Session 275-1/14/80

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We as always have been near (and about) as the day’s move on we find your worldly conditions quite testing many ah conditions must be tightened and many positions of movements must be worked with. We find the world situation conditions encounter very alarming and very strange. This would be the point of direct confrontations in a new hemisphere. It seems that the land of Iran will go through some heavy changes now and internal conflicts and there are a few surprises for that and those in Afghanistan. The focus light is on this section of the world but the real section is beginning to work and become ready. As always a real section to look at is Japan for Japan is very uneasy with the ally ship in relationship with China and of course China is growing in its own conditions. Japan is very upset with the balance of power it wants to maintain and have that power in the islands so there are conflicts ahead. Your second major area of power seekers of course is those countries or sections in Africa areas of the Iraq situation and Lebanon (at conditions). You also have Israel in its own middle (to tote) situation of contrite or the powers that it should be developing but got lost in many building experiences that were not really necessary. They need to become more into the tune of items around them (—–) building up a western development they should build from their own centers which is the Bible. You have other countries in the world that will begin to test and try their aspects that of Brazil and Argentina each one wanting to be the strongest in its own position. Of course you have the conditions of Mother Nature coming by in January and February there are those train conditions also needs to be worked out. You have great ah undercover agents that would be found in many murder cases and misapplication of money and funds. Ah we also see near the end of January some major robberies and of course you have the silver market that is moving along but nothing unusual to go with that. As far as the world situation in America is concerned it looks quite testing. There are those moments in everyone’s development that they need to sacrifice and give up certain items this is the course with this country of yours is going through the giving up of certain items in order to accomplish others never to give up the spiritual side of the accomplishment needs to be achieved. We have your corn situation of course you have more corn than you can pop but there are those corn problems there’s also a great deal of gasoline and energy that can be deprived of its natural boundaries and taken out into the light this corn property would give a tremendous amount of energy better than wheat just alone to see the pop of a (cannon?) is tremendous ah how much more popping in the machine of a car. We are now ready well there is more or less other tidbits coming across the wires. The Soviet Union is quite dismayed they are sending agents of course in many other countries. Those would be speculated that while they were busy here they would also be busy in Europe and South America. For there is a great conflict now in the Soviet Union that is beginning to happen and of course there will be a new leader coming up that will be more to the dictatorship of pro Khrushchev days. So of course you have the give and take of political parties happening in the Soviet Union. You also have a major conflict between China and the Soviet Union not only over islands and fishes but also over natural resources.

Forces: Now we are ready for your questions.

DD: Would the Bible be represented like from the center of the Universe unto a counterpart making line upon line the Torah as we have it?

Forces: Yes you could interpret it this way.

DD: Thank you.

IS: Now the probability world people can only incarnate at the same probability world every single time. They cannot go from one to the next probability world incarnating in different probabilities?

Forces: No this would ah create ah create an unbalance within their structure of focusing. It does take a long time before one can come into a particular ah reincarnation pattern. Just as a baby is produced ah not just by accident but it takes many, many months of planning so also lifetimes do take many years of planning before the entrance of the soul into the earth.

IS: Thank you.

NN: The lady with the candle is it all right to picture that and also is it the spirit of Isis or part of the spirit of Isis?

Forces: Yes its, its all right um huh.

NN: Thank you.

BH: Would the tribe of Judah go with the Apostle Thomas?

Forces: Well Thomas is understanding and located in the point of the brain ah front part of the brain so Judah is the Scepter and the Scepter cannot be removed from Judah. So we would not give it a direct interpretation of control over this center but it does have its affects over it more or less in its own course.

BH: Thank you.

JU: Do the companies like the oil companies and the banks all perceive this coming depression a number of years ago and that’s why they made their moves to extend credit and strengthen the oil position and all that?

Forces: This is basic elementary we had been saying that this is coming ah depressions and trying to forestall it but ah this is correct they extended the credit to give it a false moment time so all the other members could invest and direct their money in flows and markets around the world.

JU: And that way they can cash in if the depression happens?

Forces: Oh yes this is the end result of it all.

JU: Thank you.

LK: Is there a general karmetic condition, which leads a soul to incarnate in China?

Forces: Well is there a karma condition for a soul to be born in China. Is that your question.

LK: No is there a specific thing that a soul has to undertake that they have to be incarnated in China? Is there a certain thing they are working out that they have to be incarnated there?

Forces: Not to eat too much rice ah yes they are working out a spiritual principle of that of from isolation to that of the singular spirit God consciousness to that of creating beauty by the single strokes of their energy. China those who are there are going through stages of working together. The biggest lesson ah the world can learn from China is that they have correctly interpreted that in order for success to be successful in order for their future people of the world have developed a civilization but civilizations are concrete you have after the civilization a spiritualization and this is your next frontier people that people in order to conquer and match up and commune with the spiritualization ah spiritualization city one must work within themselves with others that is to say more rigidity more structured ah worship and prayer and in group living is the answer for success in the 1980s and 90s there will be no success if people live separate and eventually they will find this principle. The principle of success in the 1980s is conservation that is discipline.

