Session 237-6/17/79

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We find this day (—) a inward renewing and building force for certain psychic and spiritual combinations and forces to come. We watch the different tests and trials coming upon different aspects in this country being that they will withstand certain strengths and not cause the greed and anarchy of want. These things will have to be out in order as time goes on. We have watched and observed different areas around you and we find that movement is coming along to certain plans that we have under way.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

IS: The designs why changes———?

Forces: The designs that we have on the lower floor are designs that have been incorporated and delivered for purposes and reasons on a subconscious level that each particular place design structure is resembling and affecting a certain force fields on the subconscious, conscious level. It was the way it was what you had done was restructured the house according to the flow of the energy field that the builder of the house had interpreted to be. That is as you had designed it, it was near too or proximity, practicly to the energy flow of the house. The designs then had to again resemble and take on that same structure. As much as we would like to have made the den on the other end it would have caused disharmony and a certain amount of discord within the structure of the body and the energy flow of the house. It would not have worked out fully as would be planned or accomplish certain plans, it generally would have created a whole different force that would not have been a creative item. The force field that is located in any particular house has been designed even before the house has been built this fore field dictates the designs and qualities of a house regardless of how much we think we had the power in constructing it. It is more like the seen; felt of the astral level has dictated the building and the material of it. It would take a while to understand but the more one tunes into the spiritual qualities the more that physical material things can manifest around the said area. It is designed properly and in the most perfect manner that could offer the positive approach and aspect in ones development. As far as planning or creating certain things before a certain mark this too is part of the whole in general it cannot really be planned at a certain point nor prepared at a certain point. There are so called changes these changes can not really be elaborated on or constructed into the for they are part of a different field of force or energy of a different network so therefore you must try to work and move as best as you can receive the information and apply it and as time would move on this application of different force fields can be merged into the house structure only through time.

IS: The Den?

Forces: What this particular room is for is more what would be called intimate as far as personal problems with couples and individuals and the retreat to the refrigerator for solace when it gets too difficult it is more or less the breaking down or the cutting off or dissecting room of the spiritual factors and it is the only room in the house that could function on the east side to remove the black forces from individuals visiting more or less as far as a general entertainment room this could be function able but it still would leave you branching out into the music room to take care of the subconscious creative force. This room must also be separated from this room so that again would become private and also involved in its job. Everything is in its proper perspective.

IS: Thank you very much.

Forces: We’ll take a break at this moment we’ll be back.

NN: The words ‘Blessed be the Lord out of Zion which dwelleth at Jerusalem praise ye the Lord’ as a chant what would that raise up?

Forces: A certain force of acknowledgement of your pineal gland.

NN: Would it do the same thing as an affirmation in meditation?

Forces: It could.

NN: Thank you.

NN: Also in Psalm 127 where it says Lo children are a heritage of the Lord and the fruit of the womb is His reward’ what is it really talking about?

Forces: It speaks of the works of the works of God through you; it speaks of the beauty and the reflection of the fruit of the spirit.

NN: And what does it mean children of youth?

Forces: The spirit giving off ideas and ideals of what would be called finer qualities.

NN: Thank you very much and thank you also very much for all the clothes that you gave us.

BH: Ah the aspect of mercy which center would that come from?

Forces: Mercy is always applied by your right hand you slap the person in the face with mercy of course. Mercy comes from the heart center.

BH: Thank you.

BH: In this case its different from the thymus center or is it?

Forces: Mercy comes from the thymus center.

BH: Thank you.

BH: Is there any guidance for me at this time?

Forces; Patience, positiveness around you and try not to go off into a negative pattern when things don’t go your way just be positive patient and it will work itself out.

BH: Thank you.

JU: There seem to be certain characteristics in all the people that smoke marijuana (Tape stopped)

Forces: (—-) complex of numbness retards the growth of receiving and growing of the cells of intuitive forethought.

