Session 234-5/17/79

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We have situations on large levels and small ones that needed to be changed. There is a lot of inability of move and to get ready for the many different amounts of ideas (that) are to come through in the weeks ahead. We find very strong ah panic in the United States with that so-called oil problem. If only there was a certain amount of calmness and sharing with each state then it would not be that bad but the (—-) itself kind of makes it worse than what it is. Calming down these particular problems would be a strong help in situations. We will directly get involved with certain foreign countries try to balance out a certain hard feelings. We looking towards Saudi Arabia as mellowing their certain hard stand against this particular country but nonetheless it is critical times for personal developments and for single sacrifices that you all must be aware of moving through with as best what would be said of cooperation between person and persons. We find also that certain points moving along in the house here that each one must analyze themselves and not become stuck or stagnated in thought patterns that would be very difficult to break in time to come. Don’t crystalize in a force of thoughts that would be very difficult to come out of. We also will try to ease certain other conditions and bring forth other experience of development in many as again respects for the culture of the psychic and spiritual world to come.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

LK: I want to thank you with the court thing?

Forces: How did you like us being the judge?

LK: The judge was really nice.

Forces: Of course we had our finger in the pot.

LK: Also I want to thank you for the opportunity of doing the stained glass in the restaurant.

Forces: Well remember one thing this will and is part of the artistic flair we were speaking about. It is also a chance for you to analyze your potential that in your creativeness you cannot do it by yourself totally that if you are to be successful you need a female recipient of spiritual force in order to make the work creative. Creativity is essential in all that one does and when one turns on to the spiritual female force whoever or wherever it is found they are guaranteed success accomplishment and tremendous evolution in there own personal strides.

LK: Thank you.

IS: You’ll help us with the designing of the glass?

Forces: we have some ideas of what we would like to communicate in this particular expression of murals’. Maybe you could express a certain amount of pictorial foliage of other planets or other distant civilizations in a abstract and a very ah lucrative way form style and division.

LK: Would any be similar to Tom’s paintings of Atlantis?

Forces: Well this could be done but you will be and directed to express certain also spiritual forms of lifting off.

IS: The foliage for all of them or something different for the window there?

Forces: More or less you will find certain themes in certain corners and other particular theme in another section.

IS: Like two, two and one?

Forces: It could be done.

IS: Thank you.

IS: The Scared Straight Program how beneficial is it?

Forces: It does have a certain amount of affect on then children. Lets put it into perspective there is a certain amount of affect on there attitudes and we in our own way find that it is helpful in curtailing their aggressive behavior to civilization or to society. It kind of makes them the recipient of what they have been giving out to others.

IS: They try and show that it didn’t affect them but there is a subconscious affect?

Forces: It does have the certain amount of curtailing the aggressive behavior to not only there personalities but it has affected their what would be considered psychic or psyche relationship with reality.

IS: So in that case there is no thing like some kids can go and some kids can’t actually hell should be scary for those that aren’t the big offenders either?

Forces: Any children or child in adolescent stage that commits breaks becomes the aggressor becomes a violent factor in the environmental chain must in one respect on safe grounds receive and be the recipient of such actions to themselves mind you on safe grounds they have received the same particular want and what would be considered aggressive behavior that they had or have leashed out on citizens who are not on so called safe grounds so here they have the opportunity of receiving what they dish out by those particular convicts who have what you would considered worldly experience the what would be said personality traits of arrogance and cockiness of self assurance and what would be considered attitude to conquer and subdue as many as possible around you for that power gained of position.

IS: Was this program started through you?

Forces: Well a chain reaction of experience and affected by our own particular force.

IS: Thank you.

HI: Is there some guidance you can give me for the next few months please?

Forces: We would suggest that there will be certain amount of information and spiritual revelation given to you to express some of the qualities and innate artistic ability coming through to you in the next three weeks. It should be geared or directed through certain drawings and styles and then particularly working on materials to put them into style or shape or form also working with clay or pottery could be an expression that would be a tremendous help for certain artistic or cultural expressions with this force.

