Session-236 6/7/79

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: It seems that there’s these strange forces moving throughout this country. We ah would say that the feelings throughout your country (—) general unrest many situations and the many strange happenings throughout the month of June and July as far as personal feelings and opinions of people. We also find a great black market found in the hospitals in which would be uncovered and cause a great deal of dissatisfaction. We would also find a great exiting of drugs and supplies from major hospitals in major cities throughout the country. We again see trouble on the seas and collisions of oil freighters planned again to make their oil prices higher. We find some strange happening between Vietnam and its neighbors generally a encounter with the so called former Cambodia section just a general uneasiness throughout the area and also find great swarms of strange types of fish in the ocean coming and going on land and off land in a strange peculiar manner in short its going to be filled chock full of strange happenings and (you’ll?) put it in your garbage dump from outer space. We are watching this particular instrument and find it very barbaric in many of its conditions we might take a intermediate reaction or so called invert a certain path to dump it where it might not do too much harm to man or beast. We would like to dump it in Houston where NASA is found its headquarters (——) a window in NASA they seem to be not concerned about where its going to land in the earth I wonder if they would be just as not concerned if they knew it was going to land in its own back yard ah I think it would be a different story or tune but there is still much more about this than would meet the eye I mean they seemed to have planned its course of impact off the coast of Africa or if it misses that it will hit right between New York and Washington so what we can do is slam it into Africa or slam it into New York one or the other. The general deviation of the pattern and the plan for it to make an impact into the earth we are trying to work on it and interfere with its own structure without too many people realizing what would be going on. This is a minor incident compared to all the major certain major conditions (—-) about in the days to come.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Is there any advice for the entity Tom?

Forces: He’s setting on the course of the learning factor and moving forward as best as possible totally being receptive and attentive to situations and ideas to come about and applying them with each passing day.

IS: Thank you.

IS: What did Abihu and Nadab the sons of Aaron do on the alter that killed them the strange incense what was it.

Forces: This is more or less invoking a strange spirit.

IS: Is Abihu the son of Aaron the same Abihu as in that writing that I started?

Forces: You would find the same alliance.

IS: So what happened I can’t remember if he was good or?

Forces: He was good up to a certain point.

IS: What he did then like in the old days they had strange gods in the temple because they had to keep up the appearance and then they had the secret teachings for themselves the Levites?

Forces: This is correct.

IS: So when they came to the desert Abihu wanted that which was only an appearance and got involved in it?

Forces: This is correct.

IS: In his mind he was trying to set up what they had in Egypt?

Forces: This is correct.

IS: Thank you.

IS: The kosher Laws that were set up the blood and the fat and the different kind of animals we are allowed to eat and not. Was that for health reasons?

Forces: More or less.

IS: But there are other reasons to?

Forces: Well they were different evolution and stages of development that was going on in that period of consciousness.

IS: But it cannot be said that those rules are obsolete today?

Forces: There’s not an obsolete Law ever they still have its impact and its standards.

IS: If you eat blood it’s more of a chance of taking in animal qualities within the blood stream that will fight the spiritual blood cells.

Forces: We find something similar to this condition.

IS: And the fat?

Forces: Same (—) for the structure of the body.

IS: So it’s still valid?

Force: Yes its (—–).

IS: Thank you.

IS: Now at one time you talked about a perfume scandal did this already happen?

Forces: Well what do you mean by perfume scandal.

IS: I don’t know.

Forces: Ump. It’s in the making.

IS: And the scandal with the doctors in the hospitals is that body snatching?

Forces: (Its) a combination, organs, operations, internal suggestions, malpractice, feelings, situations onslaught behaviors, negligence all sorts of nonsense.

IS: The Lord of the Rings seems to me like very similar to the Covenant books except in a much more positive manner is that correct?

Forces: This is accurate ones a mental concept in fighting and also congenial of the second dimensional world the other ones of the spiritual nature.

