Session 262-10/14/79

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We are in this area ands as far as have been working many items out and ah find it operating just nicely. We find the world situation in an upheaval and we find many underground movements as far as political and economic and moving about trying to take advantage of the weak spots in these countries. We also say that the Soviet Union is doing its full scale ah work trying to underline with the terrific power and ah influence that ah the Spiritual aspects along with the financial aspects of the free world has over people. It is a moment of inner reflection along with the moments of inner tests standing for the ideals or if there are any ideals worth standing for. There is so much confusion nowadays that even those who are young do not know what ideals they want so it is either (—–) or relationships or money and therefore they are just as confused as you would have a person be confused. We will work through this week with you all and try to bring as much of inter-perspective as possible.

Forces: We’ll now have your questions.

DD: Can you tell me what the seat of the Blob is in the body?

Forces: For a large percentage of people or souls it represents above the heart or in the area of the lungs.

DD: When you have a thought how, does it directly affect your imagination?

Forces: Negative thoughts and negative ideas feed and make this idol of concentration of energy negative to grow bigger.

DD: So are the thoughts stored in the heart?

Forces: It lodges after the thinking process in the mind, lodges there good or bad.

DD: And the Blob takes ahold of the negative and feeds on it?

Forces: Correct.

DD: Do they come from outer space like was said in the last Session?

Forces: Some of these things that you do look at you would believe definitely had to come from outer space. (Laughter)

DD: Do these come from outer space the ones everyone has within them?

Forces: A large percentage of them had clung on to call them the Klungons, they clung on to the individuals when they were children or babies a lot of the Blobs are centered around the first ah 6 to 12 weeks of life in the body physical.

DD: The first lifetime a person is born on earth or every time you’re born.

Forces: The first time the physical body is acquired with a soul and these Klingons try to control and master the body and get first position inside the bodies physical.

DD: Then they stay on lifetimes after that?

Forces: Once they have a hold of the physical body at such a young age its very, they grow stronger with each passing year and about the year of 7 years old they seem to have a well rooted condition.

DD: How much intelligence do they have?

Forces: Well next to none it’s purely on an emotional level do they operate.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: The question of Elias and Elijah again has come up and in the Jewish tradition it’s were waiting before the Messiah will come Elijah will come now Elias as my understanding is, is Elisha not Elijah is that correct?

Forces: This is correct.

IS: So John the Baptist was a reincarnation of Elisha?

Forces: Well ah there’s a lot of complications around this area ah we would say he was Elisha.

IS: Now what about Elijah will he come too?

Forces: He will show himself in his own way.

IS: Is that part of the second coming?

Forces: Ahhhh yes.

IS: So Elisha was the first coming and Elijah is going to be the second coming?

Forces: All right yes.

IS: Will Elisha manifest again with the second coming?

Forces: No.

IS: Thank you.

IS: How am I doing?

Forces: We find you doing on the physical level all right mental all right the Spiritual is doing fine. Another fast for you would be good ah from the 14th of this month to the afternoon of the 17th.

IS: So that’s 3 days?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Is there anything else I could be doing?

Forces: Well we find things are moving according to plan.

IS: Thank you.

NN: Could you tell me about the dream I had with the Church going to that service and the lady with the incense?

Forces: This represents a certain higher feeling of self, trying to bring down a inspiration or adoration of the Spirit to be brought up.

NN: Thank you.

NN: Also could it be told what on another level on a spiritual level the guest bedroom represents with jumping the abyss because it was the last room that RU and RH worked on before they left and I had started in there just before the whole upheaval started and I was wondering what would it symbolize as far as jumping the abyss?

Forces: There is a work there but they really didn’t concentrate on their work couldn’t penetrate the force that’s there along with the entity MK he also could not have penetrated the force that was in the area. Of course DN has his problems with that area too but it represents a field of ah commitment and sticktoitiveness but more so Faith and trust and the area is a working ground for those visitors that do come must pass the test of Faith and trust and that is what’s being worked out on an astral level in these two rooms.

NN: The master bedroom too?

