Session 220-2/19/79

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: Finding it a little (—-) as we come in not the normal type haze of the visibility but we find the atmosphere cloudy with snow dust barometer about say 23 degrees in half of that the barometer 4 and falling of course. (—) yeah it is like seltzer water (—-) it must be about minus 42 or something like that. We find the wind from the southwest and we find drifts up to 4 feet in some areas light snow partially cloudy. (Laughter) Now what are we-. Finding situation we are (Laughing) we would advise to cover yourself with a mask even though you might not want to but for your condition it would be all right to. You say why must I cover myself with a mask we’ll we have to begin somewhere now don’t we or else the whole blooming house will be coughing like a hyena. Lets see we would advise also for you to get what would be considered red china cherry bark ah and lobelia and sassafras tea and ah wild root of course and ah white (mus) no you won’t have that here white root if you can find that along with ah hips rosehips of course for your vitamin C you mix that all together for about 4 and a half minutes don’t make it 5 you kill it and a half minute and you put a little bit not too much sugar a tinch, tinch, tenth, a tinch of honey into it if you have it and if you don’t have it no sweat bees sweat the honey you take the honey but you don’t have to use honey you know just put a little bit of rosehips into it and that should make it nice and tasty. And you keep drinking that for about ah give or take about ah 3 days constantly and it should do you well and ah occasionally a little not much of brandy if you have it that’s just not much, not much (Laughter) Now we find the world situation crazy for instance South Carolina forget it, California forget it, (Laughter) Washington forget it, of Vietnam and China a mess total mess, Taiwan forget it, Cambodia forget it, Iran total loss forget it but we’ll take care of Iran we’ll take care of North Vietnam, we’ll take care of Japan too, we’ll take care of also our big old friends Russia. Enough for kidding around we have seen the world situation very tense and we will do something about it umm I would say two weeks time give us or take a week or there and we will do things that would be unbelievable, we have a big mushroom in Moscow and we have also a hilarious boat ride that will have some implications in Germany and France. We have complications happening over in Romania and Czechoslovakia is a mess. We have Poland that thinks it’s the big sister of Russia and you have the Holy Pope who’s going to save the Pole (Pope?). And On top of it you have Mexico who thinks it’s the big leader of the whole world now. (Laughter) Watch and see in the next two weeks how the funny farm continues. It is a most interesting part of world situation but I think for the first time people are beginning to live with their miseries trying to work out their complications has come to be difficult with a lot of things to be done a lot of work to be had a lot of roads in the future to be traveled on but we will say that the complications is only a changing of the pattern and the system (that is) for all of them (—). Now we will find and try to check out as much as we can. As far as your situations are concerned it is moving along there are plans that we will now put into action to bring a great deal of prosperity and popularity in many respects. We have been holding back for something but now we are trying now to get rid of all the snow that had been piled up as you can see we are emptying our closets—-. We told you the 18th but to be watchful for it and we thought the day went rather nicely now don’t you think, in some respects of course. Now we will try we will try to find out the snow and give you some more but then we will take it in a fast swoop alleviate it from your doorstep. We will give you some days to think about getting rid of the snow we have slated the snow removal program we knew you would like that. We had it slated for the 21st beginning process a little might fall down on the 24th that we cannot help and we have some slating of the cleaning project from the first of March a little bit will fall down maybe the 2nd and the removing of it from the fifth to the 10th and you see how its going from there.

Forces: Now ready for your questions.

DD: Where it says in the Bible After this, God said to Cain, “What hast thou done? The voice of thy brother’s blood crieth out to Me from the ground! So now art thou cursed from the earth, which hath opened her mouth to receive thy brother’s blood from thy hand. What does that mean?

Forces: It represents that every deed done on the earth is recorded and locked into a pattern to be undone on the earth.

DD: What is the meaning the earth opens up to receive the blood?

Forces: It records that no blood really is shed in vain that every, well if you really look at it if you put blood onto the ground human blood this particular blood is absorbed into the earth in a funny way and every particle of dirt that receives that part of blood becomes a physical body in the next 44 years.

DD: Physical body of the person that died?

Forces: Well the evolution of this particular person or soul.

DD Thank you.

DL: Dream I had last night can’t remember?

Forces: A very strange dream you had last night you do not remember about.

DL: (—–)?

Forces: How do you think it’s strange.

DL: I just know it was strange.

Forces: That’s strange. (Laughter)

Forces: We find that the dream represents the emptying or being abandoned, you are being abandoned and desolate in many parts you are also running from a great distance from a great crowd of people you would also find that there was what would be considered colors of different sounds and shapes being shown to you and then we also find that there was personalities from other what would be considered experiences in your lifetime that crept in and took things from you all these things represent a ability to disinvolve from your past experiences and start a new experience and growing on a spiritual evolution to new experiences to disentangle from old thought forms and start building a new life.

