Session 265-11/4/79

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

We have watched this situation of items and situations that are falling in your path and find them to be very unpleasant and frustrating at the same time. These incidents of course seem to have been inevitable and items of discontension, dissatisfaction and logical mind getting involved in the physical aspects of the spirit. It’s very strange again that the spirit vulnerable but not what would be considered susceptible to the underlying logical mind or physical mind of the earth the always conquer and always becomes strong no matter what course of infliction that it might have the spirit endures while the physical must submit and the physical and the mental minds are still ready to submit to the spirit that is spiritual mind of the heart soul. Finding yourselves in conditions of circumstances of tests should make each and everyone more involved and secure able to make the commitments edict. When these commitments are made there is progress not only on a group level but also on an individual level and more of the commitments and more of the information and revelation received the more one can perceive the answers to the universe around. Our biggest problem well not our biggest problem your biggest problem is your pride and the image. Yes we all know that what we need to say or do or act is all a constitutions of image, ego, pride, quality of impressions but when you speak or take on with your life the God principle then these qualities of image pride will fade away and slip to its proper form none the less when it does come upon us we must put it in its own proper value. As far as the world situation is concerned again its untimely and unsettled there is a lot going on behind the scenes rather than up front there is much more behind than up front in many circumstances but none the less these conditions will have mass changes as the times move on. We do have a great deal of test and trials for those living in America that is making do with what you have but in reality what you have is tremendously more than enough where you can make do on simple things rather than getting complex items or things that are not really necessary.

Forces: Now we are ready for your questions.

NN: In chapter 24 of Isaiah verse 6 when its speaking of God breaking the everlasting covenant is that referring is that referring to the covenant with Noah or Abraham?

Forces: This analogy is the covenant that each soul makes with its creator the covenant of the Divine Worship or belief versus the physical or logical belief or the mental belief. The covenant is between the soul and the giver of the soul and that which is higher that they do not lose their principles ideals to the covenant.

JE: Every year on Halloween they always have pictures of the witches and the ghosts and the goblins what really happens on Halloween?

Forces: It is a time which those souls that are more or less cursed to some form of torture or darkness or there own darkness seem to migrate and become instituted or institute that of coming together in their own darkness. It is also a time when those souls that do come from hell wander throughout the earth looking for some quality of inhabitation or possession and that would explain why some members of the human race go around looking like they are different or looking like in a costume so this that the forces of evil or would not penetrate them and know that there is a (——) or items that might be valuable underneath. Its just the moment of transition from the black forces to walk for a purpose in(——) before the next movement of the spirit coming into the earth.

JE: What’s the next movement?

Forces: That is the following day it’s for the Light Forces or that consecration of those spiritual souls who have dedicated themselves to the service.

JE: Thank you.

JU: Are we going to be (——–) you talked about?

Forces: There is a possibility that it can manifest but remember it must manifest within selves first before anything can manifest on the earth.

JU: Is there any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: Well we would try to inform you that items that you will be meeting or working with must be taken at one step at a time. Never rush and go crazy within the items just move according to this speed of creating and there should be no problem with your own development as long as you keep your mind on the prayers and services that you have incorporated in that of receiving spiritual guidance for your own development.

JU: Thank you.

JB: Is there any ways to remain positive and in harmony and in balance?

Forces: Versus to what.

JB: Something to make it easier?

Forces: Well we have versus disharmony well when you have or want the harmony you must try to concentrate on the larger picture. There are times and seasons of those times when this disharmony or factor might be there but if you concentrate a larger picture involved then it would not be so concentrated or focused in a smaller area just changing the focus from a small area to a larger area can help out that feeling of depression or occasionally the negative thoughts ah these feelings can be transmuted to see lessons or abilities of learning that will be coming.

JB: Thank you.

Forces: To you and for you and that every movement that we do make sometimes we need to reevaluate the work and then look back and then move on.

JB: Thank you.

DD: Can you help me understand more of the Glass Bead Game?

