak to you. We say rejoice for the eyes of God have looked upon with favor, on ye all. And now we’ll give you abundant fruit to bring into this holy land. We have set aside to guide you, to direct you when the great upheavals of the earth do come. We are moving you and directing you as a group. We ask that the Christ spirit comes into your lives to motivate you, the factor and the desires of why you do whatever you do. And our tempers, know ye brothers as we use that term very, very strongly, that the ones you have hurt, the ones you speak rough to, the ones we get emotionally involved to only to hate, we only force this upon ourselves-our own disillusionment, our own pains. We cry out for help, and yet when help is given to you, are you ready to listen? Are you ready to react? Are you ready to do the will of God? The suns up here never set for there are no suns. And the trees are purple and yellow and red and green and olive blue. And the lake and the rivers flow from the great mountain of our God. And upon them is the stardust of life. And if one is dipped within the waters, he is refreshed anew. And one who sees beneath the waters, sees the stardom of life. Sees the history of histories. And our mountains and our seasons change many colors during the night. And the angels stand guard; for none shall enter that are not worthy into the holies of the holy. And all those are singing and all those are at peace. For one has found his neighbor, and his neighbor has found himself. For as we come to you of this dimension, for that we all come from, only to bring you back to where we have come. It is a home, a home and the galaxies are our backyard. We are at peace with you. And we do love you. But do you understand our love? We try to describe our environment. For those who have built homes here, they built the homes of thought. And the domes of worship they come, and enter into a dome of solid gold that has no roof, that has no pillars. And it is marked with jewels and emeralds that shines brighter than your eyes. And the light of purple and yellow and blue, does magnify the grace of our God. Then we have all gathered under the dome and the great walls of gold open and onto our very hearts flood the light of our God. We sing, ‘Hosanna’; and we sing ‘Blessed’; and we sing ‘Peace’; and we sing ‘Love’; and we sing ‘One for all’. We sing in harmony. We sing in contentment. For our songs raise up, and they magnify the land that we live in, and every moment we are, there is a song going forth-a song of life, a song of hope, a song of joy. I have taken you here to our home tonight that you might understand what is yet in store for you. Yet you have chosen the earth to make your souls capable of coming here, capable of understanding the God of Gods. We understand you. We want to help you. Please, children, let us help you. Cry no more into the wilderness. We are here to help. We are now ready for those questions that you have gathered here to put in front of us. We have been watching and with amusement say greetings to all and it is of great joy that you have heard what we termed a great speaker. And now we ask for your questions that we might help you as a group; that we might help you tangibly as a group. And we now ask questions.

P: What gift that God gave me that I have that I don’t see that I might develop?

_Forces_: What gift did God give you that you might see that you might develop? The gift of love. What gift do you speak of? You speak of tangibility? Then we’ll give it to you in layman’s terms. You have the gift to get up off your hide. You have the gift to move. You have the gift to give. You have the gift to make one laugh. But also, you also have the painful gifts of taking away. We ask you now to go within yourself to understand that you have the gift of selling, of selling not only books, but also selling manuscripts, and becoming into a public, and also of understanding of this. We give you that you should enter into that which one that writes books and sells books, that which one that gives help of insurance and the type of that investment of understanding. You have many, many hours of thoughts and reconciliation of your own deeds. We ask you now that you would go into some sort of quietness that you might understand what you will have to do for God. You have remained quiet and you must do so, but your quietness can sometimes be sickening and we ask that you move on further and cultivate your own thoughts. Not only just to say things to be different, to be analytical, to be you, but to be God within you. That is something else, and that is what you must do. That is what you have to do. For you to manifest the gifts that are within you, you must go and perceive your neighbor. You must go and stand out and stretch forth your arm that you might help the one that seeks your help. I tell you, rise off your laziness and seek forth and go out to help. Is this understood?

P: Yes.

_Forces_: Question.

R: Is there an hour other than eleven o’clock that would be good for my meditation?