JU: It means that somebody taking that wouldn’t be able to ever enter into the psychic if they continue to take it?

Forces: They won’t even be able to ah wash their face.

JU: People at work who ask about Cayce?

Forces: Well give it to them if they ask give it to them but do your work do not get lost into guru JU.

JU: Thank you.

JE: In the last session you said there wasn’t infinity that space ended what is on the other side of that?

Forces: Space. A different force field of space continues on the other side of the space you know of it.

IS: There is no such thing as ending of anything?

Forces: No not in this case.

JE: What kind of force field what is different?

Forces: The electrons, protons, neutrons, sobatrons all different trons different forms of energy flow from one galaxy Seer-ob network to the other micro galaxy.

JE: Does it just go on forever I mean–?

Forces: Kind of boring isn’t it.

JE: Its just one galaxy after the next and on and on and on?

Forces: One big pipeline.

JE: Does it continue on and each one of them comprise their own little world?

Forces: Isn’t that amazing. In order for us to travel into ah Tri 42X1 your time would take ah a sum total of 30 million years to the 3rd power, to us we can zip through that in about half a second. So if we can get through that in half a second thank God there’s more space for us to move around.

IS: You don’t know of any thing that is an end?

Forces: We never came across it. We haven’t met Columbus in outer space.

LK: Thank you.

GL: I read a book about a man who traveled through space and became larger, larger and larger until he became so large it was out of this Universe and he wound up in another Universe and he was a small, small person on another world but he was in another Universe altogether is this accurate?

Forces: Well it gives you some thinking power so your mind would not get bogged down in a third dimensional level, it, it is capable of happening to any one of us this type of reasoning and its quite possible they always say that whatever you come up with exists somewhere in the foolish world.

IS: Isn’t that what you just said that to express the feeling of thank God there is no end because to us something might take 30 million years to pass but –?

Forces: Yes we got to remember that if you see something in this house and you say you can’t do it how sad in one respect that the things that you have to do how you limit yourselves everything you see here you can do don’t ever limit yourselves because when you get down to the outside world when you grow up and you go on to the outside world over that end how are you going to handles yourselves when you have to travel from point A to point B in knowledge and wisdom not in time and space. Everything in the spiritual world that you are going to get is reflections of your thoughts that you are making and doing with them now so your heaven or your hell is going to be what you are thinking do you understand that. For on the other side of the world that side everything is counted upon your thinking power and not upon the concrete.

IS: So in reality we are building our heaven or hell what we build here—?

Forces: Limitations are your hell.

IS: Meaning like whatever you find on earth you shall find in heaven, whatever you lose on earth you lose in heaven if you want to live badly on this earth then you might not want to live badly in heaven but that’s how you will because that’s all you achieved?

Forces: That is true.

BR: Did John the Beloved receive Revelation before he was boiled in oil or after?

Forces: He received that in three parts the first showing was on Monday before.

BR: Thank you.

BR: How did he live through the—?

Forces: I think we already went over that ah just dip him in fat before you put him in it there’s a certain force or substance that had been put over him by him sweating too much and nervous of course, and this particular substance with the force of the White Brotherhood of course helped him to get by..

BR: Thank you.

RH: In the Bible Zachariah chapter three and six who’s the man and the servant they call the Branch?

Forces: This is more like the Way shower or the Law Giver.

RH: It seems to be the way they have it in the Bible it seems that it says make way, make ready and that it’s a certain entity like it would be like a King David or–?

Forces: A Way Shower, a Law Giver.

RH: Which one?

Forces: Its not a question of which one it is that is them together one the Title of the Deity the Force, the movement the Way Shower.

IS: The Way shower and the Law Giver are one entity?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Is that Michael?

Forces: No, no, no, no, no. It is just called the Wayshower and the Lawgiver, a Wayshower is the Lawgiver, make way in your consciousness for the Spirit of the Wayshower and the Lawgiver to give you new Revelations and new insight to new spiritual developments to come, everyday is a new day to develop spiritual insight and new thoughts of creation. Its up to you to tune in to the Wayshower and Lawgiver or else the whole day is wasted.

