Session 319 9/1/80?

(Session hard to hear)

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We have many things to get accomplished before this moment is up there are many things that we would want to get into this last moment and accomplish and make that ah fulfillment of this. There will be much fast movement in the months to come. We have seen the economy go down and now there shall be an in surge of miraculous items happening to the Country that will benefit it in many ways. Being in right places at the right time is what’s important and will be accomplished for this purpose. We will find some tones of Russian progress of wanting to communicate and wanting to make some overtures of progress in their own enhancements of course we will see many changes in world politics in less than 5 years things shall be completely in an opposite direction. Of course we will find much revelations and lights to come into the subject around us and many new forces to be accomplished. The season should be a very progressive month. There is a new wind factor growing in forces of energy and will come from the north to influence and give intuitive insights. There shall be many changes again in the west and many alterizations in this process.

Forces: Now ready for your questions.

IS: You mentioned last moment things are going to happen?

Forces: The Door or the to this particular cycle is closing and a new cycle to begin of a evolution on the Pineal and the Pituitary gland.

IS: Is that for the group or for everybody?

Forces: It is for this particular group.

IS: When are we entering the new cycle?

Forces: Saturday even to Sunday morning will be the entering time.

IS: And what are the things that have to be finished before then?

Forces: These are things on a spirit level and cannot be touched on a physical.

IS: Have we come through whatever it was?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Thank you and the other thing that we are entering in to?

Forces: New progression now on a spiritual level.

IS: Thank you.

LK: Why am I getting a rash on my arms and face and chest and what I could do?

Forces: Sometimes these rashes are in the atmosphere and plants (—-) give off certain enzymes there’s also the containment of forces or nerves or nervous ah condition that is being worked with and restraints of those nerves which are being put into order ah these conditions are being met and worked with ah we’ll see what we can do in many respects but more or less the Silence of Meditation can bring harmony to the skin again.

LK: Thank you.

JE: Can you explain what happens when you speak through this entity in a session?

Forces: Well we speak to you sometimes its ah sometimes speaking to a brick wall. I think you are referring to the one we are speaking through.

JE: Yes.

Forces: Yeah. His state of limbo or animation state or we call them (—–) body snatchers. So this is exactly one body snatched by us in which we just have it levitate between us certain polar bounds north and south negative and positive where we utilize the elements and body mechanisms to communicate to you ah this is how we can do it easily and properly where the body is tuned in its proper state and the 7 centers are in harmony with Love and the Love center is of the Fire and the centers are put into order in perfect Love these qualities can transmit for us and we can talk to you easily other than that coming to visit you and messing your heads up ah how we look or what we do kinda of scaring you and all that nonsense ah well then we just have to use the other force around this so no one will see us coming or going and only you will be the wiser of us (—).

JE: Thank you.

HI: Could you tell us the best thing to do with the trailer sell it or rent it, buy another one?

Forces: Sounds like a Chinese menu. One from column A and one from column B sell it, give us the money (Laughter) we can use it up here. No your best bet is to sell it and put the force of that money into a you know a place where you could use it the best.

HI: Thank you.

JU: Thank you for helping me.

Forces: Any time.

JU: Helping me again this month.

Forces: Yeah it was a beaut.

JU: (———)?

Forces: OH yes you come together, (wait, wait, wait) you come together as a power and as a group and pray in Silence and you can change anything you want.

JU: Can I ask my next question?

Forces: Yes go ahead.

JU: From the Soviet Union

Forces: What

JU:Is there a massive thought form projection?

Forces: Massive force of projection through the Religious Services underground yes.

JU: Is the Soviet Union able to project something negative here?

Forces: Oh no, no, no, no we already told you that they were having internal conflicts what’s the matter with you. Internal conflicts means that their countries falling apart.

IS: And that was done by you or else—?

Forces: Don’t say that ah we don’t do that we by the international Law Code of Spotnus are not obligated to interfere into political, religious or monetarial values set up by the government of the people of the earth for the record. But we can make chocolate pudding. (Laughter)

IS: You’re not obligated to do so?

Forces: Who.

IS: You could?

Forces: What.

IS: Interfere.

Forces: We had just told you the Code we cannot break that Code. Question.

BR: In another Session you spoke about the dragons and that they were placed in a sphere of time.

Forces: Yes, yes, yes, yes. Go ahead.

BR: What is a sphere of time and how did they get solidified in rock?

Forces: Oh its not the rock its in people. Some people are in that state. Go ahead.

BR: What is the sphere of time that was placed in the dragons and how do we have it in people?

Forces: Greed for material things and fire, heat greed for the process of maintaining.

BR: Thank you.

IS: So the minute a person becomes greedy he’s releasing the dragon?

Forces: Yes (—–).

IS: And the dragon through the Love center (—-) out the fire.

Forces: Eventually manifests Vulcan type experiences.

IS: So a lot of them (——) the serpent becomes the dragon is it somehow like that?

Forces: Something like that (—–) you have volcanoes that come from dragon forces.

DL: With MK why the motivation for visiting the hospital emergency room and that whole routine?