Forces: Well it does deal with certain aspects of the development of the mind and the development of the Spirit at the same time it must be taken slowly and not rushed into discover and analyze their secrets but just taking it as best as you can and it will reveal whatever secrets that are there in time. We would say the particular chapter that could go along with the particular game that you speak of would find proverbs the 4th and 5th proverbs to go along with the first half of your book.

DD: Is it related to matter, force and mind the 3 creations, which one of these would go along with numbers, letters and words, would they go along with that?

Forces: Yes you could apply it to that the matters the force mind this could be applied to that yes.

DD: Would matter be the words?

Forces: Matter would be the word manifest, matter of fact.

DD: And the letters would be the mind?

Forces: The letter could stand and a large percentage does stand for that, for the mind.

DD: So numbers would be the spiritual and the force?

Forces: Numbers could represent that of the accomplishment of the spirit.

IS: Isn’t the Glass Bead Game part on the physical level or partially on the mental level when we put the Bible to music like we did?

Forces: This is correct.

IS: And then taking the same thing like the Bible and putting it into numbers?

Forces: This is correct.

IS: And that’s the mental level on the physical level is the disciplines to get you to that point like our group here?

Forces: This has some seeds to it.

IS: The spiritual thing is to actually come out of the two other things pushing out?

Forces: Yes this has some foundation.

IS: But on a mental level we have actually begun that.

Forces: Yes of course.

DD: Does the Game itself lead you into the Spirit or is it just mental?

Forces: A certain percentage of it is in the mental field but there is a part that does lead on to a spiritual lesson.

GL: The planet earth does it have 7 major spiritual centers like in man?

Forces: That would correspond to (——-) the locations on the earth or in man.

GL: On the earth?

Forces: Yes well you have major centers which would be represented as the most populated centers of the world would become part of your centers so that which is populated largely could be taken as one of your centers.

GL: Which would represent the Pituitary?

Forces: The pituitary usually is found near or around that of Jerusalem.

GL: And the pineal?

Forces: The pineal is found what would be considered around certain parts of India.

GL: And the Thyroid?

Forces: The Thyroid is found in certain parts of Europe.

GL: Could it be given which parts of Europe or which country?

Forces: You would have that part of Belgium and that part of Switzerland and that part of Holland and that part of Norway.

GL: What part would the thymus be?

Forces: This you would find in the centers of America.

GL: And the Solar Plexus?

Forces: This we would find in that of China.

GL: And the Leyden center?

Forces: This would we find in Africa.

GL: And the gonads?

Forces: That would be a migration of South America and that part of Africa in different sections.

GL: Thank you very much.

BH: Could you give me some help with offering physical desires on the altar of God?

Forces: Well this is done gradually and simply offered up in the mind and then it will become stronger and stronger and will take its manifestation for real.

BH: Thank you.

BH: The Jade necklace does that help with that?

Forces: This is a contract or spirit which kind of refreshes and centers around a psychic force its more of a seal of the center in the thyroid and it kind of gives strength and healing to your blood system along with those who are nervously ill that approach you more of a protection from the nervous, the (nervousness of all people).

BH: Thank you.

HI: In Ezekiel chapter 46 verse 9 ‘But when the people of the land shall come before the LORD in the solemn feasts, he that entereth in by the way of the north gate to worship shall go out by the way of the south gate; and he that entereth by the way of the south gate shall go forth by the way of the north gate: he shall not return by the way of the gate whereby he came in, but shall go forth over against it’.

Forces: These are the different centers within which the body must be developed and how they must move on the earth. These are the different centers that one must move through all those cycles of development.

HI: Thank you.

HI: The dream that I had all I remember is that it was about youth in general specifically the acrobatically inclined ones and they had all lost their balance. Was that dream for me personally?

Forces: This represents a certain amount of unbalance that is found in youth and a certain amount of unbalance in the freshness of that youth more or less not represented within self but more of the population.

Forces: Thank you.

BR: Could anything be given on Lao-Tzu?

Forces: Lao-Tzu more or less that he was a learned person and one of an instructor in the arts.

