Session 382 10/13/81

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We being in the area this moment finding the different and various situations in the world that is changing drastically and demandingly. We have a world crisis as far as water is concerned but more so as far as the African Nations are concerned with themselves and the Soviet Union, also with those countries of Communist takeover and those countries ah that is located in Central America. There are many conditions that are raising up and are to be questioned. You will have major questions of atomic power and strife that will consider these outcomes to be most devastating in many areas in Europe, West Germany, Japan that are so called against ah atomic explosions and trying to through some sort of means to stop the march onward. You have different Indian sections that are beginning to become stronger in their own course of action for life and many influences that as far as a energy Spirited level has taken place.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

LK: In the Book of Numbers and Deuteronomy several times they talk about Caleb along with Joshua as being the two surviving ones from the people who left Egypt who will go on to the Promise Land. We know who Joshua was and who he became can you tell us anything about Caleb and who he was in successive incarnations?

Forces: We know it to be that of John the Apostle, also King Henry the 8th and was also he had become one of the small sons of a Italian carpenter, ah King Henry the 8th being a major personality change and ah altering it by different personalities within him. He was also had a tinge of a quality that was affecting John Hamilton more or less the ah Hamilton, well we would associate that what there was a spirit that was associated more with that of Thomas Moore and that intermediate personalities that came here and there up and around (—) in the earth.

LK: When you said that he was Henry the 8th does that mean that he was Henry the 8th or at some point he took over Henry the 8th to try to change the personality?

Forces: Well let us say the taking over of it.

LK: Thank you.

IS: But he didn’t succeed?

Forces: Well we’re not here to say he did or not. By our standards it would appear he didn’t but we’re not here to say that.

IS: But when you said that he was Henry the 8th how can such a change of personality take place from John the Beloved to Henry the 8th?

Forces: John the Beloved is known with the Apostle of Jesus was the spirit that tried to alter his state. It didn’t take him over in body but came as one of his altering guides if you want to call it as such but altering a state of mind.

IS: But he wasn’t a direct incarnation of Henry the 8th?

Forces: He had some work in Henry the 8th.

IS: Was Henry the 8th meant to do something different?

Forces: This is correct.

IS: Thank you.

NN: Am I on the right track with the thing I’m working on?

Forces: We’ll yes slow movements forward.

NN: Thank you.

JE: What was the function of the Queens Chamber in the Great Pyramid?

Forces: This is an astrological function as far as a receptive function and that of keeping of what would be considered the gold, diamonds of the era in the walls around the tombs.

JE: Thank you.

Forces: More or less the gold itself that is lying under the diamonds itself or not the diamonds we know of today but different precious stones of the moment.

JE: What became of those?

Forces: Some are still there.

JE: Thank you.

DD: Do I understand the whole thing of the handwriting of the Elves how it connects with the handwriting of the Angels how it connects with the Elves on the Earth by invisible threads?

Forces: The handwriting is also connected by Helium.

DD: Are there actual threads that they see and they use?

Forces: Yes but (their) using the element of Helium that is the effect of this world of the handwriting.

DD: Helium?

Forces: Yes that’s what we said.

DD: Do I understand in Tolkien where he talks about the coming of the Elves in Varda would that be representing Venus in connecting with some of the Books you gave me?

Forces: No way but if you use the quality of Helium and turn everything into it then you all will turn into Leprechaun’s or small people.

DD: How do I use that?

Forces: Very well.

DD: Thank you.

BN: Could you tell us a little bit about the gentleman we met on the street in front of the Masonic Lodge in New York?

Forces: More of a soul striving for a spirit and seeking answers and more of a receptive one as far as giving substantial amount of help the spiritual courses.

BN: Thank you.

ES: Any change in the Bible readings for me at night?

Forces: We would alter it to John and also change it to that of ah what would be called Numbers.

ES: Just start at the beginning?

Forces: Yes.

ES: Thank you.

JU: Do I have a connection with Chambord the architecture?

Forces: What is that?

JU: Place called Chambord a chateau in France?

Forces: Oh that one.

JU: It’s a bad one?

Forces: No we didn’t say that. Ah there is a force of energy and it would be considered a high, high-energy place for Archangel Michael.

JU: Was I ever there?

Forces: There were times when you went through their yes.

JU: Thank you.

GB: The space dream that I had in September that I asked about what is the name of the planet and where is it located?

Forces: Well its not in this galaxy or galaxies around you but the name that is in the galaxy that it is at is, does not go by your words or terminology of names so its very difficult to give it a name that you might understand but it in your language would represent the haze planet or the hazel planet but it the word does not even mean does not have even a word to say hazel the haze or gimmick type planet but it’s the type of a place that does not use language or tones to communicate with.

GB: What was I doing there?

Forces: Observing.

GB: Thank you.

DN: Thank you for the acupuncture points last night I had some surprising results. Could you give me some points to be used for whatever length of time that you think necessary to continue with that?

Forces: Yes would be happy to. Points of Patience and Love, Tolerance, Forgiveness, Charity, Understanding these are very much needed points of interest.

DN: What physical points in the body?

Forces: Points of Love represents the Heart, Points of Patience represent the tongue, Points of Charity is that of the hands, Points of Forgiveness is in (——-) all interesting Points of the body.

DN: Thank you.

IS: Could you tell us a little bit about Henry the eighth and what he was supposed to do and how it came about that he should fall down?

Forces: Henry the eighths power was to unify England and Ireland and to unify the European countries on a spiritual basis or to communicate the basis of spirituality within the network of Africa, Europe and Asia. (—-) Obvious he did not succeed.

