Session 232-5/13/79

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We have (suddenly) moving in many directions much to be accomplished in the months to come. We feel that with this quality of life can be much more improved with every ones concern of contributing to and for (—-). We find that the spirit is moving and the roads ahead we’ll travel. (—-) of a (—-) influence to this this area for that of creative , industrial and the arts expressions. There will be many territories to cover and much more endeavors to accomplish for there shall be a feeling of the expressions of music in a creative manner and force that would be on a central plane of spirit. We find tremendous amounts of contributions to this force and understanding of its makeup but in so doing these forces of creativity will develop higher consciousness of spiritual learning and faculties’ powers.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

IS: NN and BH are not here they don’t know that the sessions going on.

Forces: Oh they would be furious if they weren’t allowed in.

IS: Can we go and get them?

Forces: By all means.

IS: Thank you.

DL: Can you help us understand with the chest colds and accidents?

Forces: The conditions that you find in your particular household is one of many different and sundry reactions definitely the test of moving is a combination and complication of what is considered the pollen in the atmosphere the heavy heat rays that are coming through into the atmosphere these particular rays have not been as strong for many, many years. This summer should be very unusual for a lot of respects it shall be very strange climates being given out throughout the whole United States and Canada. There will be times that it might even shock people of it snowing in the mid of July in the mountains of Wyoming and North Dakota down sometimes even into Nevada. You will find Arizona maybe even missing a couple of gears when one day they wake up to snow. But it is a unusual time the tremendous amount of foliage this year there has been an increase in the greenery which creates a certain amount and percentage of pollen. It’s when the system had absorbed a certain amount of within itself that it becomes acclimated to the environment. It is only a question of time before the system balances itself into its normal flow but it is also a balancing of the attitudes and concepts and beliefs of moving forward rather from that of shrinking away in fright from the situation it is more of accepting and moving on with the situation in faith.

DL: Would honey be helpful?

Forces: The tea that you had received last night was what was given that is to be helpful for it. As far as taking things again it is in the mind that all problems reside and it is also in this mind capacity that we must first act on everything else that you receive into the body becomes a secondary affect.

DL: Thank you very much.

IS: Is there anything else as far as that goes for the entity Tom?

Forces: Again it’s a question of time before long it will pass preferably before this week is out.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: We had not heard from RH the last time she was the one that we stopped at maybe perchance a question would be valid.

RH: What are the spiritual qualities of pansies? I want to thank you for the miracle of finding the ring.

Forces: Your welcome the pansy represents what we consider serenity and a childlike quality of love. It represents curiosity and also a certain amount of looking (lucky?)

RH: Thank you.

RH: The little girl that Jesus brought back from the dead what became of her and did she pray before she died to be saved or was she an average soul?

Forces: It is very hard to say that this particular entity became and average soul it did affect her life in which she raised a family of 10 children in which she tried her best to teach them the spiritual aspect sending some to schools with spiritual thoughts others to certain cultural and economic features of helping the community where she was at. More or less she became a very strong figure in the spiritual world of living.

IS: She put 10 souls on the road?

Forces: You would say so yes even more than just that.

RH: When she died did she pray?

Forces: First time or second time?

RH: First time.

Forces: Of course.

RH: Thank you.

NN: When you said about asking for protection in singing were you talking about surrounding myself in the light (——–)?

Forces: Umhuh.

NN: Is that in the shape of the Star of David?

Forces: It would form that of the outward centers; the circumference would form this particular design.

NN: Thank you. Thank you very much for the miracle of (——).

DD: On Genesis and the four rivers you gave four centers for them but I don’t understand which center goes with which river?

Forces: The centers to the particular river are varied in strange different connections as you would read on down the first river dealing with the Spiritual Understanding coming into man applies to the force going into the leyden and into what would be considered the gonad section your second river which would be in the force of Gilad with that section being near to Jerusalem near to the Holy City in a place where Solomon was consecrated King it represents the consecration part in our consciousness to preserve the Wisdom and the sections from that point of the Pituitary gland this would be from that particular (—–). Then you have Hiliad River, which could represent that part of the Tigris, which represents the flowing of energy throughout that creative force a rejuvenation and reclaiming of old lands it is also what would be considered the part flowing into the section of the Thyroid but into very strongly the thymus then you have the Euphrates which would represent the Spirit of Life rejuvenation power throughout the body, the bones and the teeth and the blood, the eyes and the movements of the senses this could represent very strongly in the liver section and also in the lungs it is also to be found very strong again coming from the thymus into the pineal.

