Session 225 3/24/79?

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We have been in the area all night and all day certain elements had to be stirred and moved in such a way that we would be able to bring in a new cycle of force. We find that the weeks to come will be touched with certain elements of pressures on a worldly level and worldwide range of endeavors. We find that certain forces of corrections are being made so that the (—-) and manifestations of spirit might be put into play. This week to come will be a week of endeavors and productions on inner levels within and the manifestation at the end.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

DD: Do I understand the (—-) how the numbers is relating to the higher letters and lower letters, is this correct now?

Forces: You are beginning to put them into perspective and through time you will find the correct feeling for what information you have gained so far but being on the path you are heading in a right direction.

DD: But this understanding now is not accurate?

Forces: The understanding is correct it is just that the application of such understanding must be altered.

DD: The Tarot cards what they call the minor cards do I understand that’s where the true essence is the others are a blind in a way is that correct?

Forces: This could be applied and used correctly.

DD: Also underneath the Pyramid itself is there another Pyramid built underground that point downward.

Forces: We find certain small elements of sense ah small elements of growth that is levered as you have pointed out.

DD: There is something like that?

Forces: There is that force yes that is surrounding and hurting what they would wish to (—-) to receive and applying it would be future endeavors and undertakings.

DD: Thank you very much.

LK: Could you give a description of the type of music that was in Atlantis?

Forces: Basically we find wind instruments and occasionally the Harp these elements of music is quite adequate and of course had their own responsibilities.

LK: The composer Tchaikovsky you said was the leader of a metaphysical group has he incarnated since that incarnation?

Forces: We find that he will be coming close to that but has not returned.

LK: Thank you.

NN: The words that I was asking about last night could you tell me what’s the spiritual laws behind them?

Forces: This is the forgiveness aspect and the forgiveness that very much be associated and needed.

NN: Is it something I should share?

Forces: To share would be a possibility of understanding. To understand would be the possibility of knowing. Knowing would be.

NN: Thank you very much.

DL: The other night when I woke up could you tell me please what was over my head?

Forces: The ceiling.

DL: Other than that?

Forces: This is the accumulation of your own personal thought forms that when they are not creative they must lie around your domain just like pollution lies the planet that it comes from.

DL: Thank you.

MK: Could you give me some advice on how to conquer the falling asleep I’ve gotten into?

Forces: We have a suggestion of keeping your eyes open take a piece of tape and tape the eyelid to the eyebrow this should be a sure way of keeping the lid open your next problem with keeping the eyeball in focus without falling out. (Laughter) None the less its not the eye or the eyelid that is your problem it is the placing of what you what you would be calling motivation and idealism your true secrets of the thinking out process comes across at that moment as far as what you truly want to do. If this is the case then (Life) is what we truly need and want to do but if that is analyzed inside and you keep your eyes opened to what you need then it will all be worked out and a progression and receptivity of ideas to come to you will flow once more.

MK: Thank you.

RH: Could you tell us what exactly were the mandrakes that Reuben gave to Lea and Rachel asked for?

Forces: These were what would be considered herbal remedies but in reality they were in the form of mushrooms but not mushrooms per se but the top of and they happen to be the negative force of draining the spiritual aspect from the individual. They were considered small creatures of the forest.

RH: What’s the relationship between those mandrakes and what we read?

Forces: Oh there is a relationship between those factors of mandrakes.

IS: And yet their flesh was known to be fertility?

Forces: In a indirect roundabout way.

RH: Why did Lea say to Jacob that she had the mandrakes and if he would be with her, if it wasn’t a good thing?

Forces: These items and things represent a desire factor rather than a trusting factor and of course both parties would have to work those elements out in their lives.

RH: Is there any significance that the night that Lea took the mandrakes the tribe of Issachar was born and he is the only one that came from that particular influence?

Forces: Of course (–) to self, assertive in its implications.

IS: So actually Issachar representing France is that consciousness of–?

Forces: Appetites.

IS: It gives you something on a physical level but it’s really a draining factor on a spiritual level?

Forces: And creative level and spiritual.

IS: So you’re actually paying for it one-way or the other?

Forces: You would be balancing out the scales.

RH: Also Rachel asked for them and then she changed her mind and said all right keep them and shortly after her womb was opened so did she pass the test?

Forces: We would have to agree with that conclusion.

RH: Thank you.

MK: The planets that are in retrogression right now what does that mean as far as influences from that action on attitudes?

Forces: More or less the slowing down and the bringing into the consciousness a refinement of the sensitive things about.

MK: Are there negative things with this too?

Forces: Those negative things are available if you need to have them.

MK: From what I hear from BN who was here today that his people who give sessions said that it’s also a time when you should pray for protection because of this is that true?

Forces: You should always pray for this protection during these critical days coming.

MK: Thank you.

IS: The word Racha that is mentioned by Jesus what does it mean?

Forces: This is more or less a definition of sins committed by foolish objections and desires it was also a name of a what would be considered a accusation against a group of those standing.

IS: Does that derive from Ruach ra’ah?

Forces: No.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Could I ask about some of the things I didn’t understand?

Forces: We will listen.

IS: The graceless knights who are they and how did they come to be and where are they?

Forces: They’re more or less coming from the Atlantis period in which fled into the night section to drain energy from those people souls that have not made commitments to God.

IS: You mean they are very powerful beings?

Forces: Only over those who have no commitments.

IS: Are any of them on a physical level?

Forces: They finally manifest into physical circumstances.

IS: What was my experience then?

Forces: More or less conquering those creatures of elements and protecting your realm with the Spirit of Christ over you.

IS: So that was a real experience?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Was that the second time I’ve met them?

Forces: No more or less the first we would say.

IS: Then what was the previous time I had–?

Forces: This was the manifestation of certain elements the same being but of a lesser density.

IS: They were of a greater immediate harm?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you very much.

IS: Could I have some information about the black and white bulls?

Forces: This is more or less the sacrificing of those elements within self.

IS: Was it like an initiation?

Forces: More or less an information given.

IS: From another lifetime?

Forces: Pertaining-.

IS: To this one.

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you very much.

HI: When (—-) was in the cottage I dreamt a lot about him and now I’m’ having dreams about (—) and it seems like they are connected with me? Could you tell me what it means?

Forces: The ability to try or strive to bring these individuals into a form of stabilization.

HI: Thank you.

HI: One more question I had a dream it, which it seemed like I killed my mother and sacrificed her. Could that have been so?

Forces: Well we would consider that a very gruesome state of affairs but on a symbolic level it was giving up the attachment to a worldly relationship to transform it, that desire for the mother into a spiritual relationship that will benefit both parties.

HI: Thank you very much.

JB: I have some concerns about my present expression and some future expressions as changes come about and I’m wondering what I should be focusing on or my priorities are?

Forces: The priority of the Christ spirit with in yourself first from that all things will manifest and come into balance.

BH: Ina previous session five female counterparts of Jesus were given and I’m wondering of the other 8 were they physically manifest at that time?

Forces: There were those that did physically manifest themselves along with those who worked on the spiritual and astral level.

BH: Were those physically manifest from the Essenes?

Forces: They manifested within the Laws they totally manifested within the visitation.

Forces: At this point we are ready to leave saying that perceive the inner voice and keep the spirit of cooperation around you and you will be guides and lead to the right areas of endeavors. We will speak to you later on this week in the mid part.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

The Group: Our Father.