IS: Is it just because he gave in his sex desires?

Forces: Well were not going to say it was because of the sex desire it was more of the abuse of the food and drink and the instruction of the government.

IS: How many people are there what safeguards are there?

Forces: For what.

IS: For a Mission of that magnitude?

Forces: We’ll your also talking about several other people that were connected with it that also erred and did not succeed.

IS: Who in his government?

Forces: No were speaking about other qualities of personalities and characteristics that were in other countries.

IS: Like Hitler?

Forces: Well you could use an analogy on that too. Any group of individuals that had a basis of unifying the under doctrines of the Spirit (—-) they had not the fortitude nor the continuation of it.

IS: And there’s nothing that can be done at those moments to keep it on the road.

Forces: Well these postponements marks that are, go into affect when it no longer continues on the beam then a postponement mark is made and the amount of progress that has been done remains.

IS: But on our level it looks like failures.

Forces: Well no.

IS: They turn bad.

Forces: Not using the beneficial source of energy that was given.

IS: There’s no spiritual power that can come in and actually stop that thing from happening?

Forces: There are qualities that have to be worked out there are other things on other levels that cannot be gone amiss or gone into at the moment but its on other levels too that other positions are being worked out.

IS: In a case like that what kind of karma does he have has he lost everything he has gained in the lifetime with Jesus?

Forces: John the Apostle if you’re referring to him hadn’t lost anything he was a helper in a service of spirit rather than of the body.

IS: (—-)

Forces: He was a servant of spirit in the in the

IS: Who was Henry the Eighth in a previous incarnation?

Forces: No not at this moment.

IS: Thank you.

LK: It’s been given that Joshua was used as a channel to give sessions for Moses. What purpose did Caleb serve in the relationship?

Forces: More of the interpreter of vessels and the giving of directions and measurements in mathematics and distance.

LK: Was he also allowed with Moses and Joshua and the Forces?

Forces: Yes.

LK: Thank you.

JE: Did any of us go through initiation in the Great Pyramid?

Forces: Yes.

JE: What period?

Forces: A lot of periods a lot of sections times in the beginning.

JE: Could you give some now?

Forces: No.

JE: Thank you.

BH: In a previous session you told me about (slowing of the pace) when I asked the question about my path. Is that a problem about the pace?

Forces: No at that time there was a slowing of the pace (—).

BH: Not a problem all the time?

Forces: No.

DD: Could you tell me when Elves were created were they created by man?

Forces: Before man was created.

DD: That’s why they are called the first-born?

Forces: Yes.

DD: Who created the Elves?

Forces: Before man was created the Elves were.

DD: So who created them?

Forces: Not man.

DD: Was it you?

Forces: Let’s say that they were created by a force from other places.

IS: Is that the natural formulation of the earth as you were doing it that allowed these things to grow so to speak?

Forces: There were other creatures on the earth that were like elves, dwarves, leprechauns, youauns, yitezins and hipahites that were in control of the earth in spirit form and energy form and body physical form and the great changes of the earth had subdued these creatures to go into the earth.

DD: Were these creatures good?

Forces: Yes some, they were very good.

IS: So you mean the ascent of man has caused that upheaval for them?

Forces: Yes for there survival.

IS: Thank you.

DD: Thank you.

ES: Dream someone was showing a building with lots of bright colored lights and white light intersecting the colored lights.

Forces: Yes.

ES: What was that?

Forces: More of receiving a divine interpretation and guidance for personal messages within self. More of a aligning and alignment of a inner feelings.

ES: Was the guide the same guide?

Forces: No.

ES: Thank you.

JU: What Archangel would I be closest too or focused through in prayers?

Forces: Michael.

JU: Thank you.

GB: The same dream that I asked about earlier what were the glyphs in the cave and the beams that came out of my eyes that I was writing with and do I understand the major…?

Forces: You do.

GB: And glyphs and beams?

Forces: Um-huh.

GB: Thank you.

DN: The dream last night with BR in it was it an actual visit or…?

Forces: There will be. There should be that alarms for this individual for her own soul that it will not be destroyed or harmed but the door for if the overtures taken from her should be allowed because of the connection and the responsibility of, of her previous trying to commit herself and, and also the ability to turn on the soul pattern for the soul and the individual to grow.

IS: Is she going through that?

Forces: This is what’s happening.

IS: Thank you.

DN: The particular stand that I took wouldn’t leave her around very much.

Forces: More or less watching, seeing certain defense mechanisms within self to align them in harmony to the spirited will of something higher than us on a physical level. Either acupuncture points your meridians change and fluctuate through time and if you have the other centers that we have spoken putting them into alignment these points will be put into alignment through the pressure systems. The basic point you have is right on your stomach and of course right underneath your left breast.

DN: Thank you.

Forces: Another interesting point is the tip of your nose and underneath your left armpit.

DN: Thank you.

IS: Is Archangel Michael still my angel?

Forces: It is so.

IS: Is there any advice for me with all the things that are developing?

Forces: It is moving along.

IS: And for the entity Tom?

Forces: Movement is being had.

Forces: At this point we will speak to you again soon.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

IS: The new Talis this is the first time I’ve seen any thing like that.

Forces: Represents the new moment or energy fields coming into the earth that is ah the 80’s.

IS: Is that correct that it has never been since the time of Josepha or Moses?

Forces: It hasn’t been that for (far) yes.

IS: Or is there another time not in our memory that that kind of Talis?

Forces: We can rely it as such.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.