Session 218-2/10/79

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We have been watching the conditions and movements around and find them to be satisfying. Whereas the movements are concerned they’ll be some slight changes in a worldly level manifesting and coming forth. As far as your weather is concerned now we are sending you the icebox weather from the arctic region that was supposed to have been given you during this winter. We know how pleased you are to hear it but as it must be all things are measured and if we postpone we ought to follow the laws and regulations proscribed. Now I know you can agree with us on that. Everything is regulated to such a degree that have made you find out what is regulated. As far as movements are concerned we would only say the movement is coming along and keep moving in the direction that is necessary for (——).

Forces: Now we are ready for your questions.

RU: During the incarnation of Jesus as the Christ were all of his 13 puppets on the earth in the form of different personalities and entities like other people?

Forces: We would find that analyzation correct.

RU: Does that mean Mary as representing the 13 female aspects and there were 13 women?

Forces: Might have to go to 13 females but there was enough to carry at the moment.

RU: So some of the men were manifesting in ah perfect balance the male-female of each 13 puppets?

Forces: No some of the females were their but not on a physical level.

RU: Thank you.

LK: In a general way what is the incarnation pattern of famous celebrities of today, like say Elvis Presley or Gregory Peck or people like that who are idolized by millions of people what were their past incarnation patterns?

Forces: Well they were involved with lots of ruling and banking and working conditions. They had to come back and continue that relationship until it is finished.

LK: Thank you.

NN: Did you tell Mozart that he was going to die?

Forces: Well, he was informed by us that he was going to be leaving.

NN: So he knew he was writing his own requiem?

Forces: He did.

NN: How come he wasn’t allowed to finish it?

Forces: Those are the breaks. (Laughter)

NN: Thank you.

NN: The 40th symphony how does it affect—?

Forces: It allows them to perceive and to receive certain inspirations and guidelines of what has to be done in their evolution.

NN: Thank you.

IS: The entity Uri Geller what is his mission?

Forces: More or less to inform and to bring a consciousness.

IS: Thoughts I had on a given person in a given force field is that correct?

Forces: Repeat.

IS: Thoughts I had about the affect of a personality on a force is that possible?

Forces: There is some possibilities to it.

IS: Then could there also be the hindrance?

Forces: There is that possibility.

IS: Then is it?

Forces: You don’t find it readily.

IS: So it is not happening where I am concerned?

Forces: We do not find it.

IS: Thank you.

IS: In that case when these people that are psychic or whatever come in, in public view that is all they are supposed to achieve is bring something to public view. That does not mean that they are saving personalities but acquainting them with a certain vocabulary. Is that correct?

Forces: Correct.

IS: So it still helps certain people?

Forces: Correct, evolutions of the years to come.

IS: In order to really work towards evolution truly on a soul that must be done more in seclusion. Is that correct?

Forces: We find this possible.

IS: But not correct?

Forces: We find it possible and we also find it many different avenues of expression just being one of them.

IS: What would be the other expressions?

Forces: More of a outward expression.

IS: So there are those, other groups that you are involved with?

Forces: Oh we are not involved with as per se involved, there are other expressions that need to express itself outwardly.

IS: But its not you?

Forces: (—-) we are not saying it is us, it is not us.

IS: Neither is it a force equal to you?

Forces: Well the force is not equal to us no.

IS: But should there be a force equal to you meaning you what would be the other different ways of expression?

Forces: There would be different avenues of expression correct.

IS: Could we know some other ones then and what they would be, the ones that would truly lead towards evolution the real McCoy?

Forces: You have the professional person, that is not as far as man is concerned, but those who are in humility and those who are patient and those who have kindness and love these you will find us working with more readily than those who do not have these qualities.

IS: Are there others like this group or individuals that–?

Forces: Well let us put it this way.

Forces: There are others who are striving for some type of consciousness equal to this but not hitting the mark.

IS: So this is the best expression?

Forces: Well let us say it is the best for those who are in it.

IS: You can’t tell us others who are more evolved than us?

Forces: Well it would not be necessary to say such things. There are those who are involved and their evolution is of a certain degree does not make them higher or lower but the chances are every aspect is being taken care of.

IS: Thank you.

HI: Is there some guidance for me at this moment?

Forces: We would stress to you to perceive and be receptive to the spirit around you that you might be able to express it.

HI: Thank you.

