Session 254 8/29/79

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: As we have watched the different items in the development ahead find that these conditions are answered and in particular the harmony must be developed. There are many different elements that are being worked on and different fibers need to be had but considering all these concerns the days coming find itself quite productive we notice that they’ll be many ideas and many ideals many expressive conditions put into effect so that it would help the development and occupants and (——-).

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

NN: What was it that night I was in the guest bedroom there was like a cold thing that came over me and it was like perfectly still and (——-) and then I felt the same thing the other night before I was falling asleep the same thing?

Forces: More or less an communication with the other dimension and receiving messages to put into affect or to store in its proper place on a subconscious level when these information’s this way (——) ah come through to you they are just more or less psychic receptive to their elements of creativities. Question.

NN: Is there any particular thing I should do a prayer?

Forces: Not really the ability to receive and to be positive and open to these new conditions that come your way.

NN: It is a positive thing?

Forces: We find that positive.

NN: Thank you.

RU: There’s a history that Luke who wrote the gospels was also an artist and that he painted a picture of Mary the Mother of Jesus that’s still in existence is that correct?

Forces: He had much of his information through the channel of Mary in meeting with her.

RU: Did he paint her portrait?

Forces: He did.

RU: Do copies of that still exist?

Forces: Well the original is still in existence you’ll find it somewhere in the Holy Land dealing with some of the monks.

RU: Thank you.

RU: The recent terrorists attacks on Britain and the Royal family and people dying on that yacht what does that mean as far as the 13th chapter of Revelation?

Forces: It is the middle sect or stage of the age in which there should be at least 4,300 years left from this point.

RU: Left until?

Forces: The end of the age.

RU: Thank you.

BH: Can it be given the name of the child of the Prophet that Elisha sent to Jehu to tell him that he was going to be King and that child of the Prophet went and told him everything that was going to happen?

Forces: The child of the Prophet was Issachar or more so the Spirit of the, of the, of the Light. The Spirit of the giving, the Spirit of the message, the Giver of the Word.

BH: But he was an actual entity right physical entity right?

Forces: Well we would say so.

BH: Thank you.

BH: Could it be given last night you said about insane people being in an imaginary world could what they did in a previous lifetime be given?

Forces: You mean to explain the insanity that their imaginary world has no reality to the things around them sometimes they would affect many communities and cities with taxes which affected the personalities around.

BH: Thank you.

IS: Did you mean people in cities that go crazy or people in cities in general?

Forces: People ah in cities in general.

IS: You mean they’re under a different code which is really an insane code measured by –?

Forces: City living does affect the personality and it is a different col, code and system.

IS: So meaning that those people if they would be taken out of the cities they would go insane?

Forces: Those who are staying in the cities and remain have a higher chance of insanity than those who leave the cities.

IS: But its not that all people in the city are under an insane thing?

Forces: They all are under a certain percentage of it being the number of people living in the city versus the style of the city each has its different advantage and a structure (——).

IS: So actually there’s a lot more what is considered normality in the city but its normality simply because they live in a city with lots of people and they are together so nobody really knows anymore the next persons insanity since it’s the same?

Forces: Something according to this way of thinking correct.

IS: Thank you.

IS: So for a lot of people that leave the city wouldn’t it be like withdrawal symptoms?

Forces: There is a certain affect but not as critical as it is for those who do stay in the city.

IS: Thank you.

JE: In Psalm 68 17th verse I was reading the chariots of God was 20,000 could you explain that please?

Forces: They deal with the 20,000 ships traveling in the sky.

JE: But why that number is that a total number?

Forces: It is just the number of the ah Motherships, ah Mother fleets sent to do a specific job.

JE: So that was the total number of Motherships for that one particular instance?

Forces: Something on that level of correct.

JE: Thank you.

JU: Can you explain to me more about the carving that Tom gave me?

Forces: It’s a reflection of your own style and to reevaluate your own conscious thinking and the principles of its own evolution within self.

