Session 264 10/25/79

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have watched your movements forward and getting over many different obstacles that were placed in the areas. We also found the movement during this particular weekend to be fulfilling in many ways. The world conditions again look kind of strange and strained many respects. It’s always those who are under the totem pole that suffers the most. We find the focus on Cambodia also the areas should long time been relieved of its pressures and sicknesses. We find many historic changes coming through Spain and France also the same disturbances throughout the small countries that are in South America. We find your situation as a whole here to be good moving along as scheduled but we must remind you keeping your heart and mind on the spiritual message of the purpose of your life that you had set out to accomplish not losing this purpose or ideal as it is a evolution towards certain items that is no longer is necessary as you do move forward.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

DD: Could you explain the dream I had about this casket and a little (box)?

Forces: It represents certain formulas and information and certain secrets that would be revealed to you as time goes on.

DD: Also in studying the symbol I’ve been working on the Glass Bead is the diagram of having a rectangle and a diamond within is that the basic diagram.

Forces: This could be done or used or utilized ah to its full capacity and advantage yes.

DD: Is that how it is.

Forces: There are certain changes here or there the general concept is correct.

DD: Does that mean it’s a pyramid base to base within a rectangle like that?

Forces: Yes you could analyze it as such.

DD: Does it relate to what you gave before on Noah’s Ark the diamond qualities of the numbers?

Forces: Yes this is true.

DD: So it’s the same as what was given about Noah’s Ark?

Forces: More or less these two elements were created to be the same.

DD: So then the rectangle of Noah’s Ark would that be the best way to construct it or does it make any difference?

Forces: This would be the best under the certain circumstances that you would be meeting.

DD: Since it’s very long would there be more than one diamond in it or just one diamond?

Forces: Would be 2 to 3 (——-).

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: What does it mean that when all the tribes came before the Lord that a tribe out of them was taken and then a family and then the person chosen for good or for bad and how was it done?

Forces: This is the offering of the cleanseingness usually done during a certain ceremony if it was found to be correct or right then they would be a receiving or a blessing and release of the bondage if it was found to be wanting it would be put back in its proper place where it was chosen from, this is more of the chosen rite ceremonies for those (—-).

IS: Was it done through some form of the Ark?

Forces: It could have been done according to that power that was coming in.

IS: Was there any other device by which they were able–?

Forces: They had other similar devices of using it throughout the (forestry?) but man today does not know it for fear of misusing it.

IS: Is that the correct understanding about the Ark and the living Ark today?

Forces: This is correct.

IS: Did you play that card game?

Forces: Yes we had a certain to do with it.

IS: Not the whole thing?

Forces: Partially.

IS: What has the group evolved out of and that’s no longer necessary?

Forces: You evolved from at this first stage when the group was formed into a second stage of personal evolution more so rather than the female male separate evolution to continue to make segments of self this is more of filling up the wholes within the astral body.

IS: Instead of separate units it’s now a more complete unification of the group itself?

Forces: More or less, it’s the filling up of the astral holes that were allowed to be ripped open during the years that have passed.

IS: Have we reached a place that is called Kadesh (——-)?

Forces: Yes you’ve reached that consciousness.

IS: So this is it now right?

Forces: More or less yes.

IS: Meaning not complete yet?

Forces: Not finished or not complete yes.

IS: So in that case there’s many more trials to come?

Forces: Well the different trials are those trials only to evolve and make ones development stronger a different type of trial system not so intense as in the past.

IS: Thank you.

NN: Could you tell me who or what was standing behind me at one point that I saw out of the corner of my eye?

Forces: More of a guide or a guidance to help you move forward.

NN: Is it somebody that’s with me all the time?

Forces: This ah occasionally.

NN: Thank you.

NN: Also would you give me a prayer to say before I fall asleep?

Forces: Lord through this day I have done, teach me what I need to continue to do all those items that I failed to do during this day let it be a, let me be able to accomplish it on the first thoughts that I have in waking up. Guide me through the evening and in this guidance deliver me from all the forces of evil that in thy own will give me the understanding and that (—–) of well-being to perceive the Divine Law that flows freely through the Cosmos.

