Session 324-?10/10/80

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We have watched the (——) and conditions and changes that are to happen. We feel that these things of different proportions will send lots of expansions and changes of policies. One thing about Regan no one will be able to shut him up. He will be speaking his mind here there and everywhere and saying many strange things. Sometimes that would be beneficial other times adverse but none the less there shall be a great deal of changes, as always it comes about. We would give him about 7 months and try this period out, try once again to help this factor. What center we’re working on now most strongly will be that of the Leyden center and the solar plexus combined with the thyroid. We find that as we move on there shall be more and more talk and more and more upsetment with normal living and striving for the spiritual purposes of life. Know certain encounters, which will raise a lot of consciousness.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

DD: One of the objects I was working on I came to the conclusion that it represented a certain time and how does the recursive function apply to that (woman)?

Forces: This is applied in a aspect of creativity and receptivity. As long as that of creating lines architect you designed with all that’s lines that go within the and that which comes out of the body.

DD: Thank you.

IS: Why do we always vote for the one who will lose even though we know who will win?

Forces: This has a strength in itself there are certain powers that are being worked and not that you should run to the one you know will win but that that the principles of that which you believed in stays fast and of course when certain items must happen on the (broke?) down the line you will not be responsible for it.

IS: It has been achieved the best for us meaning Nelson County?

Forces: It achieves the balance of that which is believed in and sought for.

IS: Nationwide does it mean that people are tired of Liberalism?

Forces: Well this is correct and there should be more of the spending of the money than the hoarding of it.

IS: Is that what it was before the hoarding?

Forces: This is the process that was going on.

IS: Who was the one that was hoarding it?

Forces: Every person that who could not meet the ends and there will be just a new system of spending.

IS: Are things going to go down now in price?

Forces: There shall be a tremendous amount of decrease in many items.

IS: Because the ones that took over are the ones who have the money to—?

Forces: No you must remember this is all political and everyone is in the right place at the right time it just so happens everything is set up at the right time.

IS: Thank you.

JU: Could you explain the pressures and feeling of negativity and on guard to protect the house prior to entity doing service in Mediation Room?

Forces: More of imaginations that are out of control that if thought of negatively. Need to (filled?) up. Negative expressions don’t just go away you have to disbelieve them away.

JU: Was there any force that was also affecting this pressure or I was just open to it?

Forces: There is a force that tries to stop such actions but it’s relatively impossible.

JU: Thank you.

GL: The work with the electricity and the conclusions that I came to are they accurate?

Forces: They are working condition and document and they are near to what would be.

GL: Thank you.

HI: Why was it important to Joseph’s spiritual evolution that his bones were carried to Canaan?

Forces: The representing of a continuation of the development of the spirit of Joseph and the tribes growth.

HI: Thank you.

Forces: But not be left in Egypt.

BH: At one point Jesus tell his Apostles that their names are written in heaven and then at another point he says that anybody who denies him when they get to heaven their Father will deny them. What would have happened to Peter then who he would have come back as in the next lifetime?

Forces: More or less that of a person who would have to be humble and serve and receive rather than open up and have an opinion.

BH: Thank you.

NN: Should I continue with the same rosary affirmation I’ve been using or–?

Forces: Should be helpful.

NN: Thank you.

LK: What happened to the dogs this week and if we can do anything to help protect him?

Forces: More or less the keeping of them in an area and restraining them not physically but just pending them up. They were just let loose ah in time certain things we have planned will work this situation.

LK: Thank you.

IS: Who took them away or where were they?

Forces: More or less for hunting purposes and not really taken away just postponed.

IS: Was there any malice towards this group in taking them?

Forces: No.

IS: And when they released them would they have released then anyhow even if the game warden wasn’t called?

Forces: Eventually.

IS: Thank you.

BR: With IS stomach and her diet is there anything that can be given on that?

Forces: These would have to work itself out in time again dealing with that of soft items would help out moment.

BR: Thank you.

JB: I don’t have much appetite lately in the morning and at noon is there any particular food that would be helpful?

Forces: Sometimes it is better not to eat in the morning just to fast the morning moments.

JB: Thank you.

DD: Do I understand the lines that were described in the book this was the, what I know now to be the RNA structure?

Forces: Ah let us again say that it would be applied in such yes.

Forces: There are many items and changes that are to come in this country and there are many lessons that are still to come many factors that will be altered and many inventions that will be discovered. All the while there its been slow, and there’s still so much slow discoveries. The country as a whole in their scientific research have discovered many, many problems ah and in these problems they have found the answers to and half of those answers come to the expressions of these small things and in we only try to help and convince that spirit within all to follow that and not to put ones interest in other things.

IS: Thank you.

IS: The service that Tom did with Archangel Michael what did it do and will do in the future?

Forces: It’s just something that cannot be explained at the moment one of the commitments of certain things items, conditions again certain items could not be revealed at this moment.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Yesterday the entity Tom the whole day was really ah in another place completely. What is that where was he what was happening?