IS: And that’s why the Tolkien books made it to eternity almost?

Forces: This is correct.

IS: They are the spiritual things on the second dimension they are actual beings the whole thing is in existence right?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Lets assume if I come up with the thought pattern of a world or I go into a thought and somebody else goes into a thought the world the way we think it is or the way it should be or whatever does that actually manifest someplace?

Forces: It will in time.

IS: You mean just to that person that manifested it?

Forces: Not really to the world.

IS: You mean to say that there is not an idea that is not going to be exercised. (manifested?)

Forces: In its own variation and form correct.

IS: The good and the bad?

Forces: This has to be.

IS: Everybody’s?

Forces: Indirectly the strongest ones the ones that have the strongest force.

IS: That could be the bad too?

Forces: The good usually outdo that.

IS: So in that case what would be created is again—?

Forces: That’s right.

IS: That’s what happened?

IS: Thank you very much.

IS: Do angels have freewill?

Forces: No.

IS: Then what happened with Lucifer?

Forces: He rebelled against the so-called freewill pattern the submission of will. In this rebellion he’s still limited in his freewill.

IS: But yet if they don’t have freewill to begin with how can they rebel?

Forces: There’s a certain percentage of their own will that they move around this is not considered freewill as man is.

IS: But yet with that little bitty he managed to–?

Forces: Create a temporal stalemate for the moment.

IS: That’s a question that has been asked of me. He was an archangel?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And he was created perfect?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Now how can imperfection come out of perfection when there is no freewill?

Forces: This is true.

IS: How can that happen?

Forces: In if his downfall it is still made perfect.

IS: So in that case its all part of the pattern its all part of what has to be?

Forces: Part of a development of the conscious mind.

IS: Do you mean to say that in reality, in the real, real, reality he did not fall down he just exercised (? manifested?) what he had to exercise.

Forces: Well we have to be careful here but there is a certain amount of destiny involved.

IS: But how did he manage to do an act of freewill?

Forces: Just by voicing the opinion.

IS: Do I understand it?

Forces: Think you have an idea of it now.

IS: It’s just the degree like if I was perfect and just said Boo then it would destroy me?

Forces: It would have an affect.

IS: And that’s what happened?

Forces: To its own degree this is correct.

IS: And yet in reality he might still be a billion times more perfect than any one of us?

Forces: Well he does have its shortcomings.

IS: But yet he was a perfect creation?

Forces: In the beginning.

IS: Since our separation from God came from our desires is it then that we must do that which we desire least in order to get back to God?

Forces: Well you put it in such rough terminologies you desire to get back to God you never really do the things you desire least because getting back to God you do things you desire most.

IS: So the question is nil because if that question is ask that means desire for God is not really that strong?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Thank you very much.

BH: With those Psalms 121 to 135 when you said ten to four is that in the day time or at night?

Forces: You would find it at day and during the night.

BH: Those Psalms 121 to 126 was given for the Thyroid and the Thymus are all of them for the Thyroid and the Thymus?

Forces: Of course not no.

BH: Could it be given what the rest of them are for?

Forces: To help you along with each passing day certain particular glands has a different part of that Psalm.

BH: Thank you.

Forces: First you have it going from the Leyden center to the Adrenal from the Adrenal to the Pituitary-Pineal from the Pituitary-Pineal to the Thyroid the Thyroid to the Thymus.

IS: It’s like the Lords Prayer then?

Forces: Correct.

BH: Could you give me something for strengthening will power?

Forces: I can do it, I can do it, in Gods help I can do it, God help me I can do it.

BH: Thank you.

BH: The prayer fro Mercy I’ve been saying lately what the thing with Mercy?

Forces: Mercy gives you a certain perception of intuitive receiving and giving and knowledge.

IS: Isn’t really Mercy the highest thing we can hope for?

Forces: Yes it gives you Revelations of Wisdom.

NN: Is that what entitles us to Mercy Bible says he who is merciful we show mercy?

