Session 230 4/22/79

Forces: Greeting to all here present now.

Forces: We have been watching your movements and find them to be on schedule. This month of April what is left shall be considered the month of preparation and we would say that the month of May should be the manifestation of strength and the manifestation and focus of purpose. It is in the month of May to come that many major decisions and major plans and agreements and pacts will be made for many years to come so be wise and take the awareness that in (May?) will have repercussions (—-) let us say good the bad is the negative aspect of moods and personal wants which again will affect many years to come. So let us prepare for the month of May as a May of preparation and of fruits that would be beneficial in all respects for many years to come. As far as the worldly situation is concerned there are those great unparalleled ah episodes to come in the month of May also, which will again affect the world. It is a very moving month of May the way everything stands and looks May will be a very decisive month for a lot of conditions. As far as Iran is concerned we’re going to be personally involved in it with this Hoomi Heme Halani ah situation we will definitely intervene and ah be involved physically in many respects. Even though there’s a purpose and plan in this area we still will affect it. As far as the west is concerned they shall be plighted with a great deal of fires and of course generally the California and ah Oklahoma and Arkansas and Nebraska shall be visited by different natural occurrences. We generally find the situation you must remember who you are and what you are and what you represent and not to lower your standards or levels to what they are and what they want but who you are and what you want you cannot lower the levels.

Forces: Now we are ready for your questions.

JE: The entity Barabbas can you tell us what happened to him later in history anyone we might know?

Forces: He became what would be known as Charlemagne.

JE: Any other people later on in history we would know him as to?

Forces: Nothing famous.

JE: Thank you.

GL: Would there be any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: Work and try to do as best as you can be aware of what you are doing and do it as meticulous as possible without becoming involved with the tedious.

GL: Thank you.

RH: When baby Jesus was presented in the temple for the circumcision the 8th day and the man who said he waited all his life to see the Messiah and he recognized Jesus as an infant could you tell us more about him was he a prophet for that moment in the Temple or was it something that no one else knew about him this was one revelation?

Forces: He was a seer in the Temple.

RH: Thank you.

MK: When the Apostles went out two by two what was the pairing?

Forces: What was the who.

MK: What Apostle went with what other Apostle?

Forces: We were like one another.

MK: What’s that–?

Forces: Excuse me. (Laughter) Are we going to stay here all day.

MK: What Apostle went with what other Apostle when they went out two by two?

Forces: You’re getting very serious aren’t you.

Forces: They never stayed together they kept moving around with one another ah it doesn’t matter who went with where when they all were undependable to at the time. (Laughter)

MK: Thank you.

BH: How many times did Jesus appear to–?

Forces: Thomas and Matthew went together and Peter and Bartholomew went together. Go ahead now what was your question.

BH: After he ascended–?

Forces: John and Philip went together. (Laughter) Go ahead what is your question.

BH: After Jesus ascended how many times—?

Forces: Thaddeus and Jude went together. (Laughter) Go ahead question go ahead.

BH: How many times did Jesus appear to the Apostles after he ascended?

BH: 57 times.

BH: How come they didn’t recognize him for the times that they (—)?

Forces: Stupid. (Laughter)

BH: Did he look the same?

Forces: Oh he looked a little handsomer.

BH: Handsomer?

Forces: His clothes were white you know, he washed with snowy bleach. And then he came down from he shimmered all over the place you know sprinkled himself with ah sparkle powder you know, put mascara on his eyes and of course not its just the Apostles were just dumb. (Laughter)

BH: Mary didn’t recognize him in the garden either.

Forces: Mary didn’t recognize anybody she was all caught up in herself. Just picture Sunday morning running to the garden out of breath (forces panting) Laughter-all of a sudden you see the tomb that you thought was supposed to have a rock in front of it gone and this here weirdo sitting there with a white garment on you know you’re were wondering what that woman or guy or whatever it is sitting there with a white garment acting like he knows everything and saying to him did you know that ah Jesus rose from the dead well would you believe it no of course not you would think he stole the body of course that’s the logical thinking, steal the body and get money. But then as she was walking away ah but see Jesus really didn’t want her to see him you know that, he then pretended he was a gardener he fixed the tulips and the flowers and then she spotted him and what did you do then da, da, da, da and then you know the rest.

IS: Why didn’t Jesus want her to see him?

Forces: He wanted to get out of there he didn’t want her to see him but he made the best out of the worst that’s all. Don’t touch me you know. (Laughter)

IS: He wasn’t ready yet to be seen is that it?

