Session 244 7/20/79

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We find the situations moving quite fast and that many changes are in the making we also see great strides on a political level between those so-called important people versus the not so important. But now is the time for the common man and woman and child to be common it is the common people in America that shall make it strong once more. If each and every one would make their own personal sacrifices and these sacrifice will make their force of future growth stronger. We find again many changes to come. There shall be what would be said a spiritual combination leading up to the part through this month of August of Prayer and September for activity into the month of manifestation of October. This should be a spiritual point in mans ah meaning and ah we’ll activate some centers within man ah especially around Washington and New York City, Washington DC and New York City. We find that this would be a good time to visit one or the other particular city to receive that spiritual essence of that will be contributed to these cities.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

MK: Was Moses conscious when St. Michael fought for his soul?

Forces: On a different level he was not so called conscious he was put into a state of animation or ah ambiguously speaking he was a stone.

IS: He was turned into a stone?

Forces: State of a vibration of the solid stone molecules.

IS: You mean to say that ah a state of animation truly to work would have to be a stone quality rather than the ice quality?

Forces: Yes.

IS: So there is such a thing as putting a person into suspended animation for traveling or to wait until a cure comes out things likes that and they are going about it the wrong way?

Forces: Well its not going to be the best way if you get deeper and deeper into that it will get into other qualities that could be just as drastic.

IS: What is the kind of animation in the stone is it the stone particles come together around the person?

Forces: Stone qualities come together outside the person its just that the person or the soul happens to cross the barrier while their being organized.

IS: Can I understand it a little better?

Forces: The qualities of ah stone material solidification happens outside of the body and it’s a completely a atmospheric and a perforic type experience in this sense you would walk into the condition of stabilization so called into more of animation, solidification and when then state is passed then you move on out gradually become de-solidified.

IS: Is the person conscious inside that thing or is he unconscious?

Forces: He is conscious of a state of being, which is captivity of being.

IS: So he’s alive and conscious except its sort of an imprisonment?

Forces: Right these things happen but not too frequently.

IS: But he can’t die?

Forces: Oh no, no, no, no.

IS: So he can be kept on regenerated inside that—?

Forces: He is put into a stabilization pattern.

IS: The thing around him—?

Forces: There’s neither growth nor failure there’s neither progress nor retreat.

IS: And when was Moses put into that state?

Forces: At the point of the battle for his soul.

IS: That was in the desert?

Forces: This was to allow the, the final decision to be arrived at and the outcome it would have caused a great deal of climax if certain freedom to the soul is allowed during this period.

IS: Inside the imprisonment of those molecules ah the person has darkness unless he himself can illuminate it from within?

Forces: This is true.

IS: His soul can be imprisoned there unless he releases it?

Forces: This is true.

IS: Where does this actually take place is it on a physical level, on a mountaintop inside a cave, inside a ship?

Forces: It can happen almost anywhere.

IS: Thank you very much.

DD: Is it like when they put the initiates in the tomb of the Great Pyramid the Coffer?

Forces: Correct.

NN: Could you tell me what the stone Malachite does?

Forces: This here rejuvenates the nervous system and it’s a valuable stone for acquiring cells new cells to the body that would be in harmony to the creative system and rejuvinative pattern of the body.

NN: Could you tell me where it’s found and what’s—?

Forces: It’s found underneath the armpits, Death Valley its found in North Dakota and its found in Yosemite National Park under the stone to your right. Its also could be found in New Mexico and Arizona and could be also found in Alberta.

NN: Thank you.

Forces: (——).

IS: Now with that chamber who built it who makes the thing happen?

Forces: The chamber is build over a period of time self usually does it.

IS: Self?

Forces: Individuals.

IS: Then how would they know to build it they would have to know how to build it exactly in order to create such a chamber where—?

Forces: You have two chambers one on a physical level and one on the astral level. Self begins to build the astral on a physical level particular initiative, initiate, initiates built at, at the age when they reach 65 years old.