JU: Is there anything specific in the Bible for me to read?

Forces: There is Isaiah the 5th chapter then you have Jeremiah you have 4th chapter then you have the Psalms a 105 and 7 and Psalms a hundred to one and 18. This should start you on the road to positive thinking.

JU: Thank you very much.

MK: Question before about that new age cycle that’s starting. What are the characteristics of that Age, is it the Aquarian Age or?

Forces: Repeat it.

MK: Question before about Belfast, you mentioned like a new age starting, that would last 4300 years or 4700 years?

Forces: The New Age is a secondary age that is in significance with that of the assassination of the officials, King of England, the Queen of England, starts at that point, the Age of the ending, of the coming down of the Age of Ke-li.

IS: We are now just beginning the Age of Kali?

Forces: Well the Age of Kal-li , Kel-le, started when Buddha was in the area and he had certain other spiritual teachers with that time, assassinated.

DL: Can anything be done to help this thing on my head?

Forces: You must try too relax and not to become neurotic with it rest your mind on the fear of it and allow not to your life to stop if your hair falls out and not to depress you too much and make your world stop there are certain systems or cycles you go through that builds up the hair structure slower than average which would appear that your hair is going through cycles of change of the itching moments (—-) flakes are falling out but this is through also the attachment of the image or looks that needs to be put in perspective and once the attention is off of it. Iron you could acquire some iron tablets and Geritol in your system this would help your hair. The hair is of course going through cycles most important your attachment of fear of anxiety creates other problems with the hair that’s not really necessary.

DL: Is there anything for the sores on my head?

Forces: Of course the iron would affect this open or the itching or the appearance of these sores. Alcohol has a certain stringent affect upon, but most of all the thoughts of calmness in that neurosis calming your own thoughts down and constructively organizing your thoughts can affect the sores to disappear.

DL: Thank you.

IS: (——-)?

Forces: One of the weakest points in the human development at this is the critical stage of mans evolution that only the most developed can succeed in this critical hour at this particular stage it is repeating the cycle of Egypt and leaving to the Holy Land but there were many who had left and gone back to Egypt because of comfortability and status and things know of. This is a normal cycle for souls who come on the path and stayed on it for the sake of comfortability in Egypt and then when they do start moving their ones of the first to justify their own leaving and entering back into Egypt because of their lack of faith and most of all because the soul is not going to develop any longer and the soul has a resigned to a life of slothfulness and this retards the soul not only immediately in this life but refuses the entrance of this soul back into the earth until the progress of those who are advanced have sustained themselves tremendously allowing these souls to come in as unfit society or unfit civilized of people or the lower echelon of people in a social class many thousands of years to come. So its like one you refuse to take on the responsibilities of this critical moment and two you set yourself up as restraining yourself from entering into the earth for thousands of years to come until the souls who are in the earth develop to a certain point that they can be caretakers of the unfit class.

IS: We have a class like that now what we call underprivileged people?

Forces: Well you might have that class but its not going to be looked upon as unfit as it will be a couple of thousand years from now. I know that this explanation might not help now for that’s part of the test for now.

IS: Now those people you said went from the desert to Egypt obviously it was more comfortable what happened to them in that lifetime?

Forces: They developed and grew those who did stay on with the expedition they had their own personal development and grew on to a closer understanding of the Spirit within themselves.

IS: And the others that went back to Egypt?

Forces: Those did not fare to well and their development immediately became stagnant once entering back into Egypt for then you had certain thought forms built up in Egypt that took then literally destroyed these people who did come back.

IS: What happened to them?

Forces: Well you had the ones who were in power to put them into a different type of work, which eventually terminated them.

IS: All those that returned for comfortability to Egypt have they understood?

Forces: They have but that is what’s being worked out at this particular lifetime.

IS: Who are those people now?

Forces: All those who are affected by worldly things to the point of making judgments over them. It could be a thinking process that enters in our minds at any moment it is up to us to put that thinking process in its proper, proper perspective and therefore move on from it.

