Session 239 7/2/79

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We have seen the different items coming before you we have found this particular weekend has been successful according to plane and we had stayed and hovered around as close as possible to do what we can do. We find a tremendous force now coming into the area of spiritual seeking its momentum is picking up and will be very powerful in months to come should be considered a new center for spiritual psychic arts. It is strange as it might sound the area is beginning to become populated with searchers. We find that we have citizens on thousands of currencies and (—–) to store or give in such a way to try to gear it to your hands you can make use of it knowing how well you handle it. We find also that there are those individuals that would be coming for searching advice and counseling fulfilling part of the jobs that two entities have taken on. There will be much change to come that we find progressively good with each day. There is a lot that needs to be done and we do ask that you reevaluate your own things that have to be accomplished.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

IS: We would like to thank you for the abundance you have shown us this weekend and that is still overflowing.

IS: What is the thing you said that we take care of?

RU: Something with currency.

Forces: It will be geared that certain amounts of funds and money will be sent you way the purpose is to be handled.

IS: Thank you very much.

NN: Would you tell me what the dream meant that I woke up with this morning?

Forces: This is more of a past experience in another particular life that had manifested in that life to remind you of certain responsibilities in this life.

NN: Did I have the correct understanding?

Forces: generally you interpreted in its right purpose.

NN: Thank you.

NN: Is Jerusalem the Pituitary?

Forces: Jerusalem could be represented as such correct.

NN: Thank you.

IS: Isn‘t Jerusalem also the heart?

Forces: There is a more what would be considered direct line to the heart through the Pituitary but it is the heart Center with the Pituitary also involved.

NN: Is it the words of Bless the Lord cause that has something to do with activating the line between the Pituitary and the Heart?

Forces: It is a constant flow between both in order to be aligned once again. That is why the City of Jerusalem is down and not in its proper form.

IS: Because there is not a direct line between the Pituitary and the Heart because the words are not flowing?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Many years ago you said in a Session and at that Session was Mona, Buzzy, myself and I don’t remember who else and you said and there is that person in this room that will never find happiness this life. Could you tell us who that person was?

Forces: It was the male aspect that you spoke of.

IS: what happened with the Israelites in the desert there they were eating the manna and they got tired of manna and God said to Moses I’ll give them meat and he brings the quail and says I’m going to give them meat for a month they will eat until its coming out their ears and then the quail comes and is laid all around the camps and the people start eating and no sooner they eat and plague comes upon them?

Forces: It was supposed to be that even after the quail was shown physically they should have returned to the manna but because they had taken up with there desires for this meat then the particular involvement form the lighter substance to heavy substance became noted therefore there were those individuals who became involved with certain relationships in the animal kingdom.

IS: Were there any people that ate it for a month or—?

Forces: Those who did consume of the meat or involve themselves in the animal kingdom through their desires ah received a plague and disease in doing such.

IS: Was it that God was seeking out those that had the desires and supposedly giving them what they want but that was actually a way of finding out who were the ones with animal desires?

Forces: More or less those who did not stick with the manna but went to eating of the bird.

IS: Does the quail have any properties that are dangerous?

Forces: It kind of destroys the blood cells within man.

IS: Thank you.

BR: The dream I had about me and IS and a hermit came in to talk to us could you tell me what that means?

Forces: More or less that of wisdom coming to communicate with you.

BR: Does that man exist on the earth?

Forces: Of course there’s always some individual that looks like that of your dream.

BR: Thank you.

JE: What’s the next closest galaxy to ours that’s inhabited by life forms?

Forces: You must sit up late at night thinking your questions. You’ll find that in the galaxy the star constellation of Andromeda.

JE: Andromeda?

Forces: Correct.

JE: What kind of life forms are in that galaxy and how do they compare to this one?

Forces: Almost the same you’ll just have to wait and find out if I’m right.

JE: If its almost the same did they have like are you present in that one and do they have dark forces and the same struggle we have?

Forces: Yes we have the same problem there.

IS: Is it also then a school?

Forces: Something to that affect.

JE: Do souls from this galaxy ever go into that one?

Forces: Sometimes they do.

IS: Are the same lessons being learned in both galaxies, both earths?

Forces: Not the same but (—) some type of involvement is there.

IS: What is the biggest problem that we have here on earth?

Forces: It’s just the love the problem of loving. There is a problem of what they would call the will.

IS: So they do have the love?

Forces: They mastered the love but now they have to work on the will.

IS: Thank you.

JE: Which one is the highest galaxy?