IS: Now isn’t that a specific way of building something?

Forces: Yes this is specific dimensions size and wooden pegs.

IS: And because what it is is another way of an Elixir a person does not die.

Forces: This is true.

IS: Are their people on the earth right now that know how to do that?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Now this house has quite a bit of that particular thing right?

Forces: Right.

IS: To what degree?

Forces: Two a point where it helps stabilizes the evil forces in many avenues from entering.

IS: Is there a house anywhere in the world that is built to this particular perfection of stabilizing life?

Forces: Well you have some stone houses that can carry it off there’s some Castle affects that can carry it off but not as great as this particular house is been constructed with the layers that have been put into its ah pattern. Others are approaching that factor but do not manifest the stabilizing frequency ah gyro aspect.

BR: I was in the meditation room when Tom was doing a blessing to each person after each blessing he sneezed could you tell us what was happening?

Forces: This is more or less the factor of pushing forth some of the negative qualities on the spirit astral etheric level and cleansing them with certain forces coming from the sneeze.

BR: Thank you.

BR: Proctor and Gamble has a symbol on their products the moon or the sun with 13 stars around it and that’s copyrighted on each of their products like Crest toothpaste, they also produced Jesus of Nazareth is there something higher going on in that company?

Forces: Well they’re striving for the spiritual goal metaphysically trying to bring a quality of spirit into the things that they do, do.

BH: With Psalms 121 to 134 that you gave us the Psalms of Degrees starts with 120 and go to 134 and the ones that you gave us go from 121 to 135 does that mean that the Psalms of degrees start at 121 with these sets that you’ve given us?

Forces: No they do start at 120 we just felt 120 was for a different purpose and 121 started it off right.

BH: Thank you.

BH: With the Spinal Cord diseases ah the curvature of the spine and the tumors on the spine what kind of spiritual laws have been broken?

Forces: Its not more of a spiritual law breaking it but stress factors and pressure in the worldly level ah tremendous amount of anxiety, ah the some karmetic factor of burdening other people in other lifetimes now the burden is placed on self to experience it.

Forces: Thank you.

GL: Certain qualities that manifest in a personality are caused from the genetic structure in the body. Will certain Psalms or activity the person does change the gene structure in the chromosomes?

Forces: The gene structures only a physical counterpart of the thought pattern its not the chromosomes or the genetic structure that determines the personality of an individual as doctors have lead you to believe that this is the case. The case is they see the shadow then they praise it and glorify it and make the shadow the law. What happens is that the thoughts of what the person thinks sets up the chromosomes way before birth is produced that is the mothers thoughts set up a pattern sends it out and the red chromosomes you call comes down forming these thought patterns that the mother is precisely sending out the child or the soul that meets up with these thought patterns comes into the mother then the chromosomes are fixed or properly set into motion. Strange as it might seem chromosomes can change through time through experience of lives chromosomes evolve become refined become more developed chromosomes can change within any individual who has the structure of the Gerta (Strong Spear?) in which is the not the solid structure but the inner structure of the, of the molecule that changes constantly and this is affected by the thought process of the soul.

GL: So then each negative quality or characteristic can be worked with in that person in their thoughts to be changed.

Forces: It’s the old saying ‘with God all things are possible’.

GL: Thank you.

RH: Can any more information be given about the Church of Laodicea from Revelation?

Forces: Laodicea.

RK: Yes.

Forces: Ah ha ha. This is like eruptions this is a tape tattering situation in which all things come through it. It is a emotional quality that can be turned into a structural quality. It is a quality of communication and also a quality of building up on the etheric level.

RH: Thank you.

JU: The society in India with the Brahmin caste and untouchables is that a heritage from an Atlantean form?

Forces: No it’s a heritage from slavery that’s what it is.

JU: Just from slavery?

Forces: Well the societies as they grow and have power begin to try to capsulate, capitulate, ah capitalize or unfortunately these power structures so they creating the caste system so people would not break away from the authority of, of, of, of, of the royal nobility but in one respect all this has to be worked out too because the system also creates where otherwise it would not have created ah positions or jobs.

