Session 320

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. As we watch the world and national situations we find Iran right where it is met with the situation there and it’s ah a mess (—) many details. We would not be surprised if Russia enters into Iraq and helps Iraq conquer Iran. This is something that is really on their minds to do. There shall be some internal movements in Washington that can prevent this. There is a great mishap in the area and lots of damages and civilian problems there and killings in these conditions its sad that things have moved to this point but it is centuries of warring between these sides and every single time there is progress of movement in any way they must first meet these obstacles in order to remove their differences and move on forward into civilization. Their first major obstacle is the barriers between themselves.

Forces: We’re now ready for your questions.

DD: In the Science Fiction book (The Gameplayers of Zan) I’m reading now that Tom told me to read it talks about using the graph paper and doing certain things is that what you were talking about—

Forces: Yes you have a second a plateau of movement of learning. It will fall into place and have its conditions.

DD: It’s accurate as described in there?

Forces: We find it ah to be helpful in a lots of ways.

DD: Thank you.

IS: If Russia will take over Iran will Russia then use that opportunity to release the American hostages is that on their mind to and sort of—

Forces: It is on their minds but they’re more involved in taking over land area territory.

IS: Do they care about public opinion at all?

Forces: It is a strong factor but not that of possession of lands at a very low price.

IS: So that idea of making themselves into heroes that way public opinion included that’s very appealing then the land–?

Forces: Yes.

ES: Should I stay in newborn or go to ER?

Forces: You are ready.

ES: Should I be there full time or part time?

Forces: Part time.

ES: Thank you.

JU: Could you tell us what this new cycle we just entered into represents?

Forces: The new cycle is working with the thyroid and the beginnings of inspirations used through that of the (Mediums?)

JU: Any colors for it?

Forces: Yellow and green.

DL: Any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: In what particular field.

DL: Any.

Forces: Well there are many fields open for you coming up and many creative fields of self awareness and movement ah but be careful of the backsliding ah schemes and things which usually happens at conveniences. But there are those movements ever forward to give new ah horizons for you and new goals to be reached and had and developed music and the arts and those of receptivity of things around you.

DL: Thank you.

BR: I’d like to thank you for saving my Mothers life and for everything that’s happened.

Forces: Well there are those times when we can extend time and days and life and there are those times, which ah we cannot. But in this particular case certain things were accomplished to extend not only extension but that certain things were given so the extension could be had and that is a positive reaction in living for those moments.

BR: Thank you.

JB: Any spiritual guidance for me at this time?

Forces: Spiritual guidance well again we say one step at a time and the progress would be met.

JB: Thank you.

HI: By which is it more so that man controls the animals is it by his nervous system or is it by his will?

Forces: Man really does not control the animals man must be in harmony with the animals so man becomes in harmony with the animals does the animal world become truly subject to that of serving man in the right way now man has possessed and controlled the animals but has not really mastered them.

HI: Thank you.

BH: Could any more be given about ways of tuning into the Holy Spirit?

Forces: More or less the general aspect of light and waves of understanding of these lights ah a few moments of silence and the eye section and (—-) to cup the hand over the face will help the Spirit to come into you.

BH: Thank you.

NN: What was the Blessing of Moses in Deuteronomy and what is the difference between that and the blessing in Genesis of the tribes?

Forces: One is more of a progressive blessing on (—-) and the other one is a blessing at hand or inside or internally. Ones more of an external blessing the other ones more of an internal blessing.

NN: Thank you.

LK: When we went to see Barnum at the end of it I had an experience where my feelings are so intense from all ranges from joy and sadness and it felt like everything was going to explode out of me and its like all of a sudden its like my feelings are almost able to come out but something comes along and I block them off again. Usually I get a whole bunch of tears and then I’m back to the way I usually am. Why after all these years am I still blocking myself?

Forces: Just as long as you have a experience and expressions of joy and sadness this is important ah the expression of them well that will come in time but just as long as you had thought those feelings that is pretty important and very productive and positive in its making you haven’t made any errors you made some progress in (—).

LK: Thank you.

GL: Could there be any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: Well we would say that in the days ahead things that you will be working with would be that of structures and that of systems and charts and maps and programs of different calibers ah it will be given to you and the ah time to work these things out and all on the other hand the patience and endurance and the keeping of tabs of things that you need to do is the best way for you.

GL: Thank you.

BN: If I knew the correspondences between the 22 letters and the 22 amino acids would you help me understand how that would help understand cures and causes of diseases?

Forces: In time remember to identify these different cases starts with the lowest percentage of sodium and nitrogen in the chemical, which will start you at the base and work you up.

BN: Working through the alphabet starting with aleph?

Forces: Correct.

BN: Thank you.

JE: Why when we go to JU parents a major conflict in the world happens?

Forces: An interesting feat isn’t it. Different chapters in the world or fears more so done for the dramatic affects for the –

IS: Penetrate through to parents?

Forces: Yes.

