Session 252-8/23/79

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We been watching and observing many different changes and see that certain movements of oil are now being placed in line. We find that this order will take time but will now move to other avenues of evolution. Being it is the month of prayer all those should busy themselves with prayer so that their thoughts might not be astray. We are watching (—–) and moving forward certain things.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Is the group pulling together?

Forces: We would suggest that you pull yourselves together tightly reconfirm your commitments just like being reborn again you must survive or else you will be not survivors. So therefore survive with your faith gravitate the faith forward and stand strong with one another together through everything that comes your way we must stress that you must help one another and not criticize or slander or idle gossip and idle gossip is what sows many seeds of dissension and uneasement in that which could be harmony and growth.

IS: You are not bound by time?

Forces: Correct.

IS: So you see everything that was that is and will be as in ——-?

Forces: Yes we do.

IS: You see also the future of this group?

Forces: Of course.

IS: Will the Mission succeed?

Forces: The Mission even if it’s followed by two people will succeed.

IS: Then is that the last number?

Forces: We would stress that a concept that those who make it through the refinement and the tests will come through the evolution and be taken in their own perspective time. It is not the last remaining number of the group its just to stress a point that even if the group is worked down to two members there will be power in back of it.

IS: So the mission of this group has succeeded?

Forces: It has already made its own personal mark whatever particular area this entity that we speak through works on individuals in the group behind the scenes and in front of the scenes it is permanently established and progress is made through many of the centers.

IS: But the group as in the future it has succeeded as a group and I don’t mean in our past but rather on that band that you see?

Forces: There is success in the forward part.

IS: Thank you very much.

GL: Would there be any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: We see a great deal of inner renewal and spiritual evolution coming your way that will be able to share and develop the growing patterns of those around you. The counseling process within yourself has increased to the point that you can be receptive to many qualities of answers to be helped with.

GL: Thank you very much.

BN: Is there any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: We would suggest that your concentration also on the spiritual side versus the material side and not to get lost into the mental plane and to refresh yourself on the spiritual side of the existence.

BN: Thank you.

JU: Is there any advice that you can give me at this time?

Forces: Keep notes on the job put them in order log them keep yourself in order and don’t talk that much nobody really wants to hear it just perform and don’t excuse yourself through idle talk just simply perform.

JU: Thank you.

JU: The pressure that I asked about in the last session is it something I’m imagining or is it something that I have to work with to grow?

Forces: You speak of inward pressure or out pressure.

JU: I can’t tell which it is.

Forces: Then if you can’t how can we.

JU: I don’t know if its thoughts or from outside.

Forces: Remember your pressure comes by your image of self half your pressure is trying to do what you think your image would benefit from. So release that pressure and just allow the spirit of that of understanding and faith to guide you.

JU: Thank you.

BH: In the chapter Kings when the King of
Israel gets so mad at Elisha after Elisha has lead the Syrians away from Israel into Samaria and Samaria all in a famine and that woman boils her son to eat and the King of Israel gets real mad at Elisha when Elisha just saved Israel?

Forces: We have a complexity of the mind remember he could perform the biggest stunts but then you have the logical mind that comes in and therefore mistakes do happen and Elisha had received certain qualities that had manifest in order to move on to other illuminations.

BH: Thank you.

BH: When Jesus takes the first two disciples to where he lived where did he take them?

Forces: To where he lived.

BH: Where did he live?

Forces: In the house on a hill far away in a land that was near Bethany and we find him near that of Nazareth and then we find him near that which is Cana. So he lived in many places he just had a lot of guests.

BH: Thank you.

BH: Did he live there by himself?

Forces: He did keep a crowd (——-).

BH: Thank you.

NN: (What does it mean) ‘in the year that king Uzzah died I saw also the LORD sitting upon a throne high and lifted up, and his train filled the temple.
2 Above it stood the seraphim’s: each one had six wings; with twain he covered his face, and with twain he covered his feet, and with twain he did fly.
3 And one cried unto another, and said, Holy, holy, holy, is the LORD of hosts: the whole earth is full of his glory’
(that a wing covered the face and the feet of the Seraphim?)

Forces: This is the inspiration and the Wisdom of protection of the Divine (Degree).

NN: Thank you.

NN: Also when it talks about in Isaiah ‘the train of the Lord filled the Temple’ could any description be given of that train?

