Session 323-no date

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: (part missed) and in these political dealings he’s app to get a large percent of the vote it should be close but should also be interesting we perceive this would affect the country indifferent ways for the perception it would try to concentrate on Carter that Reagan would not enter in. Ah its amazing how it seems to point that way to Reagan has that chance of coming in. What is the opportunities of man what is his purposes if he would only find out that he needs only that spiritual evolution and all the other things would follow if he would seek after the spiritual side of life rather than just constantly the physical side.

Forces: Now we are ready for your questions but we see turmoil in Texas and Oklahoma and Wyoming but more so Texas and New Mexico and a great deal of undercover ah Nazi movements throughout the Ohio, Michigan and Chicago areas happening. Ah we’re now ready for your questions.

DD: Guidance for now?

Forces: We find that your studying and formulating of numbers and forms of energies is productive we have certain avenues to look at but more at an angle of 14 and 2 and try to work at the right angle 14 and 2 and this would help you at your next step.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: Case with B—h how is it?

Forces: We have been trying to set everything in line for you and working each phase of it out for you. Up to now we have been successful in every phase that we have planned for you trying to make may things available for you. The case as we now see it seems very strong and taking its course just maintain your strength and commitments and the feelings that you have done that which is the right and best way possible and that you have done no wrong is no wrong you have done the wrong is the inability of the entity to comprehend and understand ah the facts of discipline and perseverance. We are working some aspects out for you the case looks to be there are many aspects happening and there are many feelings of terminating and throwing the case out we are working on that aspect strongly but we have many things to work on so it would help.

IS: Thank you for helping us.

Forces: Our lawyer—–?

Forces: It is the same procedure that he used with (H——e) before that (H——e) did not know after that (H——e) was turned completely from his own client away from her.

IS: Same thing happen?

Forces: There will be a strong impulse for (C—–n) to do the same (—–).

IS: He’s supposed to be a religious person——?

Forces: He would feel very uneasy about the whole condition and have a very strong feeling of being used for vendetta for the case is coming out for a strong interesting idea of vendetta being that the woman had just left the group, being that the woman had just divorced from her husband and being that she had applied or filed it would have been a whole condition ah there’s so many interesting points it would have an overwhelming feeling but his inner feelings as it already has that he’s in the wrong condition or the wrong ah the wrong place.

IS: He already has—–?

Forces: It is already in him.

IS: What brought that on?

Forces: The Judges attitude towards him and the whole situation that he had walked into.

IS: (—–)?

Forces: There is a major breaking points since yesterday and a major breaking point this morning.

IS: Why wasn’t the psychic able—?

Forces: She knew the story but because of our shield.

IS: But you already know the outcome right?

Forces: That’s why we have the shield up. (Laughter)

IS: Thank you very much.

DL: Did the things happen the way I felt them because of two specific incidence and if so isn’t the second specific incident completely within the realm of what would be called the Forces of God?

Forces: I don’t see why not. We have to do something to prove to you these things exist.

DL: Thank you very much.

JU: Thank you for the help on the trip and the success of it.

Forces: You worked for it. You did that which was necessary we had a—

JU: Hope you mean—?

Forces: Let us finish. You had operated we got many a chuckle out of your characters you moved other interesting, interesting make a good detective.

JU: Thank you.

Forces: Don’t let it go to your head.

JU: Can you just say why the picture fell down on that?

Forces: To let you know that ah the Force was with you.

JU: Thank you.

Forces: Remember you must understand one thing on a psychic level you are winning and depressions and moods and arguments between one another in the group happens it is by the force in which RU was taken MK and RH were taken so protect yourself the force can be very strong and you see the affects it has had on the group. Don’t allow the force of black to take you. You have your great story in Star Wars where the ultimate battle comes and the force tries to take you but let the force of Light be with you and prevent the taking over to that of the force. So it comes on when you least know it that’s why Prayer, Meditation and Stillness is essential. Do not allow moods it is the worst that could ever happen that a mood applies and takes in root to you. There is no justification for moods if you understand that principle the force will not get ahold of you. Remember when the force does lose ground it tries every way possible to regain it. Do not allow this door to open there is too much at stake at this moment to relax. Question.