BR: The words that he spoke and what Jesus spoke were almost the same?

Forces: They both come from the spirit center yes.

BR: When he left where did he go?

Forces: More or less to a mountain to terminate.

BR: Did you take him?

Forces: More or less he was transformed into his own moving force.

BR: Thank you.

DN: The big pyramids in South America I think there’s 17 of them were built about the time Jesus was on his ministry who built them and why were all those thousands of skulls found around them?

Forces: They were built at originally at the beginning of the force of the Watchers over the earth and constructed by the people not only as landing bases but also Initiating sites as times went on the people gradually grew away from, from the communication level that they had with these forces and then the priests of the time grew into their own development and arrogance and started to take human sacrifices as the decline of these temples were misused.

DN: Thank you very much.

LK: In the movie that we saw the other night about the devils reign there was the thing with the dark priest who was able to take on the semblance of one of the chief demons of Satan in a physical form is that something that can actually happen where they can manifest through somebody—?

Forces: Oh yes, yes they could worked hard enough and over the years anyone could look like the devil. (Laughter)

LK: Are there groups around today that are actually doing that and bringing about those manifestations?

Forces: Yes.

LK: On the other end of it are there groups around today and is it possible for a white force to manifest on a physical level lets say an Archangel or an angel?

Forces: Well I don’t know if they can manifest Satan because then you would have to be in the other camp but they would be through time manifest the Spirit of Healing and light and an angel or two.

LK: Thank you.

IS: LK is also referring to the actual physical the horns and whatever if this is how Satan looks I mean we don’t know for sure that’s how he looks he might be a person that looks a certain way that he really took on the manifestation of a devil but nobody would know it is that more how it is or does the devil have the horns and is that the physical manifestation?

Forces: Yes he did take up the horns this is a physical manifestation.

IS: So there are right now physical people that can manifest in their physical form to become that sympathetic with the black with the devil that they actually manifest the horn?

Forces: This can be true yes.

IS: With an angel can they actually manifest well the angel doesn’t have wings does he or does he how would be the physical resemblance to an angel?

Forces: (Dog barking) Try to send someone out side to calm the dog down barking at odds and ends.

Forces: Repeat your question.

IS: What would be the physical manifestation of a heavenly white being on a person who became sympathetic with that being. We know of those that take on the wounds of Jesus through being very sympathetic to Jesus could they also manifest an Angel and what would be the physical manifestation of an angel?

Forces: More or less the very much ah gifted and in sighted soul or spirit giving the Revelations and wonders towards those revelations they do not have the wings as you would want to see them but they do have the ability to move from place to place.

IS: Are they aware of it?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Thank you.

BN: Is there any other guidance that you could give me at this time?

Forces: Well just be perceptive and understand the basics around you and you will make it as best as you can.

BN: Thank you.

IS: HI dream?

Forces: The dream relates to that what we explained to her the evolution forward but not on her own level not to herself.

IS: Thank you very much.

IS: Is there any advice for me?

Forces: Stay cool try to work out the best you can in all circumstances and of course as we said before we are trying to do what we can have done to correct as much so you can move on.

DD: The Natural Bridge that we all went to Tom was saying that the river that runs under it might have been one of the rivers in the Eden is it connected with that?

Forces: Well let us say the energy force of that river somehow goes into the earth into the core of the earth and is connected in a indirect and yet a direct way to the rivers of Eden.

DD: Is that bridge Natural Bridge from the beginning of time or the beginning of what we call time?

Forces: Well let us put it back at the time of the Atlantis period in the mid part of that section.

DD: Is it mentioned in the Bible?

Forces: Well its mentioned but cryptically in the Bible.

DD: Where is it mentioned?

Forces: You will find it in a passage of Isaiah 4th chapter in that area and then you would find it in ah that of more or less the Revelations of the 4th and second chapter.

DD: Does that have to do with the Arch of Time?

Forces: (—–) find it in Genesis in the 3rd chapter. It is a dimension of time and space and movement of course.

DD: Thank you.

BH: Did George Washington know about the power there in that (——-)?