Forces: Well he didn’t want to be seen that way but he made the best out of it. Of course she and her big mouth she ran away and told everybody you know and blabbered it to everybody. Ruined their you know ruined the big fanfare that he wanted to plan but you know he made the best of it.

RU: She wasn’t instructed to go back and tell the disciples?

Forces: Well ah Jesus didn’t say go and tell every one that I am here what he mention was go and just tell the Apostles that you have seen me because he knew what was in her head anyhow take a look at you, you know if anybody comes in everyone’s knows how your going to act so ah say go to RU I’ll let her talk to you same way with Mary you know she just ran because Jesus told her what to do even though he knew that she was going to do it anyhow.

RU: Thank you.

JU: Could you tell us about Mozart’s previous lifetimes either Egypt or Atlantis or someplace where he came into a development where he could manifest that kind of music?

Forces: He was playing the organ you know, windpipes and all that wind instruments in Atlantis and pre Atlantis times and he was caught up in the reeds a lot.

NN: With the gates of Hell is there a reaction every year around the time of the resurrection?

Forces: Of course definitely.

NN: Could you say in earthly time about how long the gates of Hell stayed open for souls to–?

Forces: Sunday morning about one in the morning to about six in the morning.

NN: How many usually get out each year?

Forces: Not to many.

NN: Thank you.

NN: Also with the silver bars is there going to be coming forth–?

Forces: Like silver bells.

NN: Will there be coming forth whatever Nazi faction there are in this country is there going to manifest a situation like the one that happened in Germany?

Forces: You have a Nazi situation in this country but it won’t manifest as strongly as it did in Germany because of the spiritual factor.

NN: Thank you.

NN: Also the 14 doors that were talked about with the Stations of the Cross is that the 7 centers and then–?

Forces: Well let us just leave them at 14 doors they apply to the centers beyond the 7 centers.

NN: Is one of them the gates of understanding?

Forces: Can say so.

NN: Could you say which part of the body are the gates of understanding?

Forces: Words centered around the thyroid, thyroid section.

NN: Thank you very much.

DD: What does the river Euphrates represent?

Forces: What does a reefer represent? (Laughter)

DD: What does the river Euphrates represent?

Forces: The gift of, of production, of life productivity.

DD: Is that like the source of all the other rivers?

Forces: It’s a major source of all the other rivers.

DD: What direction would that be in the Euphrates?

Forces: South.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: What was the thing that the angel came to kill Moses in the inn on the way back from the desert to Egypt?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Why?

Forces: Test.

IS: So it was much like Jacobs’s angel?

Forces: Similar yes.

IS: How did Zipporah happen to see it?

Forces: It was deliberate that she would perceive it.

IS: And then why did she circumcise her son and threw the foreskin at the angel, which made the angel give up Moses what really happened there?

Forces: This is a consecration of the sexual desires.

IS: Of her sexual desires?

Forces: Through the son incorporated.

IS: Hers or Moses?

Forces: Moses son.

IS: So the angel actually requested it?

Forces: Well not really but it was the answer to abate the battle.

IS: How did she know because she says you are a bloody husband to me what did she mean by that?

Forces: This is a quality of movement of evolution. In order for anyone move forward they must sacrifice their desires and put them in a proper perspective and circumcise in its all receptivity and this must come from the receptive part of an individual.

IS: So actually Moses told her while he was fighting with the angel Zipporah go and circumcise our son?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And she thought that he was no protector?

Forces: Well from the things that she wanted.

IS: So were any of her desires sacrificed at that point?

Forces: Well she had to give in that was a sacrifice in itself.

IS: You animated certain objects that you gave to Moses like the rod that he had?

Forces: Of course.

IS: And other things and then you animated certain things in him to be able to turn water into blood?

Forces: Helped with the situation to do that.

IS: So it wasn’t something mechanical almost like something you put inside of him that at anytime he could do it, it wasn’t at any time he could do that?

Forces: No.

IS: But at anytime he could take the staff and turn it into a serpent?

Forces: Correct.

IS: What happened to all these devices?

Forces: They were buried in a box sarcophagus in Egypt.

IS: In the pyramids.

Forces: In the pyramid of test. You will be surprised to find out that soon in America they will uncover a pyramid underground.

IS: Here in America?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Will it also have—?

Forces: It will have all the replicas of the major pyramid in Egypt.

IS: Do those things also include some of Elijah’s devices?

