Session 195-10/19/78

FORCES: Greetings to all here present now. We have been monitoring the process of building and restoring, find it moving. There are many things of interest shall be given. Some shall be new ideas in construction, others old ideas. As far as the movement on a worldly level, we find every thing going twice the speed of normalcy and also find, that there shall be traumatic changes of ups and downs. There will be changes that will alter the living of some, and for others it will make it better. There is this movement forward that is being developed and worked on. We have situations in many areas that are being watched. We are going to be around this area in about a week and a half physically, for certain monitoring devices to be laid. We are now ready for your questions.
DL: Could you tell us about the entity Haydn?
FORCES: This would be the more flower or the more flowery type of person. More of a energy factor. More of a quality of light.
(Dogs barking loudly)
FORCES: We will be back in a few minutes.
Group- The Lord is my Shepherd…
FORCES: With this individual we find more of an expression of the joys of living. Which would affect more the eyes and of the ears and nose and (toes). You would also find one of the most positive aspects of the pineal glands development. Question.
JE: Could you tell us what was happening on a spiritual level as the music room tiles were being completed?
FORCES: It is a counter effect for there was a section a directly above this dwelling that was connecting into this room for other energy and forces in the future. More or less there was a direction where we were striving to create a pattern and sphere of energy. For each room that is being done is a certain counter act or counter part that is being done in the higher sphere.
JE-Thank you.
BR: In this ah written in one of the books in the meditation room that the apostle Luke had painted a picture of Mary. Does that painting still exist or did he paint a picture of Mary?
FORCES: More or less with the description of her life and the way she moved.
BR-Thank you.
BR: For each planet is there an Archangel?
FORCES: Let us say there is a Archangel for certain distances throughout the galaxy. There are sometimes a, a establishment of a Archangel for that particular planet.
RK: On the number of the beast, the three sixes. I had a dream a long time ago, where a actual voice told me how that a possibility on how it would be seen. And it said not to tell anybody except the entity Tom. And I wrote down and gave it to him a long time ago. I’ve been thinking about it again. On the three numbers, the three sixes, could they be like what was in my dream?
FORCES: Is some facsimile to the power and the possibility of the three sixes. The mark of the three sixes, of the beast in mans consciousness is a strange attitude or perception towards the worldly environment. It is more of a desire and madness to be involved with the world. You would also find that the labeling and the marking of items ah, a could be the beginning of this consciousness of six, six, six. Consciousness of labeling and marking produce and items of all categories is the beginning of this era. When all items are marked and tallied and recorded, then everything is being set up for the major battleground.
NN: I had that feeling about like one of the units where I work. Like one of the units is called six, six, six. And I had had that thought that different things like that that it was like a sneaking in. Is something like actually snuck in, in certain products like, say like a stereo unit or a cassette like is there something that could actually be in the mechanism that could go into a persons subconscious.
FORCES: There is what would be considered anything labeled six, six, six would be the avenue in which certain forces would be trying to operate through.
NN: Thank you.
RK: With the new Pope, the new black forces Pope is there anything else more that can be given. I thought in his picture, I saw something on his forehead, but is that all going to happen where they actually put something on there foreheads?
FORCES: This could happen, but there would be a strange transition of power and more visitors of unfamiliar category throughout Rome and the takeover of the city in different areas. We would have certain changes of policies. It would be interesting we find that certain financial dealings are now under way. There are also certain stranguler affects towards the free nations that would be affected by this move. It would be considered more than anything the aspect of power to be given to those of the Communist powers. But there is going to be some opposition of a back and forth thru France and thru Rome.
IS: With the cardinal that broke away from the church?
FORCES: Him and some more in that of Switzerland and Holland, Denmark and Norway. There would be some strange goings on in the next five months.
IS: Did you have him break away from the church just before everything happened so something could be preserved?
IS-Did Bishop Lefebvre.
Forces-Understand go ahead.
IS-Did he break away under your instruction…?
FORCES: He did.
IS: So there is something preserved.
FORCES: That’s why you had attended and went to that particular force.
IS: Even though we weren’t welcome.
FORCES: The point is you weren’t welcome by one particular person because of his own interpretation. But on another level you were.
RU: Can you give us any help in locating the American flag?
FORCES: It should be in the hearts of everyone. (Laughter) The location of this particular flag will turn itself up, when certain conditions are more in harmony, when certain conditions have been put into perspective. The keeping of it would be until that moment happens.
RU: Is my understanding of what I understood in the meditation room tonight, is that correct?
FORCES: You would have some inkling of this into you. You would have some thought or some power of growing to that wisdom of that understanding of evolution beyond.
RU: Is that something that I would be able to correct. That’s reparable?
FORCES: It could be corrected. Everything in this earth is correctable.
IS: Is that why there was some sort of something slightly delicately different in HP?
