Session 273 1/3/80

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We have been watching and find the world situation quite interesting. Knowing and seeing this line of tactics should be interesting for other countries throughout the world. There isn’t no question that these are troubled times. We do suggest though the United States send troops into different parts of the area of Pakistan and in this way it would prevent any takeover. These are trivials these are land movements that go back and forth throughout the ages the Spirit is the moving of it with this Spirit we have to help (one?) and in so doing we transcend, transform the government movements and political movements and worldly movements transform them and transcend into the (——–) that they are.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

DD: Is this correct the Octagon that I made and each of the things coming off the faces, each face being like a calculator and then about the center of the Universe?

Forces: We find your design to be correct yes.

DD: Thank you.

NN: Who is King Lemuel in Proverbs?

Forces: There were those other Kings that ah surrounded or were in the area of Israel minor kings in the area, of course they were major to themselves.

NN: Thank you.

BH: The Psalms I’ve been reading morning and night should I continue that?

Forces: The Psalms are accurately describing that peace of such, we find into (——) satisfying and accomplish many things within the system therefore if anything is to be done it will be given to you as days go on.

BH: Thank you.

In the Hierarchy we have the creation of man and then we have us who through the fall are the physical manifestation of man. Is there any place throughout the galaxies or universe where there is a different type of physical manifestation of man or is —?

Forces: There are many different physical manifestations of man in the mountains of California and Alaska and throughout known regions to the Himalayas and there are (—-) forms of man in the inner circles of the earth.

LK: Only on the earth?

Forces: Oh you have different forms of the being throughout the galaxies different shapes and ways of course.

LK: Thank you.

JE: Could you explain the significance of the ritual of the sword and all the movements it went through on all levels?

Forces: This was preparation and bringing you into a field of the 80’s it also a understanding and force of energy that is being surrounded and being given as a shell of protection and there is also a system of entering into the New Era with much capabilities and expression of the spirit level (—–) all in all it is a protective case and opening through the new cycles coming, the sword displaying different energies around the body and through the body being at different angles to make it (——) workable in its own reliance and its own field of electronic and electrical energies around the body each stage or segment ah it is accomplished in its form to its own vibration and scope of the (—–).

JE: Thank you.

JB: Dream I had indications of an earthquake in Central Europe and the Richter scale was 13.5, I don’t know that the earthquake happened?

Forces: There are many quakes in the area that will be manifesting now and should take the whole gamut, the European section and down to the Mideast so and putting that number it’s the spirit (of) Christ in its decisions but also represents the qualities of the power that will manifest in the earthquakes adding them all together the (—–) leaving them apart. It is time for earthquakes to happen as they are happening and manifesting at this point.

JB: Thank you.

HI: What did Jesus mean in the Scripture John 14 verse 24 when he said ‘He that loveth me not keepeth not my sayings: and the word, which ye hear is not mine, but the Fathers, which sent me’.

Forces: It simply says that the authority that Jesus spoke about was the authority given to him by the Father in Heaven and giving credence to that authority in which he speaks on.

HI: Thank you.

BN: Any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: Meditation seems to be coming along or moving and different centers are being activated. We would suggest that keeping an eye on the questions in your mind that the higher ideal always and revelations will be given to you.

BN: Thank you.

BR: Was there more Tarot cards in the beginning that are now lost?

Forces: (——-) yes.

BR: Thank you.

JU: In addition to the card reading I had is there anything you can add to it to help me?

Forces: Try and strive to be disciplining of yourself as far as keeping things in order and organization powers this will help tremendously in your advancements to positions and items of construction. Keep records this would help you also.

JU: Thank you.

DD: Could you explain how this Model operates from the center outwards how the energy flows?

Forces: More or less it is extended through the four arms north, east, south and west extending into the relatively span of the circle that it formulates for creating a energy flow above that which continues on and on.

DD: Thank you.

LK: The Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico is said to be the largest manmade structure on the earth and according to archeologist and historical records they found that on the day of completion over 20,000 people were sacrificed on the pyramid and throughout the time when they were using the pyramid they found over 130,000 and something skulls from sacrifices. Why was this going on and necessary or what was happening that so soon after the completion of a structure like that, that human sacrifice would be needed?