Forces: This is more of Revelation and the Presence of the feeling within the Heart that comes down through a funnel.

NN: A funnel meaning?

Forces: Straight force of life and a G sound substance.

NN: Thank you very much.

LK: In all of the occult books on music they list Wagner as being one of the highest music writers is this true and if so since he’s German and a whole number of the great composers were German what is that all about?

Forces: Well its hard (——–) it’s a force that’s he’s trying to reach he reached part or some of it but remember you have a structure of society which goes by status and a status in that area was what we’d call classic, classic that is they were in the class range of musical expression. He is Wagner is considered hard ah occult.

LK: What was it about Germany that it was able to produce so many composers?

Forces: Well they are the thinkers of order in everything then why not sound.

LK: Weren’t most of the composers didn’t they receive the music rather than think it?

Forces: Some of the composers had received it directly and recorded it this is true order. Some of them had recorded what they had heard but interpret it in their minds eye on the paper of what should be so you have two different items one versus the other and there are those who listen and there are those who interpret.

LK: Thank you.

DN: Bach is an interpreter correct?

Forces: He was yes.

DN: Thank you.

BR: Could a Psalm be given to me to read before I go to sleep at night?

Forces: Read chapter in Matthew the 3rd chapter that should suffice understanding 3rd chapter (——).

BR: Thank you.

BR: Can any guidance be given for my parents?

Forces: This is a stressing problem and they are meeting some ah some conflicts but it will be worked out in the long interim to benefit the end process. It’s difficult but things do move on for the better. Changes is sometimes that come drastic as you have experienced moves other things that refuse to move and also breaks the deadlock of the spiritual world change comes about when the spiritual self is not moving therefore change steps in and moves it to the spiritual conclusion.

BR: Thank you.

Forces: So either you do it or there will be change.

MK: Can all our dreams be remembered every night or are there times when you’re not allowed to dream?

Forces: All dreams can be remembered it just takes time to gradually start remembering what you had dreamed. Writing down your dreams would give you a great deal of psychic revelation and improve your perception of life.

MK: The dream I had the other evening I saw mostly just temples and a lot of masonic symbols what was the message?

Forces: This was the revealing to you of your own personal commitment and starting on the road to the souls balance and commitment many lifetimes ago.

MK: Were those true temples that I saw do they still exist and where were they?

Forces: They existed many places on the astral level and on the earth.

MK: Thank you.

RU: A few sessions ago I asked about an experience I had and you said it was positive is that still positive?

Forces: The experience was that of the inner growth that at that particular time had to be manifested. The experience still is what we would considered questionable but the growing process is up to you it is positive if used on the level what would be considered as giving understand the experience and give from it then it will attune itself to the right recourse the statement positive would then be (——-) true.

RU: Thank you.

RU: Marriage——–?

Forces: Marriage of male and female not on the worldly level not the worldly marriage as you all had fast interpreted it but the marriage of male and female spiritual partners coming together working in union and with order and harmony between both through a life of service and prayer of sacrifice and of giving to one another and to those around self. But the interpretation of marriage was identified with the worldly concept we therefore arranged and tried to progress the group where it is now so that it can see the marriage that we speak about the marriage between souls as it was in the beginning of time between male and female between their true selves the true marriage does not come with vows spoken in front of an altar of I dos but the true marriage comes from within as the spoken word of can do there’s the difference between a worldly marriage which falls apart and is corruptible and is fallen to waste versus a spiritual marriage all the marriages in this group will maintain itself through sacrifice through prayer through abstinence of desires and through dedication of faith. All marriages through self-aggrandizement, self-justice, pride, in an inner specter of greed these marriages will eventually turn up for naught because you are in such a high volitaire structure on a spiritual level that marriage in this group is not the marriage on a worldly level but the marriage of the male and female aspect of the soul. Now marriage is that decree and (—–) is the fulfillment and requirement of the group that requirement can also be a marriage within the group towards one another there is the marriage between male and female there is then the secondary marriage the marriage between one another which eventually will be had in the group then you have the third marriage which is the marriage between the conscious and subconscious mind to the Higher Self.

RU: Thank you.

IS: Will that happen in the group?

Forces: This will eventually manifest in many different respects. The entity who asked that particular question RU do you understand the concept now related to you.

RU: How related to me.

Forces: Now just spoken.

RU: Yes.

Forces: What was your feelings on the marriage we spoke about.