BR: Ahithophel counseled King David’s son Absalom who tried to overthrow David. He gave Absalom some advice on how to overthrow the kingdom and Absalom didn’t accept it. After that the councilor hung himself. Was the councilor the same as Judas?

Forces: Well let us say the qualities of such.

BR: Would he be like one of the puppets from the soul of Judas?

Forces: Well let us say it is a logical mind who wants power over the quality of love.

BR: Thank you.

MK: In Jesus would his 13 extensions have been himself and the 12 Apostles?

Forces: They were of himself.

MK: But not like that 12 in one?

Forces: Not like Wonderbread.

MK: Are we all together in one person or do we have extensions that are on the earth now?

Forces: There is a Unity that is being bound together under one soul but the Unity must be expressed constantly for there are those many deviations from other lifetimes that entities could hook into.

MK: So at one time can you be more than one of these puppets that would come in depending on how you develop?

Forces: A commitment is how it is depending upon.

MK: Thank you.

GL: Could more information be given on the relationship between mind and the body in particular the brain and how thoughts affect the physical health and the outlook of the body?

Forces: The relationship between the mind faculties of the sensory and the motor nerves in conjunction with that of the physical receptive nerves, actions and survival comparatively these are functions that go along without thinking that they are truly affected by the soul or the spirit or impetus that is being feed into the body. In this case the soul or thought forms are sent in and then feed upon giving a direct reaction and relation to a spirit in the body true substance of the relative feeling of the mind body and soul. The mind and the body is all a direct connection with the expression of the soul in the spirit body.

GL: Could a Psalm or a Prayer be given to make the entity within the body more receptive to the impulses from the spirit?

Forces: We have the famous one of the “Be still and know that I am God” but we also could listen to “May my heart be open to the still small voice within me that will break the chains and lift the bond from the earth to the heavens let this commitment of mine be ever to be receptive to the Spirit and the Will of God within me and to put under the foot the desires of the beast”

GL: Thank you.

JE: Can you tell us in Jesus time the puppets that were physically manifested could you tell us who the males were and who the females were at that time in that lifetime?

Forces: Repeat.

JE: In Jesus time the puppets the 13 males and then the females can you tell us who were the 13 males and who were the females that were physically manifest at that time.

Forces: The 13 males of course were the Apostles and then some and then you the Society of what would be considered the Essenes who had the females and teaches and teachers incorporated with the child from an early age.

JE: Can you give us who the females were their names?

Forces: You would have five that would be classified as Mary the Mother, Mary Magdalene, Judith, Sarah and Rachel.

JE: Can you tell us what aspects these females represented?

Forces: Aunt, Mother, Teacher, Friend, Lover.

IS: I’m one of those Mary’s?

Forces: You have certain characteristics.

IS: I wasn’t Mary Magdalene?

Forces: Repeat.

IS: You said Aunt.

Forces: Now remember there are more than just one aunts.

IS: Which one were his aunts Sarah and Rachel?

Forces: You have that as such. Question.

IS: You said Mary the Mother, Mary Magdalene and then Rachel and Sarah and Judith. Judith was a teacher?

Forces: And a friend.

IS: And Sarah?

Forces: An Aunt.

IS: And Rachel?

Forces: You would find this as the wife of the brother.

IS: As James?

Forces: You would find it as a brother of the father of the second.

IS: Thank you.

BH: Was Samuel alive during the time of Jesus?

Forces: It is not likely so?

BH: Thank you.

DL: The two deaf men read the Bible but people say they just carry it as a good luck charm. Can you receive from the Bible without understanding the words?

Forces: Definitely.

DL: Can you tell me why one of the fellows beat up his sister?

Forces: Anguish, jealousy, frustration, envy, and sheer frighteness.

DL Thank you very much.

RH: Could you tell me what was happening to me Wednesday night of dreams then finally when I woke up at 4.00 in the morning hearing footsteps and there wasn’t anybody there?

Forces: This is a feeling of what would be considered a message.

RH: A message?

Forces: A message.

RH: What were the footsteps?

Forces: Let us say it is to get across to your conscious mind that you are receiving?

IS: Would that also account for some of the headaches?

Forces: The headaches are a accountability of pressure from the other force.

IS: Thank you.

JU: Is there any guidance you can give on how you can bring out skills and talents from other lives?

Forces: All skills and talents are brought out in simplicity.

JU: The person who came for a job for just three weeks. Was that fulfilling a karmetic pattern?

