Session 259-9/11/79

Forces: Greeting to all here present now. We have a force movement around and we find times of test nonetheless it should pull through to a stronger moments. In such an hour there are many ups and downs ins and outs we only stress to you at this moment pull stronger together and be that positive and creative influence in each and everyone’s lives this should give you the strength and the creative ability to keep on moving there is nothing to fear we have heard these comments coming out of you today we’ll be moving forward and we will be around you each and every one we will guide fear is nothing to stand in your way. Don’t lose sight of your ideals, missions that is being creative here for your own progress.

Forces: Now ready for your questions.

DD: When it talks about 4 types of development like nomadic, pastoral, agriculture and scientific does it go in that order from the beginning?

DD: Review that again.

DD: Nomadic, pastoral, agricultural and scientific?

Forces: Yes that would be the evolution order of man.

DD: Does it go along with the centers like from the gonads?

Forces: Yes you would relate to that evolution of man.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: How can I help the entity Tom?

Forces: He’s picking up on many levels and trying to sift out he’s trying to put into perspective what is being done around him. Its already being focused and now all things are in its proper place. There is the categorizing and putting the psychic information that he had received today in its place. Now we are able to move on and accomplish the things that are needed to be done.

IS: We often hear of the unfrocked priest what happens to these people?

Forces: In what respect.

IS: Are they considered oath breakers?

Forces: You could say that.

IS: Commitment broken on a serious level?

Forces: Well yes.

IS: Thank you.

NN: Which Psalms would go along with the Book of Isaiah?

Forces: 42.

NN: Thank you very much.

LK: Is there anything wrong with me at the moment?

Forces: No we do not find anything wrong with you you’re properly normal.

BH: Could you give me some guidance at this time?

Forces: We just suggest that you be strong and strengthen up yourself and to be receptive to the intuitive force that is coming to you there are many gifts that will be given to you as time goes on as far as wisdom is concerned and seeing certain insights on the developments and characters of emotions around you more less just be polite and receptive to the spirit that is now coming in for you.

BH: Thank you.

JU: Any guidance you can give me at this time?

Forces: The strength and the feeling that is in you, you could also be a good sounding board to resolve and make that straight way path. We suggest that you keep those feelings and expressions open and especially the giving of self in this undertaking.

JU: Thank you.

BN: I feel a weakness in my upper abdomen perhaps my solar plexus can you tell me what this is and what it came from and what I can work on to—?

Forces: This is more or less the test of the commitment that is going through you it is more of a force of a strange events a commitment to the ideals of the group here it is more of a changing circle of center within this particular center that is refining you.

BN: Thank you.

BR: Any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: Just understand that there are certain angels guiding and protecting you as you move along in time and space and that keeping that positive approach and creative approach also helps move the atoms.

BR: Thank you.

HI: Do the white forces have any particular bases in Holland?

Forces: Well there is a place in Holland called Gander.

HI: Thank you.

JB: Any reading from the Bible that would help me with my present job?

Forces: Repeat that.

JB: Any Bible readings to help with job?

Forces: Well ah a Chapter of John the 1st, 2nd and 3rd chapter would help you.

JB: Thank you.

IS: I’m aware that the entity BN is going through a difficult moment and he’s trying very hard to keep some sort of balance and ah how can that be helped at this moment its as though we had to shove him aside totally?

Forces: He’s readjusting his spiritual balance and factors within him and absorbing and taking in many lessons it’s a tremendous growing process for him and it kind of can give him extra strength as time goes on its actually what he needs for his development.

IS: Is it his conflict with understanding spirituality or –?

Forces: Well sometimes the spirit is kind of flexible in understanding it but the conflict is within the self-process that time and circumstances being confronted within ah he’ll soon work these elements to a finer tenement.

IS: Thank you.

NN: Could you say what was happening with the car yesterday?

Forces: Just running over a certain field of negative that is located within that (road).

NN: Thank you.

BR: The dream I had this morning with Isis maybe JE and RU we were in one of the rooms down here putting tiles up and trying to keep something it was either trying to keep the heat in or trying to keep the cold out by putting something in the walls.

Forces: This is more of a building of a structure from the spiritual purpose and planting it into the consciousness around.

BR: Thank you.

DD: Any guidance for me now?

Forces: The reading of ah what would be considered ah Malachi and keeping your self strength, strengthen yourself and saying the Rosary at least four times a day will give you that extra strength to keep on the path.

IS: What prayer should we use as a group at this moment?

Forces: Lord strengthen our Faith in this moment of test but give us that knowledge that the Force Of Light is all around and (will) take over the path that you have chosen for us.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: This would help out and along with certain ah Archangel Michael be ever at my side and protect me and deliver me and deliver me from all evils. This would help.

