Session 233-3/13/79

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We have been pushing certain items through this area and find that many tests and trials will begin. As we had stated in other meetings the moment is now at hand. That this for different states and conditions will be judged, weighted in the balance. Major cities will have a most difficult time of handling this transition. Those cities that have disciplined themselves and managed to present some basis of order will maintain a certain amount of conditions. We also see that now is the time to be patient and rejuvenate the energies about and make use of the time of waiting. We also find that through these tests will bring a lot of good qualities developing and expressing of finer ideas in the making. We do ask that certain attentions be given to spiritual ideas and insights. (——) (——-) with more items later on.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

DD: Could you tell me how the measuring rod spoken of relates to Noah’s Ark as a measuring instrument?

Forces: It measures the destiny, the evolution of mankind through the different eras and epochs of his development.

DD: Is it the same as the measurement of Noah’s Ark?

Forces: You would find displayed in such a requisitions of number and power an instrument that would reveal a system.

DD: Could I be given anything on how it could be constructed?

Forces: Simply taking the finer qualities and attributes of living and apply them (in a?) different stage of evolution.

DD: Thank you.

JU: Could you tell us who Gandhi was in the Bible?

Forces: Gandhi was a (Long silence). Question.

JU: Gandhi was Esau?

Forces: If you did see him that was good. (Laughter)

JU: Jacobs’s brother?

Forces: In that linage correct.

BH: The Holy Spirit and the Apostles they were able to heal. What other ways did it affect them?

Forces; It gave enlightenment and foresight. The spiritual factors meaning, that particular life all those around them were living in a fear from darkness.

IS: Which city will be hit the worst in the time that is starting now? Which city is the most undisciplined in the United States?

Forces: The cities that are located in California and also those that are found in the Michigan area and in the eastern part.

IS: Eastern part meaning New York?

Forces: Near that area.

IS: How is New York on that scale?

Forces: It’s a one to ten we would rate it a number eight ten being the worst.

IS: What manner will New York get hit?

Forces: All sorts of different ways not directing it to it there are certain things that could prevent it.

IS: Like Prayer?

Forces: For example.

IS: But that has been always the case and I don’t know how much that can change how much time do they have left between, do they still have time to change?

Forces: Time isn’t the factor here sincerity is.

IS: So there isn’t a designated thing that’s going to happen to them at a certain time?

Forces: We didn’t say that.

IS: So there is a Zero moment?

Forces: In ever-particular case it can always be combated.

IS: Even the last moment if prayer started?

Forces: This could be true.

IS: Which one is the best city?

Forces: Its kind of hard to say.

IS: Which are the cities that will not be hit?

Forces: Every city will be affected just as cities that have the majority of major schools and learning’s that will move through easily.

IS: What are some of the ways these cities are going to be hit?

Forces: Just a lack of certain food items and lack in the inability of moving from place to place.

IS: The gasoline shortage that’s what that’s all about?

Forces: It is a beginning.

IS: So food cannot come into the cities?

Forces: Certain items like that.

IS: Should I take some families out of New York?

Forces: This is beyond your control to take them out where they want to be.

IS: Thank you.

IS: The tower of Babel when was it before Noah after Noah or during the time of Noah?

Forces: The Tower of Babel happened relatively near or to the point of Noah some say relatively after the Noah incident.

IS: What do you say when did it really happen?

Forces: We give it the point of after.

IS: So how long after were they able to create again such a civilization?

Forces: No more than a thousand, no less than five.

IS: Hundred years?

Forces: No more than a thousand years no less than five thousand.

IS: So they had forgotten what happened to Noah?

Forces: We all have a tendency of forgetting.

IS: Actually if its five thousand years nobody here remembers what happened with Moses something like that?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Now what happened to the sons of Moses and what linage did they end up with where are they now?

Forces: It was merged with the desert people.

IS: The Levites or period anybody?

Forces: Just the desert people.

IS: Oh the Bedouins you mean?

Forces: Correct.

IS: That’s Zipporahs sons.

IS: Did he have any children by the black women?

Forces: A few.

IS: What happened to them?

Forces: They merged into the mountain people.

IS: Are they the Druses?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Is that part of that secret religion?

Forces: Part of it.

IS: Do they know their heritage?

Forces: Some do.

IS: The sons of Moses that were merged into the Bedouins ah is that because of what Zipporah was and what she put into those children?

Forces: This would have some basis to it.

IS: So actually it was a wasted effort on her part to come back and try to be with him supposedly?

Forces: In a round about way yes.

IS: She thought to get a big heritage for her children?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Ephraim’s heritage was taken away from him and given to Judah it’s always somebody that the heritage is taken away from to give to the next. In who’s hands is the heritage now and who are the next ones?

Forces: We find the heritage from Judah to that of Simeon.

DD: Simeon is China.

IS: So that’s going to be next China?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Is that going to happen with other things before 2010 before you come down?

Forces: Past that.

IS: It will happen after that?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Now Esau you said was Gandhi now he reached a total illumination is that correct?

Forces: To a certain degree of the illumination needed.

IS: To get out of this earth?

Forces: In a round about way yes.

IS: His condition to get out of this earth?

Forces: Correct.

IS: So that means that even the worst of the chosen people will come up better than somebody that is, because he was a full blooded son of Isaac and Rebekah?

Forces: Correct.

IS: He was never really black force?

