Session 226 3/29/79

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We have watched the different items manifest (—) during on the worldly level and find all these items to be part of the plans. As we have said in previous sessions that cooperation and working out items would be manifest shortly. We see that the signing of this particular treaty between the Egyptians and Israeli government will still have to be a uphill confrontation over several issues. There will be points that the agreement and harmony would be kind of weak in some respects but there will also be several other developments that would press on toward a agreement. We find that the Middle East is electrically charged for some reactions but nonetheless the reactions will be in some sort of control. We find also that as you are now moving into your warmer days the season will begin to lighten up for you and certain developments of physical and mental ah receiving would be done. We find also many changes again to come and also many internal situations would change for a positive experience. Many worldly conditions and forms and statues would be changing in a direction that could be very cooperative with those who will be in the lines of transportations and the arts.

Forces: Now we are ready for your questions.

RU: Is there any guidance you could give me at this time?

Forces: There is still much more work to be done within self to be accomplished and the ability to be receptive and listen to what would be the expressive spirit movement in a direction od opening and receiving rather than the judging and the closing.

RU: Thank you.

LK: On April 22 there’s supposed to be meteor showers what does it mean on a spiritual level?

Forces: It is the interference and bring down a awareness of those items to be looked in to and analyzed more or less a interconnection of resources and information to be given, at those moments we find that psychic awareness and ability takes their root and reception at these moments.

LK: Is there anything to do during that period that would make people more receptive?

Forces: Sometimes it would be wise if they do not do anything to be more receptive in this field.

LK: Thank you.

IS: In my dream where I saw the two ladies with the funny feet almost like cloven feet. Was I once like that?

Forces: This is not what you once were but more or less the item in which you had to take care of and heal from.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Why was it shown to me in a dream am I dealing with these people today?

Forces: Not particularly but there are some aspects from that particular life that could be used in handling developments in this present life.

IS: Is it with the healing or is it with those kinds of people?

Forces: More or so the healing aspect.

IS: Thank you.

BH: With the 12 Holy Women just before Jesus came in would they be considered one of the soul counterparts of Mary or just what part did they play in bringing Jesus in?

Forces: More or less the on coming experience of the Way Shower.

BH: Thank you.

BH: You didn’t mention Josie in any of those counterparts?

Forces: More or less that atom (adam?) or aspect was a past experience with the entity as a wife.

BH: Could it be given which experience?

Forces: It would be the time when the entity was known as Joseph in Egypt as his wife.

BH: Thank you.

JU: Could you give me some guidance how to utilize my dreams to begin to understand them?

Forces: You must first write them down and discipline yourself to write them down and to keep them worked and logged.

JU: And readings about what we learn here, to get back into I pick up a book and can’t get into it?

Forces: You have too much of neurotic energy that focus on nothing and try’s to focus on everything. Its more of a decline in your system ah which could become worse as time goes on.

JU: How can I reverse that?

Forces: By putting your perspectives and your prerogatives that is putting your ideals in the right place.

JU: Thank you.

Forces: If you really want this particular aspect of the spiritual you would have never allowed it to get to this point.

JU: Thank you.

N: Could you help me to understand the dream I had this morning the spooky, scariness of it, the person I was taking to on the phone?

Forces: More or less the trying to communicate with you different factors of more commitment as there would be said and developing the receptiveness within you to receive what would be considered messages or inspiration to manifest in the earth.

NN: Thank you.

NN: Also is the light of the Rose would that form the shape of a pyramid?

Forces: Yes.

NN: Thank you.

DD: About the letters you said last time that the application of it was not understood could you explain a little bit about that?

Forces: Repeat.

DD: The application of the letters and the numbers?

Forces: Numbers and letters can only be understood as experiencing of time, presence and movement. As you move through the space and items related you will find that the awareness factor of each letter and number is what the entity is going through.

DD: The Higher letters themselves they never change do they?

Forces: They are stabilized.

DD: And the lowest letters their the same as the highest it’s a reflection?

Forces: They are more what would be called flexible.

DD: And in between are the Hebrew letters?

Forces: These are the ones that would be considered like mercury moving back and forth.

DD: And are there some below those that is a reflection of the higher?

Forces: You would have some but not as much.

DD: Thank you. Thank you very much.

DL: Can you tell me what’s going on with people at the renal unit?

Forces: There is an old saying that we have here ‘if you run your spaceship straight you’re bound to meet into yourself’. The aspect is that these qualities are within your personality what has been done what would be called approaching some sort of stability. Each particular quality must be maneuvered and worked with. It is to develop your commitment on a spiritual level more solidly than ever before and will give you more of an inspiration to become stronger in your spiritual commitments rather than weakness in this field. It seems to be a odd way of going around the bush to get the commitment on a spiritual level but this is the way it would be learned once theses what would be considered obstacles are met with some type of understanding and peace within.