RU: What you said was what I felt that IS said a couple of years ago.

Forces: Exactly but remember a worldly marriage can and only exist through pain but a marriage of a spiritual level must exist through sacrifice and giving up personal will with no complaints marriage of this kind is a marriage dedicated in the eyes of God through tests and trials so this would go for all who can hear this yes the soul must be married but there are three types of marriage, marriage between male and female, marriage between one another and marriage between the entity and their Higher Self.

RU: Is it possible just to have marriage between one another and the Higher Self and not have the male and female marriage?

Forces: Run that back.

RU: Of the three the thing I have the most difficulty with is the first one is that a requirement?

Forces: Now remember if you had entered into a male and female relationship then take it if you had entered into it the physical level then it was necessary now you have brought in the physical and moved into the spiritual concept of marriage then you shall progress now you must make the marriage from the physical into the spiritual concepts you cannot jump also into the marriage of the group and the marriage of your God and drop the physical contract of marriage between the male self that you had been given because you had entered into one phase of marriage then you must proceed and keep that phase and then move on to the other two or three phases. There are those who do not have to enter into the first stage there are those who do because they are givers and because they are givers they are the planters this might take time to explain you have several planters in the group you were being or had been or will be. Now those planters are the givers you could had yourself and the entity GL as planters. You have the entity DD and the entity RH as planters; you have the entity LK and the entity LI as planters now as the marriage continues different concepts became overbearing which weaken the marriage structure on a spiritual level creating pockets of resistance and what we call personal justice on this concept this destroys the spiritual marriage only making in time a destruction-separation of the marriage because it cannot exist with this strain. The statement what God has joined together let no man put asunder is the concept of what the self marriage to has dedicated to a spiritual marriage it can never be separated, a worldly marriage can be divided and separated a spiritual marriage is bound on earth and in heaven. So therefore if you choose the worldly concept of marriage and have grown into the spiritual concept of marriage then you will continue and must develop the group concept of marriage and then the God concept of marriage.

RU: Thank you.

RU: I’m working with that desire to have a special person that aspect of the first stage of marriage. Is my understanding of where that should be–?

Forces: You are working trying to put that aspect in order but at one particular lifetime you were a nurse in France and on the battlefield you had given great medical attention to the soldiers. At this particular time you became married to the cause. Now this same feeling must a ray enkindle within self so that the marriage can redevelop within a human course. Your next evolution stage is the cause within this group as not the predominant one but as the one of service and the learning to serve and submit yourself in service will be a tremendous growth also and for the wisdom of the other stages to come.

RU: Thank you.

Forces: We would suggest that for you and the struggles that you have with your weight, there are many things that we can suggest and give you, we can give you the cucumber diet which would be to eat nothing but cucumbers but we know that would be a bore, we would give you the cucumbers and the tomato and the lettuce diet which would be a blessing you will eat all the lettuce and all the tomatoes and all the cucumbers that you wish. So we would suggest that you nourish yourself with lettuce and tomatoes and cucumbers for one week then after that point we will give you the other diet to follow along with that of what would be one sip of or a cup of a vegetable but now remember the diet is for one week you start it two days from now this you can set a mental pattern and prepare yourself for it but as the diet continues you must remember that each day you should read at least 5 Psalms four times a day through the diet then write one Psalm down that you like the most in that week by the end of the week you should have 7 Psalms written down again we are relating with Psalms to you because it is through Psalms that a great deal of work has been done. The greatest difficulty that we have in this group and the reason why the entity RH had left is the lack of listening and the lack of expressing and the lack of learning. When a person stops developing and learning he becomes or she becomes stagnated and in their stagnation no matter what is said they cannot perceive or they cannot move. Stagnation comes in many forms and ways but when a person no longer looks into the spiritual realm or even searches to read into the spiritual qualities of life then their minds become stagnated. Yes it is good to read a book but remember make the book that you read to deal with the laws on the spiritual level. Yes we have all a great deal to develop we have gained a lot of territory of course this last incident has been a tremendous loss for some that is the impact of its existence but nothing is permanent not even in this group unless you dedicate yourself to spiritual wisdom that is everyday must be a day that you learn a little bit more on the incites of the spiritual laws. Remember Moses was given by the Forces the power to guide and lead but he was not looked upon by his first wife as a spiritual man because in her eyes her concept of spirituality was completely different from what poor Moses was doing. Of course you have the same item that had happened with Isaiah and the blind, or Isaiah and the dead child and the laying on the child to raise up the dead, then you have the same concept of David dancing in front of the ark where his first wife again thought this was the most sad, ridiculous thing to ever happen. Remember there are certain things that must be done in order to accomplish spiritual commitments Moses killed a Egyptian why what purpose what was the reason there was a reason the man was a purpose had to have a manifestation Egypt and the quality of that slavery but remember all these things that we see let us take it into the spiritual eye rather than the mental eye and we will be helped tremendously so Psalms and this particular quality that you are facing will find certain avenues within you opening to benefit.

