Session 223-3/13/79

SESSION 223 3/13/79

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We have been observing many things on different perspectives and find them to be interesting. There are those items that will be taken care of by us personally and there are those items that we will see to it that they are put into perspective. We find the movement in its own power that will be ideas to come but encouragement on the end centers and movement’s forward. These inspirations and ideas to come will find its way at the right time and place. The worldly situations are confusing but also satisfying. We find the Mideast in a very hectic game of tennis in the Fareast a very hectic game of soccer. We also find Russia in a very unsophisticated (—-) under the bridge. As you would see that Russia was fixed in a indirect way because it could not help directly Vietnam. So in one perspective Russia had lost its own strength in a indirect way but then we’re not speaking of strength in itself physically but rather more of a emotional strength of conquering those countries.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

DD: Is there any other place in the house that there would be termites?

Forces: There are a few minor places that will be taken care of when this particular person comes to insert the liquid into the foundation. This should take care of them for the time being other than that you will find them sparsely in the woodwork, which will be taken care of as it is met.

DD:Is there something we can do?

Forces: It’s more like it will be put into a controlled pattern after a few sprays and liquid inserts are performed but at this moment they’re not into a major problem in the structure.

DD: How is the Weavers Beam connected with the genetic codes and everything Tom said it had something to do with that?

Forces: It is just the structure in itself in which you would find the elements surrounding the composition and quality of display formation. In such you would use it as a organizer and developer.

DD: Does this have to do with the mitochondria?

Forces: Well it would have a certain affect on it but we take our spaghetti with sauce.

DD: Thank you very much.

JU: Could you give us any information on what was happening during the Crusades on a spiritual level or what was happening in the heavens to manifest that?

Forces: Struggle for the territorial rights of the Holy Land power over different religious factors.

JU: Did you have a purpose in what was happening?

Forces: More of a migration of power thoughts, evolution of mind and body and bringing this movement throughout Europe and Middle East.

JU: Thank you.

RH: Could you tell me about the dream of going into the spaceship?

Forces: More of a consciousness within self acquiring certain levels of achievement.

RH: Was the person that I saw a real person that exists or was that part of my self?

Forces: You would say it was figured as a real person.

RH: Thank you.

BH: Is the affirmation that you gave me ‘guide me and teach me thy ways’ the best thing I could be using right now to strengthen my commitment?

Forces: This would be the best.

NN: Is there any information that could be given at this time about that doctor that I spoke to?

Forces: Yes be courteous be nice be helpful and that’s all. If he’s looking for a job he will find it in his own way. You have opened many doors for him now allow him to open his own doors.

NN: Thank you.

NN: The Tudor style what does that symbolize?

Forces: It is a consciousness of speech and deliverance of wisdom.

NN: Thank you very much.

IS: The sons of god and the daughters of men is it Cain’s people against the 144 thousand?

Forces: Let us say this has a certain percentage to be done in this description; it is not the total percentage.

IS: The sons of god were they only the 144 thousand or were there other things like we know of mythology or forces or whatever?

Forces: They consist of the 144 thousand plus others who were of the same side.

IS: Does it include the Olympian gods?

Forces: We wouldn’t include them directly into it but in a indirect connection.

IS: The Olympian gods were they part of the 144 thousand?

Forces: They were what you would call an offshoot from.

IS: In seeing the mythology stories we perceive of the amount of powers that man came down into the earth with?

Forces: A certain percentage of (—-).

IS: It was even more?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you.

IS: The book that I was reading about that being lying in a mental institution and yet being a super, super genius can that be?

Forces: It is happening.

IS: What is the function of these people?

Forces: More or less to live out a karmetic state of experience and frustration.

IS: Where is their minds then can they perceive their genius?

Forces: This is the quality of ignorance.

IS: So there is no such a thing really as a genius knowing he is a genius being in a mental institution?

Forces: This quality is kind of lacking within that particular construction.

IS: So it’s impossible to have that super human?

Forces: Its not impossible but it does not last for long.

IS: They die?

Forces: There is a destructive pattern within the membranes of the cellular out lining structures of the, more or less called the orbs or the lobes, loum, lum, lumbar region of the brain.

IS: And so when they come in with that kind they destroy themselves?

Forces: Its more of a self destructive disintegration ah the gray matter breaks down and becomes mush.

IS: Is it voluntary or is it because the physical body cannot endure to have or perceive that much?

Forces: It’s more that the physical body cannot handle.

IS: So in order for man to really reach the 100 percent genius they would have to be out of the body?

