Session 266-11/12/79

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We are still in the area and we promised to be around for a while to see to hear how and what we can do to see the things that are done. There is much trouble in this world this moment much conflicts and much up and down of areas all different areas. We find the tensions in certain parts of the country very heavy and weighing down of many of its problems. There is the problem of the Iran situation, which should be solved if everything is in its right order before this week is out one way or the other, huh, it should be solved hopefully not the other. Now we find many changes that are going on with this group only to reassure you that you need to have prayers and faith that’s strong and to keep that unity as you move on together. All in all we find these situations at the best (—–) of all understandings that one must receive in time the wisdom and the knowledge as this movement does pass by it will give you that understanding of situations around.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

BH: Psalms 51 to 58 having to do with mercy and then Psalms 59 to 64 its two groups of 7 Psalms one consecutively, which centers are they working with?

Forces: This would operate more of the Faith quality with also the Love aspect within the earth. This is the center of Solar Plexus that could be a very beneficial of this particular Psalm.

BH: Thank you.

BR: Lately there’s a lot of TV shows about the Devil or Devil worshiping how come there’s so many now?

Forces: There is a large percentage of interest within the santanic force and there are those many individuals who do belong to such a force not knowing that this force could be very strong and holding that system in its power for all those who are involved with this so called black force.

BR: Thank you.

NN: In Psalm 86 where it says ‘thou has delivered my soul from the lowest hell’ is the lowest hell the river of (wine) and blood?

Forces: Yes you can make it that synopsis, similarity to such.

NN: Could you say what else it would be?

Forces: The sulphur pits.

IS: What sin has to be committed to end up there?

Forces: This is more or less the, what would be considered a combination of envy and jealousy mixed with the price of pride.

NN: Thank you.

NN: Also which group of 7 Psalms or group of Psalms would be the strongest for the heart for ‘deliver me from evil’?

Forces: Well we could say it Psalms 4 could help you and Psalms 9 to ah more or less 7 to 5 can help you and of course the 114th Psalm could help you.

NN: Thank you.

NN: Is 4:00 the best hour for me or is 3:00 or is there another hour that would be better in the morning hours?

Forces: This is still the best time for you.

NN: Four o’clock?

Forces: Four to four-thirty ah would be the best time.

NN: Thank you very much.

(Tape changed)

GL: Divorce?

Forces: There is that again aspect within self that one must be prepared even where what would be considered your own test of sacrifice and that is in this particular divorce its not the divorce or what was you considered married too but that of your desires and your own image and ego of what it represented to you as a person. You must remember that you were not dedicated to be a father or a husband or like the words father or husband but these are words that are socially a need to have. You must strive for the spiritual pillars of monk, (—-) priest of the spirit of teachers of that spirit and students to receive that spirit and energy and filter it in such a way that it would become refined and leave that expression of the heaviest weight behind.

GL: Have I accomplished any of the divorce from RU in that aspect?

Forces: This is a particular job that needs to be done almost every moment divorcing ourselves from certain attachments this is a growing concern of expression of feelings divorce yourself from actions or responses would be difficult so it is guided or directed if one takes it one step at a time and separating that which only costs a certain percentage of mess and distress. So with all in its proper place and form it would be perfect for you as understanding that as you progress towards the mark the reception you’ll get the mark in its own beauty
otherwise one must understand your setting decorum and disciplines in this particular house so we would only suggest that this is a moving experience to make you stronger in a strange way make you stronger in its own tests and trials and to accomplish the ultimate aim.

GL: Thank you.

Forces: This was given and still is given but you must rely upon the spirit to replenish you for without the spirit or the action of spirit nothing ever gets replenished.

GL: Thank you.

GL: Is there anything I can use personally as a protective force around myself when I feel things being projected at me?

Forces; It will only affect you if you allow it to affect you or if you want it to affect you the only thing we can say is to keep yourself busy not only with the house but also with the spiritual work that is involved. Other than that you would be guided to the different sections in your development.

GL: Thank you.

JE: The Omen that we watched tonight has that already taken place the way they did it in the movie?

Forces: It is and has been taken place in many different times (—–) it is copied of an incident that did happen already. We also say all those who do get involved with those spirit forces seems to always without knowing it set that energy field in its own proper tune.

JE: The way they were depicting it is that, that child is the antichrist but it seems like there’s several which one or is there one now that’s the strongest and which country is it in?

Forces: Well the antichrist is that which goes against the Spirit anything that would fight go against the Spirit would be considered the antichrist. As far as which one it is well the ones who can make the best (——pies) is not only those who can cook with wisdom but those who can fill it up with Love so the antichrist has not this Love and usually is found around those areas that are geared to what would be considered governmental institutions and also institutions of higher learning for children a lot of percentage where these institutions saturating points for the force of (—–) that would decline its own operation also any item or thing that deals with the progression of the mind of man in society of science this too santanic force can enter in and make use of and change the system to become so called modern.

JE: Is there an opposite group to us in this area?

Forces: You have different groups that would be an offshoot of it there are those around who in time will manifest.

JE: Thank you.

IS: Now with that specific incident of the Omen that has happened where did it take place?

Forces: We do find it taking place of course in Rome.

IS: So there is an Italian child right now still alive?

Forces: Yes.

IS: How old is he now?

