Session 257-?date

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We are in this area and find some wet and damp still clearing out many of the old (crutches?) so this clearing process that we are about ready to move on onto other items, developments of days to come. We find many situations in the worldly level touching strange and finding also that (—) the Soviets not with the best intentions and (foul) thinking trying to take over as far countries in South America directly or indirectly. We find the movement in this particular group moving the best odds and ends needing to be straightened out but normally its progressing forward as planned and (—-) should be lit.

Forces: We’re now ready for your questions.

DD: The Psalm 144 you gave me the other day for the Urim you start out with the 5th verse for one bead and the next verse 2 beads?

Forces: This can be done.

DD: There’s only 14 in the Urim so when I get to the 15th what’s done with that?

Forces; Then its repeated throughout the exterior of the frame with the 3 beads being at the corners of the trame this particular verse is repeated 3 times.

DD: Just 3 times for each bead or just 3 times total?

Forces: 3 times total.

DD: What sort of a force is this?

Forces: It is again another word power mantra force (it) develops concentration and a certain amount of intuition.

DD: Was it used before like in—?

Forces: It was in many years (—–) Jesus.

DD: What did they use it for then to manifest things?

Forces: To receive natural energies and food and good thoughts from these energy fields.

DD: When they built Solomon’s Temple did they manifest things in it they said there wasn’t the sound of a hammer?

Forces: They used instruments that were not of a hammer nature it’s more of a thought process of using pressure versus pressure, a stone versus the pressure of the other stone.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: How many years did it take to accomplish the 10 plagues in Egypt?

Forces: There are many plagues but some of the plagues took for a period over 7 to 10 to 15 years.

IS: For each one or for all of them?

Forces: There was a variance of time we’d say certain plagues lasted for 3 and a half to 4 years and other plagues lasted another 3 and a half to 4. More than 15 years.

IS: And did they go like the minute one plague ended the next one began or was there a respite in between?

Forces: There was a moment of recouping and then it started over again.

IS: How long was that moment?

Forces: It was about 6 months.

IS: Thank you.

IS: When Joshua is attacking the city of Ai and he’s told to only take 2 dozen people with him at that point he does not know that one of his people has broken the commandment and has taken from Jericho some things. How come he wasn’t told outright that somebody broke the law and how did they find out who did it there’s a process described I do not understand?

Forces: There are many things that a particular leader Moses, Aaron, Joshua could and cannot know of individuals that they’re leading. This is the direct relationship and link between them and us that is those who are underneath them there are items that these knowledge or information cannot be given because of test at hand and the choice of free will so by that in itself a screen is placed over Joshua’s eyes from not seeing or receiving what was really going on in front of him. Because the shock and of the punishment to the people who had stolen items and broken some of the laws this was more on a personal level and the affects were around but in point that you have different times when the guidance center is deliberately shut down so that free choice can be had as (—–) in this predicament and then a force field of right or wrong is analyzed by the decision and marked and then the payment of such in another lifetime particularly in this condition lifetime accent is one principle quality needed to be worked on. As far as how they receive the information the High Priest had a vestment that he did wear and the vestment would signal a certain color if it was correct or another certain color if it was not correct.

IS: You mean like a lie detector?

Forces: A little bit more sophisticated than a lie detector today is inaccurate in many of its readings and not really perform on a personal level to the one being tested.

IS: So when Joshua finds out that something is amiss that’s when he brings forth everybody in front of the High Priest and the vest of the High Priest can pinpoint a person or after a person is questioned?

Forces: More or less pointing it out of the family creed and crest a reaction when it passed through each tribe and versus on and on until finally coming down to the main members at hand.

IS: So it was more like radar, like a radiation signal, like where the radiation is stronger?

Forces: This is correct.

IS: Why was he told to just take 2,000 people?

Forces: This was the number within the framework that needed to be purged and removed and also was number within the family structure that had those cells that were weakest the 2,000 that were chosen were those who had this quality weakness within them.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Is there a possibility of making the vest again?

Forces: It could ascribe the making of the vest but receiving the information would be put to (—–) to disadvantage that is after things that we could give the particular knowledge could not be used at this moment, ah in the future but the knowledge would be destructive and use it against those who were considered ah influential, into the political spectrum so these secrets are kept hid as you are all children moving about slowly in your development process.

IS: Thank you.

IS: The hurricane we are experiencing in this country how far is it going to reach where to and is the name (——) does it mean it’s a purging of the Love aspect in the country or is it something else?