IS: Is there also a chapter somewhere a verse that would apply for us?

Forces: We ah Chapter of Matthew the 15th to the, chapter of Matthew 15th chapter to the 1st to the 10th more or less verse.

IS: Also in Corinthians 1 in chapter 7, I think its Paul talks about people going unto the road and finding themselves where there mates do not want to follow the road and he’s actually advising them to separate to let those people go. This is a fairly common thing what we are going through?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And it happened to Edgar Cayce in the beginning?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Did Edgar Cayce’s group also go through–?

Forces: Many different trials and tests but nonetheless you, you keep that spirit alive within you.

IS: Thank you very much.

Forces: We won’t leave you without our helping you we’ll be right next to you and guide you and show you certain signs of our presence near you.

DN: Could you give me any guidance right now?

Forces: To be strong on the spiritual commitment and conviction and not to look into the worldly or physical judgments of justice and that this commitment on the spiritual factor this will alleviate the questions of movement in your life.

DN: Thank you.

DD: What does it mean when it says that Israel reckons or calculates their numbers by the moon?

Forces: This represents the circles and cycles that needs to be corrected and completed and part of the cycles will represent (—–).

DD: (——)?

Forces: Represented these ah the (—–) of information.

DD: I didn’t understand the last part.

Forces: There is a a ah understanding that comes within self that needs the other half to put it in to perspective that is there is that force of learning that comes about at a certain time when learning does not have to be done.

IS: You mean while putting in the female aspect in order within self the receptivity?

Forces: (—–) run that back and we’ll go ahead.

IS: Is the answer to DD question does it mean that he has to our he is right now putting in or setting in order his other side meaning the receptive part within him?

Forces: Yes, yes, yes he is.

DD: Thank you.

IS: Thank you.

GL: Could you explain why I saw a (—-) this afternoon?

Forces: (Its) More or less that rejuvenation in certain parts and the receiving certain impressions or feelings of those who do have to leave the earth into another (—–).

GL: Was that when I felt like a fist fell from the sky and hit me?

Forces: Something like–.

GL: Thank you.

IS: So he was picking up the spiritual regression something like that?

Forces: Yes.

IS: It was prevalent to him since RU was close. Is that why it happened to him?

Forces: Partially yes.

GL: I don’t understand?

Forces: There are those times within life that you do receive certain intuitive gifts shut other times then these gifts are turned off or shut loose which is affected by the ah solar or the leyden centers.

GL Thank you.

IS: What can I do to help Tom.

Forces: It’s not the point of helping just to be patient and to trust in this learning process that is being done.

IS: Thank you.

IS: And for myself?

Forces: More or less to keep the spirit alive and to move forward with your own particular strength and to know that we will be here working with you directly in all that is encountered.

IS: Thank you.

NN: In Isaiah where it says ‘they come from a far country from the end of heaven’ talking about the host or the vow, what is the end of heaven?

Forces: The completion of the spirit and union of that hope.

NN: Thank you.

BR: In King Solomon it says that the wise men are (in his head )but the fool walketh in darkness now my son perceive that one event happen to them all what’s that event?

Forces: More or less the receptive feeling and applications that needs to be put into order

BR: Can it be like before someone becomes wise or someone becomes foolish the same thing they have a choice at that moment and it’s the same thing that happens to them that one goes one way and the other goes another way?

Forces: Correct.

BR: Thank you.

BR: You mentioned when I ask for guidance there was an angel could I ask the name of the angel?

Forces: The name of this particular angel is more or less the Light Way (Wave) or the Light that is seen here, it’s the Light Way (Wave) Order.

BR: Thank you.

BH: In a previous session it was given that the Essenes next incarnation as a group was the nomad tribe in India. Was that its one of the places that Jesus went to when he was teaching was it around the same place or having to do with any of the same people any connection there?

Forces: Not really.

BH: Was there another group incarnation after that nomadic tribe in India?

Forces: They stayed on that path for a while.

BH: What was there next lifetime together?

Forces: Question.

BH: Could the next group incarnation of the Essenes after they were Essenes and then the India nomad tribe.

Forces: This could be done too.

BH: Did they incarnate as a group after the Indian nomads?

Forces: Yes, yes.

BH: When was that?

Forces: It happened several times and throughout the existence but ah during the course of England it was being (—-).

BH: King Arthur’s time?

Forces: It could be around that time but more or less ah before that time which is today called after that time.

BH: Thank you.

DD: What does the number 28 mean?

Forces: Commitment of the soul and the mind together to make the soul dominate.

Forces: At this particular time we will be leaving we would only stress that you keep your spirits and your joy high and know that we won’t leave you but we will always be near you and at your side.

Forces: Greetings to all here present.

Group: Our Father.