Session 260- 9/21/79

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have saved for tonight (—-) say it again. This rain was a coat shield armor against the forces of evil and hatred that was projected to the members in this house by the entity of RU and always will continue to wash away these patterns of thoughts we are now going to take a active role in doing a just cause to this individual putting this entity in her own prison and bondage for life. We have refused to do such a thing to anyone but find it now necessary to become active in our own behalf. As far as what we have said the three are now marked as of tonight for their entire lives and the karma bonds that have been deviated from them and put off now will be given to and renewed double for the time lost and of course they will carry with them a curse that shall never leave them for they had seen and heard what we had to say and turned their backs on it willingly and openly now that (bad) force of black will be with them to whoever takes along or listens to them in conversations or in sympathy. We see the situations as they are and now must also actively get involved in bring this about. There are those elements in the earth that will create great deals of turmoil’s you’ll see many earthquakes happening (in) Czechoslovakia, India, Persia, Turkey also you’ll see it happen in America in the islands the major islands will disappear and the hour is struck for those elements (of) evil to be worked with. We will be with you work with you as much as strongly as possible in every aspect and give you that guidance and help you need but remember just move on and be strong in your own personal commitments the futures open to you and process that must be accomplished will be there to be done it will not be a secondary road its always the first road (—–) as the days move on.

Forces: Now ready for your questions.

BR: Is Sadat Esau?

Forces: Sadat is a man unto himself he finds himself in a great deal of character changes and a great deal of conflicts. These conflicts are kind of a struggle that will find him without any allies but as he moves on his struggle will become stronger and the cause will become greater. He also represents this power of the spirit in the Middle East and the advert or the coming the crying of the Messiah to come the real Messiah and the real approach for the spirit. In such a man you will find many miracles and the reason for his turning shift to one obstacle to the other it’s a revelation and personal spiritual happening in his own life that made him take this course and the obstacles that are in front of him are those things he’s willingly to take upon him. As far as who he was or what he is he was very closely associated with Abraham and his own family linage.

IS: Lot?

Forces: We find him as one of the brothers of Lot, Nehemiah and also one of the great Kings and Insight Wanderers of the Ancient Builders of Atlantis who focused on the strength of conquering that element of wilderness that surrounded the earth at this time.

BR: Thank you.

DD: Could you tell me what the Glass Bead Game means I’m reading about?

Forces: The Glass Bead Game well let us put it this way the image of self fighting ego and ego fighting the image versus the Higher Self spirit coming down into the earth. This is part of the Bead Symbol of touching and breaking one to the other simply the reflections of our images versus the reflections of our ego versus the reflections of the spirit.

DD: Is there an actual Game on the physical level where they use beads in a certain way?

Forces: Well there is the game that goes on everyday of who will take control over that particular experience the ego, the spirit, the image, the mind each by how we decide to the questions that are placed in front of us.

DD: But is there an actual like the bead thing I made the triangle?

Forces: Well this will help to concentrate on this force within on this beads that are without.

DD: Is that what they are talking about though on the physical level?

Forces: This will give you some percentage of it, it is just the beginning of it.

DD: They said they combined music, mathematics and philosophy all in one does this combine all that together?

Forces: The combining of this is of a separate category this is just the conquering of that concentration and imagination of the power.

DD: Thank you.

NN: In Isaiah chapter 10 verse 12 is the I God speaking referring to the Higher Forces?

Forces: You could associate it directly to that yes.

NN: Could it be given an understanding of why it happened at this point is it a major milestone?

Forces: This is a personal evolution to individuals and to this particular section in which one must go within the dark confines of his soul and finally come up with the ultimate decision of serving of the Lord.

NN: Thank you.

NN: Could it be given any other lifetimes of Nebuchadnezzar?

Forces: Well it could be but not much to speak about that would be good.

NN: Thank you.

Forces: Basically he was a herdsman and also a great fire wand maker in China ah burned a lot of houses down but nothing really to speak of in his own personal evolution.

NN: Thank you.

DN: Could you tell us specifically the 5 locations where the races started I think one started in England where were the other four?

Forces: Well let us say England strong, you have Africa was strong, you have China was strong, the Americas or Atlantis was strong, then you have a combination of ones violence and faithless well let us say in the area of India.

DN: Thank you.