Forces: It’s more of a type of an exhaustion that takes over at times. There is so much work to be done on the spirit and astral level to formulize the days to follow.

IS: Thank you.

IS: This new election to the country as a whole will it be to us as a group–?

Forces: It will be successful.

IS: Is some of the things that I understand?

Forces: Some of those principles will be applied.

JU: Can you give me some guidance on the situation I’m encountering at work?

Forces: Just patience and try to meet it with a new approach and try to listen and in time it will be shared and worked itself out. But sometimes we have to be patient and let these new approaches take affect.

JU: Thank you.

GL: The changes that I’m thinking need to be done with the electrical wiring ah are they accurate?

Forces: We would find them correct if followed to what you are doing.

GL: Thank you.

BH: Is there anything to tune into the centers that are being worked with now?

Forces: More or less the spirit of prayer and patience.

BH: Thank you.

NN: Has it been like an extension to Yom Kippur this year?

Forces: More or less.

NN: Is it still on right now?

Forces: Not that long but it is the affects of it yes.

NN: Why was it extended this year?

Forces: For our purposes.

NN: Thank you.

LK: Could it be given the truth behind the legend of Dracula the vampire?

Forces: Its true and there are those today who do the same item and ritual today more or less it will be coming on to the surface more than ever.

LK: So it’s a physical truth?

Forces: Physical disease and physical inheritance.

LK: Thank you.

Forces: There were a time when a group of people who were of the Draculine experience needed the blood to exist.

IS: Did they abstain from any other kind of food?

Forces: No they enjoyed that too.

IS: Is it true they go into a coma at daytime?

Forces: A state yes.

IIS: Is that what you mean its going to come to light because hospitals, doctors are becoming aware of it?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Thank you.

BR: PR wanted to know why he’s afraid to fly?

Forces: Only the different height levels of losing his feet on the ground. Well in one respect we can’t blame him he has enough weight that if he does fall he’ll be a big splash. Also the fear of leaving the earth and wanting to be here and the fear of not flying this must be surmounted as time goes on.

BR: Thank you.

JB: When you’re in an environment where you feel uncomfortable but you have to be there how should you deal with that situation?

Forces: Repeat.

JB: When you’re in a particular environment you happen to step into an environment where you really feel like, you feel bad being there but you have to be there or you’re there for some reason how do you deal with that?

Forces: Well let’s hear the environment discuss the problem.

JB: Well if you walk into a place where there’s a bunch of people and you fell like this is not the place to be.

Forces: Well let’s describe the place now.

JB: A store a restaurant or a drug store whatever.

Forces: Well the best thing on these conditions is to try to spiritualize the ethers around you for there are certain things you are replacing in those people. If it was a office work then those are the people you need to work out certain elements about self so that these spiritual cells within the body will obtain certain ah codes. If it deals with ocean or land then there are certain elements within the ocean or land that are in a balancing factor or making it into a balancing factor. If it deals with heights or blood or scenes of that nature then of course that’s other lifetimes that are being affected and it can go on and on in different respective orders.

JB: Thank you.

DD: Could you help me—?

Forces: We are trying to help you in every respect in your particular job you are mastering it nicely you have become a strong figure for them and they have relied upon you and their responsibilities of you. But all in all these things are working out rather nicely.

IS: Is that for DD or JB?

Forces: This is for DD. JB is working out nicely also.

Forces: We can understand for JB and HI the different sequences that if they decide to move into the house we have told them till spring or summer this is all right in spring or summer. If they decide to come in now this would be their choice. Both decisions are left open to them again.

HI: Thank you.

DD: Are the studies of RNA and DNA and how it relates to the Bible, as I understand lately correct?

Forces: Its related.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving and will speak to you again.

Forces: Go ahead

IS: What can be done to help Tom with those exhaustions?

Forces: Well certain things will work itself out. Certain trips to Pennsylvania would be refreshing and rejuvenating and certain spiritual works are also very rejuvenating. Ah certain trips to group meetings or discussions on the Bible. It would not hurt to go to SN and HA and bring a little bit of understanding there and a pound of cement.

IS: That mediation you on purpose did that?
Forces: Oh yes we do nice things.

IS: Did they understand?

Forces: Yes, yes, yes.

IS: Voting?

Forces: This will all be up to your own personal discretion from now on if you want to vote you can if not its up to you. In a small county where it deals with County politics of course we would advise to vote but we’ll give you that power. As a world politician (i.e. President) you might as well go to the movies.

IS: Because in truth—–?

Forces: We suggest the movies.

IS: We are__?

Forces: We suggest the movies.

Is: And will prayer come back to school?

Forces: Yes.

IS: This thing—?

Forces: Many new things. Question.

IS: Liberals—-?

Forces: There are lots of changes to come.

IS: Into the conservative?

Forces: More or less.

IS: Good for us?

Forces: It will be a positive aspect.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving. (—-) next week to come Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be a yogurt fast again.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.