Session 242-7/17/79

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have been observing once more the situation with many your government’s own mis (—-). Now will be the time test to the American people. It is strange to know that you are involved with a war that has been going on for some time and not realizing it the war of course is with the Arabian countries and with desires in America. These people in the Arabic countries only will keep pushing until we resist their pushing. It’s their nature until then it will get worse and worse. Now with the foolishness in America that they intellectualize the speeches that have been coming through because truth is truth and one needs to make many improvements in our society therefore with all the help you can get but with all the regulations and laws that have strangulated the free society we will have to work out of all these stipulations and regulations made by those that in reality had nothing better to do with their lives then to put regulations. We find that basically the level of trained societies forces are kind of void (in) perplexities of the mind that is its better to be receptive and waiting to receive rather than be active in a particular area and doing thinking one is accomplishing we find that the food situations in America will hit those who have had luxury foods and not knowing how to develop from the basics. These important elements of basics (it’s why you’re here) and formulates the power within the structure. The Emerald force is that of creativity but there are other forces that could have been helpful if one would only perceive as (——). The beauty of all these things that are happening around us is that it solidifies the Spirit and makes the common denominated to nominate (her) survival. It’s amazing once again America is called to the Spirit of survival as what has made it strong now it shall come from its comfortable luxuries and (——) of boredom and plush living to that of realities and the common denominator being hard work. When hard work fails and fades from a society and a structure and system the Spirit decays hard work is the backbone, which maketh right the Spirit within the body. Now we shall find many smaller countries being tested and tried by that of their own force of good and evil. It is going to be a strange denominator throughout the world we do find there are those invisible fields and forces that you can never really predict what’s going to happen even after it happens.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

RU: The dream I had last night?

Forces: We find the dream incorporated in three different forms trying to express to you certain levels of development on a physical level that must be taken in and the approaching of Spiritual ideals to be guided or directed and to make certain detours from a road of chaos and emptiness to that of creative ability that is of express the spiritual qualities within rather than the mental qualities.

RU: Thank you.

DL: Could you tell me the dream I had with the name Judy Christ?

Forces: This would represent that of the teaching of Christ within you.

DL: Thank you very much.

LK: Can you tell me how I can be more receptive and perceptive to what happens in the meditation room during the services and meditations?

Forces: Well first the point is the logical mind must be stilled and the sensationalism must be abated and when this point does its, its desired, this is achieved then you can start developing on the sensitive qualities. It does not matter if you have an Indian with feathers in his hands dancing before you or if you have someone who takes a cat and dices it up if all goes to God by then it is sanctioned but the point is that a inner feeling must be absorbed even though the individual aspirant or individual cleric or clerk does not understand the situation. There are many things that are happen around us that go completely over our heads because we are not perceptive enough to understand them. It’s as simple as this that those minds who are looking inward can perceive what is happening outwardly and those souls that are expressing themselves inwardly can also experience things outwardly but the mind can only experience limited things outwardly therefore falling short of the end and from the soul is tuned on to the service then it is feed by the light and the energy that comes through its not the service that renders sufficient recognition but rather the energy that is built up through this particular service. There are many forms of services and many different ways of accomplishing different energy fields and patterns it is like a kaleidoscope and may ever keep moving (not) one particular service is the same from the next so is life’s pattern the same way not one particular day will ever be the same as the next even if you have a strict schedule and you follow it everything has a sort of twist and changing motion in it therefore be open and receptive to all things without prior or without the force of judgment theses qualities can help you out.

LK: Is there an affirmation that could also be used?

Forces: Lord let me be an understanding power and a force to your help to be that service to your will.

LK: Thank you.

Forces: Do we find the one JB

IS: Yes.

Forces: We would advise you that the power that is to come to you over the next few months is to be create in that of helping those of elderly and sickly natures. It might sound strange to you but you are still needed in the earth for those who do not have what would be called momentum or mobility in the body. This is what you have and will be suited for and benefit your own karmetic ties.

