Session 267-11/13/79

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We have watched a length and a breath for a long time we have watched situations come and go we have tested your strength and your weaknesses. We have (—-) to these qualities. (Tom sneezes then breathes heavily) Just doing a bit of house cleaning (breathing heavily again) Well watching the situations not only domestic of course being that they have a certain amount of pain in the neck in relations to your lives but also watching the worldly situations. We will try very nicely of course before the 23rd of November hits to do four major items in the earth. Of course we’ve planned a nice blizzard for you soon. I know you all like snow but we will not direct it to you but will direct it to the states that are not expecting it. We have targeted several areas for our visitations and our version for many reasons unexplainable. Now in this month that is left it is more of a readjustment and realignment for the new force and expression to come in. And this force and expression is too uplift and to give strength to those who are seeking and to those who would have the answers to the questions within. Understood cannot please everyone as we have well testify to that statement. This is a group that has come together for the Spiritual reasons and insights to these. If one goes astray from that Spirit of course there is conflict. Others who are remaining should share in the responsibilities and the work of the household of the atmosphere and of the movement forward. Remember the females are now outnumbered by the males and its up to you males to take on some responsibility of sharing. You have sometimes the misconception that the females in the house are servants or should do the sewing the cooking mending the cleaning. If the group is to survive in this economics of household chores everyone should take on their equal share of cooking mending cleaning and not to think it is just for the females. Yes when there were females in the house as the numbers were then you have the luxury of there of their services. Try not to abuse them and abuse yourselves. Remember we’re not putting the females up on a pedestal hence that saying how great they are we’re only simply saying share in the work load equally, distribute it volunteer your services learn how to sew if it is necessary and if sewing is not your bag then with humility request the sewing to be done with love and not a demanding attitude regardless for how long it might be for it to be done or accomplished. Remember the atmosphere the environment in the house and the demands on everyone has is to the point that it takes compassion and not demanding or childish attitude of wanting. Now as far as your prayers and meditations the Bible is important stay with it, it is your guiding light do not deviate from it do not for one moment or one day deviate from the point that you do not read this for this is your guiding help your saving grace this is your cornerstone and of course your meditations is your uplifting factor of salvation from the earthly desires and demands of the imaginations. It is of the earth or its of the heavens either you seek after the kingdom of heaven or you seek after the kingdom of hell its neither the middle part its either every day your doing one or the other and you must make up your minds your hearts and your bodies to seek after the heavenly kingdom. Now as far as the future is concerned we have planned things progress and progression and learning these are factors that will come into play as time goes on. There are these factors that we want to begin to share with you but remember for us to share with you, you must give up a little part of yourself to share with those around you so at least the nucleus of this structure will in reality hum with harmony and caring for one another which is vital and important. The caring affect is not only the chores but also generally if you see something out of place you do it, you do it, you correct it. Don’t leave it lying or in a state of a communal household where someone else will have to fix it or walk over it or correct it, this is negligence for it is your home your house and if you move through time and space seeing things that are not right then if you correct it then as you move through time and space there would be nothing but beauty that you would see and not the things that need to be corrected. For if one will be doing his or her share in operating in a most proficient way. Remember your Bibles are necessary they are giving a metaphysical law they are giving your subconscious food for thought and food for the Spirit. Remember the subconscious mind is a child and like a child can either send you to hell or send you to heaven without any feelings. It is up to you to teach the child to give the food proper for the child so the child can gravitate one way or the other. That is why the Book should be read once a day for in reading it you give food to this child and the child will grow in the right avenue and will not gravitate to hell. Give it not that food and the subconscious mind being a child is like a car the steering wheel has what would be considered a tendency of steering off the road on too its left side. If you take a car and drive on a road straight if the road curves a little bit and you are driving straight you of course will drive straight off the road. So in reality the Spirit is the guiding wheel. You guide your hand and of course the car being the subconscious mind has no feelings it is your soul that guides the car. Your subconscious mind does not know it only does what you behind the wheel command it to do. If you neglect to put in front of the subconscious mind the Spiritual food, which is recorded in this Book conveniently, then it will guide and steer you off the road as so many individuals in the past have been examples and shown of themselves and their actions. Driving off the road comes gradually it does not all of a sudden happen gradually, gradually you think and begin to think and begin to think and begin to feel and begin to go into private little moods and these moods are tell, tell signs that you are going off the road. Each and everyone of you knows where he or she is going off the road its up to you to pull that wheel back on to the road before you go over the cliff unfortunately we’ve had many drivers go over the cliff never to be seen again. So in all truth you must present to your subconscious mind the food and the food must be of the Spirit and the Spirit will give you abundance will give you good health will the restore the battery that is drying up. You are just batteries people your are positive and negative energies that is all it is call it what you may, call it the cosmos, call it a game, call it the beats but that is all you are, you are the glass looking through the mirrors but remember the negative eats up the positive and if the positive is not replenished negative becomes negative. You must replenish your battery every day and positive is the way to do it. Positive expression immediately cancels out all negatively. Positive reaction regardless of what the situation is immediately cancels out negativity. Aggression is what would be considered negative but aggression against aggression against that which is positive, there is such a cause, which is called positive aggression, which is uprooting aggression, but this is complex of thoughts we will not go into it. Just simply positive in all respects to all situations negates all negatives therefore your battery will rejuvenate and in its rejuvenation you will receive inner strength and guidance. You are not here to stay on the earth and to sit in a little room and rock back and forth this is convenient this is coping out you are here to be tested sometimes to be hurt, sometimes to receive pain for this makes you stronger to help those who are calling for help. An intern or a doctor does not know how to cure a sick man unless he has seen others die of the same disease. So remember the valuable lessons of the disease of death of pain can go on into you as on the record so that you can handle with wisdom the souls that will come before you and handle them with love and with the right attention you can prevent them from going off the road into the cliffs. In short you all are mirrors for service, service to the highest, you are all diplomats on a higher calling. It is easy to go negative but there is no fruit to the end of that road it is only destruction but to go positive no matter what the crisis, no matter what the ordeal, no matter what the outcome is positive approach is always creative, rejuvenating and also beneficial to our worldly day to come where there shall be nothing but positive people and positive approaches to worldly climates and situations faced. In short this is our message to you tonight, as we would bring it in short this is our help towards the situation you are now facing. The change had to come the change was inevitable dead weight must fall off just as in a boat from the middle of an ocean you drop your garbage overboard you do not claim hold of the garbage nor do you assist it in its sinking the garbage eventually sinks to the lowest level while the Spirit of the boat moves on through the Spirit of sea or Ocean to its destination. Of course the garbage gives you a trail or marking of where the boat has been but the garbage is only the ruminants of the Spirit, that is the dross, the gross, the heaviness of the earth the left over particle that could not be Spiritualized. The spirit of the boat must move on and not claim hold to the garbage. As we said tie 40 dogs to a sleigh one gets lost.