Forces: In its true perfection they would have to.

IS: Are there human being or what we call human beings on the earth that have these powers to that degree or to any degree close to it?

Forces: There are those made by the government.

IS: Man?

Forces: Self made instruments and made implementations within the brain of man.

IS: It’s already happened?

Forces: The government has already tapped upon it.

IS: Like the Six million dollar man and things like that?

Forces: Something like that.

IS: And what do they do they read minds?

Forces: Well not as intricate as that they can read the alphabets put into black cylinders and see through certain substance like clay but its at a beginning stages that is not really having to much success.

IS: But that’s the fulfillment of Revelation isn’t it?

Forces: It is a culmination of many prophecy’s to come.

IS: They shall try to prove every miracle of God as a manmade thing a possibility?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: If you like, if you want to know where this research is going on we have the places.

IS: Is it just this country or other countries too?

Forces; You have them in several countries of the world.

IS: Are they all aware of each other?

Forces: No and yes.

IS: Where are they?

Forces: Of course you have Russia that’s doing extensive research in it, China you have also Israel working secretly on it then you have Australia and the United States and a certain part of Argentina.

IS: Where are they located here?

Forces: You will find two places in the United States that top secret research is going on with it. One you would find near that part what would be called Salt Lakes more or less near Utah and or Nevada and the other place would be found more or less in some area in Kentucky migrating to West Virginia to Tennessee.

IS: Are they using people as guinea pigs or are they actually using trained people to give them more power?

Forces: More or less a combination of both but they would not use the word guinea pigs of course.

IS: Right. And in Israel where is it going on?

Forces: You would find this near what would be called the Dead Sea area.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Toms fast is it proceeding all right?

Forces: His fast id proceeding on schedule.

IS: If he gets dizzy or something is that all right?

Forces: It’s not a critical sign.

IS: When he comes off the 21 days?

Forces: He has one more week to go till the end of Tuesday in the evening.

IS: What should be given to him to eat jello?

Forces: Well to start off its nothing-critical just normal portions smaller than usual, than average eggs or that of whatever small.

IS: You mean Tuesday night he can eat all ready right?

Forces: We have decided that there will be no more fast as has been mentioned by the entity to everyone here that interesting as it may seem we understood what you have said understanding the prospectives involved we have limited the fast days in the group and for the moment in time would allow there be no more fast for the time to come.

IS: But for the entity Tom Tuesday night he can eat?

Forces: We would allow him to eat tonight at 10:00 o’clock there at that time his fast will be ended.

IDS: Ended period?

Forces: His fast will no longer be necessary.

IS: Is that a good thing?

Forces: You will find it will have some remarkable conditions on a physical level within the group and on a physical level within the world.

IS: Is it good that none of us should fast anymore?

Forces: Its on schedule this is part of the plan.

IS: Am I understanding anything of Dante’s Heaven?

Forces: We would also stress to the group who are involved in reading those three books that Dante’s Hell is what we were referring to the other two books were just secondary’s the meat of the matter is in the first book.

IS: Is that why it was so draggy for me?

Forces: We only intended for you to read Dante’s Inferno the Hell part being the inferno.

IS: So he couldn’t perceive himself Heaven or Purgatory?

Forces: He perceived it on a second dimensional level and on a third dimension level but could not go beyond the third dimension. He perceived Hell all right. (Laughter)

IS: What people should we bring into the house?

Forces: Those who more or less have a city consciousness or more or less who are receptive to a evolution pattern but remember these standards must change or be variable in, in scope there must be flexible but in general the research of the mind and psychic development must be what the house represents first and foremost.

IS: Thank you very much.

IS: There was three knights from King Arthurs time who made it to see the Holy Grail are those the same three Apostles?

Forces: They are as such.

BR: Thank you.

BR: Was Merlin King Solomon?

Forces: No.

BR: Is he anyone in the Bible?

Forces: Well he represents a few in the Bible.

BR: Thank you.

MK: Is there any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: Go straight young man. (Laughter)

MK: Thank you.

RU: How did the Franciscan Order obtain charge over the places in the Holy Land?

Forces: They did it by force.

RU: Are they the correct people to have that service?

Forces: Well anybody would be correct if they dedicate themselves to it.

RU: Thank you.

LK: Could you tell me what the significance of the thing that happened with my eye for the last three years once a year?

Forces: More or less to remind you of the intricacies of the eyes and to protect yourself with caution because your eyes do have a tendency of becoming scratched.