JB: Thank you.

BH: Could you give me any guidance like today I’ve been so nervous there am I handling what’s going on or what should I do to handle it better?

Forces: Striving to handle things by yourself won’t make anyone nervous if you try to bring in the force of Gabriel the Angel and Raphael the helper in those hospitals there should be no problem with the things that you will meet and then they will take over and guide and direct many things in front of you.

BH: Thank you.

BH: Is there a specific prayer for the force of Gabriel. I know you gave us one for Raphael?

Forces: Repeat.

BH: Is there a specific prayer for bringing the force of Gabriel?

Forces: The ribbon helps if placed at an angle to your right hand and on it the symbol of his name. Wherever this particular ribbon is placed his force and energy will manifest.

BH: The symbol of Gabriel’s name could that be given?

Forces: You’ll find a circle with a line going to the north, a circle again at the end of that line with a line going to the south, a circle going straight to the west and then a circle curved to the east, all these would give you the symbol of that you seek.

BH: Thank you very much.

JU: When it says in the Bible ‘Praise God” could you help me understand what that means?

Forces: It is an individual development to Praise God one must develop as one moves on to this force. Praising God is an individual deposit.

JU: Is it a feeling or is it the only thing I know to do is I read Prayers that way and have a certain feeling.

Forces: It is a continual growing feeling you can never be the same.

JU: Thank you.

JE: What is the power of an Emerald?

Forces: It has the ability to rejuvenate the, the nervous system it heals the eyes. If you place an Emerald over your eyes the energy from the Emerald will restore weak vision.

IS: How should that be done how often for how long a period?

Forces: Just five, ten minutes a day.

IS: Thank you.

HI: In Psalm 139 where it says ‘ my substance was not hid from thee, when I was made in secret, and curiously wrought in the lowest parts of the earth. How can this be interpreted is there actually a part of us that is in the earth the inner earth?

Forces: There’s a part within your body that has this quality.

HI: Thank you very much.

MK: Is there a specific section of the Bible chapters that I should be reading now?

Forces: Yes first chapter of Genesis through that of the last chapter of Revelation. Start with Genesis first this should take care of you for a while.

MK: Thank you.

MK: Is there an affirmation I could use?

Forces: We would advise each time you finish reading to color it with yellow particular Bible that you read this way you can see visual progress.

MK: Thank you.

Forces: What was your other question.

MK: An affirmation?

Forces: Lord let me stand on your territory and not my own.

MK: Thank you.

RH: The recent thoughts and feelings I’ve had coinciding with the Bible that I’ve been reading lately. Is this correct (——-)?

Forces: That could be worked out there’s still more work to be had in this area.

RH: Is it going in the right direction?

Forces: You’re working at it there’s a lot more to be had.

RH: Thank you.

GL: Is there any kind of a stone I should wear?

Forces: Not unless you want a milestone around your neck. You can put a what we would consider agate near you to calm sometimes the childish emotions that take over your thinking. The agate helps that flow from you constructively.

GL: Thank you.

BR: With the new candelabra what type of force field does that have?

Forces: There is a, in candelabras you find that you have the fire gods we, don’t call them gods, the fire elements of light that love candelabras because they sit on them. So you have a hangout.

BR: Thank you.

Forces: Also it affects the centers within the body.

IS: All of them?

Forces: All different designs affect different centers.

IS: The design of the new candelabra?

Forces: This is affecting the pineal and the thyroid at the same time.

IS: And the ones we had previously?

Forces: Well they affect the Leyden centers.

IS: Thank you.

BR: And the ones on the mantel?

Forces: That affects what you would call the thymus center along with the particular (clock) that affects the pituitary gland.

BR: Thank you.

NN: Is the Dew of Hermon a substance that is secreted by the cells in the thyroid gland a positive substance?

Forces: Repeat that.

NN: Does the dew of Hermon stand for a positive substance secreted by cells in the thyroid?

Forces: It can be but it also can be used negatively.