IS: AVB the place where they have purchased is not a place for deranged children it is a place that is possed by evil spirits beyond imagination since the beginning of time if you look back on your records you would find that the Church was built there as a Church because one who had the insight realized that this was the spot to put under the influence of evil good and try to work out the spot. It is a spot of evil from the Indian times and if you look close enough back to the Indian passages they considered this spot the dark spot of the area. The Indians if you would only get them wise enough they have to be old enough of course and talk to them they will tell you a lot about the area and topography that you are living in and tell you where these spirits reside that of good and of evil. They have what you would call the Mage eye, Nords eye its called to see the elements around and decipher these elements to the true tune of its affect.

IS: Thank you very much.

BN: When we’re in physical embodiment is muscle tension a necessary link in the cycle of thinking?

Forces: Does not have to be but because of the stress and certain positions it does take its force and affects.

DN: Can alteration of muscle tension be used to alter patterns of thought?

Forces: Patterns of thought must be altered the muscle movement, muscle movements are altered by the spirit of thought.

BN: Thank you.

(Part missing)

Forces: We find the area that will affect what you are searching for under the Lobella Brain.

BN: The Lobella is that a term in our medical language?

Forces: Well let us put it this way there is a section near what would be called the area well of the back brain that you know as the Medulla Oblongata but underneath that is called the lob or the Lobella as what we would call it in that very section will be your muscle control that would be desired for the rejuvenation of the body.

BN: Is this related to a particular center?

Forces: This is related more or less to the Pineal or to the Pituitary center either one at which particular season, the Pineal is under the direct guidance from the month of November to the month of April.

BN: Thank you.

JU: Were we chosen for or did we choose the earth because we fell in another existence in another place another galaxy in time?

Forces: The large percentage of those who are found in the earth this can be true.

JU: Does that differentiate between the souls that are called the 144,000 and the others or cuts across all those lines?

Forces: It does differentiate from the 144,000.

JU: Thank you.

JU: The Clef in music that we learned as the Mother Clef also known sometimes as the G clef why is the G so important to the aspect of a Mother note or Mother symbol?

Forces: It represents the Seed Bearer.

JU: You told us the Law that murder and capital punishment in society can stop Gods power from operating in that society then what happens how is the killing that takes place in a war affect the operation of–?

Forces: This is what would be considered karmetic grace periods solders are not responsible for the act but the souls of the nations are responsible for it as a whole.

JU: Thank you.

JU: Can you tell me the significance of my Star and Cross falling off before?

Forces: It represents the reevaluating and securing yourself to your commitments.

JU: Thank you very much.

BH: You said for the Pineal November to April.

Forces: November to April.

BH: Could it be given the time for the Pituitary?

Forces: The Pituitary is from May to October.

BH: And during this time is when it develops the most?

Forces: Certain light forces affect the area giving insight to growth.

BH: Thank you.

BH: Were the Essenes the Druids?

Forces: Let us say they had a comradeship and a linkup and a bondage.

BH: Thank you.

HI: In the Psalms where it talks about the gates of Jerusalem what on the spiritual level is he talking about?

Forces: This would be associated with the Pineal center.

HI: Thank you very much.

JE: The chapter in Genesis that we just read what was the Tree of Life in what was called the Garden of Eden?

Forces: The Tree of Life is that what would be considered the Spirit of Eternity or the Spirit of Knowing of all Power of Knowing.

JE: When there talking about, that’s where all the Energy came from, how did it relate to all the people, we were talking about it the other day Adam and Eve were symbolic of the races how did that fit in at that time. Were all of them aware or not aware?

Forces: Only those who centered their minds on the ideal tuned in, those who had other abominations absorption into the earth were to busy with the absorption.

JE: Thank you.

JB: Is there something that could be given to get through Rosh Hashanah in the most (—-) way?

Forces: Knowing that each day is the Book of Life opened or as you have called it reviewing and just to keep that spirit within you alive to the commitment of the ideals of right living and also to know that there is a protective force coming down at this moment for all those who call upon it simply calling upon it will protect you from that of the evil force but it would also give you insights to know of the developments ahead.

JB: Thank you.

IS: How do we call upon that force?

Forces: Simply in the silence of your own prayers the silence being the silence being a major mark of accomplishing this.

IS: Thank you.

GL: Is there a musical instrument I should learn to play?

Forces: Well you could play the cello or the well you forget the bassoon and we won’t have that no (——) the clarinet.

GL: Thank you.

LK: Could anything be given about the Dragon Ring?

Forces: This here is a major transition it will be that coming back to you in a different form and to give you more of a strength to a higher insight we will take care of that.