IS: Thank you.

DD: It talks about the 13 rules for interpreting enigmas is that the same as I was reading about before?

Forces: 13 rules for interpreting (——). Laughter yes go ahead.

DD: Is it the same as I was reading about? Would that be the same as the 14 precepts?

Forces: Wait, wait, wait, wait there are certain rules and regulations of interpreting the finite, the infinite and the astral etherical levels of laws when they coincide with certain elements of the earth they must be dissected individually broken down like you have in chemistry or the microscope. The breaking down of elements to the finite particle is not repeat is not going to get the finished answer taking the sum total of it and expanding it could not give you the sum total either way can only give you more roads of movement through knowledge it is accepting the item as is and receiving the totality of that item from the minutest quality to the infinite quality in balance and retrospect this can give only that true knowledge of the item. The 13 laws can break down a particle as in chemistry in such there are 13 steps of infimitizing the elements of the earth causing a gyro-spectrum finishing product of bringing you back to the expanded search of illusion. What we’re trying to say in elementary term is that when you bring an element to the finite quality the finite quality brings you to expansion in such you are running after your own tail so accept the item as the item in front of you and receive the totality of the item from the beginning to the end through intuition, intuition properly functioned in the spirit of man since the beginning of time if man only tuned into intuition rather than the telescope he would have the answers to all his problems. Set the ideal in front of you and the mark will soon be recorded as we say here ‘the des dos des ni nas’ as what was in front of you is also in back of you as what was in back of you was in front of you.

IS: As in the beginning so in the end.

Forces: Yes cat et tail.

IS: So actually just as everything else is infinity and there’s no ending so if anything is broken down and then broken down infinitely and then broken down some more they are going to find the first element from the beginning?

Forces: Correct.

DD: So in the Old Testament this is what happened really it’s where they got off and Jesus brought in a new understanding in the end?

Forces: Correct.

DD: Also when you speak of the forces like in the Tarot does that relate to the Torah?

Forces: It would relate to this.

DD: Eliminating Genesis would it relate to the other four Books?

Forces: It could establish itself in all Five Books of Moses including the three Books of Forgotten.

DD: Where are those Books?

Forces: Their forgotten. (Laughter)

DD: What happened to them?

Forces: When man turns away from the Spiritual force of life the Laws of Moses in their originality is taken away from him for him to croup and strouth in the stones of the earth and start from the beginning of, remember only what you put into the spirit do you retain and get out of the spirit. You cannot fake it either you put into the spirit and you shall take from the spirit or you put not into the Spirit and you take not from the spirit you can only take so much from the earth and then it is stagnated seeds must be planted into the earth to have a rebirth, rebirth is the functioning of the soul within the body to rekindle back in the earth from the beginning of time the spirit of Wisdom mark ye the steps forward each one in a syllable A to Z, Aleph to Beth all things from the beginning has a purpose all work has a Cabalistic number remember this you cannot start with Gimel, you cannot start with Zain you must start from the beginning of the force and through each step on a occult level go through no matter how much you want to get to the end of the alphabet you will not progress through it by violating the occult Law of step line and step remember every step every deed, every task, every force must be followed by a system of choice, must be followed by a system of voice, the voice within you will guide you through it. Each step must be on it and each step must be respected if you force, if you fudge, if you cheat the steps will reveal you the quality of the cheater so the occult Law is everything is matched perfectly and you being perfect will be the Perfector.

IS: Could a person that is on the road towards and yet he is trying not to violate the Laws could he get sicknesses and things like that?

Forces: Repeat.

IS: A person on the road seeking perfection to whatever degree of understanding that person has–?

Forces: Sickness does not reflect the perfection of the evolution sickness is a reflection of expelling the dross or the weighing down factors within the elemental cosmos.