NN: Thank you very much.

IS: Is that prayer just for NN or everybody?

Forces: (——) everyone could use it if you want.

IS: Thank you.

LK: What are Miracles?

Forces: Miracles are following the regulations the Laws of the ball game. Miracles for us are matter of following A to B, B to C but none the less there are Miracles that go beyond our hand and is taken up by a Higher Court these are the Higher Leaders who do control the whereabouts and guidance of such Laws and being that we do not understand fully all these Laws, that is you do not understand fully all these Laws you would consider them a miracle. Miracles are gifts coming down from Higher dimensions that surround you.

LK: Thank you.

LK: Also where you are do you have what to us is music and does it have the same sort of affect in an audio type affect? What is music to you?

Forces: Music is the constant hum or the sound of, of the Voice of the Universe that records, each planet has a different vibration and each galaxy has different sound to come near the earth its like static (Laughter) you have to try to filter in on the mess that hovers around the earth. There are those composers of classical that you know music that filter above the earth who pick up the music of the, of the spirals or of the ah of the ethers this is the music that is largely a large percentage of in classical music it is the sound of movements and the sound of equal weights and measures through out the outer space area that creates such a canopy of sounds and shapes and designs so true composers not caught up in earth but in reality has transcended the belt around the earth into the atmosphere of sound hovering in the Universe to pick up his masterpiece or his designs to work out and give to mankind in their evolution.

LK: Is this sound or this music something that you hear or see or is it—?

Forces: Its more of a sense within the body, a feeling, a silence, a sacredness that the sound is repeated knowing that you have heard it by a clardio or a sense of psychic perception that gives you distinct hearing or expression of them in your (—–).

LK: Thank you.

BN: Is there any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: Well other than moving forward in your own creativity and looking at certain aspects now more realistically as they would call it about the spiritual world rather than the spiritual world that has been encoded or improvised on large groups. The spirit is more of a personal nature and not everyone can recognize it in the season or in time for the spirit does change and what would be accepted now would normally not be accepted 10 or 15 years past or in the future.

BN: Thank you very much.

JU: Can you tell me the arches in the commandment room why they came out the way they did and what I might do to correct them?

Forces: Well sometimes you planning goes off astray and calculations not 100 per cent perfect. As far as correcting them maybe it just is not really necessary to correct them because many a castle door has never really been repeated twice.

JU: Thank you.

JU: Also Mozart’s wife that he wrote for is she incarnated in the earth as someone we would know into music?

Forces: Well we would have to say no at this moment.

JU: Is there any guidance you can give to me?

Forces: More or less setting yourself up a schedule for the items that needs to be worked out or worked on and reviewing them as the days of the week go by and at the end of the week to see how you did with these schedules of items that need to be worked on.

JU: Thank you.

HI: Could you tell me something about the dream I had this morning about a mandala in the sky and moving stars with it?

Forces: More or less changing or moving certain centers within your thyroid and pineal center to become more in an attunement to develop into harmony within your body that would produce a certain amount of sensitive feelings.

HI: Thank you.

HI: Could you also give me some guidance?

Forces: Either the sticking to the strength and the wisdom of communication and power of doing in such a way it helps bring back the qualities of creativity and intuition more or less taking things items in, in stride for you are being used in a spiritual purpose a higher sense purpose to have ready the certain movement during this time for other reasons always for the benefit of self.

HI: Thank you very much.

JE: Can you tell us the evolution pattern of Neptune where it is now and what it was and what’s the destiny of it?

Forces: Well Neptune is a strange planet it seems to have come from other planets around it there is some theory here that Uranus threw off this blob and it became Neptune there is also another theory that it is the gateway towards psychic Revelation and development there’s also some believe to be the overlapping planet that belongs out of the galaxy.

IS: What about Arcturus?

Forces: Arcturus is more of an entrance into it and that hope through this door.