_Forces_: The hour that your group will come into harmony will be the hour that there is peace into the home. We ask not only the peace physically, mentally, and spiritually. If the hour of eleven is causing dissatisfaction, we ask the group come together to decide the right time that the group might come beneficial to that, what is said, meditation. The hour of meditation is up to you. We ask that you come into some type of harmony. We also say, that the hour of eleven seems to be quite adequate in developing what must be developed. But, if you find it not likable to the situation, we ask that you change it-it’s as simple as that. Must we lead you along? You have voices. Speak within one another. Speak unto one another. And speak of your truth. And all things will come to you, faster than you realize. Is this understood?

R: I was talking about a personal hour other than the group meditation.

_Forces_: If you understood what I’ve said, you would come to a personal hour. For if you will see a personal hour, you will see it within the group. For one who has the group, that is the personal hour. You should not deviate from that. You should not take one away from it. If I tell ye three o’clock in the morning, will you do it? Well, do I speak unto the air?

R: Yes.

_Forces_: Yes, what?

R: Yes, I will do it.

_Forces_: Then, do it. Question.

RO: Can you tell me anything about white magic and its relationship to the development we’re undergoing now?

_Forces_: White magic is just a terminology of the laws of God-as simple as that. Those who develop are those who first come to the awareness of ONE: Fear thou God, TWO: Love thou neighbor, THREE: do unto all things as you would have them do unto you. White magic is incorporated into what I have just given you. To love your God with you whole heart and your whole mind and your whole soul and likewise is the precepts of the law based unto this, to love your neighbor as yourself. If you understood these precepts, you have in your hands the power of white magic. Prayer is the antidote again, and also the by-product and also the backbone of what you call white magic. It has been brought into perspective by one who was named, Solomon. The undertaking of mathematical skills, the construction of thoughtforms, the destruction of thoughtforms, the bringing into harmony, calling of the angels of all twelve of them, calling unto all of the Forces of the galaxies, calling of the planets, and the hours and the days and the years for each day and year has that moment of angel that guides it. And we ask that you come into an agreement within self, that you come into perspective within self. White magic is love thyself, too. And if one can do this, he can understand gradually what white magic might truly unfold to him. Question.

L: What advise can you give me concerning my progress and development, to help me with my development?

_Forces_: The progress that we would like to give you is to refrain from grasping unto too much materiality. When those that come near you and you see unto them the things that you desire, seek not them. Seek the higher thing within you-grow and create. Become not jealous of the ones that have, for they have nothing when they profess to have. But go with Love to see the ones that do not have. And give of yourself into this order. Also, we come to ask you to come into some type of prayer that you might receive abundantly what might be given to you. This is most important that you might go into prayer and understand your true nature with your God within. Patience is also required on the ideas and levels that you would like to manifest. We also relate to your other half that is with you. We speak to you-that if you love this one that we speak to, show it. Go out and work, for a man is worthy of his hire and his bread. And go and take the burden that is rightfully yours and carry it diligently. To ye I speak and to ye I speak no more. Do this and you shall be happy within one another. Do this for God. Do all manners of work, all manners of things for God that his glorification might become manifest in the earth. Have a kind heart, a kind soul when those who are irritable come near you and demand your services. Speak not of ego. Speak not of getting excited. Speak not of getting flared up. But see the Christ testing you, and say, ‘Yeah, I shall go and be my brother’s keeper. And I shall help.’ Not for the sake of speaking nice words, for these are nothing. But for the sake of seeing the spirit of Christ within and speaking to that Christhood. I speak to you, the one who spoke, that patience most of all must be gathered to you. And second of all, prayer that you might understand what it is to pray for the things you desire. And then you might understand what it is to receive them when they come. Does this alleviate?

L: Yes, thank you.

_Forces_: You are welcome. Question.

J: Is the job with Mr. DP the choice for me?

_Forces_: At this point we see ups and downs. You are the ones that would make the job when you receive the job. At this point again, we say the job could be better. But also, the job is better. It is your point. It is up to you, the one who spoke, that you would make the job what you would have it. You must serve and constant be servants to others. This is the motto of the group: Dear God, others Lord, others. Then, as you understand this precept, you can work, building cabinets that you have never seen before in your life. And it is no accident that you go into a cabinet making, for you shall build the biggest cabinet the world will ever see that will carry what I speak of.

J: Thank you.

_Forces_: Question.

RN: Could you give me advise on my spiritual development, please?

