Session 256-9/1/79

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have this group force and the (—–) of learning striving to understand the movements (—). We find many items of in the process and many courses in the working situations trying to (work) and accomplish our plans. We find autumn rain snow is soon to come. We haven’t been too much without snow, fall is soon to be and different items of growth will soon make its presence. There shall be new discoveries coming soon in many avenues and categories (beyond the principles.) We find that we strive to look and locate on items changes there must be that commitment and dedication for always the ideal right in front of you always keeping this ideal before your eyes and doing such will make it balance properly. There have been sunspots around the sun and they do affect. Sunspots are a strange phenomenon even your scientist today (do not) fully understand its connection. Just as the earth revolves around the sun’ just as the sun moves through space (—-) as it takes 12 months for a year to revolve around each galaxy that is each constellation galaxy and each constellation has the three (triumphs) or quarters, minor, minor, major and minor, major middle now as we move through these cycles the sun in order for it to complete its revolution takes a period to go through the constellations 11 years in those 11 years the 11th year the sun goes through the sun spots of the 12. So sunspots happen every 11 years just as the heart has a diatide or what would be considered inside count and then the ah (di—) count. Now the counts of the sun is equally the same you have a outward thrust that goes throughout the galaxies and inward thrust. Now the inward thrust is experienced and then the outward thrust is experienced each given a certain amount of spiritual fiber for the sun represents only the shadow of the Spiritual Sun in the galaxy and Universe. This outward thrust is a mechanism that allows a lot of static and a lot of emotional happens to accomplish and bring forth a schedule of learning process. It also brings into the earth’s atmosphere different particles beyond the known. Now we also have going through the sun strong comets that can travel as Haley’s comet does to the speed in which it can go through the sun without being destroyed and picking up the atoms in its tail in which it passes through the earth depositing in the earth the fiber’s necessary for the emotional, moral and social happenings, eruptions, change. Comets are usually said that they bring forth an Age and great men in the earth, great souls of course, in the earth, are always brought across by the comets in style. Of course souls that are not so great usually don’t come in with comets. You have these comets that come and touch the earth depositing the changing and affects of the society and forcing mankind another step closer in there spiritual evolution and development. In the year 68 AD you had a comet that stayed for almost a year hovering over Jerusalem (and) about 69 AD the conquest of Jerusalem and the breaking up and sending them throughout the whole parts of the world by 70 AD (and) this was foretold by the comet that hovered over the city of Jerusalem. At that time people would take the comets as signs of great upheavals and learning the lessons of that time it was passed on. You have comments that when Nero played there was also a comet that hovered over Rome, which also described the falling and total anarchy and breaking up of Rome. We have also another example of Napoleon who was marching on to the Russian border in interested in astrology it was foretold of the comet coming his way, over across Russia’s plain. See its very interesting how you interpret this comet, he interpreted it as positive for him and negative for Russia, but of course as history played out its sequel it was altogether negative for Napoleon and of course very beneficial for Russia. So you never know what side the comet is going to fall on, if it’s for you or against you it’s more of an internal process that happens to let you know. You have the comet Kehoutek that came by the earth but it was too far away from the earth that its effects were not that crucial, more or less there was a subtle change in the society of America and other countries that had been affected by its presence, the subtle change that cannot be seen readily on the outward surface. Comets pick up the atoms and electrons and protons and neutrons and netrons and all sorts of trons and trains and absorbs them in the tail and deposits it into the earth. This also allows children and souls to be born, also allows certain elements of plant life or seeds to be brought up from the earth. Unknown things that have to take a long time before the earth is ready to manifest it and that is another interesting topic the patience on the manifestation of the ideal or truth that when the seeds are ready to be grown, but its like an acorn, oak tree, it’s a small, small seed, but it waits many years before it takes root and finally when it does it blossoms up to a very huge tree. Now this is something we have to understand that the time-space that there are many seeds in the soul of man and he has to go through the dark periods and the seeds must cultivate and culminate and finally bursts forth and becomes developed and starts growing the true qualities and refinement and it creates the societies. So comets are not to be taken lightly, along with the planting of your soul within side and making sure that it does manifest some day.

