Session 258 9/9/79

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have been observing different changes that are going on in your area and find (them) fast moving but on schedule. We are not on these things for they are part of the progress and movement your personal evolutions. These items (—-) to manifest in the solidified being that the thinking process was already in process. As they were thinking then the thoughts became that obvious element then being of such they manifest in the separation. All three of these, which we had spoken in a private session. We are in the feeling that it was their private thoughts given to and (—-) over not releasing or putting them in a perspective that would be creative. You are all give a certain amount of energy to work with daily its up tom us to use that energy in a creative and positive manner. With this energy we have the path guided for us to be that of creative or that of destructive. In these paths that lie before us the choice is ours to be sowing seeds of destruction or sowing seeds of guidance. Each amount of decisions made in this house by the entity IS and Tom but IS in itself for the management of (—-) of the movement we find that the decisions were only for the best of interest (for) everyone at hand so therefore do not doubt or question your decision making process. Everything is where it has to be nonetheless I’m dealing with a subject that might hurt or affect individuals. The separation of married couples does not mean the end just means that each individual has decided to go on his or her separate mind process of thinking (when) the mind process goes the opposite direction from where another mind process is heading. This is the evolution. All these items have the part and parcel of a future development in days ahead. There are also past existence that needed to be worked out in this life, past karmetic pledges that needed to be fulfilled each one had his or in this case his stay of its personal karmetic payment. The children of course that had come from this marriages were the children for future years ahead, future days for their own being at the right place at the right time so that a higher force might come down through them nonetheless there is no failure in the process that we had devised for the erasing of the karmic structures involved with each person along with a child or children for future days ahead for their own personal development and movement. Each child was and is being handled the best of abilities and given what is needed for their personal development that otherwise this particular group could not really have given because it meant a certain amount of attention that would of distracted the development of the force within each individual that is almost the appropriate way of bring in the child and having the total attention and energy (—-) the mother to be given to the child. Now we have to speak about what is left. Those who remain are those who have personal commitments one way or the other and will develop in their psychic and spiritual realms that is necessary to receive, each will receive a different gift and each will encourage and incorarate and develop that gift for the expression of the spirit this will be developed as time goes on and would be expressed miraculously as the days move ahead we find the time of test and trials and trouble seems to be always around you this shall pass away and be put in its proper perspectives everything would be in its proper place as time goes on. We will take up the extra guidance for those who are left that is the children and put them in the proper development for their souls. As far as you are all concerned again what we had said your own personal development is being created here and developed to such an extent that it will begin to blossom, filled up with lots of intuitive ideas and even inventions. Now the situation in the future, move on and will allow you great expansions and contact with people and with this expansion and contact ability you can be able to reach and communicate with those who would need such guidance. Now we ask that your confidence strong just move through this (—) and time shall take care of each and every one of you in your individual way. But remember the personal commitment in your mind must be developed and had and it will bear you across the choppy waters.

Forces: Question.

DD: I read about the seal and the 42 letters could you explain what that means?

Forces: This represents the 42 callings or names in which one can develop and receive certain benefits and blessings with their own psychic development.

DD: Is that a certain geometrical shape?

Forces: It could be.

DD: Could that be given?

Forces: It would have the beginning of it and consistent with a diamond in a pyramid and a square and a circle all in one with the square superseding both these items in the middle.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: The thing that LK had mentioned about you is there something different going on different?

Forces: Well let us say this is correct.

IS: Is there a reason for it?

Forces: Well let us see as far as the entity RU is concerned we are no longer (—-) and no longer part of her process of thinking and life because we no longer satisfy her needs and because we no longer satisfy her needs she very subtly through our discourses with her in the past has asked certain questions and we allowed those questions to be answered to her needs we did not retaliate or openly confront her because she was heading in the direction by formulating the thinking process. We cannot stop any individual from doing this therefore since she got what she needed knowing that she no longer needed she was given the ok to go one way or the other and going she did but no longer needing us to supply her needs for her thinking process were no longer the things that we were saying so what we would say to her would never be interpreted the right way.

IS: That’s why she couldn’t see the miracle of the storm passing us by?

Forces: She could not see that because it was what we had given her to see as our last testimony to her self that if she thought we were not truth then we would put something on a physical level on that night to show that the storm did pass you by with its force hitting Fairfax, Washington and the areas up north it did not hit at the force that it was intended because it was projected on further up with that force projected further up it literally passed you by but nonetheless it is a physical proof that if you do want to believe you will believe if you do not want to believe you will not believe it is because we no longer pleased her physical or sensual appetites that we no longer were good for her she wanted things that would benefit her and therefore this and her thinking process was cast off just like all the other spiritual groups so called that meet together and casting each one off when it no longer satisfy her personal needs.

IS: What JU said?

Forces: Well go through that with me and you’ll see that the thinking process that had been stated was a gradual ah drifting and it took about a years process to happen.

IS: A gradual drifting of the entity?

Forces: This is a Force that surrounds this body in so doing the information had to be filtered. A year ago she the entity was making decisions away from the process at that point also there was subtleness throughout the household that would destroy if they received so called vital information then therefore there was the comradeship between the entity of RU and RK in so doing we had to slowly filter the information leaving the force field around this body that we speak through in such a condition that was slanted.

IS: Slanted what does that mean?

Forces: The energies have to be what would be considered filtered so the information, which was desired for personal gain, would not be received.

IS: I wasn’t aware of any of that.