HI: Thank you very much.

JB: Could you help me with the things I should be working on at this time?

Forces: More or less trying just to do what you have to do slowing down and not to be affected by those around you if they understand what your trying to say rather than do what needs to be done and be like the column a strong column that they can lean upon and stand upon that is when a person leans against a column and if the column says ouch the persons naturally going to freak out. So generally try to gear yourself to be the strong pillar and then they will rely upon you in many particular cases and the desired affect that you are asking or searching for will be accomplished.

JB: Thank you.

RH: Any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: We find that there is a certain amount of perception and evolution that you will be going through but a certain amount of revelation and insight that will be given to you in the weeks to come to help you to understand the pattern and plans and also insight on the creation and the activity about to happen.

RH: Thank you.

Forces: Try to concentrate one time that you read the Psalms through three Psalms during certain parts of the day and use that as your commitment for a period of three to four months.

RH: Thank you very much.

BR: I would like to apologize for what happened today and if its possible can you help me with any guidance?

Forces: We find that certain routine jobs that you have set yourself to do allows a certain amount of so called I know what I have to do attitude. In accomplishing your job it does carry through that doing a particular job over and over again can lead to a certain amount of assuredness. Assuredness is not bad but it becomes bad when it blocks the pattern of learning and perception and giving out to that of the unknown factor. We would suggest that you gear yourself open to learning everything possible in your particular jobs that you must handle and also to gear yourself into what would be considered spiritual receptivity rather than worldly allegorical stands or statutes of finite being in short carry your mind from worldly situations and analyzing it into a spiritual factor and perception of spiritual wisdom in your learning.

BR: Thank you.

GL: Would there be any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: With our last advice to move slowly and to do things carefully step by step we are just stressing a point that try just to perceive what would be considered the awareness of being receptive to elements around you just trying to be receptive to these elements and listening not committing or not expressing but rather just being receptive.

GL: Is there anything to help the entities chest?

Forces: This is a over amount of foliage and weather conditions pollen all sorts of other conditions. The biggest one is the moment from x to x everything is a reflection of everything else around the moment of this particular group on out into other particular styles and movements of spirit is what he the entity is speaking through is moving through and for you. There are many invisible barriers that must be brought down and put aside so they do not affect nor touch your lives in so doing it is a invisible battle to that is going on. Conditions can be alleviated but remember the movements in certain particular cases can alleviate situations if what would be considered steam in the engine is put at its right factor therefore certain conditions can be given to alleviate the situation but we must also look deeper into private conditions that sacrifice and moving this to go the extra footage so that the accomplishment can be had and the preparation and the readiness for the other lessons and experiencing to be done can be received and accomplished.

GL: Thank you.

BH: With the Holy Spirit coming down the people gathered, can you tell us about them?

Forces: They were there for protection and some of them were afraid of the situation remember fear itself were always a part of the Apostles until they called upon the Holy Spirit to guide their lives. Fear too is part of some of your lives because your failure to just call upon the spirit to guide you. Fear is not necessary it is not a necessary thing to have there is no reason to fear, fear is a comfortable way to excuse oneself from getting involved. It is a easy way to say I don’t have to move from where I am at fear is a unnecessary part of ones development but none the less there is the elements of fear that is necessary but it is not what would be considered the end product. Fear is a catalyst to move one through something but it is to be dropped aside as fast as one can move or fly through those particular experiences.

BH: Thank you.

BH: Is there any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: Yes just move and with confidence then all things will be taken care of.

BH: Thank you.

NN: Eve eating the apple time wise would that have been May-June or what season?

Forces: At that particular time all seasons were one.

NN: Thank you.

NN: Also with Mary and the Assumption was it the same place Jesus Ascended?

(Somebody fiddling with tape recorder in the back)

Forces: It’s totally like a hamster in your back pocket. (Laughter)

Forces: What did you say.

NN: The place of Mary’s Assumption?

Forces: Correct.

NN: Could you say about what time of day it was?