_Forces_: Attention to all who will listen. This soul that speaks, I would love to get excited with him. But I can’t. I would love to bat his head in and tell him, ‘Please, wake up.’ But I can’t. I understand you all tonight and I have love for all that is here tonight. For you have all gone through so much and we up here are celebrating your victory. We are pleased with you all. We are happy with you all. There are some in the group that refuse to move, but this is understood. We love you. We want you to all to be happy. And we want most of all that the world might see this happiness that you have enjoyed. You are no longer separated, but one together. And this love shall fill the room tonight with peace. I speak of this when the one who spoke, who asked the question, “What shall I reveal for his progress”. It is a progress that is most discouraging as far as your sinus is concerned. For it is rank, ah, it is like a plague that hovers over you. We have given you the power to relieve it, but you seem to cling upon it, refusing to let go. And that is to get attention from others. You do not have anymore, what we would say, trouble, but it is of the mind to get attention. To say please listen to me. Please understand me. We say to you, we do. We understand you. We want to help you. But how can we help you, if you refuse to help yourself? We will help you tremendously. We will send unto you the forces that have already been there, but have been stifled by your own fear. And we will move into you and clean you up, and clean you out. Do you believe this?

RN: Yes.

_Forces_: Then by your faith, you shall be measured. Bring forth thy head and place it near… Do you believe what should be done to you?

RN: Yes.

_Forces_: How are you?

RN: There’s free breathing. And the lungs are clear.

_Forces_: Now do you have any questions?

RN: Is there a portion of the Bible that would guide me, a chapter…

_Forces_: As for your test that you shall be going through this moment on, you shall review Matthew, the eighth chapter, the whole, entire chapter. And we now ask you to have what was said, someone massage your spinal area with Witch Hazel, if that is understood a mixture of olive alcohol, which should be done every day in the evening, not forgetting the feet area. Is this understood?

RN: Yes.

_Forces_: As far as your diet, you shall eat all manner of green vegetables and carrots and onions and of course your favorite-you know, you have to say this, but, you shall see. We up here take bets wondering if you are going to turn into… a garlic bud. I do pity the people that have to live with you. That is why, that is why we are rejoicing. Question.

B: Is there any way I can further serve the group?

_Forces_: Do you believe you have moved to serve the group up to now?

B: Probably not.

_Forces_: I cannot hear the birds.

B: Probably not to the capacity that I should.

_Forces_: Then your question should be what?

B: How can I serve the group?

_Forces_: My dear, we would pat you on the back. You do not have to ask us to an invitation to it. You are well deserving a pat on your back. Therefore, we pat you on your back.

B: Thank you.

_Forces_: You are welcome. How does it feel to be patted on the back?

B: I don’t know.

_Forces_: That’s exactly what we feel when you ask such questions in such ridiculous manner. We just don’t know. The idea is that you have helped the group tremendously in getting themselves in order. The group owes you a lot as a soul, as an individual, but also, you owe the group a lot, too. We are proud of your diligent actions and reactions of sticking to it and constantly thinking of God being near you. But we ask you to continue on and to watch what would be called the ego, that it might not sway you from what you must do. Is this understood?

B: Yes, thank you.

_Forces_: Also, you will be manifesting a job in less than two weeks. And be not regretful in this, but you must continue on having faith.

B: Thank you.

_Forces_: Any more questions from you?

B: I was going to ask about a personal meditation time, but I think that what you’ve told R probably applies also to…

_Forces_: This would be true. Those who would seek a personal meditation should seek first their own desirability’s into it. It should be said, that early in the morning from four to six is excellent. So that would be one to two, as you would say, two to three, or four to six. And twelve noon we ask the group to think of one another from now on in a silent moment of prayer. And focusing each one’s thoughts and face as they say that person’s name. That is what the group should do from now on. Question.

K: What should I do to best recognize what my true feelings are?