IS: Those people that went back to Egypt they were taken back into a slave position is that it?

Forces: More of indentured servants they were put into a barrel and wheeled around the (——) to show the people the disgrace of them some were literally executed on the spot for returning.

IS: Now all those people that returned to Egypt have they come back karmetically as a group or as individuals?

Forces: Some have come back as groups and others have come back to join groups to meet this experience.

IS: What group experience in our time were those people the ones that left the desert and went back to Egypt?

Forces: You have those who are in the educational fields and those who find themselves in the artistic world as far as (—–) paintings and museums and you have also some cases of it in personal thinking but that does not necessarily mean the that the thinking process has solidified.

IS: Then if there are teachers and artists and or in museum’s they haven’t fared to badly?

Forces: No.

IS: On a worldly level?

Forces: Not really those do have their complications.

IS: Then what does it mean were they already people that had finished their karma or is this their karma?

Forces: Its still being worked out and balanced out to make its proper expression.

IS: It sounds on a worldly level a very profitable thing?

Forces: It’s everything but profitable.

IS: I don’t understand?

Forces: Once the soul decides to go on to the path and knows consciously what he or she does being inwardly right and constructively right and turning away from it immediately throws them back on that (—–) karmic relationship for the remainder of their days it also ties up their evolution of coming back into the earth for many thousands of years.

IS: But you said those were the people when they did come back they came back as teachers and on a worldly level people, professional people?

Forces: These are the ones that have a tendency of following this path once more its up to them to apply themselves and when they do make that spiritual connection not to retrieve back into a worldly concept.

IS: Yet those are the ones from which came forth all the political movements the Right, are those the same people that went back to Egypt and are trying to follow a path something?

Forces: A stricter path of discipline in their own thinking.

IS: What about those that went back to Egypt and just went back to Egypt?

Forces: Those had a progress report of (nil) and postponement of their coming into the earth even to this time.

IS: You mean there are people from the time of Moses that had not incarnated?

Forces: That’s correct.

IS: And yet the people that stuck it out with Moses they’ve been beaten they’ve been bombarded with punishment they weren’t allowed to get into the Promise Land all these things happened to those that did follow?

Forces: Now there are those times when they do follow and the hardships will be over and the (way) will just move again.

IS: So it’s all really the testing its God chastises those he loves that goes all the way?

Forces: In many different respects.

IS: Those he doesn’t love or don’t love him he does not chastise?

Forces: You can repeat that again.

IS: God chastises those he loves but those who don’t love him he doesn’t chastise?

Forces: He drops them into their pit and does not work with them.

IS: What is the pit?

Forces: All sorts of heaviness inside themselves.

IS: Some come back in leading positions in the earth seems like a reward?

Forces: Position is not favorable its always filled up with crucial and stress (——-).

IS: So the one that is the best off is a person that is a menial worker?

Forces: Even that has its complications.

IS: Then what is the reward of God for people on earth?

Forces: That is following and receptive force of constant surveillance, watching being ever informative of different views and understanding the days to come this will guarantee you a place in the evolutionary scale for your own being and for the beings of the days to come.

IS: Thank you.

JU: What type of group are house painters?

Forces: They were those who had affects or affected in the Pyramid structure and also with Babylon.

JU: Thank you.

RU: The Holocaust?

Forces: The annihilation comes to follow part of the Dark Ages just as this is the so called half-time it is also the Jewish people that have the responsibility in accepting the Spirit and it is through their linkage that they find a pattern to have an affect on this age in a direct form.

NN: What does it mean in Ecclesiastes be not righteous over much and be not over wise?

Forces: Just allowing the Spirit (tape changed) to being perceptive you would be open to the answers being given from the 4th dimension.

NN: Thank you.

IS: To every question there is an answer and there is an antidote to every sickness its just that the time factor that we are so (——) here on the earth and the forces that are in play are so slow in moving to our brief life spans?