Forces: All those items are correct and true and can be applied to this particular hurricane should be going up north-northeast heading a little bit more further east and on until it finally dissipates. Maybe it might just turn around and move back on again but hurricanes are unpredictable and it might just turn around once or twice up north.

IS: You said hurricanes are unpredictable is it not of you releasing?

Forces: It is following a course planned for it as from the beginning and trying to work out these plans as best as possible.

IS: Thank you.

DN: Is it correct that most of us have played musical instruments in past lives?

Forces: A large percentage of you had.

DN: In reality its not necessary for instruction except basics because IS plugs us into you she also releases our past life times?

Forces: Remember when you are plugged in so-called to speak you are tuning into a thin layer of music of hovering always above. This thin layer gives the ability to record what is being focused or sent in from the earth to the earth, from the outer layers of the earth, constantly music is being siphoned in. There are in this particular period right now there is a tremendous good chance of copying down a remarkable piece of this (tape stopped some lost)

Forces: (stations) of the weather and seasons there is definitely a different cycle and system being focused in the classical expression is just this that they don’t come at the same time every day they come once or twice a year at a different period and such doing you can be receptive to these notes that are being made in the air.

DN: Thank you.

DN: Does this thin line of music move the physical body?

Forces: The inspiration of the centers within the body picking up on the notes by the ear and receiving it and absorbing it into the cells aspheric is the mover of it.

DN: Thank you very much.

NN: Psalms 51 through 72 when taken as a group what is pattern they set up?

Forces: This record again?

NN: Psalms 51 through 72 when taken as a group?

Forces: Before you know it you will have the whole Psalms down 51 to 72 have different sections within it. 51 to 58 or 59 deals with the creative ability of magic and can be used for different devices at your hand and 60 to 64 is for the developing of more intuition or energies to improvise and the remain is for the spiritual consolations.

NN: Thank you.

RU: Could you help me with the dream I had?

Forces: Well we’ve always given a (——). These deal with inspirations and higher thoughts that will be coming down to you but the problem is putting them into working agreements or working structures also new ideals and conflicts do come in with a certain amount of Spirit versus the worldly material ah complex. If you want to review it we’ll go over it with you as you talk on it.

RU: We had a garden and it was klike the groups garden and Isis asked me to go pick the corn>

Forces: These are your Spiritual foods and fruits coming down to you plus the corn being the yellow intellect if it is all white being the pureness of heart, you have all the other types of corn the Indian corn which is the strongness of the Faith that is involved also it represents the work of the group and the disciplines and moving forward as a group to accomplish the desired ideal.

RU: When I got to the garden, MK and I drove there in the Van and we turned on like on a hill and the whole hill was being plowed up with big earth moving machines like construction?

Forces: This represents qualities within you and the qualities within MK that needs to be turned over and evidently reevaluated the approaching system of your thinking process, the turning over making new for the fresh soil or food that is about ready to come in you must remember that the development of new items come in only to the soul when they wake up with a positive and attitude and not for just waiting to be served. In order to develop and unlock the threshold of the things items that are stored up for you, you must be able just with that positive aspect to be there so the door can open up. The earth moving equipment means physical items in your life that will move this pattern of up the solid or concrete thought processes and breaking them to allow the new fresh inspiration of Love to come forth to grow the Spiritual foods fruits from the beginning.

RU: There was some corn stalks left but its like they were almost buried up they weren’t like full part of them had been buried and each one of them had one like full grown ear of corn on it and it was yellow corn.

Forces: This represents a certain aspect that again is involved with other lifetimes that needs to be taken up the intellect the mental mind even though it was carried over it needs to be put into its proper perspective not allowed to dominate the circumstances.

RU: So I thought well I might as well go ahead and pick those since they’re there and as I picked each one they were all filled up with little bugs and stuff on the base and going up into it. And I said to myself well IS wants this so I’m going to go ahead and pick it anyway since its here and I’ll take it back.

Forces: This represents the fact that through the mental minds it has of course many quirks and bugs within it being that the Higher Self of IS representing in you desiring that the mental mind pick this last corn that is left outwardly looking good and healthy but inwardly filled up with corruption it shows that the outward signs of mental thinking appears at first to look good but down the road there are no fruits to mental thinking it is a waste of time energy and money not to mention the spiritual factors involved and the fruit from mental trips are worms and corruption of the bug world but none the less regardless of how it looks you by faith remove it from its past life experience that is and to bring it to your Higher Self or the IS quality within you to be spiritualized. Continue.