LK: Thank you.

DN: Asthma…?

Forces: In Chinese they say let it be or yang who or yang, yang (Laughter) or (eye he ah), ah (yet ahto eesh yanga) and in that is ah if the leaf falls off the tree you can’t glue it back (Laughter) so when someone goes (he ha nang) (genie of that) (ho hay yung yoyo) it sums up the condition of the thought that no, no problem as you all say in your slang there is no problem. In order to have a problem you got to admit that you have a problem. Many people per say move through time and space not even recognizing a problem and there is no problem so when you do recognize a problem the problem is only that you recognized it so when you recognize a problem it’s a problem because you taking time to recognize a problem so no problem. Now where were we. We were speaking about the conditions in China and the
1980s and 90s of what would be set straight. Up to now in this time we have allowed you all to move where you want to move bumping into walls and doors, cars, antelopes, cantaloupes and we’ve rather allowed you to go to your own personal levels this is good for you, for us not so good so what we would say don’t worry about it no problem it will work out we will work it out how we will work it out well we just told you the 1980s and 90s have laws in them, what is to be successful well what is to be successful well to be successful is to always start off your questions with instead of questions start off with your answers and then let someone guess the question (Laughter) for instance 1492 correct Columbus discovered America. Grants Tomb correct, who’s buried there. Now these are the simple ones so you go on to something that’s a little bit more complicated like Thoreau yes correct he wrote words of thoughts, loved to sit in the boats in Louisiana, Mississippi ah in the dumps and become famous, but this is correct. Anyone can become famous all you have to do is keep two toothpicks in your eyes and look intelligent and dare not say anything. (Laughter) The point is if once you say something you reveal your hand and ah so we are actually taking a chance by talking to you all. But this is the 1980s and 90s. What would you do in the 1980s, well we’ll tell you, well lets see, whatever your doing don’t do it that’s a whole thing of nothing so there’s no problem. In short the best thing in the 1980s is to save, save on what everyone saves on energy, on nylons, on rubber bands ok. But we would also say save on time and energy try (and) to do the job that is in front of you with the spirit and let the spirit come through you, you might be able to do it as best as you can. Well what could be done the music that you have created seek a way in order to get it around and let people listen to it and also maybe seek a way to develop the other side of it so it will be complete in its own form for the music would help many ah avenues in the 1980s. There are other things that we would say this year of 1980 the colors for this year is green and yellow. Now green stands for money (Laughter) and yellow stands for the color you turn when you don’t have it. (Laughter) Al kidding aside and the flower for this year of course the flower for the year is tulips and dandelions. Yes you have to take the good with the bad. Did you know that asthma is generally made up of a lot of patients who are schizophrenic. (Laughter) All kidding aside asthma people can become schzoroids yes many different personalities are affected within them and they have a large percentage of being schizophrenic. Now you know and I know we don’t believe in that schizophrenic does not well we do not understand it in our own field. If the person has asthma he must suffer, she must suffer, we like people to suffer (Laughter) it makes us a god you see its simple terminology make people suffer and they get on their knees and pray, when they don’t suffer they’re on their feet and their walking the other way. So if we make people suffer we have it good all the time. Of course people don’t like us when we make people suffer so we don’t make them suffer they make themselves suffer. All in all, all jesting aside asthma is a disease of not being able to be at rest. Now we know some people who have asthma and we know some people who got rid of asthma now those who do that is get rid of asthma they had all their lives mind you and they got rid of it. Now the way that they got rid of it is that they died (Laughter) It is the surest way of getting rid of all allergies. If you keep that in your mind it sure should help your condition. Then you’re guaranteed at death that you no longer will have asthma. So it goes along with what we were saying when a leaf falls from a tree you can’t glue it back. (Laughter) The best way to take care of asthma is make believe its not there. Will yes we, we understand how do you make believe its not there when you are choking for air and tubes are going down your throat. Non the less you make believe its not there well how does this happen well you make believe that you are having a transfusion or that you got caught something in your lungs or that your having a baby. (Laughter) So asthma is a very simple problem it’s curing it that’s complicated. (Laughter) Now we’ll go on to the next question.

DN: Was it correct about the death that I died and how many years after the particular encounter did it happen?

Forces: Well we would estimate that you had a nasty experience in France all right now that’s one aspect. Then you had something happening to you in the ah other countries more or less near Egypt, near Arabia so one happened relatively 10, ah 1,000 no 1052AD and that happened to trigger it off which kept on it ah cycling over and over again until it finally merged to its own manifestation of another condition in the year 18 four more or less 17 four. So yeah it will go along to that condition yes it coincides.

DN: Thank you.

DN: When you were talking about schizophrenia…

Forces: Who.

DN: You.

Forces: Oh. Us. You who.