_Forces_: To speak to them, regardless of how you might look, my dear. You are like a boat that is on the ocean and has no rudder and going in a complete circle. And then when another boat comes up to you and throws you a line, you look over and say, ‘No, I do not need it. I am going in a circle.’ Then, the other boat says, ‘All right, continue in your circle.’ But we tell you, that if that boat comes up to you again, and throws you the line to open up, and you refuse, then your test has been failed. To open up, to be honest, to understand that there is no one perfect in the earth; but those who go into the spirit of the Christ-the Godhead. Those who would listen to this, listen well-that there is no book, that there is no pattern but the pattern of spirit, of sacrifice, of blood, of tears, of pain. If you seek a comfortable way out, perceive these pains to come on you two-folds. And I tell you, it is a better crime that one should be honest than not to be honest. It is the worst crime of all not to be honest. So, the one who’s striving to be honest, and commits to making crimes, it is not bad. But the one who is not honest in the very beginning, and commits crime, it is an abomination in the eyes of our God. Seek to be honest, and, my dear, if you continue to be sly, to be cunning, to be tactful, in your logical mind, we will personally dispose of you and move you on out. We do not need such a vibration coming forth from you. Speak your truth and be honest and therefore, be not tactful, but also, we have great love for you. For you have great abilities within you, great feelings, great judgments, great desires, great hope, great counsel. And we only ask that you come forth with this counsel that is within you. You are a good soul. But we ask you only to be honest that this might manifest outwardly. You have so much to give this group and we do so much want to help you. We will not lead you astray; we will not leave you. We will watch and guide you, for we love you, and understand what you are going through. But, my dear, how much longer will you continue to remain silent? Does this ring home? Do you remain silent, again?

K: No, I think I understand. Thank you.

_Forces_: What do you understand?

K: That even if I’m not sure about how I think, it’s better to tell people about my uncertainties than to wait…

_Forces_: This is a misapplication, my dear, of what we might be saying to you. Repeat what you said again, please.

K: That even if I’m not sure about…

_Forces_: My dear, is there ever a time that you are not sure?

K: I think so.

_Forces_: Isn’t it true that you are sure of what you’re doing? Isn’t it true that there is some thing that does motivate you to do things you do? And this motivation is the perimeter of selfishness and resentment and retaliation towards the one you love the most. Do you reply on such?

K: I think that E has told me that before, but I don’t see…

_Forces_: We are not E. We are not anyone sitting in this group, and if you want we can test it right now. But I am in no mood, no mood whatsoever, to play your game. And I at this moment mock you for what you have done and ask you to be honest. Is it not true to be honest to yourself, to your actions, to your works, to why you do what you do? You. We ask you, do you believe in us?

K: Yes.

_Forces_: Do you mean this?

K: Yes.

_Forces_: Then there should not have been skepticism. But, we are looking forward to seeing your honesty, even though you do not know, as you said, what you speak of. But speak of it anyhow and get it off your chest. Is this understood?

K: Yes.

_Forces_: Then speak, and speak well and speak honestly and speak with an open heart and a heart that is willing to be heard and to be helped. And if you do this, my dear, we will be very happy. And then the gifts will be given to you immediately, for we have so much to give you and we look forward to you to be giving so much to others. But we must ask you only to be honest. Does this help you?

K: Yes.

_Forces_: Then we give you only our love and our peace that you might carry out what you must do.

K: Thank you.

_Forces_: Question.

E: For the entity, M, she would like to know what type of job she could get into since she has tried so many different jobs and she didn’t get it. If it’s possible, if it’s allowed for her.

_Forces_: We here laugh at times with this one. It is like a cucumber in a patch of corn. Has no right being there, but it wants to grow nonetheless like a corncob. Therefore, we have to go down to the corn and say, accept this cucumber, for it believes it’s a corncob. When it gets time to reap the corn kernels, don’t you think the cucumber is striving so hard to pop a corn? Tell this entity to slow down, for we will transform it into a corn so it can pop all it wants and the job that is desirable for this entity will be given in less than a month and a half, or less than a month, being proximity in the twentieth, in the twentieth of September, she shall procure a job that will be to her tangible and likeness. We would ask her to go and see what she could do as far as cooking and cleaning on the religious aspects of those in the order of religion. Is this understood?

E: I don’t understand the last part.

_Forces_: That she should work in a rectory of some sort.

E: Thank you.

_Forces_: Is this confusing your mind? Would you like me to describe a rectory?

E: I guess somebody will tell me.