Forces: Yes bedroom and the your guest bathroom of course its known as karma bathroom.

NN: Thank you very much.

NN: Also could you say what Psalms 141 to 143 do?

Forces: They help the blood system.

NN: You mean to fight the black forces in the blood?

Forces: Yes.

NN: Thank you very much.

LK: In the Book of John when Jesus is talking to the disciples saying that he has to leave so that the Comforter can come. What is the Comforter?

Forces: This is more of a Divine Spark or more of a Higher Force coming down to reveal a Revelation to them and new information and a new social type feeling of work.

LK: For the disciples would it represent like an intuitive type of force or inspirational type of force>

Forces: More or less directly it would mean the intuitive takeover by the High Forces in their personal lives.

LK: Also the writer Colin Wilson in his books the Space Vampires and Mind Parasites how has he been able to get ahold of those concepts is it something that you gave him or did he figure it out somehow?

Forces: More of astrally and figuring out and when we say astrally it means dreams and certain intuitive feelings and just perceptivity on his own.

LK: Thank you.

BH: Psalms 35, 36, and 37 are they working with the blob?

Forces: Well they can be associated and work directly with this yes.

BH: Anything else they’re working with?

Forces: More of the aspect of Love.

BH: Thank you.

BH: In the book the Crystal Cave when Merlin goes to move that King Stone and then it become like the biggest stone in Stonehenge and he knew it just from feeling the power of that stone, what was the power?

Forces: Well let us say the Stonehenge itself had some psychic magnetic stones placed in a certain position that those who are receptive can go there even today to receive messages of days to come.

BH: How did that psychic magnetic power get in there?

Forces: More of a internal structure of composition of the stones and the certain energy fields of where they were located being filed and lined ah came about. Some of those stones had come from Africa.

BH: Thank you.

IS: Something like a musical composition that sends off melodies whoever can hear it?

Forces: All right yes of course.

BH: Was there really a Druid ceremony with females about age 13 and they either went into the Temple or got married?

Forces: They had the when the society was good they had that type of ceremony.

BH: Thank you.

BN: The Tarot Cards mentioned the root of my problem, which remains to be corrected could you tell me about this and what I could do about it?

Forces: Well let us say it stems many, many years back when you were a so-called healer or physician for the Pharaoh at this time and ah you had a certain amount of power and position and with this power and position is to be tested again and ah it is the power of the mind versus the Spirit and trusting in the Spirit to heal the mind but also its wanting the wanting to know all the ins and outs and facts and not having anything so called as superior over you or even above you, (you) must know quality is good to a certain point but you also have to learn that a student learns how to receive from a teacher and a teacher not does not necessarily always have to speak the teachers very presence can teach on an astral level and this is what is happening here that there are many lessons being taught to give you information and guidance on the astral level but the teacher does not necessarily have to speak on a 3rd dimensional level but just as the teacher receives he also gives to you knowing what you need exactly so you can go on. So in reality these lessons are of patience and faith, cooperation and humility has to be relooked at re-reviewed and ah to understand what patience and faith and cooperation and humility are in general.

BN: Could you help me understand how to quite my mental mind or direct it in the appropriate way?

Forces: There is a stone that would help you with that if you could get yourself a what would be considered a malachite and put it in to a stone form ring and that would be ah a ring to help your mental mind.

BN: Thank you.

(part missed)

DN: Am I correct I was deaf 2 lifetimes the first was specifically to overcome the physical and the second was to overcome the mental?

Forces: Well we’ll have to agree on that one.

DN: Thank you.

DN: The dream I had this morning the part, could you help me understand that?

Forces: Well review your dream and we’ll go a step at a time with your conscious mind.

DN: The only thing I can remember is it had to do with Billy but it nothing to do with like—?

Forces: Well you know that has an aspect of your own mental and your physical desires.

DN: And also I lost time today physical time?

Forces: Well sometimes you need to be taken away to be worked with so you come back differently.

DN: Where do you go when that happens?

Forces: Well to the waiting room we call it.

DN: Is it in a ship?

Forces: It would be.

DN: Thank you.