RU: So I picked them and I carried and put them on the floor of van where sliding door opens and I said to MK I got them but there all buggy but I guess we should take them back anyway and that was the end of the dream.

Forces: This represents the completion of the cycle and a quality also of communicating with the MK aspect of receiving it and bringing it to your Higher Self. Its as I said from the beginning the dream is the fruits that are coming down and the application of the fruits that are about ready to be given to you of the spiritual building up fibers and to unlock the doors that are waiting to be unlocked.

RU: Thank you very much.

LK: What’s the significance now that we sent a space probe out and have close up pictures of Saturn and more information about Saturn than ever before?

Forces: Sending photographs to Saturn unlocks the karmetic ties between Lucifer but more or less ah Satan ah this is the unlocking of the seal in which Satan is allowed to ah come through the TV screens closely and affect the emotional fibers of people. It’s a period of Satan’s power in many respects but the only way to conquer santanic power is through Love and trusting in God or the Higher Forces or that of the Divine Credence and to move forward, with this Love it would affect the Santanic force that is now newly inflexing ah increasing into the earth’s consciousness. Also involves a certain amount of tension between governments and authority figures also inventions are about ready to be discovered that would be destructive in its use.

LK: Thank you.

BH: What is it about the month of August the entity said it’s the month of Prayer?

Forces: The month of August is the month of a test or is when the santanic forces at its fullest point closest in its strength to uproot or to corrode the thinking process of construction and disciplines. It is put into harmony and correction through the prayer system and praying putting it back into its force field not allowing it to get out of hand.

BH: Thank you.

BH: Did the Essenes build that Temple where the name was represented with the steps?

Forces: The Essenes had a job of restoring and building homes and Temples for their use. They had a plan of 7 years for building and after 7 years they had 7 years of studying and then another 7 years of ceremonial performances.

BH: Thank you.

IS: And is that the same for us?

Forces: Well you are following as what we had said the schedule that the 7 years of building is what you have already been into that is the 3 years of preparations and 2 years versus the building and 7 years elapsed then you will go into the 7 years of the mental prayer focus and understanding relationship of the mind and body or in the environment and then the next 7 years will be the spiritual focus of the magic.

IS: Thank you very much.

BN: The Pearls of Wisdom that are being published by the Summit Lighthouse are said to come from the Ancient of Days under the name Sanat Kumara where are these coming from and are these the exact words He’s chosen or an interpretation of his spirit?

Forces: More or less this is words of the Spirit and it could come from the Ancient Book of the Egyptian focus center of Truth but more of the spirit within the one who receives it.

BN: Thank you.

BH: Also they give a linage of guidance or teaching from the Ancient of Days to Gautama Buddha, Gautama Buddha teaching a being named Maitreya and Maitreya teaching Jesus Christ is this accurate?

Forces: Run that back to us.

BN: They say that there’s a linage of teaching the Ancient of Days being the personal teacher of Gautama Buddha then Gautama Buddha after ascending or reaching a certain level of development being the teacher of a being named Maitreya then Maitreya in the same way being the teacher of Jesus?

Forces: There are a couple left out here and there as you got the general theme and the symbolism of the theme there. This could work for you yes.

BN: Thank you.

GL: Would there be any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: There are those qualities of intuition and creative ability that will be coming through and you’ll find that the responsibility that you have the performance of it and the handling of it is rather well we find this quality of being receptive and almost intuitively instinctive of the patients as you deal with this is a quality again that is being developed that could be helpful to many situations. We also would advise not to allow yourself to be depressed or lowered or insecured by outward worldly forces but just to keep moving with the spiritual commitment that you have made inside and top keep on with that force of creative ability.

GL: Thank you.

BR: The dream that I had last night could you tell me what it meant?

Forces: This represents the many factors and parts in which the entity can move and have its being. It also represents your ability to play vital roles in time to receiving and performing the ah psychic receptions. Also it represents the distance of traveling through the spiritual factors and the growing of these spiritual factors in your development. Here we take the dream from the beginning.