LK: How about the thing last night getting hit in the head?

Forces: Well that was because we wanted you to experience the third eye. (Laughter)

LK: Thank you.

LK: Also there’s a lot of people around now who claim to give what they call Sessions and various people or whatever speak through them and in particular referring to MLP people and the book that they have in it claims that among other entities Jesus spoke and gave them messages and the book seems very nice. Is it really Jesus or is it their interpretation of what was said?

Forces: Well let us take the fruits that are there and use them and the things that are; to put them back on the shelf. We wouldn’t say it was wrong altogether now would we.

LK: Does Jesus actually speak through people in that manner in a session type manner?

Forces: If you try hard enough you could get an invitation from him.

RU: Could you give me an explanation of the three dreams I had?

Forces: Well you will take a foresight dream one, as an awakening dream two, and as an industrial, creative, conscious work dream three.

RU: Thank you.

RU: And is there a one prevailing theme for the first three books you gave us from the shelves?

Forces: Creatures of force or more or less the opening of the seal in Revelation.

RU: Thank you.

RU: The door (physical) just opened up.

Forces: If you want to close it you can.

IS: Creatures from Revelation those are the first three books.

Forces: This is like the seal of those phantoms or beasts from beneath.

IS: The beast that is described in this book that Tom is now reading, that can happen right?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Is it already on this—?

Forces: Its in control of being checked but it isn’t ready.

IS: It isn’t ready?

Forces: It is in a ready pattern, a ready position.

IS: Has that creature manifested yet?

Forces: Not yet but can.

IS: And will it?

Forces: This is in the balance of mans mind.

IS: Are people aware of it?

Forces: In their minds, no.

IS: Those that it matters those that would be responsible for creating it are they aware of that?

Forces: Those who are responsible in preventing it are.

IS: So even for every single thing there is right now whatever is going on is the right thing then it has some —?

Forces: Has a purpose.

IS: Now it’s afterwards the extra is added on to it that is not necessary?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Now what’s going on in Persia with that prophet or whatever he is, is that a good thing or is that a bad thing?

Forces: It’s not a good thing it is one of the sickles that have come upon the earth.

IS: Will he win?

Forces: He will have a certain amount of power but you are witnessing the fight between the Islamic powers over the Christian powers.

IS: That’s what in essence it is.

Forces: Correct.

IS: Was the Shah for Islam?

Forces: Well he was not a strict.

IS: But in his heart he wasn’t?

Forces: No.

IS: But he was a good man right?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Thank you.

IS: You said about those sessions that people have that bring in Jesus I don’t know that whole thing but what degree of it could they bring in?

Forces: If they are open and strive long enough you would have some remarks by Him but in this particular case you cannot question nor doubt anyone who says the remark is from Jesus but you can rest assured that when someone labels the word Jesus on to it they will have to tote the line with it.

IS: So its like if a person walks around and says I received a message from Jesus what will in essence happen he will have to not prove that he because that’s impossible but whatever will happen to him Jesus will really–?

Forces: Come in.

IS: And then what is he going to do.

Forces: (—–) for Jesus.

IS: But Jesus cannot come in into a person and unless that person is very pure no?

Forces: A certain amount of receptivity is very much necessary.

IS: Well receptivity is one thing if he’s in another dimension and that person is in another dimension but wouldn’t he burn up the body of that person?

Forces: That’s another story. You cannot really receive the Spirit of Christ talking through you unless preparation was made many years in advance.

IS: And many lifetimes in advance?

Forces: Many years many lifetimes.

IS: Thank you very much.

DL: Can you tell me what the correct color light waves to heal the kidneys?

Forces: You would find the correct color to heal the kidneys is a ember violet.

DL: Thank you very much.

DL: Also classical composers in weaving their melodies have picked up portions of the Bible could you tell me if this is true for instance take Tchaikovsky melodies its sounds to me more like the Psalms than Beethoven’s music is that correct?

Forces: You will find that they have picked up melodies from the Bible almost the same way you have created your own masterpiece.

DL: Thank you very much.

Forces: One other thing in order for you to keep your system in shape you must practice at the piano and as long as you are to be in harmony with yourself not only is meditation necessary but your fingers and your eyes and your mind must focus and discipline it self with the notes of the piano to tune you in and up and out. So therefore at 10:30 in the evening for that that half an hour sharing it occasionally one every night on to the other night that is every other night you could practice the piano and be every other night BH could practice her notes in such a in this way you would keep the stimulus flow of energy in your system leaving and coming in balance.