Forces: Correct.

IS: How about Ishmael?

Forces: Same type of linage will finally happen.

IS: Is he anywhere on the earth or anywhere in history that made it?

Forces: No.

IS: How about Jacob himself?

Forces: Umhuh.

IS: Did he make it into anything?

Forces: Umhuh.

IS: Could you tell us which one?

Forces: He was the entity who was B Gurion.

IS: Ben-Gurion.

Forces: Umhuh.

IS: Did he reach illumination?

Forces: Well he will continue the path.

IS: On the scale who made better Ben-Gurion or Gandhi?

Forces: Well each one had some particular lessons to do.

IS: But evolution wise which one of them is the higher?

Forces: They are not analyzing it like that.
IS: You mean it’s just a mission to fulfill a role?

Forces: To accomplish.

IS: If there’s no such a thing as evolution on the earth its rather a persons sent in to fulfill a certain particular job to put on a certain show and if he makes it that’s successful that’s it no matter what the show?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Is that truly so?

Forces: It is correct.

IS: Thank you.

IS: So there is really no difference between Esau, Jacob—?

Forces: Point is each one has a different mission to fulfill whether they accomplish it will be found out when they go to the other end.

IS: Did Ben-Gurion accomplish it?

Forces: Not fully.

IS: But Gandhi did?

Forces: Correct.

IS: So in that case the whole heritage business with whose the first one and whose the second one is really immaterial?

Forces: Correct.

IS: So it would have been better if Rebekah didn’t try to maneuver Isaac?

Forces: Correct but considering the circumstances involved it had to be this way.

IS: You mean she played her part. It’s a very complicated thing.

Forces: Not complicated if you have a scorecard. (Laughter)

IS: Thank you.

JE: What was the length of time from creation until the earth physically manifested?

Forces: It’s a long time. (Laughter) Some say a billion years, some say two billion, some say eight, about five and a half billion.

JE: And what was the length of time from the time the earth physically manifested till the appearance of Adam?

Forces: Two million to three million.

JE: Would Adam be considered the first pure human form?

Forces: If you want to yes.

JE: There were civilizations or what we would consider civilizations—?

Forces: Much greater than Adam. Remember was at the fall.

JE: After the fall meaning getting into the earth. What were the civilizations before the fall?

Forces: Ah many were great.

JE: And they all fell?

Forces: Well they all transpired.

JE: Could you describe some of those civilizations?

Forces: Quite complicated and I don’t think I can describe it now but let that be your next question when we meet you again and we’ll help you out on it.

JE: Thank you.

JE: What was the length of time from Adam until the present?

Forces: Can be debated about 10 million.

JE: Thank you very much.

BR: In the Cayce readings about the coming of man they say that ah the ‘morning stars sang together’ and the sons of God came together and the sound was given that man was coming. What were the morning stars?

Forces: A group of thousands on thousands of spirits.

BR: Were they of the good force?

Forces: Correct.

BR: Did they come in with Adam?

Forces: Well a force entered.

BR: How long did Eve live?

Forces: Long enough.

BR: How did she die?

Forces: Fast enough.

BR: It says on the 6th day man the creation of man both physical and spiritual does that go along with the 6th sense of man?

Forces: You could relate it.

BR: Thank you.

MK: Any guidance for me at this time?

Forces; Yes move on develop iron out those umbilical cords the attachments that you have to your family life that is where you had come from, they are still attached in a most bizarre way you must develop inner qualities and become a little bit more secure with the spiritual path than seeking security from worldly constructions and worldly compopady this would help you move to your own progression and not fear that you are missing out on time and on things—
(Tape stopped part missing)

Forces: He did come back and he could be represented as one of the priests in the time of Samuel.

MK: Thank you.

IS: In the time of Samuel or before his time or after?

Forces: In the time of.

IS: There weren’t very many good priests at that time.

Forces: Those were the breaks.

RH: Jesus said by the fruits you shall know them he also said beware of those who say they are sent from God they aren’t they’re false prophets, call no man Father and so forth how can you tell?

Forces: Since Jesus said if they are of the Father you leave them alone and they will prove themselves out. Its one of the classic case that if you know a little bit more don’t deem yourself great because there are those up the line that know a little bit more than you. So as you can see where certain situations can benefit you then give glory to that situation for other situations you find that it is not necessary for you to be involved in that path then let it be for you have already been given knowledge for other paths do not have this knowledge. One path has more knowledge than others paths it is the spirit of the evolution of the soul one path has one-way another has another. How much knowledge one path has is not determined who is the greatest but the spirit of the path must be taken into consideration and the spiritual quality of each path has its own place in its evolution.

RH: Thank you.

HI: Is God aware of every thought we think or is it better to correct (collect?) the thoughts and send them up in the form of prayer?

Forces: The awareness is recorded on the schism of time.

HI: How accurate is Tolkien in Tolkien’s war in the Silmarillion?

Forces: Something to be enlightened we wouldn’t say a 100 percent accurate but there’s a great deal of enlightenment there.

HI: Thank you.

HI: In the dream that I had a few nights ago Is there really such a thing as a body bank and what does it mean that I went there and nearly wanted to purchase another body?

Forces: There is, it’s called attitudes and when a person accepts different attitude about life he has purchased a different type of chemical composition to his body this is a form of body bank.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving we’ll be coming back at the (—-) time.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.