BR: I was riding in the back of the jeep and I knew there wasn’t a driver but the jeep was in motion and I was laughing in the back because I didn’t know how to drive but I sat in the back and the jeep took me where I had to go and Tom was at the corner and the jeep stopped and I was talking to Tom and I was wondering and all of a sudden he started laughing because I had to stop the jeep and jump in the front to put the break on and I sat in the back and Tom started saying, he made a joke and we both started laughing about how the jeep was driving, there was a driver but he said something about who do you have driving you this time or something funny. I knew that the jeep was driving but you couldn’t see the driver and I had to stop for a red light and Tom was at the corner and when he noticed that I was siting in the back of the car and the jeep going by we both started laughing and I said we had to go to bring I don’t know there was another child in the house, another little boy and was going to bring him some place and bring him back home again and I remember that’s why I had to get in the jeep.

Forces; Again it represents the qualities of being receptive and picking up on the psychic level things that need to be done in your life the movement forward and backwards and the development of these other qualities again for you in the days to come and having the guidelines that the entity on the side giving you the encouragement and harmony and humor that’s very important in development.

BR: Thank you.

BR: The voices that I was hearing today could you tell me what that was there was like people in the house calling and I would hear conversations or I was talking to IS and I heard someone talking down the hallway?

Forces: More or less the trying to be receptive and do as much as possible in your life but this strange stone that is around us brings other visitors and the spiritual world to help us along.

BR: Thank you.

JU: Could you give us some more detail what the month of September represents?

Forces: The month of September deals with cooperation and it is a cooperation between the Spirit of giving, its more of receiving but it is also a Spirit a general Spirit of cooperation trying to go that extra mile or do that extra deed or seeing what has to be done and not walking away from it waiting for someone else to do it but taking it upon yourself to do it for it is your house and your environment and your future each and everyone should take a certain amount of responsibility of caring because it will affect your life and those who are around so November is cooperation.

JU: November or September?

Forces: We have September and November ah allied together. November is again the Spirit of this cooperation, which is celebrated in your Thursday Holiday of Thanksgiving.

JU: When I find myself in the wrong energy or thought pattern can you help me understand what to do?

Forces: You’ll have to develop those thought patterns eventually you can’t live all your life out just constantly having this personal battle with your emotional and physical desires and emotional, physical, mental mind. The biggest item that happened with those who leave this group is that their minds become so strong in rebellion that they cannot think normal, normally straight any longer with that Spirit of cooperation or that Spirit of Faith that no longer can enter in because they filled up their minds with this other item so what you have to do is try to perform some outward work or some outward feat that would use that energy. When you find yourself going into a negative pattern chances are your wasting time or chances are your daydreaming or chances are your just getting away or trying to get away from a particular job that needs to be done and you escape through these patterns. Also you resolve it that is the best way for you to have this feeling of cleansing is to cleanse the force around you it means dedicate a certain time after or before lets say for instance at a quarter to 11 if you take on the be in the meditation room to put it in order this would help you as it did before in the past to put your life in order that would help you ah with these wasted energy fields by cleaning that meditation room casually and daily it will eliminate these energy forces that are too strong or too idle.

JU: Thank you very much.

IS: Is there any advice for me?

Forces: Just simply bear up, calm down and stand straight and lay flat and be positive and ah all we can try to say to you is that take one day at a time and be as best as you can and we won’t leave you to your own devices but we’ll always be there to guide you with a hand doing what you have to do. Everyone has his or her own job that they must do and in order for the ideal to be accomplished each one must chip in and the ideal is a group endeavor for what you want to do and what you believe in and its like putting on a play everyone must cooperate and do his or her part to put the play on and in order for it to be successful each one no matter how minute their part is or how extensive has to do their best at what they have to do.

IS: Thank you.

IS: An analogy of Cain and Abel that has been discussed—?

Forces: How do you stand.

IS: Yes.

Forces: We’ll you’re not Cain in its reference and of course you are the family of Abel so you won’t have to worry about that.

IS: Thank you.

IS: All the past two weeks and my own physical and mental fatigue is that all from all the fights I feel like a total fighting inside not inside me I think I’m picking it up from outside is that from what’s going on?

Forces: Well the force around that we had built discussed and talked about was so on that (—–).

IS: Is this storm part of clearing it up?

Forces: That’s true.

IS: Thank you very much.

DN: (—-) received a transplant?

Forces: You must remember the emotions have a certain affluent feeling to your development that is these emotions are not necessarily meaning the emotion, but these emotions are expressed therefore they express after they are expressed then of course the Heart must take over but they would gradually be that the emotions would have to be expressed or thought of and the Heart system will begin to work. Its this Heart mechanism that we speak about that should begin to take over your life and put it more in harmony and order.

DN: Thank you very much.