Forces: Now we’re ready for your questions.

DD: Is it correct that the Tree of Life diagram is the floor plan of the Ship?

Forces: Tree of Life is also a international network of energy fields that are scattered throughout the Galaxies that keep in touch communicate with the same pattern in the (smaller) detail on the face of the earth.

DD: Is it also the floor plan of the Ship?

Forces: It could be used as one of the floor plans of the Carrying Ships of the Fleet.

DD: Is that the Mother Ship?

Forces: No not the next one.

DD: Which one is it?

Forces: The Carrying Ship is for the floor plan of the Tree of Life.

DD: Is Tiphereth situated with the Gyro?

Forces: This has a certain amount of affect upon the balancing system within the thyroid and within the Gyro it also is found within the equilibrium of the ear inner sections and in water.

DD: You said it would be good to use the Urim as a mantra how would it be used starting with one bead at the bottom and go to the top?

Forces: This could be done taking the 144th Psalm the 5th verse and to dedicate a certain passage in that verse on the first line and then work itself all the way up and it is also (a) good focasi, focusization that is it focuses on thoughts to be remembered and set feelings to be received.

DD: The 144th Psalm the 5th verse the first bead and move up the verses?

Forces: Stay with that verse going through the whole schedule of the beads and doing that for a few days and then go on to the other verses in that Psalm until the whole Psalm is completed from 5th verse on up to the 4th.

DD: Thank you very much.

NN: The Psalms 144 and 43 that were given for the building of the Temple does it matter which one is read first or what time of day is best?

Forces: Does not matter.

NN: Psalm 18 that was the building of the Pyramids was that also used for building of any of the Temples?

Forces: We do keep them for the Pyramids.

BN: What are the missions to be accomplished in each of the 4 Ages you spoke about before their aspects that need to be conquered in each of those Ages?

Forces: Oh you see you’re in the Iron Age and you are all entering in to the Magnetic Age and soon you shall enter into what would be considered the Elements of the Structural Age. After the Magnetic Age you shall enter directly into the Structural Age. So each particular season has a certain lesson and everything is moving so fast during this particular Iron Age because of its shortness but there is so much development and evolution that needs to be done. That should suffice for the moment.

BN: Thank you.

BH: Would it be correct with mental illness the karma having to do with selfishness, in previous lifetimes a person refuses to give and in the mental illness lifetime they come back unable to give?

Forces: Correct.

BH: So the only way the lesson can be learned is if they can come out of it in one of those lifetimes with mental illness?

Forces: (Yes that could be to help you with this.)

BH: And the only way they come out of it is by learning to give

Forces: (——)

BH: Thank you.

BH: Were any of the Apostles in the Sons of the Prophets?

Forces: Not directly.

BH: Thank you.

IS: The Sons of the Prophets were the early setup of the Essenes right?

Forces: Correct.

JU: Can you explain what I was working out with the people at Arby’s?

Forces: More or less that factor of understanding cooperation with inside yourself.

JU: Thank you.

BR: Could you tell us what was the big (black thing) that Tom saw in the road?

Forces: Did you say a big black what.

IS: It jumped across the road it looked like a big Hound or Wolf or something but it took one jump across the whole entire road.

Forces: This was Satan. You understand why we are here and why we refuse to leave the area.

IS: The truck in front of which it jumped?

Forces: Oh he was beyond himself he could not explain what he had seen that’s why he stopped. It’s not so often that Satan appears in an animal form with whatever he has going for him but you are coming to the autumn moon and this usually on strange occasions manifests as being in a physical level not to often do you get a chance to see the manifestation of Satan in the physical form. Remember Satan can go anywhere in the earth you understand that. He is not chained to not go in certain places. He can go anywhere well, except for Prayer orientated groups or groups that are trying to dedicate themselves to the Higher Beings. So Satan can enter into anything and of course he tried to do his work this past month and you know he does have some power and influence in his, in his own jurisdiction so remember not to make you, you know but Satan is out there.