Forces: There are certain Laws and Regulations during each Age of Development that must be maintained. The Age of Ke-li is about 400,000 give or take the Age of the Golden Light would go up to 17 somewhere beyond the 4,000 mark. Each has its shortness and darkness the total length of Light is longer than all the shortness of darkness.

IS: You said the Age of Kali is 400,000 years?
Forces: What is remaining is 470,000 years.

IS: 470,000 years and the Golden Age will last 17,000?

Forces: Something in that area.

IS: Then the Age of Kali is more?

Forces: The 470,000 with the 170,000.

IS: Oh I see. So it’s still more?

RU: What about the 4,300 years you gave earlier?

Forces: That is at this point of the balance of the Golden Age is what would be considered put all together in its certain denominations and breaking down is triple the times of the Age of Ke-li. So you would have somewhere around the area of more or less a million years.

IS: And then the Dark Age starts again.

Forces: No, then you have the Age of Gold and the Age of Silver and it slowly gets smaller and smaller until the Age of where we’re at now.

IS: And we have still 4,000 years to go in the Age of Kali?

Forces: 4,000 about 700 years to go.

IS: 4,700?

Forces: That’s pretty short.

IS: What happens to all those souls that didn’t make it after the Age of Kali?

Forces: They are kept from the Golden Age.

IS: But they wouldn’t like it anyhow?

Forces: Well in the Silver Age, then they are put in under disciplines, throughout many lifetimes.

IS: Disciplines through the infirmities of the body and?

Forces: And the class system.

IS: What the most predominant thing about the Age of Kali?

Forces: The darkness and the greed and the many being the ruler.

IS: But how about those who put on God and take off God like a glove?

Forces: Those are the ones that will be left in the wings and kept from the Golden Age.

IS: They wouldn’t even know it though; there soul would know it?

Forces: At the time of the Golden Age it will be well known.

IS: But there would be no need for groups like ours at that point?

Forces: The group like yours would be a mass society group.

RU: In the 13 chapter of Revelation where it talks about during the reign of the antichrist that saints will be made to do unspiritual things how is that possible?

Forces: These are all the corrections and the balancing factors that only the Saints would have the power over.

RU: Does it mean that they would like murder and steal?

Forces: There would be certain elements that would be justified or put into the wings but also would mean that there was some social crimes that need to be rectified by these so called people.

IS: You don’t mean that the Saints themselves will do murder you mean that the Saints will be given into the hands of murderers?

Forces: They would be given into the hands and there are some that would give into the, the, the factor of the energy of murder.

IS: When will this happen or is it already happening?

Forces: Oh you have a mess outside, as it is this will become dominant in the next periods of a hundred to two hundred years.

IS: A soul that succeeds lets say this group a hundred percent succeeds, every person here in this group succeeds?

Forces: They have fulfilled a major test that was placed upon them before they came into the earth for such a short period of time and their karmetic ties would be balanced out under this critical moment from everything that they had lived since the beginning of time.

IS: Now will these people then, the ones that succeed be, will be in the Golden Age on the earth?

Forces: They will have positions and power and titles and authority at that moment.

IS: Then that’s all we’re striving for?

Forces: The Golden Age lasts for thousands and thousands of years and therefore the life expectancy would be extended beyond understanding and also the power beyond that in the Higher Sphere of the galaxies will be affected.

IS: But if this is right now at the age of Kali everybody is seeking worldly positions, even in this group its a big deal, worldly positions titles, it’s very important and this is the Age of Kali. So if this is what your going to get as a reward then why bother going through all that they can have it right now?

Forces: We don’t understand you.

IS: If the reward of the Golden Age is to have worldly position the righteous?

Forces: Its not a worldly position we are referring to it is a spiritual commission from this earth to the other galaxies beyond, that they will direct the masses, with the understanding of the message of the Higher Forces.

IS: And those souls that did not make it?

Forces: Will be the slaves.

IS: Will they be able to look and know?

Forces: You would at that time have screens to record and show past lives.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: At that particular Age everyone will see his or her past lives. At that particular Age there will be no difference between male and female.