FORCES: The change in HP will only come about when there is a true and sincere understanding of the correct changes within the entity of RU.
NN: Would you describe in detail what happened when the rosary was received into the earth?
FORCES: That the rosary was transported on an astral level to this particular person. He in respect was receptive to the astral spirit, in which the Madonna as she is called manifest herself. And in so doing you have a story of St. Dominic who received this particular rosary. And he was also receptive to certain answers within. This particular rosary if used rightly can cast away all evil force and replenish this certain fourth center of the nervous system properly.
NN: Thank you very much.
NN: Also may I keep using the rosary intercession the last one you gave me or would you recommend a different one?
FORCES: Well we wouldn’t say they were out like a battery. One aspect about the prayers and services, that the more you have them the greater your evolution to a higher consciousness develops.
NN: Thank you very much.
MK: When we speak about the three apostles or the three tribes or the three around Moses who made it. What is meant by them making it?
FORCES: What would be said the joining of the spirit consciousness or the light centers within their body and joining into a higher consciousness of Christ-hood.
MK: And then the others that didn’t make it. Could they have made it?
FORCES: There was a great possibility.
MK: What three paths on the Tree of Life do they represent?
FORCES: You would find them to be the Father Mother and more of the Wisdom aspect.
LK: In a previous session you said that stained glass could be used to heal the optic nerve. How would it be applied?
FORCES: Well we know we cannot take the stained glass and insert it into the eye. For sure that will dis-copula the, the optic nerve and their would be no more problems. There is a system with stained glass of healing that if utilized properly can heal and raise certain forces within the body. You have during certain season’s different feelings and vibrations that the sun emanates, from the spring to the winter to the spring again. During certain times of the hour is also the intensity, in which these qualities of light can reflect upon the patient. You would also have rooms that this particular stained glass predominates. For instance if you would have someone with asthma, you would take a predominately light blue stained glass with fringes of gold and yellow, more so gold and green along the edges to make diamond shapes. Putting this into a stained glass of what would be considered diamond and circles. And the glass could be what would be said two panels. One panel would be facing one way the other panel would be facing the other way. Within this panel a vacuum if possible could he had. The rays going thru the first, forming into the vacuum, going (thru) the second would produce the right breakdown of the light waves. Shining upon the patient in a proper sequence. This being exposed to the patient during a period of seven days, seven hours, and seven minutes, would have the proper response. With herbal and water treatments the chronic asthmatic would be healed entirely of the condition.
LK: In order to create the vacuum would the panels have to be sealed and then applied with a vacuum pump the way that you would create a vacuum in a bell jar?
FORCES: A normal vacuum cleaner could do it also. And also making it go on exhaust, sucking the air out and at a certain point closing it up. Also the bell jar would be accurate.
LK: What type of light should shine thru it sun light?
FORCES: Normal sunlight would be the only candescent of the right energy power. Florescent light and candescent light would not activate the rays of electrons in the atmosphere.
LK: So how would that correspond to the seven days and seven hours and seven minutes, being under the light?
FORCES: This would be the normal set, what would be said the normal set of sun light. The rays within the room would then be generated throughout the room in the evening. Patient must be allowed to operate by candlelight.
LK: So the candlelight passing thru would have the same effect once the sun has gone down.
FORCES: The candlelight must be in cups of blue of the same color.
LK: Should this be opalescent glass or transparent?
FORCES: They could be a mixture of opal and transparent.
LK-Thank you.
BH: Could you tell us about Joshua, I was reading today, it sounds like he killed an awful lot of people. It sounds like he’s a very good man, but I am just wondering why he had to kill so many people?
FORCES: There were strange strands of predominately solid consciousness that refused to develop and move on in such a condition. Also you had a backward movement. And rather than to stay still an eradication of certain thought forms had to take place. Unfortunately as it always is the case, taking of life must be paid back in other conditions and existence.
BH-Thank you.
IS: When then did the entity Joshua pay back the killings?
FORCES: It is not put upon Joshua per se. It is put upon the people he lead per se.
IS-Thank you

GL: Could you tell us something about the religious ceremonies that took place during the high time of Atlantis?
FORCES: Generally they dealt around the astral communion. Or the spirit level of walking back and forth from whence one had come from.
GL-Thank you.
IS: You said you are going to be here in a week and a half. Where did you mean here?
FORCES: In this vicinity.
IS: Will we be able to see you?
FORCES: Well let us say. In order for you to understand us and to see us, certain inside thoughts must be put into order. For those who are receptive and understanding what they are going through, they will be able to see certain parts of us. We will be affecting your weather; we will be affecting certain lights, certain stars. But to see us has to be founded within the individual first.
IS: Now when you say in the vicinity. Is it here or Virginia or… What do you mean you will be coming down?
FORCES: We will be manifesting a force to protect us from normal people from seeing us. But we are telling you beforehand what we will he doing.
