Session 221-2/27/79

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We are coming into this particular meeting with a great watchful anticipation must that the world going so fast and moving. But evolution seems to be moving quite speedily in many forms, shapes and ways. We here who do say that these forms, shapes and ways do keep countries and people moving quite fast. As far as your snow is concerned we have accomplished what we had set out to do, is the best removal plan we have up here and as we had said to you we will remove it from your we just have to figure the overflowing of your banks in doing it. We have slated some nice balmy weather for you came straight from (—–) and we also have some ups and downs trickle, just a trickle but that we’ll push further back into March. But all on a general level Spring should pop up before you know it. You’ll drive down the road and you’ll see that the trees are already blooming before your blooming eyes by the time you get to Charlottesville the trees will be in the summer by the time you come back at night it will be fall again and then of course the next day spring will start all over again. But spring shall be slated early for you and it should come fairly quickly. We are tired of the snow as you are tired of it and telling us that you are tired of it and we are tired of hearing you tell us you are tired of it. We know this Lent is coming up as the old classic remark do you have to remind us. But it is on the set verge of; now let us try to explain something to you it is the best time for Lent to be you know that of course because certain planets are just in the best position to give the most cooperative lessons learned and development within the inner self. There are great powers coming into the earth right now and we promise you as you have already seen in the sky but we also promise you great strange phenomenal things that are going to happen all over the place. Now let us see by the way we we’ve witched what the entity had chose for his China set and I thought it was a very good choice if we do say so ourselves. We had nothing to do with it you know. But I think that would represent the energetic and the electrical, see when you put a circle and you put that type of color in together you have energy manifest before your eyes it’s a very electrifying plate I must say you (—-) manifest the aura circular ah well whatever it manifests the energy factors its very necessary and greatly advantages in many different respects. But handle carefully please you know it does break. Now where are we at oh yes we have noticed that you have taken a great interest in the books we have given to you in the last Session we’re happy to see that want not, want not or waste not want not something like that. Now with those three books going into circulation we’ll give you two more books we’ll have you nuts before you know it. With these books coming into alignment certain things we are pointing out to show, understand right. Now as far as your questions on these three books please not until everyone has read these three books can we share with you and you share with us and we’ll talk to you on them but by the time everyone finishes reading the book it will have to go back to the first person so that person could remember what that person read. But on the next Session it should be in the middle part where those who have read it, it should be in the middle sector of reading and at the next Session we will be delighted to talk to you about these things. Of the books we shared the two books that we have slated as the next stage of development in this pattern that we are planning for you of course the next stage of development you will also find the books that would be the second shelf over to your that way entrance and its going to be the eighth book down and then of course you will have on this particular shelf here adjacent to the corner of the wall, not the corner itself but coming out of the corner second shelf the seventh book down and those are the two books that will take it from there. Now we are trying to bring some harmony into the structure of your (—-) we have seen that MK has landed himself a particular job that is interesting becoming a little bit more balanced in the perspectives. As far as DD is concerned we see that is trying to find what job he wants to get if there was a zoo he could be a good zookeeper we would ask him to concentrate on the University of Virginia maybe there might be a nice position in the library for him they’ll never get him to work he’ll always be reading books but doesn’t really matter one way or the other ah but there should be some interesting job we will open up for him in these areas ah but there are many opportunities just have to keep your eyes open to them now don’t we, yes.

Forces: Now its time for your questions.

RU: Could you explain to me the dream I had last night?

Forces: Well we would say this is a circle type pattern dream it is also a dream that would eliminate some dross or dross in connection to your systems and also it is a train that is giving you a plotting course of certain awareness factors that are coming about into your particular spectrum. It in general should surmise a preparation and preparedness for items and ideas that are coming at you and these ideas must be met some with opposition others with a giving into receiving of the lessons learned.

RU: Thank you.

RU: Could you give me any guidance at work in regards to the entity WY?

Forces: We as together or we as a person.

RU: WY as—.

