Session 271-12/26/79

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. As we have stayed in and about this area for this past few days we have accomplished some of the elements that we needed to acquire and to finish. (There is so much reception of the source and healing it was healing parts and coming about). We find the days to come to be days that can start developments and receiving the first two weeks in January of this New Year will be perfect timing for receiving and creating some inspired movements. We find conditions in the house to be adjusting in several different respects major alignment in it self. As far as the world condition is concerned there is great turmoil and tension in its structure and is held very loosely together in its structure and system (—–). There are still immovable forces in the (—-) area of Iran. These conditions again have its conflicts within its own borders and outside of its borders will become more involved in a direct and indirect reaction. We find some discoveries and ah the energy question (greatly) in the development of energy and resources.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

DD: Could you explain how to do the extensions on the octahedron as its done right now the part that sticks out in between?

Forces: Just allowing the four square type projection with a holder of energy inside the square should be a complete ah center and productive section of energy. This should be a first step of projecting outside of this (——).

DD: Thank you.

LK: In talking to my father yesterday I had a number of feelings afterward of some sort of change that seems to have taken place in him from his all of a sudden interest in me and in the work we’re doing here. He’s getting over the golf thing he was into for many years and is understanding he has to live with certain things that are going on with his physical body and where he used to be worried about it he’s not anymore. And he told me who to contact in case anything ever happens to him or my mother. Are they getting close to death and should I send them the Edgar Cayce book ‘There is a River’ to give him an idea of what we do?

Forces: Nourish the flame it’s very difficult for you all live in this environment and accept then truth as reality. There are thousands of people who would never dream of entering into the belief and structured system you are into, in fact would have many conflicts and persecutions against this belief so sending him the book at this moment is throwing him back into the frying pan or into the fire either way it would have another mental shock given to his system. He’s not completely unaware of this capability and condition of an afterlife we’re not speaking about that particular shock as a per say but there are other items that need to be worked with in him and through him that would be much more beneficial for you and as that time progresses giving him this book then would then of course have at least fertile ground to take its growth and ah, ah seedlings.

LK: Thank you.

JU: The card readings that I had this weekend were they accurate and did I understand them correctly?

Forces: Well they are movable what would mean they are accurate for the moment in time and space but movable as far as your own commitments and positions in life are attained. With your right thinking and purpose, purposely committing self to the Spirit one advances on into the unseen. There is no advancement if one does not make a commitment, commitment to the Spirit even though on a blind level one does not know the future becomes the commander of the future when one commits him or herself to the Spirit of thinking rather than to the voice of thinking. Relatively the reading was ah accurate and you understood ah it’s ah compra, compensation of feelings of thoughts, attitudes of general future involved with your progress of moving forward.

JU: Thank you very much.

Forces: Simply analyze the progress by you know the substance of the work the physical ailments and conquering of the physical body in its own demands. This is the greatest (——-) ah structure of movement and progress with your own personal feelings and commitments to moving forward moving through time and space the unseen factor once you move through that time and space it is already accomplished and becomes part of the past.

JU: Thank you.

BH: Did I understand correctly when you gave the name of Katherine as one of Jesus sisters?

Forces: More or less this was a force or the entity that was involved with the structure of Jesus but coming from the ah Isles of Britain, (———-) the entity was Kit, Kithin and Katherine was ah symbolic name given for the ah description of area that this service came from. It was one of the openings to Britain at this time ah by the Apostles of Rome did it through Jesus making some advancements to (bury and lay) some of the works of Jesus in this area.

BH: Thank you.

NN: What does it mean in terms of our development to keep from polluting the Sabbath?

Forces: This is the Peace of Mind within self to keep it sacred and to keep your feelings of God sacred within self and not to ah come to a logical explanation of the spirit in self and to receive the Divine Spirit within self.

NN: Thank you.

BN: Sometimes when I meditate it feels like there’s a block in my spine between my shoulder blades or a little lower could you tell me what this is from and what I can do to work with it?