IS: So for the spirit the bodily sickness is actually a cleansing?

Forces: So was it for Job he wasn’t a buffoon he wasn’t a vagabond he wasn’t, take a look at Job young lady and you’ll see your answer recorded in self taught force.

IS: And yet in the Edgar Cayce readings it’s expressed that each sickness is a veering away from God?

Forces: Sometimes the truth can be the absolute lie and that will sum up this, sickness must be put in order and there are some sicknesses that are out of order and there are some sicknesses that are out of harmony but all in all harmony will eventually come to the physical body, this is true, the final truth was revealed in that statement all sickness is disharmony away from God correct but incorrect to a force that one must repel, express, through off the sickness that is one cannot retain the seeds of sickness if the thoughts are wrong the seeds must manifest no—

IS: Yes:

Forces yeah therefore thoughts must be corrected and how do we correct thoughts. How do we correct thoughts.

IS: Prayer and meditation.

Forces: Prayerrrrrrrrrrrrrr. If you pray if you go through that Bible you will have every word to help you through your sickness therefore sickness does not have to touch you if you go through this Bible. Manifestations of certain diseases and disharmonys have to take its course during certain parts of the life force only to be thrown off or learned certain expressions. It is an in-depth type of course that one has to analyze I cannot reveal to you the true totality of this small phrase that harmony brings health sickness is disharmony it is true but how do we help the individual where he’s at.

IS: Right so the thing is to what degree of disharmony or bad seeds are.

Forces: Wonderful every individual is being worked from the disharmony that is around him or her or it every day of your existence on the earth and if you have succeeded the next body will be more in harmony and more in beauty to help than the next and the last.

IS: Does each person eventually have to pick up his body off this earth like Jesus?

Forces: Correct everyone will take home in a sack every atom, every cell that he has ever experienced she too on the earth since the beginning of time, isn’t that a wonderful idea, nothing is lost, God is the great inventor of stinginess.

IS: The 100 people that you said that made it this is what you meant they picked up their bodies after they died came back and picked up their bodies?

Forces: At the moment of death their cells became ignited in light when the cell becomes spiritualized it ignites in light the light is eternal and moves and breathes and has if you look in your Bible what was the first element that God saw that was negative in the Bible what I’m trying to say is what was the first thing that God saw that was not, He created, He created the first thing He created, He created but after creating He noticed something and what did he notice that I speaking about that you must have when you die you transmute your cells and it bursssst into Light when that happens you have raised your physical body from the dead you are a light unto the soul now isn’t that nice, now what was the thing that the Creator, the Elohim, the Deity, the Yahweh, the Zebaoth, the (—-oth?) what did He She notice.

IS: Is it the darkness?

Forces: There right before your eyes.

IS: How would you know if a person was a Master that picked up his body or if one just had a heart attack?

Forces: Because you will see the manifestation of the body in the presence. All masters who have heart attacks could have been masters but they have to keep on going in their development understand.

IS: No.

Forces: It is here (Ya-has-a-davat-ish-ish-a) understand.

Group: Laughter.

Forces: What that means in simple terminology is a Masters Light you shall see, better yet, the Light is Light for all to Light. You will see the radiance of the light in the light itself so a Master when he truly has perfected his circle his, his trial his, his, his spiritualizing his body cells you will see it explode before your eyes and light. You understand.

IS: You mean right at the moment of death instead of the body just being a dead body it will burst into light?

Forces: Now take that concept right, take that concept and put it over here, put your hands and put it over her now you just had taken that concept put it over here, right here it is you see ok see the concept its just a concept anybody see concept, see the concept over there. Now I can let go of that concept, its still floating there right you all see it, its still there even though I take my hands away from it remember that concept, had you forgotten the concept ok then you have another concept here that is the body can remain in a perfect state understand.

IS: After death?

