Session 240 7/16/79

Forces: (First missed) and visions and mysterious happening do take there
part. We have perceived your movement and find it in line with certain elements for this coming (—–).

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

DD: Could you tell me about the cubit they would use in building the great pyramid?

Forces: They had to center around the, the 144,000 mark.

DD: Is that one unit of length?

Forces: This would be measured as one; one fourth of what would be your cubit length today.

DD: One fourth of 36 inches?

Forces: Correct.

DD: So it would have been 9 inches?

Forces: 9 inches was the apparatus of angle plus that of a 22-inch apparatus of length.

DD: So the width was 9 inches like that and the length was 22?

Forces: At an angle (More a peak —– actually?).

DD: What was the depth of it?

Forces: All these would be 3 to 6 as you would gradually going on up.

DD: What does that mean gradually going on up?

Forces: There is a slight incline in different levels producing different dimensions as it moved forward.

DD: Was this the sacred cubit it used?

Forces: It would, can be considered as that within man.

DD: And there was a different cubit used for the exterior limestone part?

Forces: You would have levels of measurement for the outside levels.

DD: Are all the prophecy’s there included in this type of measurement?

Forces: Inwardly first and then the outward design.

DD: Was I correct in the thing I did here that length equals the time like length in inches and the width would equal space and the height would equal–?

Forces: Length and width can give you that time and space and the height and the depth can give you that what would be called pressure of the space.

DD: Would that be like the weight?

Forces: It could be considered as such.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: The Comforter that Jesus is speaking about will there be an actual physical personality that is the Comforter or is it just the Spirit of Truth?

Forces: The Comforter is the taking over of your forces for the Higher Forces to speak through.

IS: You mean to say the Higher Forces were not able to speak a human channel until after Jesus’s coming?

Forces: Well we have certain spots allocated to us where we could communicate but he was a mechanism in which allowed a greater span for us to work directly with human beings.

IS: Didn’t Joshua give readings to Moses?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And how was that done then?

Forces: Same method.

IS: What is the difference?

Forces: No difference.

IS: But there is a difference in the fact that Jesus is specifically saying if I don’t go—?

Forces: He unleashed the element of sharing this particular power with the masses instead of just one individual.

IS: Oh like Edgar Cayce?

Forces: Correct.

IS: For the group its all right like this is that–?

Forces: We’re not complaining.

IS: Is it going to take a different expression?

Forces: No.

IS: But its also more now for other people that ah don’t have lots of people like even through automatic writing the good ones whatever is that it?

Forces: It can go along that line.

IS: But there isn’t going to be an actual entity coming down?

Forces: There would be entities being taken over by us.

IS: Like the entity Tom?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you very much.

IS: Reuben was cursed from the moment that he ah got into his fathers bed and then Dothan again the one in the desert was his descendent was that again the manifestation what was it with the Reuben lineage arrogance is that it?

Forces: To a point it was breaking into certain forces that ah was applied but was to be given to Reuben in a positive way it was a force that Reuben had to go through it the curse was not the deed but the attitude of the deed of using it for power against his father.

IS: Against his father?

Forces: Lineage.

IS: You mean he received a power that would seem as if it was arrogance except he used it for arrogance instead of using it for what was the thing he could have used it for?

Forces: This would be for healing and creative expression of the Spirit within him basically the healing factor.

IS: So that’s always the opposite of arrogance.

Forces: The arrogance the opposite of is humility and service and service through caring. The opposite of arrogance is caring.

IS: So healing would fall into that category?

Forces: Healing covers it quiet nicely.

IS: With the new situation in this country what the president has announced what will happen now, will he act upon what he spoke?

Forces: He will make determinations to set like civil defense squads throughout the county to enact these principles to get the people involved making sure one way or the other its being carried out. But there is going to be a terrific battle as far as personal desires and wants versus the right to sacrifice for the country.

IS: And they will have to sacrifice?

Forces: The greatest ah conscious and subconscious ah encouragement for his efforts is a design of the Sun and the wind and the rock together more or less the Sun image with the Windmill and the coal as a rock. This could be a good pin sign to encourage those who see it the battle of energy to be developed with the resources had.

IS: If we do it and send it to him will he see it?

Forces: (Zikon whining) We would take care of your dog first wherever he’s at.

Forces: If you design the pennant would be helpful the windmill should be in center the sun should be on the side and the coal should be on the other side with the water flowing underneath it would be a good design. The saving of energy is definitely needed for many qualities to move on.