Forces: Well let us keep it in order, the pyramid will be a different type of pyramid but it will be a underground chamber that will have replicas of many develop, developed products.

IS: These are the devices?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Are they still functioning?

Forces: Of course.

IS: And who’s going to handle them will they know what they are the government?

Forces: There will be private hands on it.

IS: So it will remain secret?

Forces: Secret for a while.

IS: Do these devices if the hand that is handling it are incorrect will it hurt the bearer?

Forces: It could backfire.

IS: Now these devices are charged to eternity?

Forces: They are taped into the laws of eternity.

IS: Did Jesus have any devices?

Forces: He had quite a few.

IS: I mean like charges devices not from his own soul?

Forces: He did.

IS: And the food that he manifested and the wind that he calmed down on the waters?

Forces: Some, some, some stage props huh, some show (——).

IS: He had devices for it?

Forces: Of course you know you had to get their attention. Some of them had devices some of them, some of them, some of them were devices but they were Laws, governing Laws.

IS: I see that’s what is meant by faith he too can tap into these laws?

Forces: Correct you got it lets go on.

IS: Thank you.

RU: Could you explain the meaning of the dream I had this week?

Forces: Cryptic wasn’t it.

RU: Yes.

Forces: Well just apply it as an evolution trying to break out of certain patterns of thought into a higher level of consecration.

RU: Thank you.

RU: That part where IS was working with the character types of what was called the committee woman. Is that that aspect of me and also will it manifest on a physical level?

Forces: Definitely it does manifest put two or three gathered around you and you become the committee. Must learn that you mustn’t go around trying to show people how much you know to prove that you know. Lets go to another question.

LK: What is it that in America every 20 years—?

Forces: Why because the situation stands that the people in America cannot handle their own emotions nor there desires our President must manifest and become assassinated or killed in office to offset the force of thought that Americans have built up. Now what’s your question.

LK: Well that was it also now popularity and its always been there has been with the other Kennedy brother Ted Kennedy.

Forces: You want to know what he’s going to do.

LK: What does he represent or is he good or is he not good or why is America going towards him?

Forces: Why does America go after money and image and title and knowledge. He’s only a cross section of what Americans wish for themselves and a little, little hanky-panky (—-).

LK: So he wouldn’t be that good of a president?

Forces: O he’ll make it look great I don’t think he be that good a President no not at all. He would cause America to get into problems that you wouldn’t believe and nobody would believe him that’s, that’s, that’s the sad point about it your taking a country and your looking at this country and they say this is green and therefore if they say this is green then everything down the line becomes green now what the heck do you want to say if America says this is red then its red for many, many, many years you know so you your speaking about items that are just so contain and be thankful that your in a spot where you are at now because you say this is blue and its going to be blue for many years while they say its green so who’s right and who’s wrong its you know its all relative as we have said before let the government say this is this and (——-) and by the what by the who you shall know them that’s right by the fruits that’s right there you go lets go on.

BH: You told us in a previous session that Josie was the wife of Joseph in Egypt would that be Asenath the mother of Manasseh and Ephraim?

Forces: Yes.

BH: Was Josie the sister of Mary?

Forces: All right.

BH: Thank you.

IS: Joseph’s wife was the daughter of a Priest what kind of a priest was he?

Forces: He was considered a wizard.

IS: He was mentioned as a priest of On?

Forces: Correct.

IS: What would that be did they worship one God or–?

Forces: Well more or less a certain force of growth.

IS: Is that why the linage couldn’t come from him but had to come from Judah?

Forces: Correct.

IS: So when Jacob is blessing Joseph he is actually telling him you shall be the Messiah but yet on the other hand he has to give the linage to Judah since Judah is the only one who retained purity also because of Tamar what she did.

Forces: Well everything does work out as we see right.

IS: But that’s why the linage had to—?

Forces: Carry on that way yes.

Forces: At this point we’ll have to be leaving.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now be alert be aware to guide your time. Remember the hours and moments are necessary for productivity and as we have promised you when you were questioning about the tulips and we see how there doing ah fantastic feat ah tomorrow should be if everything goes well and the cats and the mice and the birds and the ants don’t eat it should bloom (—) as a sign for you tomorrow the 23rd of April and now let us see tomorrow should be a productive day and you should plant lots of thoughts and ways of moving forward speedily at your job should be new ideas created tomorrow and we will speak to you soon for there are many things in the air that will be manifesting that we have to work with you on so.

Forces: Greetings to you all here present now.

Group: Our Father.