_Forces_: I guess the somebody would be me. A rectory is where people gather together thinking or hoping that they are better than others, living off the fat of the land, and having the comforts of this worldly life, with a roof over their heads nonetheless. And roast beef on Fridays and an air conditioned bedroom plus a maid with a little bell in her hand, that they might be aware of where she moves when she moves throughout the house. A rectory is just a place where the terminology of priests of sorts… Question.

JI: Is there something that I could do or some affirmation that I could use that would help me in my meditations?

_Forces_: Guide by the light and see it shine. Question.

D: Could you explain the second half of my test to me?

_Forces_: The desirability to serve God is the second half of your test. Is this understood, my friend? [Language of the Galaxy: “Comitch, id’hoth’en’spede’oth’gano’ish”] To commit yourself to a higher force that is within you and to give up your life for this; and to work for the outcome of the glory of God. Does… is this understood?

D: Yes.

_Forces_: What will you do now?

D: I will seek to give myself up to…

_Forces_: Up to what?

D: The Higher Forces.

_Forces_: Higher Forces.

D: And give my will away.

_Forces_: Who you going to sell it to?

D: God.

_Forces_: Oh. It is wise that you work and work diligently in helping those who cannot help themselves. And stop running in the streets looking for gratification of your lower centers. Is this understood?

D: Yes.

_Forces_: And your jealousy of those who are better than you. This should never be. To allow your own talents to come out, one must have love in his heart. Is this understood?

D: Yes.

_Forces_: Then we shall deal with you as you progress. Any more questions from you?

D: About the talents coming out through love…

_Forces_: That is up to you. You can make them manifest faster or slower, it is up to you, and what you want it to be done will be done. Is this understood?

D: I think so.

_Forces_: You think so? Oh. What does that mean?

D: If I choose to love, it will happen. If I choose to hold on, not let go, it’ll stay the same.

_Forces_: Then it shall be this way. Do you have any more questions?

D: No.

_Forces_: Question.

D[2]: When and where will I more clearly understand the force of what was mentioned?

_Forces_: When and where… there is time. There is time when all those will understand what is being done here tonight. Time has the answer. You will only understand what you see here tonight, when you understand what it is to give yourself for God, to give your life to God, to give your hope and desires. So you desire on the material. The material basis will fade away soon. And then your desire on the mental-and that corrodes. Then the spiritual. It takes both the physical and the mental and brings them for eternity. When will the group understand what they have? This group, is only beginning to understand who we are, what we are, what we are to do to them, for them, for the world. How can you expect yourself to understand the force in one evening or one month? For the group has taken, but also, they, too, have progressed. They have moved in two months where others souls will take twenty years to do. They are beginning to understand the power of the source, of the Higher Forces. They are beginning to understand that we watch them, that we test them. We tested you today constantly. It was your coat that was thrown into that. It represents your protection we have taken away from you. Your physical, mental protection that you had to walk naked on your own, by your true soul-ship, by what you are worth, by the quality and the essence of you, and not the protection of what would be symbolically called the coat. And the shoe is your principles that no longer fit you. And now you were forced to go out to buy, or to receive new principles. And we give you new principles tonight: to love, to love your God, to understand Him, to understand that he does care. And also, not to take advantage in the material levels of all those you can take advantage of. You have done this quite a-many times. And for what you are to contribute to this group, if you are at all to contribute, you must learn how to give without getting acknowledgment of self. You must learn to perceive the spirit of those who are not being true to you, and you must not please them all the time. And, if you proceed to continue, to grow, to understand, you shall become a great leader in the spiritual adepts, and the moments when the crisis do happen, you will lead those away into safety and into a greater understanding of God. It takes time for anyone here to understand what they see before them. It might take their lifetime to comprehend what they have, or what they had. Do you have questions?

D[2]: I understand what you’ve said. I’m so full of questions, but I’m not exactly sure how to voice them.

_Forces_: Voice them honestly.

D[2]: Again, I speak of the force that brought me here. It’s hard to describe it that way. Is there some way that I can satisfy my impatience as far as realizing this force in my life?

_Forces_: To love yourself, to begin to love yourself. To be comfortable and to understand that you are not as bad as you think you are; and that you are not in damnations. That you are growing higher into the eyes of God. And He was the one that called you tonight; and for He is the one that will work and mold you. Yes, you are all equal in the group. No one is any higher or any lower and so be it on the development stage, for all are helping one another. You must love yourself, and patience will come in naturally. Is this understood?