IS: Then you never really manifested to anybody, not physically then.
FORCES: We did have our moments, where we manifested certain items and laws to individuals. But we really never showed tremendously ourselves to mankind’s eyes.
IS: You mean somebody like Moses you showed yourself too.
FORCES: Similar yes.
IS: Did Gandhi see you?
FORCES: Not particularly.
IS: But he knew of you?
FORCES: He understood of our presence.
IS: In the same manner like forces.
FORCES: Yes. Our presence is felt. We can penetrate anything at any moment. You see you all think we are coming to you in space ships. So you do not understand that space ships are not our vehicle half the time. That we can come not thru space ships alone as what we have described our ships to be, but we can come thru the very sound of the wind and that we could come thru the most tiniest crack in a door. In fact we would come right thru the door. All you have to do is call upon us, with certain power that we will be there to listen to you. But you must ask us. For the purpose of that of asking is to receive.
IS: What is then different this time than the…?
FORCES: Sometimes we wonder if we could say something fast. The difference in this time and that is only of time.
IS: Every time there is a session are you not down here?
FORCES: It would be very hard to prove otherwise.
IS: So there is something special?
FORCES: For us to be here in this place means that we can’t be in another place. But to do something on another level, for those whose consciousness hasn’t even touched this aspect is going to have some chain reactions.
IS: Do you sometimes project yourself and yet not yourself?
FORCES: We do not do that.
IS: What I mean is there any way that; you cannot be in two places at the same time.
FORCES: Well when we say we are at two places we cannot be at the same time. Literally we can be at several places, at several times. Let us say it would be complicated to understand what we’re talking about. But while we are talking to you a group of us are watching and at counsel. So therefore it’s not only us who, who are here, but it is the presence of the body of counsels that have been working with this group for a period of years.
IS: Where are they, in what we think of as the ship or here?
FORCES: They are as in the midst of you.
IS-Now who…
Forces-Sometimes we put them into little balls and they pulsate in their little ball. And they hover over your head.
IS: This is what you mean by time isn’t it.
FORCES: Correct.
IS: Because what is it like a bend and you just pull the bend or…?
FORCES: Open it up.
IS: So being in several places at the same time…
FORCES: Is quite possible.
IS-Thank you.
IS: Now what’s been happening with the dogs? We had a couple of nights like that already, not too long ago. I mean lately and why did you have to leave the session?
FORCES: The dogs perceive people moving around, maybe at the lower end in their homes are coming out. Sometime they also perceive squirrels that are moving around gathering nuts for the winter. You would also have different aspects of deer moving around that are also gathering the apples that have fallen. But you also have generally just people who are coming out of their cars and moving around. Why we left so that we could find out what they were barking about. In reality we too had something upstairs cooking that we had to make sure was off the fire so that we can continue to talk with you. We are using symbology here of course.
IS-Thank you.
IS: The church with the three sixes that we saw on the road. Are they aware of what number they are…?
FORCES: They are yeah they are aware of it, but they seem to be taking the road that they have built their church so that when the devil does come that way, they can convert him. Little do they know that the devils already there converting them. Six, six, six is a powerful number vibration that cannot be fooled around with.
IS: Actually any number or word or thing that….
FORCES: Exactly.
IS: So I am not superstitious I am doing right when I come across certain things in the books?
FORCES: Correct.
IS: Why is the work in the house so slow, lately?
FORCES: More of a slacking off, more of a falling into a doldrum. Draining of one another. Not putting the best foot forward. It is a quite sometimes-frustrating event, but certain individuals are not paying attention to their ideals, and not moving along according to that ideal. The movement should be going ahead, but there are certain telltale marks of strange slowness that creeps in. But we ah can understand certain aspects of this slowness, but it is not healthy. And it should be taken away the certain natures that each and every person who is working in the ground floor, has found themselves into. The movement must be done and accomplished. The fast work, that is, should come from the entity of MK, and now it seems to be like LK is involved. But the movement of work could be done, if the so-called social hour is relaxed a little bit, and concentration on work alone, focused into.
IS: Thank you.
IS: Is there anything that I am supposed to be doing, that I am not doing?

FORCES: Well let us say, with the reception of the work to be done, and at hand. We find that certain diagrams and forms of preparation could be completed or accomplished to help you move on. But in short we only stress that if you move on, you can move on out. Also the ability of comfortability, with what is known, for there is that fear of once we finish this, what will be left for us to do, to move on out into the unknown. This could be a big fear and also the comfortability of, how easy it is with the things that they are aware of, and the rooms that they like so much. Interesting how they stay in a room and nothing gets accomplished.
IS: That’s not me personally, right?
FORCES: Generally it’s speaking to you, on your second thought of your first question.
IS: Now ah, why doesn’t Zikon like those plumbers?
FORCES: More of the dirt that’s on them. Also the force of elements that are surrounding them.