Forces: With you involved with which is higher or which is lower you’ve lost the conception of what were involved in we don’t go around judging or analyzing or comparing which particular galaxy is higher or lower they all have a particular job that must be done.

JE: Thank you.

Forces: Just want to learn if you’re in the right place huh. (Laughter)

BH: What is the karma involved with brain tumors?

Forces: Blocking out the word of God also there is certain ah facts of spells being used on other people from other lifetimes.

BH: Thank you.

Forces: Brain tumors could also involve that of blacking out certain areas of the brain and trying to absorb some of the spirit into it again.

BH: Thank you.

BH: Could you give me any guidance for this job?

Forces: Just do the same dedication and sincerity and sticktoitiveness it should (—).

BH: Thank you.

GL: Could you tell me what the dream I had this morning meant and specifically what vma symbolizes?

Forces: Review your dream.

GL: I was running with a brown bottle for a urine test the vma urine test and I couldn’t find it finally at the end of the dream I accomplished what I had to accomplish.

Forces: All righty what we were trying to give you is not a urine test it was a test that we consider, try to consider to you as a humor test the humor to bring forth in a brown bottle which was not really a brown bottle but more or less that of the earth or dirt in the bottle to bring into the earth a certain amount of spirit or laughter or not to be so well the initials were dealing with vma more or less vehicles madness association and to try to pass the test which of course in the end you did.

IS: Was it a humor test?

Forces: Yes we it was a humor test not a urine test.

GL: Thank you very much.

RH: The entities Jacob and Laban in the Bible they were both souls going to God and spiritual masters. How come they both played tricks on one another and should Jacob have left when he left was that supposed to happen?

Forces: It wasn’t the most happiest time in everybody’s life it was certain decisions that they had to meet in themselves the inability to make these decisions had to move them by force in order, so these decisions could be made later.

JU: Could you give me some advice or help on my meditations that they might be better?

Forces: In meditation seek not for things to be better just sincerely do them right, that is just sincerely be there and try to train your mind just to concentrate on the peace. Seeking for meditation to become better is like losing it you do not analyze meditation with the logical mind it can never be done.

JU: Thank you.

JU: Is there a time of the day when at work that would be best to meditate?

Forces: At work.

JU: Sometimes during the course of the day.

Forces: Whenever is convenient it is always good to take a time out to meditate.

JU: Is there an affirmation you could give me?

Forces: The affirmations can be taken from the Psalms that we had given you to read any particular line would be a good affirmation.

JU: Thank you.

DL: Is my absence of a burning desire for most everything except basic forms due to primarily to the inability to control my emotions?

Forces: This could be cited that your emotions need to be disciplined and controlled in order so that you can understand what it is to master the strength of concentration. After this is learned then you will begin to have these desires on a higher level rather than on an emotional base level.

Thank you.

DD: Who is Ani talked about in the Book of the Dead?

Forces: Read that again.

DD: Who is An-i or An-e talked about in the Book of the Dead?

Forces: Its called I-ni the Book of the Dead this is one of the scribes in which recorded the psychic readings, Revelations of the spirit world to those around giving the proper information of what happens for the soul moving from the earth into the ethers.

IS: Does the word itself I-ni mean the eyes?

Forces: More or less the vision.

DD: Is this the Ini-tiate like in the Book of Job and the Book of the Dead is this the initiation the person went through in the Great Pyramid?

Forces: This is an initiation that is given in the Great Pyramid or in the Town of the Hall it’s called.

DD: Like the three friends of Job —?

Forces: That represents the three High Priests in the Town of the Hall.

DD: So they’re the ones who posed all these problems to the initiate?

Forces: They are what you would be considered a fixed posing problems a fixed initiative problems for the I-ni or in the Hall of the Eyes. Your first initiation that all must go through is the concept of logical mind versus Faith this is your first initiation that all those must go through in order perceive God and it is tested three times by the High Priest.

DD: Thank you.

IS: Is that in reality the same thing.

Forces: In reality the three High Priests still exist.

IS: The what?

Forces: In reality the three High Priests still exist.

IS: And the first initiation is Faith versus Mind?

Forces: Faith versus the logical mind and the worldly mind.

IS: In that case there is nobody beyond that first initiation almost nobody?

Forces: Yes and no I mean there are those who do pass logical mind have given it to Faith and moved on to that of will and love.

IS: So you can’t really go on to will unless the other ones finished and is it also here tested three times?

Forces: It is tested in three different aspects correct.
Forces: Once during the year it is given to a person one period during the year to grow for this particular test.