Forces: It was the ones who originated it had ah died out or moved away and moved from favor and they had to do something and the doing of something dealt with blood and guts and the goriness of it all.

LK: Thank you.

JE: How many souls are there?

Forces: We are given the information if you can count the number of sands in the Sahara Desert or if you can count the number of sands in the deserts given to Abraham that’s how many souls there are.

JE: Thank you.

Forces: There is a lot of them. The numbers are ah meaningless for you because we really don’t think you want to be weighted down by that number and ah we think you could handle not knowing that there are only 4 souls in the earth knowing that’s not really true. If we said 400,000 and 4 million or 400 million or 44 trillion or al this would be meaningless.

JE: Thank you.

DN: What’s happening lately with different personalities and things?

Forces: This is the what would be considered you must balance yourself discipline yourself you have yourself too wide open in many avenues and your going back and forth and the energies are not being disciplined you yourself must make yourself organized or put some order into your life and discipline it that is start with the Bible and make sure you read a certain amount of chapters a day come high water or what this will help in the Psalms too once you have that in order everything will start flowing a little differently and you’re beginning to create an energy field around you. Different personalities do come in each personalities must be put into order and ah from other lifetimes of course they manifest that’s what discipline is all about that you might make the superior personality now control all these other personalities that try to crop up.

DN: Thank you.

Forces: In all respect people you are dealing with many lifetimes society does not understand this but this is what they are trying to say by consistency. Society says consistency but in reality you are dealing with many ah other lifetimes that seem to come up and take their presence or power if allowed its up to you, your, your personality at this life to maintain the order of the system. This maintaining of the order of the system is part of living.

BH: With the transfiguration and that being the meeting place for Jesus and the Forces that was there way of communicating to him an expression of perfect Love and did it happen more than that one time?

Forces: There were several times when these things did happen yes.

BH: Thank you.

NN: Would you give me something in the Bible that would be particularly helpful to me right now?

Forces: Psalm 56 and 60 and Proverbs 5 verse 6 and 4 and 7.

NN: Thank you very much.

BN: Is there a way to make an anti-gravity field with magnetism and if so what direction and how strong in relation to the gravitational field?

Forces: There is a way of doing this the direction usually is found to point south. How to do it there are several ways of doing it, one you have the removal or the reversal of air the second is the recharging or the reversal of energy the third is the water system taking certain atoms out of the water could be done through atomic use and you have a certain solar imbalance that is placed within a certain fixture or radiance that produces a certain imbalance in itself causing it to go against that which is gravity. This should start you off for the beginning.

BN: Thank you.

BR: Was there a Tarot card in reference to working things out on a dream level or getting answers through dreams?

Forces: There is the card of the wands from the clouds that could be interpreted this way.

BR: Thank you.

HI: When Jesus said that the night cometh where no man can work what time was he referring to what is going to happen then?

Forces: This is the time of darkness where not even the Truth would be heard.

HI: Thank you.

IS: Is that not already happening?

Forces: The time of darkness is when man turns away from their God for the Spirit and relies upon worldly conditions.

IS: Thank you.

JB: Is there something in our thinking in our verbalization that could help the present crisis in the country of economical and the Iranian crisis?

Forces: Well there is a love aspect that must be done with Americans but there also must be the joy aspect must be had. There is a battle going on in America and the battle is between the Spirit versus technological energies so this eventually will have to work itself out.

DD: There’s a (—-) beam that would be the (—) (tape changed) (—–)?

Forces: (—–) yes.

DD: Thank you.

IS: That women that wrote that book about Jim Jones she kept opening the Bible before she went to Guiana and she described what she had in the Bible and I was wondering was the Bible telling her don’t go or was the Bible telling her to go?

Forces: It was more or less telling her not to go.

IS: Thank you that’s what I understood from it.

BH: That form of expression between the Forces and Jesus could that only take place with Jesus or could be an entity with all 10 centers open?

Forces: Yes its done yes you’re right.

BH: Thank you.