IS: Is that what Miriam has been seeing?
FORCES: Correct.
IS: They are that far gone. Well what happens to people, that have been taken over by elementals?
FORCES: They become erratic, emotional, unstable, and they are no longer cohesive, they are no longer coherent to there thoughts. They allow things to come into there minds and to take over.
IS: The rock church that the entity Tom has been going to – is that a church we will be involved with. Should the children be involved there every Sunday?
FORCES: It would have some positive affects on the children. Better than the traditional Baptist movement.
IS-Thank you.
IS: Did Joshua himself kill?
FORCES: Well, that is a difficult question to answer. Of course he killed physically, but did he kill of his own motivation. This could be answered as no.
IS: That’s why he had nothing to pay.
FORCES: The killing is a strange aspect at that time. There were a lot of feathered creatures and elementals of the physical body, still on the earth. And Joshua had to eradicate some of these creatures that predominated the earth.

IS: Are these the same people that come back today yelling about humane societies for animals?
FORCES: Well, it would have some drawback in that condition.
IS: There is a link?
FORCES: Yes, of course there is, definitely, always a link in a personal attitude.
IS-Thank you.
DD: Could you help me with a dream I had about being in a church in Ireland, and some service being read, I was reading, whether or not the man was saying anything, but he or I had on gold rings, Celtic designs, and about the seeing of the law.
FORCES: It is the aspect, in which your progression and movement on the physical level, and in your progression on a physical level, you would receive a Celtic law, in the accomplishment of physical deeds, in which will give you the capabilities of understanding the invisible law, and establishing a consciousness sacred. Therefore movement on a physical level, and creativity on a physical level is necessary in order to find the Celtic law.
DD: Is this the same as the Torah, like the law of the Torah?
FORCES: Correct
DD: What were the pictures on the ring?
FORCES: This is the initiations of commitments on a physical level development that must be had.
DD: Is there anything wrong specifically with the water heater itself, or is something else with the hot water?
FORCES: Checking the filters or the filaments could be a helping hint, and generally making sure, the fuses are contact properly. And also the analyzation and comparing of water heaters of the same size, and functions of work, to the amount of pressure, water, factor load, capable of heating. This in this particular house, a lot of water is wasted, hot water, before the person enters into the shower, and while the person is under the shower. You have a tremendous amount of percentage of water, being wasted because of the misuse of hot water.
DD: Is the faucet in the shower of the guest bathroom, I tightened it up, did that correct anything or is it something else?
FORCES: It would be altered correctly, but again the force and pressure of the water is a stabilization factor. This factor deals with the pressures in the pipes themselves. You would also find that certain pipes have what would be considered heat clogs, ah, certain pipes are clogged, ah, because of elements within and then find a release along other clean pipes, producing a alteration of cold and hot in the wake.
DD: You mean a pipe is clogged up, and it suddenly gets unclogged?
FORCES: The certain filaments within the pipes move, causing like a dam affect, until the particle moves from it. It is not that elaborate as we are suggesting. You also would have pressure incoming, the incoming water into the system, and generally the demands of the water and system throughout the house.
IS: So is it something that we can do with those pipes, can we ourselves clean them out, or is it a matter of time, we wait, or should we, ah, pull in a snake or something into this?
FORCES: Generally it’s a household experience that would be found in a large house. Certain pipes can be cleaned, that can alleviate certain changing of pressures, and the checking of the filaments, and the structure of the system can be very helpful.
DD: Which pipes can be cleaned?
Forces-Generally cleaning per se would mean the changing of them over, some of them, not all of them.
DD: The old iron pipe?
FORCES: Some of them. It is not necessary to change these pipes at the moment. Some of them are in okay and workable condition. It is again the combination of many factors involved.
DD: Thank you very much.
JU: Is there anything you might tell me, so, to guide me to a list of jobs, I might select or go for, because there is an awful lot of them all over the place right now.
FORCES: Well that’s exciting. Go for the one that is in your heart, a good feeling. You have many at hand, one would manifest itself to you, and you will find which place, would be the best to learn and develop. There are many opportunities out there for you, because you can develop the right attitude at this moment.
JU-Thank you.
JU: And in the symbology of lines in my hand, that I sometimes have been looking at. Is the things I have been seeing, is that my imagination, or is it something that is really happening.
FORCES: Ah (boy) you say your hand is falling off. (Laughter)
JU: No I said that a little part of it, sometimes

FORCES: A face appears on your hand.
JU: That’s happened too, but some lines, sometimes I look at them and I see them changing, where I haven’t seen before.
FORCES: These happen. Lines do change on the hand. These happen.
JU: But this one happened because of imagination that I’ve been focusing on it a lot?
FORCES: If you do stare at a line in your hand, long enough, it will practically walk off the hand, and slap you in the face. (Laughter)
JU: The headache I had today can you tell me what caused that, the brief one.