Forces: This would be correct.

NN: Thank you.

IS: But yet we never are really entitled to Mercy?

Forces: It is a gift.

NN: Thank you.

GL: Could you explain what they’re finding in the Universe the Black Holes are?

Forces: These are doorways into other galaxies.

GL: Also the Quasars what are they?

Forces: This is the combustion of other galaxies to be formed.

GL: The black holes and the quasars are they points where matter is created?

Forces: There’s a vacuum of silence.

GL: Thank you very much.

JU: Is there any advice you can give me at this time?

Forces: Just keep moving forward try to do as best as you can regret what you do, do for the benefit of your self and as you do, do these things to benefit in your own development around yourself.

JU: Thank you.

IS: Is there any advice for myself?

Forces: Generally doing a good job just keep moving and perceiving what has to be done as it’s given.

IS: And for David?

Forces: Movement is being had but its what would be called a reception of other so-called metaphysical knowledge that is being given or being received through the periods of time.

DD: Is he all right physically?

Forces: Nothing more than what a good book would solve.

DD: You mean to say boredom?

Forces: Not directly it’s just the right type of book filled up with all the answers he wants.

IS: Why is he thinning out.

Forces: We would advise a certain amount of concentrating on eating certain things too and getting involved taking time to eat.

IS: Thank you.

RU: In the Bible where one of David’s sons counsels the other one to pretend like he’s sick so he can have Tamar what happened to the son who advised his brother to play sick?

Forces: More or less he lived a life of what would be called crippled in certain situations.

RU: Has Amnon reincarnated in anyone we would know?

Forces: Well he has reincarnated but no one particularly famous for the worldly situations.

RU: Thank you.

LK: Also with religions the way they are today what do the various religions prepare the souls who enter into that religion for in a spiritual sense?

Forces: More or less a certain form of religion has a certain aspect within the soul to make it develop a discipline it is just to discipline the mind to move it on into the spiritual world of evolution.

LK: Someone that’s a Baptist and their a good Baptist what’s that going to do for them in their next life?

Forces: Well it helps them on details to concentrate on details and really generally the Baptist have a lot to work with.

LK: What would someone have to do in this life to where they would come back in the next life as a Baptist?

Forces: Have to be pretty bad ah we would say they would have to be generally people who were out west in the early 1800s and had all sorts of lively well its we’re not going to stereotype a religion here but it won’t hurt.

LK: I was brought up as a Presbyterian but really the only reason I went was to play on the church baseball team.

Forces: Not really there are certain other things within side you that you were seeking after.

LK: Thank you.

IS: And the Catholics?

Forces: This is a combination of all the mysticism and from A to Z this is one of the religions that has everything going for it.

IS: So they still are the highest form of –?

Forces: It is the highest form of development in the evolution of the occult.

IS: Except they don’t realize that’s it’s the occult?

Forces: Well you don’t use the word occult but they do use the word mysticism.

IS: Meaning like the mysteries?

Forces: Occult.

IS: What religion would be next highest?

Forces: The Presbyterian, the Episcopal then you have the Lutheran, the Methodist of course Jewish people are a class all by themselves they have a club that nobody enters. (Laughter)

IS: They are not far from Christianity except far away?

Forces: Well they still also are in mysticism if they could only understand what they have the majority of them.

IS: They are afraid of it?

Forces: Well they respect it in fear.

IS: But they are afraid of mysticism?

Forces: Well.

IS: Why is every religion afraid of mysticism?

Forces: So they wouldn’t be labeled as crazy but yet they’re just as crazy.

IS: Every religion started through mysticism?

Forces: Yes but don’t tell them that.

IS: How can they ignore it?

Forces: Because they want to.

IS: Is it easier?

Forces: It’s easier.

IS: Thank you very much.

DD: When you were talking about riddles the other day you said the ethers about the earth wasn’t affected by them how does that work?