Forces: Your questions.

DD: How is memory affected by the ego, how is it connected with it?

Forces: The faculty of memory is a convenience of the records of life restored within the brain. Through the channels of memory one can have the direct linkage and linkup to other lifetimes if properly handled. Memory is the screen that is recorded within the body for all things the soul does. It is just to your disadvantage that you have blinders on and can only see a segment of that memory what you call memory. You only see a corner of the screen while if you turn within yourself you then begin to see a little bit more of that screen and while you turn even more inside yourself the screen becomes a vast system of knowledge and wisdom and therefore you would be able to apply yourself in this wisdom in what you would have to do. Memory is only the record of your soul in the earth in the schism of time.

DD: Sometimes memory is confused by all the impressions that come in during daily life and are recorded on what we call memory.

Forces: If you would put before the spiritual principles memories or memory would be an operating faculty that would not get into the way.

DD: When we think of the total thought of ourselves that we hold during the day is that total thought of ourselves is that like held within our heart?

Forces: (Depression?) goes through many changes during the day it goes through many personality changes, one hour he feels this, another hour he feels that, then another hour he feels this and that, so it does come from the balancing of the heart center as one goes through time in the earth from one moment to the other.

DD: And when we still our hearts then we can find our true identity?

Forces: When we still our heart and put it in its right position then all strength comes through and the heart is made strong.

DD: Thank you.

NN: In the psalm that we sing ‘sing unto the Lord a new song’ would you say what barrier that breaks down?