FORCES: More of a pressure and nervousness.
JU-Thank you.
IS: Why is the entity DL constantly so tired?
FORCES: Well, we find a change of positions and attitudes that needed to be rectified, and generally the movement and transition from one sphere of learning to another. More or less this personal commitment within is being developed, in which the entity can move forward, into a higher awareness of himself and the things he has to do.
IS-Thank you.
IS: What about the entity RU why is she..?
FORCES: Generally we find, this more of a depression, and instead of meeting up, and working with certain factors, and encountering them, she slumbers into this state, because of certain attitudes, again that can be draining. Dealing of course with the children, and her marital relationship, and her personal attitudes, of what she would want, which causes a I-don’t-care type attitude, which also has a reaction of sleepless and slumber.
IS: The food that is being served here is that all right?
FORCES: We find the food at this moment, the best for the system. For the beans or for the quality of vegetables, or for the qualities of meats, the system is at its best part of developing certain chemicals needed that comes from the dirt.
IS:Thank you very much.
NN: Could you explain what it meant yesterday the black cat jumping across? Was it anything for us or just for him?
FORCES: Let us say its more of an awakening and warning, for that particular system or systems within, that one should obtain and deal closer to the spirit, or for him and for those involved.
NN: Thank you.

RU: The situation that happened with Joe the psychologist at work today. Did I understand that right, or is he going in the right direction, the way he’s moving the boys in the school?
FORCES: It could be discussed and analyzed, but this will only take time to understand what would be the highest goal and operation for all concerned.
BH: You said earlier that everyone has to pay back the killing. Will the scientist that I am working with will they have to pay back for what their doing?
FORCES: Well, we can’t say that, in itself. We will not be able to make a statement that they will come back as cats. What we will try to say is that in their personal lives, they must have come to a balancing factor, somewhere along the line, and be involved with helping animals of a certain kind.
IS: Now, these animals, do they interchange, like a cat was a lion and….?
FORCES: No. There are animals of a certain gender, developing to a certain purpose.
IS: So no animal can be anything else but that particular animal.
FORCES: Correct.
IS: Can it come like for instance, dogs can some be like shepherds today, and tomorrow bulldogs, or sausage dogs.
FORCES: Sausages. (Laughter) Let us go back to the food. If you would find that in the peanut, you would have all the natural elements, to coat the system. If taken in properly, it would help the system, in the blood, and for the cold weather. Remember that in the cold weather the transition is the most critical, in the lung system. The bean itself is a magical vegetable, or a magical food. It is meat to the soul. You will find that in the Bible, that beans were the one aspect that preserved a nation. Beans have a certain factor, especially around the fall moon, harvest moon, that gives the enzymes needed within certain structure of the cells. In such it also gives what we consider here a blanket to heat the. It is called the thermometer, or the insulator from cold. If beans taken in properly are done, it can insulate the individual from cold. Now get back to sausage. Dogs are dogs and cats are cats and mice are mice and never men. Each one is not interchangeable. Flowers develop into a certain height. Minerals develop into a certain rock. Each one develops to the highest, but they cannot interchange, for each one is represented on a tree, of scales of life that must be developed towards maximum.

IS: So that means the two races in the races of dogs can be interchanged.
FORCES: No, we are not really saying that. Dogs can be dogs. They could be a sheep dog, they could be a (penewinkle) dog, and can be a Mickey Mouse dog. Dogs can change as long as they are on the cane-al type family, they can change from one species to the next, understandably to the highest bred, type dog consciousness. Sometimes dogs stay in the same line.
IS: What would change, what would be the mechanism, why, do they have karma, do they have things like that too.
FORCES: They have a personal development, within their own soul measurement. Also they are a given life thru mans co-creation.
IS: You mean to say if man was not on this earth, dogs would not be on this earth.
FORCES: We would say so.
IS: Do you mean then that, the animals, all the animals, of the earth would not be here.
FORCES: We would say so.
IS: So when Adam made the animals, he actually created them.
FORCES: He named an aspect of himself that was created by his powers.
IS: So actually just as Adam created Eve, from the rib, he created the animals
FORCES: Correct.
IS: So we are responsible for the animals.
FORCES: We are.
IS: All of them.
FORCES: Unfortunately.
IS: And yet sometimes we must kill them.
FORCES: Sometimes they have gone wild.
IS: What about all those animals that are home bred?
FORCES: They are animals that are coming more into alignment and more into a gear of harmony into man’s consciousness.

IS: What about the killing and eating of them.
FORCES: This is absorbing of that particular species.
IS: It actually doesn’t matter as long as it’s put in alignment.
FORCES: Correct.
GL: In the book The Ring of Ritornel by Charles L. Harness, they describe the process of changing, going from matter to antimatter, and back again, and that energy source, and actually producing that. Is that an accurate description of that?