JU: Thank you.

JU: Are the—?

Forces: I’m not justifying that the existence is right its just that ah every evil thing has to some day turn out to be good one way or the other we have to unclog it.

JU: Thank you.

JU: Are the things that Carters doing now are they in line with what you would have him do?

Forces: Well we would have him do other things but he’s doing at least 5 percent there’s still a lot its like you know as they say if I stamp my foot three times and I rang the bell twice and I scratched my ear four times and I won the election then I must do the same thing again. (Laughter)

JU: Thank you.

BN: What is the power of the Ruby Ray as we were taught to invoke it in the Church Universal and Triumphant?

Forces: This is more of a burning power its power that is what would be called the Ray of Purifying its in the form of a Sword that comes down at certain times of the year more stronger than others its also a force that is ah sterilizes the thoughts from negativity.

BN: Thank you.

BN: Also what should I be looking for or paying attention to in my patients to help them better in their eyes

Forces: Food advise them of the nutritional values of ice cream, soda pop and potato chips versus what they should eat and of course you have carrots you have onions and garlic and then you have oatmeal and you have, try to stay away from the butter factor, try to speak on water and plenty of water you’ll be amazing how to find that water with ah, ah a drop of Atomodine in it affects the eyes amazingly and clears up all ah (—) in the eyes.

BN: Could you explain what Atomodine is?

Forces: This is a substance that ah is taken within to ah cause or create a natural ah balancing factor in the alchemy of the system of the ah, the ah the amino acids within the body is affected by this along with the ah fi, fibrous sis ah structure of ah light the ah lymphatic system ah this ah affects tremendously throughout the body immediately traveling through and creates more like a draino you know hah, it’s a draino for the body.

BN: Where do you get it?

Forces: Where do you get, where do you get the–

BN: Atomodine?

Forces: Yeah it can be extracted from certain plants and ah there’s a you can get it at the well they know where to get it.

BN: Thank you.

IS: The doctors believe that alcoholism is actually a physiological problem.
Forces: Alcoholism is that one of the centers have hooked on into the astral level and they just cannot balance it out therefore the tremendous demand for the wine or grapes to go into the system for they feel that this balances that center out.

IS: You mean one of these centers they hooked up to the astral?

Forces: The Solar Plexus.

IS: The wine just keeps on and all these monstrosities are coming in. How do they hook up to that?
Forces: It is what they decided to come into the earth to create from it and then hooking into it ah by many different ways they got where they (—-).

IS: So they had two choices tuning into that to become creative or tuning in and refusing the creativity to come forth?

Forces: Right, right.

IS: So in that case it’s not really a physiological problem.

Forces: Not really its not genetics its more again the thinking process.

IS: It’s a moral?

Forces: Morons yeah.

IS: They always say that they found certain chromosomes in the alcoholic that’s why, but those things happen after he’s an alcoholic right?

Forces: Found the shadow right. The thinking process yes.

IS: When he was born he didn’t have that.

Forces: Right. Well he did but the trait of it is it doesn’t go by birth it goes before birth and nobody will ever believe you. Like doctors don’t believe that children see when their young you know what I mean ah they do not believe that children see when they’re young you and I know that children can see when they’re young.

IS: Yeah. What do you mean doctors don’t believe.

Forces: Well they don’t believe that the child can see when they’re young when they’re born. When a child is born they believe the child cannot see. Its not the truth the child can see you know that.

IS: All our children could are there children that cannot?

Forces: Not really every child has the potential of vision when they are born, not the vision that we understand but the vision is there nonetheless.

IS: But our kids all the kids I’ve seen had the regular vision.
Forces: Yes of course.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving ah this weekend should seem to payoff many dividends. Strive to do your best to bring the house in some sort of order so you can do your best and eat. (Laughter)

Forces: Greeting to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.