Forces: Yes he, he understood it.

BH: Psychically?

Forces: No mentally.

BH: What made him know it mentally?

Forces: He was informed about it.

BH: Who informed him?

Forces: Private groups into the metaphysical state.

BH: Thank you.

IS: So he personally wasn’t involved in metaphysical things?

Forces: Well yes he was but not like it is today very light you know like 11 is physical and 10 is (—-) and 9 is (—), not to heavy.

IS: You mean to say it was the pastime of the rich people?

Forces: Oh yes, yes, yes.

BH: Could you tell me what the wine of astonishment is?

Forces: When you run out of it. (Laughter)

BH: In Psalm 60 they say the wine of astonishment?

Forces: Yes. This is more of a cycle of development too the development of the laws around you falling into place.

BH: Thank you.

NN: Would you tell me about the Abalone (Shell?) stone?

Forces: More or less a protection to the Thymus center and more of a shield to reflect evil and also to help you see the secrets of your enemy.

NN: Thank you very much.

Forces: (——–).

DD: Does the number 369 (Laughing) have anything to do with the Glass Bead Game?

Forces: Well you could always push it in there somewhere. (Laughter)

DD: Is it part of it or is that a higher force?

Forces: It could be used with it.

DD: Does it actually correlate?

Forces: Not openly no.

IS: Would it be like 3 is Gimel and 6 is Vav and —?

Forces: Something along that line it, it yes of course yes.

Forces: You must understand there is so much information and to give it all at once could be very oppressive so we try to take our time with the information.

IS: Is there anything for the entity Tom?

Forces: Just being receptive to the Spirit and doing his part will be sufficient.

IS: We thank you for the beautiful day today.

Forces: Yes it manifested a very good progression into their own development of maintaining lots of heat for the winter.

BR: With the phone call from Yan today could anything be given about that?

Forces: There are some bridges that are opening up to communicate and needing of help.

BR: He wants to come down thanksgiving?

Forces: Well maybe speaking or talking with him more can elaborate that a little bit and see what end is up.

IS: But they just got stuck in one of the circles right?

Forces: Yes it would have to be so.

IS: Am I beginning to understand the way this earth is actually the workings of it?

Forces: Well let us say you’re beginning to yes.

IS: Thank you.

DD: could you give anything on how the pendulum works?

Forces: The pendulum works with the gyro that’s inside the earth.

DD: Where is that gyro inside the earth?

Forces: In the core of the earth.

DD: Is it actually manifested as something in the core?

Forces: A movement of force and energy belt that has a direct affect upon the gravity on the earth.

DD: When a person uses a pendulum to trace the field around a person how, does that react with the center in the earth and the person to?

Forces: Correct.

IS: It’s always hooked to the center unless some sort of force out is actually taken?

Forces: Correct, correct.

IS: That’s why the pendulum goes out towards good or towards bad?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you.

DD: Is there any way it can be used usefully like around a body?

Forces: Not really it’s a marking point or beginning but it has not really been developed fully.

DD: Could it be developed more?

Forces: As time goes on.

IS: But at this point it’s just an indicator of something else that was done about something else?

Forces: Yes you could say that.

IS: It doesn’t have proprieties of itself to do good or bad?

Forces: No.

IS: Thank you very much.

GL: What we know today as a magnetic force field that we can create through the generation of electricity can that kind of force field be modified or the frequency changed so that it can nullify the affects of gravity on solid matter?

Forces: Sometimes some type of covering over a certain part of the circular item, circular measuring but there is not too much to be done about that.

GL: Thank you.

BR: Could any lifetimes be given of Lao Tzu?

Forces: Many of them migrated from Asia in that area but nothing on the western side that would be familiar with him.

BR: Thank you.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving we will speak to you again this week. We will try to help you out on these incidents that are coming up. We will try to produce several good-sized miracles but remember that all these are tests and trials that will have to be put in its proper place. We will watch you this week and try to be back to, to be and to give some information on other items in store and be positive an keep that spirit.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.