FORCES: We would find it a workable description.
GL: Also that particular hole in space that they talk about. What is that? Is that where matter is created?
FORCES: It is that moment or space, that merges with the earth that touches the earth like a ring and a diamond on top. Therefore it can be a creation of antimatter to matter.
IS: But it cannot touch or else.
FORCES: It doesn’t touch per se, it only manifests its aftereffects.
IS: Is it what I’ve seen in my head?
FORCES: It would be that, similar.
IS: But there are a lot of openings like that on the earth, then right?
FORCES: It would be such.
IS: Is earth interesting to all these species also because its one of the most open planets, meaning it has lots of openings, into it and thru it and is it like a station also.
FORCES: It is a battle station. Yes.
IS-Thank you.
DL: Could you tell me who the little fellow was, in the hospital the other day, and why he reacted to me like that?
FORCES: You saw a certain aspect within him that needed to be worked with. This certain aspect is a resemblance of those qualities within self, that had to be identified and recognized of the draining aspect, or the lacking of the power, to help ones self. Seeing him seeing you, seeing both one another helpless, in a certain predicament, gave you the insight, and what would be called, the power to move, with what you do have, versus what he does not have.

DD: Is the idea I had today, sort of, about the steam, correct.
FORCES: It can be workable, the idea.
DD: Could a model like that be made?
FORCES: Only after certain commitments on a worldly level, for a logical purpose. Then other models for other insights, of information gained thru daily experience can be employed.
DD: Is the drawing that I saw, along time ago in meditation. Is that what is called the luminous speculum.
FORCES: We never really stopped to think about, what we would call it, but you could name it that, in identifying it’s origin.
DD: Why isn’t there something on the west, why don’t they speak of the west?
FORCES: Because we’re on the east. The west has a different polar energy and factor, of electrical magnetism, that’s very new. The west is fairly new as far as evolution, so therefore it does not have, certain magnetic, psychic, vibrations, built up in it.
DD: So there are no angels on that side?
FORCES: There are angels, but not as complicated, or as developed, as those in the eastern part.
DD: Thank you.
IS: This afternoon, did I understand what happened, to me personally?
FORCES: It would take review.
IS: How could I help it?
FORCES: We find that just movement along; that general moving along would be the best thing, and the developing of the things you do receive, so that it can be applied. Those who would be perceiving it and understand it, would be the better for it.
IS: But it is an outside force?
FORCES: At times.
IS: What should I do about EE, about my mother?
FORCES: That is a mother—in-laws problem, and we have a mother-in-law, what would be called day. It just happens, that on your calendar, it falls this Sunday. What do you do about your Mother-in-law, this is now the question. What to do about your mother. We here would like to help you, but when it gets involved with mothers, this Council kind of backs away and we have made it our, our (stock) type, stout expression of no comment.
IS: Well, I feel personally, that it would be stupid of me, not to take advantage, of the situation, since its so nicely arranged for me.
FORCES: Well, it is something that needs to he worked out. It is a situation that has been happening for a long time. She would have to learn certain things that you believe in, and if she has no respect, and continues to disregard your personal beliefs, of what you believe in, then you would have to express to her, a dissatisfaction of what and how she operates, and handles herself, for her own personal movement. In so doing you express your own identity, in your belief, hoping that she would catch on, and in catching on she will respect your beliefs.
IS: But in reality I really am having it very nicely set up right now. I mean I don’t have to even tell her or do anything, but in case it comes up.
FORCES: Let us say, by it’s case it will come up.
IS: And what made her come to Virginia?
FORCES: What makes her do anything. It is a strange analysis, loneliness, not wanting to be there by herself, and knowing that the Flushing group her anchor, was gone. And until that point in time, she was secure, that she could call upon them. Now there’s no one there, and she knows that it is all down here, so movement down here, and a reestablishment of that movement. It is a strange thing; she also has in her mind, to move in with the so-called other entity HA, ah maybe just to get even, in a very strange reaction, which only will hurt her in the long run.
IS: She’s trying to get even with who?
FORCES: Well this is not really getting even, but in her thought sometimes, she thinks that you might get upset that she’s moved in with your sister. The cow jumped over the moon.
IS-Thank you
DL: In the case of that little kid, what does that person see? Does he see auras, or does he, how does he think, what is…?
FORCES: There are those cases where, they only think of their physical existence, and their perceptivity of anything else but their physical existence. Other lifetimes they refused to move and develop on a spiritual level, they refused to develop on levels of giving, and in such a condition, they only come back to there true consciousness of what they have developed.
DL: What do you say, that they only think of their physical or whatever? What does that mean exactly, because like they don’t, they can’t move right? You know what I…?