Forces: This is through stress or tension of different factors of the mind areas need sometimes just to be exercised (———–) during the meditation force energy does go to that point, it also denotes an area in that section is being worked with causing a impression or sensation of blockage which in reality when anything feels blocked is blocked. It is that way ah largely a large percentage of the time because the area is being worked with.

BN: Thank you.

IS: Is Jesus God?

Forces: He is the Son of God and one of the Chosen Spirits or sons that have come into the earth.

IS: So my understanding is correct then?

Forces: Relatively speaking yes.

IS: What I mean is He’s not, he has reached a godhood state but he is not God incarnate?

Forces: Relatively speaking yes.

IS: Thank you.

IS: God himself could really not come into the earth right?

Forces: Not in a direct form, He is All in All but He manifests through the manifestations of expressions.

IS: Thank you.

GL: Could you explain in Job what it means when it refers to Arcturus (and his sons)?

Forces: This is the force and the creative element of the Spirit generating in this area that gives a lot of Strength and the incoming ah transports from other lesson fields. It’s a very powerful section of the stars.

GL: Thank you.

BR: At the time of Jesus’s birth how many Essenes came to visit or was around?

Forces: Oh there were quite a number went with Jesus ah through the birth an Essene ah Mary then called Joseph and Ruth and Hanna and Zacharias and other members so it was not just the lonely expedition but there were other members with the Nativity scene.

BR: Thank you.

JE: Could you tell us what Jesus experienced between his last incarnation on earth and the lifetime known as Jesus?

Forces: The quality he was working out versus the quality that was manifesting. We take to mean the particular lifetime that he had before Jesus.

JE: Yes.

Forces: Send one member throughout the house just one person to move through the house while I speak on this.

Forces: The experience of Jesus as known as Jesus before Jesus was basically it involved an aspect of learning how to work and perceive the Laws of the Spirit, of the Occult into the laws of the body. A great lesson of putting both these elements from on high to below into a force of expression does take time. This particular area of lifestyle he was found to be with a (—–) in government making policies around the area again of Israel. He also had the power and strength to incorporate his intuitive feelings of the future and the elements that need to be worked with dealing with the future. This would put him in the area of a great army commander in Israel but not a known soldier per say but one that (—-) in an indirect form on the field of advisory. This would be his last experience before entering into the entity called Jesus.

JE: Thank you.

DN: The light in the sky was it a ship it was close?

Forces: Are we out of our minds. We have decided to make our obvious appearance in the United States in of course the state we have told you to come to. We have since November made… (Knock at door) yes its all right. We figured you didn’t want to be standing outside while we were talking in here so we sent someone to get you. Yes of course we will make many appearances gradually of ourselves on the land and in the air and over the period of this year there will strange phenomenon’s near the airports, near the country sides, near the mountains and it will not stop and we will continue, but remember this is a reflection to you all that we will not leave you, we have not forsaken you, yes you are under certain trials but we compromise those trials by showing you that we are very close, we appeared only two counties away from you, now you know, we travel thousands of miles to get here so two counties away is relatively in your own backyard. I know it is two counties away so relatively speaking its not your own backyard so we have made several appointments to visit Nelson County your own back yard. And we know what we are doing and people will just have to accept us.

DN: Thank you

IS: You said from November you started?

Forces: Of last November, this year past November.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: Not that we have started all of a sudden, we were always into it.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: All great minds remember this, not only the minds, but all great souls had to believe in something beyond. Take for example the Roman Empire they believed they were the only great civilization in the world. Very few of them realized that in the western hemisphere there was a whole entire culture and evolution going on. But the Indians (American) realized and knew the presence of the Roman Empire in fact they knew more about the world around them then the people today realize about the world. So you are guaranteed that there is another world out there, there is another hemisphere that have people on it and civilizations and societies. You have not discovered it yet, we have discovered you. So in fact you are the ones who are being colonialized you are the ones who are being ah discovered.

IS: You are speaking about outside of this earth?