LK: Is it a negative thing on my part?

Forces: In certain other respects we would not consider it negative, the losing of the vision at times but also for us to change it for a certain reason.

LK: Is there any guidance that could be given to help me with my own things that I get into?

Forces: More or less try your best to perceive your thoughts and the process of your thinking where it is to lead from the beginning to the end and if you have answered the end product that it is good then go ahead into thinking it but remember the Bible itself the Psalms and Proverbs can help out the thinking process tremendously also singing certain things will help out for this thinking process and of course the violin music helps out that quality of the thinking process.

LK: So one of my major problems is the lack of discipline with my thoughts?

Forces: Well if one of these categories working on or working with it will try to put your thoughts into an alignment and into focus and into order that it would not be just spread out all over the place.

LK: Thank you.

DD: On the Glass Bead Game I still don’t understand when you described it before is there an actual physical game like on the physical level that will be in the future or was in the past and used like they described it here?

Forces: There is a so-called game in the future but it’s not really a game it’s a way of living for some but we won’t reveal that at this moment we gave enough for the moment to understand and the next moment we will try to give you that.

DD: Could I ask how it relates to music?

Forces: It can relate to the science of music.

DD: Is there an instrument I should play?

Forces: We did give you the violin once before to work with.

DD: Is it still the violin?

Forces: If you want it to be.

DD: Thank you.

NN: With Psalm 136 where it says ‘give thanks unto the Lord’ and then it says ‘the God of Gods’ and then ‘the Lord of Lords’. Could it be given what that establishes and what (—-)?

Forces: This is a seal in which all the names of God are sealed within this expression.

NN: All the Names like the 42 or–?

Forces: We will take symbolically as the 42 Names incorporated into the Law of Laws, God of Gods you would find that throughout the Bible and that expression of sealing.

NN: Thank you.

IS: Are there any seals we can put on the House and Land to protect us?

Forces: A metal shaped Star of David with a cross in it can be placed in the four sections of the land and plus the what would be considered a Diamond with a Circle in it and a Circle with a Square around it and over that is written (Tetragrama) and Adonai Elohim and then this power is placed at the ah center of the Circle in front of the house this would give tremendous power from many forces of evil.

IS: This is done in metal?

Forces: That can be done in metal exactly.

IS: How large?

Forces: It does not matter variance from the size of a coin to the size of a jet.

IS: The person who did those nameplates for the stained glass he can do that because they have to be inscribed right?

Forces: Yes he could work that out.

IS: Thank you very much.

BN: Is there a particular guidance for me?

Forces: There are so many new insights coming to you with each passing day we only say just to be and allow that spirit to come in and fill you with the knowledge that you need but more or less just to be there to be used.

BN: Thank you.

BN: What is the difference between the Thymus and the Heart center in their actions or qualities?

Forces: Well one is physical the Heart and one is the center that makes the Heart physical. One deals with the power of the center of the Universe, the Heart itself is a vehicle that circulates the blood but the Heart is more of one who has a Heart but the Heart without spirit the Thymus center then is not rejuvenated.

BN: What happens to people who have their Thymus taken out?

Forces: That affects drastically the Heart center and allows the blood to become much ah denser and less active.

BN: Are there centers in the palms and soles?

Forces: Well you have light centers or feelers but not centers, centers.

BN: I’ve been told that that part of the karmic cause of epilepsy has to do with over indulgence in the sexual aspect can this be elaborated on?

Forces: In other lifetimes they had an abundance of relations and misuse of their energies which kind of short-circuited their nervous system in the lifetimes that would come up to balance that out they have to go through this experience to know how to call upon the spirit of God when they feel the seizure coming on.

BN: Thank you very much.

BH: In 2 Kings chapter 12 Jehoash and he got all the people to give their money to the Temple and at the end of the chapter he gives all the dedicated things to the Syrians because they are going to attach. Was that because he was a coward and he ran away is there anything positive in that at all. Why did he do that?

Forces: Well let us say to preserve the Spirit that it need to be worked out in future times to come.

BH: Thank you.

HI: The people on earth who all live on the same latitude is there something that they all have generally in common?

Forces: They have a certain understanding and evolution to the commitment of the Spirit during each latitude change of the (meeting it?).

HI: Thank you.

HI: Is there a similar thing for longitude also?

Forces: Yes.

HI: What would that be?

Forces: This deals with the physical foundation of their commitments.

HI: Thank you very much.

JE: What happens in the Autumn Equinox?