FORCES: To them they are moving perfectly. You are the one who perceives, that they are moving wrong. Ask one of them if they feel they are moving ok. Chances are they will say, I feel like I’m moving Ok, but I see that its not moving like everyone else around me, therefore I think I’m not moving Ok.
DL-Thank you.
IS: With the Olympian gods, again, they have never; they never perceived you right, not at the beginning and not thru time, and not at the end?
FORCES: Maybe at the end, when it was too late, but not at the beginning, and not in the middle.
IS: At the beginning because of the testing, is that correct?
FORCES: Correct.
IS: Which ah, galaxy did they come from? (Long Pause)
FORCES: Well, it is a combination of fields, and forces of energy from all over, traveling through the universe.
IS: When they perceived you, was it then, that they realized that, somebody has watched and knows about them, and that’s when they tried to make there escape.
FORCES: Correct.
IS: How long were there life spans? How long did they live?
FORCES: They could live thousands of years.
IS: Was it a true lifespan? Or was it something like, getting into warps, and time, and stuff like that.
FORCES: Man lived a long, long time before he sinned, and when he sinned life was taken away from him. If man only can remember now today, his past, he would be so afraid, but if he could only remember today now, and understand that his imaginations are the cornerstones to his creativity, and if his imaginations are bad, his creativity will be evil. If his imaginations are good, his creativity will be God like. It is up to man every day, with the creative power that God has given him, within side himself, to create good or bad, and every day is the measurement of the action.
IS: Is there such a thing, as time warps, where man in this physical body, can go in, ah, live without aging and come back a hundred years later?
FORCES: Oh, definitely. People who fly in the airplanes, grow older slower, than those who are on the earth.
IS: What makes certain people age faster, and others the same age do not look ah, the same.
FORCES: Trust in God, those who age faster is hate.

IS: Then how can somebody like the Sperry’s look…?
FORCES: A Pond of Sem, in our language we call that a pound of cement.
IS: What is it?
FORCES: Facial feature, fix-um, nic-cum.
IS: Oh, you mean to say they had plastic surgery?
FORCES: Well, let us say we wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they said they did, but they have all sorts of gobbledygook, to keep this or that away.
IS: And it works?
FORCES: Its not working, per se, it’s covering. The covering of the forces of that energy. Also they draw upon, what they would consider, the good deeds, from other lifetimes, that have been manifested, and manifested to bring back this time. But they were slated for one thing, but the item is manifested as it was, that there moment from the beginning, to be this way at the end.

RU: Does that mean like they set? As cement like set, you said cement?
FORCES: The set, yes.
RU: Like their faces, like froze at a certain point.
FORCES: Yes and no, certain attitudes can freeze at the age of ten, and never change, because the person is right, they feel. Hitler believed he was right, up to the very end. He just felt that, no one really understood him.
IS: Did he die in that, burning in Berlin?
FORCES: Some say he did, others say he’s in South America.
IS: Which one are correct?
FORCES: Well, we don’t like to spread rumors. (Laughter)
IS: What happens to a soul like Hitler?
FORCES: It is placed, and will be placed, incarcerated, on the planet of Jupiter for a few weeks, and then sent to Saturn.
IS: What is incarcerated? What is Saturn, isn’t Saturn in jail?
FORCES: Saturn is a jail.
IS: Why Jupiter then.
FORCES: They think they’re getting it good.
RU: Is Hitler going to return as the antichrist, is that the same soul?
FORCES: Well, someone who will be similar.
IS: Is Jupiter a good planet or a bad planet?
FORCES: Jupiter is a good planet. Why do souls go to Jupiter, who are bad, so-called bad. It is what you call their last wish, ah, preparing them, we can’t describe too much, but sometimes they need to get, a little bit comfortable, so we can ship them peaceably to Saturn.
IS: I see, otherwise they wouldn’t go. Can they do that?
FORCES: Do what?
IS: Not want to go to Saturn.
FORCES: For the sake of information, it can be possible.
IS: Or was it specifically in his case.
FORCES: No, there are the cases, when they are directed that way.
IS: Because wasn’t it one of his techniques?
FORCES: Correct.
IS: So is it people like him?
FORCES: Correct.
IS: So its not every soul, that ends in Saturn, goes thru Jupiter?
FORCES: No, no, no, no, no, it’s just that we use that base, like Hawaii before we send him to Vietnam.
IS: Once they’re on Saturn, can they get out?
IS: Is there a moment in time, if they repent or anything, that…?
FORCES: They, yes.
IS: Is it much as described in that book Inferno by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle?
FORCES: Similar.
IS: Is that what happened to Benito Mussolini?
FORCES: Correct.
IS: So all the figures, described in that book are correct.
FORCES: Correct.
LK: Today’s scientist have said, that on the planet Venus, that no water exists, or could exist, and yet the C. S. Lewis book, in the description of Venus, has it, its probably about 90% water, with floating islands. Which one would be more correct?