Forces: (———–) there is a world that you do not know of that does exist that eventually will be discovered by us through you or through you by us and then your consciousness will develop, we’re speaking here of consciousness people. Your limited consciousness of now is ancient, old kind of barbaric in many respects. When you see the society and civilization of this new discovery you will begin to believe in things possible and no longer impossible but you will see the reality of them being made possible. So therefore you must believe in the unseen even though you don’t see it, it is there. It is only when you turn the corner do you see it. What we’re saying is the logical mind will not believe something until it can hold it, see it and taste it and touch it. You must try to realize the men in the past in their discoveries, ideals, philosophies always went on a belief or a stack or what would be called a platform, a position of tenures, we must make our own special tenures our own special element of belief. Formulize them, believe them, make then real and bring them into manifestation on the earth. This is what’s happening now, you are the living miracles by the belief, you are the frontiers, the frontiers of tomorrow if you do not stop your mind, your heart and your spirit from believing the impossible or else you stagnate. Do and continue to do all the impossible things for all the impossible things will be in the past and all the impossible things will become probable things, will become elements of perfection and accomplishment and of course matter of fact, they would become just as ABC so your breaking new grounds of belief and frontiers to these new grounds that are very old your not the first it just takes that time to manifest a belief. Groundwork can be destroyed by that of the limited mind. Anyone can believe and make it real and anyone can doubt and destroy and make it impossible.

IS: Thank you.

DD: Can a ship be said to represent like a complete form of evolution, like the whole thing put together like a miniature of the whole Universe?

Forces: Yes every ship has that element just like every human being has the element of all forms of evolution in the earth in it.

DD: Just in the earth or in the whole Universe?

Forces: Well the whole Universe too.

Forces: You’ll find and discover a little bit of truth, but if its truth in any form shape or way you can manifest it into a whole big bunch of truths. So one small structure can make a gigantic big structure.

DD: Thank you.

IS: 1 Kings 13:16-19 The Prophet that was killed by the lion he didn’t go by another way he went back and ate at the old Prophets house and the lion came and ripped him apart without eating his body. Who was that old Prophet?

Forces: We have the Prophets name as Maloyia.

IS: Has he done any other things or ah was he a big Prophet in his time or was it just an incident?

Forces: More or less a Prophet in a town moment of incidence there. There are other books written about him that are still buried or in places that don’t readily come forth.

IS: There is more about him and other such people that simply…?

Forces: Definitely there are the schools of the Prophets.

IS: Thank you very much.

JU: I go through feelings or thoughts that deal with the things that I see as injustices especially when its old thoughts how can I overcome it?

Forces: Just simply some just have come into the earth to work out these so-called standardized injustices and injustice must be handled and worked with. Eventually you do put them in its proper perspective.

JU: Thank you.

BH: Is the combination of Psalms 8, 14 and 53 a good one for of the aspect of faith?

Forces: Yes. More so 53.

BH: Thank you.

BN: What’s the best way to help bone fractures heal?

Forces: Surprising enough a water balloon treatment around the fracture to make a pocket and fill it with water as a cast rather than the cast of plaster, a cast of water.

BN: Thank you.

NN: What did it mean in my dream when (———) set my ankle on fire?

Forces: This is ah more or less ah the weaknesses within self that ah are tied with passions that need to be worked out.

NN: Is there a connection between that and what with my foot the way its been feeling the past day or so?

Forces: There is a manifestation of heat and discomfort at times in the area. This would have a spiritual connection along with the physical connection of it yes.

NN: Is it being worked out or am I understanding and dealing with it?

Forces: Yes it by the very factor of it inflaming the way it does is there are certain purging’s and purifying going on in this section.

NN: Would there be any further guidance?

Forces: More or less just take one day at a time simply and plainly offering it up for the spirit and the grace of this power for development within self and God.

Forces: Thank you very much.

GL: What does Arcturus symbolize or represent for man inside of man?

Forces: Arcturus represents the new horizons and new discoveries that are to be made that have been evolving.

GL: Does it symbolize anything of a quality or…?

Forces: More of the twin love of man the love and development of the Spirit Love within the earth and a new concept of this love.

GL: Thank you.

JB: What is the spiritual significance between Christmas and New Year?

Forces: One is the manifestation of the Spirit in the earth and the other one is the dedication of the Spirit to God.