Forces: Well they are a certain amount of fear that comes up and projected up into it of fear of getting worse and or having these sensations and pains. There is that fear and anxiety that happens and wanting to check it out. This is the first and foremost thought on his mind and the premise of producing his stimulus to go and get these tests.

DL: The fear is?

Forces: That he’s dying or going to die.

DL: So he causes the pain and the–?

Forces: Self inflicted through guilt and not being able to be forgiven of what he’s done in his conscience of what he has done by leaving. It is called the traitors syndrome Judas had the same pain in his arm.

IS: What’s going to happen with him?

Forces: It will progressively get worse.

IS: And with his applying for Welfare?

Forces: That’s his way of trying to say he’s not making enough money to pay for it other little tidbits here and there.

IS: What does it do for him consciously?

Forces: Makes him feel very depressed.

IS: So he is not able to?

Forces: Not at this moment.

IS: Does he have what he considers a run of bad luck?

Forces: Yes he, but he’s involved in his own desires so is not really that involved in that thinking.

IS: Thank you.

BH: Thank you for all your help this past month and ask you for any guidance?

Forces: Just keeping a spirit of the Holy Spirit near you and trying to get involved with knowledge and information of the Holy Spirit that would help you.

BH: Thank you.

JB: Thinking about the last fast the observations and contemplations of that what does a (–) fast do of the various fasts we discussed earlier today?

Forces: Would help also the deeper parts of the psyche more or less the psychic world of a revelation of the psychic.

JB: Thank you.

DD: Could you give me any guidance for now?

Forces: Just constantly be in the force of prayer and allow that energy to come and give you the guidance to what you need to do.

DD: Thank you.

NN: Were the 5 kings of Midian the same as the 5 of Atlantis?

Forces: Well they had the same similarities.

NN: Thank you.

GL: Could there be any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: Again aim forward and positiveness and giving and service is the basic key to fulfillment.

GL: Thank you.

IS: I want to thank you for all the money things that straightened themselves out somehow this month. What does it mean Leviticus chapter 27 they talk about a person taking a vow and then the person has to pay for his vow? A person made a vow for spiritualizing their home and had to pay money to the priest?

Forces: This makes the vow more substantial and more concrete knowing that if he put money out he would keep the vow.

IS: (——)?

Forces: Yeah it was also like paying for something and also you will not destroy or ruin something that you pay for.

IS: Thank you.

LK: Is the book channeled by Ray Stanford about the Fatima prophecy accurate?

Forces: Well let us say as we had said before you would find it to be near to be accurate it would suit the purpose to read it and just to be familiar with it yes.

LK: Thank you.

IS: What was written in that letter though of Fatima given to the Pope?

Forces: That there will be certain signs and certain things happening in the earth at the beginning of the times of trouble.

IS: But there won’t be any more virgins giving birth will there?

Forces: You will.

IS: More than one?

Forces: There are many throughout the world that will take this course.

IS: And will that be for, not for Jesus though?

Forces: Two will be for the good side yes.

IS: But Jesus will come the way he went?

Forces: Oh yeah as you go so you come.

IS: So those will be other souls?

Forces: Yeah.

IS: Thank you.

DL: Who will it be?

Forces: (Forces humming) We haven’t crossed that bridge yet so lets keep walking.

JE: A couple of weeks ago—

Forces: Yeah.

JE: In Roanoke there’s a hole—

Forces: Isn’t that something.

JE: What happened? (Laughter)

Forces: We got tired and bored. Question. Go ahead.

HI: In Job 37—

Forces: Uh huh.

HI: Could you explain a little bit more?

Forces: No.

HI: About—

Forces: Its right there just read it the way it says it.

HI: He sealeth up the hand of every man—

Forces: Ahh your really persistent aren’t you. (Laughter) Go ahead lets hear it.

HI: (—–).

Forces: Yes I know.

HI: “He sealeth up the hand of every man that all men may know his worth” that’s one.

Forces: Isn’t that something (Laughter) So what do you think it means.

HI: That he puts the destiny in the hand.

Forces: Uh huh. (——) keep going.

HI: And will manifest.

Forces: There you go you got it. See you already had the answer you didn’t need us to tell it to you now lets go on to the next question. Go ahead.

JU: The book —

Forces: Yeah go ahead don’t worry about get it go-ahead next question.

BR: When the people from the—

Forces: Uh huh.

BR: A.R.E.

Forces: Yeah when they come here go ahead.

BR: Should—

Forces: Would yes.

BR: Is there anything we should know—

Forces: Nothing. Question next.

IS: Should we have—

Forces: (Forces sneeze) excuse me. There’s nothing special you should do you should do things naturally got the picture. (Laughter)

IS: Wait a second.

Forces: We don’t have a second to wait.

IS: I didn’t mean—

Forces: I don’t know what you meant I’m just telling you the facts.

IS: Ahh.

Forces: I know I feel the same way.

IS: No special dinner or anything?

Forces: No we didn’t say that. We answered the way it should be answered.

Forces: Go ahead ask your question we’ll see what you’re asking.