FORCES: We know the scientists are dummies. (Laughter)
LK: Also they have put into flight two probes, to go to Venus, one that will orbit, and one supposed to go down thru the clouds. Will these probes work and discover anything, or will it be like most of the things, kind of a waste of time?
FORCES: They will discover a lot.

LK: Will it be made known to the public?
FORCES: Some of them, others will be withheld.
LK: Have there been any type of space things, that either the U. S. or Russia have done, that haven’t been made known to the public, that have been…
FORCES: Oh, yes, yes, yes.
LK: Very remarkable.
FORCES: Oh, yes, yes, yes.
LK: What are some of those?
FORCES: Going to the bathroom outside the spaceship (Laughter), eating Kentucky Fried Chicken, in a plastic tube, there are a lot of experiments that we will not go into either.
NN: The night that we went up and looked at the stars, that one particular star formation that I was attracted to look at, what was that?
FORCES: I think you are talking, I think you were looking at, the parts of different parts of Orion, in a form that also hovered on other constellations in the sky.
NN: Thank you.
GL: Could you explain, why all my joints seem to crack, and make that cracking noise. Is there something that would help that or…?
FORCES: Your joints crack, because you are a cracking person. Normally the joints crack, because of the weather change, and the cartilage rubbing back and forth, have like a popping sensation within the joints, causing air pockets sometimes, other times it is just the cold and the hot, and the heat, expansion and contraction.
GL-Thank you.
IS: Jeremiah when he’s taken with the Israelites to go to Babylonia and then they ask him if he wants to go back, well, why did they single him out for favor the Babylonians, was it because they truly received a message from God, or was it because they thought he was a traitor to his own people?
FORCES: More the second part.
IS: So, afterwards, then the same situation happens again, where ah, he’s in Egypt, he’s taken there, and he’s talking again you know that. Why was he forced to go with them to Egypt then?
FORCES: More of a commitment on a spiritual level.
IS: Whose commitment?
FORCES: In his personal development.

IS: Well, he didn’t want to go to Egypt, because he was told not to go.
FORCES: There is a certain commitment that he had to fulfill.
IS: What was that?
FORCES: When someone sets up a thought form, in there minds it must be followed out, or changed, knowing that the thought-form is not correct. In changing there is a force, the thought form once (—) changed is one thing. Once a thought form is started, and not stopped at a certain point, must fulfill itself.
IS: You mean what he feared came upon him.
FORCES: There are things like that, you could say, but he was warned.
IS: He was warned not to go to Egypt, or to be careful of his thoughts.
FORCES: He was warned a lot of things.
IS: Because they forced him to go with them.
FORCES: Correct.
IS: Why did they force him, because they didn’t want…
FORCES: Want of power, they didn’t want the power to be lost.
IS: So they did consider him a Prophet?
FORCES: They considered him, power over the Jewish people that they would abide and be good.
IS: So actually his prophecy didn’t reach all the people.
FORCES: Correct.
IS: Did he have a wife, children?
FORCES: Some say he did.
IS: Did he have a home. What was the life of a prophet, like Isaiah lets say?
FORCES: Well the life of a prophet never really benefits the wife now does it.
IS: Did he have a wife, Isaiah for instance?
FORCES: It could be very well.
IS: Were they wealthy men, were they, what did they do for a living?

FORCES: Some are wealthy, some became close to their own divine prestige and power, faith in the laws.
IS: What made Daniel the Prophet, so much more than, powerful; I don’t know what to call it. But he always seems from the book, so young, and the other prophets seem so old.
FORCES: Maybe because this youth is that he received his wisdom, at a very early age, and used it.
IS: You once said that the entity Daniel is in this, ah, in this group. As a form above, or as a form in the physical?
FORCES: Well, we would say above.
IS: So he’s connected, with this group thru the entity Tom, then.
FORCES: Correct.
IS: That means he has reached, this kind of evolution, that he has …?
(Tape Changed some lost)
IS: In that case does an entity like that ever reincarnate again or part of him.
FORCES: They can, yes, they can. No it can.
IS: Now when, supposedly the Messiah, the second coming, there is going to be an actual, a physical, second coming right?
FORCES: Correct.
IS: Now, will a lot of entities be with Him, coming in, some of those old, recognizable figures, or will they meet Him, from below?
FORCES: It would be some recognizable figures, maintaining the highest personality trait.
IS: Coming down with Him?
FORCES: Correct.
IS: When you say maintaining the highest personality trait, this is what I mean, when I think about, they reach a certain point, and then that part becomes like an individual by itself?
FORCES: Correct.
IS: Now the other parts, they might have another part on the earth. Correct.
FORCES: Correct. At this point we are ready to leave, we will talk to you again soon. Try to keep as productive as you can, cause there’s work ahead and things that still must be done, properly and on schedule. Greetings to all here present now.
GROUP: Our Father…