DL: Thank you.

JU: Is there anyway in ones evolution to be in contact with you every lifetime?

Forces: We can take reservations. (Laughter)

JU: Is their some in their evolution that would be able to do that?

Forces: Everyone who is in touch with us are guaranteed a seat in the palladium.

JU: Thank you.

JU: Does ah—?

Forces: The rows are C4.

JU: Is there any guidance for how to put the restaurant in order?

Forces: The restaurant only comes in order until you do.

JU: Any guidance on getting the staff I need to get?

Forces: It seems like you’ve not listening to me. The staff comes in order when your own reaction to those around you comes in order. At this point when order is put into proper perspective then the staff will reflect what you need and the right people shall come by us.

JU: Thank you.

Forces: We wonder—

BR: How is Cain’s act being undone on the earth?

Forces: Slowly. (Laughter)

BR: Are there any other lifetimes in the Bible of Cain that can be given?

Forces: You’ll find Cain in a characteristics of humanity. There are a lot of Cain type individuals on the earth.

BR: Thank you.

BR: Did Mary Magdalene marry one of the three chosen Apostles?

Forces: You have this thing about Mary Magdalene. Let us say Mary Magdalene became involved with the Courts.

BR: Thank you.

BH: Did Judy ever marry?

Forces: Well we’re getting ready for the door to open so we’ll just wait a minute.

(Door opens someone comes in)

IS: Is it all right now?

Forces: We are working with it. (Laughter)

(Footsteps walking around)

Forces: All right we are ready for you.

BR: Can you tell us if Judy ever married?

Forces: No. (Laughter)

BH: She never married?

Forces: No she never married.

BH: Sarah and Rachel that you told us about in the last Session would they be the same Sarah and Rachel in the Old Testament?

Forces: No.

BH: Would they be found in the Old Testament?

Forces: Oh yes.

BH: Who were they then?

Forces: Not saying Rachel, you’ll find them just as (brothers of Abraham) and you would find them as the brother of Laban.

BH: Thank you.

RH: The entity Helen Keller could you tell us anything about her soul and her spiritual mission in the earth and how she believed in the spiritual laws from within her self without any outside influence and astrally she was taught. Could you tell us about that?

Forces: Maybe you should tell us. What you have found out was right. She was a soul that decided to take upon her this task to bring out into the consciousness to the consciousness of the people the ability to speak, conquer all things when the spirit desires or wants to. When the spirit has the ability it can conquer all obstacles.

RH: Thank you.

IS: So she had no karma?

Forces: Well we didn’t say did not have karma we just said she had the ability to meet the karma.

JE: Where is Jesus now and what is he doing?

Forces: He’s at Big Joes having coffee. (Laughter) All kidding aside it is a Force of Spirit that moves across or along or around or through the, the, the evolution, if you could only see people the evolution that is going on around you, as you accomplish things in the house you bring into the awareness on a conscious level this evolution pattern and the more you accomplish in the house the more you can become to see and become at one with the Brotherhood that is around you. We’re not saying that you should do it over night but the evolution of the job that is being done will bring into the conscious physical world this harmony of the Spiritual world that is actually joined here as a funnel into the house for all those who come into the house for healing. You being partakers of endeavors like this.

JE: Thank you.

NN: Would you please give me a Rosary intersession for the Lenten season coming up?

Forces: Excuse me.

NN: Would you please give me a Rosary intercession for the Lenten season coming up?

Forces: Lord let me be an instrument of thy power in the earth.

NN: Thank you very much.

NN: Also would you please tell me about the dream I had the other night about, I was going to visit one person and it turned out the last minute I changed my mind?

Forces: You decided not to go astral traveling.

NN: Thank you.

IS: How is MK doing.

Forces: We would say that he is doing rather well the diminishing of the blockage has been accomplished to the percentage that we find acceptable. We also find that there still needs that condition of keeping the arm in a, a vertical condition for three to four hours ah a day and 3 hours down and 4 hours up this would be helpful. We also find that the water would be good for his system as long as the progression goes on. Another week should find some completion of the cycle. Two weeks is usually the length in which conditions like these take to dissolve.

IS: We should all get insurance right?

Forces: Well we would say no to that but then let us try to say a few things about the forces that interact or interject, these items we try to prevent from touching you some items do slip in, accidents are the things we are trying to have control over. We can work out certain things in everyone’s evolution and plan certain things just perfect but it is the elements of the accident that throws everything off.

IS: But there is no such a thing.

Forces: There are what would be called the one percent accidents that of course are no longer considered accidents. These are what you call be called the freak occurrences of course we have that one percent in our knowledge that we try to always keep in our planning system.