IS: Thank you.

ES: Is there anything more that I can do for the newborn infants under my care that are dying?

Forces: We understand what you’re trying to say to allow them the dignity to move on without retaining them here. Your presence could help them move on to the other side knowing that the parents need some lessons and those who are involved in these conditions. But try your best to Pray for the ultimate outcome whether for life or for death not to allow death to take its grip but to allow life to, to have its chance so Praying can help both more so for life to have its course if it is the will but ah you are doing your best.

IS: Thank you.

JE: Could you explain what Halloween is and what really happens?

Forces: Halloween is when the black forces try to take over the earth in the night ands how they try to come and possess bodies or entities and how the Spirit of Light tries to fight them off through dressing up like them and how the Spirit of Light tries to have a positive reaction during the night rather than a negative. Also it represents the next day in which is a victory for the white forces where all the Saints are gathered together.

JE: Thank you.

Forces: You must understand the black forces have their chance first but the white forces always have their victory.

IS: Thank you.

JB: Dream being accused of hidden room?

Forces: Be careful of your driving techniques and also operating vehicles and be aware of attitudes and not to be impatient.

JB: Thank you.

BR: Dreamed there was another guy in the group and I didn’t recognize him but I knew he belonged to the group. He was from New York a Orthodox Jewish boy that was sitting on the couch in the dream.

Forces: There’s a very strong inner case of a Orthodox Jewish inclination coming into the group.

BR: Thank you.

BH: Could you tell us what the month of November represents and the aspects to work on?

Forces: For this time and in this moment the month of November would represent Thanksgiving in every aspect.

NN: Why did Jonathan say to David “The Lord be between me and thee, and between my seed and thy seed forever”?

Forces: Do you think what do you feel.

NN: I felt it had something to do with evolution because of Saul’s decisions.

Forces: There is a magnetic draw here in which evolution was being played out and there was a strong feeling of migration for both were of the same soul in one respect and they had a evolution of planning out the course for making that of the Spirit of Christ to on the earth through that of Saul merging it with David ah the aspects and principles that both families represent.

NN: Thank you.

NN: Then that would have been the answer to my other question what would have happened if Saul had obeyed or did that happen anyway?

Forces: Saul obeyed if he liked it or not he did not like it. So he obeyed and things happened to him in his obedience that caused his death but nonetheless he had to obey.

IS: That would answer for the doing of what you have to do but doing it grudgingly or doing it with joy. When you do it with joy the thing is done and you get the fruits. But if you do it grudgingly you will not get the fruits but things will happen to you?

Forces: (Something) like that. Everyone has a destiny and a road ahead you cannot avoid it. If you try to avoid it then the road becomes difficult. So walk your road and be patient with it.

NN: Thank you. (sound in background)

Forces: Time to eat.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

IS: You have a question.

IS: One question for HI and JB.

Forces: We’ll stay awhile. We’ll what’s your question.

IS: (—–).

Forces: Where are we at in the line.

LK: Lobsang Rampa said that –

Forces: Shure.

LK: whoever wins this presidency is going to go criminally insane. Is that still scheduled to happen?

Forces: Why don’t you write him and find out.

LK: If its true does it really mean it doesn’t matter which president gets it what ever is going to happen is going to happen?

Forces: It doesn’t matter which president gets it. If Carter is elected president he will not go insane he will be affected but will not go insane.

LK: And Regan will?

Forces: Regan is not insane while before he’s elected I mean he’s already insane.

LK: Thank you.

GL: Would there be any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: Allow us to use you and not to fight us. Open up your heart and let the perfect spirit come forth through you and we will be able to operate and manifest lots of miracles around you (it?).

IS: What is the biggest thing that is the fight in GL?

Forces: Image and ego must be worked with and not to be allowed to open up into that of getting the image and ego satisfied but we would also read Job 42 chapter.

GL: Thank you.

HI: I want to thank you for helping—

Forces: Your welcome.

HI: to sell the trailer with ease.

Forces: Yaakov where’s ours. We get half only kidding, only kidding you keep it all and enjoy. Bury it make an egg out of it but don’t put it in the bank.

HI: I don’t feel that I’ve been doing well at all lately could you give me any guidance at all fro this moment?