DL: Thank you very much.

DD: With the letters it says the Higher Letters embrace the lower letters and there’s 27 lower letters and it talks about 42 Higher Letters that wouldn’t be enough to go around how does that work?

Forces: There are some letters that are involved or absorbed and transformed.

DD: Some of the lower letters?

Forces: Some are lower.

DD: How does that work if they come together when there’s not enough how are they absorbed?

Forces: They are absorbed in a lower form and then transformed into a higher form.

DD: In the sum of them how many are the lower letters and how many are the higher?

Forces: In the sum of which would be 14 for the lower letter and that would be absorbed to 23 to the higher letters.

DD: And the five left over?

Forces: Those five are what you would consider the key letters.

DD: I thought 14 was the higher letters though?

Forces: 14 becomes the lower letters, which will be transformed into the higher letters. As they become the higher letters they maintain the 14 qualities as the higher but then transforms into the highest.

DD: So their higher and lower would be 22 in between?

Forces: 22 is your key figure balance number.

DD: Thank you very much.

JU: Could you give me some guidance on how I might re-channel energy for when I need to be productive?

Forces: More or less center your interest on the right position rather than on roast beef.

JU: Thank you.

BH: With the brain research going on in West Virginia is any of the research going on where I am contributing to that?

Forces: Well lets not get petrified now but remember there are researches that are going on around the country yours just happens to be a small percentage into the totality of it but this has nothing to do with stopping it or starting it, it is part of a plan that will not go to far.

BH: Thank you.

DL: Would it be in line with your plan to slowly introduce the doctors at our place into metaphysical healing devices?

Forces: You could but if we would advise you to make sure your job and work is well done before you enter and cross this bridge.

DL: Thank you.

IS: Am I doing something wrong?

Forces: We would strive that you keep receptive and we will channel certain types of communications to you to direct and guide you our advice to you is just keep open and receptive to the responses you receive and you will be helping and helping that and help yourself in the growth pattern to come.

IS: Thank you very much.

DD: Are the 4 nucleotides the 4 Rivers in Genesis?

Forces: Yes.

DD: And do they go along with the four races?

Forces: Does it, yes.

DD: Then if they came out of one race, they were one which race would that be?

Forces: And if we tell you it was purple would you flock to that race.

DD: No.

Force s: Then we will be safe in saying what race it is now won’t we.

DD: Yes.

DD: Thank you.

Forces: The tendencies of worshipping a race that all races came from would be very dangerous.

IS: What is it I fear or have against the Chinese race their lifestyle is pleasing yet?

Forces: Unpredictable they have a tendency of following the whole gamut of the cycle to extensions this means they can be an Empire, they can be a dictator, they can be a democracy, they can be a system that goes to extremes in every case.

IS: What is it they don’t have a mechanism inside against—?

Forces: Their system mechanism is the barbaric pride element, image, pride, power.

IS: So they really are not of the white forces?

Forces: They’re not of the black forces directly but they are children that need guidelines constantly.

IS: Thank you very much.

IS: That’s why they have the Hari Kari (Japanese) and all that stuff?

Forces: Well they have something to that –.

IS: That comes from the pride?

Forces: You would find it as such.

IS: And yet when they get on the other side does he get punished for suicide?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Thank you very much.

DL: Tchaikovsky piano concerto number one what portion of the Bible would that correspond to?

Forces: You’d find that in an intricate reversal pattern in the 29th Psalm and you would find that as he wrote it in a feeling of Exodus where Moses takes the people out of Egypt.

DL: Thank you very much.

IS: The Mennonites was the lesson there learned?

Forces: It seems to be absorbed in the root structure.

IS: What does it mean?

Forces: It’s on a personal level a devastating experience within their subconscious.

IS: On the conscious?

Forces: It’s a sour note in their development and their conscience.

IS: Because that person cannot play being a sweet person spiritual.

Forces: Sweet William.

IS: That’s gone?

Forces: This seems to have left it.

IS: So for their whole entire evolution this particular group here—?

Forces: It has changed.

IS: Thank you very much.

BR: The dream I had last night about meat being on the table and a voice saying there is meat on the table but there’s blood on the floor and I said (——). Could you tell me what this dream means?

Forces: More or less people coming to cooperate together but there’s still a lot more fighting to be done.

BR: Does that go with the peace talks of today?

Forces: And other areas in the world.

BR: Thank you.

BR: King Arthur was called the Once and Future King is he King David?