JU: Did you take us all away in the middle of the afternoon?

Forces: Different times for different folks, for different–. See what you do not understand is that you’ve been with us so long that you’ve gotten used to us or we’ve gotten used to you and there are certain times when we do remove you for our work (———) or cold but we do have work to do you know and then we just simply do it.

Forces: We’ll go ahead were not going to wait here all day. (Laughter)

JU: You said October 17th would be the opening of the gates could you explain to us what that is?

Forces: Well it is ah a beginning of the Spiritual flood ah spiritual power and certain aspects on a spiritual level that will be coming in that will manifest or make its mark on the conscious world and it’s a new cycle that will begin on that date in which of course ah the 17th will be that day but on the 16th, 15th and 14th (are) your days for your apple diet.

IS: Is that the same day I’m to fast?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Todays the 14th.

Forces: Well you could start after the sessions over.

JU: My head?

Forces: You have a green fungus growing over your head and the only way to cure it is ah you must go outside and stick your head in a mud pack and leave it there and go about your business elsewhere. No its just your face is all right it won’t win you Oscars but it will do this lifetime of course your body’s not Mr. America its not Miss’s America either but you could win the Pillsbury Dough Boy well kidding aside your body will do all right except you need a little bit more sun and must take sunflower seeds and a little amounts Vitamin C with E and ah organic bread of course (Laughter). Your bodies ok its not falling apart yet we’ll let you know.

JU: Is there any advice you can give me?

Forces: Well remember your thoughts have affect on your skin and must loosen up your thoughts and not be so tight and the question is you project like the, these radar beams from your eyes, childish justice and it seems to always get you all screwed up ah you must try one step at a time don’t look for your fair share of course you know that ah try just to be in harmony and you must sacrifice things in your life when you don’t sacrifice, do not have a day of sacrifice you will not be happy you know that.

JU: Thank you.

Forces: You asked for it.

BR: Before the Laws that Jesus gave about don’t say to your fellow man Racha how come no one knows what that Law is we’ve lost it?

Forces: So you want us to tell you.

BR: Yes could you tell what the word is?

Forces: Well let us say to make it short not to wish the devil on another person or the Satan on them but ah a santanic force on them do not use santanic force on anyone so that would explain it for this moment right.

BR: Was there a reason why no one knows what that word is?

Forces: We just gave you a whole information on it, it is that the power would be too strong if they would find it out and they would utilize that power on a worldly level to manipulate people and governments and races.

IS: Does it come from (Hebrew word) it was possession?

Forces: All right.

BR: Thank you.

GL: Would there be any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: Just keep your mind centered on the Spirit and keep your eyes centered ahead and that of a growing light and always keep that quality of Spirit inside you and you’ll be guided as you move through and ah the Rosary helps you out a lot in your thoughts and patterns so this is would help you.

GL: The dream I had could you help me with that?

Forces: You can go through it now.

GL: We were visiting prisoners?

Forces: Prison is your limitations and the prisoners are within you, your own limitations that you have confined yourself in.

GL: IS with the IV bottles?

Forces: This is your direct Spirit communication and that which is reserved for you from the Beginning of time.

GL: The drains that I threw away that were no good?

Forces: Removing old thought patterns, attachments, (and) waste products.

GL: The other prisoner there was a prisoner to the right as I looked at the two prison cells and it seemed like he was the big bully in the prison and he had a girlfriend with him and it was causing a lot of problems?

Forces: This represents that quality of physical desires or ah physical judgment. The judgment within not to judge things directly on a physical level but to gravitate to the spiritual purpose.

GL: And I was standing by to protect or to fight or whatever if need be because of what IS was saying to this particular bully?

Forces: This is your own perception of your own spiritual insight and your own spiritual fibers you plant them and allow them to take root within you.

GL: Thank you.

HI: In Ezekiel 28 God was telling the King of Tyre that when he was in the Garden of Eden he walked among the stones.

Forces: Run that one back.