Forces: Well we as together. Well what would be done with this particular individual ah dump him into a vat of pickle juice no all seasons aside we would try to not judge the person but work through the person working through and around moving the, the blockage that’s formed and doing your best as possible with patience for there are those factors of personal judgments and evaluations that must be met.

RU: Thank you.

LK: Could you tell me what Archangel Ratziel represents?

Forces: Now Ratziel did you say.

LK: Yes.

Forces: He wasn’t the boxer now was he. (Laughter) Well let us consider him the light bearer and the message of, of renewing strength.

LK: Thank you.

IS: Is that part of the plague on this country?

Forces: Well it is being spared the plague here. But a different type of plague could come in consciousness.

IS: But that is the plague of the rats in the country?

Forces: Well the rats will have to be taken care of one at a time of course ah by personal attitudes and, and cities attitudes this will have to be a chain reaction here. But most of the plagues are, are manifesting in the Mid-East and the Far-East.

IS: Countries?

Forces: In vicinities.

IS: With China and Russia who is the one that started the war in Vietnam again?

Forces: well it’s a hard thing to say who cracked the egg first. We would put the blame on a very strange situation. When a group of countries come together they’re responsibility is to cooperate for world peace and develop this social and their economy in a development of progression towards harmony and expressions of tolerance. When they go into war then they violate this concept. Any country that focuses on war in reality is violating their development of social, political, economic and religious developments spiritual evolutions but you cannot do two things at once. All of them are to some degree or another equally to blame for the occurrence but of course Vietnam is being used as a pawn from the Russians and the Russians are trying to wedge in and put there influence in the mid, Far-East I should say which is trying to get their foot in the door in rightfully speaking and China is trying to get her foot in the door and of course America is trying to get her foot out of the door. So in reality everything is where it should be.

IS: Is China looking for a war?

Forces: China is more so amazing as it might sound, looking for cultural development and social development. China could represent the Star and the Cross theory very nicely.

IS: Even with a (—–) there?

Forces: Doesn’t matter if it’s a democracy or not.

IS: Who is stronger Russia or China?

Forces: If you’re speaking about physically we’ll its neither. If you’re speaking about a spiritual strength its China.

IS: But the strongest power on the earth right now physically is who?

Forces: No one.

IS: Do they know it?

Forces: They understand their limitations rightly smart.

IS: So in that case Mao Zedong did redeem himself for a lot of the things that he did.

Forces: Well there is still some more redeeming to be done.

IS: But he did fulfill his mission?

Forces: Well he had accomplished it.

IS: Thank you.

IS: What about JU?

Forces: In what respect.

IS: His almost alienation from the house and from the people, has falling asleep in Sessions. His mind is elsewhere its not here.

Forces: Well let us try to watch the condition and see how it is progressing ah we’re working with him in certain respects and we will come back to answer that at the next session then.

IS: Thank you.

NN: Could you give me an affirmation I can use when I sing that I don’t do it for ego that I do it to glorify God?

Forces: Let us have respect for those who have to hear me sing.

NN: Also could you tell me what the dream with my parents meant?

Forces: Your affirmation “Dear Lord let me be receptive to the spirits of good and light around me that you might manifest through me”

NN: Thank you very much.

NN: Could you tell me what the dream with my parents?

Forces: Now what was your question.

NN: Could you tell me what the dream with my parent’s means?

Forces: Well let us say there are decisions being made by your parents, more so by your father, which is stunning your mother, and this is affected by your dream level.

NN: Thank you.

IS: Are they spiritual decisions?

Forces: For the father very definitely.

NN: Thank you.

JE: would you explain the new cycle we’re going into starting with the eclipse of the sun?

Forces: Yes a (—–). It’s a cycle of the spiritual world, spiritual nature, the spiritual world coming into focus and affecting your earthy lives.

JE: And what was the cycle we just came out of?

Forces: Well more of a physical affecting the physical or per say the mental world affecting the physical. Now it is the spiritual world affecting the physical.