Forces: Lets say he had to receive certain impulses and guidance on a subconscious level.

IS: The young man that he is writing a letter for is that a wise move?

Forces: The young man should be counseled as far as his feelings of responsibility to society; it is not a bad move.

JB: In working with adolescent boys is there something that would be helpful in helping them develop and use the spirit?

Forces: It wouldn’t hurt them to be familiar or to get to know the stories as short stories of the Bible.

JB: Should I make any kind of implications of how they’re acting or should I spell things out for them what’s expected of them as they progress in the letter of the Law, the Spirit of the Law?

Forces: We always would say use the letter once and use the Spirit twice.

JB: Thank you.

DD: In the part in Genesis where God takes the rib out of Adam and makes the woman at that point there wasn’t a physical body what does that represent?

Forces: This is a formulating of the physical substance.

DD: Why do they use the term rib?

Forces: This is the joining between the (bridge?) of man and woman, the breath of life. You will find the same message, that the nostrils of all living creatures the breath of life was extinguished, in the time of Noah. This was the expression of all those creatures, all creations during this moment in time.

DD: Those that had turned evil?

Forces: State of affairs in the earth at that moment of Noah it came from the moment of this creation from the rib.

DD: So it was a bad thing already at that point of the rib?

Forces: It grew to have its dominance and violence.

DD: What happened before the rib to cause this to happen then?

Forces: This was the lowering of the standards.

DD: This happened in Adams consciousness?

Forces: It did happen.

DD: Also later on it talks about Adam had become as one of Us to know good and evil. How does that fit in?

Forces: It fit in very well at that time.

DD: What does it mean he had become as one of us?

Forces: He became the consciousness of knowing all things but wasn’t really able to handle it.

DD: Sort of a God consciousness?

Forces: Wouldn’t call it a God consciousness he already had the Spirit of God within him, it was a consciousness of the Laws.

DD: He didn’t need to know them at that time?

Forces: He became to know them and then became responsible for knowing them.

DD: He wasn’t ever meant to know them?

DD: Thank you.

RU: Can anything be given to help Tom physically right now?

Forces: These are the cycles and changes that are being taken place within him for special reasons.

RU: Would there be anything to help this happen in a smoother way?

Forces: These things would have to be?

RU: Thank you.

IS: DD and plumbing in the Master Bathroom?

Forces: We find it to be interesting and with caution and concentration it will be ok.

IS: How can I avoid difficulties with DD to get across?

Forces: Just say the point of reference information and just let it be not looking for his rebuttal or expression of return the entity needs to go through certain weeding out of thoughts but receptive as it may seem to be. Also just generally say what you see and leave it at that.

IS: How do I catch those things before they happen?

Forces: Well this is something that even God is trying to figure out.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Those 13 puppets the rest of the things that were discussed was that correct?

Forces: Everything had its purpose and found itself to be.

IS: Thank you.

IS: How did Judas figure into this?

Forces: One of the weak consciousness that had to be spiritualized.

IS: Has it become spiritualized?

Forces: At that moment in time it had but remember Jesus had to constantly keep an eye and track upon Judas yet could not tell Judas how to be or act but yet try to show Judas that there was a spirit world and consciousness around them.

IS: But yet Judas failed?

Forces: Not directly, he failed in one respect but in the remorse he did have in this he gained but then taking of his life he failed.

IS: As far as those entities the females that you had there I think Mary Magdalene would still be reincarnating is that correct?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Then certain parts of Jesus are still being spiritualized or are they just on the earth for him to be able to come through them?

Forces: It is now up to the other entities to take over whatever they had received.

IS: So now each puppet is on its own?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Except for the one that became Jesus?

Forces: Correct.

IS: But yet they do have a special thing from him?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Hell and the elite that Dante describes inn Hell and those elite people is that correct?

Forces: You would find a great similarity to the expression.

IS: What does it mean those who are not baptized?

Forces: More or less the spirit of the consciousness within them.

IS: Are they still there can they get out of there and move on?

Forces: It would take time.

IS: But they’re still there even those figureheads the names Socrates–?

Forces: You would find that to be.

IS: Are they aware of it?

Forces: Well they are you must understand when you see someone who’s talking a blue streak they would be aware of it.

IS: Who’s talking a blue streak to them?

Forces: Doesn’t really matter who’s doing what where.