IS: As far as for us in this household what are the things we have not done or not doing whether in general as a group or for the house.

Forces: We would look into your solar energy just to heat your water for the kitchens or the bathrooms or just for kitchen use and of course you have tried and strived to work on the electrical energy in your house your doing as best as you can as time goes on you will learn how to do better. Insulation of course will be taken care of in time moves on all these qualities will be taken care of.

IS: Is there anything else we’re not doing?

Forces: We would suggest that sharing ah as the times move on certain days for sharing cooked foods with other people so they wouldn’t have to cook on their stoves or electric ranges and if this catches on (—) to say that everyone at least one day of cooking and using their appliances by the time it got around to you, you could save at least two to three days of cooking in a week and cooking at least once a month could have some significant help.

IS: With whom could we share that thing?

Forces: Well it will take time to feel these things out.

Zikon our dog whining.

Forces: Maybe he has a few questions.

IS: He does why is he what’s the matter with him?

Forces: He has a new trick. (—) to get food like a whimpering baby. But we would advise of getting involved in an indirect level to help those to cook and save and economize and this would be a whole new vista and social event of course civil service act that you can do

IS: Thank you so that will come in time?

Forces: Well let’s not push it to far away.

IS: I’d be glad to if I knew where to go to start it.

Forces: It will be coming in time just as you said.

IS: I wouldn’t push it away.

Forces: No it can’t be pushed away its right on top of you.

IS: What will happen now in the country as a whole for the people?

Forces: Either it will make the country stronger than ever and bring out remarkable qualities beyond imagination or it will make many bitter enemies and lip biting and backbiting and feuds from one end of the country to the other.

IS: People that owe a lot of money or owe money into the banks what will happen to all of those people.

Forces: Well they will be taken care of; they must be put into line and disciplined.

IS: Is that what is going to happen now?

Forces: That will be part of it.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Would a windmill be advisable for us?

Forces: Well not unless you put your dog on a pad and let him keep treading it let him work for his living. The wind here is useful but its not always active here ah water could be used but it’s a shame they have so much water falling in the dam they don’t rebuild it and put that hydroelectric power plant back into operation.

IS: If we started some sort of talk about it would something happen?

Forces: Well yes and no it seems to be operated now by your Appalachian Power company, owned by it and kind of monopolized by it.

IS: Thank you very much.

GL: Would there be any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: Be kept busy at your work be many of those who are around you who will need your kindness and attentiveness and receptivity to help them through many difficult moments (—) be patient and not jump and prejudge other individuals that are around you but just to approach in a positive manner all things that are put in front of you, you must try to alter the prejudgment of things you see and just receive things in a positive approach this would not allow you to go wrong in your thinking processes or putting things or stumbling blocks before you as you move through time and space.

GL: Thank you very much.

DL; The thing that Tom was saying about the Zen what was that reading exactly I know there must have been a purpose for all the things that happened?

Forces: As you move forward in your commitments you also receive a certain benefit of the so-called physical pain to move you away from the earthly qualities and bring you up to a spirit quality on a higher level. Each particular pain kind of jolts you through the earthly layers of attachment into a spiritual ah understanding and awareness. So pain in this respect has brought you from one level to another level of experience.

DL: Thank you.

JE: What would be the best form of energy for this country?

Forces: Foot power, the best thing is to keep the mouth shut there’s so much energy wasted on that. Prayers would be the best thing for this country cause it would right all the wrongs in a most perfect manner and all sorts of prayers no matter what particular religion dedicated to this purpose would have tremendous affect upon the elementals upon the earth to bring about the correct force of energy to move the country into the next ah decade.

Forces: The best energy of course would be solar the next best would be water and of course the second and third best would be gases and what would be considered coal and the last best of course unfortunately would be nuclear and ah the last of the list, the bad boy on the lot is the oil ah oil correctly taken out of your ground could be a substitute not a dependent that is if you work on the solar energy now how would you do it well just as the light bulb needed a vacuum in order to operate so does the crystal need a vacuum a condensation point of absorbing the energy not of the Sun but remember you have tremendous amounts of energy around the earth the general rotation of the earth causes what would be called Polaric energy or the energy that is magnetic energy that can do work for our any particular country you have tremendous amount of static energy and you have tremendous amounts of Polantic energy all this from the plants to the oceans to the sky I mean you all go searching for so called energy in oil but that’s a liquid base and of course you are concentrating your efforts on extracting the energy from this oil well how about extracting the energy that’s right before you from the very air you breath.