IS: That’s why there was no recognizable—-?

Forces: Yes that’s why there was a kind of a dreadful experience in, in everyone’s subconscious but they knew, consciously they didn’t know it subconsciously they realized what they saw.

IS: But we saw consciously something that couldn’t be explained.

Forces: Consciously you saw what you saw but subconsciously you knew what you saw.

IS: Thank you.

BR: That morning I saw like a figure in black?

Forces: Well let us say that the area is protected; you might have the occasional visits of the dark side trying to find out what’s going on but not with us here could any interference around the belt could be possible.

BR: Thank you.

IS: What has that accomplished in the time that it’s been around this area?

Forces: Well there is a great accomplishment throughout the world trying to dislodge and break apart the White Forces but it hasn’t really been to successful.

IS: Can he be in more than one place at the same time?

Forces: Not really ah well we, well yes he could be in many other areas yes of course.

IS: At the same time?

Forces: Well he has helpers.

IS: Thank you.

RU: In the beginning of the session the affects you talked about of the sunspots does that work in conjunction with in opposition too or separate from the moon and its affect on people?

Forces: Oh the moon, when the moon goes into the eclipse the moon sends to the earth atoms and energy that it hasn’t had before and speaking of the eclipse in your partial eclipse of the, of the Sun in 19, 19, June ah 1916 was the beginning of the ushering in of the Aquarian Age of this time so you have, also you have another one around 19 ah 18 in June, but, in that area, but there’s your classic example of the eclipse of the Sun ah with the moon being the helper in the middle has the effect of sending forces and energy from the Sun through the moon to the earth and getting it ready to take over its next course of action.

RU: Thank you.

GL: Each star we see in the sky is a Sun?

Forces: Not really sometimes stars are mistaken for other things. Sometime other things’ are mistaken for stars. (Laughter)

GL: Does each of the Suns that are in each of the galaxies are each of these representative of a Son of God as it describes in the Bible the sons of God?

Forces: Yes.

GL: Thank you.

LK: In the Book of John the story of the raising of Lazarus being and Jesus is out of town the first time he’s told as it goes there’s no great upsetment and they wait until the 3rd or 4th day that’s when they go in—

Forces: Yeah.

LK: and the raising comes but right before the raising then Jesus breaks out in tears and weeps for Lazarus.

Forces: Kind of crazy isn’t it.

LK: What’s going on there?

Forces: He’s completely broke down ah it shows the knowing (see that) that the will of God knowing the destiny of the ultimate end, you know that but we have this other side of us that gets emotionally attached and it breaks down and sheds the tears of a friend for a friend or whatever and even though the Higher Self already knows the ultimate end right, right you still have to sometimes go through that cycle of washing away the attachment so you can perform the act in the end right.

LK: Ok.

Forces: It’s a magical ceremony that goes on its called the washing of the ties understand.

LK: When Lazarus is first mentioned he’s called the one that Jesus loved and yet never before throughout the New Testament is he mentioned who was Lazarus really?

Forces: Well Lazarus was a very good friend of Je-suuuuus.

LK: Then how come there’s never a mention of him before that time?

Forces: They were secret friends.

LK: Was Lazarus really dead or was it the three days in the sarcophagus?

Forces: You think there was hanky panky going on?

LK: I just wondered if it was like that initiation?

Forces: Yes. He was dead but it was the 3 days initiation that was going on (—–).

IS: As far as Lazarus goes if they took him out on the physical level–?

Forces: He stinketh.

IS: He stinketh.

Forces: Yes.

IS: The difference was this was a 3-day initiation without Lazarus knowing about it?