IS: When Jesus went into hell did he do what Dante said he released—?

Forces: Yes.

IS: So if Jesus didn’t go into hell they would have never been entering into heaven?

Forces: This is correct.

IS: This is the Ring Pass Not right?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Could these people if they would become aware of something greater than themselves they have reached the tops of intellect, human dignity, etc. if they would become aware or believe that there is something greater than that, that there is a spirit they could automatically go through hell or get out of hell or—?

Forces: Correct.

IS: In order for them to become aware of that they would still have to go out through hell the whole of it?

Forces: Correct.

IS: So actually everybody in hell in reality can get out if he chooses?

Forces: If he perceives where he’s.

IS: Those souls do not perceive they are in agony?

Forces: Oh they do know they are in that but wondering the why ability.

IS: Is that why it’s such a celebration in heaven when one soul leaves hell?

Forces: Of course.

IS: Now those dark woods that Dante is talking about, there’s the big gates and the sign that tells plainly where the soul is going. What if a soul stays in those dark woods is it a lost soul then?

Forces: You would call that a meandering soul.

IS: Meandering?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Does that soul end up anywhere sometime?

Forces: Eventually he or she could pop out of the forest into the road (—) consciousness or into the grove towards hell.

IS: Even hell is already better than that?

Forces: Well of course.

IS: Now somebody that has done very bad things now he’s going to hell and he stays out there in the dark forest he knows where he’s going and he says no I’m not going can that happen?

Forces: (—–) you have that happening.

IS: What happens then?

Forces: Well until he decides to move on he has to stand right where he’s at.

IS: There’s nobody or nothing that will just push him into hell?

Forces: Well we have our little men down there or up there or in there.

IS: Thank you.

IS: The dog Lobsang what is wrong with him?

Forces: Well we would see that he has a justice trip.

IS: That’s it?

Forces: This has many different functions we also notice the disease and grunting type attitude because the attention span being focused away from him. This is what happens when a dog is too much involved with one particular person.

IS: So he’s very possessive is that it?

Forces: Very much so. And also you have the quality of the particular breed itself. The dogs breed itself is know to have this type of personality as it develops in age.

IS: So they try to domineer a person?

Forces: Well something along that line.

IS: So it’s actually the cat that started it on the physical level?

Forces: It could be that, also the children in the house, it could also be the attention that is being given to them and not to him.

IS: Thank you very much.

MK: Is it physical man only or does the soul also have freewill?

Forces: Man is the reflection of the soul.

MK: So the soul also has free will?

Forces: The soul has freewill.

MK: Can the soul make a mistake?

Forces: If it wants to.

MK: Thank you.

JE: The females that you mentioned of the five are any of them reincarnated on the earth now?

Forces: We would find them near or hovering about.

JE: But none physically manifested?

Forces: It is difficult to give you an answer to that not that we don’t want to give you an answer it’s a complicated answer. There are a lot of complicated answers that we would like to give you but your own personal commitment and evolution must move on before we speak about more complications therefore we keep it simple.

JE: Of the 13 people that were mentioned those are all puppets of Jesus, was Jesus a manifestation of a puppet from a Higher Self?

Forces: Well it does have a chain reaction, but there are those original souls from the Beginning of Time that had been created to save those who were caught in the earth.

JE: Was he a soul incarnated on the earth?

Forces: (—————————————) in all figure of speech he was one of the original souls from the Beginning of Time.

IS: How many souls were created from the Beginning of Time because there’s no additions right?

Forces: Well there is no exact number to be given to you to express this exactness but it would go along the lines of the 100 and 44 thousand from that branch’s out all the other souls into it.

IS: How about the souls that were trapped in the earth they were others besides the 100 and 44 right?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Do they count as complete souls?

Forces: They would have some countability to them.

IS: Thank you.

JU: The soul that became Queen Victoria was she a major figure in the Bible?

Forces: She represents the Lion of Israel.

JU: Was she any of the personalities in the Bible that you could tell us?

Forces: We would find her in certain of the leaderships of the Bible you would find her as Ephraim’s heritance as the son of Joseph.

IS: When you say Lion of Israel who do you mean?

Forces: This is more of the power resemblance in her soul chart or his or hers.

IS: Is that soul on the earth now?

Forces: We would find it so.

IS: Thank you.

JB: The food we are feeding the young boys in the cottage where we work is there anything that could be added to their diets?