Forces: Well let us say ‘sing unto the Lord a new song’ means just that positive, sing unto the Lord new positive forces. That means turn your tune, sing a different tune. How many times have you heard it said he is whistling a different tune he is singing a different tune. In short if one gets up griping all day long, griping about this and griping about that and he or she made their lives griping, always complaining then it becomes a habit, a habit they cannot break, that habit is sad because then they are locked not only locked into the body but they are locked into the mind and therefore negativity is a habit and not the true response of the soul therefore the soul is a prisoner of the habit.

NN: Thank you very much.

NN: Also is that valid what I was thinking today for the moment as one-way of receiving certain things is that a valid?

Forces: Let us say it is valid to a degree but receiving is a multi-dexterous invention of the Higher Forces.

NN: It isn’t wrong though?

Forces: We have a saying up here for one to perceive the question whether it to be wrong immediately becomes wrong to perceive the question.

NN: Thank you.

LK: In the country of India with their religious practices and beliefs and gods and systems of initiation that are seemingly completely different than what we know as set up in the Bible and all the various sources of information that we have. How do the two relate, yet India is known as like a very spiritual country, but yet we also know at the same time their stagnant in their spiritual developments. How does it all relate?
Forces: India is considered the Pearl of Wisdom, India is considered the spiritual storehouse of the world, India is considered the spiritual Mecca of Revelation, India is considered the storehouse of all knowledge on a worldly conscious level. If you go to India from one span of the breadth (breath) of the North Sea, up into Bombay, down to Calcutta, if you go into Niger’s, if you go into the jungles, if you go through the strange places, the temples, the Mecca’s, the Ganges, if you go through all these items you would find a vast storehouse, even the grass itself grows differently in India. You would find the air smelling very perfumed with the berries , very strong with the (cries), you would find that in India is the recording history of Time. What is happening in India, the stagnation is again through the misuse of the knowledge, to capture the souls and keep it still. What is recorded in India, one might ask, what is in India. Why do we call In-d-a, In-d-ah, In-the-ah, In-the-earth. In the earth the history of time is preserved of every thing that has happened In-d-ah. So the majority of what would be considered religions is the factions and factors that have (sprung) out of the beginning of time. The beginning of time is preserved in India, everything since the beginning of time is there consciously, open, in the jungles, preserved in the temples, in the writings, in the sacred books, on the trees, in the grass. Why are they stagnated, because they refuse to use the information that is at hand. They refuse to open up their eyes and see the information that is right before them, and in fact they distort, abuse, taunt, change, slant the information that is already there. Therefore those coming into India is only coming to the big show on the earth, that is the big zoo in India. Different cages, different bears, different tigers and lions and elephants, all is a show of the spiritual nature of man. All is the imagination of mans thoughts of what spirituality should be and they all strive for this image of spirituality. Imagery of spirituality is not a guru, is not a person sitting on nails, is not a person hanging upside down, is not the naked bodies in the Ganges, Is not eating your own dung, is not drinking your own piss. Yes as gross as it might sound the urine is drunk by themselves, into themselves. There is some medical factors proven that this urine is necessary for the body, but remember, the urine is only a reflection of the waste products of the spirit in the body. One does not have to resort to such measures. If one cleanses the mind, then the urine would be cleansed already and no need for all these devices, and works, and deeds to prove spirituality. The soul can conquer all elements of the body. Look at yourselves, how much power have you given to your soul. How much power have you allowed your soul to reign over you. How much power have you given your mind to reign over you. How much power have you given your physical body and your desires to reign over you. Where do you stand. Can you stand up to that, the measurement of your own true self, alone in that measurement, stand out from all this, from all that which binds you to the earth. India only represents those qualities in which we get lost in the earth, through the different parts of the body, and the mind, and the spirit, that is the spirit body, the spirit mind. One cannot get lost in the spirit of the spirit, for one is in the spirit of the spirit. Therefore one is not lost in the spirit. But one is lost in the spirit of the body, or the spirit of the mind, for neither can take them to the height of the mountain of the spirit of the spirits. So India is stagnating, but if you go to India with your eyes open and you perceive the things that are before you, then you will see that in India is the history of time immortal, in the earth, since the beginning of time, even before the earth was solid. Before that point when the spirits came into the earth. Strange as it might seem, solidity, solidification, grossness, the unique ability of seeing something in front of you and identifying it, this is stagnation. Stagnation happens in many forms, in many ways. One sees one item and therefore it becomes that one item. And not perceiving the thousand and different items in back of it. The different pentacles, forces, angles that come from the grouping through the mental mind of the one item. All things are possible through God. Therefore do not stagnate yourself in living in the prison of your bodies or your minds, let your soul take control and reign for you. And let your soul guide you to where you are to be guided, not to where you would like to be. This is a misnomer, no sooner do you go to where you would want to be, you no longer want to be there. It is a desire of the mind and many are lead off the road and the path through their desires of pushing to be in a place that is comfortable that is nice. For that place no longer becomes comfortable once you have it. That place no longer becomes nice once it is achieved. The true comfort of the body and the mind is in the presence of the spirit. Comfortability can never be gained by living in a shack or living in a room, this is worldly comfortability. And it is a misapplication of what your soul is seeking. We all seek after comforts, we all seek after harmony, but there shall be no real harmony with a physical external comfortability. For it only creates disharmony and discomfort. True harmony is that which seeks after God and the Spirit. Seek not after it like those in India on the worldly level, on the physical level, then therefore it will only create stagnation. Seek the spirit and then the worldly conditions will be put into harmony.