JE: Thank you.

DD: Could you explain more about my first question the system (using graph paper) what they’re talking about and how I could work with it?

Forces: Well let’s first read it carefully and working with it will come in time this is your second plateau to work with.

DD: Thank you very much.

ES: Can you help me understand the dream I had about an avalanche of snow?

Forces: Different things in the spiritual sectors within self has been able to move.

ES: Should I be doing anything about that or should I–?

Forces: Just clean it up. (Laughter)

ES: Thank you.

JU: Any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: Lets ah we had given you some books to read had you read them.

JU: Some I read one of (The way it was) but there are about 6 more with the same name.

Forces: Well this must continue for other subjects to be followed also for the understanding of different sections of ah that of Georgia and South Carolina that would be helpful.

JU: Should I continue with the Way it was book?

Forces: Yeah we always need to know how it was.

BR: Why did Joseph love Benjamin more?

Forces: More of a, a inbred thought of the truth of Spirit and the youngest of that spiritual quality.

BR: Thank you.

HI: When Jonah descended into the whale would that be considered when he died and went through the gates of hell–?

Forces: Yes it is symbolic of that yes.

HI: Thank you.

BH: Are there actual cords that come out of the Solar Plexus when there’s an attachment to somebody?

Forces: Threads yes threads.

BH: Is that why the Solar Plexus reacts strongly to a person near us dying?

Forces: Yes.

BH: Thank you.

NN: What is Psalm 148 used for?

Forces: More of movement and speed of action and putting into conditions new conditions (—-).

NN: Thank you.

LK: How far in space can man in his physical body travel—?

Forces: (——) It is no limit.

GL: Can you tell us something about the Pyramid in China, which is supposedly the biggest in the world and what it was used for and who built it?

Forces: The pyramids of China are more than one, built for that of energy affects and also for ceremony of the Spirit of for the soul in the body and also for that corroboration of records and books and a storehouse for items. A combination of many centuries of learning and process of experiences in mans evolution through this dynasty.

GL: Can you say who built it?

Forces: These were Pre-Atlantis factors.

GL: Thank you.

BN: Could you explain to me about when I saw a flame over the spleen and a flame over the liver in a cross with a flame above and below?

Forces: This is the gyro of the flames or the balancing of the flames within the body. More or less the creative factions, the force that makes the physical body alive to contain the soul in it.

BN: Thank you.

JE: What really was the main cause of the war that’s happening now?

Forces: The main cause of the war between Iran and Iraq is many, many years and many, many moments and many, many moments of (—–) ah really more of a spiritual nature movement and the battles above Iran and Iraq unsettled as it is its more of a control and jealousy pattern between Iran and Iraq.

IS: Was there any contributing factor that lit the fire this time?

Forces: The prayers and certain projections to Iran.

IS: But it wasn’t like an oil business deal?

Forces: This always in affect on a worldly level in which will drop the market completely, this is always in affect.

IS: What I mean is it possible that some of the other Arab countries lit the fire?

Forces: It was that and other countries in the south.

JE: Thank you.

IS: Is Saudi Arabia the major one?

Forces: No.

IS: Can you tell which one?

Forces: One who had certain amount of responsibilities (in signing?) Kuwait and certain parts of Turkey.

IS: Thank you.

DD: The Chinese room would it be better to rebuild it?

Forces: There are some ideas coming for that.

DD: Should I start on it?

Forces: Draw out the ideas and then you will be directed.

DD: An idea will come?

Forces: Yes.

DD: Thank you.

IS: The dream with the headless person walking around and from time to time I would put ice on that person but I knew I couldn’t’ put those eyes permanently because it was some sort of gizmo that I had for that person and I tried to explain to that person that I can’t really put those things permanently there but the person would look see something then I would Have to take it away.

Forces: Dealing with souls caught in the earth trying to get them out of the earth.

IS: Is it any particular thing?

Forces: No particular one.

IS: Thank you.

ES: Can you help me understand my problem with motion sickness its increased since I was little and I just wondered where its from or why I have it?

Forces: More of a sensitive stomach and the walls around the stomach being very light and the fluids being pushed back and forth causing this to happen.

ES: Is there anything I can do?

Forces: Sometimes wrapping the stomach with a bandage or a brace to prevent too much movement can help out a lot.

ES: Thank you.

JU: Can you tell us what happened on a Spiritual level by the visit to New York?

Forces: A major breakthrough in the many levels and major destructive patterns prevented.

JU: Was that the date 45 days after the (—–) it was due to happen?

Forces: Something like that correct.

JU: Thank you.

HI: The lightning flash that happens from Keter to Daath does that happen every time we meditate?

Forces: To some degree small to others to, one way or the other a certain amount does does happen.

HI: Thank you.

IS: That’s the Pineal and the Pituitary right?

Forces: And other centers above.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving we’ll speak to you again soon. Keeping in mind that there are some items to develop and to acquire as months go on.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.