Forces: Well it is about that of 5 years old.

IS: He’s 5 years old now?

Forces: Yes give or take a year.

IS: What about the child that was born in one of the Arabic countries?

Forces: That particular one is 7.

IS: Wasn’t there a child that’s supposed to be now 16 or 17 or 18?

Forces: There was some told to leave without notice.

Forces: Oh he’s dead?

Forces: Who is no its just a (—-) no.

IS: Where did he leave to then?

Forces: He is now in Switzerland.

IS: Are they all running for who’s going to be chief antichrist?

Forces: Umm yes and no they’re more involved with them and to themselves their own (evolution?) and trying to keep the best going not really but the old antichrist you know him is driven away so that other forces of good have filled the void.

IS: But if he’s now in Switzerland he’s still an antichrist is he not?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Are we not supposed to ask information about the–?

Forces: You could repeat that again.

IS: The antichrist that child that was born that is now in Switzerland is he just one of the ones opposite of Jesus or is he the one?

Forces: One of the one.

IS: Is there already on the earth the antichrist?

Forces: In different situations but not the, the element.

IS: Will that come in shortly?

Forces: It will yes of course.

IS: Will that come in within our lifetime?

Forces: In subtle ways of course.

IS: There won’t be a child born that is the antichrist?

Forces: Yes there will be.

LK: Several years ago in session we had ask about the Omen when we had read the book and if John Kennedy Junior was the child that was portrayed in the movie the Omen and it was given that he wasn’t but that the situation was very, very similar is that person one of the forerunners of the antichrist or is there a connection?

Forces: You have the son of John Kennedy that would be (——) trial case.

IS: That would be what kind of a case?

Forces: More of a learning experience type case.

IS: But he’s not the antichrist?

Forces: Not directly no.

IS: But that child that is in a similar situation is he somewhere already or not yet?

Forces: Not yet.

IS: What makes these children available to come in as the runners for antichrist?

Forces: Certain centers within the mother that has not been disciplined.

IS: What makes those souls eligible for that position on the black side? Could somebody like Hitler reincarnate again?

Forces: Yes there is the possibility.

IS: He’s in Hell right now is that right in Hell proper?

Forces: (Long silence)

IS: Should we ask questions?

Forces: Yes.

LK: In the Revelation of John when it gives a description of the antichrist and the events leading up to the antichrist we know it sets a pattern for forces of evil to work throughout history as seen repeated over and over but it also gives the impression that there is that final one that will set off Armageddon is that true there’s one that’s coming in these times?

Forces: This is true.

LK: Thank you.

DD: You said the Natural Bridge was mentioned in the third chapter of Genesis and I was wondering what part was it the part where Adam and Eve were cast out through a certain gate is that the part the gate they went through?

Forces: This is true repeat the question.

DD: Does the Natural Bridge represent the gate that Adam and Eve went through with the angels standing guard?

Forces: This has some validity also.

DD: What part exactly are we speaking of in chapter three?

Forces: More or less the coming together of a (———-) into a more spiritual organization.

DD: Tom gave a passage for me to read chapter 5 in 1st Kings verse 30 could you help me understand how this relates to what I’ve been studying?

Forces: Yes and no.

DD: Could you help me understand how it relates?

Forces: It deals directly with the spine.

DD: In what respect?

Forces: It brings into it the healing force that is so much needed.

DD: How does this relate to the whole aspect of it?

Forces: This has some validity to it, would tie this particular dog up to a sleigh of 40 dogs and that would get lost. Question.

IS: Was that Natural Bridge used for anything?

Forces: Not really to speak about but it was used lot as a footpath many times in the past.

IS: That power that it generates was never used for anything?

Forces: No not in the way we think of it.

IS: Is it good power?

Forces: At times yes other times no.

IS: Are crimes themselves punishable or only the attitude in which those crimes have been committed?

Forces- (Long silence).

IS: Something here that disturbs—?

Forces: We are working out other things on other levels giving the Silence to heal ah some of the items that we want to work on. Question.

IS: Are crimes punishable or only the attitudes in which they were committed?

Forces: Attitudes.

IS: So actually no crime is really punishable?

Forces: Not directly no.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Will I have to meet up with the entities that left?

Forces: Not if you wish not to.

IS: And I mean in other lifetimes?

Forces: No.

IS: I mean they were brought back now?

Forces: It has been completed in your own union with them and this will not be reviewed again later by-.

IS: Did I agree to work with these people before I came in?

Forces: This is part of your agreement.

IS: Now if crimes are not punishable what happens to a person that has no conscience?

Forces: They are put away for their beepers are beeping loudly.

IS: You mean to say not to have a conscience is a crime?

Forces: This is true.

IS: A soldier in war cannot get punished?

Forces: We find that a crime in war for a soldier is paid back to the country as a mass so it is absorbed.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving and we’ll come back to speak to you this week. We will guide you and protect you as best as we can and to show you certain things for your evolution we will work with your legal involvement with RU and that of RH and try to be involved and in the area to be to be into create such a working situation for the benefit of all and we can only stress that again that you hook up to the spiritual purposes and where you have slacked off or become irresponsible to these spiritual evolution paths you must return to them in there own simple way and this will help with each passing day (—–).

Forces: We will speak to you next week.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.