Session 228-4/7/79

Forces: Greetings (long pause) to all here present now.

Forces: We have been watching and noticing the changes and moves around finding each movement and positions (—). We do find ourselves in a change of many sorts to come both north and south is on the change the change pattern also the east and the west are those elements of bringing in –.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

RH: Could you help me understand what kind of dreams I have and should I try to wake myself up and what would happen if I didn’t try to wake myself up?

Forces: Certain diseases and problems of elimination being taken care of. These are what the dreams represent. Going through them is a process that is being learned it’s a normal process none the less a process still being (—-). Question.

IS: The things that we have discussed about the coming times of depression and the things that we should do and acquire and how the money will not be really worth anything and what we should exchange that money for. How fast how much time do we have?

Forces: This is more of a fluctuation as far as the individual souls in this country make a commitment to their God Spirit.

IS: Should we take all our money and exchange it for food and other things?

Forces: This here can be done by giving items to your families and relatives also there is more of a learning experience if this individual could adjust or–. We find your major question whether they’re (—) to attack or to work out different principles on understanding. We come a long way for the accomplishment of this. Question.

IS: I do not understand should we take the money and the bonds and just take them out of the banks or is it still safe to keep it there and for how long?

Forces: There is a devaluation of the family structure now because of the demands of (—) in which these forces of evil could ignite a war within itself and then eventually all the road back to where they had started.

IS: Have I gotten an answer to my question or I’m not understanding?

Forces: You received more of an answer in this particular sentence. As far as the crucial moments at hand whether or not you are to withdraw your money from the banks it would be the best time this year to do such a gradual withdrawal will be sufficient. Outcomes of many major industries will have to turn down. There is also what would be considered the inexplicit amount of hard feelings towards those who have accomplished to have versus those who have not. We only say that at this moment high officials are reviewing the plans to that (—) and the complications involved in a little too (–) we will try to keep you in touch when you should make shall make your major moves but at this moment just the adjustment and if that would be all.

IS: Would it be wise to invest money in storm windows?

Forces: And or.

IS: I have food, seeds, insulation, medicine those are the things that I feel are very important but I don’t know. Then I have questions about other things whether they are important or not, car, generator ah stoves, wax, sheds. And the storm windows should they be that kind that is the bullet proof storm windows?

Forces: This can be done.

IS: So it would be wiser to have those than the regular glass?

Forces: You could do both some have benefits al others have benefits this has time.

IS: So we have time with that is that correct?

Forces: You have a certain amount in (—) but they will not take these hoofs out from the truck therefore you will only see the reflections of what once was (to be) family (—) unit own its own.

IS: And the things that I have mentioned?

Forces: These items are good (—–).

IS: Is there something wrong with the reception on our part?

Forces: A combination of many not only individuals but more of a interference from above. We are working it out.

IS: So you said in a period of this coming year we have or you’ll let us know.

Forces: We will be happy to inform you.

IS: And when that time comes the things mentioned are those the important things?

Forces: You have the land and your seeds are the most important once food is turned off then people become desperate.

IS: So seeds and land is number one?

Forces: Then acquirement of other foods?

Forces: These two can be required.

IS: Is this number two or is there something more important?

Forces: Generally it looks to be all important.

IS: Seeds is number one. What is number two number three?

Forces: These things will take care of themselves to point the proper number.

IS: Could you give me any information on my meditations?

Forces: These are the moments when the Silence is being worked with you and helping constantly. It’s a different force field around you, your meditations are (—–) to getting effort but these items do have that quality of the infinite.

IS: Of the what?

Forces: Infinite.

IS: So I’m ok the way I am?

Forces: It is (all right).

IS: Thank you very much.

NN: Could you tell me what it means ‘dark sayings’ in Psalms and Proverbs?

Forces: We have dark sayings connected to the night what is this the strange ways in which we find ourselves trying to struggle but yet at the same time trying to survive that we not be eaten up alive. Question.

NN: Thank you.

BH: With Mary Magdalene could you tell us what were the circumstances in her life that made her become a prostitute?

Forces: Well not in its full-scale glory but for a while.

BH: Thank you.

JE: (—-)?

Forces: But in all decency these are the times that are placed on course the tremendous amount of weight on it. I can only say (—) forces trying to solve many problems around must receive intuition and inspiration from beyond the conscious level and the effects that it will have upon all is most important as we know these affects are the reflections of the governments process of maintain.

JE: Thank you.

GL: (—)?

Force: -these positions that we find ourselves in we are there for a certain lesson and we can do it if we only wait patiently to that time to come.

GL: Thank you.

MK: What was just given?

Forces: Different quarters of learning powers and the short pump of those things that need to be strengthened along with some spiritual faculties.

MK: Thank you.

Forces: These qualities of hard times to come again must be observed as your days do move on. Question.

DD: What does the term wisdom of the east mean?