Forces: Four fifteen and thirty seconds. (Laughter)

NN: Was that in the morning?

Forces: That was in the morning hours.

NN: How many people were there?

Forces: As many who could have made it at that early hour 15 to 24.

NN: Thank you.

NN: Also with Psalm 37 do I understand correctly does that help the aspects of justice trips and meanness?

Forces: Yes it, it does it can help you there.

NN: Is it the beginning of a cycle of Psalms or the end or middle, like a group of 7?

Forces: In the beginning.

NN: It starts a cycle?

Forces: Yes.

NN: Thank you very much.

IS: The Assumption a ship came and took her?

Forces: Something like that.

IS: So there were other people present?

Forces: Yes.

IS: So they knew what happened?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Did they actually see the ship?

Forces: Well they saw a cloud.

IS: She went up into the cloud?

Forces: Yes.

NN: It has the physical appearance of a cloud?

Forces: Yes.

NN: Thank you.

IS: Sometimes when we see funny clouds or shaped into–?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Thank you.

JU: Those great civilizations before the Atlantean-

Forces: Yes.

JU: -or before fall

Forces: Yes.

JU: – that you mentioned last session-

Forces: Yes.

JU: Were the souls that were the 144,000-

Forces: Yes.

JU: involved in those civilizations?

Forces: Yes.

JU: They were?

Forces: Yes. (Laughter)

JU: So they incarnated before-

Forces: Yes.

JU: -they came in-

Forces: Yes.

JU: later with Adam?

Forces: Yes.

JU: Sometimes several years ago ah we had a session where you gave to us lifetimes and names of our Atlantean incarnations.

Forces: Yes.

JU: Could you give us a lifetime of the entity Tom at that time?

Forces: No.

JU: Thank you.

Forces: Yes.

DL: When John the Beloved was boiled in oil how did he go through that experience without dying of a heart attack, was it like the three brothers in the furnace or what happened.

Forces: Well it was a strange condition some say he put a particular lubricant around his body that the oil could not penetrate others say that it did produce a certain amount of burn but he recovered and others say that it was a miracle.

Forces: Do you say it was a miracle?

Forces: Oh yes we always go for the (uncertain). (Laughter)

DL: When that happened would the Holy Spirit acting through him would it protect him from the oil?

Forces: It was the Holy Spirit; it came down and covered him.

DL: So it was like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego?

Forces: Well it was kind of messy but the Holy Spirit can only work during certain conditions at certain times now don’t get me wrong, the Holy Spirit can work all the time but there is certain evolutions that must be followed that all well at that particular time certain manifestations were to be done.

IS: Did he get that badly burned?

Forces: Certain parts got scorched.

IS: The people that were burning him or boiling him did they at a certain point say well its no use to do it any longer to him?

Forces: Correct, correct.

IS: Was he conscious the whole time?

Forces: He was taken up.

IS: Did any of those people that were boiling him become Christians?

Forces: Some did yes.

IS: Because of this experience.

Forces: Yes.

DL: Thank you very much.

DD: IS was talking the other day about how the energy goes through the different Tribes and how its different nations coming into manifestation. Could you explain a little bit about this?

Forces: There is set upon the clock of time energy forces that go through a certain key, the key is designated with a particular tribe and shape, design, color and star. This energy comes through a certain constellation and goes into the earth picking up on that particular tribe or force or element or country or county or ideal. All those who have that same particular tribe, idealism receives the benefit of the rays of the spiritual factors of life.

DD: So the energy is going to Simeon next?

Forces: The Sign points to that next.

DD: What center would that be?

Forces: This would be the awakening what would be called the, well this we find as forgiveness or past deeds or the leyden section balancing out and making reprimands or making atonements for past actions.

DD: If Simeon represents the leyden section—?

Forces: They do not represent the leyden center it is a quality aspect of the leyden center.

DD: It is the sense related to the leyden?

Forces: It is the factors of forgiveness and sense quality of (tape stopped some missed)

IS: is there a (heritage?)—

Forces: Page 578 in the Bible will find some answers and the 23rd verse go ahead.