IS: It’s a much—?

Forces: Much more ah compact ah focus of happenings.

IS: And is it also going to be as quick as it happened between the mental mind and the physical?

Forces: Well it will be fast.

IS: So that’s a much more ah strenuous cycle and a much more, because if the mind affects the body how much more the spiritual?

Forces: Of course.

IS: If somebody’s going to get hit its all the way?

Forces: Of course.

IS: MK: is lucky then?

Forces: Of course.

IS: Thank you.

BH: With the book Dante’s inferno, the book hell I’m wondering how it works when a soul goes there?

Forces: Well we are not going to discuss the books given to you yet not until there is a progression of readers through the book until a half percentage are aware of certain things.

BH: Thank you.

MK: Thank you for being with me in the hospital and healing me as you have.

Forces: Yes we will send you the bill.

MK: Could you give me any guidance for this time especially in regards to the job that’s possible AB?

Forces: Don’t forget the spiritual ideals and try not to be superman.

MK: Thank you.

Forces: And don’t be any saint on the field just do the best you can with what you can do.

MK: Thank you.

GL: Could any guidance be given to me at this time?

Forces: We would tell you to stay at the trivial and detailed things this will give you great joy and expression of the spiritual ventures of artistic and physical development.

GL: Thank you.

GL: Also my shoulders ah could it be given what’s going on with both of them at this time?

Forces: Well there is a movement what would be considered a cold, hot, heat and warm movement ah you have a cold front moving through (Laughter) you also have sometimes tension that formulates, forms pockets of ah elements there that makes them have a certain amount of weight or ache or some type of constriction. This is brought about through some tensions but there’s not a major happening here but more of a minor happening that has happened through the inability to relax that area of the body.

GL: Thank you very much.

GL: Is it possible for spinal nerves to be regenerated at this time?

Forces: We were wondering if you were talking about yourself ah spinal nerves can be regenerated but they take a great deal of work knowhow patience and time maybe more than enough for the individual hospitals and much vigorous work with the muscles a lot of people do not in this particular climate want to work vigorously to make the muscles they have that have been tone deaf or dead.

GL: Thank you very much.

JU: The picture of Germany that I almost received and something in it that attracts me to it or could you explain what that is?

Forces: More or less of a previous life in which you had experienced the area.

JU: That particular spot?

Forces: Well let us say the inspiration of that spot.

JU: There was a girl who came for a job who called exactly at the hours when you said it would be best to hire and then showed up at exactly at the hours you said would be worst to hire. What should I do?

Forces: We would just try to put her aside but she might have good intentions but her physical outcome is not so good.

JU: Thank you.

JU: Could you say who someone that Charlemagne might have been in the Bible?

Forces: That I think we have said.

JU: Could you?

Forces: Oh well I still don’t think we could have said. There’s no need to know at this moment.

JU: Thank you.

BR: Dream I had with Tom cooking and him giving me the food or both of us giving out the food for breakfast. Could you explain what that meant?

Forces: Maybe you had a foresight of exactly what was going to happen the next morning which was this morning about what did happen, it was also that maybe some spiritual food is being given and you will have to help to serve it.

BR: Thank you.

RH: Could you tell me about the dream about big buildings and a bomb was going to go off and –?

Forces: This is more of your fears within self that it you handled it rightly then you will be given and guided to the best experience and development through it, always will be guided through it.

RH: Then I got on a train the first one and (—-) millions of people, does that mean that was good?

Forces: Well it tells you that through faith you can go through the experience of the growing pattern.

RH: Was the man who tied his shoes who was real calm was that Tom in disguise or do you know who it was?

Forces: Well let us say it is the force that works through him.

RH: Thank you.

RH: Could you tell us about the big vessel in King Solomon’s Temple called the sea of bronze, what that was used for it had bulls all around it and it was made of bronze and really big and it held water in it?

Forces: This is more of a Prophetic Well.