D[2]: Yes, it is.

_Forces_: Question.

RN: Yes. I would like to know if I could, about my little cousin, L. If it’s true that she does have cancer again, or if not, if there’s something that could be done to help her physical condition?

_Forces_: It would appear that as we do see this, she does have some malignancy within her, only caused by a growth that will not be cancerous. But the cancer is within the thoughts of those around her and that will inflict upon this cancer. You will tell those to stop telling her that she has cancer. And it should not be, for they are inflicting cancer on her and she has not cancer. But she will if they continue.

RN: Thank you very much.

J: Is there anything, any advice, or anything I might say to my sister this weekend?

_Forces_: Hello.

J: Anything that might help her that I could tell her?

_Forces_: You must be honest with yourself and you must love her. And you must be patient with yourself and you must understand her. There is nothing you should tell her that will not come naturally. It will come when the need is there. You must pray for her before you meet her.

J: Thank you.

_Forces_: I would watch out for pains in the teeth and to watch them closely.

J: Thank you.

_Forces_: Question.

E: Is the Bible class being… going on all right?

_Forces_: You are doing very tip-top well.

E: And the A.R.E. yesterday?

_Forces_: Tip-bottom well. You are working remarkably. We only ask that you have more hope in yourself and knowing that God is so close to you, that he has guided you and given you many gifts to come forth from you. As far as our friend who writes to you, he is impatient and he writes things that will take a while to manifest. Yes, he promised the aura that you would see, but he is ahead of himself some two, three, four years. Therefore, we cordially invite you to stay and have a cup of tea with us and wait that time for that moment in which you can perceive gradually the aura. Is that understood?

E: Yes, thank you.

_Forces_: Yes, you’re welcome.

E: Can I ask another one?

_Forces_: Yes.

E: I always had [inaudible] from the lungs. I don’t know where it’s from, but there is something coming up always and even when I stopped smoking, I still had the same thing.

_Forces_: This here, as we review you, we see that it is just forms of mucoli-muccus. In which it is formed gradually, and works itself by the pasileae, working on out up into the trachea, into the larynx, into the mouth, and out into what you would term, dirty air. Therefore, you should not get excited over these little critters that are doing what they should do.

E: You mean that’s all right? That’s perfect condition?

_Forces_: You want us to make it imperfect? We can do that.

E: No, thank you.

_Forces_: We’ll make them work the opposite way and go down.

E: No, thank you. About the entity Tom, about his job…

_Forces_: It is working swiftly according to schedule. The plans and the ways he’s revealing much to these people are remarkable and that will be of great evidence to come soon of this remarkability.

E: And… Virginia Beach?

_Forces_: We are working now to plan this as scheduled. It might be delayed, or transferred into another area of thought.

E: Can I ask about my mother?

_Forces_: She is being taken care of by the Forces; and elements of the earth. She must be given nothing but fruits and, and fruits and grapefruits and restrict from salt, all manner of salt and restriction of the intake of sugar to degrees. It is of great importance that she stays away from the salt and sleep in the afternoon when possible that we might make it well for her. As far as drinking lots of water, that will cleanse her system and also to receive that contentment that she is loved.

E: Nothing but fruits, is that…

_Forces_: We only express the feeling that she should have more fruits than anything else in the diet. We are not saying fruits alone.

E: I see.

_Forces_: Question.

B: I’d like to know if it’s all right to dance, or whether I should not do that again.

_Forces_: Did not they dance in front of the Ark coming into Jerusalem? But you say that they had more clothes on them.

B: Probably.

_Forces_: Mind is the builder, therefore, do your thing, but perceive it in a spiritual level. We did tell you to refrain if you can, but if you cannot, it is well-for there is no good nor evil, but do what you must for God.

B: Thank you.

RO: Is there any particular field that would be good for me to look for a job in?

_Forces_: Furniture. Selling of furniture. In furniture place or we would term near the east side of Manhattan. Is this understood?

RO: Only on the selling end?

_Forces_: You cannot buy at the moment.

RO: I guess not.

E: Can I ask where did the early Hebrews originate from?

_Forces_: Atlantis.