NN: In Isaiah where it refers to Leviathan the Serpent is that meaning like the serpent quality what it really is, is the mind or the logical mind?

Forces: Yes this could be applied in this area very nicely.

NN: Thank you.

JU: Why is it each time in my life that I have tried to play an instrument of some type I’ve never been able to?

Forces: Well this takes time and practice and discipline you must have to set a certain time 15 minutes a day and you’ll finally get into it.

JU: Thank you.

BR: With the hostages in Iran they said that there was some people missing were they there or someplace else or–?

Forces: They were not there they were elsewhere.

BR: Could it be given where?

Forces: They were being questioned and others were being held freely but they did not want to come in to join.

BR: Thank you.

GL: Is there any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: (—-) we already say the positive force. Serving those where you do work seeing and giving as best as you can and keeping the force of that rosary that we see that is being said alive and active. That should take care of you through these moments.

GL: Thank you.

DD: How does this diagram go along with the Torah, the Gospels and Revelation?

Forces: Well let us say the form hovers above this what you just mentioned.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: King Jehoshaphat the Judean King he made the peace treaty with Ahab and this is the first time there was peace between Israel and Judah and after Ahab dies Jehoram his son takes over Jehoram gets sick and dies and a son Jehoshaphat from the land of Judah takes over the Kingdom of Israel or is it just the same name?

Forces: Well let us say we interpret it as the same name.

IS: Did something different happen there because it said that he took over because there was no son left?

Forces: Of course this is true.

IS: Was it like a regency for the time being?

Forces: Keeper of the Title.

IS: So it was a Judean King that became the keeper of the Title in Israel?

Forces: Yes.

IS: For a short period?

Forces: Yes.

IS: So that was a great thing politically for Israel to accept a regent Judean King

Forces: Uh-huh.

IS: Spiritually it was a great thing too?

Forces: Yes.

IS: And it only lasted until the next King comes is that it?

Forces: More so or less yes.

IS: Thank you.

LK: In the Mormon Church genealogy is very important in their belief that their ancestors who weren’t baptized in Christ need to be redeemed by their being baptized for their ancestors and because of that they have the largest genealogical records in the world. Were they really given through the founder the laws of reincarnation and it’s just been misunderstood?

Forces: Of course. Yes.

LK: So there’s really nothing to their genealogical thing?

Forces: It is like all mush of misinterpretation of what was given.

LK: Thank you.

Forces: They were supposed to look back into these lives that were them and apply principles of lessons that they had tried to learn during those times.

LK: Thank you.

DN: My parents being negative about Tom and IS?

Forces: Well remember they are only throwing off what you are throwing off and therefore they are manifesting in the physical what you are manifesting in your mind so you have to not how could we say this to you it is like a boomerang that’s happening you can’t really discipline them because they are children in themselves and sometimes wild children and it is the energy field that you are working with more or less not what they are saying or what they do say you are speaking about an energy field that surrounds you and the energy field if organized and if put into a proper harmony and discipline this energy field that surrounds them will slow down and be put into its proper perspective so their more of a catalysts in which all parents are a reaction of some other energy field we project out into the atmosphere without us knowing it so just calm down and rest on the fact that they are surrounded in a spirit of light and get your bearings together and be productive and cooperative in the spirit by so doing then you would not have to meet such strange encounters with your parents.

DN: Thank you.

BH: When Elias and Moses appeared in the Transfiguration did the Forces take on that form for the Apostles with Jesus?

Forces: Run that back.

BH: The Apostles saw Moses and Elias during the Transfiguration and was that the physical manifestation the Forces took on?

Forces: More of a projection pattern that was sent down.

BH: Thank you.

NN: Can any other lifetimes of the Prophet Isaiah be given?

Forces: Some say we find him as the son of Shem.

NN: Thank you.

JU: Alternate world possibilities as previous possibilities that changed is the reality that we are in right now changed and we are not aware of how it is altered as if there’s a battle that’s going on that changes our vista now?

Forces: Yes there are many times and many different forms that do take itself over yes.

JU: Thank you.