Forces: No.

BR: In another session it said King Arthur was a Christ Spirit why was he married to Guinevere?

Forces: No one else better to marry. (Laughter)

BR: Thank you.

Forces: Yes he was the Christ Spirit and you got to remember that Spirit moves on in time.

IS: But yet in their own time it’s like the only thing that remains of the Spirit is the Legends that go afterwards but at the time when its happening he was a very small King in a very small Kingdom.

Forces: This is correct.

IS: Thank you very much.

BH: With David and Jonathan ah how come Jonathan was so loyal to David when he could have been King if he wanted to what was it between them?

Forces: Repeat.

BH: With David and Jonathan ah there very close friendship and everything what made that be when Jonathan could have been King instead of David what made him so loyal to David?

Forces: Let us say that this was a soul counterpart.

BH: What’s a soul counterpart?

Forces: Beats us.

BH: Is it like a soul mate or twin soul?

Forces: We wouldn’t say twin soul let us say it is a soul counterpart it is well you can use it as a twin soul if you wish.

BH: Thank you.

IS: Its another tentacle?

Forces: Yes.

DD: Plato was in hell according to Dante what did he do or didn’t do that he was-?

Forces: According to Dante or according to God.

DD: I don’t know was he in Hell?

Forces: Yes he had visited that place.

DD: Did he have to go there?

Forces: Well sometimes people go there to experience the hotel. (Laughter)

DD: Was he caught there in limbo or did he choose to go there?

Forces: Lets say he choose to go there.

DD: To help the others there?

Forces: He might have yes.

DD: Thank you.

Forces: We have this description complex that is heaven what it is and I tell you heaven is a place where none of you will be bored in for one moment it is a constant development and constant learning of new arts, sciences, evolutions of thoughts of mind of power of spirits ah we really cannot go into it in detail what it encompasses but it is a never ending process of development.

IS: Thank you.

NN: The hurdle that was referred to in the reading the other night.

Forces: The girdle.

NN: The thing that it was referring to-

Forces: The hurdle.

NN: The hurdle is that the same weakness that I’m understanding?

Forces: Its one of the many weaknesses NN has accumulated on her chart you could overcome them.

NN: Could it be close that particular veil or any time soon that I could get out of that consciousness?

Forces: Oh yes of course any moment now.

NN: Is chapter 26 of Isaiah particularly helpful at this time?

Forces: Yes. (Loud noise like brass plate struck)

Forces: That was chapter (Laughter) straight from China.

NN: Is there anything else is there a Psalm?

Forces: No nothing else. (Laughter)

NN: Thank you very much.

IS: Is that normal for that thing to do or is there something wrong with it?

NN: Only when NN speaks there might be something wrong with it.

Forces: A normal accumulation of air pressure building up and the heat expanding the metal within side that causes the pop.

IS: Thank you.

IS: I forgot my question.

Forces: You want us to answer it.

IS: Yeah I’ve forgotten the question.

Forces: We’ll come back maybe tonight to ask it. It is to be taken care of, the question you want answered was that is and shall be taken care of by us in our own way.

IS: Is everything proceeding according to plan?

Forces: You wouldn’t believe it but thing’s are moving in the plan.

IS: In your plan?

Forces: Well we gave up that a long—(Laughter) But they are moving according to your plan. (Laughter).

IS: That’s not much.

Forces: Everything is moving according to the designated plan that we have described.

IS: But you had to revise it right?

Forces: Some revising had to be done but only to make it stronger.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

IS: When Jesus was taken out by the Devil in the 40 days, how was that done in the astral?

Forces: More or less physically.

IS: The Devil came and picked him up and moved him physically?

Forces: The Devil came and walked with him to a certain point but remember this also on an astral level but physically first.

IS: But the Devil couldn’t actually physically pick him up-?

Forces: Well no he tried to confront Jesus by other entities around him.

IS: Tried to confront Jesus by other entities around him?

Forces: Correct.

IS: I don’t understand.

Forces: When Jesus was on the fast there were those few entities of people that were with him it was through these people that the Devil used to make it uncomfortable.

IS: Who were those people?

Forces: Well these were more or less the ones that were stationed or with Jesus in the desert.

IS: Who were the people that were stationed with him?

Forces: This was called part of the testing group from Egypt. (See Sessions on Job)

IS: Did they know consciously?

Forces: They knew it.

IS: That they are being used by the Devil or?

Forces: Correct.

IS: They allowed it to happen?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Are there similarities here?