IS: Because everybody will know that we are both?

Forces: The Oneness would come into being.

IS: And you said also a Oneness with the rest of the Universes?

Forces: At that particular time there will be Intergalactical communications with other galaxies in the Universe.

IS: And that time is how far away 4,700 years?

Forces: 4,000, 4, 4,700 years.

IS: How will it come into being?

Forces: Gradually, as this Age is gradually dispersing.

IS: So there would have to be already signs of that new Age coming in.

Forces: It’s already upon you.

IS: Where are they, what are those signs?

Forces: We’re speaking to you aren’t we.

IS: So that Age will actually be declared when you come down.

Forces: Physically.

IS: So actually in our lifetime.

Forces: You are witnessing to it.

IS: We will be witnessing to you coming down physically?

Forces: That we will give you.

IS: Are you referring to the Sessions?

Forces: Not only the Sessions, you will physically see them.

IS: And from that moment that you land physically, that the beginning of the end of the Age of Kali?

Forces: That is the Age of the Christ or the Nirvana entering into mans consciousness, where they are saying a new heaven. So in reality you can invest in the future because the earth will not blow up tomorrow.

IS: I didn’t understand that?

Forces: Tomorrow, there will be a tomorrow its not going to end the earth. You have at least another 4,700 years to go, then you have another oh a million years after that. Kind of looks stupid in 1979 to say.

IS: No its not stupid its just that I feel that I wish we could be a little bit more developed that we could retain a memory so we could learn from it.

Forces: Well, there will be screens at every corner; every place of learning in that time, the past lives will be reviewed openly.

IS: Are there people in this house that will be alive that Age?

Forces: All those members who make it through this will have positions interconnected together.

IS: But from the moment that you come down in 2010, 2011?

Forces: That is the beginning of the appearances. They have already started.

IS: But that point you are going to actually come down and stay?

Forces: Start planning and putting it all into action.

IS: And make it an open thing?

Forces: The Age of Ke-li actually was in its midst when Nebuchadnezzar was assassinated, about the year 604, 603 BC.

IS: Are there any Saints that have been made to kill or break the worldly law?

Forces: At this moment we cannot give you that information but it has been already yes.

IS: Thank you.

RU: You said something about the Age of Light going on for thousands and thousands of years, is that different from the Golden Age, which I thought was supposed to be a thousand years on, and a thousand years off?

Forces: The Golden Age is much more than a thousand years.

RU: Thank you.

LK: What is it about the year 1984 and the book and is there something going to happen then?

Forces: You have many changes in the earth in 1984 but something that is dealing with China and Russia that will affect the United States will start beginning at that time.

LK: Would it have any tie in with the conscious emergence of the antichrist?

Forces: In 1984 you will have a predominant power and structure that will strive to wipe out the Spiritual man thinking that man is being brainwashed on Spiritual fibers and factors creating a man of a social structure or more or less even today its in the happening that if you are a well complete person you have one wife, two children, a house, you are a voter, you go and vote regularly, you send your children to school, you pay your taxes, your water bill, you go to the doctor for regular visits, you take the precautions that everyone takes, you do what is in at that moment. Things that are in right now are not really the right things. It is very difficult to do that which is right when everything is in 1984 is upon you all.

IS: Will, when you come down in 2010, 2011 will Jesus come down or any of the others?

Forces: We have them in their positions.

IS: Will they come down to prove as a symbol as a proof of a case?

Forces: They will.

JU: The Silver Age that preceded this one, when did that end. What does that coincide with that we might know of and what time?

Forces: The Silver Age did not precede this one it was the Bronze Age.

JU: And when did that end?

IS: The Bronze Age?

Forces: Ended when Krishna was killed.

JU: The existence of Atlantis coincided with which of those Ages.

Forces: The existence of Atlantis, the eruption about 10,000 BC, 11,000 BC was the beginning of the breakage of the Bronze, but into what would be considered the breaking of the Golden Age.