IS: Could anyone of use do it?

Forces: Well it can be done it takes a certain chromium, chromium oxide now ah mixed or worked with well you know it can be done but its going to take a lot of, a lot of time prayers itself is opening up the door so you can discover this element that is within (tape switched some lost)

Forces: sometimes we do those things but you would find out that this energy factor on that particular date that we have just given you would see a turning point for America now isn’t that nice. A turning point in a direction that needs to be followed ah and we wouldn’t be a bit surprised to have some profound discoveries coming up about this time next year.

IS: In this field?

Forces: In this particular field of taking the energy from the air and using it.

IS: But there is nobody here in the house that can do it?

Forces: Well it could be done but we would have to give you a step by step ah point and it would take a while the chromium ah oxide too can be used with the ah, you have ah the ah certain reflector benzone, benzanene, ah qualities ah certain chloride ah chloride ah chloride–.

IS: There are people who are already better equipped because they are in the process already?

Forces: Yeah we would have to say that ah unfortunately your not chemists ah it would take a long time for you to ah explode the thought that we talked of it wouldn’t be so long but it would take a while to start extracting the energy from the air you know. Consider how much energy is pumped into the air by our breathing alone.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: Those are the elements that would help you then you have to have an incubation period and certain amount of force would help.

IS: And a special laboratory right?

Forces: Well you don’t have to call it laboratory call it room or jungle.

IS: Jungle?

Forces: Yeah lots of energy is produced in jungles.

IS: There were people right in Atlantis that extracted the magicians didn’t they extract energy from the air and utilize it on a personal force?

Forces: Sure did.

IS: Those are the protective force fields and things like that right?

Forces: Correct and still are done today.

IS: Today by personal force?

Forces: Umhuh.

IS: Private people?

Forces: Umhuh.

IS: The entity Tom?

Forces: Oh yeah.

IS: Thank you.

IS: What does he do?

Forces: Well if he tell it we–.

IS: He has it around him?

Forces: Well he wiggles his nose and you know if we tell you how its operated or how its done and you all run to the first in line to do it but –.

IS: No I don’t want to know that but I want to know how he uses it?

Forces: That’s exactly what I’m talking about.

IS: I see but he is using it?

Forces: Oh yeah to survive this long he has to use something.

IS: He actually puts that protective force around him?

Forces: Well not around him directly per se but different situations he uses it to work on other things.

IS: Thank you.

JE: Is there any possibility that the United States or any country in the world will go back to using the crystal?

Forces: There’s a tremendous possibility that it would be discovered in the small quality and utilized for car engines and for electrical (—–).

JE: The process you described is this better or not as high as using the crystal?

Forces: Well we would say it’s a step towards using the right force of the crystal for (—–).

JE: Is there any possibility that we’d ever have a crystal that would run this house?

Forces: Well you wouldn’t need a crystal to run this house you’d be running the whole county of Nelson plus the whole other four other adjoining counties around it.

IS: When you reveal to us all these secrets is there somebody that is a chemist that hears it somehow?

Forces: Oh yes we share it around.

IS: Is that how its done?

Forces: Yeah.

IS: It has to be talked?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Thank you.

JU: Can you tell us what Gregorian chants do or how they affect the centers?

Forces: These set the solar plexus and the leyden center, the gonad center in harmony ah over a period of time it makes the chuval cheval ah trivah shival the (—-) thorn in the thyma thing. (Laughter)

JU: Thank you.

JU: Is there any guidance you can give me?

Forces: Trust concentrate on that word and try to put it into your life.

JU: Thank you.

IS: The things you just said to us what were they?

Forces: (—–).

IS: About the centers?

Forces: (—-).

IS: What was that?

Forces: Aligning the centers for those to hear it.

IS: Thank you, you mean right now in the room?

Forces: Different centers were being aligned.

RH: In Revelation where the angels pour down the vials on the earth.

Forces: That must be an occult book. (Laughter)

RH: Would that be man made things like–?

Forces: Yes definitely could be could also be a sputniks running around.

RH: Like things falling from the sky like from man made space probes?

Forces: (—-) can.

RH: Thank you.

RH: Could you tell me what the dream I had about going up on high elevators and planes–?