Forces: Does not decay until the Christ Spirit comes back and what happens then there’s a different thing that happens so that’s your second concept a body does not decay then you have your third concept the body decays but the burst sends forth and the burst of energy raises above the physical body and the spirit ascends upward. So you have three conditions the highest condition of Resurrecting the body is the burst and the light and the flame together rises the body, the you have the secondary highest concept the first being this, the second being the body is stable then the third of course is not the worst but its the lowest on the scale of three the body decays but the burst and the light appears at the moment of death understand.

IS: Yes so in that case there is definite physical signs to indicate a Master from just a heart attack and therefore those people in California–?

Forces: Heart attacks be careful now careful don’t jump, jumping to conclusions on a spiritual level can lead to trouble understand.

IS: Yes.

Forces: Yes. The Heart is the what.

IS: The Love center?

Forces: Oh no, no, no, no the Heart is.

IS: The resurrecting center?

Forces: No, no, no all right yes granted all of these things is right but the Heart is the–.

DD: Flame.

Forces: The Flame. When the Heart has a heart attack it explodes understand, no you don’t.

IS: And so at that point–?

Forces: It has manifested the third lowest level of resurrection.

IS: That’s the explosion?

Forces: That’s all there you go.

IS: So it doesn’t really have like a physical glow or something coming–?

Forces: Yes it does you ever see a person who has a heart attack my dear he is glowing, look watch see those majority of people who have a heart attack have fulfilled the third lowest resurrection.

IS: My father?

Forces: Included.

LK: So does that mean a Heart attack isn’t a negative way to die?

Forces: No its not it means that the Love Center has filled up with so much pain and turmoil and wanting to do and yet the restrictions of the earth had stopped it and the Hearts last battle is what. To explode the Love into the earth isn’t that a wonderful concept.

IS: Also that’s one way of getting rid of the Blob.

Forces: Oh of course you know kind of a messy situation too.

IS: Right that’s the best way to bust up the blob for good?

Forces: Yeah hadn’t thought of that there.

DD: Is that like the Phoenix rising out of the ashes?

Forces: Right now its closer to can be suited as such but the Phoenix rising out of the ashes is what, the Spirit rising out of the body understand.

IS: Yes.

Forces: And rising out of the body is the spirit that comes through here, but doesn’t go through here mind you when we die as you do when you sleep where does it come from, the Bowl right, the Silver Bowl so in this particular course of learning the heart explodes in a heart attack what you creatures see as a heart attack nasty creature but in reality it is what the fulfillment of the first resurrection, isn’t that wonderful.

IS: So there are three?

Forces: Of course there are three resurrections you didn’t know that did you?

IS: No.

Forces: Yes.

IS: And was Jesus one of the three or the fourth?

Forces: There’s only three resurrections.

IS: Yes but Jesus did it still different he died then he came back manifested then he picked up his body.

Forces: No, no, no, no. Jesus died ok right and willingly postponed the picking up of the body to go into Hades and pick up the cells of the bodies that were left in Hell that were part of him.

IS: Part of him?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Was Adam in Hades?

Forces: Contained there for that moment so his Christ-Self could come down and pick up those cells. Isn’t it a wonderful experience to know that you creatures have gotten the information.

IS: So actually there was no other place to put all those bodies but in Hades?

Forces: Correct because the gates of Wisdom and Love and Beauty were closed therefore all cells had to be refined in the fire and the fire was Christ had to go back into his Heart to pick up the cells.

IS: So in reality did Jesus die of a heart attack on the cross?

Forces: He died of an explosion of the heart in the cross.

IS: Are there cases of heart attacks that are not–?

Forces: All heart attacks are the beginning of the third resurrection.

IS: Thank you very much.

DD: Could you explain how the Book of Job connects into this?

Forces: We’ll do that another time.

DD: Thank you.

Forces: At this point we will be resuming and speaking to you later on, we will return and speak to you soon.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.