IS: So Neptune is before Arcturus?

Forces: Yes, yes.

IS: Thank you.

JE: What kinds of beings reside on Neptune?

Forces: Well more like visitors of ethers or glass, flash or items that move at a different focus then ah, then presumable on the earth.

JE: Thank you.

BH: What are sacrifices of joy?

Forces: Those are the reception and the giving up and the receiving of the fruits of the spirit as man moves through time and space he receives this sacrifice of joy and his experience with those who are around and also with his inner force of receiving lessons to be learned.

BH: Thank you.

BH: When it says that Jesus was moved buy compassion to heal those people what was really happening?

Forces: Yes he was healed with compassion those who was sick and lame it also brings to the awareness the commonness of this man Jesus who could travel at the drop of a hat and see those who are not on his side but of the same circumstances look upon and drop of a hat move them into a different evolution or allow them to stay where they are at for the sake the sake of those forces that are unseen around you that when we start moving in we seem to create a disturbance on the network systems.

BH: Thank you.

Forces: I don’t know if we answered your question directly for we have a tendency of answering other questions.

BH: Thank you.

IS: Is there more information that could be given?

Forces: In what respect.

IS: You were giving us an understanding of the workings of the Higher Forces?

Forces: Yes.

IS: That’s correct?

Forces: Yes it is.

IS: And the disturbance is physical, mental, and spiritual?

Forces: Exactly.

IS: And until its settles nobody can really see the good of it?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Thank you.

BR: Earlier in the Session you mentioned the Higher Courts that work some of the miracles or all the miracles. What is the name of the Higher Courts?

Forces: Well on the earth or in the heavens.

BR: In the heavens.

Forces: We call them the Supreme Body ah a kind of a earthly name for ah movements and, and feelings of ah success.

IS: Actually they are your Higher Forces right?

Forces: Well we (do) like to put it like that but we too are guided by a certain Force that is guided by other Forces.

IS: But in reality as far as this earth is concerned there couldn’t be any Higher Force because other it would blow the earth up?

Forces: That is why certain secondary and third conditions have to be done.

IS: Does the higher Forces our Higher Forces include the Elohim?

Forces: Yes we are close partners.

IS: So is that on the same ah level or is that parts of the Higher Forces?

Forces: Well let us run that back again.

IS: The Elohim are they an equal part of the Higher Forces or are they secondary offshoot of the Higher Forces.

Forces: We would say the equal the tendency is more-stronger than a shoot off (——).

IS: Do they receive their movements from your Higher Courts or from you?

Forces: The movements are more certain reflections ah the Sun, the noise, people, the movements of time and space it might be good for the child to be (——).

IS: Are you saying they are the Laws of Karma or the Lords of Karma?

Forces: Well we could put them into that category.

IS: So in reality they are the Elohim they are the Zebaoth, they are the Holy Living Creatures—?

Forces: More like the Gatekeepers on the Tree of Paradise.

IS: These are the Holy Creatures, the Gatekeepers?

Forces: That’s correct.

IS: These are more Laws, they are the Lords of these Laws and you are the body of it is that it?

Forces: We would find what is (—) and we must move on to those things that are (—-) in their senses of giving.

IS: Thank you.

BR: With Sister Theresa is there a reason why she’s right across the street from the goddess of death in India?

Forces: (during we seems to clean the breathing factor and to ah)

IS: Can we ask more questions/

Forces: Yes we are waiting.

BR: With Sister Theresa in India is there a reason why she’s across the street from the Goddess of Death?

Forces: Alas this is true.

IS: Because she represents the opposite?

Forces: Yes.

GL: Could you explain what happened to me today did I go off on an ego trip?

Forces: There’s a tremendous amount of pressure at certain angles but must remember that truth is truth and speak it slowly but you need to carry a big stick of course not really going off of it but remember your vulnerable spot is male ego or image within self.

GL: Did I go off on that to the (—–)?