Forces: Going through different forms of elevation and awareness within yourself and other experiences that have been buried for this particular time to come forth to express that particular bounteous space and beauty and ah and breath that you to become more of yourself to give more of yourself and to generally just to be giving and have the space and time to do that.

RH: Thank you.

NN: When you said that Jerusalem was like a pipe line between the Pituitary and the Heart is Zion a pipeline between the thyroid and what you said was the (secret ?——–) is there some kind of pipeline between that inner heart and the thyroid?

Forces: It could be done that way too.

NN: When someone is developed enough like Tom that has the Flame does Zion house the Flame?

Forces: It could.

NN: What about the Blob (——–)?

Forces: That is put into check with certain forces of Prayers and certain confessions?

NN: So the Blob couldn’t touch the—?

Forces: Well it wouldn’t be there for it to touch it.

IS: The Flame occupies the same space as the Blob occupies?

Forces: That’s correct.

NN: So the state of Zion is only when it is the Flame?

Forces: That’s correct.

NN: How many of the 144,000 cells have to be spiritualized to have the fear of God?

Forces: You could just do it with four.

IS: What four spiritualized cells?

Forces: Four major spiritualized cells.

IS: What are those major spiritualized cells?

Forces: Faith, Love. (Laughter)

IS: Each one of these is just one cell?

Forces: We’ll it’s a major cell that is centered around a division of about 30,000 cells.

IS: And it’s only four out of the 144,000?

Forces: Well that would give you a 120,000 cells and that’s half the battle.

NN: Are they all in the Heart?

Forces: Well if they all congregate in the Heart you could have a top-heavy body. (Laughter)

NN: Also how do those pipelines connect like Zion Jerusalem the pipeline that’s the Pituitary and Heart then the other one would be Zion with–?

Forces: Connected through several lines basically by thought patterns.

NN: The new Psalms we’ve been given to read is that one of the things they do set up those thought patterns?

Forces: Definitely.

NN: Thank you very much.

BR: The dream I had with seeing the book of the house could you tell me what this means?

Forces: This would be the recording of the destiny of what it was to be done.

BR: Thank you.

BR: And the dream with Brian working in the house this weekend.

Forces: He will pick up his load and start chipping in and carrying it.

BR: Thank you.

BH: Should I use the Raphael Prayer for being around patients who are very sick?

Forces: Raphiaqwa prayer.

BH: What?

Forces: Did you say rock the opera.

BH: You gave us a Raphael prayer about a year ago.

Forces: Raphael prayer definitely to be used in all hospitals throughout the eastern coast.

BH: So when I’m around those situations I should be repeating it?

Forces: (————).

BH: The lady at work who has a thyroid that doesn’t put out the hormone–?

Forces: Its amazing if the hospitals would saturate themselves with roses and rose water half of their gunkys would disappear.

IS: The rosewater to be put on the body?

Forces: Yes.

Forces: Takes care of the invisible forces of ah just takes care of it.

IS: The whole body or just–?

Forces: Well don’t you know don’t just, put it on the foot you’ll be all right put it on the hand what ever part just as long as, its good to put it on the whole body but you know (—-) that rich.

BH: Thank you.

BH: The situation with the thyroid that doesn’t produce the hormone and the Pituitary over produces in order to make the thyroid produce and it doesn’t.

Forces: Perfect stone for this particular person is the Amethyst, the ah Opal and of course the garnet.

BH: Thank you.

BH: What is the spiritual thing that is happening here?

Forces: Inability to trust and to make a verbal commitment toward the spiritual fibers and the awakening of the pineal gland ah trying to have the higher, higher coming down and trying to do its job while the door the bridge has not have been prepared yet.

BH: Thank you.

BH: Is Psalm 132 for the pineal?

Forces: 133 can be used.

BH: Thank you.

RU: The child (—–) when we were dealing with him the other day possession comes in and he starts foaming at the mouth. Is there something to be said.

Forces: Well salt is a great defector if you could have salt around or have salt put on their tongues unusual as it might seem. But also these possessions are so sad because they would need exorcism and these demic forces attack children so fast that’s why its good to have ah bridges across for all three children in the house here so they can have the symbol around their necks to be protected.

IS: The Star and the Cross?

Forces: The Star and the Cross-of course.

RU: With the salt can it be given like a cracker?

Forces: There you go right there you have it when he starts going have a Frito.

RU: Thank you.

