Session 219-2/13/79

Forces: Greetings to all present now.

Forces: We have been watching this situation today and find it very fast moving. There are many things that are changing and moving in a motion. We had said that there would be changes on a worldly level coming. These changes are part of a revolution that will take those through a feeling in experiencing more of a personal closeness to God and progression towards these avenues. We find the situation at hand not the worst condition but we find it a testing condition for all concerned.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Number one is there anything that can be done for MK or are the doctors doing what is supposed to be done?

Forces: We find the entity is laid up so to speak in many different levels. As far as what to be done for him this situation is progressively easing. It would have been much more difficult if it was not checked with, if it was allowed to pass on it would a been a bit more tight. As far as what to be done there is this force that had entered within him that was being dispelled by the inner feelings and certain commitments that had manifested had to project some other hard core items of thought from his physical body. Of course these things are a spiritual progression and the workings of them in many cases. As far as the procedure handling with him this system that is being used is not the best but it is not the worst, it is the best that can be offered at this moment. We at this moment are going to relieve the tightness and tension gradually and try and try to strive to do what is the best and do that which can alleviate the problem. There is the forces that would be interpreted as destructive in many conditions there has to be this process of movement forward for evolution. As far as liquids are concerned a certain amount of water should be even and a little bit of what would be considered lemon occasionally in the water, lemon juice occasionally also we would stress that grapefruit juice could be given but generally if the inner approach of harmony and piece for all to maintain this through these days ahead. It should be alleviating on the second day to the third and then we will try to work some fast way of dissolving this particular problem. We do find the area has to have a blockage in the section of the vascular vein and movement is not likely but steady as it goes it must be watched and this we see is being properly done but of course there is this movement of conditions around that we are trying to work with and handle. This is some of the reasons why the entity was told to fast for that week and a half because of the conditions that were approaching. There were sometimes conditions that are tight and testy and we had approached them and hopefully we’ll move on through them. Question.

IS: Is he going to be all right?

Forces: We feel that he’ll be coming out all right with no problem.

IS: Thank you.

Is: Anybody else at risk physically?

Forces: But remember all manifestation of physical disease and discomfort comes from within self of the way one would approach to thinking. But in short these conditions can be always taken care of.

IS: In MK situation he made a commitment to God which caused a reaction of other parts in the body that were not committed to be thrown off?

Forces: We find this analogy correct.

IS: Thank you.

IS: What does the month of February represent?

Forces: well the thymus commitment of Love.

IS: The dream I had with two fat happy people gambling on horses?

Forces: This is more or less to show you the different force fields that are being surrounded to alter and to change through wasting or gambling away certain forces. It also represents the buying of time through time but also the (cheerable?) feeling and consciousness that would be found in the—

IS: The dream—?

Forces: Not more for a personal interpretation rather than on a national interpretation.

IS: Personal?

Forces: Not to be interpreted as personal but rather on a physical national position.

IS: Thank you.

JU: Can you tell us what the month of March represents?

Forces: More of the movement out of commitment.

JU: Movement out of commitment?

Forces: More of the expression of the fruits of commitment.

JU: Thank you.

JU: Why do so many things in the restaurant keep breaking?

Forces: Sloppy handling and misjudgment, misguidance not enough discipline around the items involved.

JU: Thank you.

NN: Do microwave ovens put some sort of black aspect into food?

Forces: Well they don’t put anything into food they don’t give anything either.

NN: They don’t take anything away?

Forces: Well they do take a certain amount of its life force and vitamin and energy from the food but they sure do heat.

NN: It doesn’t accumulate any more of a black force?

Forces: It is not the best thing to hang around to.

NN: It’s not particularly harmful to use is it?

Forces: We wouldn’t absorb ourselves in it.

NN: Thank you.

DD: What does the Tarot card strength represent?

Forces: This is the inner power of realization of matter around.

DD: Of what?

Forces: Realization of matter around.

DD: Matter?

Forces: Matter in a different focus.

DD: You mean like material objects?

Forces: Maybe a little bit more than that.

DD: What sort of matter?

Forces: More organic and metaphysical elements of matter.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: With the Mennonites and the things they say?

Forces: Well the ability to want to prove that what they believe in is right.

IS: In that case—?

Forces: Well not so but a childish way of looking out on the things they do.

IS: Yet there is that Psalm that is talking about a quiver full of children happy is he and unless the Lord builds the house. Is that on which they rest their strength?

Forces: We would say the second.

IS: Second?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Has my exploring of Dante moved any of the things that happened?

Forces: Repeat.

IS: Has my exploring of Dante’s hell has that in any way instigated certain things in MK?

Forces: Well there is that moment of wanting but also of receiving.

IS: Commitment?

Forces: Commitment is only the approaching of those things that want to grow.

IS: Facing up?

Forces: In a sense.

IS: In Dante where he describes in hell all those different tortures how does it coincide with for instance suicides their idea of hell is that they stay there forever and ever and ever and never come out unless one or two will trickle through and it took a Christ to bring them out yet we know that in reincarnation a lot of people come back with a few years because they were suicides how do we put together the whole thing?

Forces: (long silence)(different voice) We find this area a movement in which jumps its not to be concerned but a jumping movement from one level to the next. It would be.

Forces: We will try our best to dissolve and to move on with the entity MK keeping positive and keeping your thoughts in a most creative move. We will speak and try to come through as best as possible but we will be trying to work as best as that can be done to avoid any major complications. These things as we have said before move and take their time of being in order to place certain elements in the proper condition and evolution. We will watch you and watch the entity MK in our best way we can possibly do to involve and to committee certain items of the Spirit.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.