Forces: Not fully but just enough to get it spicy. (Laughter)

GL: The dream that I had about I thought it was in Atlantis and there was a dragon that was talking to me and somehow I learned about fire and then there was a ship in the sky?

Forces: Well let us say these are the attribute of thinking in process and receptive process of us being as we are being then you are also receiving under a different buffer too.

GL: What would the Dragon represent?

Forces: These are the qualities within self that would come about with the gratification of self and not the ability to go ahead and move on down to produce that particular will of water.

IS: In the cards does the serpent king represent the dragon?

Forces: You could associate that with that superimposed. Yes.

IS: And who would be the Leviathan would that be what we call the mind or authority the Blade King?

Forces: Yes of course.

IS: Thank you.

IS: So is there any association with Isaiah 28 and what’s happening here now?

Forces: More or less the reevaluation to his particular slot in life and to fill it up as possible with the learning’s that he has learned during the days past.

IS: Is that for the entity GL or for me?

Forces: This is more or less for the entity GL which is deprized of a moving forward position and the position of knowing and understanding everything involved for those who are usually understand for usually those do get involved to prevent any collapse understanding that is only a dreaming factor to this number.

GL: Thank you.

GL: In the dream I learned how to take the fire and breath it forth and then I went after the dragon to burn him what would that represent?

Forces: That’s Isaiah 28 right?

Forces: This is true.

GL: Is there any connection with Atlantis I thought that it took place in Atlantis and the buildings and the things that I saw at that time were they reflections of it of Atlantis or a lifetime from that time?

Forces: Yes we would devise the same conditions as you move forward there are those conditions in America they will find the large percentage ah losing there strange job applications because of the movements and, and the workmanship towards that place or sound to receive and gain that so called knowledge.

GL: Thank you.

JB: Is there any particular thing I can be working on at this time?

Forces: More or less gradual picking up a certain book and reading it through as each passing day moves reading at least a page a day or knowing that one would have to have a inner page or inner book that should be worked out and worked in to your own feelings and development but none the less they’ll be the area you supposedly had made your transition we have set some physical angels to clean up the area.

JB: Thank you.

IS: You’re referring to the Bible right?

Forces: Directly yes.

IS: What does a column stand for?

Forces; More of the pillars of Truth and Righteousness is being developed within man.

IS: So you are talking about the spiritual columns?

Forces: Yes manifesting on the worldly level.

IS: If we make just three columns is that correct then?

Forces: Yes this could be worked out rather nicely.

IS: But we are proceeding all right with them?

Forces: Yes you are doing all right.

IS: Could you give us a color for the Commandment Room?

Forces: Well there is a honey color that would be good and there is more or less tan or certain castles have a tendency knowing that you are in to that where stones are on the wall they are porous and they pick up many of the junk or vibrations from the outside world so to make columns specially that it might be giving rather than taking by using certain instruments of music this could be an interesting giving process (during) the giving process one begins to develop and learn their own personal evolution pulpit.

IS: You’ve given us some more about the columns right?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Is there anything in that that we can understand right now.

Forces: Repeat.

IS: Can we understand what you gave now?

Forces: It does take time to think on these things.

IS: And does it have something that we must physically do with the columns that we should know and LK?

Forces: No they’re generally moving along according to plans and there is just the careful workmanship as you enter into the master bedroom but none the less there is a careful stress that he (LK) will have to go through the stress factor (——) a tremendous pressure (——) with his own wanting to do the contrary.

IS: Could you tell us about the crying voice we are listening to now?

Forces: More or less the voice of moving forward certain instruments of sounds that would go into affect to protect and help the interest of all, those here.

IS: Are you telling about certain things for LK coming?

Forces: Willingness to perceive and change as new information is given you his willingness to bring a spirit into your work by bringing this particular spirit it does of course make him more alive and more whole again.

IS: There are some changes into the entranceway is that it?

Forces: A slight changes but nothing that moderate movements could not work out.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving we only stress that we will guide you and stay with you and on top of all those legal conditions and try to take a upper hand and a direct approach with it in our way of doing. We will be back to you to speak to you.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.