HI: Ezekiel 28 verse 14 ‘Thou art the anointed Cherub that covereth and I have set thee so, thou wast upon the Holy Mountain of God, thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire’. God tell the King of Tyre that once he was in Eden (verse 13) and thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire.

Forces: Well this represents the Beginning of Time of course where not only him but also God was involved and around and the world as you know it today was not and there was a different consciousness and there was a great deal of volcanic activity on the earth and this would reflect to that image of the earth being newly formed of crust, rocks and fire.

HI: Thank you very much.

HI: There was a book that I was reading the Charwoman’s Shadow it didn’t make sense somehow its saying once upon a time in the Legends that Magicians at times could take shadows away from their apprentices?

Forces: This would cause death to those who could take the shadow away um huh.

HI: Was that an actual shadow that they could take away?

Forces: This is more of the astral body they speak about.

HI: Thank you very much.

JB: Dream I had I was on the edge of a cliff and the ground was breaking away and I stepped back just in time what would that symbolize?

Forces: Many changes on the physical level and many the cliff is a decision to be made and getting back to the spiritual ideals and making the decision towards the spiritual objective.

JB: Thank you.

IS: What does an arch represent?

Forces: This represents the commitment of Triumph over the centers of the lower centers.

IS: Is there an actual arch within the body too?

Forces: There’s the general flow of an arch in the body yes.

IS: So every time if it opens up to Ezekiel with all those arches and the steps that means elevation to a new commitment?

Forces: Completion and elevation into a new commitment and also when you walk under any arch it affects the 7 centers.

IS: Thank you.

IS: I had a dream with Warren the deaf man and that’s all I woke up with?

Forces: There should be some connection between the deaf people again ah soon to develop and help them at a gradual pace now but this will give you a que on when we get the signals.

IS: Does it have any relation to anything in the house here falling on deaf ears?

Forces: Well there is that possibility of getting involved in the physical level but Warren represents within himself that desire to be wanted to be helped from his own desires and not being able to speak to him directly but using the sign hand language, indirect forms.

IS: So am I understanding the relation?

Forces: Yes indirectly you could communicate.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Now ah Isaiah 14 the chapter does that relate to right now what has happened in the group and the culmination of it or the salvation of it?

Forces: You could associate it like this.

IS: I don’t want to just associate it because of a certain percentage what I’m asking is what I’ve reached is because of a big percentage or directly related or it doesn’t have anything to do with just my own order?

Forces: Well it has a direct relationship in its accomplishment.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Is my understanding correct as far as the mental mind goes that in reality one can himself destroy it if so he wishes?

Forces: This is true.

IS: New York represented Egypt does Charlottesville represent Babylon?

Forces: Well yes it does in its own field.

IS: So in all reality its very important that the mind—?

Forces: Also Charlottesville could also represent the Babylon but it also could be the counterpart of the psychic world for the new what would be called revelation.

IS: Persia?

Forces: Right.

IS: So in reality that’s what has to be, we had to leave Egypt but Babylon was not left actually the Persians came in?

Forces: Uh huh.

IS: So actually it’s very important that we now work on that mind thing because it’s something to affect the whole area.

Forces: (——–).

IS: And allow the Persians to come in?

Forces: Right.

IS: Thank you very much.

IS: Is there a prayer you can give me for me, that special thing that I found with Hosea but I don’t know if I’m saying what I’m saying?

Forces: A prayer in the Bible or just a prayer from us.

IS: From you.

Forces: Oh> Instruments of Light surround me by the force of the Beam, the force of Sound the force of Light that gives that Peace, that Understanding and comprehension of the All-Knowing Source of Power. Stride and be with me as I walk through time and space and in the walking may I understand what you would have me to do. Give me the Revelation and give me the Love that in all that I do say it will be directly from your hands. In this growing process guide me through the Light.

IS: Thank you very much.

IS: Is there a specific chapter I should read that would explain to me?

Forces: Well Jeremiah to keep your busy and, but more so Daniel to keep you or the 5th chapter of Daniel follow it with Psalms, well we won’t give you any more Psalms at the moment.

Forces: At this moment we will be going and we’ll speak to you again this week.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.