Session 231-5/4/79

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have watched the areas endeavors and (—-) and (—-) and governments and changes coming. We find so much at hand so much changes that are happening around. (———) the moments of changes about you. We would advise a movement of structure (—-) with each passing day working and being with your own individual creativeness for you have more than those on the outside level will have. You have the image and structure (of) many years of work and organization power and systems. As far as your government is concerned it is a declining system that is happening and moving on downward but there are those unknown factors that will begin to help the economy strange as it is everything points down but there are those political factors and natural factors that will alter a certain percentage of the decline, decline as it is. We see that the uneasiness between the Soviet Union and the United States would become a little bit more tense but not to difficult to break the tie. We find many interesting environmental changes in this country as well as emotional and moral of the people who are creative and industrious will be high (and) for those who do not have much will be tense and suspicious.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

DD: In Genesis where it talks about the four rivers the last time you told me Euphrates represented the south could you tell me what the others are?

Forces: You have the three other rivers, which would come from the solar plexus, from the thymus center and from the pineal and the thyroid center. These are the four of the major rivers coming to make the Garden of Eden.

DD: What direction would be the first river?

Forces: You would find it coming from the north to the west.

DD: And the second river would be the west?

Forces: The west to the south.

DD: The third river?

Forces: The east to the south.

DD: And the last one would be?

Forces: You would find it going (from) the south to the north. Rivers don’t run backwards but this one does.

DD: Thank you.

DD: Also I want to ask about the measuring stick you said that big numbers are for big building. What did that refer to?

Forces: This is the representations of civilizations to come.

DD: If you made a replica of this in inches as we know today what would be the dimensions of it?

Forces: It could represent anywhere from 33 inches to 33 feet or 3 feet and 3 inches or 36 feet.

DD: Not 36 inches?

Forces: Correct.

DD: Thank you very much.

DL: What could help with the mucus in Tom’s chest?

Forces: This is a change in the zone areas of the country’s being receptive to this the zones over the United States have been affected critically in many areas creating a different temperature and environmental of climate to come. This regions climate will be that of long spring durations as you have noticed with that of a few weeks of summer into a long fall duration with a few weeks of winter. As far as the hot packs are concerned they represent a warm or hot bath and salt solution and its to unwind the unseen pressures of organizing certain things to come have measured a certain amount of anxiety causing a slight reaction but the organization of the future days planning and unseen things do take time and lots of quiet solitude in order to receive the right course of actions. This is the planning for days to come in a unforeseen way the days already here. Now as far as the movements are concerned things will be picking up quiet a bit in many respects but please remember what you have and how you got it and just keep moving in a creative path.

DL: Thank you.

DL: The blind are a strong group of people organized and working the deaf are characteristically separate unorganized and not cooperating. Why do these situations exist and are the karmic sins that are committed greatly different in the two areas?

Forces: The blind have a little bit more force in order to exist, the deaf can see therefore they can actually understand what’s going on around them to some extent where the blind cannot see which forces them to be a little bit more active. Karmetic tendency is not listening to their Higher Selves causing some amount of friction in and of ways of creativity.

DL: Thank you.

GL: Which part of the Bible would describe the Pituitary gland in its actions?

Forces: You would find section of the thunder in Revelation and also that of the 43rd psalm.

IS: Thunder meaning the thunder that came to Elijah on the mountain?

Forces: This too can be applied.

GL: Thank you.

RU: Could anything be given on the quality or essence of faith?

Forces: You just simply have to believe and trust not measure it and you didn’t put any more of a bottle than it is, just simply trusting the unseen things before you. Keeping moving, keep moving in a positive direction knowing that somewhere down the road it will all make sense.

RU: Thank you.

RU: Is there a specific Angel for Faith?

Forces: Well Raphael can help along with Auriel the counter part and Zipkiel he zips along.

RU: Thank you very much.

BR: In another session when Jesus didn’t want Mary to see him when he resurrected because he had planned to show himself in a different manner what was the way he was going to come back?

Forces: He had a float with 5,000 roses and white carnations. (Laughter) He had the cowgirls doing hip, hip hoorah in reality how he would come back was more of a distinct appearance the market place of the community in the city but being that it appeared there he made the best of it.

BR: Who did he want to show himself to first?

Forces: He wasn’t an exhibitionists but he wanted directly to meet with the Apostles before anyone knew.

IS: Why didn’t he still appear in the market place?

Forces: Well some of the plans had to be worked out once Mary found out as we’ve said before she was a character that couldn’t keep secrets so away she went and told every where.

BR: Thank you.

BR: It was also said that Jesus had devices what were they?

Forces: Faith, Humility, Charity, Love, Longsuffering, Patience these are good devices to have.

BR: Thank you.

LK: With the deaf you said they didn’t listen to their Higher Self yet many people don’t listen to their Higher Selves and yet there’s a small percentage of deaf people is it because these people were developed to a point where they could come in contact and didn’t listen?

Forces: They were at the stage of making a commitment that would affect lots of people and lots of plans and refused to listen.

LK: After the lifetime of being deaf is it a one thing only to pay for it or is this a serious backward step.

Forces: Well it could be a one time only, it could be a far back sentence.

LK: So it all depends on how they react to their deafness?

Forces: And situations of time.

LK: Also the 5 senses of man what is there true purpose is it to bring in information or to keep out information?

Forces: More or less to develop into the other centers or senses of man. Each sense is developed from a spiritual commitment has been made but it comes short therefore it manifests in a sense object of the seeing but not yet seeing in the spiritual level of the hearing but not yet hearing on a spiritual level or the the smelling but not yet smelling on a spiritual level of taste and yet not tasting on a spiritual level so each one has to be transformed to a higher octave.