E: So what we had in the Bible…

_Forces_: If this will be a Bible session… continue. Please do not feel…

E: Well, Abram when he came with his brother and they divided the land he came from Twerk. Is that another name for Atlantis?

_Forces_: Or is a province of what would be known Babylon. Or near that said section. But also, it is the terminology of the Orites that came from the continent of Orite. O-R-I-T-E. Orite. As one might say, ‘Orite already’. It was a province of sector… didn’t know it would strike such a harmonious sphere of laughter. It is a province of the third section of fourth sections in what was Atlantis, residing on the northeast section. Being convenient when the eruptions did take place that their flight led them into what was known as Babylon. Or became to know as Bablion [Pronounced: Bab’le’ohn’].

E: So actually they were the sons of the Law of One?

_Forces_: They were the sons of God.

E: Thank you.

_Forces_: They abided by the laws even though they transgressed against them; they still consciously knew in their hearts the laws and where they perceived them from and where it came from. For they were newly entered souls into the earth and forgot not their God.

E: Where do the Sumerians come in?

_Forces_: Sumerines or Sumerites or Sumerians are called the after-effect or by-product of the long lineage of Babylon. It is a mixed interpretation in which history plays games. But it is from Orite that they came to Babylon and from there they mixed into many other areas, causing a second tribe or what would be a second line called Sumerian. Is this interesting?

E: Yes.

_Forces_: They are all one line. Also, may we reveal one thing to you?

E: Yes.

_Forces_: We snuck in and gave them more than they had.

E: More in what?

_Forces_: More in…

E: People?

_Forces_: Thank you. This will be very hard for some to understand. So at this moment we will not explain what we have just said.

E: And Abram was one of these snuck in people?

_Forces_: Repeat, please.

E: Abram, Abraham, known as Abraham, was then one of those people that came in…

_Forces_: You are now using your head. Moses was the one that we gave in. Lord knows how many we gave in before that. Question.

B: I wonder if there’s an affirmation I might use…

_Forces_: We already gave you one.

( RN: They gave you two. )

_Forces_: Did we not?

B: Yes.

_Forces_: Did you use it?

B: Yes.

_Forces_: Then why are you getting so tired of it?

B: I don’t know. I think it’s probably my…

_Forces_: Then learn to love it and understand the words and the meanings of it. It’s what?

B: I don’t think it was with the affirmation, but meditation has been strange for me lately. Strange feelings I have that I don’t really understand… [inaudible].

_Forces_: May the will of God manifest in me and through me. Does that help you?

B: Thank you, yes.

_Forces_: Question.

E: Is there anything that you can tell me that… with myself? How I am doing?

_Forces_: You are doing quite chipper. But we cannot reveal much more at the moment. For it is the whole group that is doing excellent. Therefore, I say to you, you are doing excellent.

D: Could explain what attitude I should hold toward the relationship with women right now?

_Forces_: The attitude of not getting tangibly involved or progressively using their bodies or their minds; but only seeing their souls and trying to help that. Eventually you will receive your body that you might that you might experience. Be patient. But understand that the body that comes near you is not only to use, but also for that one to understand you. It is luckier than those on all the earth that one who is able to communicate with one who loves. And one who loves, it is a chain reaction. So fear not the one you love, for if that love is just, and the communication will be just. And all things to follow will be just. Is that understood?

D: If you love, nothing can hurt you.

_Forces_: If you really know what you’re loving. Is that understood?

D: The last part, “If you really know what you’re loving”…

_Forces_: Would I ask you one question? When was the last time you meditated? Silence?

D: Several weeks ago.

_Forces_: I hope you are not meditating now, on me.

D: About a week ago.

_Forces_: A week ago. Therefore, I say to you, stop all these questions and listen to the answers and then listen closely to the answers that have been given to you in your silence, by yourself, for your understanding, to grow spiritually. Is this understood?

D: Yes.

_Forces_: Question.

JI: I’ve been told that I have some talents in sculpture. How can I best develop these?

_Forces_: By going outside with a bucket of water and some dirt and throw it on the land and start sculpturing. To apply, to enroll, to create, to do-do you sit there and say, ‘How can I best situate do this?’ ‘How can I create?’ ‘What can I get it into manifestation?’ How can you do this? By doing. It’s as simple as that. So go on out and do it.