IS: The names that Dante has in his book of the people that he puts in hell or in purgatory are they correct are those people that he met or did he make names to suit an idea he was trying to bring forth?

Forces: They suited perfectly.

IS: Did he see them there?

Forces: He saw them as ideas or ideas of these characters.

IS: Could you give us some people that went to hell somebody from history that we would recognize went to hell went out of hell and made it back into the earth?

Forces: Some people who have that happen to them.

IS: Yes.

Forces: Nero.

IS: He was in hell.

Forces: Let us say he came out but then of course his natural tendencies took over. You would also have Genghis Khan and Molly Blackfoot. (Laughter)

IS: Nero after he made it out of hell he back to what he was doing before?

Forces: Yeah natural slob.

IS: Isn’t he afraid of hell or what?

Forces: Well some people have bad habits they can’t break he just had a bad habit of getting stuck in hell.

IS: Did he do the same type of things?

Forces: Well a little different of course he never thought he was going to get caught.

IS: In Edgar Cayce’s time there was a reading given for somebody who was Nero was a retarded person in a wheelchair that Nuns were taking care of.

Forces: Of course.

IS: But then which life did he mess up after Nero?

Forces: It’s the point of this let us try to explain this to you there are some retarded people souls that only come back into the earth to experience certain kindnesses or what would be considered human qualities that they put on other people, while they are allowed to come back, they are not allowed fully to come back. So they are living in hell but half of them is in this so called existence of hell while they pay back on the earth some of the deeds that are enormous. This is a classic example of the two-pronged split spirit. There are some souls who are handicapped in the mind which is this that half of them are not here the other half of them is here.

IS: And the other half is always in hell?

Forces: Is linked to the Abyss.

IS: So the part in hell knows that they are partially on the earth?

Forces: These are what you’d call caught in a predicament because they get it from both sides.

IS: Is that all the retarded people?

Forces: No some of them.

IS: What are the other retarded people?

Forces: Those are who have come back fully to experience humility. Some come back willingly to experience the state to help those around them out.

IS: How do they help out if they are retarded?

Forces: Well those who are taking care of them.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Is that what Dante means in the last part of hell that he’s talking about the split personalities?

Forces: You would find it in that type of character.

IS: Now he says Judas Iscariot is there.

Forces: Well then you have a direct answer of Judas being back in this condition.

IS: So Judas is back half and half?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Wasn’t there a reading that he was a businessman?

Forces: Well that is when he was a businessman.

IS: What did he do.

Forces: We’re not saying that he didn’t do right but we are saying that he lived an existence of half and half.

IS: As a businessman?

Forces: As a businessman he saved grace from other existence of life. As half and half he had to come back as half and half.

IS: So he’s right now on the earth as—?

Forces: Let us out it this way at one point in his evolution he had to experience the half and half personality trait. Be it now at this moment or be it in 1442.

IS: Is that a helping to show them while there on the earth where they really are at spiritually the half and half does it teach them?

Forces: It does.

IS: Now Genghis Khan did he behave himself after he came out?

Forces: He did.

IS: Is he any personality that made it great in any way shape or form.

Forces: Well we have him as Chairman Mao.

IS: And Nero is going back into hell?

Forces: Well he has to experience the split personality or maybe he did, but anyhow his evolution is that way.

IS: Now Dante has he come back?

Forces: He has.

IS: Is he anybody else in history that we would know?

Forces: You would know him in history.

IS: Recent?

Forces: We have a slight tinge of Picasso.

IS: Dante was Picasso?

Forces: You find that hard to believe.

IS: No I was just thinking he was endowed with fame so many times.

Forces: Yeah sometimes they do it that way.

IS: But he still had the same problems that he had that time?

Forces: Yeah he still was fighting that evolution of God and man and the reality of God knowing that there is a God (—) God the reality of this world, the reality of the next world the world next to you is right here.

IS: Thank you very much.

Forces: You will take your second shelf here and take out the 18th book and look at it. Not right now of course. Spare us the ordeal.

IS: Which way the 18th?

Forces: You will count from the wall down then you will go to the shelf over here, the first shelf on the bottom and you will count 23 this way from that wall that way and that would be. Then you will take this shelf over here and from this way to that way this second shelf you would count 8. That should keep you and give you some thinking power of these books have some information that we’ll talk to you about after you look at them. Right now we are expressing to you to have Faith, be strong, help one another, guide and be with that love aspect inside you. Don’t take advantage be there make this experience strong it is a short experience, get as much as you can, do as much as you can. On the 13th of the month we find it to be a high month for March we would ask that you would give to that person in your group at work and bring in that is a red Carnation or Rose both flower as we’re so fond of their power and or bring in that feeling and joy in the office that you work at. But the 13th of the month can also be when it falls in March a most powerful expression of giving of course on the 9th of the month of March is a great gift power in which you would ask for a certain request and we will try to work with you on it. Then you have the 17th of the month, which is for green St. Patrick’s Day and that is also a powerful day. Of course you have ST. Josephs Day running around there too but remember have Faith, Trust go through this experience now for good times we will prepare for you, Trust, Faith and Hope and be in harmony with one another as we go through these experiences. Question.