Forces: This could be done but remember you’re moving into avenues that are relatively new to all of us. Question.

DD: What does the term wisdom of the east mean?

Forces: For this there is a strong factor.

DD: The Eucharist service does that represent the same as the True and Perfect Unity?

Forces: You would find this yes.

DD: Also when you do the Hail Mary’s in the Rosary what does Mary represent in this aspect?

Forces: This is more of a responsibility to details and the ability to go and come without any restrictions.

DD: Could I ask the question I asked first again?

Forces: We find that Albemarle county along with several other counties could have some (—) reaction from the (—-). Also (—-) a (—-) (some moments of finished product?) In such a force as we do have we will answer some of your questions.

IS: Why is it so difficult the communication?

Forces: It is a inversion of certain layers in the atmosphere that have a complex channel to break through.

IS: Is that why it’s almost like mixed up?

Forces: In a indirect way.

IS: The answers?

Forces: The answers not in what would be considered a feedable information.

IS: What’s feedable information?

Forces: Information that could be deciphered immediately after heard.

IS: Then?

Forces: After hearing then (—–) in this case we give you an answer but then we throw in certain circle reactions actions that affects upon and either those items in a great design way to give (the process of getting a better chance?).

IS: Is every channel that receives information like that goes through these things?

Forces: In a different way sometimes but generally near the same avenue.

IS: Did Edgar Cayce have that?

Forces: Not as a direct conscious revelation but more of a subconscious and physical regulations.

IS: So his Sessions never had these moments?

Forces: No not that disturbed a direct (wire?) over a period of days or nights.

IS: He didn’t have those kind of—?

Forces: We do not see it as happening.

IS: Then why here what’s the difference?

Forces: There is certain key parts that have been communicate and started with since the beginning.

IS: Is that a bad thing what’s happening?

Forces: It is not a bad item it is an item that needs to be done in order to work out some other heavy qualities that was never really tackled.

IS: So these things were never really tackled in other sources?

Forces: In proper ways other sources?

Forces: Like with Edgar Cayce?

Forces: This could be true.

IS: With the entity Tom is there anything that could be given?

Forces: There is this week to come for the moon, the strange affects of the culminations of thoughts ideas and products. We find that Friday of this week to come would be a full fast day and Thursday should be a day of remembrance. We would find also that the quite still creation of life does give healing into the body when needed walking barefoot sometimes can be a great absorber of these energies. As far as movements these two items of food and concentration of thought should take care of its own and in time will produce what is needed.

IS: The fast is it for everybody?

Forces: All those who wish to go on it but not for everyone.

IS: Something about movement and before the food?

Forces: This is more of an establishment of some sort of verbal order for those who will be around.

IS: Did I understand I’m ok now with the meditation?

Forces: This is correct.

IS: How is my commitment?

Forces: It is in what would be considered good condition.

IS: Thank you very much.

IS: Items on list, which are important?

Forces: What would be considered important are all those items that would contribute stability to a household.

IS: I shouldn’t ask any more about it?

Forces: We say to ask is alright but for them just to know.

IS: For who?

Forces: How to handle the products and the people needs those who have withdrawn slightly in order to do observation.

IS: You mean the government?

Forces: That to directly.

IS: Who is the one that withdraws and makes an observation is it from the Higher Forces?

Forces: This would do so as to explain such.

IS: Thank you very much.

IS: You spoke of a secret cabinet?

Forces: This is only a reference to some of the regulations and Laws that have been set down by us.

IS: Thank you very much.

DD: Can I ask the question I asked first again?

Forces: If you wish.

DD: What is the wisdom of the east?

Forces: We find that a inner communication between such groups could be beneficial to you. But we do wish that you find a interesting network of responsibility from checks received without payment.

DD: Could you explain the last part again?

Forces: We find that certain declines in the country because of strictness in the (—-) would not allow many people travel but these items will be worked out in time and travel shall become a strong enterprise.

IS: So we have two to three years before the disaster hits?

Forces: We didn’t say that but there is some form of a affect on these three or four schools.

IS: What?

Forces: Schools.

IS: Thank you.

JE: Girl we talked to said Ray Stanford had positive proof of a visitation by spaceships which he gave to the scientific community is there any truth to this?

Forces: Well there is a ad-lib quality about visiting we would say that he had some insights given to him and some visits but nothing traumatic as Cecil B. DeMille.

JE: Thank you.

Forces: As what we have said it is good but for answers remember the future is not that bright we will take a direct hand in altering the balance even if it means for us to come in physically and alter the balance.

IS: What would it take for you to have to come in?

Forces: Something that is a keynote a password a approach by a government at that point we come into their discussion and express to them our motivation factor (—-).

Forces: We shall return soon.

Forces: Greetings.

Forces: Before that remember what had been said you all must do the discipline now so it will not be forced on you by pain in the years to come.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.