JI: Thank you.

_Forces_: Do you have any more questions?

E: Can I ask about the entity T; my next question that I have in my mind?

_Forces_: Speak.

E: What can be done for that physical…

_Forces_: Nothing. At this moment, there is everything being done. That is being greatly appreciative and made into one type with the higher. Question.

K: Does our group have any direct relation with SG’s group?

_Forces_: Only if we allow it. But at this moment, they are not ready yet. Question.

D: Did this group, did it form at the time of the Mayans as a group as it is now?

_Forces_: Long before then.

D: I mean, was it also there?

_Forces_: This is correct. Question. This month is a month of change; a month of revolution; a month of involvement; a month of transformation. The first half of the month is committing. The second half of the month is a reaction to your committal. Therefore, be aware of your thoughts in the first half and your ideas and what would be said, termed what you say will be done to you near the end of the month. And all manners of conflict. That those who discuss together and come into a harmony together as said by the one before earlier and who is greater than all in the galaxies that spoke. To speak with that love and that understanding. Now I feel that there should be another session, but when will be in the mid of the month and be decided then. I ask if all those here now have any more questions they would like?

B: I just wanted to ask if my father understood or received anything that he might take to my mother…

_Forces_: Much has been given to this entity that he did perceive and now reveals it openly to the others as once did before.

B: Thank you.

E: You said… I didn’t understand why or maybe I understood it, when it was said that I’m doing well, but then the whole group is doing well. Is that the correct after thought?

_Forces_: Yes, you did. We would like to compliment you on your knowledge of the Bible and we are quite happy to listen to you when you speak. For you, too, give us information. We are content with your handling of the group and wish the entity that we speak through remain more quiet when you speak. But sometimes he does get emotionally involved and starts preaching like a Southern Baptist. So, very nicely and very warmly, tell him to shut up. I did not say this, but you did. For we cannot tell him this we can only have it through you through him. He has many things that must be corrected and of that is that impatientness of times that sends him into a lower field of understanding, not of himself, but of the world at times. But also, he has a great talent that we are quite happy with. And that is that love that comes that we can come through him and operate that he allows. It is not his fault, for only ninety per cent of the time is he not here. That is why he is so dizzy. Question.

J: Did I interpret my Tarot readings properly?

_Forces_: It should be changed a little bit. Only as the realizations of the effects in which your parents have played upon your life.

J: Thank you.

_Forces_: Is this understood?

J: Um-hum.

_Forces_: And have played what type of role not to be negative. Correct?

J: Thank you.

_Forces_: Question.

E: How can I more help the group and T, myself?

_Forces_: By having the hope and the joy in your heart that you have up to now. And most of all to be happy with what you do and how you do it. We are pleased. Question.

B: How can I help the children at our house more to…

_Forces_: Go ahead, please.

B: … to become more at peace with all of us?

_Forces_: We would say that it’s not that point of the children’s fault, but it’s the parents’ fault at times. For a child must be disciplined. But also, a child must be loved. If one does not know how to love, then one does not know how to discipline. And if one pretends to discipline, and knows not love, he knows not discipline. And if one disciplines without love, he cause the evolution in that soul to be negative. Therefore, to love those children, for as they are holier to God, and whatever has been numbered on them, it shall rightfully be done to you. And a yoke shall lie upon your own head if you dare so much as hurt these children. We only ask that you love them and understand them and give them your patience and also, your knowledge. And also your discipline, to them. But we ask you only to love them as you discipline them. Question.

D: Can I help JE in any way?

_Forces_: By praying for him and going there at nights and listening to what he has to say and bearing that burden out.

E: Is there any way that KR can be helped out?

_Forces_: We are developing and guiding that one. But it has much more to be desired in many abilities. But that is not the problem now. We seem to have been gathered here this moment tonight to listen once more. We have all been happy to join together and to witness your reward, your victory. We are guiding the house and we must offer you our congratulations that you got it together on a spiritual level to acquire the things that are yours. Therefore, we ask only that you come together more often and more in prayer as a group and mean what you say that things might materialize much faster. We are happy to be here tonight-happy that you have progressed. And we welcome the one that is new, hoping for the great sun to shine through him… [End of Side B]