IS: Was it used as such?

Forces: At certain times during a service.

IS: Was it filled up with water?

Forces: Well it was filled up with something.

IS: Is it the same thing like the Delphic Oracles used?

Forces: Well it was something near to that.

RH: Thank you.

DL: Could you tell me why Billy came to the hospital today and why Kenneth was in a terrible mood?

Forces: As far as what you have surmised they have gotten solace and comfort and some development and growth in their own personal evolution and they know that there is that focus point or healing point on a subconscious level coming through and sometimes even on a subconscious level their body is directed there so that they can receive more information to move forward.

DL: Thank you.

DL: So they may understand reincarnation?

Forces: Well we wouldn’t show or explain too much on that to them it is hard enough for them to accept the fact that they are on a kidney machine let alone to believe reincarnation they understand that people think about these things but for them to understand at this moment they do but for them to truly understand it will take a while.

DL: Thank you.

DL: Why was I laughing in my sleep last night?

Forces: More of a inner commitment of taking care of the things in your life that weren’t really taken care of up to now.

DL: Thank you very much.

DD: Do the 22 letters go along with the amino acids?

Forces: Well yes of course.

DD: In the Beginning of Genesis that’s what they’re talking about.

Forces: (sharp out breathing noise) Well among other things they are also talking this factor too.

DD: What does the center the nucleic acid represent in the center of the cell?

Forces: This represents the soul essence.

DD: Would it also represent the Higher Letters?

Forces: Of course ah it represents the pattern or plan if you take one of those elements centers out you would have the whole structure for another body.

DD: Is that the part it says not to tamper with that not to profane—

Forces: Of course.

DD: the Central Point. To never tamper with the cells in the body.

Forces: Well it can get out of hand.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: The place I visited in my dream —?

Forces: Was more of a waiting place not what you had thought it was.

IS: Before coming back or coming just in?

Forces: Something like that.

IS: I didn’t like it too much?

Forces: Well nobody likes a bus station.

IS: Thank you.

IS: The children seeing the Lord of the Rings (animated) I had many conflicting thoughts while the movie was happening especially with MM reactions and I talked to her this afternoon has that been completed or is there more?

Forces: Well there is more of a learning process to be had this makes them very much understanding of these qualities.

IS: So she does understand that the ultimate is within God and herself?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Not anybody around really?

Forces: Correct but she’ll have to learn on that principle of understanding in time.

IS: But that was the whole thing right?

Forces: And a continuation of that too.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Is there any information for myself for this coming season?

Forces: Well try to be drinking some water into your system and try to occasionally take some juices into your system other than that you will be moving along. There is some movement to be had ah it will work itself out.

IS: I’m doing all right then?

Forces: We perceive that you are doing very good.

IS: Is there a reason I went to the waiting place?

Forces: Sure, to wait. Well more like a visitor visiting someone.

IS: Am I correct who I was visiting?

IS: Well more than so the yes and no you were also doing and visiting other things.

IS: So that’s all for myself then?

Forces: Well its doing pretty good ah keeping, keeping the reading at night helps and keeping the ah meditation during the day will help. Other things will be added as time goes on.

Thank you.

IS: The lights in the sky’s that are not the stars that were created before the stars and again I only realized that it might be something different than the stars which would represent maybe planets and things like that and its not the moon and its not the sun and I think Dante’s talking about the same thing (part missing) lights in the sky and this particular thing starts with the creation that they were created lights in the sky, the creation of the moon and the sun and before the creation of the stars?

Forces: More or less this represents the guiding light for the souls.

IS: For the souls?

Forces: For souls.

IS: Meaning to say some souls that decided to come in that brought in a light?

Forces: And they are a unit, that are guide that is guided by this particular light.

IS: But we can no longer see it?

Forces: Well its there but with your mortal eyes with the onion skin over it you cannot perceive them.

IS: And that’s why Dante perceives them going—?