LK: Thank you.

IS: With all the different idols in India is that part of past record or is that part of the stagnation.

Forces: All different idols in India represents the different energy force-fields that one who could perceive all the different gods that traveled throughout the earth, visably, the Higher Forces as you call them, not in directly to us referring, but to them the higher forces or transcental, or triestrial earthlings or triestrial planets or dibolic creatures, remember the dibolic creatures also have UFO’s too you know. So therefore you have figures and symbols that represent these visitors that have come to the earth and visited India. They have captured their big heads, they have captured their big ears, their tiny eyes, their marble lips, their scrunching fingers. Remember India has been visited by the good and also by the bad.

IS: Thank you

GL: Can you give me guidance of my bad habit of not being able to wake up in the morning?

Forces: Give the permission of one person to take you by your hands and lift you up out of your sack, for it has come to a drastic point that you must understand that when you are to be awoken, when you are given it is the time to get out. You mustn’t postpone it, it is a subconscious thought that has taken over from not taking on the responsibility of the day. There is nothing to fear about the day do not escape in it and sleep. When you are told the time is up wake up think about your God think about the responsibilities to God and what He has put in front of you. There you would not escape into sleep, running away like Noah (——-).

GL: Is there anything I can do before I go to sleep that would help to break that subconsciously?

Forces: Again think of your God, again think of some prayers, don’t say prayers haven’t been given to you they have say them. Carry your Bible with you under you so the evil influence will not enter into your fingernails.

GL: Thank you.

GL: On India I had an idea on how a person or with the (—–) that it’s the dross of the body of the spirit in the body and how it’s a reflection of that. If a person was to be sick and have a fever and any other kinds of fever. How would you go about treating it on a spiritual level first? Through music and through prayer and I don’t know if that makes sense?

Forces: Through a smile, a smile can crack any frown a smile can whip away any elementals that hung or hang or hover or smother or smoosh the body. Smile and you can caste away the demons of hell. They cannot stand a smile. Smiling is a gift from God. For when you smile an angel comes before you and is your shield. A smile is only the reflection of the angel that manifests its light and glory and its radiance in front of you. A smile is a manifestation of what you would call an angel in vision.

GL: Thank you very much.

Forces: Smile.

BH: With psalm 14 and 53 they’re almost exactly alike but there are just a few words that are different. I’m wondering if those few words change the psalm from one thing to another or how come it’s included like that?

Forces: 14 and 53 as you have different changes of words but one is more before the race and the other one is after the race.

BH: What race is that?

Forces: The human race.

BH: Mercy is an aspect of which center?

Forces: Comes from the heart.

BH: Thank you.

BH: Could any of the names of Jesus brothers and sisters be given other than those that we know?

Forces: Which ones do you know.

BH: There’s about 5 brothers listed in Matthew and then there’s also another brother Jude and the only sister I know is Ruth.