DL: Thank you very much.

DL: In the (——) of the different chapel does it really exist on the astral level?

Forces: Any room or place that is dedicated to prayer is the door (——) to what degree or (—) is determined by the amount of power that is placed within the room for each particular prayer room is a window or doorway or drainpipe into the astral world.

DL: What did it mean that I wanted to be over there in that other chapel?

Forces: This is more like a different experience of receiving rather than one receives versus one gives more of a receiving at this moment rather than giving as spiritual guidance. It is a dangerous moment of test and temptation in which you must be strong not to loose your disciplines and faith within the obstacles about but to remain solid on your belief and inner reliance on the spiritual factors to move you to a different form of consciousness.

DL: Thank you very much.
BR: In the Book of the Holy Grail they speak about the Seat of Dread could you tell us what that looks like?

Forces: This was more or less that of negative thoughts taking over a country or a city and a (personal state).

RH: What do daffodil’s symbolize?

Forces: They usually, we have a statement here that when Graham Bell was making his telephone call and trying to communicate to the other person in the other world he used to pick daffodils and talk to them through the speaker that is how he became aware of communication talking through and seeing how the plant it self was focused, that the wire was that part of the stem going down and the receiver was the leaves going up it was a heavy encounter that he kept to himself in his own development. As you can see the daffodil is the first communication that the spirit world is coming in touch with you.

RH: He used to talk to Helen Keller and tell her that nature and the flowers communicated to him.

RH: Thank you.

IS: Is Anwar Sadat a very spiritual man?

Forces: We find him so.

IS: He’s the one that started this whole thing correct?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Now that he’s going to be or he is being persecuted–?

Forces: He will have some complications; there is a certain amount of concern.

IS: Will he be helped out, will he be all right?

Forces: There will be a certain amount of help to be given.

IS: Thank you.

IS: With Sadat in the scheme of things that are to happen in Revelation how does that fall into it this peace treaty?

Forces: We could estimate it as the Madonna and the child trying to protect it with the dragon coming down to consume it.

IS: So the Madonna and the Child is the peace treaty?

Forces: Or the symbols of peace.

IS: And the Dragon in this case is ah–?

Forces: All revolting forces against it.

IS: Now they hold all the oil isn’t it just as easy to drain their earth from oil and move it someplace else?

Forces: Who’s that.

IS: The Arab nations for you to drain their oil and move it someplace else?

Forces: We could drain the oil to another place but you’re speaking about something that isn’t planned, there is a plan you just have to be patient we have a couple of things upon our sleeves to shock the world.

IS: With the Arab nations?

Forces: More or less.

IS: Thank you.

IS: With the movement of our things is everything moving all right with the house?

Forces: We find it to be moving ah it could be with all the detail work that is happening now appears to be slower but it will pick itself up as time moves on.

IS: What is HI and JB future?

Forces: We would advise them to in their future you’re speaking about their minds for the future is only the reflections of their thinking pattern. If their thoughts were centered on the ideas of development for the spiritual factors. But when physical factors become involved then you might have some complications but living separately but being in the house or trailer separately would be the only outcome for them.

IS: So is that why that trailer is being held?

Forces: Correct.

DD: Is it true like the Spirit is incorruptible and on the lowest physical level could it be said to be incorruptible but only the mind makes the physical corruptible is it??

Forces: The mind does a lot of things against the spirit it justifies the wrongs.

DD: But the lowest physical level by its very nature is not corrupted is it?

Forces: Not in its own self.

DD: Thank you very much.

DL: The composer Holtz was he another composer earlier ah and can you help us understand him and why his music is not so melodious as others but its very drawing or I don’t know how to explain it?

Forces: Do you want this in ten words or less.

DL: No.

Forces: For one question you sure have 18.

Forces: He was another composer but this was taken in a time when music was beginning to the reed instruments. He also has a certain insight towards the astral body around the physical body. He has a tendency of tuning or sharping the rays that come into the body at this point and as far as the other questions are concerned these can be answered in a later time if you remember them.

DL: Thank you

IS: Now in the Covenant books by Stephen R. Donaldson the third book didn’t end terribly as I was afraid. But he speaks there about the Creator a Creator is that feasible?

Forces: It could be feasible.

IS: That there are Creators many?

Forces: Yes.

Forces: At this point we would advise you all to take a personal look at the things that you have and remember that you must keep moving forward and not stand idle for one moment be always creating keep moving and keep in harmony with your movement so that in fulfillment of the things you need to be fulfilled they will be.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.