GL: Can a force field be created or can you direct us on how to create an actual force field on a 3 dimensional level?

Forces: Simple force fields are created through reading of the Bible in its form of discipline and if this is done and the meditations and prayers are done it does create the force field needed. Force fields are needed and need to be created in a positive way and if this is done then will give you that strength to draw upon them when needed. Simply, go ahead.

GL: Is this how spiritual force would be stored?

Forces: All prayers of energy are stored in the power of storing it yes to be drawed upon when needed ah 500 hours of prayers stored up is your first step to movements so simply schedule yourself 500 hours of prayers to get you to your first rung in the ladder. You also have to have 4 to 53 hours of meditation to add to this 500 hours of prayer and that will be your first rung of the ladder once you work that one out this would help the force field around you.

GL: Thank you very much.

BR: How did the Unicorn come into existence?

Forces: More or less the lending of the power and uniting of a, of the messenger unit to that of relatives of the deer. The giving messenger from another section of energy (that?) surrounds the earth.

BR: Thank you.

BN: Could you give me a visualization of the solar plexus chakra to help me concentrate on?

Forces: Well try to think of an orange yellow ball pulsating with two diamonds in it and this should help you a little bit.

BN: Thank you.

HI: Why do I have so much trouble praying personal prayers its almost like I believe its not right for me to do it instead I would almost rather read the Psalms and let those be my Prayers is that possible?

Forces: This could be very possible for the moment yes.

HI: Thank you.

JB: In expressing the Love aspect I fell one method is Positive thoughts is there something else that could be given to help that situation?

Forces: Positive of thoughts is the best way of course that always leaves you in the best position of progress. Positive thoughts is what we all need to center on in order for us to obtain movement but the balancing and receiving of these positive thoughts doeth take a certain amount of time and patience of developing it but centering on the positive thoughts would save lots of headaches and heartaches in many respects in your progress forward.

JB: Thank you.

DD: Could you give me the next step in building in this diagram?

Forces: Just combining certain extended fields together and that should complete it for the moment.

DD: Thank you.

IS: Is there anything that could be given how to combat my nervousness and things like that my anxieties?

Forces: Certain Psalms could be said ah just relatively keeping some Psalms always at your fingertips to read or to record it or to be recited this has a certain affect of calming the nerves.

IS: Any other Psalms other than the ones I am reading?

Forces: No this should, should do it Psalm 63 also we could–.

IS: There is nothing that could be done to minimize it somehow to take control of it?

Forces: Breathing exercises has a tremendous affect on it holding the breath for a while and breathing in deeply has a certain amount of power to it.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Is there anything I am doing wrong that makes me vulnerable to the nervousness.

Forces: Anxiety is a certain affect but other than that just giving it up to the Higher Forces to take care of it (——).

IS: Thank you very much.

NN: Is there a pattern for Christ in the Book of Isaiah as well as the actual prophecy?

Forces: Not directly given no.

NN: Thank you.

BH: Were the Apostles aware of what was going on during the Transfiguration that that was the forces?

Forces: No.

BH: What did they think it was?

Forces: An apparition or a ghost.

BH: Thank you.

JE: The movie Future World we watched the other night is it anywhere close to being a reality or is it already a reality?

Forces: It is very close to reality.

JE: Thank you.

HI: When you say it’s close to reality are you are you referring to the cloning aspect?

Forces: Even that is close.

HI: Thank you.

BN: You mentioned potato peels before the medical usage what are they good for?

Forces: To eat also to put to receive the vitamins from it of course on the nerves (to?) the eyes throughout the breathing system certain parts could use it, it’s mainly a healing force that goes through it.

BN: Thank you.

JU: Have members of this group during certain incarnations manifested more than two incarnations at the same?

Forces: Sometimes they can yes.

JU: Thank you.

DD: Could you tell me the difference between the Vast Countenance and the Small Countenance?

Forces: One deals with a outer radiance the other one deals with the inner mechanisms the inner radiance that’s around the larger sphere of outer force or outer energies when they’re all complete certain different cities versus another city.

DD: Thank you.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving we’ll speak to you again soon.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.