RU: Thank you.

DN: Could I have some guidance now?

Forces: We would stress that you would strive not to project too much into the future but to take one day at a time, one moment at a time. Take the time that is before you and watch and see and move slowly into it and understand what is being and what is happening around you in this way you can order yourself in harmony and in a quality of completion. We would say faith is the quality of your process of growth and this to must be accomplished that through faith you will have all your understanding and all your joy in the service that is surrounding you. This is a beginning stage and likely to be a rewarding stage if entered properly and approaching your life daily knowing that it is a new day a new moment and a new commitment must be made if this happens then each day will become better and better and your development will be stronger and stronger.

DN: Thank you.

DN: Which of the disciples grew up with Jesus as children?

Forces: James and there is a questionability about John.

DN: Thank you.

DN: Would you find the composers Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Greg, Liszt and (——) to be feelers rather than interpreters?

Forces: Well let us say they were feelers and interpreters at the same time.

DN: Were there any composers who were just put down what the Forces gave them?

Forces: Well the names you just mentioned were those who received they altered here and there and then became interpreters too but a large percentage of them were feelers (Tape changed part missed) understand it to be such.

IS: That’s because we have no knowledge of—?

Forces: Sometimes knowledge can be dangerous but then again lets move on.

IS: Thank you very much.

IS: My laying down without having the Bible with me is that part of the regenerative forces weren’t?

Forces: This has an effect on it.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Tom has mentioned again and again about the work for him what should I tell him?

Forces: Slowly it will manifest there will be those moments coming up that will be ok if he wishes to go out to do something out there.

BN: Could you help me understand the proper fulfillment—?

Forces: Yours is with the family group you have come in to represent the spiritual ah merger and commitment of the marriage among others.

BN: Thank you.

Forces: Now produce.

DN: (——-)?

Forces: Remember where you life takes you that the Higher forces have the power and the control over the destiny of the earth and what it wants done. That’s all.

IS: Is the group pulling itself together?

Forces: Its now gradually getting back on the track of pulling those items together it was kind of relaxed in many avenues but now you all will need one another and you should all care for one another this inner strength is very vital for the movement forward. Simply, simply take the (—-) itself and just Love one another as far as RH is concerned there should be no hatred or remorse for the entity but just compassion and hope that somewhere in the future she will be able to reconnect her spiritual linkage maybe someday down the road she will be in a better position to accept her next step of the spiritual evolution.

DD: Also the quality in DD not being that excited about the whole thing is that a quality of not looking back?

Forces: It’s a quality of not looking back. It also represents that he had seen RH spiritual evolution and seen her falter and go deeper and deeper into the worldly and the mental. The biggest way to break the marriage on a spiritual level is when the partner enters into the worldly concept of things driving the other partner farther and farther away answer moral of the story partner who sends other partner further and further away in order to attract partner think of the spiritual things therefore what you want the most will come towards you and make and solidify the marriage.

IS: In this case?

Forces: RH thoughts were the cutting point of further and further away.

IS: Did DD get closer to his spiritual being?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: Its very important that the female aspect of this marriage would dedicate herself to spiritual thinking now and gravitate away from the worldly concepts of thinking that is to try to understand the spiritual world and get familiar with them now where before never really looking into them this will have tremendous affects on Hotep who will be needing answers.

DN: With athlete’s fungus it’s cured but it never goes away is it maintained inside and is there something that can be taken internally for it?

Forces: Yes you can take a item in the hospital internally for it.

DN: (—-)?

Forces: Yes BN will inform you on it.

IS: (—)?

Forces: Yes you can also take that item but the lotion should help you gradually.

IS: Thank you very much.

Forces: Well we’re going to end this particular session only saying that maybe now we can get down to work with you.

Forces: Greetings to all present here now.

Group: Our Father.