IS: The Bronze Age, the way, is it the primitives the way we understand it?

Forces: No. The Bronze Age was a different development and creative consciousness. Remember evolution is not from up, evolution is from the spirit down; it is not zoology from the lower to the highest. And that again is where man of thinking what is right, is wrong. For man was not developed as a small child does what a small child does. We hear that a child of two, three or four years old does a certain act, and we are taught this in school, that this act is common and useful. But we forget that the spirit within the child was of higher, now the child expresses the lowest. You do not the work the soul as far as going up so do not get caught into a logical explanation of the soul coming from down to up. It is the soul that had come from up to down.

IS: Thank you.

IS: How does it go, it goes, the Ages, the Golden Age?

Forces: We have the Golden Age, the Silver, the Bronze and the Iron.

IS: What would be called the Age when man was primitive running in the jungle?

Forces: Well we understand that you were referring to the Bronze Age. This could be that Age, but also it was principles for there were giants at that time too, that were very developed. Man has only recorded the Age of the ape.

IS: Oh, you mean to say before the ape, there were human beings that de-evolved to the ape?

Forces: To that degree yes.

IS: So actually its not that man came from the ape, but that the ape came from man?

Forces: That’s right.

IS: And is that always the evolutionary cycle.

Forces: Man can even become lower than what he is now.

IS: He could?

Forces: Could.

IS: You mean we are that low?

Forces: You’re not that high.

IS: Is that a kindness that we live so short?

Forces: It is. Man if he tunes into the spiritual side will gradually refine himself and raise everything up higher.

IS: And yet the memory, how does one deal with not being able to remember the mistakes?

Forces: Man does remember the mistakes; he’s reminded when he sleeps.

IS: But then he wakes up and.?

Forces: He does not forget, its just new things have come his way to put into activity on a conscious level; he’s still reacting on a subconscious level.

IS: When you mentioned the Ages while ago, you didn’t mention the Stone Age, is that not part of the Ages?

Forces: The Stone Age can be inserted into that of the Bronze Age.

IS: Is it correct that it preempted the Bronze Age until the putting together of copper and tin was sent down as a thought form into the earth?

Forces: We are not referring to the Ages as far as the materials on the earth, but as far as the spiritual evolution within the soul of man in the body. Its true what you do say the Stone Age preempts the, but as far as the spiritual evaluation the strongest points, it goes through the evolution with man, being the Golden and the Silver and the Bronze and the Iron, ah it could be variable a variance here and there, and later on in another session we’ll go over it with you again and give you to some of the facts.

IS: The royal family of England you said something dealing with their assassination marked the midpoint of this Age, or the point of 4,700 years are they now destined to be assassinated?

Forces: Not necessarily.

RU: Was that book that was written 3 weeks before the assassination?

Forces: Interesting isn’t it. They took the plan from the book.

RU: And the fact that he said about 2 weeks ago, that the two ways he didn’t want to die was at sea and in a fire. Was that just karma and he just knew, like knew it was coming forth?

Forces: Correct.

RU: Somehow I felt so bad when I heard that that had happened.

Forces: It will affect the western hemisphere a lot.

RU: What about prince Charles, who’s refusing the protection.

Forces: Things will work out.

RU: Thank you.

IS: Is there anything I can help out with for the entity Tom?

Forces: (—-) feelings, the feedbacks and certain plans of actions are coming in it is all working out nicely and we should have things in order as far as the destination and rejuvenation of the group is concerned for future projects showing up shortly.

IS: Thank you very much.

JE: The question I asked about the 20,000 Mother ships what was happening that would take such a concentration of power?

Forces: Not that much concentration of power.

JE: Exactly how many Mother ships are there?

Forces: There could be 175,000 Mother ships in one area.

JE: What would you consider a great concentration of power?

Forces: Well a 175,000.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving and speak to you soon as we have said we would hover over you and we continue to do so. Things will be moving forward remember the unseen has the most affect upon the seen.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.