NN: If one strives towards positive thought patterns it would be that but if envy, jealousy and hatred then it would be the substance of (cancer)?

Forces: Correct very good.

NN: Thank you.

NN: Also could you tell me what was happening today the heaviness or was it just my own?

Forces: There is a tremendous ah anxiety throughout the country that black versus white is going on right now.

NN: Thank you.

NN: Also when you said Psalms 134 through 140 was the miracle of the voice could you explain further what aspect of the voice?

Forces: The voice within the creature of intuition that reveals all truth to the soul.

NN: Thank you very much.

IS: What’s happening now with the Arab countries with the oil situation here in America is that what you meant what’s going to happen with the oil with the Arab countries and can you tell us now more what is going to happen since America is decreeing a stop to it?

Forces: Of course the Arab countries will get a certain amount of anxiety and frightened they will be tempting to take away their investments in America, which would shake America, again you know.

IS: You mean to say America is already that in debt?

Forces: Very much so. The standard of living in America is way to high and the salaries of a lot of people. These people who have salaries from 45,000 up to 200,000 should be put against the wall.

IS: And will that happen?

Forces: No. Some will be missing.

IS: Some will be missing?

Forces: There are going to be internal conflicts.

IS: So the Arab nations will start taking their money out?

Forces: Well there will be that test but it would be the best thing that will happen to America.

IS: Right because what are they going to do with that money. If they take it out of America where are they going to put it?

Forces: Well this is their problem.

IS: Isn’t that so that this is the best place for them?

Forces: Well it is they might go to Brazil; they might go to Australia or some of the European markets.

IS: Now if everything goes according to plan and Arab money is withdrawn from here which means America will have to stand on their own two feet?

Forces: It means that each individual citizen of America (one) must get a vote and must be eligible to vote because the issues coming up will be critical in the future (two) they must contribute at least a certain percentage of a day in expressing their viewpoint occasionally to the building up of this country and (three) they must contribute personally to some type of organization or institution or unfortunately as it is but more or less there must be a contribution that will help to teach people how to cope.

IS: Who taught the Arabs all these clever tricks of taking over America they came up with it themselves?

Forces: Well it’s not difficult to see how Americans have fallen there just ah fell into it by mistake and kept up the tempo, of course the Soviet Union had helped a little bit.

IS: They don’t normally have the insight like this?

Forces: The Soviet Union helped instigate some of this.

IS: How long would it take before this country can stand on its feet if the moneys gone and if–?

Forces: This country can stand on its feet in less than three years if all the forces and energy of every individual centers on it or else it would take 30 years.

IS: Just to recover from this has been going on not to long with the Arabs right?

Forces: This type of decay has been going on since 1954.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: The biggest error with the American Government is they got involved with LSD and Psychedelic drugs thinking the Soviet Union had a upper hand on it and completely destroyed there society of the younger generation.

IS: So it was a test the CIA was using Timothy Leary?

Forces: The CIA was being intimidated by the Soviet Union to do exactly what the Soviet Union wanted the CIA to do.

IS: No wonder the world thinks Americans aren’t clever.

Forces: They’re not.

IS: So in reality Americans without God to protect them have no chance.

Forces: This is going to be the final analysis and all those who are going to be analyzing it mentally and physically and rationalizing it and breaking it down these characters are useless and are leeches off of this particular society but none the less it needs to be worked out you cannot drop them in the ocean the whole society is a melting pot.

IS: But in reality is anybody in where it counts at this moment in the Governmental branches or whatever aware of the next step that can happen?

Forces: Proxmire is aware of the next step that needs to be taken.

IS: Can anybody, is anybody, will anybody take precautions or start the operation of trying to heal?

Forces: McGovern is trying to do that and you have Inouye was trying to do it.

IS: Oh he’s the Hawaiian senator?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Is Carter aware?

Forces: Carter is being aware.

IS: I see somebodies letting him know?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Thank you very much.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving we have some tricks up our sleeves.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.