Forces: Take a look at your commercial you see the good behunk who comes on and (—-) everything and they all say here he is and he punches a punching bag and he cracks the Frito and the table falls down right the symbolism is right there so then when someone foams at the mouth grab your Fritos and open the bag and say with Love take one. You could say it more strongly take one dammit. (Laughter)

RU: The food we prepare.

Forces: This you must remember is the biggest secret front you don’t understand it people but the food that you prepare affects different centers of the body so there fore if it gets into a black, black person you have a volcanic eruption and it changes them from that point on for the rest of their lives. Food is the gateway to the soul.

IS: That’s why there is a door in that center?

Forces: Of course, of course, of course.

RU: Thank you very much.

Forces: Your welcome. In your case one meal a day would help you out (–) too much food is not healthy for you at this point.

RU: Thank you.

DL: I don’t understand about giving when its least comfortable?

Forces: Yes I knew you wouldn’t understand that it will take a little longer for it to sink in you know like water into cement. Look in your life what’s the most tested time of the day for you so work on it. The most testing time of the day is everyday particularly in the morning hours where you have what you would be called the gyro energy of getting into balance and into harmony and that takes a certain amount of, of positive thinking rather than self thinking. Remember its your first thoughts of the day that starts it off remember that for everyone your first thoughts when you wake up in the morning sets the pattern everyone understand that. Yes.

DL: (—–)

Forces: What you do is this listen to me carefully understand me.

DL: Yes.

Forces: You take a particular Bible even if you have to buy one and you cut out the passage that goes like this (Silence for a while)) cut out The Lord is my shepherd I shall want he maketh me to lie down in green pastures that’s all. Then you cut out the passage of Timothy the 4th or better yet the second chapter and third verse and the fourth verse then you take for the following that’s one week then for one week a Psalm one week Timothy and then you go to what would be called Isaiah you can read that lets see we give you a oh yes, yes, yes the Chronicles fifth chapter the 15th verse and 16th verse try these things to work on different aspects within you during the week Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday being ah empty days. Now are you going to ask me what you do with the piece that you have to cut out.

DL: What do I do with the cut out piece?

Forces: You stick it to your forehead and you put a piece of cotton or gauze over you forehead and tape it face down with the passage to your third eye take the gauze and put it over your forehead and tape and I bet you the first thing you’ll think of when you wake up in the morning is what is this doing on my forehead. And then you will remember the passage so the first thought in the day is not the day but oh what’s that and then you’ll remember what the passage says. Isn’t that nice.

DL: Thank you.

GL: The spaceship the Russians found in space is—?

Forces: Repeat.

GL: The ship that the Russians discovered in outer space can anything be given about that is it really a ship from another planet?

Forces: It’s strange isn’t it. The unexpected should soon happen in many different aspects you’ll see.

IS: That’s not you though?

Forces: No.

GL: Thank you.

DD: Do I understand the different chambers in the Great Pyramid right like the Kings chamber would be pineal gland?

Forces: You are guessed right.

DD: And the Queens chamber would be the Pituitary?

Forces: Its correct.

DD: What would the grotto be?

Forces: The grotto would be more like the chamber of darkness into light.

DD: What center would it be?

Forces: This would be the center hovering from the pineal into the thyroid. More or less the grotto is the cavity of the pineal and the pituitary together.

DD: What would the pit be?

Forces: The pit is the pits.

DD: Would it be the thyroid?

Forces: The thyroid is known to be the pit because it is formed into two pits.

DD: So the three higher initiations were taken in the Great Pyramid.

Forces: Ummmmm.

DD: The last three?

Forces: Well they were taken in different parts of the Pyramid.

DD: In the Sphinx the lower initiations were taken?

Forces: Um huh.

DD: The four lower centers?

Forces: When the body is put into the esophagus or the Kings chamber for three days this is to get in touch with the pineal.

DD: Did Moses take the initiation there one of the initiations being sunk in a river?

Forces: Yes, yes.

Forces; Of course there will be many trials for the nation we only ask that you keep together and strong during these crisis years ahead.

IS: Thanks to you we are in the best position?

Forces: Well you’re in the best position when you keep your Faith and Trust on that of the Ideals you believe in.

DD: Could you explain about the one initiation that Moses went through where he was down in the river?

Forces: Its time we must leave we’ll take up with that the next time if you wish strive for all of you to be in harmony and to consider the blessings around you and the things that have been given to you through these crisis that you will manifest and Glorify your living God within you.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.