Forces: Sometimes there are.

IS: Are there lately any?

Forces: The incident with (—).

IS: Thank you.

IS: When Jesus walked on the water what did he do at that point it seemed he already raised his physical body is that correct?

Forces: Not completely.

IS: So he did use the waves or the water as a surface?

Forces: He used his astral body to become stronger.

IS: You mean he didn’t physically walk on the water?

Forces: He did but his astral body walked on the water.

IS: What did his physical body do?

Forces: His physical body floated above his astral body.

IS: The physical body floated above the astral body?

Forces: Let us say that the aura around him became so strong that it entered into and became a solid mass of the astral body, which could walk upon the water.

IS: And at that point the physical body took on the function of an astral body?

Forces: No the physical body stayed physical.

IS: Where was that though?

Forces: Where was what.

IS: The physical body while the astral body was walking on the water?

Forces: The astral body was in the physical body at the same time.

IS: That was an entirely different process than resurrecting his body?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Thank you very much.

BR: The tests that Percival had to go through-

Forces: Gruesome sometimes.

BR: It was sort of like he had to prove he was worthy to follow the Holy Grail is that correct?

Forces: Something like that.

BR: It sounds similar to what Jesus went through in the desert?

Forces: Something like that.

BR: When Percival was carried off by the horse of the black forces to an island which island was this?

Forces: It was more or less the island within the astral form.

BR: It doesn’t exist on the earth?

Forces: Scotland.

BR: Thank you.

BR: Who was the man in the white ship that came to Percival and counseled him?

Forces: Some say it was Nicodemus, others say it was Nostradamus, others say it was Methuselah.

BR: Who was it?

Forces: He was known as Methuselah.

BR: Thank you.

BR: Percival and Thomas the Apostle would that be the same?

Forces: Oh you might find many similarities.

BR: Thank you.

IS: Are there people who have seen the Devil face to face?

Forces: You do see the Devil face to face on certain incidents.

IS: Anywhere in the Bible?

Forces: Yes in the Bible.

IS: If the Devil worked through people and does work through people and that is always the case to whom did he himself appear in his own form?

Forces: To Jesus.

IS: In the astral?

Forces: Physical, to Solomon, to David, to Moses, Joshua, Jacob, Abraham, Isaac.

IS: Did they know he’s the Devil?

Forces: Some knew by the presence the sense some knew by the smell some knew by the sight.

IS: Smell?

Forces: Smell some knew by the sight.

IS: There are cases in which is described an evil force comes in, as tremendous cold is that correct?

Forces: This is correct.

IS: Does it mean they like the cold?

Forces: The presence vibrations of their force stimulates an atmosphere of cold.

IS: Abraham he seemed a coward he told Sarah not to say she’s his wife but then he goes to fight for the sake of Lot with a kingdom that just won after fighting five kings, that kingdom destroyed all five of those then he goes with some of his men and fights and wins. I don’t understand was he a coward or wasn’t he a coward?

Forces: Sometimes he was sometimes he wasn’t.

IS: Is it that he knew something for sure about–?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you.

IS: When the Devil appeared to all these people that you just mentioned was it right before something important happened in their lives?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Was it to King David just before he gets the people together to become King?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Was it in that cave?

Forces: Correct.

Forces: At this time we are in this particular session filled up with information. I know you all are waiting for the spring to come we have promised it to you in our promises we have given you the weather as we have said now we’ll promise you the spring and we’ll give it to you. Before your eyes before the week becomes into you shall see the spring pop up in front of you and don’t be amazed the Crocuses are already out but we will give those flowers that you have put under the ground to come up and do their share but spring is here the sign is here the symbol is here and you will see it. Now we also would say for GL and for RU to come to work together in harmony and to take on a working relationship with your children that they to might be in harmony that your true development might be manifested through this. These working qualities is that you must spend at least a half an hour when you come home just being with them and reading to them and this is all that’s necessary to start the development.

Forces: At this point we would also stress to all here that the plans and diagrams and future things to come do not be in despair or lack hope it might seem so much in front of you but it really is not for once it is accomplished it would be done. Keep moving keep positive keep active and keep aware of where you can save time and energy and money in so doing you will progress even forward. We also would stress that if you can the lettuce to be taken into your system the next four weeks would be good not every day of course but we have so happened to acquire lettuce for you so you can take it in to your system. But remember all things are put before you that you might have them. We will make a strong path and visitors of good quality shall be coming your way.

Forces: Greeting to all present here now.

Group: Our Father