DD: Thank you very much.

BH: There were 12 Holy women before Jesus was born, during his life and after with the Apostles and the ones who helped build the churches and wondering if that’s correct?

Forces: That would be correct.

BH: There’s three generations of 12 holy women?

Forces: You would find that there were at all times 12 females productive in the course.

BH: Would there have been 12 males at all times?

Forces: Not particularly more or less.

BH: Thank you.

IS: Thank you very much for delivering that (—) to us the way it was done.

Forces: We kind of go first class in all that we do.

IS: That group Elizabeth Prophet what is it about them do they worship St. Germaine?

Forces: Well its kind of gotten us befuddled also none the less it will work itself out or its purposes we intended for. Now there is a slight mind you ego-tripping as far as getting the most powerful, the most influential and the most ah established person in the Spiritual spectrum. If that were Jesus’s predicament we would say that some of those Apostles would not have a chance but you also have to understand that Jesus did pick out some very influential Apostles who did have money and lots of it so neither are we going to say that money should not be taken into consideration of choosing your Apostle so again the old clique forms another analogy money can’t buy everything but sure the hell helps.

IS: Are the forces speaking through them?

Forces: Yes in a many different indirect way but understand money was not the reason it was only a reaction to the persons spiritual commitments not that they were chosen for the money but more so for their factors involved.

IS: Regardless of the money?

Forces: Regardless.

IS: With the St. Germaine group?

Forces: They ah are being worked with we are watching them they do have a tendency of analyzing a person by their profession and financial status which might decrease as they move on in their development.

IS: So you are speaking to them in that case?

Forces: In a indirect way.

IS: Where is she receiving all her messages from?

Forces: Ah on the corner of telephone and telephone. No she is receiving inspiration through those forces around her but as receiving direct information from beings higher this has not yet been accomplished.

IS: Does she know it?

Forces: Well not particularly it is more analyzed that she is already in contact with a lot of higher deities, beings, this is not to say its not true but there is a lot more development yet to be had and yet to be done as time goes on in their evolution and path of growing and developing for like a river it never stays in one place long enough it must continue to move and grow into rivers and oceans the same condition can apply here.

IS: She’s not receiving for the Higher Forces but she is receiving psychically from higher beings meaning–?

Forces: She is receiving inspiration and expressions from all those who what would be considered receive things. She also receives things verbally through herself and her writings. There is this writing power that she does have. She also has a tremendous reading power but nonetheless as far as pure psychic information this has not yet been established or made contact a 100 percent.

IS: So she’s not talking to the Higher Forces but human beings that achieved a higher state.

Forces: You could analyze it perfectly like that.

IS: That’s why they are hooked up on St. Germaine?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Was St. Germaine the same person in Etidorpha?

Forces: He had some contributing factors.

IS: Was he a very highly evolved soul?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Is he in contact with them?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Is it for the reasons that I was thinking about?

Forces: Partially.

IS: And the other?

Forces: More so a finding of self.

IS: St. Germaine has to still fulfill himself?

Forces: Correct.

IS: At one time you said they help California not to sink? Will that Temple survive?

Forces: There will be a survival of it for a period of time.

IS: To build that Temple there was that your wishes?

Forces: No.

IS: Was it from one of those Saints?

Forces: More or less it was a combination of teamwork.

IS: So they themselves came to that decision?

Forces: Correct.

IS: With that thing about the Lodge coming together on Christmas the whole entire of America does that happen.

Forces: Let us say it does happen.

IS: Did it happen at that particular day that everybody came down and had to make a commitment?

Forces: Well in that vicinity.

IS: In California?

Forces: Well not in the California area but in the vicinity of being right.