Forces: Well yes no he knew he would die.

IS: But it only became a 3-day initiation because Jesus resurrected him?

Force: Right ok.

LK: In the Rudolph Steiner books—?

Forces: Oh you read them too.

LK: I read them once.

Forces: Once is enough.

LK: They said that Lazarus was really John the disciple John is that true?

Forces: Oooooooh rumors get started.

LK: Was that true that Lazarus was an initiation name?

Forces: Rumors get started this way. Ah can we say no comment. Lets say Lazarus was not John and that should suffice for the moment.

LK: Thank you.

Forces: It was a group of people that Jesus was involved with very deeply and personally so on a social level they don’t talk about it but he was working with them and evolving them to a higher plateau of evolution.

IS: So it was like the (—–) group?

Forces: A little bit more than the (—–) group.

LK: Thank you.

IS: You said Jesus knew the ultimate end, the ultimate end of Lazarus being resurrected that ultimate end?

Forces: And then some.

IS: When you say a prophet knows the ultimate end well he might know what’s going to happen in 3 billion years the ultimate end of that soul?

Forces: That’s true.

IS: But when we ask about an ultimate end we mean 10 years, 20 years?

Forces: Well its kind of difficult to do sometimes.

IS: So when you said that the entity knows the ultimate end about what you spoke before then is that something that is the ultimate end the end of the soul?

Forces: Further down the road (——–).

IS: Past this lifetime?

Forces: A little bit further.

IS: 10 years?

Forces: No, no, no, no.

IS: 5 years?

Forces: Don’t worry about lifetimes (or the) (down the road).

IS: 20 years.

Forces: Down the road. Could be 40, 45 years, 50 years right. Question.

LK: What did Lazarus do after he became resurrected?

Forces: Her was more of a close disciple for Jesus.

LK: How long did he live after his resurrection?

Forces: About 30, 28 years about.

LK: Thank you.

BN: Does it help a lot that a soul manifests in more than one physical form at the same time?

Forces: Sometimes yes.

BN: But its not the most usual way of going about things?

Forces: By whose standards as usual.

BN: I mean for people of the relative level of evolution that (—–) and people walking the earth.

Forces: There is no usual standards anything can happen.

DD: Can you help me understand the dream I had the other day said Samael helps to burn (—)?

Forces: This is your guide or guidance to give you the strength to manifest some of the wisdom and intuition on some of the projects of creativity that could come your way.

DD: Isn’t Samael another name for Satan?

Forces: Yes and no it all depends upon your motivation force how you use the energy that comes from this force.

DD: So Samael represents the gonads?

Forces: Not only just the gonads it represents the creative energy and if you wear the ring of David his seal then you would be protected under it.

DD: The one Tom gave me?

Forces: Yes.

DD: And also there was a part about Saturn?

Forces: This is tapping on the burning force removing the heavy weight (to purify).

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: The beast then that we saw did it choose to manifest at that moment was it aware of the entity?

Forces: Oh yes.

IS: And it choose to do that?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Because it disappeared into thin air almost.

Forces: Yes of course.

IS: So it did it on purpose?

Forces: Oh yes.

IS: What was the purpose?

Forces: Doing it on purpose. (Laughter)

IS: You put that truck in front of us that was the purpose?

Forces: Correct.

DN: Why do all the dogs in Schuyler congregate at our house?

Forces: There is a signal that’s going out by our ships and we can’t help certain reactions that happen. Dogs have a certain tendency of moving around and sleeping around the area to take on that protective field that’s manifesting. You notice some days when you wake up at night and you look outside you’ll see dogs you never saw before that’s because of the beam system that we have it goes beep, beep (very soft) or something like that.

IS: They all congregate after that?

Forces: They realize there protected (—-) they can come.

IS: Don’t their owners look for them?

Forces: Well they’ll think something strange going on up here.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving (—-) we’ll be here.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.