Forces: Its not intended for you its intended for her. Now you intentions if you want to apply what we gave to her its ok too you have a little bit of your own emotions that you need to work on also. Go ahead with your question.

DN: I thought that they had to pay the price of being a cannibal?

Forces: They do. Well it all depends on what they do as they receive the organ and how they receive it. If they use their life for the spirit then the price of the Law is not placed upon them. It’s not the point of receiving an organ and immediately cannibalism starts it is the thinking process with the extension of their new life and if they use negative thoughts then of course they’d be responsible for cannibalism.

DN: Thank you very much.

Forces: The critical part in your department that you should be working on after transplant is the mental attitudes.

DN: What —?

Forces: Well those who are receiving should also turn to the spiritual approach of living rather than the mental concepts or physical concepts and desires of living.

DN: Thank you.

DD: Any guidance for me now?

Forces: The Bible of course is something that you must return back to, its your cornerstone and always has been. Its up to you to get back to your Bible and reading it and understanding it for it is your salvation and it is also the cornerstone of your life.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: Why do I find myself for the third time reading Inferno?

Forces: Because there are hidden messages inside of it also there is a compelling drive to find out the cause and the reason for such a book.

IS: Feel compelled—-?

Forces- Mainly this what we had said is to look at certain aspects of it and to draw out the conclusions and hidden stones that you have missed when you have read it before.

IS: Thank you very much.

(Tape changed some lost)

NN: When somebody gets an organ from somebody is it somebody they have a karmic tie with or not necessarily?

Forces: Not necessarily no.

NN: Thank you.

Forces: But their patterns of karma are almost identical and certain aspects that they were both working on at the time.

NN: Thank you.

JU: Is there any musical instrument or anything like that that I should become involved with?

Forces: The clarinet would do you also the ah, you have the xylophone but of course that has to be worked out the clarinet will do. Lets see work on the clarinet that should get you into shape.

JU: Thank you.

BH: What is the significance of two babies being born where I’m working and they both were born with heart murmurs?

Forces: This is just a normal practice of a certain emotion tied to the mother causing a mental tie with the child affecting the child’s Heart. Usually when the mother is stressed or strained it affects the Heart system of the child.

BH: Thank you.

JE: Can you tell me the spiritual qualities I’m working out with my job?

Forces: Well Justice of course and ah fairness and what’s right is right. But basically it deals with other lifetimes that you’re putting in order and it deals with the time of organizing and structuring the disciplines seen through Love so its just organizing those love qualities through order and discipline of the work load.

DD: The Carrying Ship you said was connected with the Tree of Life diagram is there one with the Mother Ship?

Forces: This is a roots of the Tree that gets its food from in the earth.

DD: The upside down tree?

Forces: Yes

DD: The stems and everything are the Carrying ship part?

Forces: Yes.

DD: Are there any other ships besides the Mother Ship and the Carrying Ship?

Forces: Visiting ships but these are like tiny ah experimental ships that occupied investigations.

DD: What are those Carrying Ships exactly for?

Forces: This is to, to ah to do and to give and to accomplish certain missions over the years of many years ah mission a mission could last from a period of ah 10 years to 25 years and then so far into other missions beyond that.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: The specific prayer and the conversation and promise–?

Forces: It could mean that it would affect the good side the promise necessarily will be fulfilled as time moves forward waiting for it at times but the group as a group is the unified group and the ideal is alive as you all move together with it and you share in its benefits together and you develop together in its fruits and there are tremendous fruits from this particular ideal. Therefore as we will hover over the question we would say its being worked on and being put into operation. There are many complexities that are still being worked out but it will have its rightful place in time.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Is there anything for the entity Tom?

Forces: More or less trying to get everything in order and trying to do the best he can do is the best he can do what he can do. The situation demands a certain amount of consideration and a certain amount of trying to get, as much possibly done in a short period of time all these shall be put in its proper perspective also. We can only say to you all as a group that in this times of transition every group every group in Kabbalah has these moments of transition like changing the gears so that you can move into a higher gear but remember your development is personal and the development is important you might not know all the Laws and Regulations immediately your might be working out some of the regulations and Laws on your worldly level but there are so many different other ideas and regulations to be expressed and laws to be investigated on in the times to come. But its up to you to be patient and to wait for these laws to be given to you and discuss so that you can develop and become more of a whole soul individual as you move on in time and space in the centuries to come and in the days to come (-) these too.

Forces: We will be here hovering over and will come back to speak to you as soon as we can.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.