LK: Thank you.

JU: When we hear a melody and we like it, it changes our mood what is actually happening?

Forces: A commitment, commitment to (orders?).

JU: Does it formulate elementals in the air?

Forces: No, no, no it just formulates vibrations of force, elementals is one thing, but formulates a vibration of force to make it conducive to create.

JU: Could you say what type of person Margaret Thatcher is who just became Prime Minister?

Forces: Well she is going to be a walker and a busy person.

JU: Thank you.

Forces: Not the best for England.

MK: Scientist have sighted an object they’re calling a Neutron star can anything be given about that?

Forces: It’s a pulsation of insights on a psychic level and a spiritual revelation about to happen.

MK: Is this also causing the physical changes on the Earth earthquakes and–?

Forces: Yes more affects to do with inside.

MK: Thank you.

IS: Are the changes that are taking place like the earthquakes in California and other places beginning in New York are these the actual earth changes that are about–?

Forces: These are.

IS: So in that case we are reaching the moment of the Christ?

Forces: Time still to come.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Now the writer Zelany or whatever is he for God or is he against?

Forces: More or less trying to be against but in his own battle he is for.

IS: That’s why he’s so confusing?

Forces: He is confused also.

IS: So he doesn’t even understand what he’s doing?

Forces: Not directly.

IS: But he thinks he’s against?

Forces: Well sometimes.

IS: He thinks he’s going to enlighten people.

NN: Did I understand correctly about there’s a magical connection about combating some aspect of my Mother in myself with the singing or working on that?

Forces: It is that magical rapport.

NN: Thank you.

NN: Could you tell me what is the connection between the entity that was Jesus and the Divine Grace?

Forces: More or less that of the giving and receiving healing by the Higher Forces Law.

NN: Thank you.

NN: Did I get to be at the Ascension?

Forces: Well let us say you were in the vicinity.

NN: Thank you.

BH: The 57 times that Jesus that Jesus appeared to the Apostles after–?

Forces: 57 varieties of (—).

BH: Was Jesus working with the Apostles so that they could receive the Holy Spirit?

Forces: Preparing them for it.

BH: Ah if he appeared 57 times what would be the reason that he didn’t just stay?

Forces: Well he didn’t want to wear our his welcome. (Laughter)

IS: Isn’t it that he was in many places at the same time?

Forces: Correct.

IS: So in reality he might have appeared to them but it was like projections of himself checking in while he was doing other things?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Other place of the earth?

Forces: Right.

BH: He was appearing physically in other places in the earth?

Forces: Correct.

BH: How was he preparing like an initiation school?

Forces: Just being there and putting certain seeds in their minds.

IS: It would be the same thing if the session is here and then you would go out and –?

Forces: Correct.

BH: When the Spirit descended upon the Apostles was anybody else present besides the 12 Apostles.

Forces: Mary and a few other involvements.

BH: Were those other people prepared too?

Forces: About 70 some odd other people correct.

BH: Thank you.

IS: Did Jesus give sessions?

Forces: Something similar.

IS: What’s the difference a higher level is that it?

Forces: More or less a different way of looking at it.

IS: You mean to say the Apostles did not know that it’s not him talking?

Forces: Well there were different times when he was reclining that he gave remarks.

IS: It would have been too much for the Apostles?

Forces: No but they were had to be developed through stages.

IS: Thank you.

JE: When you say the Holy Spirit descended upon the Apostles what happened?

Forces: Well a big fiery monster (Laughter) came wooom down and scared the wits out of them and that’s where you get the Whit’s store (Laughter) no its more or less their centers their alignments of their centers vibrated at such a rate of speed that the other center that hovers above your head enflamed and became enlightened.

JE: Well how did it happen all at once with all of them?

Forces: Someone pressed a button. Everyone’s center vibrated with such a heat that that particular center it is the form of a dove hovered over your head became illuminated.

IS: You mean the 3 centers that naturally hover above everybody’s head all of a sudden when the body became attuned manifested and became visible?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Did they become visible to everybody?

Forces: To everyone.

IS: For how long?

Forces: Well a few minutes to about 10.

IS: So that can still happen?

Forces: It does happen, you have the cases where people burn up.

IS: That’s what happens to them?

Forces: Well an overcharging of it of that particular center and not being in control it kind of illuminates itself all the way down. There are many, many mysteries that are around you that this country and government and governments don’t even know about so how can you fall into line with what they know when they cannot even understand what you all know it is as simple as that.

IS: How did they trigger it off if they were not ready for it?

Forces: Certain force-will thoughts.

IS: The people that were ready for it?

Forces: Received illumination and power and received a certain amount of vision to move on to create.

IS: Who were those people somebody like Gandhi?

Forces: That and others those who were involved in particular illuminations.

IS: There are always the 36 righteous or illuminated people on the earth right?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And they not necessarily are famous or known?

Forces: No there not necessarily famous they don’t have to be.

IS: Thank you.

JE: Did the Apostles themselves do it they developed up to that point or was Jesus the major factor?

Forces: More of the mediator.

IS: There were three that were an easy mediatorship and the others was a gift that Jesus gave right?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Did he put his protection on those that couldn’t really handle that, that it would have burned them up?

Forces: This is correct.

IS: Was that protection for eternity or just for that lifetime?

Forces: A period of time.

IS: Not even a whole lifetime?

Forces: No.

IS: Now when they spoke in tongues what does it mean they spoke in different languages?

Forces: Certain vibrations of forces from the other spirit world entered into them for making that audibility in this world impossible.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: At this moment we will be ready to leave will speak to you soon sooner than what we have time lapsed since the last session be receptive and keep your mind eyes and spirit open for new experiences of knowledge and certain wisdom applying in your life.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.