IS: When the people from the A.R.E. come down here anything we need to know?

Forces: And what was my answer.

BR: Naturally.

Forces: Naturally. Just that weekend all you keep saying is that word remember it’s the key naturally and you’ll find little secrets someone says are you happy naturally. You like it naturally. They want to do anything naturally. Would you like to go to Swannanoa naturally? See it’s the magic word it means yes in every language naturally.

BR: Thank you.

IS: So should we have our (—-) here at the same time?

Forces: Naturally.

IS: The room arrangement the way I have it?

Forces: Naturally.

IS: Correct right?

Forces: Naturally.

IS: And I shouldn’t have any outsiders except the (——) here?

Forces: Naturally.

IS: Thank you.

BR: Thank you.

Forces: Naturally.

DL: Could you tell us about the Book Ecclesiastes’ who wrote it?

Forces: Well Ecclesiastes is written for those who got lost into the earth trying to show them that the soul is the only salvation for man out of the earth. Who wrote it well the combination of many what would be called experienced Prophets more so it was influenced by Moses and Aaron and Aaron being the one who got involved in the earth and Moses who had to go through the pains of the soul.

DL: Thank you.

Forces: Helped along spread about by the encounters of the Prophets and lead by Isaiah and given to Joshua through Isaiah then handed down to Solomon which Solomon opened up the information to those who would have to perceive it. Question go ahead.

DL: The voice of the speaker is primarily Aaron or Moses?

Forces: No, no, no, no the voice of the Speaker is primarily the Forces on the Mountain.

DL: No I mean the one who is sort of feeling the (Part missed tape changed)

Forces: Get the picture.

DL: Not exactly.

Forces: Lets say the Book serves three purposes one to tell you the past fall of the visitors of the earth who misused their power two told you Moses problem and three told you Solomon’s problem.

IS: Are the giants the ones who came from outer space?

Forces: Yes. Does that help you.

DL: Yes.

Forces: That’s just the beginning of that there’s more to add on to it later on couplings we call it. There’s 82 couplings in all divided by 13 you get what 445, 632 couplings.

DL: Is that verses to be added to the Book?

Forces: You’ll find out.

BH: With the getting involved with the knowledge of the Holy Spirit is there anything special you want me to read other than the Bible and meditations?

Forces: Read, what you will all be doing is in a course that we will be giving you in this year to come if everything goes well we have plans so let us move on.

BH: Thank you

JB: Now——–?

Forces: Wait; wait whoa not to speak too loud. Go ahead.

JB: Now that HI parents are —

Forces: Yes, yes, yes.

JB: Anything else in the few weeks left for them?

Forces: Just be as (—-) as possible do your best to make them light and their trip here positive. Ah what we would like you all to do in the group here is we would like you to give them a special dinner in honor of them and in honor of their birthday and in honor of them being here and just give them a dinner for them and give it to them for them this would help their morale and their spirits.

IS: Should that be closer to the meeting?

Forces: You’ll find out a time.

IS: Thank you.

DD: —condition of a patient in Rm. 93 —?

Forces: Lord, Lord, Lord if we were physicians we would get paid a physicians wage but we are the Higher Forces and therefore the physicians wage would be inadequate. (Laughter) Lets go on to the next question.

NN: What does it mean in Psalm 94 ‘they frame mischief by law’?

Forces: They frame mischief by law its simple what is the matter with you people. Have someone else tell you they’ll answer that for you. Go ahead question. Mischief by Law they make laws to their own mischief to do what they want to do wrong.

NN: Thank you.

Forces: They always say the greatest deficit towards society is when they start making laws watch out. They never stop. Go ahead.

GL: Could the symbol and Archangel be given for the coming year?

Forces: And the locker number. The symbol is two pairs of sneakers. (Laughter) the name is G the Archangel was adlib just as you know in your own medical terminology let it be. No all jesting aside you could have the symbol of ah what would be called Polaris and the Age of Polaris sun so bright the trees are green and light red around the polka dot in the summer time do see that the heavens and all to be. Ok now the angel, the angel is Saffiel, Saphiel and comes out to the word Sap, Saphiel right and ah we have an Italian language (Laughter) and the number is 487669982459827331 add all that up that’s your number, don’t break it down that’s your number. Alright and the color is purple with pink around with blue and the symbol is a horseshoe cut in the middle by what would be considered a ah U or a Greek letter U. Ok that’s it for now anyone have questions.

IS: Coming trip to New York—?

Forces: Yes we gonna have some wind come and nice weather and the cold front be nice and nice forces be nice time. We hope everything works out in the weather department we will try our best you know to get those white puffy clouds there and to move you all along you know we’re going to try to do what we can you know. (Laughter) there are things that we have to work out go ahead.

IS: Something I should know?

Forces: What.

IS: That we’re going there—–?

Forces: Just sow seeds no. Naturally.

IS: Is it all right for (—–) and other guy to stay here?

Forces: Other guy?

IS: I think his name is T.

Forces: Oh it should be all right no major problems.

Forces: At this point we have to leave.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.