IS: Thank you very much.

Joe: Is there any guidance you can offer me for my spiritual development at this time?

Forces: Joe we find that your experience must change. We find your spiritual name we have it but you don’t know it. You will be one of the first people outside of the group to receive a name. Are you ready for your name.

Joe: Yes.

Forces: Then as far as this group is concerned you shall be called the name and the name shall be, let me have the Book, we have it, would you like this name to be known at this moment or would you like for us to keep it for a while for you.

Joe: I think I would like to know now.

Forces: Umm, your name shall be called Andrew Jacob or better yet Andrew not this this or better yet your name is Andrew Timothy. Had you worried there. (Laughter) Your spiritual evolution for the next 3 weeks if you can do it a meal one and a half times a day. One meal and one half a meal and not four meals or three meals or two meals but one meal and a half, plenty of water lots of juices stay away from sugar for 3 weeks plenty of fruits of apples and every day a half to two teaspoons of vinegar in fact the whole group here must drink two to three teaspoons of apple cider vinegar a day three teaspoons in the morning and three at night. Yavoh. (Laughter) Yavoh, Yavoh, Yavoah.

Joe: Will I probably make it home tomorrow?

Forces: (—–) we think that you’ll be all right but we want to keep you here a few more days we might not stop the snow. (Laughter) In fact we’re debating whether to stop or not. You’re lucky we haven’t started an ice snow but we wouldn’t do that. We will see to it somehow that you get back to New York City. Don’t have anxieties we can fly anywhere we want to. It would be nice if this group would start working on your spaceship so you can fly anywhere you want to. Wouldn’t that be nice you just sit there and it disappears and the reappears where you want to. Wonderful isn’t it. But that is a lot of work there it will take time. Question.

Joe: Should I continue in trying to keep my organization (——) together?

Forces: Well try to work on it for a while and then in June come back with the question.

Joe: Thank you.

LK: Would there be any spiritual guidance for me at this time?

Forces: That before you do any creative work that you would recite the 29th Psalm and the 40th Psalm and then ask the spirit of Ratziel to be your guiding light and it will work.

LK: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

RU: Thank you for the tea that you gave earlier.

Forces: Your welcome.

DD: Could you tell me about the dream about the piece of paper with all the different names and one was Elijah and other names?

Forces: Just a dream.

DD: Does it mean anything else?

Forces: I think it means certain expressions of these names coming into your consciousness to work with.

DD: Also the letters I saw the other day?

Forces: Evolution of the spiritual world and laws to be worked on.

Forces: We have what would be considered Lent coming up and we know how your stomach sinks to the ground some of you. (Laughter) It should be a joyous moment too Friday there should be no meat eaten. It should be a fish night work on that. Fish or macaroni (Laughter) Fish should be put into the diet during the Lenten season. As far as the entity is concerned his fast day this week will be Monday, Wednesday and Thursday consistent next week wait until he finds out.

IS: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday?

Forces: That’s right correct. Question.

IS: The thoughts I had when I go through all the Purgatory, Hell there’s so many things that I feel personally are that I’m in jeopardy that the best I can do is to get maybe into Purgatory and one of the things I’m thinking maybe for the whole group are we all going to end up maybe on the Cornice of the Gluttonous?

Forces: Well let us say that food does work out somehow. If you are on the road to your own development you will work through food.

IS: Meaning it’s not a danger?

Forces: Well it can be a danger especially with this group but they are working it out.

IS: That includes me?

Forces: Of course.

IS: The thoughts that I had about all those other Cornices?

Forces: Well let us not think about the other Cornices at the moment we have a lot more to think about in building this house.

IS: But that’s one of the things.

Forces: It is one of the things but it is also one of the items that must be put into its proper perspective at the moment. We will go over this Dante story with you in many Sessions to come. The evolution is long and the road is a long stretch so give us time and we will explain each level and plateau to you as we walk through it.

IS: Thank you very much and thank you for helping me to read it.

Forces: We would advise 4 people in the group to read it. We would advise BH, we would advise NN, we would advise DL and we would advise RH. All I’m simply doing is asking you to read it understanding it will take time.

DL: Is that because some of us would recognize it?

Forces: Some of you would.

DL: Thank you.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving but will try to come again to discuss and talk with you in length about these books we’ve pointed out. We have a lot to talk about in the days to come.

Forces: Greetings here present now.

Group: Our Father.