IS: You mean to say it happens every Christmas?

Forces: Well it happens over a period of time during a (—–) year at so-called Christmas seasons.

IS: So it’s not a unique experience?

Forces: We have done it before.

IS: Thank you.

JE: The entity Barabbas what was his evolutionary pattern that brought him to the lifetime with Jesus and how did that affect him then and future lifetimes?

Forces: More or less the justice of the factors involved and the understanding that Barabbas was always around when Jesus was at the moment of trial.

JE: Could you give us some lifetimes previous to the one with Jesus?

Forces: You have during Joseph’s time as one of the brothers of Gad and during the time of Adam and Eve he was standing on the side as would be considered with a whole company of forces and powers (as) the apple was being eaten.

IS: Was he on the black side then?

Forces: Yes.

IS: So he always came from the black side then?

Forces: Well a struggle from the black side. There was a struggle from the black or the dark side the sons of mental minds and mental reasoning.

IS: Mental mind is always the dark side?

Forces: It’s not a dark side aspect but it is considered a abyss of darkness it is an emptiness and a pit that has a long way down and a hard way up. It is a struggle to turn away from that aspect into the Spiritual consciousness of trusting and faith.

JE: Thank you.

JE: Can you give us something to rid the yard of ticks?

Forces: You could burn it down. But as far as getting rid of them there could be a soup solution detergent that could be applied to the ground but then you might be getting rid of a lot of other elements within the ground. There is a factor that says get rid of one small element you might have to in reality get rid of a larger element which causes a reaction on the scale of things. So in short better to keep your ticks and lets them work out its natural pattern.

DL: If certain things are taken internally like vinegar and garlic do they have fewer tendencies to bite?

Forces: This is true; also B plus complex can help you.

DL: Thank you.

BR: Can a day be given for Metatron?

Forces: A day that he might rule on.

BR: Yes.

Forces: A powerful day for him would be on June 28th.

BR: Thank you.

Forces: And a lighter day for him would be on May 21st.

BR: Thank you.

JU: You told us before that Charlemagne and Barabbas were the same soul was Charlemagne from the dark side?

Forces: Charlemagne had to struggle changing from a force of mental perception into that of a spiritual perception. He wasn’t the best going.

JU: Thank you.

JU: Is there a Bible reading for me for now?

Forces: We would suggest you focus on Revelations.

JU: Thank you.

GL: Could there be any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: Slowness of your body mind and patience and not become immature in your reasoning thinking. Be more a expression of a adult in your handling of things rather than childish in the handling. Patience and moving consistently is your best salvation.

GL: Thank you very much.

DD: Could you tell me what nation today is Amalek?

Forces: We would find that in Asia.

DD: Would that be like the Mongolians?

Forces: Its not pointed to a particular people its just as Asia in general.

DD: Is Amalek like total dark forces?

Forces: A force of such but not total.

IS: Amalek is a creation of the earth forces right he’s no longer on the earth he’s extinct?

Forces: From the earth forces coming from the Asian portion of the (yak?) earth correct.

IS: So there are remnants of the Amalekites in Asia or that they are a like kind of consciousness or manner of something still left there?

Forces: Combination of both many of them are dormant in the mountains of Asia.

IS: When we talk about Amalek how big were they?

Forces: Some were 17 feet, some were 25.

IS: And they are dormant some?

Forces: Correct.

DD: Could you tell me what the large faces are it talks about in Kabbalah?

Forces: More of the signs that projected themselves into the earth.

DD: Signs like symbols?

Forces: Signs correct.

DD: And the ah pillars?

Forces: More or less the power of fire and forces of energy coming down.

DD: Thank you very much.

MK: About two sessions ago pairs of the Apostles were given and two were left out the two James and Andrew and Judas can they be given how they went together?

Forces: Whatever way you put them together its correct.

MK: When Judas went out did he also heal?

Forces: He tried to.

MK: It didn’t work?

Forces: He was too busy.

IS: Because he didn’t believe?

Forces: He believed but with reservations of course.

IS: That’s why he believed his reservations?

Forces: Of course.

MK: Thank you.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.