Forces: Well let us leave it at that if you add anything to their diets they might throw it at you. Their diets are consistently well, good to average. To bring more into their diet will take time. Oatmeal should be concentrated along with farina and grits you could also concentrate on qualities of what would be considered cornmeal and also we would concentrate on fish products.

JB: Thank you.

DD: Is the Resurrection mentioned in Genesis chapter 6 or 7?

Forces: You would find the Resurrection involved there.

DD: What part is it exactly?

Forces: It is worked through the third to fifth chapter beginning well we would say the fifth chapter you would find it recorded in the 4th, 5th, 6th verse.

DD: Fifth chapter of Genesis?

Forces: You would find it there.

DD: Also did I understand before what you said about the Law, like in the first chapter mans like the fool and he has perfect love and then—?

Forces: It takes time for you to understand what we are striving for you to know.

DD: Thank you very much.

LK: After the time of Jesus when the disciples were sent out was it their intention to teach whoever heard them the way they were taught to live by Jesus?

Forces: Let us say a yes too that.

LK: At what point did things start getting away from that after the original disciples?

Forces: Well of course you know immediately when Paul got involved. (Laughter)

LK: Will a similar situation be what we’ll be doing someday?

Forces: Well—.

LK: Trying to teach others in the way we’ve been taught?

Forces: Lets hope you don’t go around teaching but Just Being.

LK: Dream I had which was along those lines where it skipped from periods of generations to generations after something like Armageddon is that anything like it will be?

Forces: You have some type of insight that gave you some guidance too the situation.

LK: The final thing in the dream it was long after we were gone but I was watching it and the group of people that were there who were older people, in the dream I was saying to myself I was saying to myself oh my God a bunch of (——) is that what’s going to happen slowly gets off the ideal?

Forces: All forms go through the pattern of the pendulum and that type of quality character happens when man no longer strives for truth as far as the Spirit is concerned but just placates it.

IS: You mean when we become busy telling others we stop being busy doing it ourselves?

Forces: Well it is a hard (heart?) analysis but something along that line too.

LK: The manner of building I saw at one stage in the dream the framework of a structure is being built with what looked like circular pipes rather than square beams or girders is that possible?

Forces: This is possible.

LK: Thank you.

NN: Could you tell me about the dream with Crutchfield and I was varnishing—?

Forces: We find it as a understanding of your qualities and receptivity to you on a suggestive and psychic level.

NN: Thank you.

NN: Also the short dream I had about seeing J—- she was here and looking better?

Forces: More or less the concern and trying to link up for her own evolution.

NN: Thank you very much.

IS: My dream was that to show me the color?

Forces: It is to show you a flamboyant moment in time.

IS: The Brazilian Doctor that operated on people, the way its described 4 minutes flat taking out tumors it seems he was genuine and he said he had a German guide. What was that man?

Forces: More of in touch with the solar force fields around the organs.

IS: So he actually performed all those things?

Forces: In figuratively speaking yes.

IS: Then how can that be done?

Forces: Well operating on an astral level to the force of the body.

IS: Did that knife move in?

Forces: A different type of knife, at this point also you have many people who try to fake that situation but very few people have it working for them.

IS: He actually believed then that he did use the knife?

Forces: Correct.

IS: His German guide why was he convinced of a German guide?

Forces: Well let us say that sensation came from that impulse.

IS: Who was the German guide?

Forces: One of the Doctors in the spirit force.

IS: That Doctor was an entity one lifetime?

Forces: Yes.

IS: How could he do it so fast?

Forces: Oh there’s no measurement of time in the astral.

IS: It was the speed of this guy and the knowledge of the other guy?

Forces: You would put it together like that.

IS: Plus some extra help?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Thank you.

IS: The Indian psychic did you speak through him?

Forces: We had some workings in it.

IS: Who are those 9 elders?

Forces: Something like that.

IS: Is that you?

Forces: Well we are not going to say exactly what that means.

IS: But its real?

Forces: It has its substance.

IS: How does one go to hell to rescue somebody else?

Forces: Simply just go through the door.

IS: But you have to be awfully together?

Forces: You would.

IS: And the male and female in balance?

Forces: You would.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving. Just strive for people to try to do their best for what they are into. (—-) for the entities fast coming up this week we would make it for Monday a fast day and for Thursday a (—) fast day other than that would be a normal week for him and we’ll continue to notify him other fast days as the time comes.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.