Forces: You have Ruth yes, you also have what we would call Mary, of course we have Mary the mother, Maria, Miriam, you wouldn’t believe if I said Kathryn of course I know. But you have a sister that is named what would be considered how would we say it Anna and then that should be enough for sisters for the moment.

BH: Thank you.

JE: Can you tell us what is the evolution pattern of the planet Mars?

Forces: You think your going to get a recitation out of us that’s 15 minutes long. The evolutionary planet of Mars. In Mars its consisted of a density twice the size of that of Venus and 3 times the size of that of earth unfortunately as it might sound Mars has a certain quality that is engulfed in turmoil. There is a great change within the structure and the system and the planet and the surface of Mars. On Mars you have violent wind what would be called storms these storms are connected directly to and through the emotions of men. The storms are cycles or circles or whirlwinds that are caught through the emotions of man in the earth. As they come out of the earth they must manifest and be captured. Mars is the mirror of the emotions of the earth therefore it is always the reflections of the earth. Mars is considered the Red Planet it is also the emotions and the emotions affect the blood. A purifying agent or element of the blood is directly affected by Mars and the Moon the Moon being the Passions or what would be called those deep feelings. The emotions of Mars, Mars has many what would be called correlating factors, Mars is strong Mars is the Warrior. Mars is the invading planet that burns out what is gross or dross or heavy or indent incorporated into that of the mental mind. Mars creates wars Mars builds Empires. On this planet of Mars there are lessons and schools on the emotional factor, there are lessons and schools on how to exemplify, control and put into perspective the Christ Spirit. Mars is found to be the (—) a forceful innovator it is what would be considered the foregoing sojourner. It is a sojourn of the soul on the earth through the strength that it takes to enter into the body all souls enter into the body through the power of Mars through the force, speed, strength, emotion of Mars. Therefore Mars is the evolution of mans emotions in time, in space, in years, societies, systems, the emotions. Mars is an ever-changing planet so is man. Man is an ever-changing item man is the creator or the destroyer of his own societies, (—). Mars is always looking over to see what it can do or undo what it can correct or what it can (—) correct. Therefore Mars is an interesting planet to look at it is also a brother of Venus and Venus is the sister of Mars.

JE: Thank you.

JU: In the poem in the movie last night what does the eternal sea mean?

Forces: The eternal sea is the from the desires of man also in the emotions of man childishness, imagination the eternal sea is the thoughts of man of power, grandeur eternal sea is the linkage between the reflection of mans desires of image versus mans true self.

JU: Thank you.

JU: The information I received from the card reading about my job do I understand that properly is that correct, my understanding?

Forces: A job is a job it is a reflection of what and how you are working with self that is all what a job is. If you go through one job to another to another to another it is only the reflection of the inability to work certain characteristics within self. You must meet upon them and (not?) excuse them. A job is only the manifestation of the elements within self that needs to be worked with. They are those moments when it demands a lot from us but these demands are only there because time has been lost by not making the right decisions therefore they are speeded up the demands become greater. A job is a job but a job.

JU: Thank you.

JU: The young man that Tom talked about inviting out should he be invited out?

Forces: If he wants to come out we won’t stop him but we do not have any room in the inn.

JU: Thank you.

JU: Is there any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: I think if you could listen to this particular Session you would have ample amount information.

JU: Thank you.

BN: Is there a verse in the Book of Revelation that corresponds to what is going on with Iran and America at this time?

Forces: Ump. Well there is a verse in reference to this, but it represents that which is Ephraim and it shall be given to Judah the Scepter. There’s a transition and it’s the power of struggles. The Spirit in America must be rekindled or else Iran through there emotional blood outing could be very detrimental to all the spirits in the earth.

BN: Will it come to any atomic explosion?

Forces: It is the furthest thing from our minds because it is quite remote but things that are quite remote have a tendency of looking to be very closely ah practical. The atomic explosion in Iran is quite impractical for 60 people.

BN: Thank you.

BN: Also concerning the origin of the name English or Angles was there an association or is there a link between the Angle of the Anglo-Saxons and the language of the Angels and how did this correlation come about?

Forces: The language is more or less Angel or put on or received at an Angle. We won’t say it’s the language of the angels but we would say that they are very slanted people. Angular-Saxons comes from a point of those souls that have come in at an angle (where their turning point).

