Session 445-9/1/84

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area and observing closely watching many different sectors and sections. In such a great sounds and light, there are mentions of the new age of power. There are the sounds and the lights and the ages to come. The hour is marked now. There shall be a chorus, songs, (and) singing throughout the earth. The power of the light that will descend. (Language of the spheres)

There will be many changes to come. The signs are about to approach the moment of the hour. What you all have been working for will finally manifest. There shall be ruins, there shall be earthquakes, there shall be floods, the pestilence, the disease, there shall be the volcanoes, there shall be the tidal waves, the sinking of ships, the war between that of the oil nations and the underprivileged nations of the earth. There shall be a great force to take over the lesser force. There shall be lesser forces coming about to manifest the greater force. There shall be the tumbling’s and the rumblings. Those things have been prophesied, too. Now the items to come the next chapter, the next book, the next beginning. We have mentioned the great forces that are working within your own system to destroy and corrupt, to bring down and make weak. Of course, the system and the force is of dark, dark energy and not at all of the greater energy that you see. You look to your left, and you look to your right, and you wonder who this force will be, and you wonder if this force will be the Soviet Union, China, or even America itself. The wall of Berlin is to come down, as has been predicted, but during this time when the wall will come down, as has been predicted, a great upheaval in the Catholic Church will begin. A great war between political issues, whether the Church should get involved with the State, the biggest issue that will split the Catholic force in half. Not on abortion, no, not on marital relations, no, not on abstaining from sex, no, not on whether you are in the true religion or not, but the factor that will split the Church in sundry pieces is that of political pressures and powers forced by many countries. The biggest question is whether or not a priest or a nun should be involved or a layperson or anyone involved in spiritual matters to be involved with the Government. The political issues of South America will bring it to a test. The political issues of Poland will bring it to a test. There are also the great tribe wars that will continue. You, of course, in America will have your own so-called turns of events. Even in your simple baseball games, an emotional flare-up that will turn into shooting and bloodshed. Yes, even on the fields themselves, you will be aghast to see that a normal team will come together not to play ball anymore, but to rip each other apart. Aghasting sights as you will never believe will manifest in its due time. Now, that moment of the new chapter that we have spoken to you about 13 years ago will begin to manifest.

We ask your time. We ask your support, but most of all, many have been called, but few are chosen. There have been many who sat before us, and we have spoken the same message, but those, those have left. Few of those remaining and faithful servants reside still, waiting with their lamps. These are the ones chosen and in their own consecrated fields to remain sacred to the cause of the light and the power from that which they have received in this particular light shall be recorded in their soul record that shall never be wiped out. It shall be recorded that these souls remained faithful and remained true to the end, and a great crown shall be given to them, brighter than the stars and the suns that shine on your earth. Their leadership shall be of many nations and galaxies, powers beyond the earth itself. Their dominion is equal to their responsibility and to the manifestation of the beauty they have shown in the earth. Everything, everything in the kingdom that we own shall be put into their hands, rightfully so, for the test on a small level has been made, but on this small level, it has been in preparation for thousands and thousands of years. We have not personally come to the earth to speak only for this duration of time. We have spoken to you before. We have spoken to you before. Be still and know that I am.

When you were young, we were there. When you were old, we were there. When you were in pain, we were there. When you were married, we were there. When you were divorced, we were there. When you had your child, we were there. When you lost your children, we were there. When you grew old, we were there. When you were alone, we are there. We are there in the beginning. We were there in the middle. We are still here. We are here. What we do, what we say continues. The things that you have done, the experiences that you have learned, where are they? We are here. Where are they? We are here. Where are they?

The force in the chapter of the second is that of the (“SIGAA”) force of that of the optigal force of evil. This is a force that will physically enter into your earth and cause destruction. This is a force that will annihilate; this will be a force that will consume. It is of the dark side of the ships. It is not of our making.
It is their power, and it is their war. It is in their own opposition that they destroy themselves. They have been checked by us; they have been watched by us, but now their own power has grown stronger, and you will see them in the skies, in the waters, on the earth. The biggest mistake will be that the Governments and the forms of Governments will think all are like unto them. This is not true. You have that from what we do. We prepare you. We direct you, and we will guide you, but most important, the new experiences on your earth will be strange. Where buildings stood, they will stand no more; where cathedrals stand, they will be knocked asunder; where bridges span the earth, they will split apart. Where great forces of worship and knowledge acquired, they will be put down.

A strange time you will find yourselves in, but I tell you, we span this area of 128 miles in the circle of this house. In 128 miles is our force and our field. It is and will be protected. From that field will span the 11 miles. From that field will span the 369 miles. Three hundred and sixty-nine miles is the extent in which we can affect, not that it will be of any use negative or positive, but we can affect. The eleven miles is the borderline that will make up.

Strange as it seems, things will change. Where a Government will be prosperous, it shall be in ruin. Where a Government shall look good and strong, it is paper Mache. Your society looks stable for the moment, but remember your elections are coming up, and things are forced to be at a stall, at a standstill rate at a moment of solidness, but it is not. The people will lose their employment, the people will lose their health, even the ground that they will stand on will be contaminated, even the air that they breath will be foul, and the rain will be unwholesome, indecent, and filled with acid. Large, large amounts of stockpiling will abort, great, great as it is.

This might seem to be a dark hour, but it is not, for we speak and we can guide. We can give. We can prepare. Souls have come before us and tried themselves, yes, tried they have, too. From that came what we are into now, what we stand for. We watched your powers. We see your buildings. We see your spirit that you developed, in itself speaks of a communal nature, all in its own force. We recognize it. We accept it. The way of strength is unite. In this union will come the greatest power. Unite and become strong. Sacrifice and become stronger. Transform your menial expression of life, menial expressions of one and one and become a greater soul. Not through marriage, not through that, but through a greater marriage, no longer one to one, but many, in the spirit that you were born to be made
in. Marry in the spirit of union and cooperation, the spirit that will work. It will work, it has worked, it will work again. This is how man and woman will prosper. They will not prosper by separation and living in individual units. The earth can no longer contain this consciousness. It will be forced asunder.

We here do see the many different avenues opened up for you. Be not afraid; be not troubled in your hearts. Man and woman were made of spirit and soul they are, souls walking on the earth. The spirit will transform all negativity. Fear and doubt will be dispelled by hope and love and will be bound in a gold thread of service. The years to come will be demanding, but in the ending will come the spirit of transformation of light. You are required to do service for mankind, to serve with your heart with love, to build with your hands a new city, a new consciousness.

We ask you all to understand, unify, be strong, (and) sacrifice. Give up your personal and petty egos for a greater spirit that will transform you to success in all that you touch.

The great Ark of the Covenant will be found. The flood of Noah’s Ark will be found. The wall of Berlin will come down. Precious metal more precious than gold will be found. Coverings of temples of this metal will be found. Great Arks and ships never before seen will be found. Bodies of mummies preserved new will be found. New riches of waters and lotions and springs that will restore life to the body will be found. Great gems will be found. A force of energy in the earth, a new force will denote new success will be found. Entire civilizations as they stood will be found. In these civilizations will be our messages that we have given them many eons of years ago. Their civilization was built on our word; their civilization was built by our guiding hands, just as you are being built by our guiding hands.