Forces: See the eye has if you look at it a very thin membrane or onion skin over it that shields the vision from seeing other things if the eye or veil is opened or taken away then you would be able to perceive a lot more than you normally do at this moment in time.

IS: But could we survive our eyes—?

Forces: If you take the veil off and open it up you would be able to handle it or else you wouldn’t be able to take the veil off.

IS: If we had the ability to take it off we would be able to handle it.

Forces: Or you will have to handle it. (Forces chuckle)

IS: Dante’s perception of it at that point makes him more spiritual?

Forces: Well not, not get carried away ah he was progressing on a spiritual path but it doesn’t make him spiritual totally.

IS: Since he went through such an experience—?

Forces: We’re still talking about the books that we ascribed for you to read. If I tell you the answers then I should go back to BH and tell her the answers.

IS: Thank you very much.

Forces: At the next third of which we would have the 7th of March no you could have the second of March ah the next Session and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions about the books.

DL: It seems like there’s a lot more kidney disease in Virginia than in New York is that true and if it is why?

Forces: Well there is a certain percentage in the higher you have the solar rays coming down at certain degrees in the mountains ah different from the plateaus and but when you put beer or liquid beverages into your system this does affect it. When you also have a certain amount of weight this does affect it, when you also have a certain amount of stress and because sometimes the mentality of ah mountain conditions are not that developed they give more into the image type positions that cause a great deal of stress within.

DL: Thank you.

MK: Did the entity MLP ascend from the physical plane as suggested?

Forces: Are you speaking about yourself?

MK: About—–?

Forces: I know, I know now repeat your question. (Laughter)

MK: Did he ascend from the physical?

Forces: What does it matter if he ascends or if he left, yes he ascended from the physical.

MK: By his choice?

Forces: No if your dead your dead you have to go you know.

MK: Was the entities soul General Custer?

Forces: Now we’ve heard. (Laughter) Who told you this?

MK: Just similar situations I thought maybe.

Forces: Well that’s one on us if he is. (Laughter) Its something to look into I must say.

Forces: Ah let us move on one step at a time, work with yourselves you cannot conquer tomorrow by running into it but you conquer tomorrow by running into the seconds and the minutes one step at a time do not look and expand yourselves, one step at a time and be calm and move forward and be at peace and know that the spirits of good and right surround you and will guide you believe in them and they will help you at all times. As far as your Lent season is concerned here is what has to be done. Wednesdays are partial fast days eating in the evening tomorrow would be a full fast day having juice and liquid beverages will be permitted. Wednesday, Thursday is a full fast day, Friday has already been slated and Wednesday you should start with the Stations of the Cross what had happened last year should begin this year in your evening tide service. Other than that, that will take you through the ah Lent season of course Saturday and Sunday you can do with what you want to do. Ah we ask you to give up something in the Lent season it might be a little person and then ask you to help one another by putting certain names in a bag I know that we have gotten this idea from RH adventure with the brass bracelets but this could be a good idea that you put your names in a hat and each one draw a certain name and whoever that person gets try to do something for them, not to go up to them and say I’m doing something for you but just to go out of your way to do something that their path will cross and not know that it was you that left something there for them you understand I hope so no please do not go out of your way to let the person know that you are doing something for them, then its just not going to work out right. Now I think that will take care of your Lent season until the Holy Week in which we’ll talk more when that approaches.

Forces: For the entity that we speak through he will have a fast starting after the service of your Anointing of Ashes in the morning and he will be on the fast for three weeks in which no physical food should be taken including both Saturdays and Sundays and the consumption of juices ah orange juice and that’s all and water and certain amounts of milk and no coffee tea would be allowed and that’s it. This should take you up to the third week and by that time we will see how you’re progressing in your Lental commitments and movements forward which will explain and give you more for the Holy Week and what would have to be done then. Other than that it shouldn’t be so bad for you during these days coming. So then we will try to come back to you on the 2nd of March and discuss more with you on many things. One step at a time.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.