Forces: Romance, have a little romance in your life. What would you like us to say.

HI: I really don’t know because I really don’t know what’s the matter with me its like a Jekyll and Hyde person.

Forces: Yeah yes, yes, yes. What we would not advise to moving into this group at the moment we would advise you to maintain the apartment for a while and then moving into the group we will discuss later on. Try not to make the drastic move of moving into this group at this moment you could move some of your items here if you wish but let us wait till spring to make the final commitment that way.

HI: Thank you.

DD: Could you help me to understand the numbers you gave me do they go on the graph paper?

Forces: (missed part)

DD: It’s in a long row?

Forces: No not too long.

Forces: There are many spiritual things coming your way for all of you many new projects to be done be patient a lot do look for you to help and guide them, a lot do look for you to give them the guidance that they need, but you must look to your guide to guide you so do not forsake your Spiritual missions and your Spiritual world keep in touch with it. Question.

IS: What can be done for Tom the human being Tommy at this moment you know when the slightest mood not only that its for real but its so detrimental to anybody but that it naturally affects him terribly. Meditation, Prayers is slacking off or things like that. What can I do what can we do what should we do for him at this trying moment?

Forces: The force will have to be to send to each one unto the Spiritual objectives and we will help with other objectives. There are many things that are about ready to be given and many more projects to be had and received on the Spiritual level.

IS: And what can I do.

Forces: Just to be patient.

IS: The cat tonight what was it?

Forces: It is a force of protection and not of evil.

IS: Have we done what we were supposed to do with the A.R.E.?

Forces: One of the major Spiritual bridges are beginning to be built on the higher level there is great rejoicing and great sounding which on that night there were voices and singing heard which the entity heard in the hallway and this was in true form on the Spiritual level that was happening because the Hierarchies had succeeded in communicating with a message in which they want done.

IS: Gladys hear the music too.

Forces: Correct.

IS: The major thing on the Spiritual level is done?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Are we beginning to see the beginning of our mission?

Forces: The mission will now manifest on a physical level.

IS: Will A.R.E. come to the point of understanding to see their own prophecy corresponding to this?

Forces: They will see and protect a lot.

IS: And protect?

Forces: Protect yes.

IS: Us?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Does Gladys understand all that has taken place in its fullness?

Forces: She understands on a very high level everything. It will come very strong but she has understood on a high level. It’s the same feeling she had when she met Edgar Cayce she had the same exact feeling the night that she saw and heard each and every one of you speak. That exact same feeling draws her to where she was younger.

IS: And the falling in the kitchen anything to do with that?

Forces: It is more similar to the alignment of Jacob and the hip. Her Spiritual name was being given to her when she fell.

IS: Does she know it?

Forces: This takes time for her to understand it.

IS: And does CT?

Forces: There will be great battles between them between the marriage, between the child and there will be a great influx of Spiritual energies coming. We have things if everything is in its proper perspective that we will work out and share with you in time.

IS: Did CT understand the enormity of what’s—?

Forces: There was great sense, when anyone comes into the house the enormity is beyond understanding it is entering in to the Spiritual world.

IS: Some people think that I know what’s right and wrong rather than the entity because I am the mouthpiece?

Forces: You have a job you must do and he has a job he must do.

IS: Why give me a more showy?

Forces: You work on the physical level and his job is on the ethers and Spiritual level. Before you can ever work on a physical level he takes care of it on that level. You just have more of a solid job he has more of a etheric job.

IS: In the house is that being forgotten?

Forces: Well maybe we’ll help them remember it.

IS: Where it comes from?

Forces: We’ll take care of it.

IS: Thank you very much.

Forces: Of course.

IS: Is there anything for BN?

Forces: Just the creativity will come in.

IS: Everything is all right?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Thank you.

DL: Was it Lemuel or Zumiel or both angels and are they warriors to be used right now?

Forces: Yes they were given.

DL: Both right?

Forces: Yes um huh.

DL: Thank you.

JU: Could you say what number this Session should be?

Forces: Whatever you want to put a number on it.

JU: I think we may have lost track to keep it in order or is that not needed?

Forces: Let you find out that you must not lose track.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.