Session 243

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We have the touchy situations in your (—–) governments and find there shall be the drastic changes before this week is out. There will be different lines and policies that will make certain formulae structures to be incorporated certain unit’s and ah items will be formed to run the power of your country in order to focus on that power correctly. We find there shall be some major earthquakes happening and also minor as disasters that will keep those busy. We find that it is a tight situation for the month remaining in July but if all goes well you will have many individuals moving from the so called country home to the city type developments over the sake of gas. This would mean that the, the compound situations of the city will become worse because the added population going back to the city will make things kinda tight. But all the items that are being seen are to watched and looked at for they shall be many changes to come throughout this country. As far as (—-) is involved we do ask that strive to do your best and to respect all that is owned possessed by the group and, and, and respect it as far as in taking care of these things. We have other odds and ends that we shall give you in order to help ah the situation of being receptive and developing further as time goes on.

Forces: We are now ready for your question.

DD: In the Beginning in the Book of Job it talks about Job where exactly is he is he in the Sarcophagus already like being in the Tomb?

Forces: This would be represent as the inner (—) existence of state of refinement. It is taken from the High Altar within the Initiation rite.

DD: Is that in the Pyramid itself?

Forces: It could be settled with one of the smaller, smaller functions of a pyramid.

DD: And then they carry him on to the Higher one?

Forces: Correct.

D: About the cubit, which I asked about before, before it talks about the length of a cubit being 28 inches and the session before last, you gave a different aspect of it. I can’t understand how they go together or how to visualize it?

Forces: Ones the inner structure and the other would represent the outer form of the structure.

DD: The 28 is the inner?

Forces: This would be taken as such.

DD: And the one given last is the outer structure?

Forces: This would be the shield around more or less, you also have a invisible layer that has hasn’t really been manifested on a conscious level the preservation of the Pyramids had come from this very thin invisible layer surrounding the structure itself.

DD: The cubit is not something you can visualize on the third dimensional level?

Forces: It could be done.

DD: Thank you very much.

NN: What does it represent that Jephthah’s
daughter was sacrificed?

Forces: It is the quality within all of us that we must sacrifice the receptive part in order to receive good.

NN: Thank you.

BR: What really happened with the girl dying and Senator Kennedy?

Forces: There was a negligent factor on his behalf.

BR: Did it happen during the night or did it happen in the morning as the story says?

Forces: It happened during the night early morning hours.

BR: Thank you.

JU: The calculation of the days for major cycle tests that you gave us several sessions ago did we work that out properly?

Forces: Yes if you follow the instructions, as I know you did it worked out properly.

JU: Thank you.

RH: The book I was reading a book about a little girl who died at a young age do certain people come in just to have a book written about them?

Forces: Certain messages to those who are very logical.

RH: Thank you.

JE: Is it possible that during our lifetime the United States will discover the crystal or—?

Forces: I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if we tell you it is already being investigated.

IS: On an official level?

Forces: A secret level.

JE: Was one discovered or did somebody figure out how to put one together or–?

Forces: A combination of both.

JE: Is there one buried around here someplace that’s been activated?

Forces: You have several that are in the beds of the ocean and of that several imbedded within the rocks and the mountains.

JE: Is there one in this area?

Forces: Near too it.

JE: Real near to it?

Forces: Real near to it. (Laughter)

JE: Like across the street?

Forces: You might find something there.

JE: Thank you.

BH: With the Psalms 121 to 135 that that were they were all the Psalms of degrees and Psalms of the steps. What is the connection between that and they’re also like the Lords Prayer?

Forces: The fact is these are the initiation rites for certain developments within a group consciousness to move on to higher rites as time goes on.

BH: Thank you.

GL: Could a slogan be give for an energy saving tip for the month?

Forces: Well you could always say don’t burn it down the drain but you have the classic examples ‘want not waste not’ ah or you could say ‘what not waste not’ but the slogans are more premature because you got to get the interest involved with the Spirit of Saving and this will take time because there is so much that the big corporations are wasting that the little fellow could never balance out in many of his own ah powers at home.

GL: Thank you.

LK: During the time of the pagans and the pagan worship the four times of the year that they had their high things were the equinoxes and the solstices. Why were those moments what was special about those moments and how did they use those moments?

Forces: It is when the energies of the highest may come through the electrical fields of the earth ah magnetic fields in the earth. They use that energy to create the service within themselves and to manifest it on the earth it is the time when the, the body is most receptive to so called magic and the changing points of time it is a grace period in which the energy can be ah released appropriately.

LK: What happened that stopped the celebration the common celebration of those times?

Forces: More or less the rigidity of social living and structured ah organizations.

LK: Thank you.

RU: The story I heard about a little girl who died at an early age what was the reason for that in regard to the people that were left alive?

Forces: This is a message for those to carry its those things invisible and those things to be looked in to the soul level concentrated on and to finely work them into a attitude of creative and knowing that the secret of all life first and foremost is within.

RU: If a parent were committed to stay with a relationship because of a child and the child all of a sudden is killed in a strange accident and then their relationship breaks up is that connected or is it because of a karmetic situation with that partner is completed or–?

Forces: Relationships should be together for the two souls who have come together not for the off springs the combination of offspring dedication is kind of missing the boat it is the male female aspect coming together to develop in the earth the exponent of these are grace periods not to be relied upon and to be drawn upon as reasons to exist but as blessings of the existence.

RU: Thank you.

IS: What did Moses do that he couldn’t get into the Promised Land?

Forces: It is strange but the inability to take on what God wanted him to do or the Higher Forces without question where he had to use Aaron as his spokemanship and on and on and on throughout his experience with the Creator. This inability to totally believe without question made it inaccessible for him to cross over the Jordon.

IS: I heard many reasons why he couldn’t get in.

Forces: Well this is the general reason all the way down to the end.

IS: But its not because he struck twice the stone?

Forces: Again the doubt of it was part of why throughout his discourse with the Creator.

IS: But it wasn’t because it was easier for the Forces right at that moment to lower down the ship for him on that specific spot rather than across the border or something?

Forces: No that’s where it had to be ah where he had to be removed and his mission was accomplished at that point.

IS: When Moses had doubts and then there were other people and they had doubts what is it more was expected from Moses or what was the degree of those other peoples doubts that never the less made it to the Holy Land?

Forces: Moses saw the face of God and spoke with the energy force directly and these other people did not have that power. Seeing on a physical level all the proofs and the facts Moses should not have had doubt.

IS: Thank you.

IS: You also mentioned the earthquakes going to be some major ones?

Forces: Well we do see some flare-ups coming and some changes are about ready to happen.

IS: Is that California?

Forces: No California always in the ball game isn’t it. We find other countries in South America and the Middle East sections but this is part of the experience of development.

IS: Are the Arabs then still under the same curse as Ruben today?

Forces: We find the ah atonement of this particular curse is Sadat.

IS: So now things are going to change you said it?

Forces: For Sadat but not this lifetime.

IS: Thank you very much.

DD: In the beginning of Job how was it affected that he lost all his family how was that given to the initiate?

Forces: He was taken away from all family structure for a period of four to five years.

DD: Is he told that his family died?

Forces: It is given to him as such.

DD: And he really believes they’re dead?

Forces: As such.

DD: And that starts his Higher tests?

Forces: Correct.

DD: Thank you very much.

NN: Could you explain to me about what receptive aspect has to be sacrificed?

Forces: That of the will, personal will and to give it and lay it on the altar of God knowing that you have obstacles that these obstacles will be transmuted into the spiritual qualities through faith.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving and will return soon.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.