BN: Thank you.

DL: In the movie last night is there a group of people organized on the physical level to destroy this entity that’s living now?

Forces: Lets run that back.

DL: There were people that tried to destroy the Anti-Christ in the movie but we know he’s alive and we know he wasn’t destroyed. Is there a organization that is working toward his destruction or is it absolutely necessary that the world go through what’s been planned for him to take it through?

Forces: For the motion picture to be produced is the organization working through it.

DL: So its not completely necessary that the earth should have to go through what he has planned for it to go through?

Forces: If the souls on the earth turn to the Bible and if the souls on the earth make that their sword the earth would not have to go through purging as is recorded. It is of course the purging of self. If you do take upon the sword of the Book you will be preserved the fires of the coals where you can walk over them.

DL: Thank you.

DL: Also the lady that was here this weekend isn’t her views of music as a whole sort of restricted?

Forces: Yes.

BR: Tom had a dream a couple of weeks ago he was traveling and he passed the planet Jupiter and there was another planet off of it and it was teeter tottering. He mentioned it was something to deal with a new religious feeling coming in. I was wondering what the dream meant?

Forces: Simply that there will be a strengthening in the Spiritual tide but the teeter tottering represents the application of these spiritual energies into a solidifying of religious foundational concepts rather than the Spirit itself.

BR: Thank you.

BR: With this weekend with the woman can any more be given on the woman or the group?

Forces: A major door on a spiritual level has been opened and some energies of a meeting ground has been established.

BR: Thank you.

IS: What will happen before November 23rd?

Forces: These are qualities that we have enlisted to work out throughout the United States and it should have a interesting affect over the whole country.

IS: This is this year?

Forces: Yes this year.

IS: Could something be given about the movements of this group?

Forces: (—–) would be and will be involved with a evolution of, of the soul and learning development and acquiring knowledge and wisdom in its application. Also it would be involved with certain groups to come for receiving not only the information through the Sessions from the beginning but also helping ah through the sessions in a direct approach to their own development.

IS: Thank you.

IS: You said the force of enlightenment and a force is there something specific that is coming in that will be coming in?

Forces: There will be.

IS: Is it something of knowledge?

Forces: Some understanding, new understanding and new information to set on the course yes.

IS: Thank you.

IS: What is meant that Jesus said he went after the one lost sheep and left all the others?

Forces: Simply that there are those souls they have come in and that know instinctively that they should follow a path on the Spirit.

(Somebody opening a letter??)

Forces: Go ahead open it. And therefore that the Spirit of that soul has that ability of finding the Christ, all the others are in the Christ Spirit and therefore they can be left alone for the Shepherd to take care of this one lost sheep who needs that extra help of bringing it too the assistance of the Christ Spirit.

IS: In the scheme of things who is the lost sheep we or somebody like (–).

Forces: (——) so drastic.

IS: I don’t mean (—–). Are we considered the lost sheep?

Forces: The lost sheep is within self. Those who have dedicated themselves to the Spirit of the Christ, when they occasionally fall away from Christ and go into off the road that is the lost sheep that is the Spirit of Christ leaves the other cells within the body and works after that one cell or that one particular problem.

IS: But the lost sheep is now then not the one that totally went away but rather the one that just falters is that it?

Forces: The lost sheep can be identified as one who totally goes away but in his heart still is committed to the spirit of Christ outwardly (—-) goes away but inwardly keeps his identity to the Spirit of Christ. Therefore that Spirit must hunger or learn or reach after that individual. Nonetheless the spirit does go after the cells within the body that do wander or go astray for the Spirit of Christ.

IS: The straightening out of the seesaw will that happen?

Forces: Oh definitely. It always does.

IS: Is there a time period?

Forces: Could be 6 months could be a year could be 3 days could be four, four months definite.

IS: Is that something that is already arranged?

Forces: In the working.

IS: Am I understanding?

Forces: Partially but its in the working.

IS: Thank you.

DD: When a person speaks a word describing something this word is not the object itself isn’t that in communication prevent you from coming to the true understanding of an object?

(Phone rings)

Forces: We’ll hold on.

DD: When a person speaks in everyday language describing anything your pronouncing a word and presuming that conveys a meaning. It’s only registering to the ear as a word. But in reality you don’t understand the essence of what you’re talking about. How is that eliminated?