Forces: There are certain laws and messages within the earth that cannot be revealed openly the only way these laws can be revealed to the subconscious area is through riddles it is a doorway in which the law of Revelation comes through without being stopped by Satan. It is through a riddle that information of how to handle situations and laws and barriers around self that one can come up with the answers.

IS: So the Tarot cards are also a riddles?

Forces: Correct.

DD: Is it possible to take a sentence somebody asks a question and whatever the question is the answers already in the question?

Forces: Chances are if you take four people one writing a question down and one writing the answer you will find the answer to the question around the four people.

DD: By going back and forth?

Forces: It is a what you would call a string, thing, ling theory coming from China sounds like something you eat too but the string, thing, ling theory is that information revolves around the earth constantly, inspiration revolves also around the earth constantly in which when anything needs to be known it is up to the individual to tap into that knowledge that surrounds the earth through many, many, many years of learning all learning stays around the earth so all knowledge can be given to anyone all they need is time and patience to tap into it by doing so you get the answers so four people dealing with the four elements of the earth, four winds, four sides concentrate on this knowledge which comes in through the different sectors of the earth and rooms square rooms are not so ah difficult to receive it the more in a form but round rooms seems to be more receptive to these elements round rooms also create a certain unbalance within the mind which causes certain freaking out type experience therefore square rooms at the moment is more congenial to society because of the inspiration and information needed for the evolution pattern of its cycle.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: None of us like modern designing but when we talk about spaceships it sounds very modern?

Forces: Well you have to understand that in space you have to accumulate and store and make use of the most for that area of space therefore the best way to travel is modern of course.

IS: So your spaceships are like that?

Forces: No we have no furniture on our spaceships we just go in a tube everything wrapped–.

IS: In a tube?

Forces: (——).

IS: You mean each entity goes into a tube?

Forces: Yeah.

IS: I don’t understand?

Forces: Me either.

IS: That’s how you travel?

Forces: Yeah don’t knock it.

IS: But in a tube?

Forces: We don’t make complaints about your cars. (Laughter)

IS: Well what size tube is it?

Forces: I beg your pardon. (Laughter)

IS: A circular room?

Forces: Yes it is a circular room.

IS: Much larger than yourselves?

Forces: Oh yes definitely we wouldn’t be able to move around if it was smaller.

IS: It is rooms–?

Forces: Oh it’s roomy.

IS: -like a honeycomb is it?

Forces: Yeah we call it home. Its not honey but its home.

IS: The shape inside?

Forces: Circular.

IS: Like many circles like?

Forces: Well no were not like that.

IS: So its one big room?

Forces: No it’s several big rooms.

IS: Do you have a lot of what we would call mirror and stuff like that?

Forces: Well we have that for affect.

IS: But those ships really are entities?

Forces: Oh yes.

IS: The ship itself isn’t it a living thing.

Forces: Yes.

IS: Isn’t it the Hayoth?

Forces: Call it whatever you want to call it that’s what it is.

IS: It is, isn’t it the Holy Living Creatures?

Forces: Yes we are vibrating in a force field that gives us pulsation all the forms and bodies come together and move the ship.

IS: Those are the Living Creatures right?

Forces: Yes we are living creatures.

IS: No, no.

Forces: No, no, no.

IS: There is a thing like one of the hierarchies that is called ah the Hayoth?

Forces: That’s great.

IS: Living creatures?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And are they the ones?

Forces: Yeah they’re the ones.

IS: Because Hayoth really represents some sort of animal or burden type of creature?

Forces: Ur-upt this is getting kind of heavy therefore you are hitting upon a certain field of energy and a certain field of knowledge and a certain field of mechanics of how we operate its not a bird of the way you would think a bird is but it is a form of life substance that give movement throughout the galaxies.

IS: But they are one of the hierarchies?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Except this is their function?

Forces: Yes movement.

Forces: At this point we are about ready to move ourselves we will talk to you again later on this week.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.