Forces: This is the changing over from the Spirit force of Summer to the giving of the Spirit forces of Autumn the changing over of the structures that take on the elements and raise up the elements of fire from the elements of Air.

JE: Thank you.

IS: What vibration is this land?

Forces: There are many contoured forces in the land that would give way to certain up and down (Hevals) but it is more of a growth process land or a land of undermined power or force that will someday be visible.

IS: Undermined?

Forces: It means there are many forces of energy under the ground that is to be used in structures and power of tremendous creative energies in societies that will be founded in times to come.

IS: So it is of a spiritual good nature?

Forces: The Creative Forces and energy and spiritual force nature.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Could you tell us some lifetime where by which we had to tolerate the entity RU in this house all these years?

Forces: The same experience with Moses and the people who were on the other side of the crest forcing other people to give the gold and silver to make the golden calf.

IS: Was she one of those mentioned in the Bible or–?

Forces: Well let us say this will give you an understanding of the complexities of that age.

IS: Thank you.

DN: Is it correct if I leave the current job I’m in. (Dialysis unit)?

Forces: Well let us say it does create a certain amount of pressure on you the subconscious level remember the woman who the lady who had it before you was almost exactly the way you are before she started on with the job in a indirect way try to express to you that the job seems to just simply take you over and where there is lots of blood there is that other force of evil that is around the area. The evil must be cleansed so what you are doing there, is constantly being surrounded by the forces of evil that are being cleansed by the filters. The filters only take out a certain amount of evil but the heavy evils go into the ethers in which you breathe on and therefore you gradually asphyxiate yourself with this evil and not even realizing it but it does get into your system having a predominate amount of forces of negative inside now it does affect your personality and changes latitudes without realizing it or knowing it is happening so it is well that you do change your location you have a position for a purpose and reason and the desired end is accomplished now you must move on the bigger and better things.

DN: Is there anything I could take or do to regain some of the energy that I’ve lost?

Forces: Not really the point is the energy is going to be given back to you and in its true form there’s nothing to be taken the, you could take Geritol but remember everything does come back after you just simply put your force in the spirit and trust in that spirit its not as hopeless as all that you’re not a zombie that are walking around if we haven’t allowed you to go to that point but the energy field will remain so it can build up and you will be able to be helped with that force that is building up.

DN: What keeps the other people who work there from going berserk?

Forces: Well let us say there is a tension that builds up in the unit and some of them are on the line as it is there are a lot who receive tremendous ah pains and depressions and a lot of other items that we will not mention so there are a lot of things on a surface level that you do not see that if you did you would say they were really crazy.

IS: Is it quicker affecting the entity DN because he’s opened up to new capacities?

Forces: There are many psychic forces that are beginning sensitive forces that are beginning to open through many moments of development but when you deal with the tangible item of blood you’re dealing with the direct force of cleansing and negatives and dealing with that blood aspect openly there are many draining aspects in this department that it is alright that he works there for that period of time that has elapsed but there are those who are working there who are drained and need that help to be rejuvenated and in there own way they need to leave that particular department and move on and some do and others are just caught there for the moment eventually to move on but it is a recycling plant or almost the end of a cycle that does take tremendous energy just for those patients that do come there to be recycled. It is a tremendous demanding energy job not only on a spiritual level but also on a physical level.

IS: Thank you.

LK: What’s the cause for the 20-year cycle of Presidents dying in office?

Forces: This is more of a steam valve outlet.

LK: Will it be continued in 1980?

Forces: There’s a high chance for it to happen again.

LK: Will it be Kennedy?

Forces: We see certain ah items pointing that way but it might not happen this time to him and chances are he might not in its own strength be running. There is a tremendous pull that will happen with his mother that will affect his decisions ah coming up ah this will have to be of her insight and her inner feelings but as it stands now he hasn’t made up his mind to run but everyone is working towards that pattern the ultimate decision will be from his mother.

LK: As it stands now is it necessary for him to be killed in order to fulfill the family karma that they have?

Forces: It is not necessary but the way their luck is running it looks like everyone is speaking on that to happen again there is the some families can do and grow potatoes right and others can grow mushrooms and onions the Kennedys can grow disasters.

LK: Thank you.

IS: Are they under a curse?

Forces: Yes they are.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving and we will speak to you again soon only keep the Spirit and that energy and the light around you during this weekend and the weeks to come we’ll guide you to what you need to know and need to do as time passes on.

Forces: Greeting to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.