Forces: There was no direct difference in the sessions per say for those who are making the commitment and receiving but for those who are on the outskirts looking in at different directions then to them they received this slant there were no differences in the way we have performed except for the slanting for those who were to leave. Those who through the years who have seen no difference because they receive constantly. Its only when your minds on something other than the Higher Forces that the slanting begins to affect and you receive what you put in to it.

NN: In Proverbs where it mentions the word King is it usually the will it represents?

Forces: Yes you can apply it for this also you can apply it for what would be considered action on a mental and physical levels.

NN: Thank you.

BR: When Magic is done you have to call on a name of that element, person or animal the name that it was given at the day of creation. Is that the same names that Adam was giving to the animals and whatever was around or was there one before?

Forces: There were names before in which Adam took from to give the, the Creative Force but nonetheless it was incorporated in the man Adam.

BR: King Solomon did he know these names too?

Forces: It was given to him in secret ah formulas.

BR: Thank you.

JU: Any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: Strive to cooperate with inner qualities and outer situations by doing this you might take a development that is in process of moving forward most of all you must strive to balance out the Harmony around you in so doing (—–) with patience and persevere with the Spirit.

JU: Thank you very much.

BN: When we think about things in the physical plane do we model the world on our neuromuscular structure?

Forces: Yes we do.

BN: And the feedback we get from that model is that what we use to predict what might happen in the future in a hypothetical situation?

Forces: That is true.

BN: So after we die in our consciousness do we use the same structures or do we use others?

Forces: It is part of the same structure that projects you into another life that is everyone who sits here at this moment already knows what his next lifetime will be.

BN: Thoughts on a spiritual level do they manifest or do we use the patterns of our inner neuro structure that don’t connect to the muscles or is it a totally other pattern?

Forces: Well it does connect with this but its not always lodged within the muscle that gives you this information or system to work all of it can be lodged within the fibre that is not normally seen with the eye that surrounds the muscles.

BN: The fibre that surrounds the muscles is that a physical or spiritual energy form?

Forces: All muscles and fibers whatever is surrounded by this substance if you have fine eyes or a very delicate microscope you can see that it is around each and every part of the body it also is an astral or spiritual factor too one end versus the other.

BN: So within the structure of the body most or all the structure of the Universe is mimicked or copied?

Forces: Well protected around the substance.

BN: Thank you.

DN: Any guidance for me at the moment?

Forces: We feel you are handling your situations and your lifestyle adequately and with spirit and made tremendous progress in many areas. Certain developments are being made personally and certain keener insights to the spirit are being had.

DN: Thank you.

BH: Could you explain more fully the sins of Jeroboam there’s three name things that I can figure out like worshiping other gods in the high places and making low people priests but further on it will say this king did stop them from worshipping Baal but he still sinned in the way of Jeroboam?

Forces: There’s also that of making power out of authority figures the image of authority making that their gods also the affects of power of government over the people and the power of so called insights psychic insights to be used over the people.

BH: Thank you.

BH: Also the mother Athalia her son was killed so she went ahead and had all the royal house destroyed except for herself and she reigned and they saved one of Jehorams sons and later they made him king and she got upset and they killed her. What was her thing there why did she destroy everybody just because he got killed?

Forces: It is the pride factor.

Forces: This moment we could send someone throughout the house just to check out the areas.

BH: Thank you.

IS: Is there anything for the entity Tom that can be given?

Forces: There is that–.

(Somebody stomping back from checking)

Forces: Sounds like a storm trooper. (Laughter) We sent him because there are certain vibrations that need to be stormed out.

Forces: We have devised a method or a means in the near future that he will be able to hear the whole sessions that we have made. In the past the sessions that were given he was intuitively or subconsciously feed in. All sessions are recorded inside his mind therefore the need to hear the Sessions was not consciously needed so his hearing the session was not permanent or evident or pertinent to the fact of restoring the session in his mind but now we shall take it from that level and let him see each session at the end process and in so doing he will hear all that had been said and become to know what had been said to alleviate his own doubts of the whether we are speaking through him rightfully. He has a certain amount of concern whether the Force that speaks through him is right that is it is guiding the people right being that there are three divorces that have happened our batting score is not the best. (Laughter) but therefore there are other karmetic scores that need to be settled out we cannot tell you everything but again it is by Faith that you believe in us and it is by doubt that you no longer believe in us its up to you to decide which path you would want to take doubt would only bring you to other frictins and Faith will bring you to see that it is all in harmony but nonetheless as one door closes a new door of knowledge opens up to make ready the vista of understanding you cannot open up a new door of knowledge without closing the old door of to knowledge therefore we will try to let you understand all that we say maybe this would help him to be more in touch consciously even though subconsciously he has it all the records.

IS: Thank you.

DD: On the suits in the Tarot cards you have one called the Hearts does that go along with the Thymus center?

Forces: Of course this goes directly along with it.

DD: And the Sword what would that be?

Forces: The Sword is what would be the Solar Plexus.

DD: And the Wand?

Forces: The Wand is what would be called the Thyroid.

DD: And the Pentacles?

Forces: The Pentacles is the balance between the Leyden Center.

DD: The Leyden and the Gonads?

Forces: Just the Leyden.

DD: The Gonads wouldn’t be in there?

Forces: No we have them placed at their own workings.

DD: How would they be working in the Tarot?

Forces: They’re really worked within the Key Master Cards some of the Key Master Cards as the Searcher and the other factors of Knights.

DD: The searcher the Seeker you mean?

Forces: Correct.

DD: Thank you.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving but we will come back to you.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.