IS: But with the brothers there is that kind of destiny that the heritage must move on for all the brothers eventually?

Forces: Correct, correct absolutely correct, correct.

IS: In that case it is really those brothers evolution and the offshoot from that and the shadows or whatever I don’t know how to explain it but it is (—-) in the (—) in the final thing that had to make the whole entire thing the whole circle?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Is that like the 12 brothers or the 13 tribes?

Forces: Yes correct thank you.

DD: On the Apostles you gave the other day you gave ah 3 sets of 3, is that a key of how they go with the tribes?

Forces: This is a major key uh-huh.

DD: Also on Reuben, Simeon and Levi you said along time ago the tribes represent the 7 spiritual centers and the 5 senses is that the 7 centers in the earth not the 3 higher ones?

Forces: We could find them to relate to such.

DD: So Reuben, Simeon and Levi, Judah and Gad represent the senses?

Forces: Are the Major factors of the earth.

DD: And the rest of them are the 7 centers?

Forces: This is correct. We have here an ability of the light dark theory and also the ability of the white black theory. Remember there are only two types of souls or personalities in the earth good or bad unfortunately this is not what would be considered the ah theories of the Science Fiction Movies of the 1920s of Flash Gordon. There is this element of good and bad in the earth and it’s as simple as that. There is a struggle from the grey line into good or into bad but remember once you make a commitment into good or into bad you evolve deeper into the animal force or higher up into the spiritual force. Now if you find yourself caught into the grey area take Dr. Pepper and move forward into one or the other. Grey areas last a certain period of time before certain other conditions take over so remember if you find yourself gravitating into a what would be considered black force area, evil force, negative force, selfish force don’t stay there too long, get out of there fast read the Bible is your blueprint, your roadmap into the White force area. Concentrate on spiritual things and get around those factors of prayer and meditation as best as you can to get you elevated from the stagnated area into the White force area and beyond. This is a very important key in your evolution pattern.

IS: (—–)?

Forces: These three entities are what would be called migrating from grey into the White back into the grey. They must strive to stay in the white area and this takes every day commitments, every day disciplines.

IS: Why is the fear of change so great upon certain entities?

Forces: More or less the security of the unknown and that of the ultimate, some feel that if you do the same step you won’t grow old.

IS: That’s impossible.

Forces: We all know this but some feel that if you stop with a certain beat it is like sitting down to dinner and never finishing it therefore you will always be preserving time. It is a kind of strange way of looking at things but it is not the right attitude to have.

IS: MM how is she doing?

Forces: It can be alright if the mother aspect kind of develops and relinquishes the certain feelings otherwise MM is doing fine certain attention by the senior citizens in the group could help the development of her growth it wouldn’t hurt to show some attention to her in a good way to make her feel more secure with herself and her personality.

IS: Thank you.

DD: I was thinking about using Soapstone dust to make paint. Could you give me a formula?

Forces: Well you can have a certain percentage of linseed oil, a certain percentage of zinc oxide, a certain percentage of bi, or bail, or lets see pyril, pathil, pacal well you wouldn’t find it hear on the earth lets see substitute that with a certain amount what would be considered chlorine, cloney, clora, well take that linseed oil 42, 41 percent the other items two to ten percent your certain amount of ah soapstone four to five percent no more than four percent, five percent would be dangerous and certain amount of dyes of certain points considered more or less a–?

Forces: What are you going to do the paint with. What are you going to paint.

DD: For a house paint outside.

Forces: Well then just go to Moore paint store and pick up a can of paint. You could also use chromium oxide mixed with ah a certain amount of calcium, calcium hyrochlorine. That should do you for a while and don’t blow yourself up.

DD: How much percent of the chromium chloride or oxide?

Forces: You’ll find it its ah.

DD: How much percent?

Forces: Three percent to a half a percent of the other.

DD: And the rest linseed oil?

Forces: Yes. It will (dissolve?) (If you do that?).

DD: Thank you very much.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving and speak to you again.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.