DN: I am trying to understand because all of these things come through so loud and clear to me…

Forces: Oh.

DN: and I am wondering if that’s like an aspect of…

Forces: Yeah. Hum. (Laughter)

DN: of that thing that people are not able to control or…

Forces: Ahhh.

DN: separate those lifetimes.

Forces: Ummn. Ummm. ahhah. Us we. Did we umh. Maybe. Say lave they say. All these are terminologies do you know the biggest thing that man has to work with. Himself the enemy is not outside of man the enemy is inside of man. Do you know what happens of course. Do you know how many lifetimes you lived. Do you know how many personalities come to the surface in one day interesting isn’t it. It is up to us to maintain our what would be considered the major frump, flump, flump personality of your lifetime today and keep that focused while the other personalities flitter back and forth hither and thither you understand.

IS: Yes.

Forces: So you can’t tell people this in the hospitals or in the mental wards or in society that there balancing out their lifetimes. So schizophrenia is only balancing out many lifetimes in one, how’s that.

DN: Thank you.

Forces: Yeah.

JE: All through the Universe (way on out past the clumps) does the hierarchy stay the same?

Forces: Yeah they don’t change their Union laborers. (Laughter

JE: Thank you.

Forces: Yeah. They get paid a Dollar 95 ($1.95) an hour. (Laughter)

BR: With each letter of the Hebrew alphabet is there an Archangel or and angel that coincides?

Forces: Yes there is.

BR: Can it be given?

Forces: Yeah (don’t) see why not.

BR: With Aleph…

Forces: Oh your going to give us the alphabet is that it.

BR: No.

Forces: Take your Alphabet; the first five would be the Radiance of Michael and then from their you have it separated into three slots each with the section of 3 times and that would be that of Gabriel and Raphael and Uriel in or (Oiel), Uriel yeah Oil he’s in charge of so we work with that. Then that would give you four more slots of five, two, three, minus of course two, of course you will have to do some figuring on this, but it should come out that the next ones would be the Raphael, Auriel again, but Raphael, Auriel and ah Gabriel and Zikiel in all of these higher echelons. So that’s your Major Trumps then you have your minor angels or Archangels that come in to play on each individual letter. So with that we let you be for the moment and then you could work out the other angels as time goes on.

BR: Thank you.

JB: The emphasis on group living and group prayer for the 80s what happens to the individuals who don’t get involved in that. In the world there are many who don’t get involved in groups.

Forces: Well what happens to them is that their progress is slower and their develop, their developing of what they’ve come into the earth to accomplish this lifetime is not accomplished and next lifetime they would be forced in group living if they liked it or not.

JB: Thank you.

IS: The forcing means incarnated in a place like China?

Forces: Well yes of course. India is heading for it next. Wherever there’s a mass population this is working out some type of karma.

IS: Are there also going to be like physical drawbacks to people that do not live in communal living in the 80s?

Forces: Well there will be the inability to meet demands and ah of course people’s style of living will be lower much lower than in the 60s.

IS: Thank you.

HI: What is the true definition of prayer, to what degree is work prayer?

Forces: Prayer is the bridge making between the conscious world and the subconscious and the spiritual world. Prayer is making that happen or bring down divine grace into ones life readily and freely. The more one prays the more the bridge becomes stronger.

HI: And how is physical work prayer?

Forces: Work is the praying of the energies and also form a divine structure on a physical level.

HI: Thank you.

GB: The Bridge you mentioned just now prayer is that like what would be considered in certain mythologies like the Rainbow Bridge?

Forces: Yes definitely, definitely also the Psalms are the perfect network of the supersonic bridge of the future.

GB: Thank you.

BN: What is the origin of Hallelujah and what power and forms does it bring forth?

Forces: More or less saying ‘so be it’ and ah ‘hail to the angels’ and it brings forth a dome shape energy ah three dome spirals to be exact.

BN: Thank you.

DD: At the center of the Universe if you do take it as the Bible can you explain the part of it how we go out?

Forces: More or less in cone shaped systems cone within a cone and that would be formed into the square structures of the, of the ah invisible levels of designs.

DD: Thank you.

IS: When you are speaking about Japan not liking the alliance of China is it the alliance of China with America?

Forces: Yes Japan does not favor it. Ah they look very down on it, openly they will not come up forth with this yet but it is already brewing in their social structures.

IS: And again will there be the alliance between the Japanese and the Germans?

Forces: This seems to be very magnetic as always.

IS: Thank you.

IS: MAR and HOP how to help?

Forces: We are watching the situation and knowing how hopeless on a worldly level it is, but we are looking for a spiritual force to manifest there so we at this point will say not to be turned on or turned away but to look into to see what can be built from.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving and speak to you again. Keep your Spirit Consciousness together and your prayers strong. The entity that we speak through will be going on a fast starting ah tomorrow in the morning to Friday at sundown and there should be those thoughts of the spiritual world and designs to be brought in to the Universe.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.