Forces: Words have been given to you through and handed down from generation, from generation, from generation. Words had been communicated in the days of Greece. Words were given to them through inspiration, inspiratos or what would be considered receivers. Receivers heard the sound the sound was muted and as man became dense he put into sound woof (Laughter) therefore the words became handed down and you get all sorts of sounds but the real language that you are receiving is Spirit and not the words, the words, you might have a dictionary that has all sorts of words in it, it is not the words you are hearing it is the Spirit that you are receiving through the words and not the words through the Spirit. What we are saying is you are really receiving the soul spirit telepathically (Tape stops).

DD: If you cannot identify it on a Spiritual level you just see the physical word?

Forces: Exactly you would have to receive into the Spirit but the Spirit is camouflaged in the word.

DD: Is there a way of breaking through?

Forces: There is a sound system that if you draw in a circle you would receive all the colors of names of God in those words or sound systems which is in reality the name of God is Mystique or closed in the Alphabet or the sound systems.

DD: How is the sound system broken down?

Forces: It’s broken down phonetically.

DD: Taking the vowels?

Forces: The actual sound of the sound is written phonetically and therefore phonetics comes from the Phoenicians.

DD: So you take every word and write it in a different form, which is truer?

Forces: Yes of course.

DD: Truer sound?

Forces: Yes.

DD: Thank you very much.

NN: Is there a particular Archangel that would be associated with the new consciousness that is to come?

Forces: Well Michaels still working his wings off (Laughter) Raphael is working his Messenger service off, Gabriel’s working his horn off, but ah Saphiel you could use if you want him, he can be very useful during this age.

NN: Thank you.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving we will help in every situation now implying to RH we will work directly now with this environmental problem ah this knowledge we have worked out with that other aspect. We will now get busy to be your lawyers for this one. Hope that would be satisfying.

DL: Anything for JB and HI?

Forces: Yes they have to just take one step at a time and meet one day after another and try to be involved in the spirit and the rest will take care of itself.

DL: Thank you.

IS: Is there any advice or any extra something that can be given for me from the Bible or otherwise?

Forces: We have witnessed your tremendous strength and moving forward to try to bring these moments to a close and we appreciate the strength or efforts you put into the trying to work out on a worldly level different aspects. We understand the commitment you have. We will work with you all directly as the days go on to help and put into order some other items. But if we give you any more things to read in the Bible you’ll be sitting all day long reading the whole entire Bible. But if you want the psalms 54 could be read and 55 at this moment.

IS: A chapter or verse that can help me?

Forces: 54 and 55.

IS: Of Psalms?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Thank you.

GL: Are the electric heaters in the master bathroom wired ok?

Forces: You can ah double check the main box here to make sure its what would be called insulated right and covered right. But we see that everything looks to be alright yes.

GL: Thank you.

IS: Is there any way the shower in the master bedroom could be corrected. Because now even when nobody is in the bathrooms the hot water gets to hot?

Forces: Well simply build yourself a shed outside the door and hook up a hot water heater outside under the shed or under the steps or what would be the balcony or porch on the west side and simply hook it up into the water main that you have on the west wing of the house water being supplied from that into the water heater the water heater being hooked through ah under ah the window in or through the wall through the wall into the original water intake of cold, and cold water into your hot water line or hot water into your hot water line and through your gothic bedroom up to your master bathroom.

IS: Is that both the cold and hot water?

Force: you can put new pipes you can put your hot water pipes in through the cold water and you could put your cold water pipe from the same source. Have two pipes run at a certain point with an elbow you call it or whatever and tuning fork or whatever and have the one for the hot and one for the cold and that will work itself out.

IS: Thank you very much.

IS: What size?

Forces: 25 gal should do you sufficiently ah give you a great measuring rod to measure how much water you should use and if you had a 50 gal you would use not that all that water there. 25 gal should be enough to use in that for one or two people.

IS: Thank you very much.

DD: Take down part of Gothic ceiling or is there another way of doing it.

Forces: Yeah you’ll, you’ll be receiving the way. Could take it down put it back after.

Forces: At this point we’ll be leaving to come back to you to speak to you more.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.