JB: Thank you.

HI: How do I really conquer what I’m struggling with and how do I know when that has been conquered?

Forces: When you’re no longer struggling.

HI: But how do I know what can I do to expediate it?

Forces: It’s not the question of, of advancing it or moving it forward it is the prospect of moving through and allowing each day to be a reception not through the mental mind but through the Spirit and the Heart centers and then by tuning to the Spirit in the Heart centers one would be able to remove the so called obstacles that you are confronted with.

HI: Thank you.

BR: Can you tell me what I did to my arm?

Forces: We find ah it looking to be bruised and sprained certain parts of the wrist. There is a guite close possibility of a minor fracture but we would say you should look before you leap and its also a factor of calming self down and allowing each circumstance or condition to be or to work itself in or through your life and therefore the looking in back of you ah has a symbolic preference, its not good to walk backwards so there’s no intentions of looking backward but to backwards one should not do but to walk backwards ends one up in a coffin and or on a box of ah solidified thoughts. So you just simply have to as we said look before you leap.

BR: Thank you.

JE: How far away is the farthest solar system from the earth and what’s it like and its inhabitants?

Forces: Relatively or roughly cutting it out 200 and some odd million miles away or light years away. What’s it like its like something you’ve never seen before its interesting and has its own Empire and government within one nucleus of the spirit, everything is generated by the force of light and other force (of growth) its ah its not run like this society is run or the societies and governments of this nation even though this, earth is evolving to this point many, many years from now its run by the spirit of the soul and everything is done by the soul level of growth and work. So it’s a, it’s a whole different society than earth quality form of, of the Universe.

DN: After that system happens does it mean that there’s just void after it…

Forces: Oh no, no, no. Go ahead.

DN: Is it that God has, that the creative aspect of God is still in a energy spirit form after or what happens after that?

Forces: There is a item the entity DD is working on to describe the Universe and from there, there are equal projections from the center of that. There are in a certain point, distance, section in the Universe clumps, eventually the scientist of todays world will began to recognize these clumps and will call it just that, clumps. In these clumps are a whole (—–) system of Universes that are clumped together and they are just impossible to count analyze or even calculate how many earths and ah Galaxies are in this particular Universal clump. So yes we speak of the farthest away system from the earth being 250 (million?) billion light years away, but after that Universe there are countless of clumps or Universes from that point of Galaxies to be had. So it is a unending sphere of development to be had in the future. By all the souls that are caught on the earth this is there world you are only in one segment of the world and in fact you are on tiny head of a pin and in fact the pin is put to a dress to keep up a hem so the old clique is am I a world within someone else’s world strange as it is think of yourself a head of a pin and see how much more there is besides the head of that pin around it impossible correct, correct. So the soul has a infinite amount of discoveries, expeditions and knowledge and wisdom to be gained, it is infinitesimal, its unending incorporated with this structure is the divine plan that one day they will truly be the sons of God throughout all of creation and understand it and comprehend it and fulfill the oneness of it all.

JE: Thank you.

DD: Is the idea I had at the end of the last session of combining the three items together?

Forces: All of them are combined instantly, instantaneously by invisible lines.

DD: How are they combined?

Forces: They are combined by the nearest points of conjuncture.

DD: Thank you.

IS: Is there such a thing as alternate worlds and if there is, is there a world where Jesus did not get crucified?

Forces: There is such a thing or ideal or element of alternate worlds and there is such a composition that the Spirit of the messenger of Christ did not have to be crucified because they heard it.

IS: Is it possible for us to enter into that world and feel, is there a way to bring forth the fruits of that kind of condition where Jesus did not have to get crucified into this reality or would it disturb some things of the cosmic?

Forces: Well we kind of lost you.

IS: If there is that alternate world where Jesus did not have to get crucified is it possible to hook up to it somehow so people on this earth hear maybe just us could feel what it is like in a world where the messenger did not have to get crucified, could we peek in?

Forces: Yes you all could in your own dream level travel.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving and speak to you again soon.

Forces: Greetings to all here present.

Group: Our Father.