NN: Is it a different time for each person?

Forces: Yes we do have a sort of shift cycle. Would be heavy if everyone went through it at the same time. You will take your birthday that you are born and you would take that add 69 days to it. With that is called the lunar cycle. With that you will add to the solar cycle a 104 days. Then you will minus the star period, which is a blessing period. That takes away 18 days plus 4 days. Don’t ask me to repeat this it’s impossible. When you have the 4 days after you have the 18 you take that 4 days, after the 4 days you again add for the lunar period 68 days and that will be your answer for each individual cycle test. You will pay 5 dollars for that. That is when each one of you will go through that particular test period. Leap year you will minus the 68 instead of adding the 68 days at the end that is.

IS: Every dream that we get does it come from you or do you have somebody that is the Weaver?

Forces: Well we have the Weaver who gives each particular dream that’s needed its considered a Weavers Beam.

IS: Is he an entity?

Forces: More or less he’s paid rather well.

IS: Is he in charge of the whole world of people?

Forces: Each one is different designated for the particular continent and country.

IS: You mean to say there is one Weaver per country?

Forces: One Weaver per consciousness of a country.

IS: The certain type of symbols that only certain people will understand?

Forces: Correct.

IS: That’s still an awful lot of people.

Forces: They do a lot of (tape ends) (resumes? missed some) there are a awful lot of people to be watched.

IS: How can one being do it?

Forces: Its not it’s done by many.

IS: But one-being per consciousness?

Forces: That one being designates from his power its power down the line.

IS: What is the form of rest that you take on or do you have such a thing?

Forces: Its called Silence to be in Silence is our rest.

IS: So there is no such thing as sleep?

Forces: Not to your way of thinking no we do not sleep.

IS: Then your communication comes through that Silence then?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Does it mean as we develop our Silence—?

Forces: Then our communication will come through that.

IS: The dream that I had with Tom in it explaining something to me could I understand better what happened?

Forces: This is more or less telling you or prescribing to you more what would be called (—-) wisdoms or lessons or foods that would be given or more or less lessons to be learned but not all at once and taking a few bits of it at the moment would be sufficient.

BR: The dream that Tom had this morning about talking to JU father then after JU father called could you tell us what was happening there?

Forces: When ever the entity sleeps or rests in the particular room its more like in direct communication with traveling in the astral level for protection during the daylight hours he goes and talks to individuals and puts a bee in their bonnet.

BR: Thank you.

GL: In a particular lifetime if a person comes in with certain qualities that he inherits from his parents through the genetic structure then that lifetime he becomes aware of these qualities and works them out does that mean in the next life the genetic structure the cells he picks up will be different or will he be attracted to a different genetic structure and is that what is meant when they say like attracts like?

Forces: Yes we would go along with that.

IS: Could you give me a lifetime what happened that I have trouble with my right foot. Its misuse of principles is it not?

Forces: More or less it deals with again the Atlantean type age where you had to do a lot of walking.

IS: Did I do a lot of walking for God?

Forces: In the beginning you didn’t but you gradually grew to learn it.

IS: So I’m paying now for the time that I didn’t?

Forces: More or less your are not really paying it just putting it back in order.

IS: If I had walked everything for God I would have had wonderful feet?

Forces: We can’t guarantee you that either.

IS: Isn’t that how it works?

Forces: Sometimes we can get it straight and it works that way.

IS: Sometimes not?

Forces: Sometimes it works differently but the percentage of the time it works that way.

IS: A person on earth who can’t gain points any other way can they by accidental sickness or accident?

Forces: Sometimes yes.

IS: Thank you.

DD: In the Bible (Zohar)
it talks about Bezalel having a School of Weavers did they weave dreams for people?

Forces: Correct.

DD: Did they do it on an individual level to heal people?

Forces: Correct.

DD: What sort of things did they heal?

Forces: Body distortions, mind distortions, birth distortions.

DD: Thank you very much.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving we’ll speak to you again soon keep up your creative work. They’ll be a fast day for the entity we speak through till Friday evening.

IS: From today?

Forces: From tomorrow morning on. This is to prepare for some of the energies that will be coming in, in the month of July.

Forces: We will speak to you again soon.

IS: The technique of Null-A by A.E. van Vogt as described in those Null-A books is that meditation in a way?

Forces: Yes we would consider it that.

IS: Thank you very much.

IS: Is there any personal guidance for me?

Forces: Just keep yourself positive and receptive and open to creative ideas as you are. We shall speak to you all soon again.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.